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Error: #f88
body {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}

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a img {border:0;}

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.tabSelected {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]];
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.tabUnselected {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.tabContents {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
.tabContents .button {border:0;}

#sidebar {}
#sidebarOptions input {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]];}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel a {border:none;color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel a:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel a:active {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]; background:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}

.wizard {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.wizard h1 {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; border:none;}
.wizard h2 {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border:none;}
.wizardStep {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];
	border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.wizardStep.wizardStepDone {background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
.wizardFooter {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]];}
.wizardFooter .status {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.wizard .button {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; border: 1px solid;
	border-color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]] [[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]];}
.wizard .button:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; background:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.wizard .button:active {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border: 1px solid;
	border-color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]] [[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]] [[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]];}

.wizard .notChanged {background:transparent;}
.wizard .changedLocally {background:#80ff80;}
.wizard .changedServer {background:#8080ff;}
.wizard .changedBoth {background:#ff8080;}
.wizard .notFound {background:#ffff80;}
.wizard .putToServer {background:#ff80ff;}
.wizard .gotFromServer {background:#80ffff;}

#messageArea {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
#messageArea .button {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]]; border:none;}

.popupTiddler {background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]]; border:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}

.popup {background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]]; color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]]; border-left:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]]; border-top:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]]; border-right:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]]; border-bottom:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}
.popup hr {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; border-bottom:1px;}
.popup li.disabled {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.popup li a, .popup li a:visited {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border: none;}
.popup li a:hover {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border: none;}
.popup li a:active {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border: none;}
.popupHighlight {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
.listBreak div {border-bottom:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}

.tiddler .defaultCommand {font-weight:bold;}

.shadow .title {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}

.title {color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]];}
.subtitle {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}

.toolbar {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.toolbar a {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
.selected .toolbar a {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.selected .toolbar a:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}

.tagging, .tagged {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]]; background-color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]];}
.selected .tagging, .selected .tagged {background-color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.tagging .listTitle, .tagged .listTitle {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]];}
.tagging .button, .tagged .button {border:none;}

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.lowlight {background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}

.zoomer {background:none; color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]]; border:3px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}

.imageLink, #displayArea .imageLink {background:transparent;}

.annotation {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border:2px solid [[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]];}

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.viewer blockquote {border-left:3px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}

.viewer table, table.twtable {border:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}
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.viewer td, .viewer tr, .twtable td, .twtable tr {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}

.viewer pre {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]];}
.viewer code {color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]];}
.viewer hr {border:0; border-top:dashed 1px [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]]; color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}

.highlight, .marked {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]];}

.editor input {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.editor textarea {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]; width:100%;}
.editorFooter {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.readOnly {background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]];}

#backstageArea {background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
#backstageArea a {background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; border:none;}
#backstageArea a:hover {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; }
#backstageArea a.backstageSelTab {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
#backstageButton a {background:none; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; border:none;}
#backstageButton a:hover {background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; border:none;}
#backstagePanel {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; border-color: [[ColorPalette::Background]] [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}
.backstagePanelFooter .button {border:none; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.backstagePanelFooter .button:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
#backstageCloak {background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; opacity:0.6; filter:alpha(opacity=60);}
* html .tiddler {height:1%;}

body {font-size:.75em; font-family:arial,helvetica; margin:0; padding:0;}

h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 {font-weight:bold; text-decoration:none;}
h1,h2,h3 {padding-bottom:1px; margin-top:1.2em;margin-bottom:0.3em;}
h4,h5,h6 {margin-top:1em;}
h1 {font-size:1.35em;}
h2 {font-size:1.25em;}
h3 {font-size:1.1em;}
h4 {font-size:1em;}
h5 {font-size:.9em;}

hr {height:1px;}

a {text-decoration:none;}

dt {font-weight:bold;}

ol {list-style-type:decimal;}
ol ol {list-style-type:lower-alpha;}
ol ol ol {list-style-type:lower-roman;}
ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:decimal;}
ol ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:lower-alpha;}
ol ol ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:lower-roman;}
ol ol ol ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:decimal;}

.txtOptionInput {width:11em;}

#contentWrapper .chkOptionInput {border:0;}

.externalLink {text-decoration:underline;}

.indent {margin-left:3em;}
.outdent {margin-left:3em; text-indent:-3em;}
code.escaped {white-space:nowrap;}

.tiddlyLinkExisting {font-weight:bold;}
.tiddlyLinkNonExisting {font-style:italic;}

/* the 'a' is required for IE, otherwise it renders the whole tiddler in bold */
a.tiddlyLinkNonExisting.shadow {font-weight:bold;}

#mainMenu .tiddlyLinkExisting,
	#mainMenu .tiddlyLinkNonExisting,
	#sidebarTabs .tiddlyLinkNonExisting {font-weight:normal; font-style:normal;}
#sidebarTabs .tiddlyLinkExisting {font-weight:bold; font-style:normal;}

.header {position:relative;}
.header a:hover {background:transparent;}
.headerShadow {position:relative; padding:4.5em 0 1em 1em; left:-1px; top:-1px;}
.headerForeground {position:absolute; padding:4.5em 0 1em 1em; left:0; top:0;}

.siteTitle {font-size:3em;}
.siteSubtitle {font-size:1.2em;}

#mainMenu {position:absolute; left:0; width:10em; text-align:right; line-height:1.6em; padding:1.5em 0.5em 0.5em 0.5em; font-size:1.1em;}

#sidebar {position:absolute; right:3px; width:16em; font-size:.9em;}
#sidebarOptions {padding-top:0.3em;}
#sidebarOptions a {margin:0 0.2em; padding:0.2em 0.3em; display:block;}
#sidebarOptions input {margin:0.4em 0.5em;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {margin-left:1em; padding:0.5em; font-size:.85em;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel a {font-weight:bold; display:inline; padding:0;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel input {margin:0 0 0.3em 0;}
#sidebarTabs .tabContents {width:15em; overflow:hidden;}

.wizard {padding:0.1em 1em 0 2em;}
.wizard h1 {font-size:2em; font-weight:bold; background:none; padding:0; margin:0.4em 0 0.2em;}
.wizard h2 {font-size:1.2em; font-weight:bold; background:none; padding:0; margin:0.4em 0 0.2em;}
.wizardStep {padding:1em 1em 1em 1em;}
.wizard .button {margin:0.5em 0 0; font-size:1.2em;}
.wizardFooter {padding:0.8em 0.4em 0.8em 0;}
.wizardFooter .status {padding:0 0.4em; margin-left:1em;}
.wizard .button {padding:0.1em 0.2em;}

#messageArea {position:fixed; top:2em; right:0; margin:0.5em; padding:0.5em; z-index:2000; _position:absolute;}
.messageToolbar {display:block; text-align:right; padding:0.2em;}
#messageArea a {text-decoration:underline;}

.tiddlerPopupButton {padding:0.2em;}
.popupTiddler {position: absolute; z-index:300; padding:1em; margin:0;}

.popup {position:absolute; z-index:300; font-size:.9em; padding:0; list-style:none; margin:0;}
.popup .popupMessage {padding:0.4em;}
.popup hr {display:block; height:1px; width:auto; padding:0; margin:0.2em 0;}
.popup li.disabled {padding:0.4em;}
.popup li a {display:block; padding:0.4em; font-weight:normal; cursor:pointer;}
.listBreak {font-size:1px; line-height:1px;}
.listBreak div {margin:2px 0;}

.tabset {padding:1em 0 0 0.5em;}
.tab {margin:0 0 0 0.25em; padding:2px;}
.tabContents {padding:0.5em;}
.tabContents ul, .tabContents ol {margin:0; padding:0;}
.txtMainTab .tabContents li {list-style:none;}
.tabContents li.listLink { margin-left:.75em;}

#contentWrapper {display:block;}
#splashScreen {display:none;}

#displayArea {margin:1em 17em 0 14em;}

.toolbar {text-align:right; font-size:.9em;}

.tiddler {padding:1em 1em 0;}

.missing .viewer,.missing .title {font-style:italic;}

.title {font-size:1.6em; font-weight:bold;}

.missing .subtitle {display:none;}
.subtitle {font-size:1.1em;}

.tiddler .button {padding:0.2em 0.4em;}

.tagging {margin:0.5em 0.5em 0.5em 0; float:left; display:none;}
.isTag .tagging {display:block;}
.tagged {margin:0.5em; float:right;}
.tagging, .tagged {font-size:0.9em; padding:0.25em;}
.tagging ul, .tagged ul {list-style:none; margin:0.25em; padding:0;}
.tagClear {clear:both;}

.footer {font-size:.9em;}
.footer li {display:inline;}

.annotation {padding:0.5em; margin:0.5em;}

* html .viewer pre {width:99%; padding:0 0 1em 0;}
.viewer {line-height:1.4em; padding-top:0.5em;}
.viewer .button {margin:0 0.25em; padding:0 0.25em;}
.viewer blockquote {line-height:1.5em; padding-left:0.8em;margin-left:2.5em;}
.viewer ul, .viewer ol {margin-left:0.5em; padding-left:1.5em;}

.viewer table, table.twtable {border-collapse:collapse; margin:0.8em 1.0em;}
.viewer th, .viewer td, .viewer tr,.viewer caption,.twtable th, .twtable td, .twtable tr,.twtable caption {padding:3px;}
table.listView {font-size:0.85em; margin:0.8em 1.0em;}
table.listView th, table.listView td, table.listView tr {padding:0 3px 0 3px;}

.viewer pre {padding:0.5em; margin-left:0.5em; font-size:1.2em; line-height:1.4em; overflow:auto;}
.viewer code {font-size:1.2em; line-height:1.4em;}

.editor {font-size:1.1em;}
.editor input, .editor textarea {display:block; width:100%; font:inherit;}
.editorFooter {padding:0.25em 0; font-size:.9em;}
.editorFooter .button {padding-top:0; padding-bottom:0;}

.fieldsetFix {border:0; padding:0; margin:1px 0px;}

.zoomer {font-size:1.1em; position:absolute; overflow:hidden;}
.zoomer div {padding:1em;}

* html #backstage {width:99%;}
* html #backstageArea {width:99%;}
#backstageArea {display:none; position:relative; overflow: hidden; z-index:150; padding:0.3em 0.5em;}
#backstageToolbar {position:relative;}
#backstageArea a {font-weight:bold; margin-left:0.5em; padding:0.3em 0.5em;}
#backstageButton {display:none; position:absolute; z-index:175; top:0; right:0;}
#backstageButton a {padding:0.1em 0.4em; margin:0.1em;}
#backstage {position:relative; width:100%; z-index:50;}
#backstagePanel {display:none; z-index:100; position:absolute; width:90%; margin-left:3em; padding:1em;}
.backstagePanelFooter {padding-top:0.2em; float:right;}
.backstagePanelFooter a {padding:0.2em 0.4em;}
#backstageCloak {display:none; z-index:20; position:absolute; width:100%; height:100px;}

.whenBackstage {display:none;}
.backstageVisible .whenBackstage {display:block;}
StyleSheet for use when a translation requires any css style changes.
This StyleSheet can be used directly by languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean which need larger font sizes.
body {font-size:0.8em;}
#sidebarOptions {font-size:1.05em;}
#sidebarOptions a {font-style:normal;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {font-size:0.95em;}
.subtitle {font-size:0.8em;}
.viewer table.listView {font-size:0.95em;}
@media print {
#mainMenu, #sidebar, #messageArea, .toolbar, #backstageButton, #backstageArea {display: none !important;}
#displayArea {margin: 1em 1em 0em;}
noscript {display:none;} /* Fixes a feature in Firefox where print preview displays the noscript content */
<div class='header' macro='gradient vert [[ColorPalette::PrimaryLight]] [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]'>
<div class='headerShadow'>
<span class='siteTitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteTitle'></span>&nbsp;
<span class='siteSubtitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteSubtitle'></span>
<div class='headerForeground'>
<span class='siteTitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteTitle'></span>&nbsp;
<span class='siteSubtitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteSubtitle'></span>
<div id='mainMenu' refresh='content' tiddler='MainMenu'></div>
<div id='sidebar'>
<div id='sidebarOptions' refresh='content' tiddler='SideBarOptions'></div>
<div id='sidebarTabs' refresh='content' force='true' tiddler='SideBarTabs'></div>
<div id='displayArea'>
<div id='messageArea'></div>
<div id='tiddlerDisplay'></div>
<div class='toolbar' macro='toolbar [[ToolbarCommands::ViewToolbar]]'></div>
<div class='title' macro='view title'></div>
<div class='subtitle'><span macro='view modifier link'></span>, <span macro='view modified date'></span> (<span macro='message views.wikified.createdPrompt'></span> <span macro='view created date'></span>)</div>
<div class='tagging' macro='tagging'></div>
<div class='tagged' macro='tags'></div>
<div class='viewer' macro='view text wikified'></div>
<div class='tagClear'></div>
<div class='toolbar' macro='toolbar [[ToolbarCommands::EditToolbar]]'></div>
<div class='title' macro='view title'></div>
<div class='editor' macro='edit title'></div>
<div macro='annotations'></div>
<div class='editor' macro='edit text'></div>
<div class='editor' macro='edit tags'></div><div class='editorFooter'><span macro='message views.editor.tagPrompt'></span><span macro='tagChooser excludeLists'></span></div>
To get started with this blank [[TiddlyWiki]], you'll need to modify the following tiddlers:
* [[SiteTitle]] & [[SiteSubtitle]]: The title and subtitle of the site, as shown above (after saving, they will also appear in the browser title bar)
* [[MainMenu]]: The menu (usually on the left)
* [[DefaultTiddlers]]: Contains the names of the tiddlers that you want to appear when the TiddlyWiki is opened
You'll also need to enter your username for signing your edits: <<option txtUserName>>
These [[InterfaceOptions]] for customising [[TiddlyWiki]] are saved in your browser

Your username for signing your edits. Write it as a [[WikiWord]] (eg [[JoeBloggs]])

<<option txtUserName>>
<<option chkSaveBackups>> [[SaveBackups]]
<<option chkAutoSave>> [[AutoSave]]
<<option chkRegExpSearch>> [[RegExpSearch]]
<<option chkCaseSensitiveSearch>> [[CaseSensitiveSearch]]
<<option chkAnimate>> [[EnableAnimations]]

Also see [[AdvancedOptions]]
|''Description:''|Moves the sidebar to the backstage, as suggested at http://www.tiddlywiki.org/wiki/Dev:Backstage#Customization|
|''CodeRepository:''|n/a |
|''Comments:''|Please make comments at http://groups.google.co.uk/group/TiddlyWikiDev |
|''License''|[[BSD License|http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php]] |


if(!version.extensions.BackstageSidebarPlugin) {
version.extensions.BackstageSidebarPlugin = {installed:true};

config.tasks.sidebar = {
	text: "sidebar",
	tooltip: "sidebar options",
	content: "<<tiddler SideBarOptions>><<tiddler SideBarTabs>>"

config.macros.BackstageSidebarPlugin = {

config.macros.BackstageSidebarPlugin.init = function() {
	var tiddler = this.tiddler;

} //# end of 'install only once'


#sidebar {

!(end of Stylesheet)
Background: #fff
Foreground: #000
PrimaryPale: #8cf
PrimaryLight: #18f
PrimaryMid: #04b
PrimaryDark: #000
SecondaryPale: #ffc
SecondaryLight: #fe8
SecondaryMid: #db4
SecondaryDark: #841
TertiaryPale: #fff
TertiaryLight: #ccc
TertiaryMid: #999
TertiaryDark: #666
Error: #f88
|1|的|de-di2-di4|(possessive particle)/of, really and truly, aim/clear|Clearly 白 visible as a target|
|2|一|yi1|one/1/single/a(n)|Ideograph: the most elemental unit: one. in composition can represent heaven earth or any basic element|
|3|是|shi4|is/are/am/yes/to be|Stop 止 early 早: come to be. Now shown as 日 and 正|
|4|不|bu4-bu2|(negative prefix)/not/no|Pictograph: three streamers hanging down: perhaps a bird flying up to heaven 一 (a variant of 㐬? - see 胚. also compare archaic form of 流)|
|5|了|le-liao3-liao4|(modal particle intensifying preceding clause)/(completed action marker), to know/to understand/to know, clear, look afar from a high place|A child 子 without arms|
|6|在|zai4|(located) at/in/exist|Location 土 where one uses abilities 才|
|7|人|ren2|man/person/people|Pictograph: a human figure standing sideways. head arm and leg|
|8|有|you3|to have/there is/there are/to exist/to be|A hand 又 (now 𠂇) holding meat 肉: to have. often 月 is shown instead of 肉|
|9|我|wo3|I/me/myself|Pictograph: a sharp long-handled instrument 戈 with a 3-pronged end|
|10|他|ta1|he/him|Relating to people 人|
|11|这|zhe4-zhei4|this/these, this/these/(sometimes used before a measure word, especially in Beijing)|Speech 言 while in motion 辵: describing the position of something (compare 此)|
|12|个|ge4|(a measure word)/individual|Pictograph: a cluster of bamboo leaves|
|13|们|men|(plural marker for pronouns and a few animate nouns)||
|14|中|zhong1-zhong4|within/among/in/middle/center/while (doing sth)/during/China/Chinese, hit (the mark)|Pictograph: a target mounted centered on a pole 丨. archaic versions showed streamers flowing above and below|
|15|来|lai2|to come|Pictograph: a wheat plant: the top line was originally horizontal – perhaps indicating the head nearly matured. the """^^""" middle section shows the typical leaves which bend downward. at the bottom are the roots. the original meaning of this character is now found in 麥|
|16|上|shang4|on/on top/upon/first (of two parts)/previous or last (week, etc.)/upper/higher/above/previous/to climb/to go into/above/to go up|Ideograph: indicates above: original was two horizontal lines – the top one higher – still used in composition. later a connection between the two lines was indicated – pointing upward|
|17|大|da4-dai4|big/huge/large/major/great/wide/deep/oldest/eldest, doctor|Pictograph: a man 人 with outstretched arms|
|18|为|wei2-wei4|act as/take...to be/to be/to do/to serve as/to become, because of/for/to|Pictograph: originally an animal nearly identical to elephant 象 with a hand 爪 on its snout. in the seal version the head has been misinterpreted as breasts of a female monkey|
|19|和|he2-he4-huo2-huo4|and/together with/with/peace/harmony/union, cap (a poem)/respond in singing, soft/warm, mix together/to blend|Relating to the mouth 口|
|20|国|guo2|country/state/nation|An enclosed 囗 region 域|
|21|地|de-di4|(subor. part. adverbial)/-ly, earth/ground/field/place/land|Relating to the ground 土|
|22|到|dao4|to (a place)/until (a time)/up to/to go/to arrive|Relating to arrival 至|
|23|以|yi3|to use/according to/so as to/in order to/by/with/because/Israel (abbrev.)|Exhausted 已 with a redundant person radical 人|
|24|说|shui4-shuo1|persuade (politically), to speak/to say|To speak words sweet 兌 or bitter 言|
|25|时|shi2|o'clock/time/when/hour/season/period|Originally sun 日 and go 之. as the sun goes|
|26|要|yao1-yao4|demand/ask/request/coerce, important/vital/to want/to be going to/must|That which is below the bust 4005-5 of a woman 女: the waist. sometimes silk 糸 is included in this character perhaps to show the thinness of the waist. the original character is now 腰 and this one mostly carries a borrowed meaning|
|27|就|jiu4|at once/then/right away/only/(emphasis)/to approach/to move towards/to undertake|Special 尤 high place 京. This is a semantic combination. original meaning was to ascend to a high place (to escape a flood). by extension to approach something|
|28|出|chu1|to go out/to come out/to occur/to produce/to go beyond/to rise/to put forth/to occur/to happen/(a measure word for dramas, plays, or operas)|Originally a foot 止 walking out of a pit 1001-0: to go out|
|29|会|hui4-kuai4|can/be possible/be able to/to assemble/to meet/to gather/to see/union/group/association, to balance an account/accounting|Gather 亼 at the window 囪 to speak 曰. To gather 亼 to eat 口 a meal (pictograph of a large covered vessel containing rice now changed to window 囪). bottom part has been changed to speak 曰|
|30|可|ke3|can/may/able to/certain(ly)/to suit/(particle used for emphasis)|To exhale 丂 with the mouth 口: a person breathing heavily from hard work is able to do something|
|31|也|ye3|also/too|Pictograph: water pouring out of a vessel. often confused with 它 on account of similarity|
|32|你|ni3|you|You 尒 with person 人 added for emphasis|
|33|对|dui4|couple/pair/to be opposite/to oppose/to face/for/to/correct (answer)/to answer/to reply/to direct (towards sth)/right|To prune foliage 丵 from the ground 土 by hand 又 (now 寸): correct (originally meant to respond)|
|34|生|sheng1|to be born/to give birth/life/to grow|A plant sprouting 屮 from the ground 土|
|35|能|neng2|can/may/capable/energy/able|A bear is a very able creature. Pictograph: a bear with meat 肉 in its mouth. the head has been changed to 已 and the claws now resemble two daggers 匕. see 熊 for original meaning|
|36|而|er2|and/as well as/but (not)/yet (not)/(shows causal relation)/(shows change of state)/(shows contrast)|Pictograph: a beard. originally meant whiskers. then stage of life|
|37|子|zi3-zi|11 p.m.-1 a.m./1st earthly branch/child/midnight/son/child/seed/egg/small thing, (noun suff.)|Pictograph: a child with head and arms visible. legs are swaddled|
|38|那|na3-na4-nei4|how/which, that/those, that/those/(sometimes used before a measure word, especially in Beijing)|A city 邑 where the inhabitants wore rough garments 冉. Original meaning was 'to be rich' then later 'so what?'|
|39|得|de2-de-dei3|obtain/get/gain/proper/suitable/proud/contented/allow/permit/ready/finished, a sentence particle used after a verb to show effect/degree or possibility, to have to/must/ought to/to need to|To obtain 㝵 with step radical 彳 added for emphasis|
|40|于|yu2|(surname), in/at/to/from/by/than/out of|Ancient meaning to exclaim. breath 丂 overcoming the obstacle and spreading 一. some ancient forms show the breath curling up and around|
|41|着|zhao1-zhao2-zhe-zhu4-zhuo2|catch/receive/suffer, part. indicates the successful result of a verb/to touch/to come in contact with/to feel/to be affected by/to catch fire/to fall asleep/to burn, -ing part. (indicates an action in progress)/part. coverb-forming after some verbs, to make known/to show/to prove/to write/book/outstanding, to wear (clothes)/to contact/to use/to apply||
|42|下|xia4|under/second (of two parts)/next (week, etc.)/lower/below/underneath/down(wards)/to decline/to go down/latter|Ideograph: originally two parallel lines – the bottom one shorter: below. opposite of 上|
|43|自|zi4|from/self/oneself/since|Pictograph: originally showed nostrils below and bridge of nose above. now bottom more closely resembles eye 目: both eye and nose have been used in characters (sometimes interchangeably) to represent the face – therefore the individual. often contracted into 白|
|44|之|zhi1|(literary equivalent of 的)/(subor. part.)/him/her/it|Seal version is an archaic variant form. to go seems to be the original meaning. doubles as a hononym|
|45|年|nian2|year|Seal version is an archaic variant form. to go seems to be the original meaning. doubles as a hononym|
|46|过|guo4|(experienced action marker)/to cross/to go over/to pass (time)/to celebrate (a holiday)/to live/to get along/(surname)/excessively/too-|Relating to movement 辵|
|47|发|fa1-fa4|to send out/to show (one's feeling)/to issue/to develop, hair|To instigate 癹 with the bow 弓|
|48|后|hou4|empress/queen/surname, back/behind/rear/afterwards/after/later|Reverse of 司. emphasizes the person who takes charge|
|49|作|zuo4|to regard as/to take (somebody) for/to do/to make|One 人 suddenly 乍 moved (compare 起)|
|50|里|li3|inside/internal/interior, village/within/inside, Chinese mile/neighborhood/li, a Chinese unit of length = one-half kilometer/hometown|Fields 田 on the earth 土|
|51|用|yong4|to use|Pictograph: possibly an empty quiver: used. compare 備|
|52|道|dao4|direction/way/method/road/path/principle/truth/reason/skill/method/Tao (of Taoism)/a measure word/to say/to speak/to talk|Where the leader 首 goes 辵: the way|
|53|行|hang2-xing2-xing4|a row/profession/professional, all right/capable/competent/OK/okay/to go/to do/to travel/temporary/to walk/to go/will do, behavior/conduct|Pictograph: a diagram of an intersection of streets|
|54|所|suo3|actually/place|Place: a household 戶 is built using an axe 斤|
|55|然|ran2|correct/right/so/thus/like this/-ly|Once meant roasted 火 dog meat 肰|
|56|家|jia1|furniture/tool, -ist/-er/-ian/home/family/a person engaged in a certain art or profession|Relating to a building 宀. Phonetic is abbreviated: Shuowen suggests this combination. it doesn’t seem to likely from ancient forms of this character which clearly show a pig under a roof|
|57|种|zhong3-zhong4|kind/type/race/breed/seed/species (taxonomy), to plant/to cultivate|The heavy 重 end of the grain stalk 禾. or the part of the grain 禾 that repeats 重: seed|
|58|事|shi4|matter/thing/item/work/affair|A written account 史 from which something germinates 屮 (shuowen says 之 [abbreviated] is phonetic)|
|59|成|cheng2-cheng4|finish/complete/accomplish/become/turn into/win/succeed/one tenth, finish/complete/accomplish/become/turn into/win/succeed/one tenth|Slashed 戌 into cubes 丁|
|60|方|fang1|square/quadrilateral/direction/just|Pictograph: a man 人 carrying a yoke. many derived meanings: direction. method. to move about (position). further – side. square. honest|
|61|多|duo1|many/much/a lot of/numerous/multi-|Originally meant two nights 夕. now indicates multiplicity of anything|
|62|经|jing1|classics/sacred book/pass through/to undergo/scripture|Threads 糸 that pass through 巠 and weave things together: the classics|
|63|么|ma-me-yao1|(interrog. part.), (interrog. suff.), one on dice/small||
|64|去|qu4|to go/to leave/to remove|A mouth 口 (later changed to 1001-0) behind a person (seen through the legs). originally indicated turning one’s back on another who is speaking: to go away|
|65|法|fa3|law/method/way/Buddhist teaching/Legalist/France (abbrev.)|Water 水 that goes out 去: something constant|
|66|学|xue2|learn/study/science/-ology|Hands reaching down 𦥑 to interact 爻 in a building 宀 (now 冖) with students 子. compare 教|
|67|如|ru2|as (if)/such as|A spoken particle 口|
|68|都|dou1-du1|all/both (if two things are involved)/entirely (due to)each/even/already, (surname)/metropolis/capital city|Relating to cities 邑|
|69|同|tong2|like/same/similar/together/alike/with|Covers 𠔼 every mouth 口 (person). Originally all 凡 mouths 口: to agree. now top part is written as 𠔼|
|70|现|xian4|appear/present/now/existing/current|Solid objects 玉 that can be seen 見|
|71|当|dang1-dang4|to be/to act as/manage/withstand/when/during/ought/should/match equally/equal/same/obstruct/just at (a time or place)/on the spot/right/just at, at or in the very same.../to pawn/suitable/adequate/fitting/proper/replace/represent|Land 田 and buildings 尚 (things of value)|
|72|没|mei2-mo4|(negative prefix for verbs)/have not/not, drowned/to end/to die/to inundate||
|73|动|dong4|to use/to act/to move/to change|To exert force 力 on something heavy 重|
|74|面|mian4|fade/side/surface/aspect/top/face/flour/noodles, flour/noodles|Archaic form shows the housing 宀 of a person’s 人 eye 目. seal version shows face 𦣻 with a circle around it|
|75|起|qi3|to rise/to raise/to get up|To swiftly move 走 oneself 巳. phonetic often written 己 (both mean self)|
|76|看|kan1-kan4|to look after/to take care of/to watch/to guard, it depends/think/to see/to look at|Hand 手 shading the eye 目|
|77|定|ding4|to set/to fix/to determine/to decide/to order|To get one’s house 宀 in the right 正 order. Compare 整. this character also used to mean top or forehead|
|78|天|tian1|day/sky/heaven|The sky above 一 a person 大|
|79|分|fen1-fen4|to divide/minute/(a measure word)/(a unit of length = 0.33 centimeter), part|Divided 八 as if with a knife 刀: a small part|
|80|还|hai2-huan2-huan4|also/in addition/more/still/else/still/yet/(not) yet, (surname)/pay back/return|To go 辵 around 瞏 in a circle: return|
|81|进|jin4|advance/enter/to come in|To move 辵 like a bird 隹: forward. Shuowen says 閵 (abbreviated) is phonetic but this seems unlikely|
|82|好|hao3-hao4|good/well, be fond of|Woman 女 and child 子: what a man is fond of|
|83|小|xiao3|small/tiny/few/young|Originally three dots: something trifling|
|84|部|bu4|ministry/department/section/part/division/troops/board/(a measure word)/(a measure word for works of literature, films, machines, etc.)|Relating to cities 邑|
|85|其|qi2|his/her/its/theirs/that/such/it (refers to sth preceding it)|This character was reassigned meaning after it fell out of common use. A basket (pictograph: see 箕) on top of 丌 a work table|
|86|些|xie1|some/few/several/(a measure word)|A couple 二 of these 此|
|87|主|zhu3|to own/to host/master/lord/primary|Pictograph: a flame 丶 on a stand (compare 炷)|
|88|样|yang4|manner/pattern/way/appearance/shape|Solid like wood 木 and yet changing like flowing water 羕|
|89|理|li3|reason/logic/science/inner principle or structure|Relating to solid objects 玉|
|90|心|xin1|heart/mind|heart. mind. fearful. intelligence. nervous. soul. Pictograph: a heart (often represents thoughts or feelings)|
|91|她|ta1|she|Relating to females 女|
|92|本|ben3|roots or stems of plants/origin/source/this/the current/root/foundation/basis/(a measure word)|A line 一 marking the roots of a tree 木|
|93|前|qian2|before/in front/ago/former/previous/earlier/front|Where a boat 辵 stops 止. Was originally to go 辵 like a boat 舟. only 止 remains of 辵 in the seal version. the 2 lines on the right are probably a remnant of 亍 (originally part of 辵)|
|94|开|kai1|open/operate (vehicle)/start|To raise the bar of the gate 門 with both hands 幵|
|95|但|dan4|but/yet/however/only/merely/still|Said by a person 人|
|96|因|yin1|cause/reason/because|The relation of a man 大 to his surroundings 囗|
|97|只|qi2-zhi1-zhi3|earth-spirit/peace, (a measure word, for birds and some animals, etc.)/single/only, M for one of a pair, only/merely/just/but, but/only|Exhalations from the mouth 口: a connective particle. perhaps a word uttered under one’s breath|
|98|从|cong1-cong2-zong4|lax/yielding/unhurried, from/obey/observe/follow, second cousin|One person 人 following another. simplified form of 從|
|99|想|xiang3|to think/to believe/to suppose/to wish/to want/to miss|To inspect 相 one’s heart 心|
|100|实|shi2|real/true/honest/really/solid|Strings of money 貫 in the house 宀 where it is available: what is more real than hard cash?|
<html><a href='http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/download' class='link'><u>Download dic for offline</u></a></html>
| !Pronunciation of initials |>|>|>|
|Pinyin|IPA|English Approximation|Explanation|
|b|[p]|spit|unaspirated p, as in spit|
|p|[pʰ]|pay|strongly aspirated p, as in pit|
|m|[m]|may|as in English mummy|
|f|[f]|fair|as in English fun|
|d|[t]|stop|unaspirated t, as in stop|
|t|[tʰ]|take|strongly aspirated t, as in top|
|n|[n]|nay|as in English nit|
|l|[l]|lay|as in English love|
|g|[k]|skill|unaspirated k, as in skill|
|k|[kʰ]|kay|strongly aspirated k, as in kill|
|h|[x]|hay|like the English h if followed by "a". It is pronounced roughly like the Scots ch and Russian х (Cyrillic "kha")|
|j|[tɕ]|hatch|No equivalent in English. Like q, but unaspirated. Not the s in Asia, despite the common English pronunciation of "Beijing". The sequence "ji" word-initially is the same as the Japanese pronunciation of じ(ジ) ji|
|q|[tɕʰ]|cheek|No equivalent in English. Like cheek, with the lips spread wide with ee. Curl the tip of the tongue downwards to stick it at the back of the teeth and strongly aspirate. The sequence "qi" word-initially is the same as the Japanese pronunciation of ち(チ) chi|
|x|[ɕ]|she|No equivalent in English. Like she, with the lips spread and the tip of your tongue curled downwards and stuck to the back of teeth when you say ee. The sequence "xi" is the same as the Japanese pronunciation of し(シ) shi|
|zh|[tʂ]|junk|Rather like ch (a sound between choke, joke, true, and drew, tongue tip curled more upwards). Voiced in a toneless syllable|
|ch|[tʂʰ]|church|as in chin, but with the tongue curled upwards; very similar to nurture in American English, but strongly aspirated|
|sh|[ʂ]|shirt|as in shoe, but with the tongue curled upwards; very similar to marsh in American English|
|r|[ʐ], [ɻ]|ray|Similar to the English z in azure and r in reduce, but with the tongue curled upwards, like a cross between English "r" and French "j". In Cyrillised Chinese the sound is rendered with the letter "ж"|
|z|[ts]|reads|unaspirated c, similar to something between suds and cats; as in suds in a toneless syllable|
|c|[tsʰ]|hats|like the English ts in cats, but strongly aspirated, very similar to the Polish c|
|s|[s]|say|as in sun|
|w|[w]|way|as in water|
|y|[j], [ɥ]|yea|as in yes. Before a u, pronounce it with rounded lips|
|'|[.]||new syllable|
|v|[v]||not used, reserved for other spoken Chinese and minorities languages|
Interlinear translation. To be developed...
|''Name:''|LoadRemoteFileThroughProxy (previous LoadRemoteFileHijack)|
|''Description:''|When the TiddlyWiki file is located on the web (view over http) the content of [[SiteProxy]] tiddler is added in front of the file url. If [[SiteProxy]] does not exist "/proxy/" is added. |
|''Date:''|mar 17, 2007|
|''Author:''|BidiX (BidiX (at) bidix (dot) info)|
|''License:''|[[BSD open source license|http://tiddlywiki.bidix.info/#%5B%5BBSD%20open%20source%20license%5D%5D ]]|
version.extensions.LoadRemoteFileThroughProxy = {
 major: 1, minor: 1, revision: 0, 
 date: new Date("mar 17, 2007"), 
 source: "http://tiddlywiki.bidix.info/#LoadRemoteFileThroughProxy"};

if (!window.bidix) window.bidix = {}; // bidix namespace
if (!bidix.core) bidix.core = {};

bidix.core.loadRemoteFile = loadRemoteFile;
loadRemoteFile = function(url,callback,params)
 if ((document.location.toString().substr(0,4) == "http") && (url.substr(0,4) == "http")){ 
 url = store.getTiddlerText("SiteProxy", "/proxy/") + url;
 return bidix.core.loadRemoteFile(url,callback,params);
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" type="image/x-icon">
<div class='header' macro='gradient vert [[ColorPalette::PrimaryLight]] [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]'>
<div class='headerShadow'>
<span class='siteTitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteTitle'></span>&nbsp;
<span class='siteSubtitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteSubtitle'></span>
<div class='headerForeground'>
<span class='siteTitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteTitle'></span>&nbsp;
<span class='siteSubtitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteSubtitle'></span>
<div id='sidebar'>
<div id='sidebarOptions' refresh='content' tiddler='SideBarOptions'></div>
<div id='sidebarTabs' refresh='content' force='true' tiddler='SideBarTabs'></div>
<div id='displayArea'>
<div id='messageArea'></div>
<div id='tiddlerDisplay'></div>
|''Description:''|Extends TiddlyWiki options with non encrypted password option.|
|''Date:''|Apr 19, 2007|
|''Author:''|BidiX (BidiX (at) bidix (dot) info)|
|''License:''|[[BSD open source license|http://tiddlywiki.bidix.info/#%5B%5BBSD%20open%20source%20license%5D%5D ]]|
|''~CoreVersion:''|2.2.0 (Beta 5)|
version.extensions.PasswordOptionPlugin = {
	major: 1, minor: 0, revision: 2, 
	date: new Date("Apr 19, 2007"),
	source: 'http://tiddlywiki.bidix.info/#PasswordOptionPlugin',
	author: 'BidiX (BidiX (at) bidix (dot) info',
	license: '[[BSD open source license|http://tiddlywiki.bidix.info/#%5B%5BBSD%20open%20source%20license%5D%5D]]',
	coreVersion: '2.2.0 (Beta 5)'

config.macros.option.passwordCheckboxLabel = "Save this password on this computer";
config.macros.option.passwordInputType = "password"; // password | text
setStylesheet(".pasOptionInput {width: 11em;}\n","passwordInputTypeStyle");

merge(config.macros.option.types, {
	'pas': {
		elementType: "input",
		valueField: "value",
		eventName: "onkeyup",
		className: "pasOptionInput",
		typeValue: config.macros.option.passwordInputType,
		create: function(place,type,opt,className,desc) {
			// password field
			// checkbox linked with this password "save this password on this computer"
			// text savePasswordCheckboxLabel
		onChange: config.macros.option.genericOnChange

merge(config.optionHandlers['chk'], {
	get: function(name) {
		// is there an option linked with this chk ?
		var opt = name.substr(3);
		if (config.options[opt]) 
		return config.options[name] ? "true" : "false";

merge(config.optionHandlers, {
	'pas': {
 		get: function(name) {
			if (config.options["chk"+name]) {
				return encodeCookie(config.options[name].toString());
			} else {
				return "";
		set: function(name,value) {config.options[name] = decodeCookie(value);}

// need to reload options to load passwordOptions

if (!config.options['pasPassword'])
	config.options['pasPassword'] = '';

		pasPassword: "Test password"
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Description|disable doubleclick-to-edit-tiddler or replace doubleclick with shift/ctrl/alt+singleclick|
<<tiddler ReplaceDoubleClick>> or
<<tiddler ReplaceDoubleClick with: key trigger>>
*''key'' (optional)
**''none'' (default=disables double-click)
**''ctrl, shift,'' or ''alt'' invokes the action only when the indicated key is used in combination with the mouse.
*''trigger'' (optional)<br>is either 'click' or 'doubleclick' (default).
{{{<<tiddler ReplaceDoubleClick with: shift click>>}}}
<<tiddler ReplaceDoubleClick with: shift click>>//(use shift+click to edit this tiddler)//
<<tiddler {{
	var here=story.findContainingTiddler(place);
	if (here && here.ondblclick) {
		var key='$1'; if (key=='$'+'1') key='none'
		if (['shift','ctrl','alt'].contains(key))
		var trigger=('$2'=='click')?'onclick':'ondblclick';
		if (here.getAttribute('editKey')!='none')
			here[trigger]=function(e) {
				var ev=e?e:window.event;
				if (ev[this.getAttribute('editKey')])
%/<<tiddler {{var src='ReplaceDoubleClick';src+(tiddler&&tiddler.title==src?'##info':'##show')}} with: [[$1]] [[$2]]>>
|Author|Eric Shulman|
|Description|Show tiddlers one at a time with automatic permalink, or always open tiddlers at top/bottom of page.|
This plugin allows you to configure TiddlyWiki to navigate more like a traditional multipage web site with only one tiddler displayed at a time.
>see [[SinglePageModePluginInfo]]
<<option chkSinglePageMode>> Display one tiddler at a time
><<option chkSinglePagePermalink>> Automatically permalink current tiddler
><<option chkSinglePageKeepFoldedTiddlers>> Don't close tiddlers that are folded
><<option chkSinglePageKeepEditedTiddlers>> Don't close tiddlers that are being edited
<<option chkTopOfPageMode>> Open tiddlers at the top of the page
<<option chkBottomOfPageMode>> Open tiddlers at the bottom of the page
<<option chkSinglePageAutoScroll>> Automatically scroll tiddler into view (if needed)

* The "display one tiddler at a time" option can also be //temporarily// set/reset by including a 'paramifier' in the document URL: {{{#SPM:true}}} or {{{#SPM:false}}}.
* If more than one display mode is selected, 'one at a time' display takes precedence over both 'top' and 'bottom' settings, and if 'one at a time' setting is not used, 'top of page' takes precedence over 'bottom of page'.
* When using Apple's Safari browser, automatically setting the permalink causes an error and is disabled.
2010.11.30 2.9.7 use story.getTiddler()
2008.10.17 2.9.6 changed chkSinglePageAutoScroll default to false
| Please see [[SinglePageModePluginInfo]] for previous revision details |
2005.08.15 1.0.0 Initial Release.  Support for BACK/FORWARD buttons adapted from code developed by Clint Checketts.
version.extensions.SinglePageModePlugin= {major: 2, minor: 9, revision: 7, date: new Date(2010,11,30)};
config.paramifiers.SPM = { onstart: function(v) {
	if (config.options.chkSinglePageMode && config.options.chkSinglePagePermalink && !config.browser.isSafari) {
		config.lastURL = window.location.hash;
		if (!config.SPMTimer) config.SPMTimer=window.setInterval(function() {checkLastURL();},1000);
} };
if (config.options.chkSinglePageMode==undefined)
if (config.options.chkSinglePagePermalink==undefined)
if (config.options.chkSinglePageKeepFoldedTiddlers==undefined)
if (config.options.chkSinglePageKeepEditedTiddlers==undefined)
if (config.options.chkTopOfPageMode==undefined)
if (config.options.chkBottomOfPageMode==undefined)
if (config.options.chkSinglePageAutoScroll==undefined)
config.SPMTimer = 0;
config.lastURL = window.location.hash;
function checkLastURL()
	if (!config.options.chkSinglePageMode)
		{ window.clearInterval(config.SPMTimer); config.SPMTimer=0; return; }
	if (config.lastURL == window.location.hash) return; // no change in hash
	var tids=decodeURIComponent(window.location.hash.substr(1)).readBracketedList();
	if (tids.length==1) // permalink (single tiddler in URL)
	else { // restore permaview or default view
		config.lastURL = window.location.hash;
		if (!tids.length) tids=store.getTiddlerText("DefaultTiddlers").readBracketedList();

if (Story.prototype.SPM_coreDisplayTiddler==undefined)
Story.prototype.displayTiddler = function(srcElement,tiddler,template,animate,slowly)
	var title=(tiddler instanceof Tiddler)?tiddler.title:tiddler;
	var tiddlerElem=story.getTiddler(title); // ==null unless tiddler is already displayed
	var opt=config.options;
	var single=opt.chkSinglePageMode && !startingUp;
	var top=opt.chkTopOfPageMode && !startingUp;
	var bottom=opt.chkBottomOfPageMode && !startingUp;
	if (single) {
		story.forEachTiddler(function(tid,elem) {
			// skip current tiddler and, optionally, tiddlers that are folded.
			if (	tid==title
				|| (opt.chkSinglePageKeepFoldedTiddlers && elem.getAttribute("folded")=="true"))
			// if a tiddler is being edited, ask before closing
			if (elem.getAttribute("dirty")=="true") {
				if (opt.chkSinglePageKeepEditedTiddlers) return;
				// if tiddler to be displayed is already shown, then leave active tiddler editor as is
				// (occurs when switching between view and edit modes)
				if (tiddlerElem) return;
				// otherwise, ask for permission
				var msg="'"+tid+"' is currently being edited.\n\n";
				msg+="Press OK to save and close this tiddler\nor press Cancel to leave it opened";
				if (!confirm(msg)) return; else story.saveTiddler(tid);
	else if (top)
	else if (bottom)
	if (single && opt.chkSinglePagePermalink && !config.browser.isSafari) {
		window.location.hash = encodeURIComponent(String.encodeTiddlyLink(title));
		config.lastURL = window.location.hash;
		document.title = wikifyPlain("SiteTitle") + " - " + title;
		if (!config.SPMTimer) config.SPMTimer=window.setInterval(function() {checkLastURL();},1000);
	if (tiddlerElem && tiddlerElem.getAttribute("dirty")=="true") { // editing... move tiddler without re-rendering
		var isTopTiddler=(tiddlerElem.previousSibling==null);
		if (!isTopTiddler && (single || top))
		else if (bottom)
		else this.SPM_coreDisplayTiddler.apply(this,arguments); // let CORE render tiddler
	} else
		this.SPM_coreDisplayTiddler.apply(this,arguments); // let CORE render tiddler
	var tiddlerElem=story.getTiddler(title);
	if (tiddlerElem&&opt.chkSinglePageAutoScroll) {
		// scroll to top of page or top of tiddler
		var isTopTiddler=(tiddlerElem.previousSibling==null);
		var yPos=isTopTiddler?0:ensureVisible(tiddlerElem);
		// if animating, defer scroll until after animation completes
		var delay=opt.chkAnimate?config.animDuration+10:0;

if (Story.prototype.SPM_coreDisplayTiddlers==undefined)
Story.prototype.displayTiddlers = function() {
	// suspend single/top/bottom modes when showing multiple tiddlers
	var opt=config.options;
	var saveSPM=opt.chkSinglePageMode; opt.chkSinglePageMode=false;
	var saveTPM=opt.chkTopOfPageMode; opt.chkTopOfPageMode=false;
	var saveBPM=opt.chkBottomOfPageMode; opt.chkBottomOfPageMode=false;
a Chinese interactive dictionary
[img[]]中文 - 中罋
body {font-size:0.9em; font-family:verdana,arial,helvetica; margin:0; padding:0;}
.header {position:relative;}
.header a:hover {background:transparent;}
.headerShadow {position:relative; padding:0em 0 0.1em .5em; left:-1px; top:-1px;}
.headerForeground {position:absolute; padding:0em 0 .1em .5em; left:0px; top:0px;}
#displayArea {margin:-1em 4em 0em 4em; }
.viewer table, table.twtable {margin:0.8em 0;width:100%;}
|~EditToolbar|+saveTiddler -cancelTiddler copyTiddler deleteTiddler|
Description: Contains the stuff you need to use Tiddlyspot
Note, you also need UploadPlugin, PasswordOptionPlugin and LoadRemoteFileThroughProxy
from http://tiddlywiki.bidix.info for a complete working Tiddlyspot site.

// edit this if you are migrating sites or retrofitting an existing TW
config.tiddlyspotSiteId = 'zhongweng';

// make it so you can by default see edit controls via http
config.options.chkHttpReadOnly = false;
window.readOnly = false; // make sure of it (for tw 2.2)
window.showBackstage = true; // show backstage too

// disable autosave in d3
if (window.location.protocol != "file:")
	config.options.chkGTDLazyAutoSave = false;

// tweak shadow tiddlers to add upload button, password entry box etc
with (config.shadowTiddlers) {
	SiteUrl = 'http://'+config.tiddlyspotSiteId+'.tiddlyspot.com';
	SideBarOptions = SideBarOptions.replace(/(<<saveChanges>>)/,"$1<<tiddler TspotSidebar>>");
	OptionsPanel = OptionsPanel.replace(/^/,"<<tiddler TspotOptions>>");
	DefaultTiddlers = DefaultTiddlers.replace(/^/,"[[WelcomeToTiddlyspot]] ");
	MainMenu = MainMenu.replace(/^/,"[[WelcomeToTiddlyspot]] ");

// create some shadow tiddler content

 "tiddlyspot password:",
 "<<option pasUploadPassword>>",

 "| tiddlyspot password:|<<option pasUploadPassword>>|",
 "| site management:|<<upload http://" + config.tiddlyspotSiteId + ".tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi index.html . .  " + config.tiddlyspotSiteId + ">>//(requires tiddlyspot password)//<br>[[control panel|http://" + config.tiddlyspotSiteId + ".tiddlyspot.com/controlpanel]], [[download (go offline)|http://" + config.tiddlyspotSiteId + ".tiddlyspot.com/download]]|",
 "| links:|[[tiddlyspot.com|http://tiddlyspot.com/]], [[FAQs|http://faq.tiddlyspot.com/]], [[blog|http://tiddlyspot.blogspot.com/]], email [[support|mailto:support@tiddlyspot.com]] & [[feedback|mailto:feedback@tiddlyspot.com]], [[donate|http://tiddlyspot.com/?page=donate]]|"

 "This document is a ~TiddlyWiki from tiddlyspot.com.  A ~TiddlyWiki is an electronic notebook that is great for managing todo lists, personal information, and all sorts of things.",
 "@@font-weight:bold;font-size:1.3em;color:#444; //What now?// &nbsp;&nbsp;@@ Before you can save any changes, you need to enter your password in the form below.  Then configure privacy and other site settings at your [[control panel|http://" + config.tiddlyspotSiteId + ".tiddlyspot.com/controlpanel]] (your control panel username is //" + config.tiddlyspotSiteId + "//).",
 "<<tiddler TspotControls>>",
 "See also GettingStarted.",
 "@@font-weight:bold;font-size:1.3em;color:#444; //Working online// &nbsp;&nbsp;@@ You can edit this ~TiddlyWiki right now, and save your changes using the \"save to web\" button in the column on the right.",
 "@@font-weight:bold;font-size:1.3em;color:#444; //Working offline// &nbsp;&nbsp;@@ A fully functioning copy of this ~TiddlyWiki can be saved onto your hard drive or USB stick.  You can make changes and save them locally without being connected to the Internet.  When you're ready to sync up again, just click \"upload\" and your ~TiddlyWiki will be saved back to tiddlyspot.com.",
 "@@font-weight:bold;font-size:1.3em;color:#444; //Help!// &nbsp;&nbsp;@@ Find out more about ~TiddlyWiki at [[TiddlyWiki.com|http://tiddlywiki.com]].  Also visit [[TiddlyWiki.org|http://tiddlywiki.org]] for documentation on learning and using ~TiddlyWiki. New users are especially welcome on the [[TiddlyWiki mailing list|http://groups.google.com/group/TiddlyWiki]], which is an excellent place to ask questions and get help.  If you have a tiddlyspot related problem email [[tiddlyspot support|mailto:support@tiddlyspot.com]].",
 "@@font-weight:bold;font-size:1.3em;color:#444; //Enjoy :)// &nbsp;&nbsp;@@ We hope you like using your tiddlyspot.com site.  Please email [[feedback@tiddlyspot.com|mailto:feedback@tiddlyspot.com]] with any comments or suggestions."

 "<<upload http://" + config.tiddlyspotSiteId + ".tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi index.html . .  " + config.tiddlyspotSiteId + ">><html><a href='http://" + config.tiddlyspotSiteId + ".tiddlyspot.com/download' class='button'>download</a></html>"

| !date | !user | !location | !storeUrl | !uploadDir | !toFilename | !backupdir | !origin |
| 22/05/2013 21:40:42 | YourName | [[/|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/]] | [[store.cgi|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | [[index.html | http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/index.html]] | . |
| 23/05/2013 20:33:27 | YourName | [[/|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/]] | [[store.cgi|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | [[index.html | http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/index.html]] | . |
| 25/05/2013 11:04:52 | YourName | [[/|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/]] | [[store.cgi|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | [[index.html | http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/index.html]] | . |
| 25/05/2013 11:17:38 | YourName | [[/|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/]] | [[store.cgi|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | [[index.html | http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/index.html]] | . |
| 25/05/2013 11:18:10 | YourName | [[/|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/]] | [[store.cgi|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | [[index.html | http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/index.html]] | . | ok |
| 25/05/2013 11:54:12 | YourName | [[/|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/]] | [[store.cgi|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | [[index.html | http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/index.html]] | . |
| 01/06/2013 19:09:53 | YourName | [[/|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/]] | [[store.cgi|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | [[index.html | http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/index.html]] | . |
| 01/06/2013 19:14:01 | YourName | [[/|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/]] | [[store.cgi|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | [[index.html | http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/index.html]] | . |
| 01/06/2013 19:20:35 | YourName | [[/|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/]] | [[store.cgi|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | [[index.html | http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/index.html]] | . |
| 20/12/2013 21:04:10 | YourName | [[/|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/]] | [[store.cgi|http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/store.cgi]] | . | [[index.html | http://zhongweng.tiddlyspot.com/index.html]] | . |
|''Description:''|Save to web a TiddlyWiki|
|''Date:''|Feb 24, 2008|
|''Author:''|BidiX (BidiX (at) bidix (dot) info)|
|''License:''|[[BSD open source license|http://tiddlywiki.bidix.info/#%5B%5BBSD%20open%20source%20license%5D%5D ]]|
version.extensions.UploadPlugin = {
	major: 4, minor: 1, revision: 3,
	date: new Date("Feb 24, 2008"),
	source: 'http://tiddlywiki.bidix.info/#UploadPlugin',
	author: 'BidiX (BidiX (at) bidix (dot) info',
	coreVersion: '2.2.0'

// Environment

if (!window.bidix) window.bidix = {}; // bidix namespace
bidix.debugMode = false;	// true to activate both in Plugin and UploadService
// Upload Macro

config.macros.upload = {
// default values
	defaultBackupDir: '',	//no backup
	defaultStoreScript: "store.php",
	defaultToFilename: "index.html",
	defaultUploadDir: ".",
	authenticateUser: true	// UploadService Authenticate User
config.macros.upload.label = {
	promptOption: "Save and Upload this TiddlyWiki with UploadOptions",
	promptParamMacro: "Save and Upload this TiddlyWiki in %0",
	saveLabel: "save to web", 
	saveToDisk: "save to disk",
	uploadLabel: "upload"	

config.macros.upload.messages = {
	noStoreUrl: "No store URL in parmeters or options",
	usernameOrPasswordMissing: "Username or password missing"

config.macros.upload.handler = function(place,macroName,params) {
	if (readOnly)
	var label;
	if (document.location.toString().substr(0,4) == "http") 
		label = this.label.saveLabel;
		label = this.label.uploadLabel;
	var prompt;
	if (params[0]) {
		prompt = this.label.promptParamMacro.toString().format([this.destFile(params[0], 
			(params[1] ? params[1]:bidix.basename(window.location.toString())), params[3])]);
	} else {
		prompt = this.label.promptOption;
	createTiddlyButton(place, label, prompt, function() {config.macros.upload.action(params);}, null, null, this.accessKey);

config.macros.upload.action = function(params)
		// for missing macro parameter set value from options
		if (!params) params = {};
		var storeUrl = params[0] ? params[0] : config.options.txtUploadStoreUrl;
		var toFilename = params[1] ? params[1] : config.options.txtUploadFilename;
		var backupDir = params[2] ? params[2] : config.options.txtUploadBackupDir;
		var uploadDir = params[3] ? params[3] : config.options.txtUploadDir;
		var username = params[4] ? params[4] : config.options.txtUploadUserName;
		var password = config.options.pasUploadPassword; // for security reason no password as macro parameter	
		// for still missing parameter set default value
		if ((!storeUrl) && (document.location.toString().substr(0,4) == "http")) 
			storeUrl = bidix.dirname(document.location.toString())+'/'+config.macros.upload.defaultStoreScript;
		if (storeUrl.substr(0,4) != "http")
			storeUrl = bidix.dirname(document.location.toString()) +'/'+ storeUrl;
		if (!toFilename)
			toFilename = bidix.basename(window.location.toString());
		if (!toFilename)
			toFilename = config.macros.upload.defaultToFilename;
		if (!uploadDir)
			uploadDir = config.macros.upload.defaultUploadDir;
		if (!backupDir)
			backupDir = config.macros.upload.defaultBackupDir;
		// report error if still missing
		if (!storeUrl) {
			return false;
		if (config.macros.upload.authenticateUser && (!username || !password)) {
			return false;
		bidix.upload.uploadChanges(false,null,storeUrl, toFilename, uploadDir, backupDir, username, password); 
		return false; 

config.macros.upload.destFile = function(storeUrl, toFilename, uploadDir) 
	if (!storeUrl)
		return null;
		var dest = bidix.dirname(storeUrl);
		if (uploadDir && uploadDir != '.')
			dest = dest + '/' + uploadDir;
		dest = dest + '/' + toFilename;
	return dest;

// uploadOptions Macro

config.macros.uploadOptions = {
	handler: function(place,macroName,params) {
		var wizard = new Wizard();
		var markList = wizard.getElement("markList");
		var listWrapper = document.createElement("div");
		var uploadCaption;
		if (document.location.toString().substr(0,4) == "http") 
			uploadCaption = config.macros.upload.label.saveLabel;
			uploadCaption = config.macros.upload.label.uploadLabel;
				{caption: uploadCaption, tooltip: config.macros.upload.label.promptOption, 
					onClick: config.macros.upload.action},
				{caption: this.cancelButton, tooltip: this.cancelButtonPrompt, onClick: this.onCancel}
	options: [
	refreshOptions: function(listWrapper) {
		var opts = [];
		for(i=0; i<this.options.length; i++) {
			var opt = {};
			opt.option = "";
			n = this.options[i];
			opt.name = n;
			opt.lowlight = !config.optionsDesc[n];
			opt.description = opt.lowlight ? this.unknownDescription : config.optionsDesc[n];
		var listview = ListView.create(listWrapper,opts,this.listViewTemplate);
		for(n=0; n<opts.length; n++) {
			var type = opts[n].name.substr(0,3);
			var h = config.macros.option.types[type];
			if (h && h.create) {
	onCancel: function(e)
		return false;
	wizardTitle: "Upload with options",
	step1Title: "These options are saved in cookies in your browser",
	step1Html: "<input type='hidden' name='markList'></input><br>",
	cancelButton: "Cancel",
	cancelButtonPrompt: "Cancel prompt",
	listViewTemplate: {
		columns: [
			{name: 'Description', field: 'description', title: "Description", type: 'WikiText'},
			{name: 'Option', field: 'option', title: "Option", type: 'String'},
			{name: 'Name', field: 'name', title: "Name", type: 'String'}
		rowClasses: [
			{className: 'lowlight', field: 'lowlight'} 

// upload functions

if (!bidix.upload) bidix.upload = {};

if (!bidix.upload.messages) bidix.upload.messages = {
	//from saving
	invalidFileError: "The original file '%0' does not appear to be a valid TiddlyWiki",
	backupSaved: "Backup saved",
	backupFailed: "Failed to upload backup file",
	rssSaved: "RSS feed uploaded",
	rssFailed: "Failed to upload RSS feed file",
	emptySaved: "Empty template uploaded",
	emptyFailed: "Failed to upload empty template file",
	mainSaved: "Main TiddlyWiki file uploaded",
	mainFailed: "Failed to upload main TiddlyWiki file. Your changes have not been saved",
	//specific upload
	loadOriginalHttpPostError: "Can't get original file",
	aboutToSaveOnHttpPost: 'About to upload on %0 ...',
	storePhpNotFound: "The store script '%0' was not found."

bidix.upload.uploadChanges = function(onlyIfDirty,tiddlers,storeUrl,toFilename,uploadDir,backupDir,username,password)
	var callback = function(status,uploadParams,original,url,xhr) {
		if (!status) {
		if (bidix.debugMode) 
		// Locate the storeArea div's 
		var posDiv = locateStoreArea(original);
		if((posDiv[0] == -1) || (posDiv[1] == -1)) {
	if(onlyIfDirty && !store.isDirty())
	// save on localdisk ?
	if (document.location.toString().substr(0,4) == "file") {
		var path = document.location.toString();
		var localPath = getLocalPath(path);
	// get original
	var uploadParams = new Array(storeUrl,toFilename,uploadDir,backupDir,username,password);
	var originalPath = document.location.toString();
	// If url is a directory : add index.html
	if (originalPath.charAt(originalPath.length-1) == "/")
		originalPath = originalPath + "index.html";
	var dest = config.macros.upload.destFile(storeUrl,toFilename,uploadDir);
	var log = new bidix.UploadLog();
	log.startUpload(storeUrl, dest, uploadDir,  backupDir);
	if (bidix.debugMode) 
		alert("about to execute Http - GET on "+originalPath);
	var r = doHttp("GET",originalPath,null,null,username,password,callback,uploadParams,null);
	if (typeof r == "string")
	return r;

bidix.upload.uploadRss = function(uploadParams,original,posDiv) 
	var callback = function(status,params,responseText,url,xhr) {
		if(status) {
			var destfile = responseText.substring(responseText.indexOf("destfile:")+9,responseText.indexOf("\n", responseText.indexOf("destfile:")));
		} else {
	// do uploadRss
	if(config.options.chkGenerateAnRssFeed) {
		var rssPath = uploadParams[1].substr(0,uploadParams[1].lastIndexOf(".")) + ".xml";
		var rssUploadParams = new Array(uploadParams[0],rssPath,uploadParams[2],'',uploadParams[4],uploadParams[5]);
		var rssString = generateRss();
		// no UnicodeToUTF8 conversion needed when location is "file" !!!
		if (document.location.toString().substr(0,4) != "file")
			rssString = convertUnicodeToUTF8(rssString);	
	} else {

bidix.upload.uploadMain = function(uploadParams,original,posDiv) 
	var callback = function(status,params,responseText,url,xhr) {
		var log = new bidix.UploadLog();
		if(status) {
			// if backupDir specified
			if ((params[3]) && (responseText.indexOf("backupfile:") > -1))  {
				var backupfile = responseText.substring(responseText.indexOf("backupfile:")+11,responseText.indexOf("\n", responseText.indexOf("backupfile:")));
			var destfile = responseText.substring(responseText.indexOf("destfile:")+9,responseText.indexOf("\n", responseText.indexOf("destfile:")));
		} else {
	// do uploadMain
	var revised = bidix.upload.updateOriginal(original,posDiv);

bidix.upload.httpUpload = function(uploadParams,data,callback,params)
	var localCallback = function(status,params,responseText,url,xhr) {
		url = (url.indexOf("nocache=") < 0 ? url : url.substring(0,url.indexOf("nocache=")-1));
		if (xhr.status == 404)
		if ((bidix.debugMode) || (responseText.indexOf("Debug mode") >= 0 )) {
			if (responseText.indexOf("Debug mode") >= 0 )
				responseText = responseText.substring(responseText.indexOf("\n\n")+2);
		} else if (responseText.charAt(0) != '0') 
		if (responseText.charAt(0) != '0')
			status = null;
	// do httpUpload
	var boundary = "---------------------------"+"AaB03x";	
	var uploadFormName = "UploadPlugin";
	// compose headers data
	var sheader = "";
	sheader += "--" + boundary + "\r\nContent-disposition: form-data; name=\"";
	sheader += uploadFormName +"\"\r\n\r\n";
	sheader += "backupDir="+uploadParams[3] +
				";user=" + uploadParams[4] +
				";password=" + uploadParams[5] +
				";uploaddir=" + uploadParams[2];
	if (bidix.debugMode)
		sheader += ";debug=1";
	sheader += ";;\r\n"; 
	sheader += "\r\n" + "--" + boundary + "\r\n";
	sheader += "Content-disposition: form-data; name=\"userfile\"; filename=\""+uploadParams[1]+"\"\r\n";
	sheader += "Content-Type: text/html;charset=UTF-8" + "\r\n";
	sheader += "Content-Length: " + data.length + "\r\n\r\n";
	// compose trailer data
	var strailer = new String();
	strailer = "\r\n--" + boundary + "--\r\n";
	data = sheader + data + strailer;
	if (bidix.debugMode) alert("about to execute Http - POST on "+uploadParams[0]+"\n with \n"+data.substr(0,500)+ " ... ");
	var r = doHttp("POST",uploadParams[0],data,"multipart/form-data; ;charset=UTF-8; boundary="+boundary,uploadParams[4],uploadParams[5],localCallback,params,null);
	if (typeof r == "string")
	return r;

// same as Saving's updateOriginal but without convertUnicodeToUTF8 calls
bidix.upload.updateOriginal = function(original, posDiv)
	if (!posDiv)
		posDiv = locateStoreArea(original);
	if((posDiv[0] == -1) || (posDiv[1] == -1)) {
	var revised = original.substr(0,posDiv[0] + startSaveArea.length) + "\n" +
				store.allTiddlersAsHtml() + "\n" +
	var newSiteTitle = getPageTitle().htmlEncode();
	revised = revised.replaceChunk("<title"+">","</title"+">"," " + newSiteTitle + " ");
	revised = updateMarkupBlock(revised,"PRE-HEAD","MarkupPreHead");
	revised = updateMarkupBlock(revised,"POST-HEAD","MarkupPostHead");
	revised = updateMarkupBlock(revised,"PRE-BODY","MarkupPreBody");
	revised = updateMarkupBlock(revised,"POST-SCRIPT","MarkupPostBody");
	return revised;

// UploadLog
// config.options.chkUploadLog :
//		false : no logging
//		true : logging
// config.options.txtUploadLogMaxLine :
//		-1 : no limit
//      0 :  no Log lines but UploadLog is still in place
//		n :  the last n lines are only kept
//		NaN : no limit (-1)

bidix.UploadLog = function() {
	if (!config.options.chkUploadLog) 
		return; // this.tiddler = null
	this.tiddler = store.getTiddler("UploadLog");
	if (!this.tiddler) {
		this.tiddler = new Tiddler();
		this.tiddler.title = "UploadLog";
		this.tiddler.text = "| !date | !user | !location | !storeUrl | !uploadDir | !toFilename | !backupdir | !origin |";
		this.tiddler.created = new Date();
		this.tiddler.modifier = config.options.txtUserName;
		this.tiddler.modified = new Date();
	return this;

bidix.UploadLog.prototype.addText = function(text) {
	if (!this.tiddler)
	// retrieve maxLine when we need it
	var maxLine = parseInt(config.options.txtUploadLogMaxLine,10);
	if (isNaN(maxLine))
		maxLine = -1;
	// add text
	if (maxLine != 0) 
		this.tiddler.text = this.tiddler.text + text;
	// Trunck to maxLine
	if (maxLine >= 0) {
		var textArray = this.tiddler.text.split('\n');
		if (textArray.length > maxLine + 1)
			this.tiddler.text = textArray.join('\n');		
	// update tiddler fields
	this.tiddler.modifier = config.options.txtUserName;
	this.tiddler.modified = new Date();
	// refresh and notifiy for immediate update
	store.notify(this.tiddler.title, true);

bidix.UploadLog.prototype.startUpload = function(storeUrl, toFilename, uploadDir,  backupDir) {
	if (!this.tiddler)
	var now = new Date();
	var text = "\n| ";
	var filename = bidix.basename(document.location.toString());
	if (!filename) filename = '/';
	text += now.formatString("0DD/0MM/YYYY 0hh:0mm:0ss") +" | ";
	text += config.options.txtUserName + " | ";
	text += "[["+filename+"|"+location + "]] |";
	text += " [[" + bidix.basename(storeUrl) + "|" + storeUrl + "]] | ";
	text += uploadDir + " | ";
	text += "[[" + bidix.basename(toFilename) + " | " +toFilename + "]] | ";
	text += backupDir + " |";

bidix.UploadLog.prototype.endUpload = function(status) {
	if (!this.tiddler)
	this.addText(" "+status+" |");

// Utilities

bidix.checkPlugin = function(plugin, major, minor, revision) {
	var ext = version.extensions[plugin];
	if (!
		(ext  && 
			((ext.major > major) || 
			((ext.major == major) && (ext.minor > minor))  ||
			((ext.major == major) && (ext.minor == minor) && (ext.revision >= revision))))) {
			// write error in PluginManager
			if (pluginInfo)
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超	bichāo	(n) ultrasonic diagnosis B;ultrasound B test
一	yī	one;1;single;a(n)
一一	yīyī	one by one;one after another
一万 / 一萬 	yīwàn	ten thousand
一万五千 / 一萬五千 	yīwànwǔqiān	15000
一万四千二百 / 一萬四千二百 	yīwànsìqiān'èrbǎi	14200
一下	yīxià	(adj) one time;once;(adv) in a short time;suddenly;all at once
一下儿 / 一下兒 	yíxiàr	a little bit;a little while
一下子	yíxiàzi	in a short while;all at once;all of a sudden
一个 / 一個 	yīgè	a;an
一个中国政策 / 一個中國政策 	yīgèzhōngguózhèngcè	one China policy
一个劲 / 一個勁 	yīgèjìn	continuously
一个劲儿 / 一個勁兒 	yīgèjìn'er	(adv) persistently;continues on
一中一台 / 一中一臺 	yīzhōngyītái	"one China, one Taiwan" (policy)
一串	yīchuàn	strand
一举 / 一舉 	yījǔ	(n) move;an act;an action;(adv) with one move;at one stroke
一举两得 / 一舉兩得 	yījǔliǎngde	kill two birds with one stone
一九九七年	yījiǔjiǔqīnián	the year 1997
一九四九年	yījiǔsìjiǔnián	the year 1949 (Communist revolution)
一五一十	yīwǔyīshí	(narrate) systematically and in full detail;count by fives or tens
一些	yīxiē	some;a few;a little
一亿 / 一億 	yīyì	1 00 million
一代	yīdài	generation
一会儿 / 一會兒 	yīhuì'er	a while
一但	yídàn	if;in case;in a short time;once
一体 / 一體 	yītǐ	one body
一來 / 一来 	yīlái	on one hand,...
一侧化 / 一側化 	yīcèhuà	lateralization
一共	yígòng	altogether
一再	yīzài	repeatedly
一决雌雄 / 一決雌雄 	yījuécíxióng	to have a show-down;to fight for mastery;to compete for a championship
一刀两断 / 一刀兩斷 	yīdāoliǎngduàn	make a clean brake
一分錢 / 一分钱 	yīfēnqián	cent;penny
一切	yīqiè	everything
一切	yíqiè	all;every;everything
一切事物	yīqièshìwù	everything
一匙	yīchí	spoonful
一匹馬 / 一匹马 	yìpǐmǎ	one horse
一千	yīqiān	one thousand
一千七百万 / 一千七百萬 	yīqiānqībǎiwàn	seventeen million
一千吨 / 一千噸 	yīqiāndūn	1000 tons
一千四百二十九	yīqiānsìbǎi'èrshíjiǔ	1429
一千四百亿 / 一千四百億 	yīqiānsìbǎiyì	140 billion
一千零五十亿 / 一千零五十億 	yīqiānlíngwǔshíyì	105 billion
一半	yībàn	half
一口	yīkǒu	readily;flatly (deny)
一口气 / 一口氣 	yīkǒuqì	one breath;in one breath
一号 / 一號 	yīhào	first day of the month
一同	yītóng	along;together
一吐为快 / 一吐為快 	yītǔwéikuài	feeling relief after the task is done
一向	yíxiàng	all along;the whole time;constantly;earlier;lately
一吹	yīchuī	puff
一周 / 一週 	yīzhōu	one week
一味	yīwèi	blindly;invariably
一哄而散	yīhōng'érsàn	(saying) disperse in confusion
一团 / 一團 	yītuán	regiment
一国两制 / 一國兩制 	yīguóliǎngzhì	one country, two systems (China-Hong Kong)
一块 / 一塊 	yīkuài	piece
一块儿 / 一塊兒 	yīkuài'er	(adv) together;(n) at the same location
一块面 / 一塊麵 	yīkuàimiàn	loaf
一堆	yīduī	pile
一天	yītiān	one day
一天到晚	yītiāndàowǎn	all day long;the whole day
一头 / 一頭 	yītóu	(adv) headlong;directly;(adv) rapidly;(adv) simultaneously
一套	yītào	suit;a set
一如既往	yīrújìwǎng	(set phrase) (adv) just as in the past;as before
一定	yīdìng	surely;certainly;necessarily;fixed;a certain (extent, etc.);given;particular
一定要	yīdìngyào	must
一对 / 一對 	yīduì	couple;pair
一小时 / 一小時 	yīxiǎoshí	one hour
一小时以后 / 一小時以後 	yìxiǎoshíyǐhòu	a short time later
一小部分	yìxiǎobùfen	a small part;a small section
一局	yījú	inning
一层 / 一層 	yīcéng	layer
一巴掌	yībāzhǎng	spank
一帆風順 / 一帆风顺 	yīfánfēngshùn	(saying) very smoothly;plain sailing
一带 / 一帶 	yīdài	region;district
一干二净 / 一干二淨 	yīgān'èrjìng	(saying) thoroughly;completely
一年半	yīniánbàn	a year and a half
一年多	yīniánduō	more than a year
一度	yīdù	for a time;at one time;one time;once
一张 / 一張 	yīzhāng	sheet
一律	yīlǜ	(adj) same;uniform;(adj) all;without exception
一心	yīxīn	wholeheartedly;heart and soul
一心一意	yīxīnyīyì	intently
一意	yīyì	focus;with complete devotion;stubbornly
一手	yīshǒu	(n) skill;(adv) all by oneself;without the help of others
一打	yīdǎ	dozen
一技之長 / 一技之长 	yījìzhīcháng	(saying) skill or proficiency
一把抓	yībǎzhuā	(v) grab;snatch
一排	yīpái	row
一方面	yīfāngmiàn	one aspect is
一旁	yīpáng	aside;to the side of
一无所知 / 一無所知 	yīwúsuǒzhī	to be completely ignorant about;not to know anything about
一旦	yīdàn	in case (something happens);once (something becomes true, then...);in one day
一时 / 一時 	yīshí	temporary;momentary
一月	yīyuè	first month;January
一服	yīfú	dose
一望无际 / 一望無際 	yíwàngwújì	as far as the eye can see (lit: look afar no bound)
一样 / 一樣 	yīyàng	same;like;equal to;the same as;just like
一概	yīgài	(adv) all without any exceptions
一概而論 / 一概而论 	yīgài'érlùn	(saying) lump different matters together
一次	yīcì	first;first time;once;(math.) linear (of degree one)
一步	yíbù	(single) step
一毛不拔	yīmáobùbá	(saying) stingy;parsimonious
一氧化氮	yīyǎnghuàdàn	nitric oxide
一氧化碳	yīyǎnghuàtàn	carbon monoxide (CO)
一流	yīliú	(n) front rank;top quality
一溜烟 / 一溜煙 	yīliùyān	in a flash, quickly
一点 / 一點 	yīdiǎn	a bit;a little;one o'clock
一点儿 / 一點兒 	yīdiǎn'er	a bit;a little
一片	yīpiàn	piece;slice
一生	yìshēng	all one's life;throughout one's life
一百	yībǎi	a hundred
一百二十六	yībǎi'èrshíliù	126
一百五十亿 / 一百五十億 	yībǎiwǔshíyì	15 billion
一百五十多年	yībǎiwǔshíduōnián	more than 150 years
一直	yīzhí	continuously;always;from the beginning of ... up to ...;all along;always
一瞥	yīpiē	glance;glimpse
一碗	yīwǎn	bowl
一种粗棉布 / 一種粗棉布 	yīzhǒngcūmiánbù	A coarse, loosely woven cotton gauze, originally used for wrapping cheese.
一秘	yímì	first secretary
一筹莫展 / 一籌莫展 	yīchóumòzhǎn	unable to find a way out;to be at wits' end
一節詩 / 一节诗 	yījiéshī	stanza
一篇	yìpiān	one-sided
一类 / 一類 	yīlèi	same type
一系列	yīxìliè	a series of;(adj) a collection of
一網打盡 / 一网打尽 	yīwǎngdǎjìn	round up whole gang in one fell swoop
一線微光 / 一线微光 	yīxiànwéiguāng	gleam
一群	yīqún	gang;regiment
一胎制	yītāizhì	the one-child policy
一臂之力	yībìzhīlì	(lend) a helping hand
一致	yīzhì	unanimous;identical (views or opinions)
一致字	yīzhìzì	consistent phonogram(s)
一致性	yīzhìxìng	consistency
一致性效应 / 一致性效應 	yīzhìxìngxiàoyìng	consistency effect
一致資源定址器 / 一致资源定址器 	yīzhìzīyuándìngzhǐqì	uniform resource locator (URL)
一般	yībān	same;ordinary;common;general;generally;in general
一般來說 / 一般来说 	yìbānláishuō	generally speaking
一般原则 / 一般原則 	yìbānyuánzé	general principle
一般性	yībānxìng	(in) general (terms);generalized
一行	yìxíng	party;delegation
一覽無遺 / 一览无遗 	yīlǎnwúyí	be plainly visible
一角銀幣 / 一角银币 	yījiǎoyínbì	dime
一触即发 / 一觸即發 	yīchùjífā	could happen at any moment;on the verge
一言为定 / 一言為定 	yīyánwéidìng	It's a deal!;that's settled then
一貫 / 一贯 	yīguàn	consistent;constant
一起	yīqǐ	together
一跃而起 / 一躍而起 	yīyuè'érqǐ	(set phrase) (v) to jump immediately
一路平安	yílùpíng'ān	to have a pleasant journey;bon voyage
一路順風 / 一路顺风 	yīlùshùnfēng	have a pleasant journey
一身	yīshēn	(n) the entire body;(meas) for wearing a suit
一身汗	yìshēnhàn	sweating all over
一輩子 / 一辈子 	yībèizi	(for) a lifetime
一輪 / 一轮 	yīlún	first round (of a match or election)
一边 / 一邊 	yībiān	one side;either side;on the one hand;on the other hand;doing while
一连 / 一連 	yīlián	in a row;in succession;running
一道	yīdào	together
一部分	yībùfèn	portion
一阵 / 一陣 	yīzhèn	a burst;a fit;a peal
一面	yīmiàn	one side
一項 / 一项 	yíxiàng	an item;a thing
一齊 / 一齐 	yīqí	at the same time;simultaneously
丁	dīng	(surname);4th heavenly stem;a Chinese surname;cubes (of food)
丁云 / 丁雲 	dīngyún	Ding Yun (a personal name)
丁型肝炎	dīngxínggānyán	hepatitis D
丁点 / 丁點 	dīngdiǎn	tiny bit
丁青	dīngqīng	(N) Dingqing (place in Tibet)
七	qī	seven;7
七十	qīshí	seventy;70
七十年代	qīshíniándài	the 1970's
七台河	qītáihé	(N) Qitaihe (city in Heilongjiang)
七嘴八舌	qīzuǐbāshé	(saying) a discussion with everybody talking at once
七堵区 / 七堵區 	qīdǔqū	(N) Chitu (area in Taiwan)
七层架构 / 七層架構 	qīcéngjiàgòu	seven layer architecture (OSI)
七月	qīyuè	July;seventh month
七月一号 / 七月一號 	qīyuèyīhào	July 1
七月三十号 / 七月三十號 	qīyuèsānshíhào	July 30
七点二 / 七點二 	qīdiǎn'èr	7.2
七点五 / 七點五 	qīdiǎnwǔ	7.5
七百万 / 七百萬 	qībǎiwàn	seven million
七美乡 / 七美鄉 	qīměixiāng	(N) Chimei (village in Taiwan)
七股乡 / 七股鄉 	qīgǔxiāng	(N) Chiku (village in Taiwan)
万 / 萬 	wàn	Wan (surname);ten thousand;a great number
万一 / 萬一 	wànyī	just in case;if by any chance;contingency
万万 / 萬萬 	wànwàn	absolutely;wholly
万不得已 / 萬不得已 	wànbùdéyǐ	(set phrase) only out of absolute necessity;as a last resort
万世 / 萬世 	wànshì	all ages
万丹乡 / 萬丹鄉 	wàndānxiāng	(N) Wantan (village in Taiwan)
万事 / 萬事 	wànshì	all things
万事达 / 萬事達 	wànshìdá	Master(Card)
万事达卡 / 萬事達卡 	wànshìdákǎ	MasterCard
万全 / 萬全 	wànquán	(N) Wanquan (place in Hebei)
万分 / 萬分 	wànfēn	very much;extremely
万华区 / 萬華區 	wànhuáqū	(N) Wanhua (area in Taiwan)
万县 / 萬縣 	wànxiàn	Wanxian County, in Sichuan Province
万县地区 / 萬縣地區 	wànxiàndìqū	(N) Wanxian district (district in Sichuan)
万古长青 / 萬古長青 	wàngǔchángqīng	remain fresh;last forever;eternal
万名 / 萬名 	wànmíng	all names
万国 / 萬國 	wànguó	all nations
万圣节 / 萬聖節 	wànshèngjié	All Saints (Christian festival);Halloween
万圣节 / 萬聖節 	wànshèngjié	All Saints' Day
万圣节前夕 / 萬聖節前夕 	wànshèngjiéqiánxī	(n);Halloween
万宁 / 萬寧 	wànníng	(N) Wanning (place in Hainan)
万安 / 萬安 	wàn'ān	(N) Wan'an (place in Jiangxi)
万寿山 / 萬壽山 	wànshòushān	name of a place, Longevity Hill, in Summer Palace __颐和园__
万山特区 / 萬山特區 	wànshāntèqū	(N) Wanshan (area in Guizhou)
万岁 / 萬歲 	wànsuì	live long;wish a long life
万峦乡 / 萬巒鄉 	wànluánxiāng	(N) Wanluan (village in Taiwan)
万年 / 萬年 	wànnián	(N) Wannian (place in Jiangxi)
万无一失 / 萬無一失 	wànwúyīshī	surefire;absolutely safe
万有 / 萬有 	wànyǒu	universal
万有引力 / 萬有引力 	wànyǒuyǐnlì	gravity
万民 / 萬民 	wànmín	all the people
万水千山 / 萬水千山 	wànshuǐqiānshān	(saying) the trails and tribulations of a long journey
万源 / 萬源 	wànyuán	(N) Wanyuan (city in Sichuan)
万物 / 萬物 	wànwù	all living things
万维天罗地网 / 萬維天羅地網 	wànwéitiānluódìwǎng	World Wide Web (WWW);literal: ten-thousand dimensional net covering heaven and earth
万维网 / 萬維網 	wànwéiwǎng	World Wide Web (WWW);literal: ten-thousand dimensional net
万能 / 萬能 	wànnéng	omnipotent
万能曲尺 / 萬能曲尺 	wànnéngqūchǐ	universal bevel (to measure angles)
万能钥匙 / 萬能鑰匙 	wànnéngyàoshi	master key;skeleton key;passkey
万荣 / 萬榮 	wànróng	(N) Wanrong (place in Shanxi)
万荣乡 / 萬榮鄉 	wànróngxiāng	(N) Wanjung (village in Taiwan)
万象 / 萬象 	wànxiàng	Vientiane (capital of Laos)
万载 / 萬載 	wànzài	(N) Wanzai (place in Jiangxi)
万邦 / 萬邦 	wànbāng	all nations
万里乡 / 萬里鄉 	wànlǐxiāng	(N) Wanli (village in Taiwan)
丈	zhàng	ten feet
丈夫	zhàngfu	husband
三	sān	three;3
三万 / 三萬 	sānwàn	30 thousand
三万七千 / 三萬七千 	sānwànqīqiān	37 thousand
三不	sānbù	"the three no's" (an example of an abbreviated slogan or catchphrase)
三个代表 / 三個代表 	sāngèdàibiǎo	the Three Represents of Jiang Zemin
三义乡 / 三義鄉 	sānyìxiāng	(N) Sani (village in Taiwan)
三井	sānjǐng	Mitsui (Japanese company)
三亚 / 三亞 	sānyà	(N) Sanya (city in Hainan)
三位一体 / 三位一體 	sānwèiyītǐ	trinity
三体问题 / 三體問題 	sāntǐwèntí	the three-body problem (math. phys.)
三倍	sānbèi	triple
三分之一	sānfēnzhīyī	one third
三分之二	sānfēnzhī'èr	two-thirds
三十	sānshí	thirty;30
三十五亿 / 三十五億 	sānshíwǔyì	3.5 billion
三十亿 / 三十億 	sānshíyì	three billion
三十四	sānshísì	thirty-four;34
三十天	sānshítiān	thirty days
三十年來 / 三十年来 	sānshíniánlái	for the past thirty years
三千五百	sānqiānwǔbǎi	3 500
三原县 / 三原縣 	sānyuánxiàn	(N) Sanyuan county (county in Shaanxi)
三叉戟	sānchājǐ	trident
三叠纪 / 三疊紀 	sāndiéjì	Triassic (geological period)
三台县 / 三台縣 	sāntáixiàn	(N) Santai county (county in Sichuan)
三合一	sānhéyī	three in one;triple
三合一疫苗	sānhéyīyìmiáo	DTP vaccination
三合会 / 三合會 	sānhéhuì	Triads, organised crime society;Triad Society (early Qing anti-Manchu secret society)
三合土	sānhétǔ	concrete;cement;mortar
三国 / 三國 	sānguó	the Three Kingdoms period after the break-up of the Han (220-280 AD)
三国时代 / 三國時代 	sānguóshídài	the Three Kingdoms period after the break-up of the Han (220-280 AD)
三国演义 / 三國演義 	sānguóyǎnyì	name of a classic novel, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"
三地門鄉 / 三地门乡 	sāndìménxiāng	(N) Santimen (village in Taiwan)
三天	sāntiān	three days
三天两头 / 三天兩頭 	sāntiānliǎngtóu	(set phrase) (adv) almost every day;from time to time
三岔口	sānchàkǒu	At The Crossroads, the name of a famous opera, story from Shui Hu Zhuan
三峡 / 三峽 	sānxiá	The Three Changjiang River Gorges;The Three Gorges
三峡壩 / 三峽坝 	sānxiábà	the Three Gorges dam
三峡大壩 / 三峽大坝 	sānxiádàbà	the Three Gorges dam
三峡庫 / 三峽库 	sānxiákù	the Three Gorges reservoir
三峡水庫 / 三峽水库 	sānxiáshuǐkù	the Three Gorges reservoir
三峡镇 / 三峽鎮 	sānxiázhèn	(N) Sanhsia (town in Taiwan)
三年	sānnián	three years
三文魚 / 三文鱼 	sānwényú	Salmon (fish)
三明	sānmíng	(N) Sanming (city in Fujian)
三明治	sānmíngzhì	sandwich
三星	sānxīng	Samsung, South Korean electronics company
三星乡 / 三星鄉 	sānxīngxiāng	(N) Sanhsing (village in Taiwan)
三月	sānyuè	March;third month
三月二十一号 / 三月二十一號 	sānyuè'èrshíyīhào	March 21
三棱鏡	sānléngjìng	(triangular) prism
三棱镜	sānléngjìng	(triangular) prism
三棱镜	sānléngjìng	prism;prismatic lens
三次	sāncì	third;three times;(math.) degree three, cubic (equation)
三次曲線 / 三次曲线 	sāncìqūxiàn	(geom.) cubic curve
三民乡 / 三民鄉 	sānmínxiāng	(N) Sanmin (village in Taiwan)
三民区 / 三民區 	sānmínqū	(N) Sanmin (area in Taiwan)
三氟化硼	sānfúhuàpéng	boron trifluoride
三氯化磷	sānlǜhuàlín	phosphorous trichloride
三氯氧磷	sānlǜyǎnglín	phosphorous oxychloride
三水县 / 三水縣 	sānshuǐxiàn	(N) Sanshui county (county in Guangdong)
三江侗族自治县 / 三江侗族自治縣 	sānjiāngdòngzúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Sanjiang Dongzu autonomous county (county in Guangxi)
三河县 / 三河縣 	sānhéxiàn	(N) Sanhe county (county in Beijing)
三湾乡 / 三灣鄉 	sānwānxiāng	(N) Sanwan (village in Taiwan)
三番五次	sānfānwǔcì	(saying) do over and over again
三百	sānbǎi	three hundred
三百亿 / 三百億 	sānbǎiyì	30 billion
三硝基甲苯	sānxiāojījiǎběn	trinitrotoluene (TNT)
三磷酸腺苷	sānlínsuānxiàngān	adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
三稜鏡	sānléngjìng	prism;prismatic lens
三穗县 / 三穗縣 	sānsuìxiàn	(N) Sansui county (county in Guizhou)
三等分	sānděngfēn	(geom.) trisection
三等分角	sānděngfēnjiǎo	(geom.) trisecting an angle
三維 / 三维 	sānwéi	three dimensional;3D
三維空間 / 三维空间 	sānwéikōngjiān	three-dimensional space;3D
三联书店 / 三聯書店 	sānliánshūdiàn	Joint Publishing Co.,, Hong Kong
三色紫罗兰 / 三色紫羅蘭 	sānsèzǐluólán	pansy
三芝乡 / 三芝鄉 	sānzhīxiāng	(N) Sanchih (village in Taiwan)
三菱	sānlíng	Mitusbishi
三藩之乱 / 三藩之亂 	sānfānzhǐluàn	rebellion against the Qing of 1670s, pacified by Kangxi
三藩叛乱 / 三藩叛亂 	sānfānpànluàn	rebellion against the Qing of 1670s, pacified by Kangxi
三角	sānjiǎo	(n) a triangle
三角形	sānjiǎoxíng	triangle
三角洲	sānjiǎozhōu	delta
三角腹带 / 三角腹帶 	sānjiǎofùdài	athletic supporter
三輪車 / 三轮车 	sānlúnchē	pedicab;tricycle
三輪車伕 / 三轮车夫 	sānlúnchēfū	pedicab driver
三迭紀 / 三迭纪 	sāndiéjì	Triassic (geological period)
三都水族自治县 / 三都水族自治縣 	sāndōushuǐzúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Sandou Shuizu autonomous county (county in Guizhou)
三重	sānchóng	treble
三門峽 / 三门峡 	sānménxiá	(N) Sanmenxia (city in Henan)
上	shàng	on;on top;upon;first (of two parts);previous or last (week, etc.);upper;higher;above;previous;to climb;to go into;above;to go up;to attend (class or university)
上万	shàngwàn	over ten thousand
上下	shàngxià	up and down;top and bottom;old and new
上下文	shàngxiàwén	(textual) context
上个 / 上個 	shànggè	first (of two parts);previous or last (week, etc.)
上个星期 / 上個星期 	shànggèxīngqī	last week
上个月 / 上個月 	shànggèyuè	last month
上交	shàngjiāo	(v) hand in to;give to higher authority
上任	shàngrèn	take office
上來 / 上来 	shànglái	(v) come up;(v) approach;used after verb to indicate success
上前	shàngqián	(v) go forward
上升 / 上昇 	shàngshēng	rise;go up;ascend
上午	shàngwǔ	morning
上半	shàngbàn	first half
上半年	shàngbànnián	first half (of a year)
上去	shàngqù	(v) go upwards
上台	shàngtái	(v) rise to authority;(v) go up on the theater stage
上司	shàngsi	boss;superior
上同調 / 上同调 	shàngtóngdiào	(math.) cohomology
上周 / 上週 	shàngzhōu	last week
上唇	shàngchún	upper lip
上坡	shàngpō	uphill;upslope;to move upwards;to climb a slope
上報 / 上报 	shàngbào	(v) report to leaders
上头 / 上頭 	shàngtou	above;on top of;on the surface of
上学 / 上學 	shàngxué	to go to school;to attend school
上将 / 上將 	shàngjiàng	general;admiral;air chief marshal
上层 / 上層 	shàngcéng	upper layer
上市	shàngshì	on the market;to float (a company on the stock market)
上帝	shàngdì	God
上弦 / 上絃 	shàngxián	wind;tighten
上当 / 上當 	shàngdàng	be take in;be fooled;be duped
上思	shàngsī	(N) Shangsi (place in Guangxi)
上方	shàngfāng	place above
上旬	shàngxún	first third of a month
上星期	shàngxīngqī	last week;previous week
上映	shàngyìng	show (a film)
上月	shàngyuè	last month
上杭	shàngháng	(N) Shanghang (place in Fujian)
上林	shànglín	(N) Shanglin (place in Guangxi)
上次	shàngcì	last time
上气不接下气 / 上氣不接下氣 	shàngqìbùjiēxiàqì	(phr) be out of breath
上流	shàngliú	upper class
上海	shànghǎi	Shanghai
上海合作組織 / 上海合作组织 	shànghǎihézuòzǔzhī	the Shanghai cooperation organisation (SCO), involving China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrghizstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan
上海市	shànghǎishì	city of Shanghai
上海戏剧学院 / 上海戲劇學院 	shànghǎixìjùxuéyuàn	Shanghai Theatrical Institute
上海證卷交易所 / 上海证卷交易所 	shànghǎizhèngjuànjiāoyìsuǒ	the Shanghai stock market
上涨 / 上漲 	shàngzhǎng	rise;go upward
上游	shàngyóu	upper reaches;advanced position
上演	shàngyǎn	to screen (a movie);to stage (a play);a screening;a staging
上火	shànghuǒ	to get angry
上犹 / 上猶 	shàngyóu	(N) Shangyou (place in Jiangxi)
上班	shàngbān	to go to work;to be on duty;to start work;to go to the office
上皮	shàngpí	epithelium
上空	shàngkōng	(n) up overhead;in the sky
上等	shàngděng	(adj) highest quality
上級 / 上级 	shàngjí	higher authorities;superiors
上網 / 上网 	shàngwǎng	to be on the internet;to stretch a net (in a sports game or for covering something);to be netted (of fish)
上船	shàngchuán	to get on the boat
上艾瑟尔 / 上艾瑟爾 	shàng'àisè'ěr	Overijssel
上蔡	shàngcài	(N) Shangcai (place in Henan)
上虞	shàngyú	(N) Shangyu (city in Zhejiang)
上衣	shàngyī	jacket;upper outer garment
上衫	shàngshān	blouse
上訴 / 上诉 	shàngsù	appeal (a judicial case)
上課 / 上课 	shàngkè	to attend class
上身	shàngshēn	upper part of the body
上車 / 上车 	shàngchē	to get on or into (a bus, train, car etc.)
上載 / 上载 	shàngzài	to upload
上边 / 上邊 	shàngbian	upside
上进 / 上進 	shàngjìn	(v) make forward progress
上述	shàngshù	above-mentioned
上部	shàngbù	upper section
上門 / 上门 	shàngmén	drop in;visit
上阵 / 上陣 	shàngzhèn	to go into battle
上面	shàngmian	on top of;above-mentioned
上饒 / 上饶 	shàngráo	(N) Shangrao (city in Jiangxi)
上饒地區 / 上饶地区 	shàngráodìqū	(N) Shangrao district (district in Jiangxi)
上高	shànggāo	(N) Shanggao (place in Jiangxi)
上齒 / 上齿 	shàngchǐ	upper teeth
下	xià	under;second (of two parts);next (week, etc.);lower;below;underneath;down(wards);to decline;to go down;latter
下一次	xiàyīcì	next
下个星期 / 下個星期 	xiàgèxīngqī	next week
下个月 / 下個月 	xiàgèyuè	next month
下乡 / 下鄉 	xiàxiāng	(v) go to the countryside
下令	xiàlìng	give an order
下來 / 下来 	xiàlai	to come down from a higher location;to be harvested (of crops);to be over (of a period of time);to go among the masses (said of leaders);((lit.&fig.) indicating a motion down toward)
下决心 / 下決心 	xiàjuéxīn	determine;resolve
下列	xiàliè	following
下午	xiàwǔ	afternoon
下半身	xiàbànshēn	lower half of one's body
下去	xiàqu	go down (descend);go on (continue)
下台	xiàtái	(v) go off the stage;(v) fall from position of prestige
下台	xiàtái	step down (from office, etc.)
下唇	xiàchún	lower lip
下场 / 下場 	xiàchǎng	(n) end;finish
下坡	xiàpō	downhill
下定义 / 下定義 	xiàdìngyì	to define
下属 / 下屬 	xiàshǔ	subordinate;underling
下岗 / 下崗 	xiàgǎng	laid-off
下工夫	xiàgōngfu	to put in time and energy;to concentrate one's efforts
下巴	xiàba	chin
下手	xiàshǒu	start;put one's hand to;set about;the seat to the right of the main guest
下拜	xiàbài	bow down
下放	xiàfàng	(v) get transferred to a lower job position;demoted;(v) transfer a cadre to the factory or countryside to work
下旬	xiàxún	last third of the month
下星期	xiàxīngqī	next week
下榻	xiàtà	stay at (a hotel, etc. during a trip)
下水道	xiàshuǐdào	sewer
下流	xiàliú	(adj) low-class;vulgar
下游	xiàyóu	lower reaches;backward position
下營鄉 / 下营乡 	xiàyíngxiāng	(N) Hsiaying (village in Taiwan)
下狱 / 下獄 	xiàyù	imprison
下班	xiàbān	to come or go or get off work
下級 / 下级 	xiàjí	(n) low level group or people
下至上	xiàzhìshàng	bottom to top
下臺	xiàtái	step down (from office, etc.)
下花园区 / 下花園區 	xiàhuāyuánqū	(N) Xiahuayuan (area in Hebei)
下落	xiàluò	whereabouts
下葬	xiàzàng	bury;inter
下課 / 下课 	xiàkè	class is over
下跌	xiàdiē	fall;tumble
下跪	xiàguì	kneel
下車 / 下车 	xiàchē	to get off or out of (a bus, train, car etc.)
下載 / 下载 	xiàzài	to download
下边 / 下邊 	xiàbiān	(n) under
下达 / 下達 	xiàdá	(v) transmit to lower level people
下降	xiàjiàng	to decline;to drop;to fall;to go down;to decrease
下雨	xiàyǔ	rainy
下面	xiàmian	below;next;the following;under;below
下面請看 / 下面请看 	xiàmiànqǐngkàn	please see below
下馬 / 下马 	xiàmǎ	dismount a horse
下齒 / 下齿 	xiàchǐ	bottom teeth
丌	jī	(surname)
不	bù	(negative prefix);not;no
不一	bùyī	vary;differ
不一定	bùyīdìng	not necessarily;maybe
不一样 / 不一樣 	bùyīyàng	different;distinctive;unlike
不一而足	bùyī'érzú	by no means an isolated case;numerous
不一致字	bùyīzhìzì	inconsistent phonogram(s)
不三不四	bùsānbùsì	dubious;shady;neither one thing nor the other;neither fish nor fowl;nondescript
不下于	bùxiàyú	as many as;no less than;not inferior to;as good as;on a par with
不中意	bùzhōngyì	not to one's liking
不中用	bùzhōngyòng	unfit for anything;no good;useless
不丹	bùdān	Bhutan
不为人知 / 不為人知 	bùwéirénzhī	(set phrase) (n) unknown to others;secret
不为已甚 / 不為已甚 	bùwéiyǐshèn	refrain from going to extremes in meting out punishment;not be too hard on subject
不久	bùjiǔ	not long (after);before too long;soon;soon after
不义 / 不義 	bùyì	injustice
不义之财 / 不義之財 	bùyìzhīcái	ill-gotten wealth or gains
不乏	bùfá	there is no lack of
不买账 / 不買賬 	bùmǎizhàng	not buy it;not go for it
不了	bùliǎo	unable to;without end
不了了之	bùliǎoliǎozhī	settle a matter by leaving it unsettled;end up with nothing definite
不予	bùyú	not grant
不争气 / 不爭氣 	bùzhēngqì	be disappointing;fail to live up to expectations
不二法門 / 不二法门 	bù'èrfǎmén	the one and only way;the only proper course to take
不亚 / 不亞 	bùyà	no less than;not inferior to
不亚于 / 不亞於 	bùyàyú	no less than;not inferior to
不亢不卑	bùkàngbùbēi	neither haughty nor humble;neither overbearing nor servile;neither supercilious nor obsequious
不亦乐乎 / 不亦樂乎 	bùyìlèhū	extremely;awfully
不人道	bùréndào	inhuman
不仁	bùrén	not benevolent;heartless;numb
不仅 / 不僅 	bùjǐn	not the only one;not only;not just
不介意	bùjièyì	(v) not take offense;not mind
不以为然 / 不以為然 	bùyǐwéirán	object to;take exception to;not approve
不休	bùxiū	endlessly;ceaselessly
不会 / 不會 	bùhuì	improbable;unlikely;will not (act,happen,etc.);have not learned to;be unable to
不伦不类 / 不倫不類 	bùlúnbùlèi	neither fish nor fowl;nondescript
不但	bùdàn	not only (... but also...)
不住	bùzhù	repeatedly;continuously;constantly
不体面 / 不體面 	bùtǐmiàn	shameful
不佳	bùjiā	not good
不依	bùyī	not comply;not go along with;not let off easily;not let sb;get away with it
不便	bùbiàn	inconvenient;inappropriate;unsuitable;short of cash
不信任	bùxìnrèn	mistrust
不信任投票	bùxìnrèntóupiào	vote of no-confidence
不信任案	bùxìnrèn'àn	no-confidence motion
不信用	bùxìnyòng	distrust
不修边幅 / 不修邊幅 	bùxiūbiānfú	not care about one's appearance;be slovenly
不倒翁	bùdǎowēng	tumbler;roly-poly
不倦	bùjuàn	tireless;untiring;indefatigable
不值	bùzhí	not worth
不值得	bùzhíde	unworthy
不偏不倚	bùpiānbùyǐ	even-handed;impartial;unbiased
不做声 / 不做聲 	bùzuòshēng	keep silent;not say a word
不停	bùtíng	incessant
不備 / 不备 	bùbèi	unprepared;off guard
不像样 / 不像樣 	bùxiàngyàng	in no shape to be seen;unpresentable;beyond recognition
不像話 / 不像话 	bùxiànghuà	unreasonable;shocking;outrageous
不光	bùguāng	not the only one;not only
不克	búkè	cannot;to not be able (to);to be unable to
不免	bùmiǎn	unavoidable
不免一死	bùmiǎnyīsǐ	mortal
不入虎穴焉得虎子	bùrùhǔxuéyāndéhǔzǐ	how can you catch tiger cubs without entering the tiger's lair;nothing venture;nothing to gain or have
不公	bùgōng	unjust;unfair
不公平	bùgōngpíng	unfair
不公正	bùgōngzhèng	injustice
不共戴天	bùgòngdàitiān	will not live under the same sky (with one's enemy) - absolutely irreconcilable
不兴 / 不興 	bùxīng	out of fashion;outmoded;impermissible;can't
不再	bùzài	no more;no longer
不冻港 / 不凍港 	bùdònggǎng	ice-free port;open port
不准	bùzhǔn	not allow;forbid;prohibit
不准許 / 不准许 	bùzhǔnxǔ	forbidden;not allowed
不凡	bùfán	out of the ordinary;out of the common run
不出所料	bùchūsuǒliào	as expected
不分勝負 / 不分胜负 	bùfēnshèngfù	tie;draw;come out even
不分彼此	bùfēnbǐcǐ	make no distinction between what's one's own and what's another's;share everything;be on very intimate terms
不分情由	bùfēnqíngyóu	(set phrase) (adv) indiscriminately
不分軒輊 / 不分轩轾 	bùfēnxuānzhì	well-matched;equally matched
不分青紅皂白 / 不分青红皂白 	bùfēnqīnghóngzàobái	indiscriminately
不切实际 / 不切實際 	bùqièshíjì	unrealistic;unpractical;impracticable
不列顛 / 不列颠 	bùlièdiān	Great Britain
不列顛諸島 / 不列颠诸岛 	búlièdiānzhūdǎo	British Isles
不利	bùlì	unfavorable;disadvantageous;harmful;detrimental
不到	bùdào	(v);not reach;not get to;be insufficient;be less than
不到黃河心不死 / 不到黄河心不死 	bùdàohuánghéxīnbùsǐ	not stop until one reaches the Huanghe River - not stop until one reaches one's goal;refuse to give up until all hope is gone
不力	bùlì	not do one's best;not exert oneself
不加思索	bùjiāsīsuǒ	without thinking;without hesitation;readily;offhand
不务正业 / 不務正業 	bùwùzhèngyè	not engage in honest work;ignore one's proper occupation;not attend to one's proper duties
不动 / 不動 	bùdòng	motionless
不动产 / 不動產 	bùdòngchǎn	real estate;immovable property;immovables
不动声色 / 不動聲色 	bùdòngshēngsè	maintain one's composure;stay calm and collected;not turn a hair;not bat an eyelid
不动摇 / 不動搖 	bùdòngyáo	unmoved
不动点 / 不動點 	bùdòngdiǎn	fixed point (of a map in math.)
不动点定理 / 不動點定理 	bùdòngdiǎndìnglǐ	(math.) fixed point theorem
不劳而获 / 不勞而獲 	bùláo'érhuò	reap without sowing;profit by other people's toil
不勝 / 不胜 	bùshèng	cannot bear or stand;be unequal to;very;extremely
不勝枚舉 / 不胜枚举 	bùshèngméijǔ	too numerous to mention individually or one by one
不卑不亢	bùbēibúkàng	(saying) neither servile or overbearing
不单 / 不單 	bùdān	not the only;not merely;not simply
不即不离 / 不即不離 	bùjíbùlí	be neither too familiar nor too distant;keep sb at arm's length
不厌 / 不厭 	bùyàn	not mind doing sth;not tire of;not object to
不及	bùjí	not as good as;inferior to;find it too late
不及格	bùjígé	fail
不及物动词 / 不及物動詞 	bùjíwùdòngcí	intransitive verb
不受欢迎 / 不受歡迎 	bùshòuhuānyíng	unwelcome
不受理	bùshòulǐ	reject a complaint;refuse to entertain (a proposal)
不变 / 不變 	bùbiàn	unchanging;constant
不变价格 / 不變價格 	bùbiànjiàgé	fixed price;constant price
不变化 / 不變化 	bùbiànhuà	invariably
不变资本 / 不變資本 	bùbiànzīběn	constant capital
不只	bùzhǐ	not only;not merely
不可	bùkě	cannot;should not;must not
不可一世	bùkěyīshì	consider oneself unexcelled in the world;be insufferably arrogant
不可估量	bùkěgūliàng	inestimable;incalculable;beyond measure
不可侵犯权 / 不可侵犯權 	bùkěqīnfànquán	inviolability
不可分离 / 不可分離 	bùkěfēnlí	inseparable
不可勝數 / 不可胜数 	bùkěshèngshǔ	countless;innumerable
不可同日而語 / 不可同日而语 	bùkětóngrì'éryǔ	cannot be mentioned in the same breath
不可名状 / 不可名狀 	bùkěmíngzhuàng	indescribable;beyond description
不可告人	bùkěgàorén	hidden;kept secret;not to be divulged
不可多得	bùkěduōdé	hard to come by;rare
不可思議 / 不可思议 	bùkěsīyì	inconceivable;unimaginable
不可或缺	bùkěhuòquē	necessary;must have
不可抗力	bùkěkànglì	force majeure
不可收拾	bùkěshōushí	irremediable;unmanageable;out of hand;hopeless
不可救药 / 不可救藥 	bùkějiùyào	incurable;incorrigible;beyond cure;hopeless
不可理喻	bùkělǐyù	be impervious to reason;won't listen to reason
不可知論 / 不可知论 	bùkězhīlùn	agnosticism
不可磨滅 / 不可磨灭 	bùkěmómiè	indelible
不可終日 / 不可终日 	bùkězhōngrì	be unable to carry on even for a single day;be in a desperate situation
不可缺少	bùkěquēshǎo	indispensable
不可能	bùkěnéng	impossible
不可能的事	bùkěnéngdeshì	impossibility
不可逆	bùkěnì	irreversible
不可逆轉 / 不可逆转 	bùkěnìzhuǎn	irreversible
不可逾越	bùkěyúyuè	impassable;insurmountable;insuperable
不合	bùhé	not conform to;be unsuited to;be out of keeping with;should not;ought out
不合法	bùhéfǎ	illegal
不合理	bùhélǐ	unreasonable
不合适 / 不合適 	bùhéshì	improper
不吉利	bùjílì	ominous
不同	bùtóng	different;distinct;not the same;not alike
不同凡响 / 不同凡響 	bùtóngfánxiǎng	outstanding;out of the ordinary;out of the common run
不同意	bùtóngyì	disagree
不名一文	bùmíngyīwén	without a penny to one's name;penniless;stony-broke
不名数 / 不名數 	bùmíngshù	abstract number
不名誉 / 不名譽 	bùmíngyù	disreputable;disgraceful
不名誉事物 / 不名譽事物 	bùmíngyùshìwù	dishonor
不吐气 / 不吐氣 	bùtǔqì	unaspirated
不吝	bùlìn	not stint
不含糊	bùhánhū	unambiguous;unequivocal;explicit;not ordinary;really good
不听命 / 不聽命 	bùtīngmìng	disobey
不周延	bùzhōuyán	undistributed
不和	bùhé	not get along well;be on bad terms;be at odds;discord
不咎既往	bùjiùjìwǎng	not censure sb for his past misdeeds;overlook sb's past mistakes;let bygones be bygones
不問 / 不问 	bùwèn	pay no attention to;disregard;ignore;let go unpunished;let off
不啻	bùchì	not less than;as;like;as good as
不善	bùshàn	bad;ill;not good at;not to be pooh-poohed;quite impressive
不在	bùzài	not be in;be out
不在乎	bùzàihū	not mind;not care
不在了	bùzàile	be dead
不在意	bùzàiyì	pay no attention to;take no notice of;not mind;negligent;careless
不在話下 / 不在话下 	bùzàihuàxià	be nothing difficult;be a cinch
不堪	bùkān	cannot bear;cannot stand;utterly;extremely
不堪忍受	bùkānrěnshòu	unbearable
不外	bùwài	not beyond the scope of;nothing more than
不够 / 不夠 	bùgòu	not enough;insufficient;inadequate
不大	bùdà	not very;not too;not often
不大离儿 / 不大離兒 	bùdàlí'er	pretty close;just about right;not bad
不失为 / 不失為 	bùshīwéi	can still be considered (to be...);may after all be accepted as
不失时机 / 不失時機 	bùshīshíjī	seize the opportune moment;lose no time
不好	bùhǎo	no good
不好惹	bùhǎorě	not to be trifled with;not to be pushed around;stand no nonsense
不好意思	bùhǎoyìsi	feel embarrassed;be ill at ease;find it embarrassing (to do sth)
不如	bùrú	not equal to;not as good as;inferior to;it would be better to
不妙	bùmiào	(of a turn of events) not too encouraging;far from good;anything but reassuring
不妥	bùtuǒ	not proper;inappropriate
不妨	bùfáng	there is no harm in;might as well
不学无术 / 不學無術 	bùxuéwúshù	have neither learning nor skill;be ignorant and incompetent
不安	bù'ān	intranquil;unpeaceful;unstable;uneasy;disturbed;restless;worried
不完全中立	bùwánquánzhōnglì	imperfect neutrality
不完全叶 / 不完全葉 	bùwánquányè	incomplete leaf
不完善	bùwánshàn	imperfect
不完美	bùwánměi	defective;imperfect
不定	bùdìng	indefinite;adventitious;indeterminate
不定詞 / 不定词 	búdìngcí	infinitive
不宜	bùyí	not suitable;inadvisable;inappropriate
不客气 / 不客氣 	bùkèqi	you're welcome;impolite;rude;blunt;don't mention it
不宣而战 / 不宣而戰 	bùxuān'érzhàn	open hostilities without declaring war;start an undeclared war
不容	bùróng	not tolerate;not allow;not brook;not admit
不寒而慄 / 不寒而栗 	bùhán'érlì	shiver all over though not cold;tremble with fear;shudder
不对 / 不對 	bùduì	incorrect;wrong;amiss;abnormal;queer
不对劲 / 不對勁 	bùduìjìn	not in good condition
不对碴儿 / 不對碴兒 	bùduìchá'er	not proper;not fit for the occasion
不寻常 / 不尋常 	bùxúncháng	unusual;curious;somewhat extraordinary
不小心	bùxiǎoxīn	heedless;careless
不少	bùshǎo	not (just) a few
不屈	bùqū	unyielding;unbending
不屈不挠 / 不屈不撓 	bùqūbùnáo	unyielding;indomitable
不屑	bùxiè	disdain to do sth;think sth not worth doing;feel it beneath one's dignity to do something
不巧	bùqiǎo	unfortunately;as luck would have it
不已	bùyǐ	endlessly;incessantly
不带电 / 不帶電 	bùdàidiàn	uncharged;electrically neutral
不干不净 / 不干不淨 	bùgānbùjìng	unclean;filthy
不干涉	bùgānshè	noninterference;nonintervention
不平	bùpíng	injustice;unfairness;wrong;grievance;indignant;resentful
不平凡	bùpíngfán	marvelous;marvelously
不平则鸣 / 不平則鳴 	bùpíngzémíng	where there is injustice;there will be an outcry;man will cry out against injustice
不平常	bùpíngcháng	remarkable;remarkably;unusual
不平等	bùpíngděng	inequality;unfairness
不平等条约 / 不平等條約 	bùpíngděngtiáoyuē	unequal treaty
不平衡	bùpínghéng	disequilibrium
不幸	bùxìng	misfortune;adversity;unfortunate;sad;unfortunately
不幸之事	bùxìngzhīshì	mishap
不幸的是	bùxìngdeshì	unfortunately
不当 / 不當 	bùdàng	unsuitable;improper;inappropriate
不当一回事 / 不當一回事 	búdàngyìhuíshì	not regard as a matter (of any importance)
不待說 / 不待说 	bùdàishuō	needless to say;it goes without saying
不很	bùhěn	not very
不得	bùdé	must not;may not;not be allowed;cannot
不得不	bùdébù	have no choice or option but to;cannot but;have to;can't help it;can't avoid
不得了	bùdéliǎo	desperately serious;disastrous;extremely;exceedingly
不得人心	bùdérénxīn	not enjoy popular support;be unpopular
不得劲 / 不得勁 	bùdéjìn	awkward;unhandy;be indisposed;not feel well
不得已	bùdéyǐ	act against one's will;have no alternative but to;have to;to have no choice;must
不得而知	bùdé'érzhī	unknown;unable to find out
不得要領 / 不得要领 	bùdéyàolǐng	fail to grasp the main points
不必	bùbì	need not;does not have to
不必要	bùbìyào	needless;unnecessary
不忍	bùrěn	cannot bear to
不忙	bùmáng	there's no hurry;take one's time
不快	bùkuài	be unhappy;be displeased;be in low spirits;be indisposed;feel under the weather;be out of sorts
不怀好意 / 不懷好意 	bùhuáihǎoyì	harbor evil designs;harbor malicious intentions
不怎么 / 不怎麼 	bùzěnme	not very;not particularly
不怎么样 / 不怎麼樣 	bùzěnmeyàng	not up to much;very indifferent;nothing great about it;nothing good to be said about it
不怕	bùpà	fearless
不急之务 / 不急之務 	bùjízhīwù	a matter of no great urgency
不恥下問 / 不耻下问 	bùchǐxiàwèn	not feel ashamed to ask and learn from one's subordinates
不恭	bùgōng	disrespectful
不情之請 / 不情之请 	bùqíngzhīqǐng	my presumptuous request
不情愿 / 不情願 	bùqíngyuàn	unwilling
不惜	bùxī	not stint;not spare;not hesitate (to do sth);not scruple (to do sth)
不惟	bùwéi	not only
不愉快	bùyúkuài	disagreeable;unpleasant
不意	bùyì	unexpectedly;unawareness;unpreparedness
不愧	bùkuì	be worthy of;deserve to be called;prove oneself to be
不慌不忙	bùhuāngbùmáng	(set phrase) (adv) unhurridly;leisurely;composedly
不懂	bùdǒng	(n) incomprehension;(v) not understand
不懂装懂 / 不懂裝懂 	bùdǒngzhuāngdǒng	to pretend to understand when you don't
不懈	bùxiè	untiring;unremitting;indefatigable
不成	bùchéng	won't do
不成功	bùchénggōng	unsuccessful
不成文法	bùchéngwénfǎ	unwritten law
不战不和 / 不戰不和 	bùzhànbùhé	neither war nor peace
不打不相識 / 不打不相识 	bùdǎbùxiāngshì	from an exchange of blows friendship grows;no discord;no concord
不打自招	bùdǎzìzhāo	confess without being pressed;make a confession without duress
不承認主義 / 不承认主义 	bùchéngrènzhǔyì	policy of non-recognition
不折不扣	bùzhébùkòu	a hundred per cent;to the letter;out-and-out
不抵抗主义 / 不抵抗主義 	bùdǐkàngzhǔyì	policy of nonresistance
不拘	bùjū	not stick to;not confine oneself to;whatever
不拘一格	bùjūyīgé	not stick to one pattern
不择手段 / 不擇手段 	bùzéshǒuduàn	by fair means or foul;by hook or by crook;unscrupulously
不揣冒昧	bùchuǎimàomèi	venture to;presume to;take the liberty of
不摸头 / 不摸頭 	bùmōtóu	not acquainted with the situation;not up on things
不攻自破	bùgōngzìpò	collapse of itself
不敗之地 / 不败之地 	bùbàizhīdì	invincible position
不敢	bùgǎn	to not dare
不敢当 / 不敢當 	bùgǎndāng	you flatter me;I don't deserve it (your praise)
不敢越雷池一步	bùgǎnyuèléichíyībù	dare not go one step beyond the prescribed limit
不敬	bùjìng	rude;irreverent;insufficiently respectful (to a superior)
不料	bùliào	unexpectedly;to one's surprise
不断 / 不斷 	bùduàn	unceasing;uninterrupted;continuous;constant
不新鮮 / 不新鲜 	bùxīnxiān	stale
不方便	bùfāngbiàn	inconvenience;inconvenient
不无小补 / 不無小補 	bùwúxiǎobǔ	not be without some advantage;be of some help
不日	bùrì	within the next few days;in a few days time
不时 / 不時 	bùshí	frequently;often;at any time
不时之需 / 不時之需 	bùshízhīxū	a possible period of want or need
不明	bùmíng	not clear;unknown;fail to understand
不明确 / 不明確 	bùmíngquè	indefinite
不易	bùyì	not easy to do sth.;difficult;unchanging
不易之論 / 不易之论 	bùyìzhīlùn	perfectly sound proposition;unalterable truth;irrefutable argument
不是	bùshì	(v) not be;no
不是	bùshi	fault;blame
不是吗 / 不是嗎 	bùshìma	isn't that so?
不是味儿 / 不是味兒 	bùshìwèi'er	not the right flavor;not quite right;a bit off;fishy;queer;amiss;feel bad;be upset
不是玩儿的 / 不是玩兒的 	bùshìwán'erde	it's no joke
不景气 / 不景氣 	bùjǐngqì	depression;recession;slump
不智	bùzhì	unwise
不暇	bùxiá	have no time (for sth);be too busy (to do sth)
不曾	bùcéng	never (have done sth)
不服	bùfú	not accept (something);want to have (something) overruled or changed;refuse to obey or comply;refuse to accept as final;remain unconvinced by;not give in to
不服水土	bùfúshuǐtǔ	(of a stranger) not accustomed to the climate of a new place;not acclimatized
不期然而然	bùqīrán'érrán	happen unexpectedly;turn out contrary to one's expectations
不期而遇	bùqī'éryù	meet by chance;have a chance encounter
不朽	bùxiǔ	immortal;immortality
不朽的	bùxiǔde	immortal
不欢而散 / 不歡而散 	bùhuān'érsàn	part on bad terms;(of a meeting, etc.) break up in discord
不止	bùzhǐ	incessantly;without end;more than;not limited to
不正之風 / 不正之风 	bùzhèngzhīfēng	unhealthy tendency
不正常	bùzhèngcháng	abnormal
不正常状况 / 不正常狀況 	bùzhèngchángzhuàngkuàng	abnormal state
不正当竞争 / 不正當競爭 	bùzhèngdāngjìngzhēng	unfair competition;illicit competition
不死心	bùsǐxīn	unwilling to give up;unresigned
不比	bùbǐ	unlike
不毛	bùmáo	barren
不毛之地	bùmáozhīdì	barren land;desert
不求甚解	bùqiúshènjiě	not seek to understand things thoroughly;be content with superficial understanding
不治之症	bùzhìzhīzhèng	incurable disease
不法	bùfǎ	lawless;illegal;unlawful
不注意	bùzhùyì	thoughtless;not pay attention to
不测 / 不測 	bùcè	accident;mishap;contingency
不济 / 不濟 	bùjì	not good;of no use
不济事 / 不濟事 	bùjìshì	no good;of no use;not of any help
不清	bùqīng	unclear
不满 / 不滿 	bùmǎn	resentful;discontented;dissatisfied
不满意	bùmǎnyì	disatisfied
不灵 / 不靈 	bùlíng	not work;be ineffective
不然	bùrán	not so;no;or else;otherwise;if not
不然的話 / 不然的话 	bùrándehuà	otherwise
不爽	bùshuǎng	not well;out of sorts;in a bad mood;without discrepancy;accurate
不特	bùtè	not only
不独 / 不獨 	bùdú	not only
不理	bùlǐ	refuse to acknowledge;pay no attention to;take no notice of;ignore
不理想	bùlǐxiǎng	not ideal
不甘	bùgān	unreconciled to;not resigned to;unwilling
不甘心	bùgānxīn	not reconciled to;not resigned to
不用	bùyòng	need not
不用謝 / 不用谢 	bùyòngxiè	You're welcome;Don't mention it
不由得	bùyóudé	can't help;cannot but
不由自主	bùyóuzìzhǔ	can't help;involuntarily
不痛不痒	bùtòngbùyǎng	scratching the surface;superficial;perfunctory
不登大雅之堂	bùdēngdàyǎzhītáng	not appeal to refined taste;be unrefined;be unpresentable
不白之冤	bùbáizhīyuān	unrighted wrong;unredressed injustice
不相上下	bùxiāngshàngxià	equally matched;about the same
不相容	bùxiāngróng	incompatible
不相干	bùxiānggān	be irrelevant;have nothing to do with
不相符	bùxiāngfú	not in harmony
不省人事	bùxǐngrénshì	be unconscious;be in a coma
不着边际 / 不著邊際 	bùzhuóbiānjì	not to the point;wide of the mark;neither here nor there;irrelevant
不着陆飞行 / 不著陸飛行 	bùzhuólùfēixíng	nonstop flight
不知	bùzhī	unknowing(ly)
不知不覺 / 不知不觉 	bùzhībùjué	unconsciously;unwittingly
不知何故	bùzhīhégù	somehow
不知其所以然	bùzhīqísuǒyǐrán	(adj) not recognized for what it is
不知凡几 / 不知凡幾 	bùzhīfánjǐ	can't tell how many there are - there are numerous similar cases
不知天高地厚	bùzhītiāngāodìhòu	not know the immensity of heaven and earth - have an exaggerated opinion of one's abilities
不知好歹	bùzhīhǎodǎi	not know what's good for one
不知所云	bùzhīsuǒyún	not know what sb;is driving at;be unintelligible
不知所措	bùzhīsuǒcuò	be at a loss;be at one's wits' end
不知死活	bùzhīsǐhuó	act recklessly
不破不立	bùpòbùlì	without destruction there can be no construction
不确定 / 不確定 	bùquèdìng	uncertain;uncertainty
不确实 / 不確實 	bùquèshí	untrue
不碎玻璃	bùsuìbōli	shatterproof or safety glass
不祥	bùxiáng	ominous;inauspicious
不禁	bùjīn	can't help (doing sth);can't refrain from
不离儿 / 不離兒 	bùlí'er	not bad;pretty good;pretty close
不移	bùyí	steadfast
不稂不莠	bùlángbùyǒu	useless;worthless;good-for-nothing
不稳定气流 / 不穩定氣流 	bùwěndìngqìliú	turbulent
不稳平衡 / 不穩平衡 	bùwěnpínghéng	unstable equilibrium
不端	bùduān	improper;dishonorable
不符	bùfú	inconsistent;not in agreement with;not agree or tally with;not conform to
不等	bùděng	to vary;to differ;depending
不等价交换 / 不等價交換 	bùděngjiàjiāohuàn	exchange of unequal values
不等号 / 不等號 	bùděnghào	sign of inequality
不等式	bùděngshì	inequality
不等边三角形 / 不等邊三角形 	bùděngbiānsānjiǎoxíng	scalene triangle
不简单 / 不簡單 	bùjiǎndān	not simple;rather complicated;remarkable;marvelous
不管	bùguǎn	no matter (what, how);regardless of;no matter
不約而同 / 不约而同 	bùyuē'értóng	(set phrase) to take the same action or view without prior consultation;happen to coincide
不結果 / 不结果 	bùjiéguǒ	fruitless
不結盟 / 不结盟 	bùjiéméng	nonalignment
不絕如縷 / 不绝如缕 	bùjuérúlǚ	hanging by a thread;very precarious;almost extinct;(of sound) linger on faintly
不經一事不長一智 / 不经一事不长一智 	bùjīngyīshìbùzhǎngyīzhì	you can't gain knowledge without practice;wisdom comes from experience
不經之談 / 不经之谈 	bùjīngzhītán	absurd statement;cock-and-bull story
不經意 / 不经意 	bùjīngyì	carelessly;by accident
不置可否	bùzhìkěfǒu	decline to comment;not express an opinion;be noncommittal;hedge
不羁 / 不羈 	bùjī	unruly;uninhibited
不翼而飛 / 不翼而飞 	bùyì'érfēi	disappear without trace;vanish all of a sudden;spread fast;spread like wildfire
不耐烦 / 不耐煩 	bùnàifán	impatience;impatient
不聞不問 / 不闻不问 	bùwénbùwèn	not bother to ask questions or listen to what's said;show no interest in sth;be indifferent to something
不肖	bùxiào	unworthy
不肯	bùkěn	not willing
不育性	bùyùxìng	sterility
不育症	bùyùzhèng	sterility;barrenness
不胫而走 / 不脛而走 	bùjìng'érzǒu	get round fast;spread like wildfire
不能	bùnéng	cannot;must not;should not
不能不	bùnéngbù	have to;cannot but
不能抵抗	bùnéngdǐkàng	irresistible
不自在	bùzìzai	uneasiness;feel uncomfortable
不自然	bùzìrán	unnatural;artificial
不自量	búzìliàng	not take a proper measure of oneself;overrate one's own abilities
不至于 / 不至於 	bùzhìyú	cannot go so far;be unlikely
不舒适 / 不舒適 	bùshūshì	uncomfortable
不良	bùliáng	bad;harmful;unhealthy
不苟	bùgǒu	not lax;not casual;careful;conscientious
不莱梅 / 不萊梅 	bùláiméi	Bremen (city in Germany)
不落窠臼	bùluòkējiù	not follow the beaten track;have an original style
不虚此行 / 不虛此行 	bùxūcǐxíng	the trip has not been made in vain;the trip has been well worthwhile;it's been a worthwhile trip
不虞	bùyú	unexpected;eventuality;contingency;not worry about
不行	bùxíng	won't do;be out of the question;be no good;not work;not be capable
不行了	bùxíngle	on the point of death;dying
不要	bùyào	don't!;must not
不要紧 / 不要緊 	bùyàojǐn	unimportant;not serious;it doesn't matter;never mind;it looks all right;but
不要脸 / 不要臉 	bùyàoliǎn	have no sense of shame;shameless
不見 / 不见 	bùjiàn	not see;not meet
不見一點蹤影 / 不见一点踪影 	bùjiànyīdiǎnzōngyǐng	no trace to be seen
不見了 / 不见了 	bùjiànle	disappear;be missing
不見得 / 不见得 	bùjiànde	not necessarily;not likely
不見棺材不落淚 / 不见棺材不落泪 	bùjiànguāncáibùluòlèi	not shed a tear until one sees the coffin - refuse to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality
不見經傳 / 不见经传 	bùjiànjīngzhuàn	not to be found in the classics - not authoritative;unknown
不規則 / 不规则 	bùguīzé	irregular
不覺 / 不觉 	bùjué	unconsciously
不覺察 / 不觉察 	bùjuéchá	unaware
不解	bùjiě	not understand;indissoluble
不言而喻	bùyán'éryù	it goes without saying;it is self-evident
不計 / 不计 	bùjì	to disregard;to take no account of
不計其數 / 不计其数 	bùjìqíshù	countless;innumerable
不記名投票 / 不记名投票 	bùjìmíngtóupiào	secret ballot
不許 / 不许 	bùxǔ	not allow;must not;can't
不該 / 不该 	bùgāi	shouldn't;to owe somebody nothing
不詳 / 不详 	bùxiáng	not in detail;not quite clear
不誠實 / 不诚实 	bùchéngshí	dishonest
不調和 / 不调和 	bùtiáohé	discord
不論 / 不论 	bùlùn	no matter (what, who, how, etc.);whether;or;regardless of
不諱 / 不讳 	bùhuì	without concealing anything;die
不謀而合 / 不谋而合 	bùmóu'érhé	agree without prior consultation;happen to hold the same view
不謝 / 不谢 	bùxiè	don't mention it;not at all
不識大體 / 不识大体 	bùshídàtǐ	fail to see the larger issues;ignore the general interest
不識抬舉 / 不识抬举 	bùshítáijǔ	fail to appreciate sb's kindness;not know how to appreciate favors
不識時務 / 不识时务 	bùshíshíwù	show no understanding of the times
不貲 / 不赀 	bùzī	immeasurable;incalculable
不費事 / 不费事 	bùfèishì	not troublesome
不費吹灰之力 / 不费吹灰之力 	bùfèichuīhuīzhīlì	as easy as blowing off dust - not needing the slightest effort
不賴 / 不赖 	bùlài	not bad;good;fine
不贊一詞 / 不赞一词 	bùzànyīcí	keep silent;make no comment
不贊成 / 不赞成 	bùzànchéng	disapproval;disapprove
不起眼	bùqǐyǎn	(adj);(coll) not conspicuous;unremarkable
不足	bùzú	insufficient;lacking;deficiency;not enough;inadequate;not worth;cannot;should
不足为训 / 不足為訓 	bùzúwéixùn	not to be taken as an example;not an example to be followed;not to be taken as authoritative
不軌 / 不轨 	bùguǐ	against the law or discipline
不辞劳苦 / 不辭勞苦 	bùcíláokǔ	spare no effort
不辞而别 / 不辭而別 	bùcí'érbié	leave without saying good-bye
不辞辛苦 / 不辭辛苦 	bùcíxīnkǔ	make nothing of hardships
不辨菽麥 / 不辨菽麦 	bùbiànshūmài	be unable to tell beans from wheat - have no knowledge of practical matters
不过 / 不過 	bùguò	only;merely;no more than;but;however;only
不过尔尔 / 不過爾爾 	bùguò'ěrěr	merely mediocre;just middling
不过意 / 不過意 	bùguòyì	be sorry;feel apologetic
不近人情	bùjìnrénqíng	not amenable to reason;unreasonable
不远千里 / 不遠千里 	bùyuǎnqiānlǐ	make light of traveling a thousand li;go to the trouble of traveling a long distance
不违农时 / 不違農時 	bùwéinóngshí	not miss the farming season;do farm work in the right season
不迭	bùdié	cannot cope;find it too much;incessantly
不送	bùsòng	don't bother to see me out
不送气 / 不送氣 	bùsòngqì	unaspirated
不适 / 不適 	bùshì	unwell;indisposed;out of sorts
不适当 / 不適當 	bùshìdàng	inadequate;unfit
不适用 / 不適用 	bùshìyòng	not applicable;NA
不逊 / 不遜 	bùxùn	rude;impertinent
不透明	bùtòumíng	opaque
不透气 / 不透氣 	bùtòuqì	airtight
不透水	bùtòushuǐ	waterproof;watertight;impermeable
不通	bùtōng	be obstructed;be blocked up;be impassable;not make sense;be illogical;be ungrammatical
不逞之徒	bùchěngzhītú	desperado
不速之客	bùsùzhīkè	uninvited or unexpected guest
不遂	bùsuì	fail;fail to materialize
不道德	bùdàodé	immoral
不遗余力 / 不遺餘力 	bùyíyúlì	spare no pains or effort;do one's utmost
不避艰险 / 不避艱險 	bùbìjiānxiǎn	shrink or flinch from no difficulty or danger;make light of difficulties and dangers
不重要	bùzhòngyào	unimportant
不重視 / 不重视 	bùzhòngshì	indifference
不錯 / 不错 	bùcuò	correct;right;not bad;pretty good
不鏽鋼 / 不锈钢 	bùxiùgāng	stainless steel
不随意肌 / 不隨意肌 	bùsuíyìjī	involuntary muscle
不雅觀 / 不雅观 	bùyǎguān	offensive to the eye;unbecoming
不露声色 / 不露聲色 	bùlùshēngsè	not show one's feeling or intentions
不顧 / 不顾 	bùgù	in spite of;regardless of
不顧一切 / 不顾一切 	bùgùyīqiè	reckless;regardless of everything
不飽和脂肪酸 / 不饱和脂肪酸 	bùbǎohézhīfángsuān	unsaturated fatty acid
不首先使用	bùshǒuxiānshǐyòng	no first use
不齒 / 不齿 	bùchǐ	despise;hold in contempt
与 / 與 	yú	(interrog. part.)
与 / 與 	yǔ	and;to give;together with
与 / 與 	yù	take part in
与会 / 與會 	yùhuì	(v) participate in a meeting
与其 / 與其 	yǔqí	it's better ... than ...
与此同时 / 與此同時 	yǔcǐtóngshí	at the same time;meanwhile
丏	miǎn	hidden
丐	gài	beg for alms;beggar
丐帮 / 丐幫 	gàibāng	beggars' union;a group of beggars
丑	chǒu	2nd Earthly Branch;clown;Chou (surname)
丑	chǒu	shameful;ugly;disgraceful
丑事 / 醜事 	chǒushì	scandal
丑化 / 醜化 	chǒuhuà	defame;libel;to defile;to smear;to vilify
丑恶 / 醜惡 	chǒu'è	(adj) ugly;repulsive
丑闻 / 醜聞 	chǒuwén	scandal
丑陋 / 醜陋 	chǒulòu	ugly
丒	chǒu	variant of T:__醜__ S:__丑__
专	zhuān	for a particular person, occasion, purpose;focused on one thing;special;expert;particular (to sth);concentrated;specialized
专	zhuān	concentrated;specialized
专业 / 專業 	zhuānyè	specialized field;(PRC) major (in university)
专业人才 / 專業人才 	zhuānyèréncái	expert (in a field)
专业户 / 專業戶 	zhuānyèhù	(n) family that produces a special product
专人 / 專人 	zhuānrén	(n) person specifically appointed for a task
专利 / 專利 	zhuānlì	(n) patent
专制 / 專制 	zhuānzhì	(n) autocracy;dictatorship
专卖店 / 專賣店 	zhuānmàidiàn	specialty store
专名 / 專名 	zhuānmíng	proper noun
专员 / 專員 	zhuānyuán	assistant director;commissioner
专家 / 專家 	zhuānjiā	expert;specialist
专家评论 / 專家評論 	zhuānjiāpínglùn	expert commentary
专属经济区 / 專屬經濟區 	zhuānshǔjīngjìqū	exclusive economic zone
专心 / 專心 	zhuānxīn	absorption;concentrate;concentrate;concentration;engrossed
专心一意 / 專心一意 	zhuānxīnyīyì	to concentrate on
专政 / 專政 	zhuānzhèng	dictatorship
专有名词 / 專有名詞 	zhuānyǒumíngcí	proper noun
专栏 / 專欄 	zhuānlán	special column
专案 / 專案 	zhuān'àn	project (Taiwanese);special case for investigation
专案组 / 專案組 	zhuān'ànzǔ	special (legal	judicial) investigations group
专用 / 專用 	zhuānyòng	special;dedicated
专用网路 / 專用網路 	zhuānyòngwǎnglù	dedicated network
专用集成电路 / 專用集成電路 	zhuānyòngjìchéngdiànlù	ASIC;Application-specific integrated circuit
专科 / 專科 	zhuānkē	(n) vocational school
专科院校 / 專科院校 	zhuānkēyuànxiào	academy
专程 / 專程 	zhuānchéng	special-purpose trip
专管 / 專管 	zhuānguǎn	to be in charge of something specific
专线 / 專線 	zhuānxiàn	special-purpose phone line or communications link
专长 / 專長 	zhuāncháng	(n) specialty
专门 / 專門 	zhuānmén	specialist;specialized;customized
专门化 / 專門化 	zhuānménhuà	specialize
专题 / 專題 	zhuāntí	(n) special matter or subject
且	qiě	further;moreover
且末	qiěmò	(N) Qiemo (place in Xinjiang)
丕	pī	grand
世	shì	life;age;generation;era;world;lifetime
世上	shìshàng	on earth
世世	shìshì	from age to age
世人	shìrén	(common) people
世仇	shìchóu	feud
世代	shìdài	(n) generation;generation to generation
世俗	shìsú	profane;secular;worldly
世博会 / 世博會 	shìbóhuì	World Exposition
世卫 / 世衛 	shìwèi	World Health Organization;WHO
世宗大王	shìzōngdàwáng	Sejong the Great (1397-1450) 4th king of Korean Choson dynasty, who oversaw the creation of Hangeul
世尊	shìzūn	World Honoured One;Revered One of the World (Buddha)
世界	shìjiè	world
世界上	shìjièshàng	(of the) world
世界卫生组织 / 世界衛生組織 	shìjièwèishēngzǔzhī	World Health Organization
世界和平	shìjièhépíng	world peace
世界大战 / 世界大戰 	shìjièdàzhàn	(n) world war
世界屋脊	shìjièwūjǐ	the roof of the world, i.e., Tibet
世界強國 / 世界强国 	shìjièqiángguó	world power
世界性古老問題 / 世界性古老问题 	shìjièxìnggǔlǎowèntí	a problem as old as the world itself
世界最大	shìjièzuìdà	world's largest;world's biggest
世界杯	shìjièbēi	World Cup
世界气象组织 / 世界氣象組織 	shìjièqìxiàngzǔzhī	World Meteorological Organization;WMO
世界的語言 / 世界的语言 	shìjièdeyǔyán	world language
世界知名	shìjièzhīmíng	world famous
世界經濟 / 世界经济 	shìjièjīngjì	global economy;world economy
世界觀 / 世界观 	shìjièguān	(n) worldview or outlook, Weltanschauung
世界語 / 世界语 	shìjièyǔ	world language
世界貿易 / 世界贸易 	shìjièmàoyì	world trade;global trade
世界貿易組織 / 世界贸易组织 	shìjièmàoyìzǔzhī	WTO (World Trade Organization)
世界銀行 / 世界银行 	shìjièyínháng	World Bank
世紀 / 世纪 	shìjì	century
世紀末 / 世纪末 	shìjìmò	end of the century
世行	shìháng	(abbreviation for) World Bank
世袭 / 世襲 	shìxí	succession;inheritance;hereditary
世袭之争 / 世襲之爭 	shìxízhīzhēng	succession struggle;dispute over inheritance
世貿 / 世贸 	shìmào	WTO;abbr. for T:__世界貿易組織__ S:__世界贸易组织__
世貿大廈 / 世贸大厦 	shìmàodàshà	World Trade Center
世貿組織 / 世贸组织 	shìmàozǔzhī	WTO (World Trade Organization)
世間 / 世间 	shìjiān	world;earth
丘	qiū	Confucius;given name;mound
丘北	qiūběi	(N) Qiubei (place in Yunnan)
丘县 / 丘縣 	qiūxiàn	(N) Qiu county (county in Hebei)
丘吉尔 / 丘吉爾 	qiūjí'ěr	(Winston) Churchill
丘成桐	qiūchéngtóng	Shing-Tung Yau (Chinese-American mathematician, 1949-)
丘疹	qiūzhěn	pimple
丘脑 / 丘腦 	qiūnǎo	thalamus
丘脑损伤 / 丘腦損傷 	qiūnǎosǔnshāng	thalamic lesions
丘陵	qiūlíng	hills
丙	bǐng	the third of the ten heavenly stems;the third position;third;number three
丙二醇	bǐng'èrchún	propylene glycol
丙型肝炎	bǐngxínggānyán	hepatitis C
丙烯酸	bǐngxīsuān	acrylic acid
丙种射线 / 丙種射線 	bǐngzhǒngshèxiàn	gamma ray
丙等	bǐngděng	third rank;third category;third grade;roughly equivalent to the "C" grade
丙綸 / 丙纶 	bǐnglún	polypropylene fiber
丙酮	bǐngtóng	acetone
业 / 業 	yè	business;occupation;study
业主 / 業主 	yèzhǔ	owner;proprietor
业余 / 業餘 	yèyú	spare time;amateur
业余大学 / 業餘大學 	yèyúdàxué	college for people who attend after work (lit.: spare-time college)
业务 / 業務 	yèwù	business;profession
业界 / 業界 	yèjiè	industry
业界标准 / 業界標準 	yèjièbiāozhǔn	industry standard
业经 / 業經 	yèjīng	already
业绩 / 業績 	yèjī	outstanding achievement
业馀者 / 業餘者 	yèyúzhě	amateur
丛 / 叢 	cóng	cluster;collection;collection of books;thicket
丛林 / 叢林 	cónglín	jungle;thicket
东 / 東 	dōng	east
东丰 / 東豐 	dōngfēng	(N) Dongfeng (place in Jilin)
东乌珠穆沁旗 / 東烏珠穆沁旗 	dōngwūzhūmùqìnqí	(N) Dongwuzhumuqin qi (place in Inner Mongolia)
东乡 / 東鄉 	dōngxiāng	(N) Dongxiang (place in Jiangxi)
东乡族 / 東鄉族 	dōngxiāngzú	Donxiang nationality of Gansu province
东乡族自治县 / 東鄉族自治縣 	dōngxiāngzúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Dongxiangzu autonomous county (county in Gansu)
东亚 / 東亞 	dōngyà	East Asia
东京 / 東京 	dōngjīng	Tokyo (capital of Japan)
东倒西歪 / 東倒西歪 	dōngdǎoxīwāi	(v) sway
东光 / 東光 	dōngguāng	(N) Dongguang (place in Hebei)
东兰 / 東蘭 	dōnglán	(N) Donglan (place in Guangxi)
东势乡 / 東勢鄉 	dōngshìxiāng	(N) Tungshih (village in Taiwan)
东势镇 / 東勢鎮 	dōngshìzhèn	(N) Tungshih (town in Taiwan)
东北 / 東北 	dōngběi	northeast
东北方 / 東北方 	dōngběifāng	northeast;northeastern
东区 / 東區 	dōngqū	(N) Tung (area in Taiwan)
东南 / 東南 	dōngnán	southeast
东南亚 / 東南亞 	dōngnányà	Southeast Asia
东南亚国 / 東南亞國 	dōngnányàguó	Southeast Asia
东南亚国家联盟 / 東南亞國家聯盟 	dōngnányàguójiāliánméng	ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)
东台 / 東台 	dōngtái	(N) Dongtai (city in Jiangsu)
东周 / 東周 	dōngzhōu	Eastern Zhou (770-221 BC)
东奔西走 / 東奔西走 	dōngbēnxīzǒu	(saying) hustle about;go here and there
东宁 / 東寧 	dōngníng	(N) Dongning (place in Heilongjiang)
东安 / 東安 	dōng'ān	(N) Dong'an (place in Hunan)
东山 / 東山 	dōngshān	(N) Dongshan (place in Fujian)
东山乡 / 東山鄉 	dōngshānxiāng	(N) Tungshan (village in Taiwan)
东山再起 / 東山再起 	dōngshānzàiqǐ	(proverb) to make a comeback;lit: to return to office after living as a hermit on Mount Dongshan
东川 / 東川 	dōngchuān	(N) Dongchuan (city in Yunnan)
东帝汶 / 東帝汶 	dōngdìwèn	East Timor
东平 / 東平 	dōngpíng	(N) Dongping (place in Shandong)
东引乡 / 東引鄉 	dōngyǐnxiāng	(N) Tungyin (village in Taiwan)
东张西望 / 東張西望 	dōngzhāngxīwàng	gaze about
东德 / 東德 	dōngdé	(former) East Germany
东方 / 東方 	dōngfāng	the East;Eastern countries
东方马脑炎病毒 / 東方馬腦炎病毒 	dōngfāngmǎnǎoyánbìngdú	eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) virus
东方黎族自治县 / 東方黎族自治縣 	dōngfānglízúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Dongfang Lizu autonomous county (county in Hainan)
东明 / 東明 	dōngmíng	(N) Dongming (place in Shandong)
东欧 / 東歐 	dōng'ōu	Eastern Europe
东汉 / 東漢 	dōnghān	Eastern Han dynasty, 25-220 AD
东沟 / 東溝 	dōnggōu	(N) Donggou (place in Liaoning)
东河乡 / 東河鄉 	dōnghéxiāng	(N) Tungho (village in Taiwan)
东海 / 東海 	dōnghǎi	East China Sea
东海岸 / 東海岸 	dōnghái'ān	East Coast
东港镇 / 東港鎮 	dōnggǎngzhèn	(N) Tungkang (town in Taiwan)
东盟 / 東盟 	dōngméng	ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)
东石乡 / 東石鄉 	dōngshíxiāng	(N) Tungshih (village in Taiwan)
东突 / 東突 	dōngtū	abbr. for __东突厥斯坦解放组织__ East Turkestan liberation organization ETLO (Chinese dissident group)
东突厥斯坦 / 東突厥斯坦 	dōngtūjuésītǎn	East Turkestan;historical term for Xinjiang
东突厥斯坦伊斯兰运动 / 東突厥斯坦伊斯蘭運動 	dōngtūjuésītǎnyīsīlányùndòng	East Turkestan Islamic movement ETIM
东突厥斯坦解放组织 / 東突厥斯坦解放組織 	dōngtūjuésītǎnjiěfàngzǔzhī	East Turkestan liberation organization ETLO (Xinjiang dissident group)
东胜 / 東勝 	dōngshèng	(N) Dongsheng (city in Inner Mongolia)
东至 / 東至 	dōngzhì	(N) Dongzhi (place in Anhui)
东芝 / 東芝 	dōngzhī	Toshiba, Japanese electronics company
东莞 / 東莞 	dōngguǎn	(N) Dongguan (city in Guangdong)
东营 / 東營 	dōngyíng	(N) Dongying (city in Shandong)
东西 / 東西 	dōngxī	east and west
东西 / 東西 	dōngxi	thing;person
东边 / 東邊 	dōngbiān	(n) eastern side
东辽 / 東遼 	dōngliáo	(N) Dongliao (place in Jilin)
东道主 / 東道主 	dōngdàozhǔ	(n) host for a party
东部 / 東部 	dōngbù	the east;the eastern part
东部时间 / 東部時間 	dōngbùshíjiān	(U.S.) Eastern (standard) time;EST
东阳 / 東陽 	dōngyáng	(N) Dongyang (city in Zhejiang)
东阿 / 東阿 	dōng'ē	(N) Dong'e (place in Shandong)
东面 / 東面 	dōngmiàn	east side (of sth.)
东风 / 東風 	dōngfēng	(n) easterly wind
丝 / 絲 	sī	silk;thread;trace
丝柏 / 絲柏 	sībó	cypress
丝毫 / 絲毫 	sīháo	the slightest amount or degree;a bit
丝状物 / 絲狀物 	sīzhuàngwù	filament
丝绒 / 絲絨 	sīróng	velvet
丝绸 / 絲綢 	sīchóu	silk cloth;silk
丝绸之路 / 絲綢之路 	sīchóuzhīlù	the Silk Road
丝路 / 絲路 	sīlù	the Silk road;abbreviation for __丝绸之路__
丞	chéng	deputy
丟 / 丢 	diū	to lose;to put aside;to throw
丟下 / 丢下 	diūxià	(v) abandon
丟丑 / 丢丑 	diūchǒu	lose face
丟人 / 丢人 	diūrén	(v) lose face
丟失 / 丢失 	diūshī	(v) lose
丟掉 / 丢掉 	diūdiào	throw
丟棄 / 丢弃 	diūqì	discard;abandon
丟臉 / 丢脸 	diūliǎn	humiliation
丟飯碗 / 丢饭碗 	diūfànwǎn	to lose one's job
両	liǎng	Japanese variant of T:__兩__ S:__两__
两 / 兩 	liǎng	both;two;ounce;some;a few;tael
两个中国 / 兩個中國 	liǎnggèzhōngguó	two-China (policy)
两会 / 兩會 	liǎnghuì	National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Congress
两侧对称 / 兩側對稱 	liǎngcèduìchèn	bilateral symmetry
两全	liǎngquán	to satisfy both sides;to accommodate both (demands)
两全其美	liǎngquánqíměi	to satisfy rival demands;to have one's cake and eat it
两千 / 兩千 	liǎngqiān	two thousand
两千六百一十六 / 兩千六百一十六 	liǎngqiānliùbǎiyīshíliù	2816
两千年 / 兩千年 	liǎngqiānnián	the year 2000;2000 years
两口子 / 兩口子 	liǎngkǒuzi	(n) husband and wife
两国 / 兩國 	liǎngguó	both countries;two countries
两岸 / 兩岸 	liǎng'àn	bilateral;both shores;both sides;both coasts;Taiwan and mainland
两岸对话 / 兩岸對話 	liǎng'ànduìhuà	bilateral talks
两广 / 兩廣 	liǎngguān	the two provinces of Guandong and Guanxi (in Qing times)
两广总督 / 兩廣總督 	liǎngguānzǒngdū	Governor of Guandong and Guanxi
两当 / 兩當 	liǎngdāng	(N) Liangdang (place in Gansu)
两性异形 / 兩性異形 	liǎngxìngyìxíng	sexual dimorphism
两手 / 兩手 	liǎngshǒu	double tactics;twin strategies
两旁 / 兩旁 	liǎngpáng	both sides;either sides
两星期 / 兩星期 	liǎngxīngqí	fortnight
两极 / 兩極 	liǎngjí	(n) the earth's poles;(n) both ends of sth;(n) electric poles
两栖 / 兩棲 	liǎngqī	amphibious;dual-talented;able to work in two different lines
两栖动物 / 兩棲動物 	liǎngqīdòngwù	amphibian;amphibious animals
两次 / 兩次 	liǎngcì	twice
两点十九分 / 兩點十九分 	liǎngdiǎnshíjiǔfēn	2 :1 9 (time of day)
两用 / 兩用 	liǎngyòng	dual-use
两百 / 兩百 	liǎngbǎi	two hundred
两百万 / 兩百萬 	liǎngbǎiwàn	two million
两百亿 / 兩百億 	liǎngbǎiyì	twenty billion
两者 / 兩者 	liǎngzhě	both sides
两耳不闻窗外事 / 兩耳不聞窗外事 	liǎng'ěrbùwénchuāngwàishì	to pay no attention to outside matters
严 / 嚴 	yán	(air or water) tight;stern;serious;strict;severe
严厉 / 嚴厲 	yánlì	severe;strict
严守 / 嚴守 	yánshǒu	closely observe
严密 / 嚴密 	yánmì	strict;tight (organization, surveillance, etc.)
严寒 / 嚴寒 	yánhán	(adj) frigid or bitter cold
严峻 / 嚴峻 	yánjùn	grim;severe;rigorous
严格 / 嚴格 	yángé	strict;stringent;tight;rigorous
严格隔离 / 嚴格隔離 	yángégélí	rigorous isolation
严正 / 嚴正 	yánzhèng	sternly;solemn
严禁 / 嚴禁 	yánjìn	strictly prohibit
严竣 / 嚴竣 	yánjùn	tight;strict;severe;stern;difficult
严肃 / 嚴肅 	yánsù	solemn;solemnity
严苛 / 嚴苛 	yánkē	(vp) strict and harsh
严词 / 嚴詞 	yáncí	(criticize, etc.) forcefully;using strong words
严谨 / 嚴謹 	yánjǐn	rigorous;strict;careful;cautious;compact;well-knit
严酷 / 嚴酷 	yánkù	bitter;harsh;grim;ruthless;severe;cut-throat (competition)
严重 / 嚴重 	yánzhòng	grave;serious;severe;critical
严重关切 / 嚴重關切 	yánzhòngguānqiè	serious concern
严重问题 / 嚴重問題 	yánzhòngwèntí	serious problem
並	bìng	and;furthermore;(not) at all;simultaneously;also;together with;to combine;to join;to merge
並不 / 并不 	bìngbù	not at all;emphatically not
並且 / 并且 	bìngqiě	and;besides;moreover;furthermore;in addition
並入 / 并入 	bìngrù	merge into;incorporate in
並列 / 并列 	bìngliè	stand side by side;be juxtaposed
並坐 / 并坐 	bìngzuò	sit together
並把 / 并把 	bìngbǎ	to include
並排 / 并排 	bìngpái	side by side;abreast
並激 / 并激 	bìngjī	parallel excitation;shunt excitation;shunt-wound (e.g., electric generator)
並立 / 并立 	bìnglì	exist side by side;exist simultaneously
並聯 / 并联 	bìnglián	parallel connection
並肩 / 并肩 	bìngjiān	alongside;shoulder to shoulder;side by side;abreast
並舉 / 并举 	bìngjǔ	develop simultaneously
並蒂蓮 / 并蒂莲 	bìngdìlián	twin lotus flowers on one stalk - a devoted married couple
並行 / 并行 	bìngxíng	in parallel \development, implementation, etc\)
並行不悖 / 并行不悖 	bìngxíngbùbèi	both can be implemented without coming into conflict;not be mutually exclusive;run parallel
並行程序 / 并行程序 	bìngxíngchéngxù	parallel program
並進 / 并进 	bìngjìn	advance together;advances together;keep abreast of
並重 / 并重 	bìngzhòng	lay equal stress on;pay equal attention to
並非 / 并非 	bìngfēi	really isn't
並駕齊驅 / 并驾齐驱 	bìngjiàqíqū	run neck and neck;keep abreast of;or keep pace with;be on a par with one another
丧 / 喪 	sāng	mourning;funeral
丧 / 喪 	sàng	lose (by death)
丧亡 / 喪亡 	sàngwáng	to die
丧偶 / 喪偶 	sàng'ǒu	(v) (literary) be bereaved of one's spouse
丧失 / 喪失 	sàngshī	lose;forfeit
丧尽 / 喪盡 	sàngjìn	completely lose
丧心病狂 / 喪心病狂 	sāngxīnbìngkuáng	lunatic
丧志 / 喪志 	sàngzhì	lose determination
丧气 / 喪氣 	sàngqi	to feel disheartened
丧生 / 喪生 	sàngshēng	to die;lose one's life
丧礼 / 喪禮 	sānglǐ	funeral
丧钟 / 喪鐘 	sāngzhōng	knell
个 / 個 	gè	(a measure word);individual
个人 / 個人 	gèrén	individual;personal;oneself
个人崇拜 / 個人崇拜 	gèrénchóngbài	personality cult (e.g., Mao's)
个人电脑 / 個人電腦 	gèréndiànnǎo	personal computer;PC
个人防护装备 / 個人防護裝備 	gerénfánghùzhuāngbèi	individual protective equipment
个体 / 個體 	gètǐ	individual
个体户 / 個體戶 	gètǐhù	a small private business (used in mainland China only)
个儿 / 個兒 	gè'er	(n) stature;size
个别 / 個別 	gèbié	individual;respective;respectively
个子 / 個子 	gèzi	height;stature;build;size
个性 / 個性 	gèxìng	individuality;personality
个旧 / 個舊 	gèjiù	(N) Gejiu (city in Yunnan)
丫	yā	slave girl
中	zhōng	within;among;in;middle;center;while (doing sth);during;China;Chinese
中	zhòng	hit (the mark)
中世紀 / 中世纪 	zhōngshìjì	medieval;Middle Ages
中东 / 中東 	zhōngdōng	Middle East
中亚 / 中亞 	zhōngyà	Central Asia
中产 / 中產 	zhōngchǎn	middle class;to ascend to the middle class
中介	zhōngjiè	agent (computer)
中俄	zhōng'é	China-Russia
中俄尼布楚条约 / 中俄尼布楚條約 	zhōng'éníbùchǔtiáoyuē	Treaty of Nerchinsk (1698) between Qing China and Russia
中保	zhòngbǎo	advocate
中共	zhōnggòng	(abbreviation for) Chinese Communist (party, regime, etc.)
中共中央	zhōnggòngzhōngyāng	Chinese Communist Party Central Committee
中共中央紀委監察部 / 中共中央纪委监察部 	zhōnggòngzhōngyāngjìwēijiānchábù	party discipline committee
中共九大	zhōnggòngjiǔdà	Chinese Communist Party 9th congress in 1969
中区 / 中區 	zhōngqū	(N) Chung (area in Taiwan)
中医 / 中醫 	zhōngyī	traditional Chinese medical science
中午	zhōngwǔ	noon;midday
中华 / 中華 	zhōnghuá	China (alternate formal name)
中华人民共和国 / 中華人民共和國 	zhōnghuárénmíngònghéguó	The People's Republic of China
中华民国 / 中華民國 	zhōnghuámínguó	Republic of China
中华民族 / 中華民族 	zhōnghuámínzú	the Chinese people
中南	zhōngnán	(abbreviation for) China - South Africa
中南海	zhōngnánhǎi	Zhongnanhai, on the East side of the Forbidden City, now the Communist Party headquarters
中卫 / 中衛 	zhōngwèi	(N) Zhongwei (place in Ningxia)
中原	zhōngyuán	(n) the central plains of China
中叶 / 中葉 	zhōngyè	mid- (e.g., mid-century);middle period
中听 / 中聽 	zhōngtīng	(adj);plesant to the ear;to one's liking
中和	zhōnghé	(N) Chungho (city in Taiwan)
中和	zhōnghé	(v) neutralize
中国 / 中國 	zhōngguó	China;Middle Kingdom
中国中央电视台 / 中國中央電視台 	zhōngguózhōngyāngdiànshìtái	China Central Television (CCTV), Chinese National TV
中国人 / 中國人 	zhōngguórén	Chinese person;Chinese people
中国人大 / 中國人大 	zhōngguóréndà	China National People's Congress
中国人民 / 中國人民 	zhōngguórénmín	the Chinese people
中国人民武装警察部队 / 中國人民武裝警察部隊 	zhōngguórénmínwǔzhuāngjǐngchábùduì	People's Armed Police (PAP)
中国人民解放军 / 中國人民解放軍 	zhōngguórénmínjiěfàngjūn	People's Liberation Army (PLA)
中国人民解放军空军 / 中國人民解放軍空軍 	zhōngguórénmínjiěfàngjūnkōngjūn	People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF)
中国共产党中央委员会宣传部 / 中國共產黨中央委員會宣傳部 	zhōngguógòngchǎndǎngzhōngyāngwěiyuánhuìxuānchuánbù	Propaganda Department of the PRC communist party central committee;the Ministry of Truth
中国北方工业公司 / 中國北方工業公司 	zhōngguóběifānggōngyègōngsī	China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO)
中国国家原字能机构 / 中國國家原字能機構 	zhōngguóguójiāyuánzìnéngjīgòu	China Atomic Energy Agency (CAEA)
中国国家环保局 / 中國國家環保局 	zhōngguóguójiāhuánbǎojú	PRC State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA)
中国国家环境保护总局 / 中國國家環境保護總局 	zhōngguóguójiāhuánjìngbǎohùzǒngjú	PRC State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA)
中国国家船舶公司 / 中國國家船舶公司 	zhōngguóguójiāchuánbógōngsī	China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC)
中国国防科技信息中心 / 中國國防科技信息中心 	zhōngguóguófángkējìxìnxízhōngxīn	China Defense Science and Technology Information Center (CDSTIC)
中国国际广播电台 / 中國國際廣播電台 	zhōngguóguójìguǎngbōdiàntái	China Radio International;CRI
中国地质调查局 / 中國地質調查局 	zhōngguódìzhìdiàochájú	China Geological Survey (CGS)
中国城 / 中國城 	zhōngguóchéng	Chinatown
中国大蝾螈 / 中國大蠑螈 	zhōngguódàróngyuán	Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus davidianus)
中国大陆 / 中國大陸 	zhōngguódàlù	Chinese mainland
中国式 / 中國式 	zhōngguóshì	Chinese style;a la chinoise
中国当局 / 中國當局 	zhōngguódāngjú	Chinese authorities
中国政府 / 中國政府 	zhōngguózhèngfǔ	Chinese government
中国日报 / 中國日報 	zhōngguórìbào	China Daily (an English language newspaper)
中国时报 / 中國時報 	zhōngguóshíbào	China Times (newspaper)
中国核能总公司 / 中國核能總公司 	zhōngguóhénéngzǒnggōngsī	China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC)
中国民航 / 中國民航 	zhōngguómínháng	General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC)
中国海洋石油总公司 / 中國海洋石油總公司 	zhōngguóhǎiyángzǒnggōngsī	China National Offshore Oil Corporation
中国科学院 / 中國科學院 	zhōngguókēxuéyuàn	Chinese Academy of Science
中国精密机械进出口公司 / 中國精密機械進出口公司 	zhōngguójīngmìjīxièjìnchūkǒugōngsī	China Precision Machinery Import-Export Corporation (CPMIEC)
中国经营报 / 中國經營報 	zhōngguójīngyíngbào	China Business (a Beijing newspaper)
中国航天工业公司 / 中國航天工業公司 	zhōngguóhángtiāngōngyègōngsī	(CASC)
中国航天技术进出口公司 / 中國航天技術進出口公司 	zhōngguóhángtiānjìshùjìnchūkǒugōngsī	China National Aero-Technology Import-Export Corporation (CATIC)
中国航空工业公司 / 中國航空工業公司 	zhōngguóhángkōnggōngyègōngsī	Aviation Industries of China (AVIC)
中国船舶贸易公司 / 中國船舶貿易公司 	zhōngguóchuánbómàoyìgōngsī	China Shipbuilding Trading Corporation (CSTC)
中国菜 / 中國菜 	zhōngguócài	Chinese cuisine
中国证监会 / 中國証監會 	zhōngguózhèngjiànhuì	China Securities Regulatory Commission
中国银行 / 中國銀行 	zhōngguóyínháng	Bank of China
中国长城工业公司 / 中國長城工業公司 	zhōngguóchángchénggōngyègōngsī	China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC)
中国青年报 / 中國青年報 	zhōngguóqīngniánbào	China Youth (official newspaper)
中国餐馆症候群 / 中國餐館症候群 	zhōngguócānguǎnzhènghòuqún	Chinese restaurant syndrome
中坜 / 中壢 	zhōnglì	(N) Chungli (city in Taiwan)
中型	zhōngxíng	(adj) medium sized
中埔乡 / 中埔鄉 	zhōngbùxiāng	(N) Chungpu (village in Taiwan)
中外	zhōngwài	home and abroad;China and overseas
中央	zhōngyāng	central;middle;center
中央全会 / 中央全會 	zhōngyāngquánhuì	plenary session of the Central Committee
中央匯金 / 中央汇金 	zhōngyānghuìjīn	central finance;Chinese monetary fund
中央处理机 / 中央處理機 	zhōngyāngchǔlǐjī	central processing unit (CPU)
中央委员会 / 中央委員會 	zhōngyāngwěiyuánhuì	Central Committee
中央宣传部 / 中央宣傳部 	zhōngyāngxuānchuánbù	Central Propaganda Section;abbr. for __中国共产党中央委员会宣传部__;Central Propaganda Department (of the Chinese communist party)
中央情報局 / 中央情报局 	zhōngyāngqíngbàojú	Central Intelligence Agency;CIA
中央政府	zhōngyāngzhèngfǔ	(n) central government
中央电视台 / 中央電視臺 	zhōngyāngdiànshìtái	CCTV (Chinese state television)
中央社	zhōngyāngshè	Central News Agency (Taiwan)
中央銀行 / 中央银行 	zhōngyāngyínháng	central bank
中子	zhōngzǐ	neutron
中子俘獲 / 中子俘获 	zhōngzǐfúhuò	neutron capture
中子射線攝影 / 中子射线摄影 	zhōngzǐshèxiànshèyǐng	neutron radiography
中子弹 / 中子彈 	zhōngzǐdàn	neutron bomb
中子星	zhōngzǐxīng	neutron star
中子源	zhōngzǐyuán	neutron source
中学 / 中學 	zhōngxué	middle school
中学生 / 中學生 	zhōngxuéshēng	middle-school student;high school student
中宁 / 中寧 	zhōngníng	(N) Zhongning (place in Ningxia)
中宣部	zhōngxuānbù	Central Propaganda Section;abbr. for __中国共产党中央委员会宣传部__;Central Propaganda Department (of the Chinese communist party)
中寮乡 / 中寮鄉 	zhōngliáoxiāng	(N) Chungliao (village in Taiwan)
中将 / 中將 	zhōngjiàng	lieutenant general;vice admiral;air marshal
中山	zhōngshān	(N) Zhongshan (city in Guangdong);name of Dr Sun Yat-Sen;town in Guandong province (close to birth-place of Dr Sun Yat-Sen)
中山公园 / 中山公園 	zhōngshāngōngyuán	Zhongshan park (in Beijing)
中山区 / 中山區 	zhōngshānqū	(N) Chungshan (area in Taiwan)
中山装 / 中山裝 	zhōngshānzhuāng	Chinese tunic suit
中山陵	zhōngshānlíng	Dr Sun Yat-sen's mausoleum in Nanjing
中年	zhōngnián	middle-aged
中度性肺水肿 / 中度性肺水腫 	zhōngdùxìngfèishuǐzhǒng	toxic pulmonary edema
中庭	zhōngtíng	courtyard
中式	zhōngshì	Chinese style
中微子	zhōngwēizǐ	neutrino
中心	zhōngxīn	center;heart;core
中心埋置关系从句 / 中心埋置關係從句 	zhōngxīnmáizhìguānxìcóngjù	center-embedded relative clauses
中心矩	zhōngxīnjǔ	(statistics) central moment
中心語 / 中心语 	zhōngxīnyǔ	qualified word
中性	zhōngxìng	neutral
中文	zhōngwén	Chinese language
中文广播 / 中文廣播 	zhōngwénguǎngbō	Chinese (language) broadcast
中文版	zhōngwénbǎn	Chinese (language) version
中断 / 中斷 	zhōngduàn	to discontinue;to break off
中日	zhōngrì	China-Japan
中日韓越 / 中日韩越 	zhōngrìhányuè	China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam
中旬	zhōngxún	middle third of a month
中暑	zhòngshǔ	sunstroke;heatstroke
中枢神经系统 / 中樞神經系統 	zhōngshūshénjīngxìtǒng	Central Nervous System (CNS)
中欧 / 中歐 	zhōng'ōu	Central Europe
中止	zhōngzhǐ	to cease;to suspend;to break off;to stop;to discontinue
中正	zhōngzhèng	posthumous name of Chiang Kai-shek __蔣介石__ __蒋介石__ (former Kuomintang leader)
中正区 / 中正區 	zhōngzhèngqū	(N) Chungcheng (area in Taiwan)
中正紀念堂 / 中正纪念堂 	zhōngzhèngjìniàntáng	Jiang Kai-shek memorial hall in Taibei
中毒	zhòngdú	to be poisoned;poisoning
中毒途径 / 中毒途徑 	zhōngdútújìng	poisoning route
中毒酶	zhōngdúméi	inhibited enzyme
中气层 / 中氣層 	zhōngqìcéng	mesosphere;upper atmosphere
中气层顶 / 中氣層頂 	zhōngqìcéngdǐng	mesopause;top of mesosphere
中江	zhōngjiāng	(N) Zhongjiang (place in Sichuan)
中法	zhōngfǎ	China-France (cooperation);Sino-French
中海油	zhōnghǎiyóu	China National Offshore Oil Corporation
中游	zhōngyóu	(n) middle portion of a river;(n) middle state
中牟	zhōngmóu	(N) Zhongmou (place in Henan)
中甸	zhōngdiàn	(N) Gyeltang, Gyalthang, Chinese Zhongdian (town in Kham prov. of Tibet, pres. Yunnan)
中石油川东钻探公司 / 中石油川東鑽探公司 	zhōngshíyóuchuāndōngzuàntàngōngsī	Chuandong Oil Drilling & Exploration Company (CODEC)
中秋	zhōngqiū	(N) Mid-Autumn Festival
中秋節 / 中秋节 	zhōngqiūjié	the Mid-Autumn Festival
中立	zhōnglì	neutral
中等	zhōngděng	medium
中級 / 中级 	zhōngjí	middle-level (in a hierarchy)
中繼 / 中继 	zhōngjì	to relay;to repeat
中繼器 / 中继器 	zhōngjìqì	repeater
中美	zhōngměi	China-USA
中美洲	zhōngměizhōu	Central America
中草药 / 中草藥 	zhōngcǎoyào	Chinese herbal medecine
中药 / 中藥 	zhōngyào	(traditional) Chinese medicine
中軸 / 中轴 	zhōngzhóu	central axis;core
中軸綫 / 中轴线 	zhōngzhóuxiàn	central axis (line)
中轉站 / 中转站 	zhōngzhuǎnzhàn	hub (network equipment)
中途	zhōngtú	midway
中部	zhōngbù	middle part;central section
中間 / 中间 	zhōngjiān	between;intermediate;mid;middle
中間神經元 / 中间神经元 	zhōngjiānshénjīngyuán	interneuron
中間纖維 / 中间纤维 	zhōngjiānxiānwéi	intermediate filament
中阳 / 中陽 	zhōngyáng	(N) Zhongyang (place in Shanxi)
中青	zhōngqīng	China Youth (official newspaper);abbr. for __中国青年报__
中非	zhōngfēi	Central African Republic
中非共和国 / 中非共和國 	zhōngfēigònghéguó	Central African Republic
中風 / 中风 	zhòngfēng	suffer a paralyzing stroke
中飽私囊 / 中饱私囊 	zhōngbǎosīnáng	to stuff one's pockets;to take bribes
中餐	zhōngcān	Chinese meat;Chinese food
丮	jǐ	catch
丰	fēng	buxom;good-looking;appearance and carriage of a person
丰	fēng	(surname);abundant;plentiful;great
丰产 / 豐產 	fēngchǎn	high yield;bumper crop
丰南 / 豐南 	fēngnán	(N) Fengnan (city in Hebei)
丰原 / 豐原 	fēngyuán	(N) Fengyuan (city in Taiwan)
丰县 / 豐縣 	fēngxiàn	(N) Feng county (county in Jiangsu)
丰城 / 豐城 	fēngchéng	(N) Fengcheng (city in Jiangxi)
丰宁 / 豐寧 	fēngníng	(N) Fengning Manzu autonomous county (place in Hebei)
丰宁满族自治县 / 豐寧滿族自治縣 	fēngníngmǎnzúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Fengning Manzu autonomous county (county in Hebei)
丰富 / 豐富 	fēngfù	rich;plentiful
丰富多彩 / 豐富多彩 	fēngfùduōcǎi	richly colorful
丰收 / 豐收 	fēngshōu	bumper harvest
丰润 / 豐潤 	fēngrùn	(N) Fengrun (place in Hebei)
丰满 / 豐滿 	fēngmǎn	(adj) well developed;plump
丰滨乡 / 豐濱鄉 	fēngbīnxiāng	(N) Fengpin (village in Taiwan)
丰田 / 豐田 	fēngtián	Toyota (car company)
丰盛 / 豐盛 	fēngshèng	rich;sumptuous
丰衣足食 / 豐衣足食 	fēngyīzúshí	have ample food and clothing;be well-fed and well-clothed
丰都 / 豐都 	fēngdū	(N) Fengdu (place in Sichuan)
丰镇 / 豐鎮 	fēngzhèn	(N) Fengzhen (city in Inner Mongolia)
丰顺 / 豐順 	fēngshùn	(N) Fengshun (place in Guangdong)
丰饶 / 豐饒 	fēngráo	rich and fertile
丱	guàn	tufts of hair
串	chuàn	to string together;to mix up;to conspire;to connect;(a measure word);string
串供	chuàngòng	to collude;to string a false confession
串通	chuàntōng	to collude
串門子 / 串门子 	chuànménzi	(v);call on somebody;drop in;visit someone's home
丳	chǎn	skewer
临 / 臨 	lín	to face;to overlook;to arrive;to be (just) about to;just before
临写 / 臨寫 	línxiě	to copy (a model of calligraphy or painting)
临到 / 臨到 	líndào	to befall
临县 / 臨縣 	línxiàn	(N) Lin county (county in Shanxi)
临城 / 臨城 	línchéng	(N) Lincheng (place in Hebei)
临夏 / 臨夏 	línxià	(N) Linxia (city in Gansu)
临安 / 臨安 	lín'ān	(N) Lin'an (place in Zhejiang)
临川 / 臨川 	línchuān	(N) Linchuan (city in Jiangxi)
临床 / 臨床 	línchuáng	clinical
临摹 / 臨摹 	línmó	to copy (a model of calligraphy or painting, etc.)
临时 / 臨時 	línshí	temporary;interim
临时抱佛脚 / 臨時抱佛腳 	línshíbàofójiǎo	doing things last minute;making a hasty last-minute effort
临时政府 / 臨時政府 	línshízhèngfǔ	provisional government
临时的本地管理接口 / 臨時的本地管理接口 	línshídeběndìguǎnlǐjiēkǒu	Interim Local Management Interface;ILMI
临朐县 / 臨朐縣 	línqúxiàn	(N) Linqu county (county in Shandong)
临桂 / 臨桂 	línguì	(N) Lingui (place in Guangxi)
临武 / 臨武 	línwǔ	(N) Linwu (place in Hunan)
临汾 / 臨汾 	línfén	(N) Linfen (city in Shanxi)
临汾地区 / 臨汾地區 	línféndìqū	(N) Linfen district (district in Shanxi)
临沂 / 臨沂 	línyí	(N) Linyi (city in Shandong)
临沂地区 / 臨沂地區 	línyídìqū	(N) Linyi district (district in Shandong)
临沧 / 臨滄 	líncāng	(N) Lincang (place in Yunnan)
临沧地区 / 臨滄地區 	líncāngdìqū	(N) Lincang district (district in Yunnan)
临沭 / 臨沭 	línshù	(N) Linshu (place in Shandong)
临河 / 臨河 	línhé	(N) Linhe (city in Inner Mongolia)
临泉 / 臨泉 	línquán	(N) Linquan (place in Anhui)
临泽 / 臨澤 	línzé	(N) Linze (place in Gansu)
临洮 / 臨洮 	líntáo	(N) Lintao (place in Gansu)
临海 / 臨海 	línhǎi	(N) Linhai (city in Zhejiang)
临淄区 / 臨淄區 	línzīqū	(N) Linzi (area in Shandong)
临清 / 臨清 	línqīng	(N) Linqing (city in Shandong)
临湘 / 臨湘 	línxiāng	(N) Linxiang (city in Hunan)
临漳 / 臨漳 	línzhāng	(N) Linzhang (place in Hebei)
临潭 / 臨潭 	líntán	(N) Lintan (place in Gansu)
临潼 / 臨潼 	líntóng	(N) Lintong (place in Shaanxi)
临澧 / 臨澧 	línlǐ	(N) Linli (place in Hunan)
临猗 / 臨猗 	línyī	(N) Linyi (place in Shanxi)
临界 / 臨界 	línjièdiǎn	critical;boundary
临界点 / 臨界點 	línjièdiǎn	critical point;boundary point
临界状态 / 臨界狀態 	línjièzhuàngtài	criticality
临界质量 / 臨界質量 	línjièzhìliáng	critical mass
临西 / 臨西 	línxī	(N) Linxi (place in Hebei)
临近 / 臨近 	línjìn	close to;approaching
临邑 / 臨邑 	línyì	(N) Linyi (place in Shandong)
临颍县 / 臨颍縣 	línyǐngxiàn	(N) Linying county (county in Henan)
临高 / 臨高 	língāo	(N) Lingao (place in Hainan)
丸	wán	pill
丹	dān	red;pellet;powder;cinnabar
丹东 / 丹東 	dāndōng	(N) Dandong (city in Liaoning)
丹凤 / 丹鳳 	dānfèng	(N) Danfeng (place in Shaanxi)
丹参 / 丹參 	dānshēn	Salvia miltiorrhiza
丹寨	dānzhài	(N) Danzhai (place in Guizhou)
丹尼斯	dānnísi	Dennis (a person's name)
丹巴	dānbā	(N) Danba (place in Sichuan)
丹徒	dāntú	(N) Dantu (place in Jiangsu)
丹心	dānxīn	loyalty
丹方	dānfāng	folk remedy
丹桂	dānguì	orange osmanthus
丹棱县 / 丹棱縣 	dānléngxiàn	(N) Danleng county (county in Sichuan)
丹毒	dāndú	erysipelas
丹江口	dānjiāngkǒu	(N) Danjiangkou (city in Hubei)
丹田	dāntián	pubic region;point two inches below the navel where one's qi resides
丹皮	dānpí	the root bark of the peony tree
丹砂	dānshā	cinnabar
丹阳 / 丹陽 	dānyáng	(N) Danyang (city in Jiangsu)
丹青	dānqīng	painting
丹麥 / 丹麦 	dānmài	Denmark
为	wéi	act as;take...to be;to be;to do;to serve as;to become
为	wéi	variant of __為__;to take as;to serve as;to act as;to behave as
为	wèi	because of;for;to
为了 / 為了 	wèile	in order to;for the purpose of;so as to
为人 / 為人 	wéirén	behaviour;one's conduct
为什么 / 為什麼 	wèishénme	why;for what reason
为所欲为 / 為所欲為 	wéisuǒyùwéi	do whatever one pleases
为时 / 為時 	wéishí	timewise;pertaining to time
为时过早 / 為時過早 	wéishíguòzǎo	premature;too soon
为期 / 為期 	wéiqī	(to be done) by (a certain date);lasting (a certain time)
为止 / 為止 	wéizhǐ	until
为此 / 為此 	wèicǐ	for this reason;with regards to this;in this respect;in order to do this;to this end
为甚么 / 為甚麼 	wèishénme	why;for what reason
为生 / 為生 	wéishēng	to make a living
为难 / 為難 	wéinán	make things difficult for
为首 / 為首 	wéishǒu	head;be headed by
主	zhǔ	to own;to host;master;lord;primary
主义 / 主義 	zhǔyì	-ism;ideology
主人	zhǔrén	master;host
主人翁	zhǔrénwēng	master (of one's own destiny, etc.)
主仆 / 主僕 	zhǔpú	master and servant
主任	zhǔrèn	director;head
主体 / 主體 	zhǔtǐ	main part;subject;agent
主修	zhǔxiū	(school) major
主力	zhǔlì	main force;main strength of an army
主力舰 / 主力艦 	zhǔlìjiàn	battleship
主办 / 主辦 	zhǔbàn	host (a conference or sports event)
主动 / 主動 	zhǔdòng	(to take the) initiative
主动免疫 / 主動免疫 	zhǔdòngmiǎnyì	active immunity
主动脉 / 主動脈 	zhǔdòngmài	aorta;principal artery
主因	zhǔyīn	main reason
主妇 / 主婦 	zhǔfù	housewife
主宰	zhǔzǎi	dominate;rule
主导 / 主導 	zhǔdǎo	to lead;to manage
主席	zhǔxí	chairperson;premier;chairman
主席台 / 主席臺 	zhǔxítái	rostrum;platform
主干 / 主幹 	zhǔgàn	trunk;main;core
主干线 / 主幹線 	zhǔgànxiàn	backbone (cable)
主干网络 / 主幹網絡 	zhǔgànwǎngluò	core network
主干网路 / 主幹網路 	zhǔgànwǎnglù	core network;backbone network
主张 / 主張 	zhǔzhāng	to advocate;to stand for;view;position;stand;proposition;viewpoint;assertion
主意	zhǔyi	plan;idea;decision
主持	zhǔchí	preside over;direct
主持人	zhǔchírén	tv or radio presenter;host;anchor
主教	zhǔjiào	bishop
主日	zhǔrì	Sabbath;Sunday
主日学 / 主日學 	zhǔrìxué	Sunday School
主机 / 主機 	zhǔjī	core
主机板 / 主機板 	zhǔjībǎn	motherboard
主权 / 主權 	zhǔquán	sovereignty
主格	zhǔgé	nominative
主流	zhǔliú	(n) main stream of a fluid;(n) main aspect of a matter
主环 / 主環 	zhǔhuán	primary ring
主祷文 / 主禱文 	zhǔdǎowén	Lord's Prayer
主科	zhǔkē	required courses in the major subject
主管	zhǔguǎn	(be) person in charge of (a position, etc.);responsible;in charge
主管人员 / 主管人員 	zhǔguǎnrényuán	executive
主編 / 主编 	zhǔbiān	editor
主要	zhǔyào	main;principal;major;primary
主要來源 / 主要来源 	zhǔyàoláiyuán	principle source;main source
主要原因	zhǔyàoyuányīn	main reason;primary cause
主觀 / 主观 	zhǔguān	subjective
主角	zhǔjué	leading role;lead
主詞 / 主词 	zhǔcí	subject
主語 / 主语 	zhǔyǔ	(grammatical) subject
主頁 / 主页 	zhǔyè	home page
主題 / 主题 	zhǔtí	theme;subject
主顧 / 主顾 	zhǔgū	client;customer
主食	zhǔshí	(n) main food
丼	jǐng	bowl of food;well
丽 / 麗 	lí	Korea
丽 / 麗 	lì	beautiful
丽水 / 麗水 	lìshuǐ	(N) Lishui (city in Zhejiang)
丽水地区 / 麗水地區 	lìshuǐdìqū	(N) Lishui district (district in Zhejiang)
丽水市 / 麗水市 	líshuǐshì	Lishui, town in Zhejiang province
丽江古城 / 麗江古城 	lìjiānggǔchéng	Lijiang old town (in Yunnan)
丽江纳西族自治县 / 麗江納西族自治縣 	lìjiāngnàxīzúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Lijiang Naxi autonomous county (county in Yunnan)
举 / 舉 	jǔ	to lift;to hold up;to cite;to enumerate;to act;to raise;to choose;to elect
举世瞩目 / 舉世矚目 	jǔshìzhǔmù	attract worldwide attention
举世闻名 / 舉世聞名 	jǔshìwénmíng	(saying) world famous
举例 / 舉例 	jǔlì	to give an example
举例来说 / 舉例來說 	jǔlìláishuō	for example
举办 / 舉辦 	jǔbàn	to conduct;to hold
举动 / 舉動 	jǔdòng	act;(make) a move
举措 / 舉措 	jǔcuò	to move;to act;action;decision;conduct;manner
举止 / 舉止 	jǔzhǐ	(n) bearing;manner;mein
举行 / 舉行 	jǔxíng	to hold (a meeting, ceremony, etc.)
举起 / 舉起 	jǔqǐ	heave;lift;uphold
举重 / 舉重 	jǔzhòng	(the sport of) weightlifting
乂	ài	to regulate
乂	yì	mow
乃	nǎi	to be;thus;so;therefore;then;only;thereupon
乃东 / 乃東 	nǎidōng	(N) Naidong (place in Tibet)
乃堆拉	nǎiduīlā	Nathu La (Himalayan pass on Silk Road between Tibet and Indian Sikkim)
乃堆拉山口	nǎiduīlāshānkǒu	Nathu La (Himalayan pass on Silk Road between Tibet and Indian Sikkim)
乃尔 / 乃爾 	nǎi'ěr	thus;like this
乃是	nǎishì	to be
乃至	nǎizhì	and even
久	jiǔ	(long) time;(long) duration of time
久治县 / 久治縣 	jiǔzhìxiàn	(N) Jiuzhi county (county in Sichuan)
久而久之	jiǔ'érjiǔzhī	(set phrase) (adv) as time pases;in the course of time
久远 / 久遠 	jiǔyuǎn	old;ancient;far away
久违 / 久違 	jiǔwéi	(haven't done sth) for a long time
么	ma	(interrog. part.)
么	me	(interrog. suff.)
么	yāo	one on dice;small
么点 / 么點 	yāodiǎn	ace
义 / 義 	yì	justice;righteousness;meaning
义乌 / 義烏 	yìwū	(N) Yiwu (city in Zhejiang)
义人 / 義人 	yìrén	righteous man
义务 / 義務 	yìwù	volunteer;voluntary;duty;obligation
义务教育 / 義務教育 	yìwùjiàoyù	compulsory education
义卖会 / 義賣會 	yìmàihuì	bazaar
义县 / 義縣 	yìxiàn	(N) Yi county (county in Liaoning)
义和团 / 義和團 	yìhétuán	the Boxers (hist.)
义和拳 / 義和拳 	yìhéquán	the righteous harmonious fists;the Boxers (hist.)
义怒 / 義怒 	yìnù	righteous anger
义愤 / 義憤 	yìfèn	righteous indignation
义理 / 義理 	yìlǐ	doctrine (esp. religious);argumentation (in a speech or essay)
义竹乡 / 義竹鄉 	yìzhúxiāng	(N) Ichu (village in Taiwan)
义行 / 義行 	yìxíng	righteous deed
义马 / 義馬 	yìmǎ	(N) Yima (city in Henan)
之	zhī	(literary equivalent of __的__);(subor. part.);him;her;it
之一	zhīyī	one of (sth);one out of a multitude;one (third, quarter, percent, etc.)
之上	zhīshàng	above
之下	zhīxià	under;beneath;less than
之中	zhīzhōng	inside
之內 / 之内 	zhīnèi	inside
之前	zhīqián	before;prior to;ago
之后 / 之後 	zhīhòu	after(wards);following;later;after
之外	zhīwài	outside;excluding
之类 / 之類 	zhīlèi	and so on;and such
之至	zhīzhì	extremely
之間 / 之间 	zhījiān	between;among;inter-
乌 / 烏 	wū	a crow;black
乌丘乡 / 烏坵鄉 	wūqiūxiāng	(N) Wuchiu (village in Taiwan)
乌云 / 烏雲 	wūyún	(n) black clouds
乌什 / 烏什 	wūshí	(N) Wushi (place in Xinjiang)
乌克兰 / 烏克蘭 	wūkèlán	Ukraine
乌兰 / 烏蘭 	wūlán	(N) Wulan (place in Qinghai)
乌兰巴托 / 烏蘭巴托 	wūlánbātuō	Ulan Bator or Ulaanbaatar (capital of Mongolia)
乌兰浩特 / 烏蘭浩特 	wūlánhàotè	(N) Wulanhaote (city in Jilin)
乌兹别克 / 烏茲別克 	wūzībiékè	Uzbekistan (abbrev.)
乌兹别克人 / 烏茲別克人 	wūzībiékèrén	an Uzbek (person)
乌兹别克斯坦 / 烏茲別克斯坦 	wūzībiékèsītǎn	Uzbekistan
乌兹别克族 / 烏茲別克族 	wūzībiékèzú	the Uzbek people (race)
乌合之众 / 烏合之眾 	wūhézhīzhòng	mob
乌孜别克 / 烏孜別克 	wūzībiékè	Uzbek
乌审旗 / 烏審旗 	wūshěnqí	(N) Wushen qi (place in Inner Mongolia)
乌干达 / 烏干達 	wūgāndá	Uganda
乌德勒支 / 烏德勒支 	wūdélèzhī	Utrecht
乌恰 / 烏恰 	wūqià	(N) Wuqia (place in Xinjiang)
乌拉圭 / 烏拉圭 	wūlāguī	Uruguay
乌拉尔 / 烏拉爾 	wūlā'ěr	the Ural mountains in Russia, dividing Europe from Asia
乌拉尔山 / 烏拉爾山 	wūlā'ěrshān	the Ural mountains in Russia, dividing Europe from Asia
乌拉尔山脉 / 烏拉爾山脈 	wūlā'ěrshānmài	Ural Mountains
乌拉特中旗 / 烏拉特中旗 	wūlātèzhōngqí	(N) Wulate zhongqi (place in Inner Mongolia)
乌拉特前旗 / 烏拉特前旗 	wūlātèqiánqí	(N) Wulate qianqi (place in Inner Mongolia)
乌拉特后旗 / 烏拉特後旗 	wūlātèhòuqí	(N) Wulate houqi (place in Inner Mongolia)
乌拜迪 / 烏拜迪 	wūbàidí	Ubaydi (town in Iraq)
乌日乡 / 烏日鄉 	wūrìxiāng	(N) Wujih (village in Taiwan)
乌木 / 烏木 	wūmù	ebony
乌来乡 / 烏來鄉 	wūláixiāng	(N) Wulai (village in Taiwan)
乌桕 / 烏桕 	wūjiù	Tallow tree;Sapium sebiferum
乌海 / 烏海 	wūhǎi	(N) Wuhai (city in Inner Mongolia)
乌苏 / 烏蘇 	wūsū	(N) Wusu (place in Xinjiang)
乌蓝 / 烏藍 	wūlán	dark blue
乌语 / 烏語 	wūyǔ	Uzbek language
乌鲁木齐 / 烏魯木齊 	wūlǔmùqí	Ürümqi (capital of Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region);Urumqi
乌鸦 / 烏鴉 	wūyā	crow;raven
乌龙茶 / 烏龍茶 	wūlóngchá	Oolong tea
乌龟 / 烏龜 	wūguī	(n);tortoise;cuckold
乌龟壳 / 烏龜殼 	wūguīké	tortoise shell
乍	zhà	for the first time;suddenly
乍得	zhàdé	Chad
乎	hū	(interrog. part.)
乏	fá	short of;tired
乏味	fáwèi	tedious
乏燃料	fáránliào	spent fuel
乏燃料储存 / 乏燃料儲存 	fáránliàochǔcún	spent fuel storage
乏燃料棒	fáránliàobàng	spent fuel rods
乐 / 樂 	lè	(surname);happy;laugh;cheerful
乐 / 樂 	yuè	(surname);music
乐不可支 / 樂不可支 	lèbùkězhī	(set phrase);(adj);overjoyed;pleased as punch
乐业 / 樂業 	lèyè	(N) Leye (place in Guangxi)
乐东黎族自治县 / 樂東黎族自治縣 	lèdōnglízúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Ledong Lizu autonomous county (county in Hainan)
乐事 / 樂事 	lèshì	pleasure
乐亭 / 樂亭 	lètíng	(N) Leting (place in Hebei)
乐器 / 樂器 	yuèqì	musical instrument
乐园 / 樂園 	lèyuán	paradise
乐安 / 樂安 	lè'ān	(N) Le'an (place in Jiangxi)
乐山 / 樂山 	lèshān	(N) Leshan (city in Sichuan)
乐山地区 / 樂山地區 	lèshāndìqū	(N) Leshan district (district in Sichuan)
乐平 / 樂平 	lèpíng	(N) Leping (city in Jiangxi)
乐意 / 樂意 	lèyì	(v)be happy to do sth;(adj) happy;satisfied
乐手 / 樂手 	yuèshǒu	instrumental performer
乐昌 / 樂昌 	lèchāng	(N) Lechang (city in Guangdong)
乐曲 / 樂曲 	yuèqǔ	(n) musical composition
乐清 / 樂清 	yuèqīng	(N) Yueqing (city in Zhejiang)
乐章 / 樂章 	yuèzhāng	movement (of a symphony)
乐至 / 樂至 	lèzhì	(N) Lezhi (place in Sichuan)
乐观 / 樂觀 	lèguān	optimistic;hopeful
乐趣 / 樂趣 	lèqù	delight;pleasure;joy
乐都 / 樂都 	lèdū	(N) Ledu (place in Qinghai)
乐队 / 樂隊 	yuèduì	band
乐陵 / 樂陵 	lèlíng	(N) Leling (city in Shandong)
乒	pīng	bing (onomat.)
乒乓球	pīngpāngqiú	table tennis;ping-pong;ping pong;table tennis ball
乒乓球台 / 乒乓球檯 	pīngpāngqiútái	table-tennis table
乓	pāng	bang (onomat.)
乔 / 喬 	qiáo	(Surname)
乔 / 喬 	qiáo	tall
乔丹 / 喬丹 	qiáodān	Jordan, Formula 1 racing team
乔木 / 喬木 	jiāomù	arbor
乔治敦 / 喬治敦 	qiáozhìdūn	Georgetown
乔石 / 喬石 	qiáoshí	Qiao Shi (Chinese leadership contender)
乔装 / 喬裝 	qiáozhuāng	(v) disguise
乖	guāi	(of a child) obedient, well-behaved;clever
乗	chéng	Japanese variant of __乘__
乘	chéng	ride;mount;make use of;take advantage of;multiply;to avail of;to ride
乘凉 / 乘涼 	chéngliáng	to cool off in the shade
乘务员 / 乘務員 	chéngwùyuán	(n) attendant on an airplane, train, boat, etc
乘坐	chéngzuò	ride (in a vehicle)
乘客	chéngkè	passenger
乘机 / 乘機 	chéngjī	(adv) seize the opportunity
乘法	chéngfǎ	multiplication
乘隙	chéngxì	(v) take advantage of a chance, opportunity
乙	yǐ	"B" (in a sequence of examples involving "A", "B", "C", etc.);2nd heavenly stem;2nd in order
乙二醇	yǐ'èrchún	ethylene glycol;glycol HOCH2CH2OH
乙型肝炎	yǐxínggānyán	hepatitis B
乙太	yǐtài	ether
乙太網路 / 乙太网路 	yǐtàiwǎnglù	Ethernet
乙炔	yǐquē	acetylene;ethyne C2H2
乙烯	yǐxī	(n) ethylene
乙烷	yǐwán	ethane (C2H6)
乙酸	yǐsuān	acetic acid (CH3COOH);ethanoic acid
乙醇	yǐchún	ethanol;alcohol
乙醛	yǐquán	acetaldehyde (H3CCHO);ethanal
乜	miē	squint
九	jiǔ	nine;9
九七年	jiǔqīnián	'97;the year 1997
九十	jiǔshí	ninety
九台	jiǔtái	(N) Jiutai (city in Jilin)
九如乡 / 九如鄉 	jiǔrúxiāng	(N) Chiuju (village in Taiwan)
九州	jiǔzhōu	Kyushuu (the Southernmost of Japan four major islands)
九月	jiǔyuè	ninth month;September
九月份	jiǔyuèfèn	September;ninth month
九江	jiǔjiāng	(N) Jiujiang (city in Jiangxi)
九江地区 / 九江地區 	jiǔjiāngdìqū	(N) Jiujiang district (district in Jiangxi)
九龍 / 九龙 	jiǔlóng	Kowloon (Hong Kong)
乞	qǐ	beg
乞丐	qǐgài	beggar
乞求	qǐqiú	(v) beg
乞討 / 乞讨 	qǐtǎo	beg;go begging
也	yě	also;too
也不	yěbù	neither;nor
也許 / 也许 	yěxǔ	perhaps;maybe
也門 / 也门 	yěmén	Yemen
习 / 習 	xí	to practice;to study;habit
习以为常 / 習以為常 	xíyǐwéicháng	be accustomed or used to
习俗 / 習俗 	xísú	(n) custom;tradition;(local) convention
习惯 / 習慣 	xíguàn	habit;custom;usual practice;to be used to
习惯性 / 習慣性 	xíguànxìng	customary
习水 / 習水 	xíshuǐ	(N) Xishui (place in Guizhou)
习题 / 習題 	xítí	(n) school work exercises
乡 / 鄉 	xiāng	country;village
乡下 / 鄉下 	xiāngxià	country (as opposed to town or city);rural
乡亲 / 鄉親 	xiāngqīn	(n) people from same home town
乡城 / 鄉城 	xiāngchéng	(N) Xiangcheng (place in Sichuan)
乡宁 / 鄉寧 	xiāngníng	(N) Xiangning (place in Shanxi)
乡村 / 鄉村 	xiāngcūn	rustic;village
乡绅 / 鄉紳 	xiāngshēn	squire
书 / 書 	shū	book;letter
书信 / 書信 	shūxìn	epistle
书写 / 書寫 	shūxiě	to write
书写不能症 / 書寫不能症 	shūxiěbùnéngzhèng	agraphia
书写符号 / 書寫符號 	shūxiěfúhào	writing symbol
书写语言 / 書寫語言 	shūxiěyǔyán	written language
书刊 / 書刊 	shūkān	(n) books and magazines
书包 / 書包 	shūbāo	schoolbag;satchel
书卷 / 書卷 	shūjuàn	volume;scroll
书圣 / 書聖 	shūshèng	a great calligraphy master
书店 / 書店 	shūdiàn	bookstore
书房 / 書房 	shūfáng	study (i.e. the kind of room)
书斋 / 書齋 	shūzhāi	(n);study
书本 / 書本 	shūběn	book
书板 / 書板 	shūbǎn	(writing) tablet
书架 / 書架 	shūjià	bookshelf
书柜 / 書櫃 	shūguì	bookcase
书桌 / 書桌 	shūzhuō	desk
书法 / 書法 	shūfǎ	calligraphy;penmanship
书社 / 書社 	shūshè	reading group;(n) press
书签 / 書簽 	shūqiān	bookmark
书籍 / 書籍 	shūjí	books;works
书记 / 書記 	shūji	secretary;clerk
书面 / 書面 	shūmiàn	in writing;written (guarantee, etc.)
书面许可 / 書面許可 	shūmiànxǔkě	written permission;written authorization
乩	jī	to divine
买 / 買 	mǎi	buy
买东西 / 買東西 	mǎidōngxi	to go shopping
买主 / 買主 	mǎizhǔ	customer
买价 / 買價 	mǎijià	buying price
买到 / 買到 	mǎidào	bought
买单 / 買單 	mǎidān	pay the restaurant bill
买卖 / 買賣 	mǎimài	buying and selling;business dealings;transactions
买好 / 買好 	mǎihǎo	to ingratiate oneself
买帐 / 買帳 	mǎizhàng	to show respect (for sb)
买方 / 買方 	mǎifāng	buyer (in contracts)
买进 / 買進 	mǎijìn	purchase
买通 / 買通 	mǎitōng	to bribe
乱 / 亂 	luàn	in confusion;disorderly
乱七八糟 / 亂七八糟 	luànqībāzāo	(set phrase) in a mess;in great disorder
乱作决定 / 亂作決定 	luànzuòjuédìng	to make arbitrary decisions
乱写 / 亂寫 	luànxiě	to write without basis
乱动 / 亂動 	luàndòng	to randomnly move
乱叫 / 亂叫 	luànjiào	to inconsiderately shout
乱吃 / 亂吃 	luànchī	to eat indiscriminately
乱纪 / 亂紀 	luànjì	to break the rules;to break discipline
乱蓬蓬 / 亂蓬蓬 	luànpéngpéng	dishevelled;tangled
乱说 / 亂說 	luànshuō	to make irresponsible remarks
乱跑 / 亂跑 	luànpǎo	to randomly run
乱跳 / 亂跳 	luàntiào	bounce
乳	rǔ	breast;milk
乳制品 / 乳製品 	rǔzhìpǐn	dairy Products
乳头 / 乳頭 	rǔtóu	nipple
乳山	rǔshān	(N) Rushan (city in Shandong)
乳房	rǔfáng	breasts
乳源瑤族自治縣 / 乳源瑶族自治县 	rǔyuányáozúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Ruyuan Yaozu autonomous county (county in Guangdong)
乳癌	rǔ'ái	breast cancer
乳白色	rǔbáisè	milky white
乳糖	rǔtáng	lactose
乳糖不耐症	rǔtángbùnàizhèng	lactose intolerance
乳罩	rǔzhào	bra
乳腺	rǔxiàn	mammary glands;breasts
乳腺癌	rǔxiàn'ái	breast cancer
乳酸	rǔsuān	lactic acid
乳酸菌	rǔsuānjūn	lactic acid bacteria
乾	gān	dry
乾	qián	(surname);male;strong;one of the Eight Trigrams
乾县 / 乾縣 	qiánxiàn	(N) Qian county (county in Shaanxi)
乾坤	qiánkūn	Heaven and earth;Yin and Yang;The Universe
乾安	qián'ān	(N) Qian'an (place in Jilin)
乾旱 / 干旱 	gānhàn	drought;arid;dry
乾杯 / 干杯 	gānbēi	to drink a toast;to propose a toast;here's to;cheers
乾枯 / 干枯 	gānkū	(adj) withered;dried-up
乾洗 / 干洗 	gānxǐ	to dry clean;dry cleaning
乾涸 / 干涸 	gānhé	to dry up
乾淨 / 干净 	gānjìng	clean;neat
乾燥 / 干燥 	gānzào	to dry (of paint, cement, etc.);dessication;dull;uninteresting;arid and lifeless (of desert)
乾癣 / 乾癬 	gānxiǎn	psoriasis
乾脆	gāncuì	straightforward;clear-cut;simply;might as well
乾草 / 干草 	gāncǎo	hay
乾酪 / 干酪 	gānlào	cheese
乾隆	qiánlóng	Qianlong or Ch'ien-lung, emperor of the Qing dynasty (1735-1796)
乾飯 / 干饭 	gānfàn	cooked rice
乿	chì	to cure, to heal
亃	lín	name of a kind of animal
亄	yì	covetous;greedy
了	le	(modal particle intensifying preceding clause);(completed action marker)
了	liǎo	to know;to understand;to know
了	liǎo	clear
了	liào	look afar from a high place
了不起	liǎobuqǐ	amazing;terrific;extraordinary
了解	liǎojiě	understand;come to understand;find out
予	yú	I
予	yǔ	to give
予以	yǔyǐ	(v) bestow;give
争 / 爭 	zhēng	struggle;fight
争先恐后 / 爭先恐后 	zhēngxiānkǒnghòu	(saying) to compete with each other over sth
争分夺秒 / 爭分奪秒 	zhēngfēnduómiǎo	race against time;make every second count
争取 / 爭取 	zhēngqǔ	fight for;compete for (a prize);to struggle
争吵 / 爭吵 	zhēngchǎo	dispute;strife
争夺 / 爭奪 	zhēngduó	fight over;contest;vie over
争战 / 爭戰 	zhēngzhàn	fight
争执 / 爭執 	zhēngzhí	dispute;disagree
争斗 / 爭鬥 	zhēngdòu	struggle;war
争气 / 爭氣 	zhēngqì	(v) work hard for sth
争端 / 爭端 	zhēngduān	dispute;controversy;conflict
争议 / 爭議 	zhēngyì	controversy;dispute
争论 / 爭論 	zhēnglùn	to argue;to debate;to contend;argument;contention;controversy;debate
争论点 / 爭論點 	zhēnglùndiǎn	contention
争购 / 爭購 	zhēnggòu	to compete;to fight for;to rush to purchase
争辩 / 爭辯 	zhēngbiàn	argue
事	shì	matter;thing;item;work;affair
事与愿违 / 事與願違 	shìyǔyuànwéi	things don't turn out the way you want or plan
事业 / 事業 	shìyè	cause;undertaking;enterprise;plant
事事	shìshì	everything
事件	shìjiàn	event;happening;incident
事件相关电位 / 事件相關電位 	shìjiànxiāngguāndiànwèi	event-related potential
事例	shìlì	(n) example;exemplar
事儿 / 事兒 	shì'er	business;thing
事先	shìxiān	in advance;before(hand);prior
事务 / 事務 	shìwù	(political, economic, etc.) affairs;work
事务所 / 事務所 	shìwùsuǒ	(n) business office
事变 / 事變 	shìbiàn	(n) unforseen event;incident
事奉	shìfèng	to serve
事宜	shìyí	(make) arrangements
事实 / 事實 	shìshí	(the) fact (that)
事实上 / 事實上 	shìshíshàng	(adv) de facto;ipso facto;virtually;in fact;in reality;as a matter of fact;actually
事态 / 事態 	shìtài	situation;existing state of affairs
事情	shìqing	affair;matter;thing;business
事情要做	shìqíngyàozuò	thing that needs to be done
事故	shìgù	accident
事故照射	shìgùzhàoshè	accidental exposure
事物	shìwù	thing;object
事理	shìlǐ	reason;logic
事由	shìyóu	purpose;subject (of a business letter);job;work
事證 / 事证 	shìzhèng	evidence
事蹟 / 事迹 	shìjī	(n) achievement
事項 / 事项 	shìxiàng	(n) matter;item
二	èr	two;2
二一添作五	èryītiānzuòwǔ	(set phrase);go halves or fifty-fifty;share and share alike
二仑乡 / 二崙鄉 	èrlúnxiāng	(N) Erhlun (village in Taiwan)
二來 / 二来 	èrlái	in the second place;secondly
二俄英	èrèyīng	dioxin
二分	èrfēn	the equinox
二分点 / 二分點 	èrfēndiǎn	the two equinoxes
二十	èrshí	twenty;20
二十一	èrshíyī	twenty-one
二十一世紀 / 二十一世纪 	èrshíyīshìjì	21st century
二十七	èrshíqī	twenty-seven
二十七号 / 二十七號 	èrshíqīhào	27th day of a month
二十万 / 二十萬 	èrshíwàn	200 thousand
二十三	èrshísān	23
二十世紀 / 二十世纪 	èrshíshìjì	20th Century
二十二号 / 二十二號 	èrshí'èrhào	22nd day of a month
二十五	èrshíwǔ	twenty five
二十亿 / 二十億 	èrshíyì	two billion
二十八号 / 二十八號 	èrshíbāhào	28th day of the month
二十六号 / 二十六號 	èrshíliùhào	26th day of a month
二十六岁 / 二十六歲 	èrshíliùsuì	26 years old
二十四	èrshísì	24
二十四号 / 二十四號 	èrshísìhào	24th day of a month
二十多	èrshíduō	over 20
二叠纪 / 二疊紀 	èrdiéjì	Permian (geological period)
二号 / 二號 	èrhào	2nd day of the month
二恶英 / 二惡英 	èrèyīng	dioxin
二战 / 二戰 	èrzhàn	second world war;WWII
二手貨 / 二手货 	èrshǒuhuò	secondhand
二月	èryuè	February;second month
二极管 / 二極管 	èrjíguǎn	diode
二林鎮 / 二林镇 	èrlínzhèn	(N) Erhlin (town in Taiwan)
二次	èrcì	second (i.e., number two);second time;twice;(math.) quadratic (of degree two)
二次世界大战 / 二次世界大戰 	èrcìshìjièdàzhàn	World War Two
二次大战 / 二次大戰 	èrcìdàzhàn	World War Two
二次曲線 / 二次曲线 	èrcìqūxiàn	(geom.) quadratic curve;(geom.) conic
二次曲面	èrcìqūmiàn	(geom.) quadric surface
二氧化物	èryǎnghuàwù	dioxide
二氧化硅	èryǎnghuàguī	silicon dioxide (SiO2)
二氧化硫	èryǎnghuàliú	sulphur dioxide SO2
二氧化碳	èryǎnghuàtàn	carbon dioxide
二氧化鈾 / 二氧化铀 	èryǎnghuàyóu	brown oxidier;uranium dioxide
二氯乙烷中毒	èrlǜyǐwánzhōngdú	dichloroethane poisoning
二氯异三聚氰酸钠 / 二氯異三聚氰酸鈉 	èrlǜyìsānjùqíngsuānnà	sodium dichloroisocyanurate
二氯胺	èrlǜàn	dichloramine
二水乡 / 二水鄉 	èrshuǐxiāng	(N) Erhshui (village in Taiwan)
二甲基胂酸	èrjiǎjīshēnsuān	dimethylarsenic acid
二甲苯	èrjiǎběn	xylene
二百	èrbǎi	two hundred;200
二硫基丙磺酸鈉 / 二硫基丙磺酸钠 	èrliújībǐnghuángsuānnà	sodium dimercaptosulphanate
二硫基丙醇	èrliújībǐngchún	dimercaprol
二硫基琥珀酸鈉 / 二硫基琥珀酸钠 	èrliújīhǔpòsuānnà	sodium dimercaptosuccinate
二磷酸腺苷	èrlínsuānxiàngān	adenosine diphosphate (ADP)
二等車 / 二等车 	èrděngchē	second class
二老	èrlǎo	one's parent (term of respect)
二者	èrzhě	both \(of them\);neither
二者之一	èrzhězhīyī	either
二胎	èrtāi	a second pregnancy
二胡	èrhú	Erhu;Chinese 2-string fiddle;alto fiddle
二苯氯胂	èrběnlǜshēn	diphenylchloroarsine
二茬罪	èrcházuì	suffer second persecution
二輪 / 二轮 	èrlún	second round (of a match or election)
二进制 / 二進制 	èrjìnzhì	the binary system (math.)
二连浩特 / 二連浩特 	èrliánhàotè	(N) Erlianhaote (city in Inner Mongolia)
二迭紀 / 二迭纪 	èrdiéjì	Permian (geological period)
二醇	èrchún	glycol
二里头 / 二里頭 	èrlǐtou	Erlitou (archeological site at Yanshi, Henan)
二重	èrchóng	double;repeated twice
二重奏	èrchóngzòu	duet (in music)
二重性	èrchóngxìng	dualism;two sided;double nature
二重根	èrchónggēn	a double root of an equation
二阶 / 二階 	èrjiē	second order;quadratic (math.)
二項式 / 二项式 	èrxiàngshì	two items;binomial (math.)
二項式係數 / 二项式系数 	èrxiàngshìxìshù	a binomial coefficient (math.);the number of combinations
二項式定理 / 二项式定理 	èrxiàngshìdìnglǐ	the Binomial Theorem (math.)
亍	chù	step with the right foot
于	yú	(surname)
于	yú	in;at;to;from;by;than;out of
于事无补 / 於事無補 	yúshìwúbǔ	unhelpful;useless
于是 / 於是 	yúshì	thereupon;as a result;consequently;thus;hence
于田 / 於田 	yútián	(N) Yutian (place in Xinjiang)
于都 / 於都 	yúdū	(N) Yudu (place in Jiangxi)
亏 / 虧 	kuī	deficiency;deficit
亏待 / 虧待 	kuīdài	(v) treat unfairly
亏损 / 虧損 	kuīsǔn	deficit;(financial) loss
亏欠 / 虧欠 	kuīqiàn	to fall short of;to have a deficit;deficit;deficiency
亏缺 / 虧缺 	kuīquē	wane
亏负 / 虧負 	kuīfù	be deficient
云	yún	(classical) to say
云	yún	cloud;(abbr.) for Yunnan;surname
云南 / 雲南 	yúnnán	(N) Yunnan, southwest Chinese province
云南省 / 雲南省 	yúnnánshěng	(N) Yunnan, a south west Chinese province
云县 / 雲縣 	yúnxiàn	(N) Yun county (county in Yunnan)
云和 / 雲和 	yúnhé	(N) Yunhe (place in Zhejiang)
云层 / 雲層 	yúncéng	cloud layers
云彩 / 雲彩 	yúncai	(n) cloud (lit by the rising or setting sun)
云杉 / 雲杉 	yúnshān	spruce
云梦 / 雲夢 	yúnmèng	(N) Yunmeng (place in Hubei)
云浮 / 雲浮 	yúnfú	(N) Yunfu (city in Guangdong)
云阳 / 雲陽 	yúnyáng	(N) Yunyang (place in Sichuan)
云雀 / 雲雀 	yúnquè	lark;skylark
云雾 / 雲霧 	yúnwù	clouds and mist
云霄 / 雲霄 	yúnxiāo	(N) Yunxiao (place in Fujian)
云龙 / 雲龍 	yúnlóng	(N) Yunlong (place in Yunnan)
互	hù	mutual
互信	hùxìn	mutual trust
互利	hùlì	(adj) mutually beneficial
互动 / 互動 	hùdòng	interactive
互动电视 / 互動電視 	hùdòngdiànshì	interactive TV
互助	hùzhù	help each other
互助土族自治县 / 互助土族自治縣 	hùzhùtǔzúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Huzhu Tuzu autonomous county (county in Qinghai)
互惠	hùhuì	reciprocal
互换 / 互換 	hùhuàn	to exchange
互操性	hùcāoxìng	interoperability
互相	hùxiāng	each other;mutually;mutual
互联 / 互聯 	hùlián	interconnected
互联网 / 互聯網 	hùliánwǎng	the Internet
互联网用户 / 互聯網用戶 	hùliánwǎngyònghù	Internet user
互联网站 / 互聯網站 	hùliánwǎngzhàn	Internet site
互联网络 / 互聯網絡 	hùliánwǎngluò	network
互訪 / 互访 	hùfǎng	exchange visits
互连 / 互連 	hùlián	interconnection
互通	hùtōng	to intercommunicate;to interoperate
互通性	hùtōngxìng	interoperability (of communications equipment)
亓	qí	(surname);his;her;its;their
五	wǔ	five;5
五一	wǔyī	5-1 (May 1st)
五万 / 五萬 	wǔwàn	50 thousand
五体投地 / 五體投地 	wǔtǐtóudì	(set phrase) to prostrate oneself on the ground (in admiration);to deeply admire
五六十岁 / 五六十歲 	wǔliùshísuì	(in one's) fifties or sixties (years of age)
五分美金	wǔfēnměijīn	nickel
五十	wǔshí	fifty
五千吨 / 五千噸 	wǔqiāndūn	5000 tons
五华 / 五華 	wǔhuá	(N) Wuhua (place in Guangdong)
五原	wǔyuán	(N) Wuyuan (place in Inner Mongolia)
五台	wǔtái	(N) Wutai (place in Shanxi)
五号 / 五號 	wǔhào	the fifth;fifth day of a month
五大连池 / 五大連池 	wǔdàliánchí	(N) Wudalianchi (city in Heilongjiang)
五天	wǔtiān	five days
五家渠	wǔjiāqú	(N) Wujiaqu (place in Xinjiang)
五寨	wǔzhài	(N) Wuzhai (place in Shanxi)
五峰	wǔfēng	(N) Wufeng (place in Hubei)
五峰乡 / 五峰鄉 	wǔfēngxiāng	(N) Wufeng (village in Taiwan)
五峰土家族自治县 / 五峰土家族自治縣 	wǔfēngtǔjiāzúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Wufeng Tujiazu autonomous county (county in Hubei)
五常	wǔcháng	(N) Wuchang (city in Heilongjiang)
五年計劃 / 五年计划 	wǔniánjìhuà	Five-Year Plan
五彩宾纷 / 五彩賓紛 	wǔcǎibīnfēn	colorful
五月	wǔyuè	May;fifth month
五月十五号 / 五月十五號 	wǔyuèshíwǔhào	May 1 5
五河	wǔhé	(N) Wuhe (place in Anhui)
五百	wǔbǎi	five hundred
五百万 / 五百萬 	wǔbǎiwàn	five million
五穀 / 五谷 	wǔgǔ	all crops;all grains
五結鄉 / 五结乡 	wǔjiéxiāng	(N) Wuchieh (village in Taiwan)
五線譜 / 五线谱 	wǔxiànpǔ	(music) staff;stave
五股乡 / 五股鄉 	wǔgǔxiāng	(N) Wuku (village in Taiwan)
五花八門 / 五花八门 	wǔhuābāmén	myriad;all kinds of;all sorts of
五莲 / 五蓮 	wǔlián	(N) Wulian (place in Shandong)
五角	wǔjiǎo	pentagon
五角大楼 / 五角大樓 	wǔjiǎodàlóu	the Pentagon
五角大楼官员 / 五角大樓官員 	wǔjiǎodàlóuguānyuán	Pentagon official
五通桥区 / 五通橋區 	wǔtōngqiáoqū	(N) Wutongqiao (area in Sichuan)
五金	wǔjīn	metal hardware (nuts and bolts)
五金店	wǔjīn	a hardware store
五顏六色 / 五颜六色 	wǔyánliùsè	multi-colored;every color under the sun
井	jǐng	warn;well
井井有条 / 井井有條 	jǐngjǐngyǒutiáo	neat and tidy
井冈山 / 井岡山 	jǐnggāngshān	(N) Jinggangshan (city in Jiangxi)
井底之蛙	jǐngdǐzhīwā	a frog at the bottom of a well;an ignorant person
井水不犯河水	jǐngshuǐbùfànhéshuǐ	everyone minds their own business
井然	jǐngrán	tidy, methodical
井田	jǐngtián	the well-field system of ancient China
井研	jǐngyán	(N) Jingyan (place in Sichuan)
井陉 / 井陘 	jǐngxíng	(N) Jingxing (place in Hebei)
井陉矿区 / 井陘礦區 	jǐngxíngkuàngqū	(N) Jingxingkuang (area in Hebei)
亘 / 亙 	gèn	extend across;through
亚 / 亞 	yà	Asia;Asian;second;next to;inferior
亚丁 / 亞丁 	yàdīng	Aden
亚东 / 亞東 	yàdōng	(N) Yadong (place in Tibet)
亚临界 / 亞臨界 	yàlínjiè	subcritical
亚伦 / 亞倫 	yàlún	Aaron (a man's name)
亚伯 / 亞伯 	yàbó	Abe (short form for Abraham)
亚伯拉罕 / 亞伯拉罕 	yàbólāhǎn	Abraham
亚军 / 亞軍 	yàjūn	second place (in a sports contest);runner-up
亚利安娜 / 亞利安娜 	yàlì'ānnà	Ariane (French space rocket)
亚利桑纳州 / 亞利桑納州 	yàlìsāngnàzhōu	state of Arizona
亚利桑那 / 亞利桑那 	yàlìsāngnà	Arizona
亚历山大 / 亞歷山大 	yàlìshāndà	Alexander (name);Alexandria (town name)
亚喀巴 / 亞喀巴 	yàkèbā	Aqaba (port city in Jordan)
亚太 / 亞太 	yàtài	Asia-Pacific
亚太国家 / 亞太國家 	yàtàiguójiā	Asian-Pacific country;Asian-Pacific nation
亚太经合组织 / 亞太經合組織 	yàtàijīnghézǔzhī	APEC (organization)
亚太经济合作组织 / 亞太經濟合作組織 	yàtàijīngjìhézuòzǔzhī	Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation organization;APEC
亚尔发和奥米加 / 亞爾發和奧米加 	yǎ'ěrfāhé'àomǐjiā	Alpha and Omega
亚当 / 亞當 	yǎdāng	Adam
亚得里亚海 / 亞得里亞海 	yàdélǐyàhǎi	Adriatic sea
亚拉巴马 / 亞拉巴馬 	yàlābāmǎ	Alabama
亚松森 / 亞鬆森 	yàsōngsēn	Asuncion (capital of Paraguay)
亚格门农 / 亞格門農 	yàgéménnóng	Agamemnon
亚欧大陸桥 / 亞歐大陸橋 	yà'ōudàlùqiáo	New Asia-Europe Land Bridge;rail line from China through Central Asia to Europe
亚洲 / 亞洲 	yàzhōu	Asia;Asian
亚洲与太平洋 / 亞洲與太平洋 	yàzhōuyǔtàipíngyáng	Asia-Pacific
亚洲与太平洋地区 / 亞洲與太平洋地區 	yàzhōuyǔtàipíngyángdìqū	Asia-Pacific region
亚洲国家 / 亞洲國家 	yàzhōuguójiā	Asian country;Asian nation
亚洲太平洋地区 / 亞洲太平洋地區 	yàzhōutàipíngyángdìqū	Asia-Pacific region
亚洲客蚤 / 亞洲客蚤 	yàzhōukèzǎo	Xenopsylla astia
亚特兰大 / 亞特蘭大 	yàtèlándà	Atlanta
亚琛 / 亞琛 	yàchēn	Aachen (city in Germany)
亚的斯亚贝巴 / 亞的斯亞貝巴 	yàdìsīyàbèibā	Addis Ababa (capital of Ethiopia)
亚硝酸异戊酯 / 亞硝酸異戊酯 	yàxiāosuānyìwùzhǐ	amyl nitrite
亚硝酸钠 / 亞硝酸鈉 	yàxiāosuānnà	sodium nitrite
亚符号模型 / 亞符號模型 	yàfúhàomóxíng	subsymbolic model
亚纲 / 亞綱 	yàgāng	subclass (taxonomy)
亚细亚 / 亞細亞 	yàxìyà	Asia
亚罗号 / 亞羅號 	yàluóhào	the Arrow (a Hong Kong registered ship involved in historical incident in 1856 used as pretext for the second Opium War)
亚罗号事件 / 亞羅號事件 	yàluóhàoshìjiàn	the Arrow incident of 1856 (used as pretext for the second Opium War)
亚美尼亚 / 亞美尼亞 	yàměiníyà	Armenia
亚词汇单元 / 亞詞彙單元 	yàcíhuìdānyuán	sublexical units
亚词规则 / 亞詞規則 	yàcíguīzé	sub-word regularity
亚该亚 / 亞該亞 	yàgāiyà	Achaia
亚里士多德 / 亞里士多德 	yàlǐshìduōdé	Aristotle
亚里斯多德 / 亞里斯多德 	yàlǐsīduōdé	Aristotle
亚门 / 亞門 	yàmén	subdivision;subphylum (taxonomy)
亚音节单位 / 亞音節單位 	yàyīnjiédānwèi	sub-syllabic unit
亚马孙 / 亞馬孫 	yàmǎsūn	Amazon
亚马孙河 / 亞馬孫河 	yàmǎsūnhé	Amazon river
亚马逊 / 亞馬遜 	yàmǎxùn	Amazon
亚麻 / 亞麻 	yàmá	flax
亚麻布 / 亞麻布 	yàmábù	linen
些	xiē	some;few;several;(a measure word)
些許 / 些许 	xiēxǔ	trifling
亜	yà	Japanese variant of T:__亞__ S:__亚__
亟	jí	urgent
亟	qì	repeatedly;frequently
亡	wáng	to die;to perish
亡命	wángmìng	(v) flee, go into exile (from prison)
亡羊补牢 / 亡羊補牢 	wángyángbǔláo	(proverb) lit. to mend (a fence) after the sheep are lost;to take action too late;to lock the stable door after the horse has bolted
亢	kàng	overbearing
交	jiāo	to deliver;to turn over;to make friends;to intersect (lines);to pay (money)
交互	jiāohù	mutual;each other;alternately;in turn
交付	jiāofù	(v) turn over
交代	jiāodài	hand over;explain;make clear
交出	jiāochū	hand over
交叉	jiāochā	cross;intersect
交叉学科 / 交叉學科 	jiāochāxuékē	interdisciplinary;interdisciplinary subject (in science)
交叉耐药性 / 交叉耐藥性 	jiāochānàiyàoxìng	cross-tolerance
交口	jiāokǒu	(N) Jiaokou (place in Shanxi)
交响乐 / 交響樂 	jiāoxiǎngyuè	symphony
交响曲 / 交響曲 	jiāoxiǎngqǔ	symphony
交城	jiāochéng	(N) Jiaocheng (place in Shanxi)
交媾	jiāogòu	to have sex;to copulate
交帐 / 交帳 	jiāozhàng	to settle accounts
交往	jiāowǎng	to associate;to contact;association;contact
交战 / 交戰 	jiāozhàn	fight;wage war
交手	jiāoshǒu	(v) fight hand to hand
交托	jiāotuō	entrust
交换 / 交換 	jiāohuàn	to exchange;to swap;(telecom) to switch;(math.) to commute;(math.) commutative
交换代数 / 交換代數 	jiāohuàndàishù	(math.) a commutative algebra
交换代数学 / 交換代數學 	jiāohuàndàishùxué	(math.) commutative algebra
交换以太网络 / 交換以太網絡 	jiāohuànyǐtàiwǎngluò	switched Ethernet
交换器 / 交換器 	jiāohuànqì	(telecom or network) switch
交换技术 / 交換技術 	jiāohuànjìshù	switching technology
交换机 / 交換機 	jiāohuànjī	switch (telecommunications)
交换端 / 交換端 	jiāohuànduān	switched port
交换网路 / 交換網路 	jiāohuànwǎnglù	switched network
交换虚电路 / 交換虛電路 	jiāohuànxūdiànlù	Switched Virtual Circuit;SVC
交接	jiāojiē	join;connect
交易	jiāoyì	(business) transaction;business deal
交易者	jiāoyìzhě	dealer
交易額 / 交易额 	jiāoyì'é	sum or volume of business transactions;turnover
交替	jiāotí	to replace;alternately;in turn
交流	jiāoliú	exchange;give-and-take;to exchange;to alternate;communication;alternating current (elec.)
交涉	jiāoshè	(v) discuss a matter with the opposing side
交火	jiāohuǒ	fire-fight;shooting
交点 / 交點 	jiāodiǎn	(n) point of intersection
交界	jiāojiè	common boundary;common border
交給 / 交给 	jiāogěi	give;deliver;hand over
交織 / 交织 	jiāozhī	interweave
交誼 / 交谊 	jiāoyí	communion;friendship
交談 / 交谈 	jiāotán	talk with each other;converse;chat
交还 / 交還 	jiāohuán	to return something;to hand back
交通	jiāotōng	(automobile) traffic;communication
交通堵塞	jiāotōngdǔsè	traffic jam;congestion
交通阻塞	jiāotōngzǔsè	traffic jam
交配	jiāopèi	mating;copulation
交鋒 / 交锋 	jiāofēng	cross swords;have a confrontation(with someone)
交錯 / 交错 	jiāocuò	(v) crisscross;intertwine
交际 / 交際 	jiāojì	communication;social intercourse
亥	hài	12th earthly branch;9-11 p.m.
亦	yì	also
亦即	yìjí	namely;that is
产 / 產 	chǎn	to reproduce;to produce;give birth;products;produce;resources;estate;property
产下 / 產下 	chǎnxià	to bear (give birth)
产业 / 產業 	chǎnyè	industry;estate;property;industrial
产业链 / 產業鏈 	chǎnyèliàn	industrial chain
产值 / 產值 	chǎnzhí	value of output;output value
产前 / 產前 	chǎnqián	prenatal
产区 / 產區 	chǎnqū	(n) place of production;manufacturing location
产卵 / 產卵 	chǎnluǎn	lay (an egg)
产品 / 產品 	chǎnpǐn	goods;merchandise;product
产品经理 / 產品經理 	chǎnpǐnjīnglǐ	product manager
产地 / 產地 	chǎndì	(n) place of production;manufacturing location
产权 / 產權 	chǎnquán	property right
产油国 / 產油國 	chǎnyóuguó	oil-producing countries
产物 / 產物 	chǎnwù	product;result (of)
产生 / 產生 	chǎnshēng	to come into being;to produce;to cause;to bring about;to generate;to yield;to engender
产量 / 產量 	chǎnliàng	output
产量多 / 產量多 	chǎnliàngduō	fruitful
产销 / 產銷 	chǎnxiāo	production and marketing
亨	hēng	prosperous
亨特	hēngtè	Hunter
亨特泰罗 / 亨特泰羅 	hēngtètàiluó	Hunter Tylo (Hollywood actress)
亨祚	hēngzuò	to prosper;to flourish
亩 / 畝 	mǔ	about 1;6 acre (M)
享	xiǎng	to enjoy;to benefit;to have the use of
享乐 / 享樂 	xiǎnglè	(v) seek pleasure
享受	xiǎngshòu	to enjoy (rights, benefits, etc.)
享受主义 / 享受主義 	xiǎngshòuzhǔyì	(n);hedonism
享受主义者 / 享受主義者 	xiǎngshòuzhǔyìzhě	(n);hedonist
享年	xiǎngnián	year of one's death
享有	xiǎngyǒu	enjoy (rights, privileges, etc.)
享清福	xiǎngqīngfú	(v) live in ease and comfort
享福	xiǎngfú	(v) live in comfort
京	jīng	capital;Beijing (abbrev.)
京剧 / 京劇 	jīngjù	Beijing opera
京山	jīngshān	(N) Jingshan (place in Hubei)
京戏 / 京戲 	jīngxì	Beijing Opera
京沪 / 京滬 	jīnghù	Beijing and Shanghai
京沪高铁 / 京滬高鐵 	jīnghùgāotiě	Beijing and Shanghai express rail link (projected);abbr. for T:__京滬高速鐵路__ S:__京沪高速铁路__
京津	jīngjīn	Beijing and Tianjin
京都	jīngdū	the capital;Kyoto (Japan)
亭	tíng	pavilion
亭子	tíngzi	pavilion
亮	liàng	light;bright
亮光	liàngguāng	(n) light
亮度	liàngdù	illumination
亮彩	liàngcǎi	(n) bright colour;(n) sparkle;shine;glitter
亮菌	liàngjūn	Armillariella tabescens (mushroom used in trad. Chinese medecine)
亮菌甲素	liàngjūnjiǎsù	armillarisin (fungal enzyme used as antibiotic)
亮閃閃 / 亮闪闪 	liàngshǎnshǎn	bright
亲 / 親 	qīn	dear;intimate;parent;relation;closely related
亲 / 親 	qìng	parents-in-law of one's offspring
亲人 / 親人 	qīnrén	one's close relatives
亲信 / 親信 	qīnxìn	trusted aide
亲切 / 親切 	qīnqiè	amiable;friendliness;gracious;hospitality;intimate;cordial;kind;close and dear;familiar
亲友 / 親友 	qīnyǒu	(n) friends and relatives
亲口 / 親口 	qīnkǒu	(adv) personally say
亲吻 / 親吻 	qīnwěn	kiss
亲善 / 親善 	qīnshàn	goodwill
亲家 / 親家 	qìngjia	parents of one's daughter-in-law or son-in-law;relatives by marriage
亲密 / 親密 	qīnmì	(adj) intimate;close
亲属 / 親屬 	qīnshǔ	kin;kindred
亲情 / 親情 	qīnqíng	love;affection
亲戚 / 親戚 	qīnqi	(a) relative (i.e. family member)
亲手 / 親手 	qīnshǒu	personally;with one's own hands
亲昵 / 親昵 	qīnnì	intimate
亲热 / 親熱 	qīnrè	affectionate;intimate;warm-hearted
亲爱 / 親愛 	qīn'ài	Dear or beloved (way of starting a letter)
亲生 / 親生 	qīnshēng	(adj) related, one's relative
亲眼 / 親眼 	qīnyǎn	with one's own eyes;personally
亲笔 / 親筆 	qīnbǐ	(adv) in ones own handwriting
亲耳 / 親耳 	qīn'ěr	with one's own ears
亲自 / 親自 	qīnzì	personally
亲身 / 親身 	qīnshēn	personal;oneself
亲近 / 親近 	qīnjìn	get close to someone;get intimate
亳	bó	name of district in Anhui;capital of Yin
亳州	bòzhōu	(N) Bozhou (city in Anhui)
亵 / 褻 	xiè	licentious
亵渎 / 褻瀆 	xièdú	to blaspheme
亵渎的话 / 褻瀆的話 	xièdúdehuà	blasphemy
亶	dǎn	(surname);sincere
亹	wěi	resolute
人	rén	man;person;people
人世	rénshì	human world
人为 / 人為 	rénwéi	(adj) artificial;(n) human attempt or effort
人事	rénshì	personnel
人事部門 / 人事部门 	rénshìbùmén	personnel office
人人	rénrén	everyone
人们 / 人們 	rénmen	people
人传人 / 人傳人 	rénchuánrén	transmitted person-to-person
人体 / 人體 	réntǐ	human body
人体器官 / 人體器官 	réntǐqìguān	human organ
人力	rénlì	manpower;labor power
人力車 / 人力车 	rénlìchē	rickshaw
人力車夫 / 人力车夫 	rénlìchēfū	rickshaw puller
人参 / 人參 	rénshēn	(n) ginseng
人口	rénkǒu	population
人口稠密	rénkǒuchóumì	populous
人口調查 / 人口调查 	rénkǒudiàochá	census
人员 / 人員 	rényuán	staff;crew;personnel
人均	rénjūn	per capita
人士	rénshì	person;figure;public figure
人壽保險 / 人寿保险 	rénshòubǎoxiǎn	life insurance
人大	réndà	(China) National People's Congress
人头 / 人頭 	réntóu	number of people;(per) capita
人头狮身 / 人頭獅身 	réntóushīshēn	sphinx
人子	rénzǐ	son of man
人家	rénjiā	other people
人山人海	rénshānrénhǎi	multitude;vast crowd
人工	réngōng	artificial;manpower;manual work
人工智能	réngōngzhìnéng	artificial intelligence (AI)
人工概念	réngōnggàiniàn	artificial concept
人工流产 / 人工流產 	réngōngliúchǎn	abortion
人心	rénxīn	popular feeling;the will of the people
人性	rénxìng	human
人情	rénqíng	(n) human emotions;(n) social relationship;(n) favor;good turn
人手	rénshǒu	manpower
人才	réncái	talented person
人数 / 人數 	rénshù	number of people
人文	rénwén	humanities;human affairs
人文社会学科 / 人文社會學科 	rénwénshèhuìxuékē	humanities and social sciences
人文社科	rénwénshèkē	(abbr.) humanities and social sciences
人权 / 人權 	rénquán	human rights
人权斗士 / 人權鬥士 	rénquándòushì	a human rights activist;a fighter for human rights
人权观察 / 人權觀察 	rénquánguānchá	Human Rights Watch (organization)
人格	réngé	(n) personality;integrity;(n) dignity
人民	rénmín	(the) people
人民公敌 / 人民公敵 	rénmíngōngdí	the enemy of the people;the class enemy (Marxism)
人民公社	rénmíngōngshè	people's commune
人民大会堂 / 人民大會堂 	rénmíndàhuìtáng	Great Hall of the People, at Tiananmen Square
人民币 / 人民幣 	rénmínbì	Chinese unit of currency;Renminbi
人民日報 / 人民日报 	rénmínrìbào	Renmin Ribao (People's Daily)
人民法院	rénmínfǎyuàn	people's court (of law);people's tribunal
人民英雄紀念碑 / 人民英雄纪念碑 	rénmínyīngxióngjìniànbēi	Monument to the People's Heroes, at Tiananmen Square
人民行动党 / 人民行動黨 	rénmínxíngdòngdǎng	People's Action Party (ruling party in Singapore)
人民解放军 / 人民解放軍 	rénmínjiěfàngjūn	People's Liberation Army
人民銀行 / 人民银行 	rénmínyínháng	the People's bank of China
人流	rénliú	an abortion;abbr. of T:__人工流產手術__ S:__人工流产手术__
人流手术 / 人流手術 	rénliúshǒushù	an abortion;abbr. of T:__人工流產手術__ S:__人工流产手术__
人物	rénwù	characters (in a play, novel, etc.);figure;someone who plays a part
人物描写 / 人物描寫 	rénwùmiáoxiě	portrayal
人生	rénshēng	(n) life
人畜共患症	rénchùgònghuànzhèng	zoonosis
人类 / 人類 	rénlèi	humanity;human race;mankind
人类免疫缺陷病毒 / 人類免疫缺陷病毒 	rénlèimiǎnyìquēxiànbìngdú	human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
人类学 / 人類學 	rénlèixué	anthropology
人类学家 / 人類學家 	rénlèixuéjiā	anthropologist
人群	rénqún	a crowd;a (statistical) population
人行道	rénxíngdào	sidewalk
人質 / 人质 	rénzhì	(n) hostage
人身	rénshēn	personal;(on someone's) person or body
人身权 / 人身權 	rénshēnquán	one's personal rights
人选 / 人選 	rénxuǎn	person(s) selected (for a job, etc.)
人造	rénzào	man-made;artificial;synthetic
人造語言 / 人造语言 	rénzàoyǔyán	artificial language;constructed language
人道	réndào	human sympathy;humanitarianism;humane;(Buddhism) the "human way" (one of the stages in the cycle of reincarnation)
人道主义 / 人道主義 	réndàozhǔyì	humanism;humanitarian (aid)
人道救援	réndàojiùyuán	humanitarian aid
人間 / 人间 	rénjiān	man's world;the world
人間天堂 / 人间天堂 	rénjiāntiāntáng	heaven on Earth;nickname for the city Suzhou
人际 / 人際 	rénjì	human relationships
人高馬大 / 人高马大 	réngāomǎdà	tall and strong
亿 / 億 	yì	a hundred million;calculate
亿万 / 億萬 	yìwàn	(n) millions and millions
什	shén	what
什	shí	tenth (used in fractions)
什一奉献 / 什一奉獻 	shíyīfèngxiàn	tithing
什么 / 什麼 	shénme	what?;who?;something;anything
什么样 / 什麼樣 	shénmeyàng	what kind?;what sort?
什么的 / 什麼的 	shénmede	and so on;and what not
什叶 / 什葉 	shíyè	Shia (a movement in Islam)
什叶派 / 什葉派 	shíyèpài	Shiite sect (of Islam)
什邡	shífāng	(N) Shifang (place in Sichuan)
仁	rén	humane;kernel
仁义 / 仁義 	rényì	righteousness
仁化	rénhuà	(N) Renhua (place in Guangdong)
仁壽 / 仁寿 	rénshòu	(N) Renshou (place in Sichuan)
仁布	rénbù	(N) Renbu (place in Tibet)
仁德乡 / 仁德鄉 	réndéxiāng	(N) Jente (village in Taiwan)
仁怀 / 仁懷 	rénhuái	(N) Renhuai (place in Guizhou)
仁愛 / 仁爱 	rén'ài	love for one another
仁愛區 / 仁爱区 	rén'àiqū	(N) Jenai (area in Taiwan)
仁愛鄉 / 仁爱乡 	rén'àixiāng	(N) Jenai (village in Taiwan)
仁慈	réncí	benevolent;charitable;kind;kindly;kindness;merciful
仁武乡 / 仁武鄉 	rénwǔxiāng	(N) Jenwu (village in Taiwan)
仂	lè	surplus;tithe
仃	dīng	alone
仄	zè	oblique tone
仅 / 僅 	jǐn	barely;only;merely
仅仅 / 僅僅 	jǐnjǐn	barely;only;merely;only (this and nothing more)
仅次于 / 僅次于 	jǐncìyú	second only to...;(in second place) preceded only by...
仆	pū	fall prostrate
仆	pú	servant
仆	pú	servant
仆人 / 僕人 	púrén	servant
仆役 / 僕役 	púyì	servant
仇	chóu	hatred;animosity;enmity;a rival;an enemy;feud
仇	qiú	(surname);match;mate
仇人	chóurén	enemy
仇恨	chóuhèn	hatred;enmity;hostility
仇敌 / 仇敵 	chóudí	enemy
仈	bā	(surname)
仉	zhǎng	mother;surname of Mencius
今	jīn	today;modern;present;current;this;now
今世	jīnshì	this life;this age
今儿 / 今兒 	jīnr	today
今后 / 今後 	jīnhòu	hereafter;henceforth;in the future;from now on
今天	jīntiān	today;at the present;now
今年	jīnnián	this year
今日	jīnrì	today
今昔	jīnxī	past and present;yesterday and today
今晚	jīnwǎn	tonight
今晨	jīnchén	this morning
今朝	jīnzhāo	at the present;now
今生	jīnshēng	this life
今譯 / 今译 	jīnyì	modern language version;modern translation;contemporary translation
今音	jīnyīn	modern (i.e. not ancient) pronunciation of a Chinese character
介	jiè	introduce;lie between;between
介休	jièxiū	(N) Jiexiu (city in Shanxi)
介入	jièrù	intervene;get involved
介子	jièzǐ	(phys.) meson;mesotron
介意	jièyì	to care about;to take offense;to mind
介系詞 / 介系词 	jièxìcí	preposition
介紹 / 介绍 	jièshào	to present;introduction;to introduce
介詞 / 介词 	jiècí	preposition
介質 / 介质 	jièzhì	medium;media
介質訪問控制 / 介质访问控制 	jièzhìfǎngwènkòngzhì	Medium Access Control;MAC
介質訪問控制層 / 介质访问控制层 	jièzhìfǎngwènkòngzhìcéng	MAC layer
介面 / 界面 	jièmiàn	interface
仍	réng	still;yet;to remain
仍旧 / 仍舊 	réngjiù	still (remaining);to remain (the same);yet
仍然	réngrán	still;yet
从 / 從 	cōng	lax;yielding;unhurried
从 / 從 	cóng	from;obey;observe;follow
从 / 從 	zòng	second cousin
从不 / 從不 	cóngbù	never
从业人员 / 從業人員 	cóngyèrényuán	(n) employee
从中 / 從中 	cóngzhōng	from;therefrom
从事 / 從事 	cóngshì	go for;engage in;undertake;to deal with;to handle;to do
从事研究 / 從事研究 	cóngshìyánjiū	to do research;to carry out research
从今 / 從今 	cóngjīn	from now on
从今以后 / 從今以後 	cóngjīnyǐhòu	henceforth
从前 / 從前 	cóngqián	previously;formerly
从化 / 從化 	cónghuà	(N) Conghua (city in Guangdong)
从去年 / 從去年 	cóngqùnián	since last year
从外表来看 / 從外表來看 	cóngwàibiǎoláikàn	looking from the outside;seen from the outside
从头到尾 / 從頭到尾 	cóngtóudàowěi	from head to tail;the whole (thing)
从头到脚 / 從頭到腳 	cóngtóudàojiǎo	from head to foot
从容 / 從容 	cōngróng	go easy;unhurried
从容不迫 / 從容不迫 	cóngróngbùpò	calm;unruffled
从小 / 從小 	cóngxiǎo	from childhood;as a child
从未 / 從未 	cóngwèi	never
从来 / 從來 	cónglái	always;at all times;never (if used in negative sentence)
从来不 / 從來不 	cóngláibù	never
从来没有 / 從來沒有 	cóngláiméiyǒu	have never;never before
从此 / 從此 	cóngcǐ	thereupon;henceforth
从江 / 從江 	cóngjiāng	(N) Congjiang (place in Guizhou)
从而 / 從而 	cóng'ér	thus;thereby
仏	fó	Japanese variant of __佛__
仑	lún	arrange
仑	lún	Kunlun (Karakorum) mountain range in Xinjiang
仑背乡 / 崙背鄉 	lúnbèixiāng	(N) Lunpei (village in Taiwan)
仓 / 倉 	cāng	barn;granary;storehouse;cabin;hold (in ship)
仓促 / 倉促 	cāngcù	hurried
仓库 / 倉庫 	cāngkù	depot;storehouse;warehouse
仔	zī	duty;responsibility
仔	zǐ	minutely;young
仔畜	zǐchù	newborn animal
仔細 / 仔细 	zǐxì	careful;attentive;cautious
仕	shì	an official
他	tā	he;him
他人	tārén	other person;someone else
他们 / 他們 	tāmen	they
他们自己 / 他們自己 	tāménzìjǐ	themselves
他们都 / 他們都 	tāmendōu	all of them
他妈的 / 他媽的 	tāmāde	(vulgar) damn it!
他用	tāyòng	diversion
他自己	tāzìjǐ	himself
仗	zhàng	battle
仗义执言 / 仗義執言 	zhàngyìzhíyán	speak out on a matter of principle or justice
付	fù	pay
付出	fùchū	(v) pay
付托	fùtuō	to entrust to
付款	fùkuǎn	pay;payment
付清	fùqīng	pay in full;pay all of a bill;pay off
付給 / 付给 	fùgěi	deliver;pay
付諸 / 付诸 	fùzhū	present to;put into effect
付諸東流 / 付诸东流 	fùzhūdōngliú	wasted effort
仙	xiān	immortal
仙	xiān	immortal
仙人掌	xiānrénzhǎng	cactus
仙境	xiānjìng	fairyland
仙女	xiānnǚ	fairy
仙女座	xiānnǚzuò	Andromeda;Virgo
仙姑	xiāngū	female immortal;sorceress
仙居	xiānjū	(N) Xianju (place in Zhejiang)
仙桃	xiāntáo	(N) Xiantao (city in Hubei)
仙游	xiānyóu	(N) Xianyou (place in Fujian)
仙草	xiāncǎo	a kind of plant used as a medicinal herb in ancient times
仚	xiān	to fly
仝	tóng	together;same
仞	rèn	(measure)
仟	qiān	thousand
仡	yì	strong;brave
代	dài	substitute;replace;generation;dynasty;geological era;era;age;period
代之以	dàizhīyǐ	(has been) replaced with;(its) place has been taken by
代价 / 代價 	dàijià	price;cost
代办 / 代辦 	dàibàn	do sth. for sb.;act on sb.'s behalf
代县 / 代縣 	dàixiàn	(N) Dai county (county in Shanxi)
代号 / 代號 	dàihào	code name
代名詞 / 代名词 	dàimíngcí	pronoun
代孕	dàiyùn	surrogate pregnancy
代数 / 代數 	dàishù	algebra
代数几何学 / 代數幾何學 	dàishùjǐhéxué	algebraic geometry
代数流行 / 代數流行 	dàishùliúxíng	(math.) manifold
代数簇 / 代數簇 	dàishùcù	(math.) algebraic variety
代替	dàitì	instead;replace
代替者	dàitìzhě	substitute
代理	dàilǐ	acting (temporarily filling a position)
代理人	dàilǐrén	agent
代祷 / 代禱 	dàidǎo	to pray on behalf of somebody
代考	dàikǎo	to take an examination or test for someone else
代表	dàibiǎo	representative;delegate;to represent;to stand for
代表团 / 代表團 	dàibiǎotuán	delegation
代表队 / 代表隊 	dàibiǎoduì	delegation
代詞 / 代词 	dàicí	pronoun
代謝 / 代谢 	dàixiè	replacement;substitution;metabolism (biol.)
令	lìng	make or cause to be;order;command;decree;honorable
令人	lìngrén	cause someone to (be, feel, etc);reader
令人叹 / 令人嘆 	lìngréntàn	to astonish
令人叹为观止 / 令人嘆為觀止 	lìngréntànwéiguānzhī	(set expression) astonishing to see
令人惊异 / 令人驚異 	lìngrénjīngyì	surprisingly
令人欽佩 / 令人钦佩 	lìngrénqīnpèi	admirable
令牌环 / 令牌環 	lìngpáihuán	token ring
令牌环网 / 令牌環網 	lìngpáihuánwǎng	token ring network
令状 / 令狀 	lìngzhuàng	writ
以	yǐ	to use;according to;so as to;in order to;by;with;because;Israel (abbrev.)
以上	yǐshàng	more than;above;over;the above-mentioned
以下	yǐxià	below;under;following
以为 / 以為 	yǐwéi	to believe;to think;to consider erroneously;to assume (wrongly)
以來 / 以来 	yǐlái	since (a previous event)
以便	yǐbiàn	so that;so as to;in order to
以免	yǐmiǎn	in order to avoid;so as not to
以內 / 以内 	yǐnèi	within;less than
以军 / 以軍 	yǐjūn	Israeli soldiers
以利亚 / 以利亞 	yǐlìyà	Elijah (old testament prophet)
以前	yǐqián	before;formerly;previous
以及	yǐjí	as well as;too;and
以后 / 以後 	yǐhòu	after;later;afterwards;following;later on;in the future
以外	yǐwài	apart from;other than;except for;external;outside of
以太	yǐtài	Ether-
以太網 / 以太网 	yǐtàiwǎng	Ethernet
以太網絡 / 以太网络 	yǐtàiwǎngluò	Ethernet
以太網絡幀 / 以太网络帧 	yǐtàiwǎngluòzhèng	Ethernet frame
以太網絡端口 / 以太网络端口 	yǐtàiwǎngluòduānkǒu	Ethernet port
以弗所	yǐfúsuǒ	Ephesis
以弗所书 / 以弗所書 	yǐfúsuǒshū	Ephesians
以往	yǐwǎng	in the past;formerly
以斯帖記 / 以斯帖记 	yǐsītiějì	Book of Esther
以斯拉記 / 以斯拉记 	yǐsīlājì	Book of Ezra
以此	yǐcǐ	hence
以牙还牙 / 以牙還牙 	yǐyáhuányá	a tooth for a tooth (retaliation)
以至	yǐzhì	down to;up to
以至于	yǐzhìyú	(conj) down to;up to;(conj) to the extent that...
以致	yǐzhì	to such an extent as to;down to;up to
以色列	yǐsèliè	Israel
以西結書 / 以西结书 	yǐxījiéshū	Book of Ezekiel
以賽亞書 / 以赛亚书 	yǐsàiyǎshū	Book of Isaiah
以身作则 / 以身作則 	yǐshēnzuòzé	(saying) set a good example
以逸待劳	yǐyìdàiláo	wait at one's ease for the exhausted enemy
以防万一 / 以防萬一 	yǐfángwànyī	(phr) just in case
以馬內利 / 以马内利 	yǐmǎnèilì	Emanuel
仨	sā	three (of)
仪 / 儀 	yí	apparatus;rites;appearance;present;ceremony
仪器 / 儀器 	yíqì	(scientific, etc) instrument
仪容 / 儀容 	yíróng	(n) appearance
仪式 / 儀式 	yíshì	ceremony
仪征 / 儀征 	yízhēng	(N) Yizheng (city in Jiangsu)
仪表 / 儀表 	yíbiǎo	meter;bearing;appearance
仪陇 / 儀隴 	yílǒng	(N) Yilong (place in Sichuan)
们 / 們 	men	(plural marker for pronouns and a few animate nouns)
仮	jiǎ	Japanese variant of __假__
仰	yǎng	look up
仰光	yǎngguāng	Rangoon (capital of Burma)
仰天	yǎngtiān	(v) face upwards, the sky
仰望	yǎngwàng	to look for guidance
仰賴 / 仰赖 	yǎnglài	to rely on
仲	zhòng	2nd in seniority
仲夏	zhòngjiǎ	midsummer
仲巴	zhòngbā	(N) Zhongba (place in Tibet)
仲裁	zhòngcái	arbitration
仳	pǐ	to part
仵	wǔ	opponent
件	jiàn	M for things, clothes;item;component
价 / 價 	jià	price;value;valence (on an atom)
价 / 價 	jie	great;good;middleman;servant
价值 / 價值 	jiàzhí	value;worth
价格 / 價格 	jiàgé	price
价款 / 價款 	jiàkuǎn	cost
价目 / 價目 	jiàmù	(marked) price
价钱 / 價錢 	jiàqian	price
任	rèn	to assign;to appoint;office;responsibility
任丘	rènqiū	(N) Renqiu (city in Hebei)
任何	rènhé	any;whatever;whichever;whatsoever
任何人	rènhérén	anyone
任何其他	rènhéqítā	any other
任免	rènmiǎn	to appoint and dismiss
任凭 / 任憑 	rènpíng	no matter what;despite
任务 / 任務 	rènwu	mission;assignment;task;duty;role
任县 / 任縣 	rènxiàn	(N) Ren county (county in Hebei)
任命	rènmìng	to appoint and nominate
任天堂	rèntiāntáng	Nintendo
任性	rènxìng	capricious
任意	rènyì	arbitrarily;at will;random
任期	rènqī	term of office
任用	rènyòng	to appoint;to assign
任由	rènyóu	(adv) ignoring
任职 / 任職 	rènzhí	hold an office or post
份	fèn	(a measure word for gifts, copies of a newspaper);copy (of newspaper, magazine, etc.);share;portion;part;(a measure word)
份儿 / 份兒 	fèn'er	degree, extent
份外	fènwài	(adv) especially;(n) not ones responsibility or job
份子	fènzǐ	(n) person with a particular trait;member
份量	fènliàng	quantity
份額 / 份额 	fèn'é	share;portion
仿	fǎng	to imitate;to copy
仿	fǎng	imitate
仿	fǎng	seemingly
仿傚 / 仿效 	fǎngxiào	to copy;to imitate
仿照	fǎngzhào	to imitate
仿生学 / 仿生學 	fǎngshēngxué	bionics;bionicist
仿真	fǎngzhēn	to emulate;emulation
仿真服务器 / 仿真服務器 	fǎngzhēnfúwùqì	emulation server
仿造	fǎngzào	counterfeit
伀 / 忪 	zhōng	restless;agitated
企	qǐ	plan a project;stand on tiptoe
企业 / 企業 	qǐyè	company;firm;enterprise
企业内网路 / 企業內網路 	qǐyènèiwǎnglù	intranet;company-internal network
企业家 / 企業家 	qǐyèjiā	(n) entrepreneur;industrialist
企业管理 / 企業管理 	qǐyèguǎnlǐ	business management (as a study)
企业管理硕士 / 企業管理碩士 	qǐyèguǎnlǐshuòshì	Master of Business Administration (MBA)
企业联合组织 / 企業聯合組織 	qǐyèliánhézǔzhī	syndication;Cartel organization
企业间网路 / 企業間網路 	qǐyèjiānwǎnglù	extranet;company-external network
企业集团 / 企業集團 	qǐyèjítuán	industry association
企图 / 企圖 	qǐtú	attempt
企鵝 / 企鹅 	qǐ'é	penguin
伈	xǐn	nervous;fearful
伉	kàng	husband;wife
伊	yī	he;she;(surname);Iraq (abbrev.)
伊丽莎白 / 伊麗莎白 	yīlìshābái	Elizabeth (person name)
伊凡	yīfán	Ivan (Russian name)
伊利諾州 / 伊利诺州 	yīlìnuòzhōu	state of Illinois
伊利諾斯 / 伊利诺斯 	yīlìnuòsī	Illinois
伊吾	yīwú	(N) Yiwu (place in Xinjiang)
伊宁 / 伊寧 	yīníng	(N) Yining (city in Xinjiang), capital of Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture
伊尼亚斯 / 伊尼亞斯 	yīníyàsī	Aeneas
伊尼伊德	yīníyīdé	Aeneid
伊川	yīchuān	(N) Yichuan (place in Henan)
伊拉克	yīlākè	Iraq
伊斯兰 / 伊斯蘭 	yīsīlán	Islam
伊斯兰圣战组织 / 伊斯蘭聖戰組織 	yīsīlánshèngzhànzǔzhī	Islamic Jihad (Palestinian armed faction)
伊斯兰堡 / 伊斯蘭堡 	yīsīlánbǎo	Islamabad (capital of Pakistan)
伊斯兰教 / 伊斯蘭教 	yīsīlánjiào	Islam
伊斯坦布尔 / 伊斯坦布爾 	yīsītǎnbù'ěr	Istanbul
伊斯特	yīsītè	Istres (French town)
伊於胡底	yīyúhúdǐ	when will it stop
伊春	yīchūn	(N) Yichun (city in Heilongjiang)
伊曼	yīmàn	imam (one who leads prayer in a Muslim mosque)
伊朗	yīlǎng	Iran
伊犁盆地	yīlípéndì	the Yili basin around Urumqi in Xinjiang
伊甸园 / 伊甸園 	yīdiànyuán	Garden of Eden
伊索	yīsuǒ	Aesop
伊通	yītōng	(N) Yitong Manzu zizhixian (place in Jilin)
伊金霍洛旗	yījīnhuòluòqí	(N) Yijinhuo luo qi (place in Inner Mongolia)
伊馬姆 / 伊马姆 	yīmǎmǔ	imam (one who leads the prayers in a Muslim mosque)
伋	jí	unreal
伍	wǔ	associate with;five;company
伎	jì	craft
伏	fú	conceal (ambush);prostrate;submit;volt
伏击 / 伏擊 	fújī	ambush
伏尔泰 / 伏爾泰 	fú'ěrtài	Voltaire
伏特加	fútèjiā	(n) vodka
伏羲	fúxī	Fuxi, legendary Chinese emperor 2852—2738 B.C.
伐	fá	(v) cut down;fell;(v) dispatch an expedition against;descend upon
休	xiū	to rest
休会 / 休會 	xiūhuì	adjourn
休假	xiūjià	take a vacation;go on holiday
休克	xiūkè	shock;to go into shock
休养 / 休養 	xiūyǎng	(v) recover;recuperate
休宁 / 休寧 	xiūníng	(N) Xiuning (place in Anhui)
休息	xiūxi	rest;to rest
休息室	xiūxīshì	lobby;lounge
休惜	xiūxí	recess
休想	xiūxiǎng	don't think (that)
休战 / 休戰 	xiūzhàn	armistice
休整	xiūzhěng	(v) (military) rest and reorganize
休斯頓 / 休斯顿 	xiūsīdùn	Houston
休止	xiūzhǐ	to stop
休閑	xiūxián	(v);be not working;have leisure;be idle
休閒	xiūxián	leisure;relaxation
休閒鞋 / 休闲鞋 	xiūxiánxié	leisure shoes
休闲	xiūxián	(v);be not working;have leisure;be idle
休闲	xiūxián	leisure;relaxation
伕	fū	porter
众 / 眾 	zhòng	multitude;abbr. for T:__眾議院__ S:__众议院__ House of Representatives
众人 / 眾人 	zhòngrén	(n) everyone
众多 / 眾多 	zhòngduō	numerous
众志成城 / 眾志成城 	zhòngzhìchéngchéng	"Unity of will is an impregnable stronghold" (proverb)
众所周知 / 眾所週知 	zhòngsuǒzhōuzhī	(saying) as is known to everyone
众望 / 眾望 	zhòngwàng	people's expectations
众生 / 眾生 	zhòngshēng	all living things
众矢之的 / 眾矢之的 	zhòngshǐzhīdì	target of public criticism
众议员 / 眾議員 	zhòngyìyuán	member of the US House of Representatives
众议院 / 眾議院 	zhòngyìyuàn	House of Representatives (USA);Chamber of Deputies
优 / 優 	yōu	excellent;superior
优于 / 優於 	yōuyú	surpass
优先 / 優先 	yōuxiān	priority
优势 / 優勢 	yōushì	superior;dominant
优化 / 優化 	yōuhuà	optimization;to optimize;to make superior
优厚 / 優厚 	yōuhòu	generous, liberal (pay, compensation)
优尼科 / 優尼科 	yòuníkē	Unolocal (US oil company)
优异 / 優異 	yōuyì	(adj) exceptional
优惠 / 優惠 	yōuhuì	preferential;favorable
优格 / 優格 	yōugē	yogurt
优点 / 優點 	yōudiǎn	merit;strong point
优秀 / 優秀 	yōuxiù	outstanding;excellent
优美 / 優美 	yōuměi	graceful;fine;elegant
优胜 / 優勝 	yōushèng	winning;superior
优良 / 優良 	yōuliáng	fine;good
优质 / 優質 	yōuzhì	(n) excellent quality
优越 / 優越 	yōuyuè	superior;superiority
优雅 / 優雅 	yōuyǎ	grace;graceful
伙	huǒ	assistant;furniture;partner
伙伴	huǒbàn	partner (for an activity)
伙同	huótōng	to collude;in collusion with
伙計 / 伙计 	huǒjì	partner;fellow;mate;waiter;servant;shop assistant
伙食	huǒshí	(n) food or meal served at a mess hall
会 / 會 	huì	can;be possible;be able to;to assemble;to meet;to gather;to see;union;group;association
会 / 會 	kuài	to balance an account;accounting
会不会 / 會不會 	huìbùhuì	(posing a question: whether someone, something) can or not;is able to or not
会东 / 會東 	huìdōng	(N) Huidong (place in Sichuan)
会友 / 會友 	huìyǒu	membership
会变 / 會變 	huìbiàn	variable
会合 / 會合 	huìhé	meet;have a meeting
会合处 / 會合處 	huìhéchù	joint
会同 / 會同 	huìtóng	(v) jointly take care of a matter
会员 / 會員 	huìyuán	member
会场 / 會場 	huìchǎng	meeting place;place where people gather
会宁 / 會寧 	huìníng	(N) Huining (place in Gansu)
会客 / 會客 	huìkè	receive a visitor
会意 / 會意 	huìyì	joint ideogram;a method of forming Chinese characters by combining meanings
会意字 / 會意字 	huìyìzì	associative compounds
会昌 / 會昌 	huìchāng	(N) Huichang (place in Jiangxi)
会晤 / 會晤 	huìwù	meet;meeting;conference
会期 / 會期 	huìqī	session
会死 / 會死 	huìsǐ	mortal
会泽 / 會澤 	huìzé	(N) Huize (place in Yunnan)
会漏 / 會漏 	huìlòu	leak
会见 / 會見 	huìjiàn	to meet with (someone who is paying a visit)
会计 / 會計 	kuàijì	accountant;accounting
会计师 / 會計師 	kuàijìshī	accountant
会议 / 會議 	huìyì	meeting;conference
会议室 / 會議室 	huìyìshì	meeting;conference room
会话 / 會話 	huìhuà	conversation
会谈 / 會談 	huìtán	talks;discussions
会费 / 會費 	huìfèi	due
会里县 / 會里縣 	huìlǐxiàn	(N) Huili county (county in Sichuan)
会长 / 會長 	huìzhǎng	president of a club, committee, etc.
会长团 / 會長團 	huìzhǎngtuán	presidency
会阴 / 會陰 	huìyīn	(n) perineum
会面 / 會面 	huìmiàn	meet with;have a meeting
伛 / 傴 	yǔ	hunchbacked
伝	chuán	Japanese variant of T:__傳__ S:__传__
伞 / 傘 	sǎn	umbrella;parasol
伞兵 / 傘兵 	sǎnbīng	paratrooper
伞菌 / 傘菌 	sǎnjūn	mushroom
伟 / 偉 	wěi	big;large;great
伟业 / 偉業 	wěiyè	exploit;great undertaking
伟人 / 偉人 	wěirén	great person
伟哥 / 偉哥 	wěigē	Viagra (male impotence drug)
伟大 / 偉大 	wěidà	great;mighty;large
伟晶岩 / 偉晶岩 	wěijīngyán	pegmatite
伟绩 / 偉績 	wěijī	great acts
传 / 傳 	chuán	to pass on;to spread;to transmit;to infect;to transfer;to circulate;to pass on;to conduct (electricity)
传 / 傳 	zhuàn	biography
传单 / 傳單 	chuándān	leaflet
传奇 / 傳奇 	chuánqí	(n) short stories of the Tang and Song Dynasty;legend, romance
传导 / 傳導 	chuándǎo	conduct
传布 / 傳布 	chuánbù	to spread;to hand down;to disseminate
传开 / 傳開 	chuánkāi	spread (news)
传感器 / 傳感器 	chuángǎnqì	a sense organ;a sensor;a pick-up
传扬 / 傳揚 	chuányáng	to spread (by word of mouth)
传授 / 傳授 	chuánshòu	impart
传播 / 傳播 	chuánbō	to disseminate;to propagate;to spread
传教 / 傳教 	chuánjiào	preach
传教士 / 傳教士 	chuánjiàoshì	missionary
传来 / 傳來 	chuánlái	to arrive (news)
传染 / 傳染 	chuánrǎn	infect;contagious
传染性 / 傳染性 	chuánrǎnxìng	epidemicity
传染源 / 傳染源 	chuánrǎnyuán	source of an infection
传染病 / 傳染病 	chuánrǎnbìng	infectious disease;contagious disease;pestilence
传热学 / 傳熱學 	zhuànrèxué	theory of heat (math. phys.);heat transmission
传真 / 傳真 	chuánzhēn	fax;facsimile
传真发送 / 傳真發送 	chuánzhēnfāsòng	fax transmission
传真号码 / 傳真號碼 	chuánzhēnhàomǎ	fax number
传真机 / 傳真機 	chuánzhēnjī	fax machine
传神 / 傳神 	chuánshén	vivid;lifelike
传给 / 傳給 	chuángei	to pass on to (orally)
传统 / 傳統 	chuántǒng	tradition;convention
传统中国医药 / 傳統中國醫藥 	chuántǒngzhōngguóyīyào	Chinese traditional medicine
传统医药 / 傳統醫藥 	chuántǒngyīyào	(Chinese) traditional medicine
传言 / 傳言 	chuányán	rumor;hearsay
传讯 / 傳訊 	chuánxùn	subpoena;summon for interrogation
传记 / 傳記 	zhuànjì	biography
传讲 / 傳講 	chuánjiǎng	to preach
传说 / 傳說 	chuánshuō	it is said;they say;legend;tradition;legend;tradition
传输 / 傳輸 	chuánshū	transport;transmission
传输协定 / 傳輸協定 	chuánshūxiédìng	transfer protocol;transportation protocol
传输媒体 / 傳輸媒體 	chuánshūméitǐ	transmission medium
传输媒界 / 傳輸媒界 	chuánshūméijiè	transport method
传输媒质 / 傳輸媒質 	chuánshūméizhì	transmission medium
传输技术 / 傳輸技術 	chuánshūjìshù	transmission technology
传输控制 / 傳輸控制 	chuánshūkòngzhì	transmission control
传输控制协定 / 傳輸控制協定 	chuánshūkōngzhìxiédìng	transmission control protocol;TCP
传输服务 / 傳輸服務 	chuánshūfúwù	transport service
传输模式 / 傳輸模式 	chuánshūmóshì	transfer mode;transmission method
传输率 / 傳輸率 	chuánshūlǜ	transmission rate
传输设备 / 傳輸設備 	chuánshūshèbèi	transmission facility;transmission equipment
传输距离 / 傳輸距離 	chuánshūjùlí	transmission distance
传输通道 / 傳輸通道 	chuánshūtōngdào	transport channel
传输速率 / 傳輸速率 	chuánshūsùlǜ	transmission rate;transmission speed
传达 / 傳達 	chuándá	convey
传达室 / 傳達室 	chuándáshì	reception room
传送 / 傳送 	chuánsòng	to convey;to deliver
传送服务 / 傳送服務 	chuánsòngfúwù	delivery service
传递 / 傳遞 	chuándì	(v) transmit on;pass on to someone else
传递者 / 傳遞者 	chuándìzhě	messenger;transmitter (of information)
传遍 / 傳遍 	chuánbiàn	spread widely
传道 / 傳道 	chuándào	preacher;to preach a sermon
传道书 / 傳道書 	chuándàoshū	Ecclesiastes
传道者 / 傳道者 	chuándàozhě	missionary;preacher
传道部 / 傳道部 	chuándàobù	mission
传闻 / 傳聞 	chuánwén	rumor
伢	yá	child (collequial)
伤 / 傷 	shāng	injure;injury;wound
伤亡 / 傷亡 	shāngwáng	casualties;injuries and deaths
伤势 / 傷勢 	shāngshì	condition of an injury
伤口 / 傷口 	shāngkǒu	wound;cut
伤员 / 傷員 	shāngyuán	(n) wounded person or persons
伤害 / 傷害 	shānghài	injure;harm
伤寒 / 傷寒 	shānghán	typhoid
伤寒沙门氏菌 / 傷寒沙門氏菌 	shānghánshāménshìjūn	salmonella typhimurium
伤寒症 / 傷寒症 	shānghánzhèng	typhoid
伤心 / 傷心 	shāngxīn	grieve
伤疤 / 傷疤 	shāngbā	(n) scar
伤痕 / 傷痕 	shānghén	(n) bruise;scar
伤者 / 傷者 	shāngzhě	casualty;victim (of an accident);wounded person
伤脑筋 / 傷腦筋 	shāngnǎojīn	knotty;troublesome;bothersome
伤风 / 傷風 	shāngfēng	catch cold
伥 / 倀 	chāng	groping;rash;reckless
伦 / 倫 	lún	human relationship
伦敦 / 倫敦 	lúndūn	London (capital of United Kingdom)
伦理 / 倫理 	lúnlǐ	ethics
伦琴 / 倫琴 	lúnqín	rontgen;roentgen
伦琴射线 / 倫琴射線 	lúnqínshèxiàn	rontgen rays;roentgen rays;x-ray
伧 / 傖 	cāng	low fellow;rustic;rude;rough
伪 / 偽 	wěi	false;fake;forged;bogus
伪书 / 偽書 	wěishū	(forged, dubious, misclassified) old books
伪军 / 偽軍 	wěijūn	puppet army
伪劣 / 偽劣 	wěiliè	inferior;false
伪君子 / 偽君子 	wěijūnzǐ	hypocrite
伪善 / 偽善 	wěishàn	hypocritical
伪善者 / 偽善者 	wèishànzhě	hypocrite
伪币 / 偽幣 	wěibì	counterfeit currency
伪托 / 偽托 	wěituō	faking a modern object as an ancient one
伪装 / 偽裝 	wěizhuāng	to fake;to feign;to pretend
伪证 / 偽證 	wěizhèng	perjury
伪造 / 偽造 	wěizào	to forge;to fake
伪造的 / 偽造的 	wèizàode	forged
伪顶 / 偽頂 	wěidǐng	false roof
伫 / 佇 	zhù	wait;look towards;turn one's back on
伯	bó	father's elder brother;senior;paternal elder uncle;eldest of brothers;respectful form of address
伯仲叔季	bózhòngshūjì	eldest;second;third and youngest of brothers;order of seniority among brothers
伯伯	bóbo	father's elder brother;uncle
伯克利	bókèlì	Berkeley (California)
伯利兹 / 伯利茲 	bólìzī	Belize
伯劳 / 伯勞 	bóláo	shrike
伯叔祖母	bóshūzǔmǔ	father's father's brother's wife;great aunt
伯叔祖父	bóshūzǔfù	father's father's brother;great uncle
伯多祿 / 伯多禄 	bóduōlù	Peter
伯尔尼 / 伯爾尼 	bó'ěrní	Bern (capital of Switzerland)
伯德雷恩图书馆 / 伯德雷恩圖書館 	bódéléi'ēntúshūguǎn	Bodleian Library (Oxford)
伯恩斯	bó'ēnsī	(Nicholas) Burns (US State Department spokesperson)
伯拉第斯拉瓦	bólādìsīlāwǎ	Bratislava (capital of Slovakia)
伯明翰	bómínghàn	Birmingham
伯杰	bójié	(name) Berger;Samuel Berger, former US National Security Advisor under President Carter
伯母	bómǔ	wife of father's elder brother;aunt;(polite form of address for a woman who is about the age of one's mother)
伯爵	bójué	earl;count
伯父	bófù	father's elder brother;(polite form of address for a man who is about the age of one's father)
估	gū	estimate
估	gù	old;second-hand (clothes)
估价 / 估價 	gūjià	to value;to be valued at
估計 / 估计 	gūjì	estimate;reckon
估量	gūliang	to estimate
伴	bàn	a partner;companion or associate;to accompany;comrade
伴侣 / 伴侶 	bànlǚ	companion;mate;partner
伴唱	bànchàng	vocal accompaniment;accompany a singer;support of sb;echo sb;chime in with sb
伴奏	bànzòu	to accompany (musically)
伴星	bànxīng	companion (star)
伴生气 / 伴生氣 	bànshēngqì	associated gas
伴随 / 伴隨 	bànsuí	to follow;to accompany
伴随效应 / 伴隨效應 	bànsuíxiàoyìng	contingent effects
伶	líng	clever
伶俐	línglì	(adj) clever;witty;intelligent
伶俜	língpīng	lonely;solitary
伸	shēn	to stretch;to extend
伸出	shēnchū	extend
伸展	shēnzhǎn	extension
伸开 / 伸開 	shēnkāi	to stretch out
伸懒腰 / 伸懶腰 	shēnlǎnyāo	(v) stretch (oneself)
伸手	shēnshǒu	(v) hold out hand;(v) ask sb for something
伸港乡 / 伸港鄉 	shēngǎngxiāng	(N) Shenkang (village in Taiwan)
伸縮 / 伸缩 	shēnsuō	to extend;to stretch;flexible
伸縮性 / 伸缩性 	shēnsuōxìng	flexibility
伸長 / 伸长 	shēncháng	(v) stretch;extend
伺	cì	wait on
伺	sì	to watch;to wait;to examine;to spy
伺候	cìhòu	(v) serve;act as a valet
伺服	sìfú	servo
伺服器	sìfúqì	server (computer)
伺机 / 伺機 	sìjī	to watch for one's chance
伻	bēng	to cause
似	sì	to seem;to appear;similar;like;to resemble
似乎	sìhū	apparently;to seem;to appear;as if;seemingly
似乎很安全	sìhuhěn'ānquán	to appear (to be) very safe
似是而非	sìshì'érfēi	(saying) appeared right but actually was wrong
似的	sìde	seem as if;rather like
似笑非笑	sìxiàofēixiào	(saying) resemble a smile yet not smile
似雪	sìxuě	snowy
伽	qié	(phonetic)
伽利略	jiālìlüè	Galileo
伽利略探测器 / 伽利略探測器 	jiālìlüètàncèqì	Galileo probe
伽师 / 伽師 	jiāshī	(N) Jiashi (place in Xinjiang)
伽师 / 伽師 	qiéshī	Kashgar or Kashi in the west of Xinjiang near Kyrghizstan
伽馬射線 / 伽马射线 	gāmǎshèxiàn	gamma rays
伽馬射線探測器 / 伽马射线探测器 	jiāmǎshèxiàntàncèqì	gamma-ray detector
伽馬輻射 / 伽马辐射 	jiāmǎfúshè	gamma radiation
伾	pī	multitudinous;powerful
佃	diàn	farmer
但	dàn	but;yet;however;only;merely;still
但以理书 / 但以理書 	dànyǐlǐshū	Book of Daniel
但愿 / 但願 	dànyuàn	if only (it were possible to...)
但是	dànshì	but;however
佈	bù	to declare;to announce;to spread;to make known;spread;(cotton) cloth
佈告	bùgào	(n) posting on a bulletin board;notice;(v) announce
佈告欄 / 布告栏 	bùgàolán	Bulletin board;Notice board
佈局 / 布局 	bùjú	arrangement;composition;layout
佈景 / 布景 	bùjǐng	(stage) set
佈置	bùzhì	(v) put in order;arrange;decorate
佈里斯班 / 布里斯班 	bùlǐsībān	Brisbane, city in Australia
佉	qū	(surname)
佌	cǐ	petty;wretched
位	wèi	position;location;(measure word for persons);place;seat
位于 / 位於 	wèiyú	to be located at;to be situated at;to lie
位元	wèiyuán	bit
位元組 / 位元组 	wèiyuánzǔ	a byte
位子	wèizi	place;seat
位居	wèijū	to be located at
位置	wèizhi	position;place;seat
位置效应 / 位置效應 	wèizhìxiàoyìng	position effect
低	dī	to lower (one's head);to let droop;to hang down;low;to incline;beneath;low
低下	dīxià	(adj) low status;lowly
低于	dīyú	be lower than
低价 / 低價 	dījià	low price
低估	dīgū	underestimate;underrate
低剂量照射 / 低劑量照射 	dījìliángzhàoshè	low dose irradiation
低劣	dīliè	(adj) inferior quality
低地	dīdì	lowland
低头 / 低頭 	dītóu	to bow the head
低层 / 低層 	dīcéng	low level
低廉	dīlián	cheap;inexpensive;low
低成本	dīchéngběn	low cost;inexpensive
低放射性废物 / 低放射性廢物 	dīfàngshèxìngfèiwù	low-level waste
低沉	dīchén	(adj) (sound) deep and low;(adj) (sound) muffled
低洼 / 低窪 	dīwā	low-lying
低浓缩铀 / 低濃縮鈾 	dīnóngsuōyóu	low-enriched uranium
低温 / 低溫 	dīwēn	(n) relatively low temperature
低潮	dīcháo	low tide
低空	dīkōng	low altitude
低等	dīděng	inferior
低級 / 低级 	dījí	low level
低級語言 / 低级语言 	dījíyǔyán	low level (computer) language
低維 / 低维 	dīwéi	(math.) low dimensional
低脂	dīzhī	(adj) low-fat
低落	dīluò	downcast
低語 / 低语 	dīyǔ	mutter
低調 / 低调 	dīdiào	low key;low-profile
低費用 / 低费用 	dīfèiyòng	low cost
低速率	dīsùlǜ	low speed
低阶 / 低階 	dījiē	low level
低阶语言 / 低階語言 	dījiēyǔyán	low level (computer) language
低音	dīyīn	bass
住	zhù	to live;to dwell;to reside;to stop
住友	zhùyǒu	Sumitomo (Japanese company)
住口	zhùkǒu	shut up;shut your mouth;stop talking
住嘴	zhùzuǐ	shut up!
住址	zhùzhǐ	address
住处 / 住處 	zhùchù	residence
住宅	zhùzhái	residence;tenement
住宿	zhùsù	lodging
住房	zhùfáng	housing
住所	zhùsuǒ	habitation
住院	zhùyuàn	to be in hospital;to be hospitalized
佐	zuǒ	assist
佐料	zuǒliào	condiments;seasoning
佐治亚 / 佐治亞 	zuǒzhìyà	Georgia
佐治亚州 / 佐治亞州 	zuǒzhìyàzhōu	Georgia (US state)
佑	yòu	bless;protect
佑	yòu	protect
体 / 體 	tǐ	body;form;style;system
体会 / 體會 	tǐhuì	know (through learning or by experience)
体内 / 體內 	tǐnèi	internal (to the body)
体制 / 體制 	tǐzhì	system;organization
体力 / 體力 	tǐlì	physical strength;physical power
体团 / 體團 	tǐtuán	community
体型 / 體型 	tǐxíng	(n) type of build or figure
体操 / 體操 	tǐcāo	gymnastic;gymnastics
体格检查 / 體格檢查 	tǐgéjiǎnchá	(n) health check-up;physical examination
体检 / 體檢 	tǐjiǎn	(n) health check-up;physical examination;short for __体格检查__
体模 / 體模 	tǐmó	body model
体温 / 體溫 	tǐwēn	(body) temperature
体现 / 體現 	tǐxiàn	to embody;to reflect;to give expression to;to be reflected in;exemplify
体积 / 體積 	tǐjī	volume;bulk
体系 / 體系 	tǐxì	system;setup
体育 / 體育 	tǐyù	physical culture;physical training;sports
体育之窗 / 體育之窗 	tǐyùzhīchuāng	Window on Sports
体育场 / 體育場 	tǐyùchǎng	stadium
体育馆 / 體育館 	tǐyùguǎn	gym;gymnasium;stadium
体认 / 體認 	tǐrèn	realization;realize
体谅 / 體諒 	tǐliàng	to empathize;to allow (for something);to show understanding;to appreciate
体貌 / 體貌 	tǐmào	appearance
体质 / 體質 	tǐzhì	(n) physique
体贴 / 體貼 	tǐtiē	considerate
体重 / 體重 	tǐzhòng	body weight
体面 / 體面 	tǐmiàn	(n) face;dignity;(adj) honest;creditable
体验 / 體驗 	tǐyàn	to experience for oneself
佔	zhàn	to occupy;to constitute;to make up;to account for
佔便宜 / 占便宜 	zhànpiányi	advantageous;favorable
佔先 / 占先 	zhànxiān	to take precedence
佔據 / 占据 	zhànjù	to occupy;to hold
佔有 / 占有 	zhànyǒu	to have;to own;to hold;to possess
佔線 / 占线 	zhànxiàn	busy (telephone)
佔領 / 占领 	zhànlǐng	to occupy (a territory);to hold
佔領者 / 占领者 	zhànlǐngzhě	occupant
何	hé	(a surname)
何	hé	what;how;why;which;carry
何不	hébù	(adv) why not
何人	hérén	who
何以	héyǐ	whence
何况 / 何況 	hékuàng	much less;let alone
何厚鏵 / 何厚铧 	héhòuhuá	He Houhua, leader of Macau
何在	hézài	where?;what place?
何处 / 何處 	héchǔ	whence;where
何必	hébì	there is no need;why should
何故	hégù	wherefore
何时 / 何時 	héshí	when
何等	héděng	(adv) what kind?;(adv) how, what
何苦	hékǔ	why bother
何西阿书 / 何西阿書 	héxī'āshū	Book of Hosea
佗	tuó	carry on the back
佘	shé	(surname)
余	yú	extra;surplus;remaining;after;I;me
余地 / 餘地 	yúdì	margin;leeway
余姚	yúyáo	(N) Yuyao (city in Zhejiang)
余干	yúgān	(N) Yugan (place in Jiangxi)
余庆 / 余慶 	yúqìng	(N) Yuqing (place in Guizhou)
余悸	yújì	lingering fear
余杭	yúháng	(N) Yuhang (city in Zhejiang)
余江	yújiāng	(N) Yujiang (place in Jiangxi)
余震 / 餘震 	yúzhèn	(earthquake) aftershocks
佚	yì	(surname);idle
佛	fó	Buddha;Buddhism
佛	fú	seemingly
佛像	fóxiàng	figure or image of Buddha
佛兰芒语 / 佛蘭芒語 	fólánmángyǔ	Flemish (language)
佛冈 / 佛岡 	fógāng	(N) Fogang (place in Guangdong)
佛吉尼亚 / 佛吉尼亞 	fújíníyà	State of Virginia
佛坪	fópíng	(N) Foping (place in Shaanxi)
佛山	fóshān	(N) Foshan (city in Guangdong)
佛山地区 / 佛山地區 	fóshāndìqū	(N) Foshan district (district in Guangdong)
佛得角	fódéjiǎo	Cape Verde
佛教	fójiào	Buddhism
佛教徒	fójiàotú	a Buddhist
佛法	fófǎ	Dharma (the teachings of the Buddha);Buddhist doctrine
佛罗里达 / 佛羅里達 	fúluólǐdá	Florida
佛蒙特	fóméngtè	Vermont \(US state\)
作	zuò	to regard as;to take (somebody) for;to do;to make
作业 / 作業 	zuòyè	school assignment;homework;work;task;operation;to operate
作业环境 / 作業環境 	zuòyèhuánjìng	operating environment
作业系统 / 作業系統 	zuòyèxìtǒng	operating system
作为 / 作為 	zuòwéi	accomplish;action;to regard (sth as sth);to look upon (sth as);conduct
作主	zuòzhǔ	(v) decide;(v) give support or back sb
作品	zuòpǐn	works (of art)
作哼声 / 作哼聲 	zuòhēngshēng	snort
作家	zuòjiā	author
作对 / 作對 	zuòduì	set oneself against;oppose;make a pair
作废 / 作廢 	zuòfèi	to become invalid;to cancel;to delete;to nullify
作弊	zuòbì	fraud;to cheat;to plagiarize
作恶 / 作惡 	zuò'è	to do evil
作愛 / 作爱 	zuò'ài	to make love
作战 / 作戰 	zuòzhàn	conduct (military operations)
作文	zuòwén	composition
作料	zuóliao	condiments;seasoning
作曲家	zuòqǔjiā	a composer (of music)
作案	zuò'àn	(v) commit a crime
作法	zuòfǎ	course of action;method of doing something;practice;modus operandi
作物	zuòwù	crop
作用	zuòyòng	action;activity;actions;acts;effect;to play a role
作用理論 / 作用理论 	zuòyònglǐlùn	interactive theory
作者	zuòzhě	author;writer
作證 / 作证 	zuòzhèng	bear witness;testify
作賊 / 作贼 	zuòzéi	to be a thief
作風 / 作风 	zuòfēng	style;style of work;way
佞	nìng	eloquent;talent
佟	tóng	(surname)
你	nǐ	you
你们 / 你們 	nǐmen	you (plural)
你好	nǐhǎo	hello;how are you
你自己	nǐzìjǐ	thyself;yourself
佡	xuān	make effort, endeavor
佢	qú	he (Cantonese)
佣	yōng	to hire;to employ;servant
佣	yòng	commission (for middleman)
佣金	yòngjīn	commission
佤	wǎ	Kawa
佥 / 僉 	qiān	all
佧	kǎ	ancient name for a minority group in China
佩	pèi	to respect;wear (belt, etc.)
佩	pèi	girdle ornaments
佩兰 / 佩蘭 	pèilán	orchid;fragant thoroughwort;(bot.) Eupatorium fortunei;(tcm) Herba Eupatorii
佩带 / 佩帶 	pèidài	to wear (as accessories);carry at the waist
佩戴	pèidài	to wear (as accessories)
佩服	pèifú	admire
佩洛西	pèiluòxī	(Nancy) Pelosi (member of US Congress)
佪 / 徊 	huái	irresolute;move back and forth
佫	hè	(surname)
佬	lǎo	male;man (Cantonese)
佯	yáng	pretend
佰	bǎi	(complicated form of) hundred (used to avoid fraud)
佳 / 嘉 	jiā	excellent
佳人	jiārén	beautiful woman
佳冬乡 / 佳冬鄉 	jiādōngxiāng	(N) Chiatung (village in Taiwan)
佳县 / 佳縣 	jiāxiàn	(N) Jia county (county in Shaanxi)
佳木斯	jiāmùsī	(N) Jiamusi (city in Heilongjiang)
佳能	jiānéng	Canon (Japanese company)
佳里鎮 / 佳里镇 	jiālǐzhèn	(N) Chiali (town in Taiwan)
佴	èr	assistant
併	bìng	amalgamate;combine
併吞 / 并吞 	bìngtūn	swallow up;annex;merge
併存 / 并存 	bìngcún	(v) exist at the same time
併捲機 / 并卷机 	bìngjuǎnjī	ribbon lap machine
併條 / 并条 	bìngtiáo	drawing
併發 / 并发 	bìngfā	be complicated by;erupt simultaneously
併發症 / 并发症 	bìngfāzhèng	complications (undesired side-effect of medical procedure)
併紗 / 并纱 	bìngshā	doubling
併購 / 并购 	bìnggòu	merger(s) and acqusition(s);M&A;acquisition
佶	jí	difficult to pronounce
佷	hěn	to act contrary to
佸	huó	meet
佹	guǐ	almost succeed;crafty;suddenly
佺	quán	immortal
佻	tiāo	frivolous;unsteady;delay
佼	jiǎo	handsome
佽	cì	(surname);nimble;to help
佾	yì	row of dancers at sacrifices
使	shǐ	to make;to cause;to enable;to use;to employ;messenger
使…丰富 / 使…豐富 	shǐfēngfù	enrich
使…能够 / 使…能夠 	shǐnénggòu	enable
使习惯 / 使習慣 	shǐxíguàn	accustom
使人信服	shǐrénxìnfú	convincing
使作呕 / 使作嘔 	shǐzuò'ǒu	sicken
使信服	shǐxìnfú	to convince
使免除	shǐmiǎnchú	get rid of
使兴奋 / 使興奮 	shǐxīngfèn	exciting;to excite
使具体化 / 使具體化 	shǐjùtǐhuà	embody
使劲 / 使勁 	shǐjìn	exert all one's strength
使厌烦 / 使厭煩 	shǐyànfán	disgust
使受伤 / 使受傷 	shǐshòushāng	hurt
使吃惊 / 使吃驚 	shǐchījīng	astonish;surprise
使命	shǐmìng	a (diplomatic or other) mission
使团 / 使團 	shǐtuán	diplomatic mission
使困扰 / 使困擾 	shǐkùnrǎo	harass
使困窘	shǐkùnjiǒng	embarrass
使固定	shǐgùdìng	rivet;make firm
使失望	shǐshīwàng	disappoint
使娛樂 / 使娱乐 	shǐyúlè	amuse
使孤立	shǐgūlì	isolate
使容易	shǐróngyì	facilitate
使尽 / 使盡 	shǐjìn	(v) exert all one's strength
使徒	shǐtú	apostle
使徒行传 / 使徒行傳 	shǐtúxíngzhuàn	Acts of the Apostles
使得	shǐde	usable;workable;feasible;doable;to make;to cause
使怒	shǐnù	exasperate
使愤怒 / 使憤怒 	shǐfènnù	provoke
使愤慨 / 使憤慨 	shǐfènkǎi	outrage
使湿透 / 使濕透 	shǐshītòu	drench
使溺死	shǐnìsǐ	drown
使满意 / 使滿意 	shǐmǎnyì	to make content
使烦恼 / 使煩惱 	shǐfánnǎo	worry
使生气 / 使生氣 	shǐshēngqì	displease
使用	shǐyòng	to use;to employ;to apply;to make use of
使用方便	shǐyòngfāngbiàn	easy to use;convenient to use
使用者	shǐyòngzhě	user
使用者中介	shǐyòngzhězhōngjiè	user agent
使用量	shǐyòngliàng	volume of use;usage amount
使硬化	shǐyìnghuà	harden
使節 / 使节 	shǐjié	(diplomatic) envoy
使節團 / 使节团 	shǐjiétuán	a diplomatic group;a delegation
使羞愧	shǐxiūkuì	abash
使者	shǐzhě	emissary;envoy
使耳聋 / 使耳聾 	shǐ'ěrlóng	deafen
使膨胀 / 使膨脹 	shǐpéngzhàng	dilate;expand
使蔓延	shǐmànyán	to spread
使轉向 / 使转向 	shǐzhuǎnxiàng	divert
使醉	shǐzuì	intoxicate
使領館 / 使领馆 	shǐlǐngguǎn	embassy and consulate
使館 / 使馆 	shǐguǎn	consulate;diplomatic mission
使駭怕 / 使骇怕 	shǐhàipà	frighten
使高兴 / 使高興 	shǐgāoxìng	please;make happy;gratify;rejoice
使高貴 / 使高贵 	shǐgāoguì	dignify
使魔法	shǐmófǎ	conjure
使麻痹 / 使麻痺 	shǐmábì	paralyze
侀	xíng	shape;statute
侁 / 駪 	shēn	large crowd
侂	tuō	to commission, to entrust to, to depute;to request, to ask
侃	kǎn	bold
侃侃而談 / 侃侃而谈 	kǎnkǎn'értán	speak frankly with assurance
侄	zhí	nephew
侄	zhí	nephew (of the same surname)
侄女 / 姪女 	zhínǚ	niece;brother's daughter
侄女婿 / 姪女婿 	zhínǚxu	brother's daughter's husband;niece's husband
侄媳妇 / 侄媳婦 	zhíxífu	brother's son's wife;nephew's wife
侄子 / 姪子 	zhízi	nephew;brother's son
侄孙 / 侄孫 	zhísūn	grandnephew
侄孙女 / 侄孫女 	zhísūnnǚ	grand niece
侅	gāi	to give;prepared for included in;embraced in
來 / 来 	lái	to come
來不及 / 来不及 	láibují	there's not enough time (to do sth.);it's too late (to do sth.)
來信 / 来信 	láixìn	incoming letter;send a letter here
來到 / 来到 	láidào	to come;to arrive
來回 / 来回 	láihuí	make a round trip;make a return journey
來回來去 / 来回来去 	láihuíláiqù	(adv) repeatedly
來回來去地 / 来回来去地 	láihuíláiqùde	backwards and forwards
來安 / 来安 	lái'ān	(N) Lai'an (place in Anhui)
來客 / 来客 	láikè	(n) guest
來年 / 来年 	láinián	next year;the coming year
來往 / 来往 	láiwǎng	to come and go
來得及 / 来得及 	láidejí	there's still time;be able to do sth. in time
來歷 / 来历 	láilì	history;antecedents;origin
來歷不明 / 来历不明 	láilìbùmíng	of unknown origin
來源 / 来源 	láiyuán	source (of information, etc);origin
來生 / 来生 	láishēng	next life
來看 / 来看 	láikàn	(v) interpret a topic from a certain point of view
來福槍 / 来福枪 	láifúqiāng	rifle
來義鄉 / 来义乡 	láiyìxiāng	(N) Laii (village in Taiwan)
來臨 / 来临 	láilín	approach;come closer
來自 / 来自 	láizì	to come from (a place)
來著 / 来着 	láizhe	(an auxiliary showing sth. happened in the past)
來訪 / 来访 	láifǎng	pay a visit
來說 / 来说 	láishuō	(v) interpret a topic from a certain point of view
來賓 / 来宾 	láibīn	guest;visitor
來鳳 / 来凤 	láifèng	(N) Laifeng (place in Hubei)
侇	yí	a class, a category a corpse
侈	chǐ	extravagant;wasteful;exaggerating
例	lì	example;precedent;rule;case;instance
例会 / 例會 	lìhuì	regular meeting
例假	lìjià	legal holiday;menstrual period
例句	lìjù	example sentence
例外	lìwài	(make an) exception
例外字	lìwàizì	exception(s)
例如	lìrú	for example;for instance;such as
例子	lìzi	case;(for) instance;example
例示	lìshì	exemplify
例行	lìxíng	routine
例言	lìyán	introductory remarks
例語 / 例语 	lìyǔ	example sentence
例證 / 例证 	lìzhèng	example;case in point
例題 / 例题 	lìtí	example
侍	shì	attend on
侍候	shìhòu	serve;wait upon
侍卫官 / 侍衛官 	shìwèiguān	guard
侍女	shìnǚ	maid
侍立	shìlì	to wait on elders
侍者	shìzhē	waiter
侏	zhū	dwarf
侏罗纪 / 侏羅紀 	zhūluōjì	Jurassic (geological period)
侐	xù	still;silent
侑	yòu	urge to eat
侔	móu	similar;comparable;equal
侖	lún	arrange
侗	dòng	(ethnic group)
侗	tóng	ignorant
侘	chà	boast;despondent
侚	xùn	buried with dead;die for a cause
供	gōng	offer (information etc.);supply
供	gòng	offer;sacrificial offering;trial statement;confession
供不应求 / 供不應求 	gōngbúyìngqiú	(saying) demand exceeds supply
供品	gòngpǐn	offering
供奉	gòngfèng	to offer respect (at a memorial);an oblation;an offering (to one's ancestors);a sacrifice (to a God)
供应 / 供應 	gōngyìng	supply;to provide
供水	gōngshuǐ	to supply water
供水	gòngshuǐ	water supply
供求	gōngqiú	supply and demand (econ.)
供热 / 供熱 	gòngrè	heat supply
供燃气 / 供燃氣 	gòngránqì	gas supply
供物	gòngwù	offering
供电 / 供電 	gōngdiàn	supply electricity
供电 / 供電 	gòngdiàn	electricity supply
供給 / 供给 	gōnggěi	furnish;provide;supply
供給 / 供给 	gōngjǐ	supply
供职 / 供職 	gòngzhí	hold an office or post
供血者	gōngxuèzhě	blood donor
供認 / 供认 	gòngrèn	confess;confession
供銷 / 供销 	gōngxiāo	(v) supply and sell
供需	gōngxū	supply and demand
侜	zhōu	conceal;to cover
依	yī	according to;depend on;near to
依偎	yīwēi	nestle
依兰 / 依蘭 	yīlán	(N) Yilan (place in Heilongjiang)
依地酸二鈷 / 依地酸二钴 	yīdìsuān'èrgǔ	kelocyanor
依安	yī'ān	(N) Yi'an (place in Heilongjiang)
依属 / 依屬 	yīshǔ	dependence
依我來看 / 依我来看 	yīwǒláikàn	as I see it;in my opinion
依托	yītuō	rely on;depend on
依据 / 依據 	yījù	according to;basis;foundation
依撒意亚 / 依撒意亞 	yīsāyìyǎ	Isaiah
依旧 / 依舊 	yījiù	as before;still
依次	yīcì	(adv) in correct order;one by one
依法	yīfǎ	legal (proceedings);according to law
依然	yīrán	still;as before
依照	yīzhào	according to;in light of
依着 / 依著 	yīzhe	in accordance with
依賴 / 依赖 	yīlài	to depend on;to be dependent on
依靠	yīkào	rely on (for support, etc);depend on
侠 / 俠 	xiá	heroic
侠义 / 俠義 	xiáyì	chivalrous;chivalry
価	jià	Japanese variant of T:__價__ S:__价__
侣 / 侶 	lǚ	companion
侥 / 僥 	jiǎo	by mere luck
侥幸 / 僥倖 	jiǎoxìng	luckily
侦 / 偵 	zhēn	to scout;to spy;to detect
侦察 / 偵察 	zhēnchá	(v) investigate a crime;detect;scout
侦探 / 偵探 	zhēntàn	detective
侦查 / 偵查 	zhēnchá	detect;investigate
侦毒器 / 偵毒器 	zhēndúqì	detection unit
侦毒管 / 偵毒管 	zhēndúguǎn	detector tube
侧 / 側 	cè	the side;to incline towards;to lean;inclined;lateral;side
侧 / 側 	zhāi	lean on one side
侧耳 / 側耳 	cè'ěr	(v) bend, incline an ear (to)
侧躺 / 側躺 	cètǎng	to lie down (on one's side)
侧边栏 / 側邊欄 	cèbiānlán	a side-bar (in software)
侧重 / 側重 	cèzhòng	place extra emphasis on
侧锋 / 側鋒 	cèfēng	oblique attack (brush movement in painting)
侧面 / 側面 	cèmiàn	(n) the side
侨 / 僑 	qiáo	emigrant;reside abroad
侨民 / 僑民 	qiáomín	expatriates
侨胞 / 僑胞 	qiáobāo	(n) person living abroad
侩 / 儈 	kuài	broker
侪 / 儕 	chái	a class;a company;companion
侬 / 儂 	nóng	you (Shanghai dial.)
侮	wǔ	insult
侮慢	wǔmàn	to humiliate;to bully
侮辱	wǔrǔ	to insult
侯	hóu	marquis
侯爵	hóujué	marquis
侯馬 / 侯马 	hóumǎ	(N) Houma (city in Shanxi)
侵	qīn	to invade;to infringe;to approach
侵佔 / 侵占 	qīnzhàn	to invade and occupy (territory)
侵入	qīnrù	to make (military) incursions;to invade
侵入性	qīnrùxìng	invasive (e.g., disease or procedure)
侵入者	qīnrùzhě	intruder;invader
侵华 / 侵華 	qīnhuá	to invade China (referring to 19th Cent. imperialist powers and Japan)
侵吞	qīntūn	to annex;to swallow (up);to embezzle
侵害	qīnhài	to encroach on;to infringe on
侵截	qīnjié	to hack (computer)
侵截者	qīnjiézhě	(computer) hacker
侵扰 / 侵擾 	qīnrǎo	to invade and harass
侵晨	qīnchén	towards dawn
侵权 / 侵權 	qīnquán	to infringe the rights of;to violate;infringement
侵犯	qīnfàn	to infringe on;to encroach on;violate
侵略	qīnlüè	invasion;encroachment
侵蚀 / 侵蝕 	qīnshí	to erode;to corrode
侵袭 / 侵襲 	qīnxí	to invade and attack
侷	jú	narrow
侷限	júxiàn	limit
便	biàn	ordinary;plain;convenient;handy;easy;then;so;thus;to relieve oneself
便	pián	advantageous;cheap
便中	biànzhōng	at one's convenience;when it's convenient
便于 / 便於 	biànyú	easy to;convenient for
便人	biànrén	somebody who happens to be on hand for an errand
便便	piánpián	obese;bulging
便函	biànhán	an informal letter sent by an organization
便利	biànlì	convenient;easy;facilitate
便士	biànshì	penny
便壶 / 便壺 	biànhú	bed urinal;chamber pot
便宜	biànyí	convenient
便宜	piányi	inexpensive
便宜行事	biànyíxíngshì	act at one's discretion;act as one sees fit
便宴	biànyàn	informal dinner
便帽	biànmào	cap
便当 / 便當 	biàndàng	convenient;handy;easy
便当 / 便當 	biàndang	set meal;lunch box (Taiwan usage);bento box
便捷	biànjié	convenient and fast
便服	biànfú	everyday clothes;informal dress;civilian clothes
便条 / 便條 	biàntiáo	(informal) note
便桥 / 便橋 	biànqiáo	temporary bridge
便桶	biàntǒng	chamber pot
便步走	biànbùzǒu	march at ease;route step
便池	biànchí	urinal
便盆	biànpén	bed pan
便秘	biànmì	(n) constipation
便笺 / 便箋 	biànjiān	notepaper;memo;memo pad
便血	biànxiě	having blood in one's stool
便衣	biànyī	civilian clothes;plain clothes;plainclothesman
便覽 / 便览 	biànlǎn	brief guide
便道	biàndào	shortcut;pavement;sidewalk;makeshift road
便門 / 便门 	biànmén	side door;wicket door
便难 / 便難 	biànnàn	retort with challenging questions;debate
便鞋	biànxié	cloth shoes;slippers
便飯 / 便饭 	biànfàn	a simple meal;potluck
俁 / 俣 	yǔ	big
係	xì	be;connection;relation;tie up;bind
係小 / 系小 	xìxiǎo	tiny
促	cù	to hurry;to rush;to hasten;near;to promote
促使	cùshǐ	spur on;urge;to cause;to bring about
促成	cùchéng	procure;facilitate
促进 / 促進 	cùjìn	to promote (an idea or cause);to advance;boost
促銷 / 促销 	cùxiāo	promote sales
俄	é	suddenly;very soon;Russian
俄中	ézhōng	Russia-China
俄亥俄	éhài'é	Ohio
俄克拉何馬 / 俄克拉何马 	àokèlāhémǎ	Oklahoma
俄克拉何馬城 / 俄克拉何马城 	àokèlāhémǎchéng	Oklahoma City
俄勒冈 / 俄勒岡 	élēigāng	Oregon
俄国 / 俄國 	éguó	Russia
俄巴底亚书 / 俄巴底亞書 	ébādǐyǎshū	Book of Obadiah
俄文	éwén	Russian (language)
俄罗斯 / 俄羅斯 	éluósī	Russia
俄語 / 俄语 	éyǔ	Russian (language)
俅	qiú	ornamental cap
俊	jùn	smart;eminent;handsome;talented
俎	zǔ	a stand for food at sacrifice
俏	qiào	smart
俏皮	qiàopí	saucy
俐	lì	clever
俑	yǒng	wooden figures buried with the dead
俓	jìng	straight;pass
俔	xiàn	like
俗	sú	custom;convention;popular;common;course;vulgar;secular
俗称 / 俗稱 	súchēng	be commonly referred to as
俗話 / 俗话 	súhuà	common saying;proverb
俗語 / 俗语 	súyǔ	local saying;idiom
俘	fú	prisoner of war
俘虏 / 俘虜 	fúlǔ	captive
俚	lǐ	rustic
俚語 / 俚语 	lǐyǔ	slang
俛	miǎn	exhort
俜	pīng	forlorn
保	bǎo	to defend;to protect;to insure or guarantee;to maintain;hold or keep;to guard
保不住	bǎobúzhù	most likely;more likely than not;may well
保佑	bǎoyòu	bless;protect
保佑	bǎoyòu	bless and protect
保修	bǎoxiū	guarantee to keep in good repair
保健	bǎojiàn	health protection;health care
保全	bǎoquán	save from damage;preserve;maintain;keep in good repair
保养 / 保養 	bǎoyǎng	to take good care of (or conserve) one's health;to keep in good repair;to maintain;maintenance
保加利亚 / 保加利亞 	bǎojiālìyà	Bulgaria
保单 / 保單 	bǎodān	guarantee slip
保卫 / 保衛 	bǎowèi	defend;safeguard
保墒	bǎoshāng	preservation of soil moisture
保外就医 / 保外就醫 	bǎowàijiùyī	(of a prisoner) released for medical treatment
保姆	bǎomǔ	nanny;housekeeper
保存	bǎocún	to conserve;to preserve;to keep;save (a file)
保守	bǎoshǒu	(politically) conservative;guard;keep
保安	bǎo'ān	ensure public security;ensure safety (for workers engaged in production);public security
保安族	bǎo'ānzú	the Baoan (Paoan) nationality;living in Gansu
保安自动化 / 保安自動化 	bǎo'ānzìdònghuà	security automation
保定	bǎodìng	(N) Baoding (city in Hebei)
保定地区 / 保定地區 	bǎodìngdìqū	(N) Baoding district (district in Hebei)
保密	bǎomì	maintain secrecy;keep secret
保尔 / 保爾 	bǎo'ěr	(a personal name)
保山	bǎoshān	(N) Baoshan (city in Yunnan)
保山地区 / 保山地區 	bǎoshāndìqū	(N) Baoshan district (district in Yunnan)
保康	bǎokāng	(N) Baokang (place in Hubei)
保德	bǎodé	(N) Baode (place in Shanxi)
保惠师 / 保惠師 	bǎohuìshī	comforter
保护 / 保護 	bǎohù	to defend;to protect;to safeguard
保护主义 / 保護主義 	bǎohùzhǔyì	protectionism
保护剂 / 保護劑 	bǎohùjì	protective agent
保护区 / 保護區 	bǎohùqū	conservation district
保护者 / 保護者 	bǎohùzhě	protector
保持	bǎochí	to keep;to maintain;to hold;to preserve
保有	bǎoyǒu	(v) keep;retain
保洁 / 保潔 	bǎojié	sanitation
保洁箱 / 保潔箱 	bǎojiéxiāng	litter-bin
保温 / 保溫 	bǎowēn	heat preservation
保甲制度	bǎojiǎzhìdù	the Bao-Jia system (an administrative system organized on basis of households)
保留	bǎoliú	continue to have;retain;hold back;reserve;reservations;hold back (approval or acceptance);to preserve;maintain
保皇党 / 保皇黨 	bǎohuángdǎng	royalists
保真度	bǎozhēndù	fidelity
保祐	bǎoyòu	bless and protect
保管	bǎoguǎn	take care of;certainly;surely
保管员 / 保管員 	bǎoguǎnyuán	custodian;storeroom clerk
保罗 / 保羅 	bǎoluó	Paul
保育	bǎoyù	child care;child welfare
保苗	bǎomiáo	keep a full stand of seedlings
保藏	bǎocáng	keep in store;preserve
保證 / 保证 	bǎozhèng	guarantee;to guarantee;to ensure;to safeguard;to pledge
保證人 / 保证人 	bǎozhèngrén	guarantor;bailor
保證破壞戰略 / 保证破坏战略 	bǎozhèngpòhuàizhànlüè	assured destruction strategy
保證金 / 保证金 	bǎozhèngjīn	earnest money;cash deposit;bail
保送	bǎosòng	recommend (for admission to school)
保释 / 保釋 	bǎoshì	release on bail;bail
保重	bǎozhòng	take care of oneself
保鏢 / 保镖 	bǎobiāo	bodyguard
保险 / 保險 	bǎoxiǎn	insurance;to insure;safe;secure;be sure;be bound to
保险丝 / 保險絲 	bǎoxiǎnsī	fuse
保险解开系统 / 保險解開系統 	bǎoxiǎnjiěkāixìtǒng	arming system
保障	bǎozhàng	to ensure;to guarantee;to safeguard
保障监督 / 保障監督 	bǎozhàngjiāndū	safeguards
保靖	bǎojìng	(N) Baojing (place in Hunan)
保駕 / 保驾 	bǎojià	escort the Emperor
保齡球 / 保龄球 	bǎolíngqiú	bowling (balls)
俞	yú	(surname);accede
俟	sì	until;wait for
信	xìn	letter;true;to believe;sign;evidence
信丰 / 信豐 	xìnfēng	(N) Xinfeng (place in Jiangxi)
信义乡 / 信義鄉 	xìnyìxiāng	(N) Hsini (village in Taiwan)
信义区 / 信義區 	xìnyìqū	(N) Hsini (area in Taiwan)
信从 / 信從 	xìncóng	to trust and obey
信仰	xìnyǎng	firm belief;conviction
信件	xìnjiàn	a letter (i.e. sent in the mail)
信任	xìnrèn	trust;have confidence in
信号 / 信號 	xìnhào	signal
信号台 / 信號臺 	xìnhàotái	signal station
信奉	xìnfèng	belief;to believe (in sth)
信守	xìnshǒu	abide by;keep (promises, etc)
信宜	xìnyí	(N) Xinyi (place in Guangdong)
信实 / 信實 	xìnshí	to believe something to be true
信封	xìnfēng	envelope
信差	xìnchāi	messenger
信徒	xìntú	believer
信心	xìnxīn	confidence;faith (in someone or something)
信念	xìnniàn	faith;belief;conviction
信息	xìnxī	information;news;message
信息技术 / 信息技術 	xìnxíjìshù	information technology;IT
信息时代 / 信息時代 	xìnxíshídài	information age
信息管理	xìnxíguǎnlǐ	information management
信息系統 / 信息系统 	xìnxíxìtǒng	information system
信息資源 / 信息资源 	xìnxízīyuán	information resource
信托	xìntuō	to entrust
信服	xìnfú	to convince
信步	xìnbù	(v);take a leisurely stroll
信用	xìnyòng	credit
信用卡	xìnyòngkǎ	credit card
信用等級 / 信用等级 	xìnyòngděngjí	credit level
信用評等 / 信用评等 	xìnyòngpíngděng	credit rating
信用證 / 信用证 	xìnyòngzhèng	letter of credit
信箱	xìnxiāng	mailbox
信紙 / 信纸 	xìnzhǐ	writing paper
信誉 / 信譽 	xìnyù	prestige;distinction;reputation;trust
信貸 / 信贷 	xìndài	(n) financial credit
信賴 / 信赖 	xìnlài	confide;trust
信道	xìndào	signal path
信阳 / 信陽 	xìnyáng	(N) Xinyang (city in Henan)
信阳地区 / 信陽地區 	xìnyángdìqū	(N) Xinyang district (district in Henan)
信靠	xìnkào	trust
俦 / 儔 	chóu	comrades;friends;companions
俨 / 儼 	yǎn	majestic;dignified
俨然 / 儼然 	yǎnrán	just like;solemn;dignified
俩 / 倆 	liǎ	(a numeral-measure word) two;both
俩 / 倆 	liǎng	craft;cunning
俪 / 儷 	lì	husband and wife
俭 / 儉 	jiǎn	frugal;to be in need
修	xiū	to decorate;to embellish;to repair;to build;to study;to write;to cultivate
修养 / 修養 	xiūyǎng	accomplishment;training;self-cultivation
修剪	xiūjiǎn	prune;trim
修复 / 修復 	xiūfù	restoration
修女	xiūnǚ	nun
修建	xiūjiàn	to build;to construct
修改	xiūgǎi	amend;alter
修文	xiūwén	(N) Xiuwen (place in Guizhou)
修正	xiūzhèng	to revise;to amend
修正案	xiūzhèng'àn	amendment;revised draft
修武	xiūwǔ	(N) Xiuwu (place in Henan)
修水	xiūshuǐ	(N) Xiushui (place in Jiangxi)
修炼 / 修煉 	xiūliàn	(of Taoists) practise austerities;practise asceticism
修理	xiūlǐ	repair;perform maintenance;to overall;to fix
修理厂 / 修理廠 	xiūlǐchǎng	repair shop
修筑 / 修築 	xiūzhù	(v) build
修繕 / 修缮 	xiūshàn	to renovate;to repair (a building)
修补 / 修補 	xiūbǔ	mend
修补匠 / 修補匠 	xiūbǔjiàng	tinker
修訂 / 修订 	xiūdìng	revise
修辞 / 修辭 	xiūcí	rhetoric
修道院	xiūdàoyuàn	monastery
修長 / 修长 	xiūcháng	slender;lanky;tall and thin
修飾 / 修饰 	xiūshì	adorn;do up
俯 / 頫 	fǔ	look down;stoop
俯伏	fǔfú	to lie prostrate
俯冲 / 俯衝 	fǔchòng	(v) dive (through the air, down a slope, etc)
俯視 / 俯视 	fǔshì	overlook
俱	jū	entirely;without exception
俱	jù	a social club
俱乐部 / 俱樂部 	jùlèbù	club (i.e. a group or organization)
俳	pái	irresolute;not serious;variety show
俴	jiàn	short;shallow;thin plate
俵	biǎo	distribute
俶	chù	begin
俸	fèng	salary
俸祿 / 俸禄 	fènglù	official's salary (in feudal times)
俺	ǎn	I (northern dialects)
俾	bǐ	to cause;to enable
俾斯麥 / 俾斯麦 	bǐsīmài	Otto von Bismarck
俾路支	pìlǔzhīshěng	Beluchi or Baluchi (national minority of Pakistan and Afghanistan)
俾路支省	pìlǔzhīshěng	Baluchistan (province of Pakistan)
倅	cuì	deputy;second;sub-
倌	guān	keeper of domestic animals;herdsman;(old) hired hand in certain trade
倍	bèi	(two, three, etc) -fold;times (multiplier);double;to increase or multiply
倍塔	bèitǎ	beta
倍增器	bèizēngqì	multiplier
倍数 / 倍數 	bèishù	multiple
倍頻器 / 倍频器 	bèipínqì	frequency multiplier
倏	shū	sudden;abrupt
倒	dǎo	to fall;to collapse;to topple;to change trains or buses;to fail;bankrupt
倒	dào	upset;turn over;to tip;to pour;to go home;to the contrary;inverted
倒位	dǎowèi	inversion
倒台 / 倒臺 	dǎotái	to overthrow;downfall;to fall from power;to go bankrupt
倒塌	dǎotā	collapse;topple
倒抽一口气 / 倒抽一口氣 	dàochōuyīkǒuqì	(v) gasp in surprise
倒数 / 倒數 	dàoshǔ	(v) count down;count backward
倒数 / 倒數 	dàoshù	(math.) reciprocal
倒斃 / 倒毙 	dǎobì	to fall dead
倒是	dàoshi	contrary to what one might expect;actually;contrariwise
倒爷 / 倒爺 	dǎoyé	(n) profiteer;one who buys low and sell high
倒腾 / 倒騰 	dǎoteng	(v) move about;(v) fraudlent buying and selling
倒退	dàotuì	(v) fall back;go in reverse
倒閉 / 倒闭 	dǎobì	to go bankrupt;to close down
倒霉	dǎoméi	have bad luck;be out of luck
倔	jué	crabby;tough
倔强	juéjiàng	stubborn;unbending
倖	xìng	lucky
倘	tǎng	if
倘若	tǎngruò	provided that;supposing that;if
候	hòu	wait
候补 / 候補 	hòubǔ	(v) a canidate for a vacancy;an alternate
候車室 / 候车室 	hòuchēshì	waiting room (for train, bus, etc)
候选 / 候選 	hòuxuǎn	(adj) candidate
候选人 / 候選人 	hòuxuǎnrén	candidate
候鳥 / 候鸟 	hòuniǎo	migratory bird
倚	yǐ	to lean on;rely upon
倚仗	yǐzhàng	to lean on;rely on
倚賴 / 倚赖 	yǐlài	to rely on;to be dependent on
倚重	yǐzhòng	to rely heavily upon
倚靠	yǐkào	to lean on;re on
倜	tì	energetic;exalted;magnanimous
借	jiè	to lend;to borrow;excuse;pretext;by means of;to seize (an opportunity);to take (an opportunity)
借书单 / 借書單 	jièshūdān	book slip
借债 / 借債 	jièzhài	owe
借出	jièchū	lend
借助	jièzhù	to get help from
借口 / 藉口 	jièkǒu	excuse;pretext
借古喻今	jiègǔyùjīn	to borrow the past as a model for the present
借款	jièkuǎn	loan
借給 / 借给 	jiègěi	to lend to somebody
借腹生子	jièfùshēngzǐ	surrogate pregnancy
借記卡 / 借记卡 	jièjìkǎ	debit card
借过 / 借過 	jièguò	excuse me
借鉴 / 借鑒 	jièjiàn	(v) utilize others work;use as a source of reference
倡	chàng	initiate;instigate;introduce;lead;initiate
倡导 / 倡導 	chàngdǎo	advocate;initiate;propose;be a proponent of (an idea or school of thought)
倡議 / 倡议 	chàngyì	(v) suggest;propose;(n) suggestion;proposal
倢 / 婕 	jié	handsome
倣	fǎng	imitate
値	zhí	Japanese variant of __直__
値腸 / 直肠 	zhícháng	rectum (anat.)
倥	kōng	ignorant;blank-minded
倥	kǒng	urgent;pressed
倦	juàn	tired
倨	jù	stubborn
倩	qiàn	niece;plagiarize;winsome
倩影	qiànyǐng	beautiful image of a woman
倪	ní	(surname)
倬	zhuō	noticeable;large;clear;distinct
倭	wō	Japanese;dwarf
倭寇	wōkòu	Japanese piracy (in 16th and 17th Cent.)
倶	jū	Japanese variant of __俱__
债 / 債 	zhài	debt
债券 / 債券 	zhàiquàn	bond
债务 / 債務 	zhàiwù	debt
债务人 / 債務人 	zhàiwùrén	debtor
债权人 / 債權人 	zhàiquánrén	creditor
值	zhí	value;(to be) worth;to happen
值得	zhíde	to be worth;to deserve
值得庆幸 / 值得慶幸 	zhídeqìngxìng	auspicious;worth celebrating;worthy of congratulations
值得注意	zhídezhùyì	notable;noteworthy;merit attention
值得注意的是	zhídezhùyìdeshì	it's worth noting that...
值班	zhíbān	(v) be on duty
倾 / 傾 	qīng	to overturn;to collapse;to lean;to tend;to incline;to pour out
倾倒 / 傾倒 	qīngdào	to pour;to empty out;extreme admiration
倾向 / 傾向 	qīngxiàng	trend;tendency
倾向于 / 傾向於 	qīngxiàngyú	prone to
倾听 / 傾聽 	qīngtīng	hark;listen
倾听者 / 傾聽者 	qīngtīngzhě	listener
倾斜 / 傾斜 	qīngxié	incline;lean;slant;slope;tilt
倾注 / 傾注 	qīngzhù	to throw into
倾诉 / 傾訴 	qīngsù	to say everything (that is on one's mind)
倾谈 / 傾談 	qīngtán	to have a good talk
倾销 / 傾銷 	qīngxiāo	to dump (goods, products)
偁	chēng	to call
偃	yǎn	(surname);to lie supine;to stop;to fall down
偃师 / 偃師 	yǎnshī	(N) Yanshi (city in Henan)
假	jiǎ	fake;false;artificial;to borrow;if;suppose
假	jià	vacation
假人	jiǎrén	(n) mannequin
假人像	jiǎrénxiàng	an effigy
假使	jiǎshǐ	suppose;given ...
假借字	jiǎjièzì	loan character
假冒	jiǎmào	(v) impersonate;palm off an imitation
假发 / 假髮 	jiǎfà	wig
假否定句	jiǎfǒudìngjù	false negative
假如	jiǎrú	if
假定	jiǎdìng	to assume;to suppose
假日	jiàrì	holiday;non-working day
假期	jiàqī	vacation
假条 / 假條 	jiàtiáo	leave permit;application for leave
假肯定句	jiǎkěndìngjù	false affirmative
假若	jiǎruò	if;supposing;in case
假药 / 假藥 	jiǎyào	fake drugs
假装 / 假裝 	jiǎzhuāng	feign;pretend
假設 / 假设 	jiǎshè	(conj) suppose if...;(n) conjecture
假設語氣 / 假设语气 	jiǎshèyǔqì	subjunctive
假詞疊詞 / 假词叠词 	jiǎcídiécí	pseudo-affixation
假證 / 假证 	jiǎzhèng	false testimony
假象牙	jiǎxiàngyá	celluloid
假释 / 假釋 	jiǎshì	parole
偈	jì	Buddhist hymn;gatha;Buddhist verse
偈	jié	forceful;martial
偌	ruò	so;such;to such a degree
偌大	ruòdà	so big;such a big
偎	wēi	to cuddle
偏	piān	one-sided;to lean;to slant;prejudiced;inclined to one side
偏偏	piānpiān	unfortunately;against expectations
偏僻	piānpì	(adj) far from the city;remote
偏关 / 偏關 	piānguān	(N) Pianguan (place in Shanxi)
偏向	piānxiàng	(v) biased toward;(n) bad tendency
偏執狂 / 偏执狂 	piānzhíkuáng	paranoia
偏差	piānchā	bias;deviation
偏差距离 / 偏差距離 	piānchājùlí	offset distance
偏待	piāndài	to favour (somebody)
偏微分	piānwēifēn	(math.) partial differential;(math.) partial derivative
偏微分方程	piānwēifēnfāngchéng	partial differential equation (PDE)
偏愛 / 偏爱 	piān'ài	favor;preference
偏正式合成詞 / 偏正式合成词 	piānzhèngshìhéchéngcí	modified compound word
偏离 / 偏離 	piānlí	deviate;diverge;wander
偏私	piānsī	practice favoritism
偏袒	piāntǎn	side with;discriminate in favor of
偏見 / 偏见 	piānjiàn	prejudice
偏远	piānyuǎn	remote;far from civilization
偓	wò	constrained
偕	jiē	in company with
偕	xié	in company with
做	zuò	to do;to make;to produce
做为 / 做為 	zuòwéi	act as
做主	zuòzhǔ	make the decision;take charge of;back up;support;be host
做人	zuòrén	(v) conduct oneself;behave;be a person of integrity
做作	zuòzuo	affected;artificial
做出	zuòchū	to put out;to issue
做夢 / 做梦 	zuòmèng	dream;have a dream
做客	zuòkè	to be a guest or visitor
做工	zuògōng	(v) do manual work;(n) workmanship
做市商	zuòshìshāng	market maker
做愛 / 做爱 	zuò'ài	make love
做法	zuòfǎ	way of doing things;a (regular) practice;a behavior
做祷告 / 做禱告 	zuòdǎogào	to pray
做飯 / 做饭 	zuòfàn	to prepare a meal;to cook
停	tíng	to stop;to halt
停下	tíngxià	to stop
停下來 / 停下来 	tíngxiàlái	to stop
停业 / 停業 	tíngyè	to stop business;to close down
停产 / 停產 	tíngchǎn	stop production
停战 / 停戰 	tíngzhàn	armistice;cease fire
停战日 / 停戰日 	tíngzhànrì	Armistice Day
停放	tíngfàng	park;place
停止	tíngzhǐ	to stop;to halt;to cease
停泊	tíngbó	anchorage;mooring (of a ship)
停滞 / 停滯 	tíngzhì	be at a standstill;bogged down
停火	tínghuǒ	cease fire
停火协议 / 停火協議 	tínghuǒxiéyì	cease fire agreement
停留	tíngliú	stay somewhere temporarily;stop over
停車 / 停车 	tíngchē	to stop;to park
停車場 / 停车场 	tíngchēchǎng	car park
停靠	tíngkào	call at;stop at;berth
停靠港	tíngkàogǎng	port of call
停頓 / 停顿 	tíngdùn	pause
偝	bèi	disobey;stand back-to-back
偟	huáng	agitated;alarmed
偢	chǒu	to stare at
健	jiàn	healthy
健全	jiànquán	robust;strong
健壮 / 健壯 	jiànzhuàng	(adj) robust;healthy
健康	jiànkāng	health;healthy
健忘	jiànwàng	absent-minded
健怡可乐 / 健怡可樂 	jiànyíkělè	diet cola
健美	jiànměi	(adj) beautiful and strong
健身室	jiànshēnshì	gym
健身房	jiànshēnfáng	gym;gymnasium
健身館 / 健身馆 	jiànshēnguǎn	a gym (health center)
偨	cī	uneven
偩	fù	rely on;to resemble
偪	bī	close to;compel
偫	zhì	wait for;lay in
偬 / 傯 	zǒng	busy;hurried;despondent
偭	miǎn	transgress
偯	yǐ	to sob;wail
偲	sī	talented;urgent
偶	ǒu	accidental;image;pair;mate
偶像	ǒuxiàng	idol
偶尔 / 偶爾 	ǒu'ěr	occasionally;once in a while
偶数 / 偶數 	ǒushù	even number
偶然	ǒurán	incidentally;occasional;occasionally;by chance;randomly
偷	tōu	to steal;to pilfer
偷偷	tōutōu	stealthily;secretly;covertly;on the sly
偷偷摸摸	tōutōumōmō	(adj) surreptitious;sneaky
偷听 / 偷聽 	tōutīng	to eavesdrop;to monitor (secretly)
偷安	tōu'ān	to shirk responsability;thoughtless pleasure-seeking
偷工	tōugōng	to skimp on the job;to avoid work
偷工减料 / 偷工減料 	tōugōngjiǎnliào	to skimp on the job and stint on materials;jerry-building
偷惰	tōuduò	to skive off work;to be lazy
偷懒 / 偷懶 	tōulǎn	to goof off;to be lazy
偷拍	tōupāi	to take pictures of a person without his knowing
偷渡	tōudù	to stowaway (on a ship);to steal across the international border;to run a blockade
偷渡者	tōudùzhě	a stowaway (on a ship)
偷猎 / 偷獵 	tōuliè	poach
偷猎者 / 偷獵者 	tōulièzhě	poacher
偷生	tōushēng	to live without purpose
偷盗 / 偷盜 	tōudào	to steal
偷看	tōukàn	peep
偷稅 / 偷税 	tōushuì	(v) evade paying taxes
偷窃 / 偷竊 	tōuqiè	steal;theft
偷袭 / 偷襲 	tōuxí	to sneak attack
偻 / 僂 	lóu	hunchback
偾 / 僨 	fèn	instigate;ruin;destroy
偿 / 償 	cháng	to compensate;pay back;to recompense
偿还 / 償還 	chánghuán	repay
傀	guī	grand;strange;exotic
傀	kuǐ	puppet
傅	fù	(surname);tutor
傅科摆 / 傅科擺 	fùkēbǎi	Foucault’s pendulum
傅立叶 / 傅立葉 	fùlìyè	Francois-Maire Charles Fourier (French sociologist and socialist, 1772-1837)
傅里叶 / 傅里葉 	fùlǐyè	Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Fourier (French mathematician, 1768-1830)
傈	lì	Lisu ethnic minority of Yunnan, see __傈僳__
傈僳	lìsù	Lisu ethnic minority of Yunnan
傌	mà	to curse, to revile, to abuse;to scold
傍	bāng	near (approaching)
傍	bàng	near;nestle
傍午	bàngwǔ	towards noon;around midday
傍晚	bàngwǎn	in the evening;when night falls;towards evening;at night fall;at dusk
傎	diān	inversion;mistake
傑 / 杰 	jié	hero;heroic
傑伊漢港 / 杰伊汉港 	jiéyīhàngǎng	Ceyhan (Turkish mediterranean port)
傑作 / 杰作 	jiézuò	(n) masterpiece
傑出 / 杰出 	jiéchū	illustrious
傑夫 / 杰夫 	jiéfū	Jeff (a person's name)
傑米 / 杰米 	jiémǐ	Jamie;Jim
傒	xī	of Jiangxi province;servant
傔	qiàn	servant
備 / 备 	bèi	to prepare;get ready;to provide or equip
備件 / 备件 	bèijiàn	spare parts
備取 / 备取 	bèiqǔ	be on the waiting list (for admission to a school)
備品 / 备品 	bèipǐn	machine parts or tools kept in reserve;spare parts
備忘錄 / 备忘录 	bèiwànglù	memorandum;aide-memoire;memorandum book
備戰 / 备战 	bèizhàn	prepare for war;be prepared against war
備料 / 备料 	bèiliào	get the materials ready;prepare feed (for livestock)
備查 / 备查 	bèichá	for future reference
備案 / 备案 	bèi'àn	put on record;enter (a case) in the records
備用 / 备用 	bèiyòng	reserve;spare;alternate;backup
備用環 / 备用环 	bèiyònghuán	backup ring
備考 / 备考 	bèikǎo	(an appendix, note, etc.) for reference
備而不用 / 备而不用 	bèi'érbùyòng	have something ready just in case;keep something for possible future use
備耕 / 备耕 	bèigēng	make preparations for ploughing and sowing
備至 / 备至 	bèizhì	to the utmost;in every possible way
備荒 / 备荒 	bèihuāng	prepare against natural disasters
備註 / 备注 	bèizhù	remarks
備課 / 备课 	bèikè	(of a teacher) to prepare lessons
傚	xiào	imitate
傜 / 猺 	yáo	Yao tribe
傞	suō	uneven;unsteady (in dancing)
傢	jiā	furniture;tool
傢伙	jiāhuǒ	guy
傢樂福 / 家乐福 	jiālèfú	"Carrefour", 1st chain of hypermarkets in P.R.China and Taiwan
傣	dǎi	the Dai minority living in South China
傥 / 儻 	tǎng	if;unexpectedly
傧 / 儐 	bīn	best man;entertain
傧相 / 儐相 	bīnxiàng	attendant of the bride or bridegroom at a wedding
储 / 儲 	chǔ	savings;to save;to deposit;to store;(a surname)
储备 / 儲備 	chǔbèi	(v) store up reserves
储存 / 儲存 	chǔcún	stockpile;to store;to stockpile;storage
储蓄 / 儲蓄 	chǔxù	(v) save or deposit money;(n) one's savings
储藏 / 儲藏 	chǔcáng	store;deposit;(oil, mineral, etc) deposits
储藏室 / 儲藏室 	chúcángshì	storage
傩 / 儺 	nuó	exorcise demons
催	cuī	urge;press;expedite;prompt;hurry
催乳激素	cuīrǔjīsù	prolactin
催促	cuīcù	urge
催化	cuīhuà	catalysis;to catalyze (a reaction)
催化作用	cuīhuàzuòyòng	catalysis
催化剂 / 催化劑 	cuīhuàjì	catalyst
催吐剂 / 催吐劑 	cuītǔjì	emetic
催泪剂 / 催淚劑 	cuīlèijì	lachrymator
催泪弹 / 催淚彈 	cuīlèidàn	tear bomb;tear-gas grenade
催泪瓦斯 / 催淚瓦斯 	cuīlèiwǎsī	tear gas
催眠曲	cuīmiánqǔ	lullaby
催眠术 / 催眠術 	cuīmiánshù	hypnotize;hypnotism;mesmerism
催逼	cuībī	to press (for a payment)
傭	yōng	to hire;to employ;servant
傭人領班 / 傭人领班 	yōngrénlǐngbān	butler
傲	ào	proud;overbearing;insolent;arrogant
傲岸	ào'àn	proud;haughty
傲慢	àomàn	arrogant;haughty
傲气 / 傲氣 	àoqì	air of arrogance;haughtiness
傲然	àorán	loftily;proudly;unyieldingly
傲視 / 傲视 	àoshì	turn up one's nose;show disdain for;regard superciliously
傲骨	àogǔ	lofty and unyielding character
傺	chì	detain;hinder
傻	shǎ	foolish
傻子	shǎzi	(n) idiot;fool
傻瓜	shǎguā	idiot;foolish
傿	yān	name of an immortal;an ancient placename
傿	yàn	a fraudulant price
僄	piào	light;airy
僇	lù	despise;insult
僊	xiān	immortal
僎	zhuàn	collect
像	xiàng	(look) like;similar (to);appearance;to appear;to seem;image;portrait;resemble;seem
像样 / 像樣 	xiàngyàng	presentable;decent;up to par
像片簿	xiàngpiànbù	album
像素	xiàngsù	pixel;picture element
像銀 / 像银 	xiàngyín	silvery
僕	pú	servant
僖	xī	(surname);cautious;merry;joyful
僚	liáo	bureaucrat
僝	chán	to revile;to abuse
僣	jiàn	assume, usurp
僤	dàn	great;severe
僦	jiù	hire;to rent
僧	sēng	monk
僧侣 / 僧侶 	sēnglǚ	monk
僧帽猴	sēngmàohóu	capucin monkey;genus Cebidae
僧院	sēngyuàn	abbey;Buddhist monastery;vihara
僩	xiàn	courageous;valiant
僬	jiāo	clever;pigmies
僭	jiàn	usurp
僮	tóng	boy
僮	zhuàng	name of an ethnic group in Guangxi
僯	lǐn	ashamed
僰	bó	name of an ethnic group
僱	gù	hire
僱佣 / 雇佣 	gùyōng	employ;hire
僱員	gùyuán	employee
僱用 / 雇用 	gùyòng	hire
僳	sù	Lisu (ethnic group)
僵	jiāng	rigid;deadlock;stiff (corpse)
僵	jiāng	stiff (corpse)
僵化 / 殭化 	jiānghuà	become rigid
僵尸	jiāngshī	corpse;zombie
僵局	jiāngjú	impasse;deadlock
僵持	jiāngchí	to be deadlocked
僵硬	jiāngyìng	stark;stiff
僻	pì	low;rustic;secluded
僾	ài	indistinct;hazy
僿	sài	small, minute;lacking sincerity
儆	jǐng	warn;admonish
儇	xuān	ingenious;frivolous
儊	chù	rough and rugged
儋	dān	carry
儋县 / 儋縣 	dānxiàn	(N) Dan county (county in Hainan)
儌	jiǎo	by mere luck
儒	rú	scholar;Confucian
儒学 / 儒學 	rúxué	Confucianism
儒家	rújiā	Confucians;Confucian school
儓	tái	servant
儗	nǐ	doubtful;suspicious;emulate;imitate
儘	jǐn	to the utmost
儘可能 / 尽可能 	jìnkěnéng	as far as possible
儘快 / 尽快 	jǐnkuài	as quickly as possible
儘早 / 尽早 	jǐnzǎo	as early as possible
儘管 / 尽管 	jǐnguǎn	despite;although;even though;in spite of;don't hesitate (e.g., to ask for help)
儘量 / 尽量 	jìnliàng	as much as possible;to the greatest extent
儜	níng	weak;wearied;in distress
儡	lěi	injure;puppet
儤	bào	on night duty
儦	biāo	walking to and fro
儩	sì	the end;to finish
儭	chèn	to assist;to give alms
儱	lǒng	rude;barbarous
儳	chàn	irregular;mixed
儵	shù	alternate form of __倏__;sudden;abrupt
儸	luó	smart;clever
儹	zǎn	to accumulate, to hoard, to store up
儽	lěi	lazy;tired out, worn fatigued
儿 / 兒 	ér	son
儿 / 兒 	er	non-syllabic dimi. suff.
儿化韵 / 兒化韻 	érhuàyùn	retroflex final
儿女 / 兒女 	érnǚ	children;sons and daughters
儿媳 / 兒媳 	érxí	daughter-in-law
儿子 / 兒子 	érzi	son
儿童 / 兒童 	értóng	child
儿童基金会 / 兒童基金會 	értóngjījīnhuì	UNICEF (United Nation's Children's fund)
兀	wù	(surname);cut off the feet;rising to a height;towering;bald
允	yǔn	just;fair;to permit;to allow
允当 / 允當 	yǔndàng	proper;suitable
允許 / 允许 	yǔnxǔ	to permit;to allow
允諾 / 允诺 	yǔnnuò	to promise;to consent (to do sth)
元	yuán	Chinese monetary unit;dollar;primary;first;the Yuan or Mongol dynasty (1279-1368 AD)
元件	yuánjiàn	element;component
元宵	yuánxiāo	sweet dumplings made of glutinous rice flour
元宵節 / 元宵节 	yuánxiāojié	the Lantern Festival, January 15 on the lunar calendar
元山	yuánshān	Wonsan (North Korea)
元帅 / 元帥 	yuánshuài	a marshal (in the armed forces)
元年	yuánnián	first year of Emperor's reign
元旦	yuándàn	New Year's Day
元月	yuányuè	first month of the Lunar calendar;the New Year
元朝	yuáncháo	the Yuan or Mongol dynasty (1279-1368 AD)
元氏	yuánshì	(N) Yuanshi (place in Hebei)
元素	yuánsù	element;element of a set;chemical element
元老	yuánlǎo	grandee;old leadership;chief figure (in a gerontocracy)
元老院	yuánlǎoyuàn	upper house;senate;senior statesmen's assembly
元語言學意識 / 元语言学意识 	yuányǔyánxuéyìshì	metalinguistic awareness
元語言能力 / 元语言能力 	yuányǔyánnénglì	metalinguistic ability
元謀 / 元谋 	yuánmóu	(N) Yuanmou (place in Yunnan)
元長鄉 / 元长乡 	yuánchángxiāng	(N) Yuanchang (village in Taiwan)
元阳 / 元陽 	yuányáng	(N) Yuanyang (place in Yunnan)
元音	yuányīn	vowel
元音失讀 / 元音失读 	yuányīnshīdú	vowel devoicing
元首	yuánshǒu	head of state
兄	xiōng	elder brother
兄弟	xiōngdì	brothers;younger brother;brethren
兄弟会 / 兄弟會 	xiōngdìhuì	fraternity
兄弟阋墙 / 兄弟鬩牆 	xiōngdìxìqiáng	(set phrase) internal disagreement or argument
充	chōng	fill;satisfy;fulfill;to act in place of;substitute;sufficient;full
充份	chōngfèn	ample;sufficient;abundant;full
充分	chōngfèn	full;abundant
充实 / 充實 	chōngshí	rich;substantial;enrich;substantiate
充当 / 充當 	chōngdāng	serve as;play the role of
充斥	chōngchì	to be full of
充沛	chōngpèi	(adj) bountiful;plentiful
充满 / 充滿 	chōngmǎn	full of;brimming with;very full;permeated
充电器 / 充電器 	chōngdiànqì	charger
充裕	chōngyù	plenty;sufficient;enough
充足	chōngzú	adequate;sufficient;abundant
兆	zhào	omen;million;million million, trillion
兇	xiōng	fierce
兇惡	xiōng'è	(adj) fierce;frightening
兇手	xiōngshǒu	assailant;murderer;assassin
兇狠	xiōnghěn	(adj) fierce and antagonistic;(adj) vengeful
兇猛 / 凶猛 	xiōngměng	fierce
先	xiān	early;prior;former;in advance;first
先令	xiānlìng	shilling
先例	xiānlì	antecedent;precedent
先前	xiānqián	before;previously
先后 / 先後 	xiānhòu	early or late;priority;in succession;one after another
先天	xiāntiān	inborn;innate;natural
先天性缺陷	xiāntiānxìngquēxiàn	birth defect
先生	xiānsheng	sir;mister;teacher;(title of respect)
先知	xiānzhī	prophet
先祖	xiānzǔ	ancestry
先行	xiānxíng	(v) go in advance o others
先見之明 / 先见之明 	xiānjiànzhīmíng	foresight
先見者 / 先见者 	xiānjiànzhě	seer
先进 / 先進 	xiānjìn	advanced (technology);to advance
先进武器 / 先進武器 	xiānjìnwǔqì	advanced weapon
先进水平 / 先進水平 	xiānjìnshuǐpíng	advanced level
先鋒 / 先锋 	xiānfēng	herald;pioneer
先驅 / 先驱 	xiānqū	pioneer
光	guāng	light;ray;bright;only;merely
光临 / 光臨 	guānglín	(court.) be present;to attend
光二极管 / 光二極管 	guāng'èrjíguǎn	light emitting diode;LED
光亮	guāngliàng	bright
光信号 / 光信號 	guāngxìnhào	optical signal
光冲量 / 光衝量 	guāngchōngliáng	radiant exposure
光功率	guānggōnglǜ	optical power
光发送器 / 光發送器 	guāngfāsòngqì	optical transmitter
光合	guānghé	photosynthesis
光合作用	guānghézuòyòng	photosynthesis
光圈	guāngquān	aperture;diaphragm
光复 / 光復 	guāngfù	to recover (territory or power);the liberation of Taiwan from Japanese rule in 1945
光复乡 / 光復鄉 	guāngfùxiāng	(N) Kuangfu (village in Taiwan)
光天化日	guāngtiānhuàrì	in broad daylight
光头 / 光頭 	guāngtóu	bald headed person (disrespectful);having a score of zero in a game;to be skunked (game)
光子	guāngzǐ	(phys.) photon (particle or quantum of light)
光学 / 光學 	guāngxué	optics (math. phys.);optical (instrument)
光学显微镜 / 光學顯微鏡 	guāngxuéxiǎnwēijìng	optical microscope
光射線 / 光射线 	guāngshèxiàn	light ray
光山	guāngshān	(N) Guangshan (place in Henan)
光州	guāngzhōu	Kwangju (South Korea)
光彩	guāngcǎi	honorable;reputable
光接收器	guāngjiēshōuqì	optical receiver
光明	guāngmíng	bright (future);promising
光明日報 / 光明日报 	guāngmíngrìbào	Guangming Daily
光是	guāngshì	solely;just
光景	guāngjǐng	circumstances;scene;about;probably
光束	guāngshù	beam
光标 / 光標 	guāngbiāo	cursor (computer)
光检测器 / 光檢測器 	guāngjiǎncèqì	optical detector
光棍儿 / 光棍兒 	guānggùn'er	(n) bachelor
光榮 / 光荣 	guāngróng	honor and glory
光槃	guāngpán	compact disc
光气 / 光氣 	guāngqì	phosgene
光波長 / 光波长 	guāngbōcháng	optical wavelength
光泽 / 光澤 	guāngzé	luster
光洁 / 光潔 	guāngjié	bright and clean
光源	guāngyuán	light source
光滑	guānghua	glossy;sleek;smooth
光漆	guāngqī	enamel
光照	guāngzhào	illumination
光环 / 光環 	guānghuán	halo;ring of light
光电 / 光電 	guāngdiàn	opto-electrical
光盘	guāngpán	compact disc
光盘	guāngpán	CD-ROM
光盤	guāngpán	CD-ROM
光碟	guāngdié	CD;compact disk
光磁	guāngcí	magneto-optical
光磁碟	guāngcídié	magneto-optical disk;floptical disk
光磁碟机 / 光磁碟機 	guāngcídiéjī	magneto-optical drive;floptical drive
光禿禿 / 光秃秃 	guāngtūtū	bald
光笔 / 光筆 	guāngbǐ	light pen
光緒 / 光绪 	guāngxù	Emperor Guangxu or Guang-hsu, the penultimate Qing Emperor
光線 / 光线 	guāngxiàn	optical line;optical cable;light ray
光纖 / 光纤 	guāngxiān	light;ray;optical;optical fiber;fiber optic
光纖分佈式數據介面 / 光纤分布式数据介面 	guāngxiānfēnbùshìshùjùjièmiàn	Fiber Distributed Data Interface;FDDI
光纖分佈數據接口 / 光纤分布数据接口 	guāngxiānfēnbùshùjùjiēkǒu	FDDI;Fiber Distributed Data Interface
光纖分散式資料介面 / 光纤分散式资料介面 	guāngxiāngfēnsànshìzīliàojièmiàn	fiber distributed data interface;FDDI
光纖接口 / 光纤接口 	guāngxiānjiēkǒu	optical interface
光纖衰減 / 光纤衰减 	guāngxiānshuāijiǎn	optical attenuation
光纖電纜 / 光纤电缆 	guāngxiāndiànlǎn	optical fiber;optical cable
光芒	guāngmáng	rays of light;brilliant rays;radiance
光譜 / 光谱 	guāngpǔ	spectrum
光譜儀 / 光谱仪 	guāngpǔyí	spectrometer;spectrograph
光輝 / 光辉 	guānghuī	radiance
光輻射 / 光辐射 	guāngfúshè	light radiation
光速	guāngsù	the speed of light
光阴 / 光陰 	guāngyīn	time available
光顧 / 光顾 	guānggù	(v);patronize;(n);patronage
克	kè	gram;subdue;to restrain;to overcome
克	kè	subdue
克东 / 克東 	kèdōng	(N) Kedong (place in Heilongjiang)
克什克腾旗 / 克什克騰旗 	kèshíkèténgqí	(N) Keshiketeng qi (place in Inner Mongolia)
克什米尔 / 克什米爾 	kèshímǐ'ěr	Kashmir
克制	kèzhì	restraint;self-control
克劳修斯 / 克勞修斯 	kèláoxiūsī	Rudolf Clausius (1822–1888)
克劳福德 / 克勞福德 	kèláofúdé	Crawford (town in Texas)
克山	kèshān	(N) Keshan (place in Heilongjiang)
克扣 / 剋扣 	kèkòu	to embezzle
克拉克	kèlākè	Clark or Clerk (name)
克拉玛依 / 克拉瑪依 	kèlāmǎyī	(N) Kelamayi (city in Xinjiang)
克服	kèfú	(try to) overcome (hardships, etc);to conquer;to put up with;to endure
克林霉素	kèlínméisù	clindamycin
克林頓 / 克林顿 	kèlíndùn	(Bill) Clinton
克格勃	kègébó	KGB (Soviet secret police)
克沙奇病毒	kèshāqíbìngdú	Coxsackievirus
克罗地亚 / 克羅地亞 	kèluódìyà	Croatia
克罗地亚共和国 / 克羅地亞共和國 	kèluódìyàgònghéguó	Croatia
克罗地亚语 / 克羅地亞語 	kèluódìyàyǔ	Croatian (language)
克莱蒙特 / 克萊懞特 	kèláiméngtè	Clermont (French town)
克賴斯特徹奇 / 克赖斯特彻奇 	kèlàisītèchèqí	Christchurch (New Zealand city)
克里姆林宫 / 克里姆林宮 	kèlǐmǔlíngōng	the Kremlin
克里斯托弗	kèlǐsītuōfú	(Warren) Christopher
克里木	kèlǐmù	Crimea;the Crimean peninsula
克里木半岛 / 克里木半島 	kèlǐmùbàndǎo	Crimea;the Crimean peninsula
克里木战争 / 克里木戰爭 	kèlǐmùzhànzhēng	the Crimean War
克隆	kèlóng	clone
克隆技术 / 克隆技術 	kèlóngjìshù	cloning technology
克雷伯氏菌属 / 克雷伯氏菌屬 	kèléibóshìjūnshǔ	Klebsiella
兌 / 兑 	duì	to cash
兌換 / 兑换 	duìhuàn	to convert;to exchange
兌現 / 兑现 	duìxiàn	(v) cash a check;(v) honor a contract
免	miǎn	to exempt;to remove;to avoid;to excuse
免得	miǎnde	so as not to;so as to avoid
免疫	miǎnyì	immunity (to disease)
免疫力	miǎnyìlì	immunity
免疫应答 / 免疫應答 	miǎnyìyīngdá	immune response
免疫法	miǎnyìfǎ	immunization
免稅 / 免税 	miǎnshuì	tax free;duty free (shop)
免职 / 免職 	miǎnzhí	to dismiss;to depose;degradation
免費 / 免费 	miǎnfèi	free (of charge)
免費軟件 / 免费软件 	miǎnfèiruǎnjiàn	freeware
免除	miǎnchú	to prevent;to avoid
児	ér	Japanese variant of T:__兒__ S:__儿__
兔	tù	rabbit
兔唇	tùchún	hare lip (birth defect)
兔子	tùzi	hare;rabbit
兕	sì	rhinoceros indicus
兖 / 兗 	yǎn	place name
兖州	yǎnzhōu	(N) Yanzhou (city in Shandong)
党 / 黨 	dǎng	party;association;club;society
党中央 / 黨中央 	dǎngzhōngyāng	(N) Chinese Party Central Committee;(n) central committee of a political party
党内 / 黨內 	dǎngnèi	within the (Communist) party
党同伐异 / 黨同伐異 	dǎngtóngfáyì	to be narrowly partisan;to unite with those of the same views but alienate those with different views
党员 / 黨員 	dǎngyuán	political party member
党委 / 黨委 	dǎngwěi	Party committee
党性 / 黨性 	dǎngxìng	(n) political party spirit or character
党政 / 黨政 	dǎngzhèng	party policy;(Communist) Party and government administration
党派 / 黨派 	dǎngpài	partisan;political party related
党派集会 / 黨派集會 	dǎngpàijíhuì	party meeting
党章 / 黨章 	dǎngzhāng	(n) political party constitution
党籍 / 黨籍 	dǎngjì	party membership
党纲 / 黨綱 	dǎnggāng	(political) party platform;party program
党组 / 黨組 	dǎngzǔ	leading party group
党羽 / 黨羽 	dǎngyǔ	henchmen
党项 / 黨項 	dǎngxiàng	(n);(clas.) Branch of the Qiang (__羌__) nationality
兜	dōu	pocket
兜儿 / 兜兒 	dōu'er	(n) pocket;something shaped like a bag
兜兜	dōudou	an undergarment covering chest and abdomen
兜售	dōushòu	hawk;peddle
兜帽	dōumào	hood
兜肚	dōudu	an undergarment covering chest and abdomen
兝	fēn	decigram, dg.
兞	máo	milligram, mg.
兟	shēn	to advance
兢	jīng	to be fearful;apprehensive
兢兢业业 / 兢兢業業 	jīngjīngyèyè	(adv) cautiously but concientiously
入	rù	to enter
入乡随俗 / 入鄉隨俗 	rùxiāngsuísú	When in Rome, do as the Romans do
入伍	rùwǔ	enter the army;enlist
入侵	rùqīn	to invade
入口	rùkǒu	entrance
入境	rùjìng	enter a country
入学 / 入學 	rùxué	(v) enter a school;(v) first start going to school as a child
入学率 / 入學率 	rùxuélǜ	percentage of children who enter school
入微	rùwēi	(adv) in every possible detail;in a thorough going way
入手	rùshǒu	(v) start or begin
入木三分	rùmùsānfēn	written in a forceful hand;penetrating;profound
入狱 / 入獄 	rùyù	go to jail;get sent to prison
入盟	rùméng	to join (e.g., union or alliance)
入眠	rùmián	to fall asleep
入迷	rùmí	to be fascinated;to be enchanted
入門 / 入门 	rùmén	introduction (to a subject)
入院	rùyuàn	to enter hospital;to be hospitalized
內 / 内 	nèi	inside;inner;internal;within;interior
內丘 / 内丘 	nèiqiū	(N) Neiqiu (place in Hebei)
內亂 / 内乱 	nèiluàn	internal disorder;civil strife
內兄 / 内兄 	nèixiōng	wife's older brother
內含體 / 内含体 	nèihántǐ	inclusion bodies
內在 / 内在 	nèizài	(adj) intrinsic
內在的 / 内在的 	nèizàide	inner;internal
內地 / 内地 	nèidì	inland;interior
內埔鄉 / 内埔乡 	nèibùxiāng	(N) Neipu (village in Taiwan)
內容 / 内容 	nèiróng	content;substance;details
內布拉斯加 / 内布拉斯加 	nèibùlāsījiā	Nebraska
內幕 / 内幕 	nèimù	(n) inside story;non-public information;behind the scenes;internal
內弟 / 内弟 	nèidì	wife's younger brother
內心 / 内心 	nèixīn	heart;innermost being
內情 / 内情 	nèiqíng	inside information
內懮外患 / 内懮外患 	nèiyōuwàihuàn	domestic strife and foreign aggression
內戰 / 内战 	nèizhàn	civil war
內政 / 内政 	nèizhèng	internal affairs (of a country)
內政部 / 内政部 	nèizhèngbù	Ministry of the Interior
內政部長 / 内政部长 	nèizhèngbùzhǎng	Minister of the Interior
內江 / 内江 	nèijiāng	(N) Neijiang (place in Sichuan)
內江地區 / 内江地区 	nèijiāngdìqū	(N) Neijiang district (district in Sichuan)
內涵 / 内涵 	nèihán	intention;connotation;ability of exercising self-control;self-restraint
內湖區 / 内湖区 	nèihúqū	(N) Neihu (area in Taiwan)
內源 / 内源 	nèiyuán	source
內燃机 / 内燃機 	nèiránjī	internal combustion engine
內爆法原子彈 / 内爆法原子弹 	nèibàofǎyuánzǐdàn	implosion atomic bomb
內生的 / 内生的 	nèishēngde	endogenous
內皮 / 内皮 	nèipí	(med.) endothelium;thin skin on the inside of some fruits (e.g., oranges)
內碼 / 内码 	nèimǎ	to encode
內科 / 内科 	nèikē	medical department
內細胞團 / 内细胞团 	nèixìbāotuán	inner cell mass (ICM)
內置 / 内置 	nèizhì	internal;internally installed
內羅畢 / 内罗毕 	nèiluóbì	Nairobi (capital of Kenya)
內臟 / 内脏 	nèizàng	an internal organ
內臣 / 内臣 	nèichén	chamberlain
內華達 / 内华达 	nèihuádá	Nevada
內華達州 / 内华达州 	nèihuàdázhōu	Nevada
內蒙 / 内蒙 	nèiméng	Inner Mongolia
內蒙古 / 内蒙古 	nèiměnggǔ	Inner Mongolia
內蒙古自治區 / 内蒙古自治区 	nèiménggǔzìzhìqū	(N) Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
內行 / 内行 	nèiháng	(n) expert;(adj) experienced
內衣褲 / 内衣裤 	nèiyīkù	underwear
內袋 / 内袋 	nèidài	inner pocket
內褲 / 内裤 	nèikù	underwear
內訌 / 内讧 	nèihòng	internal strife
內部 / 内部 	nèibù	interior;inside (part, section);internal
內部結構 / 内部结构 	nèibùjiégòu	internal structure;internal composition
內部網 / 内部网 	nèibùwǎng	intranet
內鄉 / 内乡 	nèixiāng	(N) Neixiang (place in Henan)
內酰胺酶 / 内酰胺酶 	nèixiān'ànméi	beta-lactamase (a bacterial inhibitor)
內門鄉 / 内门乡 	nèiménxiāng	(N) Neimen (village in Taiwan)
內閣 / 内阁 	nèigé	(government) cabinet
內陸 / 内陆 	nèilù	inland;interior
內黃 / 内黄 	nèihuáng	(N) Neihuang (place in Henan)
全	quán	all;whole;entire;every;complete
全世界	quánshìjiè	worldwide;entire world
全世界第一	quánshìjièdìyī	world's first
全会 / 全會 	quánhuì	plenary session (at a conference)
全体 / 全體 	quántǐ	all;entire
全体人员 / 全體人員 	quántǐrényuán	crew
全副	quánfù	completely
全力	quánlì	(adv) with all one's strength
全力以赴	quánlìyǐfù	do at all costs;make an all-out effort
全南	quánnán	(N) Quannan (place in Jiangxi)
全同	quántóng	identical
全国 / 全國 	quánguó	entire country;nationwide
全国各地 / 全國各地 	quánguógèdì	every part of the country
全国性 / 全國性 	quánguóxìng	national
全国鸟类学会 / 全國鳥類學會 	quánguóniǎolèixuéhuì	China Ornithological Society
全场一致 / 全場一致 	quánchǎngyīzhì	unanimous
全复 / 全復 	quánfù	completely;totally recovered;healed
全家	quánjiā	whole family
全局	quánjú	overall situation
全局性	quánjúxìng	global
全局語境 / 全局语境 	quánjúyǔjìng	global context
全州	quánzhōu	(N) Quanzhou (place in Guangxi)
全心全意	quánxīnquányì	heart and soul;wholeheartedly
全斗焕 / 全斗煥 	quándòuhuàn	Chun Doo Hwan (former South Korean president)
全新世	quánxīnshì	holocene;period since the last ice age
全新紀 / 全新纪 	quánxīnjì	holocene;period since the last ice age
全日空	quánrìkōng	All Nippon Airways (ANA)
全时工作	quánshígōngzuò	full time work
全景	quánjǐng	panoramic view
全权 / 全權 	quánquán	(n) free hand
全椒	quánjiāo	(N) Quanjiao (place in Anhui)
全民	quánmín	(n) the entire population of a country
全民公决 / 全民公決 	quánmíngōngjué	referendum
全然	quánrán	completely
全球	quánqiú	entire;total;global
全球化	quánqiúhuà	globalization
全球变暖 / 全球變暖 	quánqiúbiànnuǎn	global warming
全球性	quánqiúxìng	global
全球气候 / 全球氣候 	quánqiúqìhòu	global climate
全球气候升温 / 全球氣候升溫 	quánqiúqìhòushēngwēn	global warming
全球气候变暖 / 全球氣候變暖 	quánqiúqìhòubiànnuǎn	global warming
全球資訊網 / 全球资讯网 	quánqiúzīxùnwǎng	world wide web;WWW
全神灌注	quánshénguànzhù	rapture
全神貫注 / 全神贯注 	quánshénguànzhù	(phr) with complete attention, concentration
全程	quánchéng	(during an) entire journey
全能	quánnéng	omnipotent
全蚀 / 全蝕 	quánshí	total eclipse
全身	quánshēn	whole body
全身中毒性毒剂 / 全身中毒性毒劑 	quánshēnzhōngdúxìngdújì	systemic agent;systemic gas;systemic poison
全部	quánbù	whole;entire;complete
全都	quándōu	(adv) all;everything without any exception
全集	quánjí	(n) omnibus;complete works of an artist
全面	quánmiàn	all-around;comprehensive;total;overall
全面禁止	quánmiànjìnzhǐ	complete prohibition;total ban
全食	quánshí	total eclipse
八	bā	eight;8
八九不离十 / 八九不離十 	bājiǔbùlíshí	pretty close;very near;about right
八仙	bāxiān	the Eight Immortals
八仙桌	bāxiānzhuō	old fashioned square table to seat eight people
八会穴 / 八會穴 	bāhuìxué	the Eight Strategic Nerve Points
八倍体 / 八倍體 	bābèitǐ	octoploid
八分音符	bāfēnyīnfú	quaver;eighth note
八十	bāshí	eighty;80
八千	bāqiān	eight thousand;8000
八卦	bāguà	the Eight Diagrams;to gossip
八哥儿 / 八哥兒 	bāgē'ér	myna
八国联军 / 八國聯軍 	bāguóliánjūn	the Eight Power Allied Force
八天	bātiān	eight-day;eight days
八字	bāzì	character 8;Eight Characters
八宝 / 八寶 	bābǎo	eight treasures
八宿	bāsù	(N) Basu (place in Tibet)
八小时工作制 / 八小時工作制 	bāxiǎoshígōngzuòzhì	eight hour working day
八带鱼 / 八帶魚 	bādàiyú	octopus
八年	bānián	eight years
八度	bādù	octave
八廓	bākuò	(N) Barkhor (pilgrim circuit around Jokhang temple in Lhasa, Tibet)
八开 / 八開 	bākāi	octavo
八德	bādé	(N) Pate (city in Taiwan)
八成	bāchéng	eighty percent;most probably;most likely
八方	bāfāng	the eight points of the compass;all directions
八旗	bāqí	the "Eight Banners" (military organization in Qing Dynasty)
八月	bāyuè	eighth month;August
八級工 / 八级工 	bājígōng	eight grade worker;top-grade worker
八級工資制 / 八级工资制 	bājígōngzīzhì	eight grade wage scale (system)
八級風 / 八级风 	bājífēng	force 8 wind;fresh gale
八股	bāgǔ	eight -part essay;stereotyped writing
八角	bājiǎo	anise;star anise;aniseed;octagonal
八角枫 / 八角楓 	bājiǎofēng	alangium
八路军 / 八路軍 	bālùjūn	the Eighth Route Army
八里乡 / 八里鄉 	bālǐxiāng	(N) Pali (village in Taiwan)
八面玲珑 / 八面玲瓏 	bāmiànlínglóng	be smooth and slick (in establishing social relations)
公	gōng	just;honorable (designation);public;common
公丈	gōngzhàng	decameter
公两 / 公兩 	gōngliǎng	hectogram
公主	gōngzhǔ	princess
公主岭 / 公主嶺 	gōngzhǔlǐng	(N) Gongzhuling (city in Jilin)
公义 / 公義 	gōngyì	righteousness
公交	gōngjiāo	public transportation;mass transit
公休日	gōngxiūrì	public holiday
公众 / 公眾 	gōngzhòng	public
公众意见 / 公眾意見 	gōngzhòngyìjiàn	public opinion
公众电信网路 / 公眾電信網路 	gōngzhòngdiànxìnwǎnglù	public telephone network
公会 / 公會 	gōnghuì	guild
公佈 / 公布 	gōngbù	publicly announce;to make public;to publish
公债 / 公債 	gōngzhài	(n) government issued bonds
公元	gōngyuán	(year) A.D.;Christian era
公元前	gōngyuánqián	before Christ;BC
公克	gōngkè	gram
公公	gōnggong	husband's father;father-in-law
公共	gōnggòng	public;common (use)
公共交换电话网路 / 公共交換電話網路 	gōnggòngjiāohuàndiànhuàwǎnglù	public switched telephone network;PSTN
公共汽車 / 公共汽车 	gōnggòngqìchē	bus
公关 / 公關 	gōngguān	(n) public relations
公分	gōngfēn	centimeter;gram
公务 / 公務 	gōngwù	official business
公务员 / 公務員 	gōngwùyuán	(n) functionary;office-bearer
公升	gōngshēng	liter
公厘 / 公釐 	gōnglí	decigram;millimeter
公司	gōngsī	(business) company;company;firm;corporation;incorporated
公司会议 / 公司會議 	gōngsīhuìyì	company meeting
公司理財 / 公司理财 	gōngsīlǐcái	company finance;corporate finance
公吨 / 公噸 	gōngdūn	ton;metric ton
公告	gōnggào	post
公园 / 公園 	gōngyuán	a public park
公园小径效应 / 公園小徑效應 	gōngyuánxiǎojìngxiàoyìng	garden path effect
公報 / 公报 	gōngbào	announcement;bulletin;communique
公墓	gōngmù	cemetery
公孙 / 公孫 	gōngsūn	(a 2-character surname)
公安	gōng'ān	(Ministry of) Public Security;public safety;public security
公安官员 / 公安官員 	gōng'ānguānyuán	public safety officials
公安局	gōng'ānjú	Public Security Bureau
公安部	gōng'ānbù	Ministry of Public Security
公审 / 公審 	gōngshěn	public trial (in a court of law)
公寓	gōngyù	apartment
公寓楼 / 公寓樓 	gōngyùlóu	apartment building
公寸	gōngcùn	decimeter
公尺	gōngchǐ	meter
公差	gōngchā	tolerance (allowed error)
公平	gōngpíng	fair;impartial
公开 / 公開 	gōngkāi	public
公开信 / 公開信 	gōngkāixìn	open letter
公开化 / 公開化 	gōngkāihuà	to publicize;openness (of government, PRC equivalent of 'glasnost')
公开指责 / 公開指責 	gōngkāizhǐzé	denounce
公开讨论会 / 公開討論會 	gōngkāitǎolùnhuì	open forum
公开钥匙 / 公開鑰匙 	gōngkáiyàoshi	public key (in encryption)
公式	gōngshì	formula
公引	gōngyǐn	hectometer
公投	gōngtóu	a referendum;abbr. for __公民投票__
公撮	gōngcuō	milliliter
公文	gōngwén	document
公斗	gōngdǒu	decaliter
公斤	gōngjīn	kilogram
公有	gōngyǒu	(adj) publicly owned
公有制	gōngyǒuzhì	(n) public ownership
公款	gōngkuǎn	public money
公正	gōngzhèng	just;fair;equitable
公民	gōngmín	citizen
公民投票	gōngmíntóupiào	a referendum
公演	gōngyǎn	to perform (e.g., on the stage);to lecture
公然	gōngrán	(do something) openly;undisguised;publicly
公然表示	gōngránbiǎoshì	to state openly
公爵	gōngjué	duke
公爵夫人	gōngjuéfūrén	duchess
公牛	gōngniú	bull
公猪 / 公豬 	gōngzhū	boar
公理	gōnglǐ	(log.) axiom;axiomatic
公用	gōngyòng	public;for public use
公用交换电话网 / 公用交換電話網 	gōngyòngjiāohuàndiànhuàwǎng	public switched telephone network;PSTN
公用电话 / 公用電話 	gōngyòngdiànhuà	public phone
公益	gōngyì	(n) commonwealth;public good
公益事业 / 公益事業 	gōngyíshìyè	utility
公石	gōngshí	hectoliter
公社	gōngshè	commune
公秉	gōngbǐng	kiloliter
公立	gōnglì	public (e.g., school, hospital)
公約 / 公约 	gōngyuē	convention (i.e. international agreement)
公羊	gōngyáng	ram (male sheep)
公职 / 公職 	gōngzhí	an official position
公認 / 公认 	gōngrèn	publicly known (to be);accepted (as)
公證 / 公证 	gōngzhèng	(n) notarization
公費 / 公费 	gōngfèi	at public expense
公路	gōnglù	public road
公車 / 公车 	gōngchē	bus
公道	gōngdào	justice
公道	gōngdao	(adj) fair;equitable
公里	gōnglǐ	kilometer;axiom (logic)
公雞 / 公鸡 	gōngjī	cock;rooster
公頃 / 公顷 	gōngqǐng	hectare
公館 / 公馆 	gōngguǎn	residence (of s.b. rich or important);mansion
公館鄉 / 公馆乡 	gōngguǎnxiāng	(N) Kungkuan (village in Taiwan)
六	liù	six;6
六十	liùshí	sixty;60
六十五	liùshíwǔ	sixty-five
六十五岁 / 六十五歲 	liùshíwǔsuì	sixty-five years old
六十四万 / 六十四萬 	liùshísìwàn	640,000
六号 / 六號 	liùhào	6th day of the month
六合	lùhé	(N) Luhe (place in Jiangsu)
六四事件	liùsìshìjiàn	Tian'anmen incident of 4th Jun 1989
六安	lù'ān	(N) Lu'an (city in Anhui)
六安地区 / 六安地區 	lù'āndìqū	(N) Lu'an district (district in Anhui)
六库 / 六庫 	liùkù	(N) Liuku (place in Yunnan)
六方会谈 / 六方會談 	liùfānghuìtán	six-sided talks (on North Korea)
六月	liùyuè	June;sixth month
六朝时代 / 六朝時代 	liùcháoshídài	the six dynasties period (222-589 AD) between Han and Tang
六枝特区 / 六枝特區 	lùzhītèqū	(N) Luzhi te (area in Guizhou)
六氟化鈾 / 六氟化铀 	liùfúhuàyóu	uranium hexafluoride (UF6)
六点六 / 六點六 	liùdiǎnliù	6.6
六点半 / 六點半 	liùdiǎnbàn	half past six;6:30
六甲乡 / 六甲鄉 	liùjiǎxiāng	(N) Liuchia (village in Taiwan)
六盘水 / 六盤水 	lùpánshuǐ	(N) Lupanshui (city in Guizhou)
六脚乡 / 六腳鄉 	liùjiǎoxiāng	(N) Liuchiao (village in Taiwan)
六龜鄉 / 六龟乡 	liùguīxiāng	(N) Liukuei (village in Taiwan)
兮	xī	(part.)
兮兮	xīxī	(particle used to exaggerate certain adjectives, in particular __神經兮兮__, __髒兮兮__, __可憐兮兮__, and __慘兮兮__)
兰 / 蘭 	lán	orchid
兰坪 / 蘭坪 	lánpíng	(N) Lanping autonomous county (place in Yunnan)
兰学 / 蘭學 	lánxué	Dutch studies (study of Europe and the world in premodern Japan)
兰屿乡 / 蘭嶼鄉 	lányǔxiāng	(N) Lanyu, Orchid Island (village in Taiwan)
兰州 / 蘭州 	lánzhōu	Lanzhou, capital of Gansu province in north central China
兰斯 / 蘭斯 	lánsī	Rheims (French town)
兰新 / 蘭新 	lánxīn	Lanzhou and Xinjiang
兰新铁路 / 蘭新鐵路 	lánxīntiělù	Lanzhou-Xinjiang railway
兰溪 / 蘭溪 	lánxī	(N) Lanxi (city in Zhejiang)
兰考 / 蘭考 	lánkǎo	(N) Lankao (place in Henan)
兰花 / 蘭花 	lánhuā	cymbidium;orchid
兰西 / 蘭西 	lánxī	(N) Lanxi (place in Heilongjiang)
共	gòng	all together;in while;to share;common;general;together
共产 / 共產 	gòngchǎn	communist
共产主义 / 共產主義 	gòngchǎnzhǔyì	communism
共产党 / 共產黨 	gòngchǎndǎng	Communist party
共产党员 / 共產黨員 	gòngchǎndǎngyuán	communist party member
共产党部队 / 共產黨部隊 	gòngchǎndǎngbùduì	communist forces
共享	gòngxiǎng	to share
共享以太網絡 / 共享以太网络 	gòngxiǎngyǐtàiwǎngluò	shared Ethernet
共享带宽 / 共享帶寬 	gòngxiǎngdàikuān	shared bandwidth
共享軟體 / 共享软体 	gòngxiǎngruǎntǐ	shareware
共价键 / 共價鍵 	gòngjiàjiàn	(chem.) covalent bond
共同	gòngtóng	common;joint;jointly;together;collaborative
共同社	gòngtóngshè	Kyodo, the Japanese news agency
共同筛选 / 共同篩選 	gòngtóngshāixuǎn	collaborative filtering
共同閘道介面 / 共同闸道介面 	gòngtóngzhádàojièmiàn	Common Gateway Interface;CGI
共和	gònghé	republic
共和党 / 共和黨 	gònghédǎng	Republican Party
共和党人 / 共和黨人 	gònghédǎngrén	a Republican party member
共和国 / 共和國 	gònghéguó	republic
共和政体 / 共和政體 	gōnghézhèngtǐ	republican
共处 / 共處 	gòngchǔ	coexist;get along (with others)
共存	gòngcún	to coexist
共性	gòngxìng	(n) overall character
共有	gòngyǒu	to have altogether;in all
共用	gòngyòng	commons;public use
共計 / 共计 	gòngjì	(v) sum up to;total up to
共謀 / 共谋 	gòngmóu	conspire
共謀罪 / 共谋罪 	gòngmóuzuì	conspiracy
共謀者 / 共谋者 	gòngmóuzhě	conspirator
共識 / 共识 	gòngshì	consensus
共軛作用 / 共轭作用 	gòng'èzuòyòng	conjugation
共青团 / 共青團 	gòngqīngtuán	the Communist Youth League
共鳴 / 共鸣 	gòngmíng	(n) physical resonance;(n) sympathetic response to sth
关 / 關 	guān	(surname);mountain pass;to close;to shut;to turn off;to concern;to involve
关于 / 關於 	guānyú	pertaining to;concerning;regarding;with regards to;about
关切 / 關切 	guānqiè	be deeply concerned;be troubled (by)
关塔纳摩 / 關塔納摩 	guāntǎnàmó	Guantanamo, Cuba
关塔那摩湾 / 關塔那摩灣 	guāntǎnàmówān	Guantanamo Bay (in Cuba)
关头 / 關頭 	guāntóu	juncture;moment
关山镇 / 關山鎮 	guānshānzhèn	(N) Kuanshan (town in Taiwan)
关岛 / 關島 	guāndǎo	Guam (U.S. Pacific island)
关岛大学 / 關島大學 	guāndǎodàxué	University of Guam
关庙乡 / 關廟鄉 	guānmiàoxiāng	(N) Kuanmiao (village in Taiwan)
关心 / 關心 	guānxīn	caring;concerned
关怀 / 關懷 	guānhuái	show loving care for;show solicitude for
关押 / 關押 	guānyā	put in jail
关掉 / 關掉 	guāndiào	to switch off;shut off
关机 / 關機 	guānjī	to turn off a machine
关注 / 關注 	guānzhù	follow (an issue) closely;to pay close attention to
关照 / 關照 	guānzhào	concern;care;to keep an eye on;to look after
关税 / 關稅 	guānshuì	(customs) duty;tariff
关系 / 關係 	guānxì	relation;relationship;to concern;to affect;to have to do with;guanxi
关联 / 關聯 	guānlián	be related;be linked
关节 / 關節 	guānjié	joint
关节炎 / 關節炎 	guānjiéyán	(n) arthritis
关西镇 / 關西鎮 	guānxīzhèn	(N) Kuanhsi (town in Taiwan)
关键 / 關鍵 	guānjiàn	crucial;key;pivotal
关键词 / 關鍵詞 	guānjiàncí	keyword
关门 / 關門 	guānmén	close down;closed doors
关闭 / 關閉 	guānbì	close;shut
兴 / 興 	xīng	flourish;it is the fashion to;to become popular
兴 / 興 	xìng	interest
兴义 / 興義 	xīngyì	(N) Xingyi (city in Guizhou)
兴仁 / 興仁 	xīngrén	(N) Xingren (place in Guizhou)
兴冲冲 / 興冲冲 	xìngchōngchōng	full of joy and expectations;animatedly
兴办 / 興辦 	xīngbàn	(v) begin;set in motion
兴化 / 興化 	xīnghuà	(N) Xinghua (city in Jiangsu)
兴县 / 興縣 	xīngxiàn	(N) Xing county (county in Shanxi)
兴和 / 興和 	xīnghé	(N) Xinghe (place in Inner Mongolia)
兴国 / 興國 	xīngguó	(N) Xingguo (place in Jiangxi)
兴城 / 興城 	xīngchéng	(N) Xingcheng (city in Liaoning)
兴奋 / 興奮 	xīngfèn	(be) excited
兴奋剂 / 興奮劑 	xīngfènjì	stimulant
兴宁 / 興寧 	xīngníng	(N) Xingning (city in Guangdong)
兴安 / 興安 	xīng'ān	(N) Xing'an (place in Guangxi)
兴山 / 興山 	xīngshān	(N) Xingshan (place in Hubei)
兴平 / 興平 	xīngpíng	(N) Xingping (city in Shaanxi)
兴建 / 興建 	xīngjiàn	build;construct
兴文 / 興文 	xīngwén	(N) Xingwen (place in Sichuan)
兴旺 / 興旺 	xīngwàng	prosperous;thriving;to prosper;to flourish
兴海 / 興海 	xīnghǎi	(N) Xinghai (place in Qinghai)
兴盛 / 興盛 	xīngshèng	flourish;thrive
兴致 / 興致 	xìngzhì	interest
兴致勃勃 / 興致勃勃 	xìngzhìbóbó	(set phrase)(v) become inspired;be full of zest
兴荣 / 興榮 	xīngróng	flourish;prosper
兴衰 / 興衰 	xīngshuāi	prosperity and decline (of a kingdom);rise and fall
兴起 / 興起 	xīngqǐ	(v) rise;come in vogue
兴趣 / 興趣 	xìngqu	interest (directed towards, not inherent in something)
兴都库仕 / 興都庫仕 	xīngdūkùshì	the Hindu Kush (mountain range)
兴隆 / 興隆 	xīnglóng	to prosper;(N) Xinglong (place in Hebei)
兴高采烈 / 興高采烈 	xìnggāocǎiliè	in high spirits;in great delight;(saying) excited
兵	bīng	soldiers;a force;an army;weapons;arms;military;warlike
兵不厌诈 / 兵不厭詐 	bīngbùyànzhà	there can never be too much deception in war;in war nothing is too deceitful;all's fair in war
兵不血刃	bīngbùxuèrèn	the edges of the swords not being stained with blood - win victory without firing a shot
兵临城下 / 兵臨城下 	bīnglínchéngxià	the attacking army has reached the city gates;the city is under siege
兵书 / 兵書 	bīngshū	a book on the art of war
兵力	bīnglì	military strength;armed forces;troops
兵变 / 兵變 	bīngbiàn	mutiny
兵员 / 兵員 	bīngyuán	soldiers;troops
兵器	bīngqì	weaponry;weapons;arms
兵团 / 兵團 	bīngtuán	large military unit;formation;corps;army
兵士	bīngshì	ordinary soldier
兵家	bīngjiā	military strategist in ancient China;military commander;soldier
兵工厂 / 兵工廠 	bīnggōngchǎng	munitions or ordnance factory;arsenal
兵強馬壯 / 兵强马壮 	bīngqiángmǎzhuàng	strong soldiers and sturdy horses - a well-trained and powerful army
兵役	bīngyì	military service
兵戈	bīnggē	weapons;arms;fighting;war
兵戎	bīngróng	arms;weapons
兵权 / 兵權 	bīngquán	military leadership;military power
兵法	bīngfǎ	art of war;military strategy and tactics
兵源	bīngyuán	manpower resources (for military service);sources of troops
兵營 / 兵营 	bīngyíng	military camp;barracks
兵痞	bīngpǐ	army riffraff;army ruffian;soldier of fortune
兵种 / 兵種 	bīngzhǒng	(military) branch of the armed forces
兵站	bīngzhàn	army service station;military depot
兵舰 / 兵艦 	bīngjiàn	warship
兵船	bīngchuán	man-of-war;naval vessel;warship
兵荒馬亂 / 兵荒马乱 	bīnghuāngmǎluàn	turmoil and chaos of war
兵蚁 / 兵蟻 	bīngyǐ	soldier ant;dinergate
兵貴神速 / 兵贵神速 	bīngguìshénsù	speed is precious in war
兵连祸结 / 兵連禍結 	bīngliánhuòjié	ravaged by successive wars;war-torn;war-ridden
兵部	bīngbù	the Ministry of War in feudal China
兵队 / 兵隊 	bīngduì	troops
兵馬 / 兵马 	bīngmǎ	troops and horses;military forces
其	qí	his;her;its;theirs;that;such;it (refers to sth preceding it)
其中	qízhōng	among;in
其他	qítā	other;else
其他的人	qītāderén	other people
其余 / 其餘 	qíyú	rest;remaining;remainder
其它	qítā	other
其实 / 其實 	qíshí	actually;that is not the case;in fact;really
其次	qícì	next;secondly
其自身	qízìshēn	one's own (respective);proprietary
其間 / 其间 	qíjiān	(adv) meantime
具	jù	tool;device;utensil;equipment;instrument
具体 / 具體 	jùtǐ	concrete;definite;specific
具体计划 / 具體計劃 	jùtǐjìhuà	a concrete plan;a definite plan
具体问题 / 具體問題 	jùtǐwèntí	concrete issue
具備 / 具备 	jùbèi	possess;have;be equipped with;be able to fulfill (conditions or requirements)
具有	jùyǒu	have;possess
具有主权 / 具有主權 	jùyǒuzhǔquán	sovereign
典	diǎn	canon;dictionary
典型	diǎnxíng	typical
典型用途	diǎnxíngyòngtú	typical use;typical application
典型登革热 / 典型登革熱 	diǎnxíngdēnggérè	dengue fever
典狱长 / 典獄長 	diǎnyùzhǎng	warden
典礼 / 典禮 	diǎnlǐ	celebration;ceremony
典範	diǎnfàn	model;example
兹 / 茲 	zī	herewith
养 / 養 	yǎng	give birth;keep (pets);to support;to bring sb. up;to raise (pig, etc.)
养儿防老 / 養兒防老 	yǎng'érfánglǎo	(of parents) to bring up children for the purpose of being looked after in old age
养分 / 養分 	yǎngfèn	(n) nutrient
养成 / 養成 	yǎngchéng	to cultivate;to raise;to form;to acquire
养料 / 養料 	yǎngliào	nutriment;nourishment
养殖 / 養殖 	yǎngzhí	cultivate;cultivation
养母 / 養母 	yǎngmǔ	foster, adopted mother
养活 / 養活 	yǎnghuo	(v) raise animals;(v) feed and clothe
养父 / 養父 	yǎngfù	foster, adopted father
养老 / 養老 	yǎnglǎo	provide for the elderly
养老保险 / 養老保險 	yǎnglǎobǎoxiǎn	(n) old-age insurance
养老金 / 養老金 	yǎnglǎojīn	pension
养老院 / 養老院 	yǎnglǎoyuàn	nursing home
养育 / 養育 	yǎngyù	foster;rear
养鸡场 / 養雞場 	yǎngjīchǎng	chicken farm
兼	jiān	double;twice;simultaneous;holding two or more (official) posts at the same time
兼任	jiānrèn	(v) hold two jobs at once;(adj) part-time
兼併 / 兼并 	jiānbìng	to annex;to take over;to acquire
兼容	jiānróng	compatible
兼容性	jiānróngxìng	compatibility
兽 / 獸 	shòu	beast;quadruped
兽医 / 獸醫 	shòuyī	veterinary
兽性 / 獸性 	shòuxìng	brutal
兽穴 / 獸穴 	shòuxué	animal den
冀	jì	Hebei;to hope
冀县 / 冀縣 	jìxiàn	(N) Ji county (county in Hebei)
冁 / 囅 	chǎn	smilingly
内向	nèixiàng	introverted
円	yuán	yen (Japanese currency);Japanese variant of T:__圓__ S:__圆__
冇	mǎo	not have (Cantonese)
冈 / 岡 	gāng	ridge;mound
冈山镇 / 岡山鎮 	gāngshānzhèn	(N) Kangshan (town in Taiwan)
冈比亚 / 岡比亞 	gāngbǐyà	Gambia
冉	rǎn	(surname);passing (of time)
冊 / 册 	cè	book;a measure word for books;booklet
冊亨 / 册亨 	cèhēng	(N) Ceheng (place in Guizhou)
再	zài	again;once more;re-;second;another
再一次	zàiyīcì	again
再三	zàisān	over and over again;again and again
再临 / 再臨 	zàilín	to come again
再会 / 再會 	zàihuī	adieu;vale
再來 / 再来 	zàilái	come again
再保證 / 再保证 	zàibǎozhèng	reassure
再出现 / 再出現 	zàichūxiàn	reappear
再好	zàihǎo	even better
再好不过 / 再好不過 	zàihǎobúguò	(phr) can't be better
再婚	zàihūn	to marry a second time
再嫁	zàijià	remarry
再审 / 再審 	zàishěn	to rehear (a case);rehearing
再度	zàidù	once more;once again;one more time
再次	zàicì	one more time;again;one more;once again
再活化假說 / 再活化假说 	zàihuóhuàjiǎshuō	reactivation hypothesis
再现 / 再現 	zàixiàn	to recreate;to reconstruct (a historical relic)
再生	zàishēng	to be reborn;to regenerate
再生不良性貧血 / 再生不良性贫血 	zàishēngbùliángxìngpínxuè	aplastic anemia
再生产 / 再生產 	zàishēngchǎn	(n) reproduction
再者	zàizhě	furthermore
再見 / 再见 	zàijiàn	good bye
再說 / 再说 	zàishuō	let's talk about it later;what's more;besides
再讀 / 再读 	zàidú	to read again;to revise
冏	jiǒng	Abutilon avicennae (plant)
冑	zhòu	helmet
冒	mào	to emit;to give off;to send out (or up, forth);brave;bold;to cover
冒充	màochōng	(v) feign;pretend to be;pass oneself off as
冒烟 / 冒煙 	màoyān	smoking
冒牌	màopái	(adj) fake;imitation
冒牌貨 / 冒牌货 	màopáihuò	(n) impostor;fake
冒犯	màofàn	to offend
冒犯者	màofànzhě	offender
冒进 / 冒進 	màojìn	(v) go forward prematurely
冒险 / 冒險 	màoxiǎn	to take a risk;a risk;an adventure
冓	gòu	inner rooms of palace;ten billions
冔	xǔ	cap of Yin dynasty
冕	miǎn	crown in the form of a horizontal board with hanging decorations symbolizing the emperor of China;imperial crown;corona (e.g. solar)
冕宁 / 冕寧 	miǎnníng	(N) Mianning (place in Sichuan)
冗	rǒng	extraneous
冗余 / 冗餘 	rǒngyú	redundancy;redundant
冗员 / 冗員 	rǒngyuán	excess personnel
冗長 / 冗长 	rǒngcháng	long and tedious
冘	yín	to move on;to go out
写 / 寫 	xiě	to write
写下 / 寫下 	xiěxià	to write down
写作 / 寫作 	xiězuò	writing;written works
写信 / 寫信 	xiěxìn	to write a letter
写字 / 寫字 	xiězì	to write characters
写字台 / 寫字台 	xiězìtái	(n) writing desk
写成 / 寫成 	xiěchéng	to compile (fashion through writing)
写真 / 寫真 	xiězhēn	portrait;describe something accurately
写给 / 寫給 	xiěgěi	write to somebody
军 / 軍 	jūn	army;military;arms
军事 / 軍事 	jūnshì	military affairs;military matters;military
军事力量 / 軍事力量 	jūnshìlìliang	military strength;military force(s)
军事威胁 / 軍事威脅 	jūnshìwēixié	military threat
军事实力 / 軍事實力 	jūnshìshílì	military strength;military power
军事援助 / 軍事援助 	jūnshìyuánzhù	military aid
军事机构 / 軍事機構 	jūnshìjīgòu	military institution
军事核大国 / 軍事核大國 	jūnshìhédàguó	military nuclear power
军事演习 / 軍事演習 	jūnshìyǎnxí	(n) war game;military exercise
军事科学 / 軍事科學 	jūnshìkēxué	military science
军事职业专业 / 軍事職業專業 	jūnshìzhíyèzhuānyè	MOS - Military Occupation Specialty (US Army)
军事部门 / 軍事部門 	jūnshìbùmén	military branch
军人 / 軍人 	jūnrén	serviceman;soldier;military personnel
军力 / 軍力 	jūnlì	military power
军区 / 軍區 	jūnqū	a military region;a geographical area of command
军医 / 軍醫 	jūnyī	(n) military doctor
军品出口领导小组 / 軍品出口領導小組 	jūnpǐnchūkǒulǐngdǎoxiǎozǔ	Military Products Leading Small Group
军团 / 軍團 	jūntuán	corps;legion
军团杆菌 / 軍團桿菌 	jūntuángānjūn	Legionella
军团菌病 / 軍團菌病 	jūntuánjūnbìng	legionnaires' disease
军国主义 / 軍國主義 	jūnguózhǔyì	militarism
军士 / 軍士 	jūnshì	sergeant
军备 / 軍備 	jūnbèi	(military) arms;armaments
军委 / 軍委 	jūnwěi	Military Commission of the Communist Party Central Committee
军委会 / 軍委會 	jūnwěihuì	Military Commission of the Communist Party Central Committee;same as T:__軍委__ S:__军委__
军官 / 軍官 	jūnguān	(military) officer
军政 / 軍政 	jūnzhèng	army and government
军政府 / 軍政府 	jūnzhèngfǔ	military government
军方 / 軍方 	jūnfāng	military
军校 / 軍校 	jūnxiào	military school;military academy
军港 / 軍港 	jūngǎng	naval port;naval base
军演 / 軍演 	jūnyǎn	military exercises
军火 / 軍火 	jūnhuǒ	arms;weapons (industry)
军用 / 軍用 	jūnyòng	(for) military (use)
军舰 / 軍艦 	jūnjiàn	warship;military naval vessel
军营 / 軍營 	jūnyíng	barracks;army camp
军装 / 軍裝 	jūnzhuāng	(n) military uniform
军费 / 軍費 	jūnfèi	military expenditure
军费开支 / 軍費開支 	jūnfèikāizhī	military spending
军阀 / 軍閥 	jūnfá	(n) warlord
军队 / 軍隊 	jūnduì	army troops
农 / 農 	nóng	agriculture
农业 / 農業 	nóngyè	agriculture;farming
农业集体化 / 農業集體化 	nóngyèjítǐhuà	collectivisation of agriculture (under communism)
农人 / 農人 	nóngrén	farmer
农作物 / 農作物 	nóngzuòwù	(farm) crops
农具 / 農具 	nóngjù	farm implements;farm tools
农历 / 農曆 	nónglì	the traditional Chinese calendar;the lunar calendar
农园 / 農園 	nóngyuán	plantation
农场 / 農場 	nóngchǎng	farm
农夫 / 農夫 	nóngfū	peasant;farmer
农奴 / 農奴 	nóngnú	serf
农安 / 農安 	nóng'ān	(N) Nong'an (place in Jilin)
农家庭院 / 農家庭院 	nóngjiātíngyuàn	farmyard
农户 / 農戶 	nónghù	(n) peasant household
农村 / 農村 	nóngcūn	rural area;village
农民 / 農民 	nóngmín	peasant
农民工 / 農民工 	nóngmíngōng	migrant workers
农田 / 農田 	nóngtián	farmland;cultivated land
农舍 / 農舍 	nóngshè	farmhouse
农药 / 農藥 	nóngyào	agricultural chemical;farm chemical
农贸市场 / 農貿市場 	nóngmàoshìchǎng	farmer's market
冞	mí	deep
冠	guān	hat;crown;crest;cap
冠	guàn	to head
冠冕	guānmiǎn	royal crown
冠军 / 冠軍 	guànjūn	champion
冠县 / 冠縣 	guānxiàn	(N) Guan county (county in Shandong)
冠子	guānzi	crest;crown
冠心病	guānxīnbìng	coronary heart disease
冠状动脉 / 冠狀動脈 	guānzhuàngdòngmài	coronary artery
冢	zhǒng	great;mound
冢	zhǒng	mound
冤	yuān	injustice;grievance;wrong
冤屈	yuānqū	to receive unjust treatment;injustice
冤枉	yuānwang	(n) hatred;(n) injustice;(n) bad luck;be treated unjustly;be wronged;not be worthwhile
冥	míng	dark;deep
冥王星	míngwángxīng	Pluto (planet)
冪 / 幂 	mì	power (math.term)
冬	dōng	winter
冬天	dōngtiān	winter
冬季	dōngjì	winter
冬山乡 / 冬山鄉 	dōngshānxiāng	(N) Tungshan (village in Taiwan)
冬瓜	dōngguā	(n) white gourd;white fuzzy vegetable
冬眠	dōngmián	(n);(biology) hibernation
冬至	dōngzhì	the winter solstice
冬青树 / 冬青樹 	dōngqīngshù	holly
冯 / 馮 	féng	surname
冯梦龙 / 馮夢龍 	féngmènglóng	Feng Menglong, Ming dynasty novelist (1574—1646)
冰	bīng	ice
冰上运动 / 冰上運動 	bīngshàngyùndòng	ice-sports
冰冷	bīnglěng	ice-cold
冰冻 / 冰凍 	bīngdòng	freeze
冰凉 / 冰涼 	bīngliáng	ice-cold
冰凝器	bīngníngqì	cryophorus
冰刀	bīngdāo	ice skates
冰场 / 冰場 	bīngchǎng	skating or ice rink;ice stadium;ice arena
冰块 / 冰塊 	bīngkuài	ice cube;ice chunk
冰塔	bīngtǎ	serac
冰壶 / 冰壺 	bīnghú	curling (sport);curling rock
冰天雪地	bīngtiānxuědì	a world of ice and snow
冰山	bīngshān	iceberg
冰岛 / 冰島 	bīngdǎo	Iceland
冰川	bīngchuān	glacier
冰排	bīngpái	ice raft;ice floe
冰晶	bīngjīng	ice crystals
冰晶石	bīngjīngshí	cryolite
冰期	bīngqī	glacial epoch;ice age
冰染染料	bīngrǎnrǎnliào	azoic dyes
冰柱	bīngzhù	icicle
冰棍儿 / 冰棍兒 	bīnggùn'er	ice-lolly;popsicle;ice-sucker;frozen sucker
冰橇	bīngqiāo	sled;sledge;sleigh
冰沙	bīngshā	slushie;smoothie;crushed ice drink;frappucino
冰河	bīnghé	glacial;pertaining to ice age
冰洲石	bīngzhōushí	Iceland spar
冰消瓦解	bīngxiāowǎjiě	melt like ice and break like tiles;disintegrate;dissolve
冰淇淋	bīngqílín	ice cream
冰炭不相容	bīngtànbùxiāngróng	as incompatible or irreconcilable as ice and hot coals
冰点 / 冰點 	bīngdiǎn	freezing point
冰片	bīngpiàn	borneol
冰球	bīngqiú	ice hockey;puck
冰盖 / 冰蓋 	bīnggài	ice sheet
冰砖 / 冰磚 	bīngzhuān	ice-cream brick
冰窖	bīngjiào	icehouse
冰箱	bīngxiāng	icebox;refrigerator;freezer
冰糕	bīnggāo	ice-cream;popsicle;ice-lolly;sorbet
冰糖	bīngtáng	crystal sugar;rock candy
冰蛋	bīngdàn	frozen eggs
冰袋	bīngdài	ice bag
冰醋酸	bīngcùsuān	glacial acetic acid
冰释 / 冰釋 	bīngshì	(of misgivings, misunderstandings, etc.) disappear;vanish;be dispelled
冰鎮 / 冰镇 	bīngzhèn	iced
冰隙	bīngxì	crevasse
冰雹	bīngbáo	hail;hailstone
冰霜	bīngshuāng	moral integrity;austerity
冰鞋	bīngxié	skating boots;skates
冱 / 沍 	hù	congealed;frozen
冲	chōng	to rinse;to collide;to water;to rush;to dash (against);to wash out;to charge;highway;public road
冲	chōng	dash against
冲	chòng	strong;powerful;forceful;dynamic;to punch
冲	chòng	of great force;towards
冲击 / 衝擊 	chōngjī	(be under) attack
冲击波 / 衝擊波 	chōngjībō	blast wave
冲力 / 衝力 	chōnglì	impulse
冲动 / 衝動 	chōngdòng	(n) impulse
冲撞 / 衝撞 	chōngchuáng	dash
冲洗 / 沖洗 	chōngxǐ	to rinse;to wash
冲浪 / 衝浪 	chōnglàng	surf;surf-riding
冲淡 / 沖淡 	chōngdàn	to dilute
冲破 / 衝破 	chōngpò	(n) quickly break through an obstacle
冲突 / 衝突 	chōngtū	a conflict;to conflict;a clash of opposing forces;a collision (of interests);contention
冲绳 / 沖繩 	chōngshéng	Okinawa
冲绳岛 / 沖繩島 	chōngshéngdǎo	Okinawa (island)
冲绳群岛 / 沖繩群島 	chōngshéngqúndǎo	the Okinawa archipelago
冲走 / 沖走 	chōngzǒu	to flush away
冲进 / 衝進 	chōngjìn	break in;burst in;force into
冲锋	chōngfēng	charge;assault
冲锋	chōngfēng	(v) charge;do a military assault
决 / 決 	jué	breach (a dyke);to decide;to determine
决不 / 決不 	juébù	not at all;simply (can) not
决口 / 決口 	juékǒu	be breached;burst
决定 / 決定 	juédìng	to decide (to do something);to determine;to resolve
决定性 / 決定性 	juédìngxìng	decisive;conclusive
决心 / 決心 	juéxīn	determination;resolution;determined;firm and resolute;to make up one's mind
决意 / 決意 	juéyì	to be determined
决战 / 決戰 	juézhàn	(n) an all decisive battle
决斗 / 決鬥 	juédòu	duel
决策 / 決策 	juécè	(make a) strategic decision
决算 / 決算 	juésuàn	(v) make the final calculations on a bill;(n) final account
决议 / 決議 	juéyì	resolution
决议案 / 決議案 	juéyì'àn	(pass a) resolution
决赛 / 決賽 	juésài	finals (of a competition)
况 / 況 	kuàng	moreover;situation
况且 / 況且 	kuàngqiě	moreover;besides;in addition
冶	yě	smelt
冶炼 / 冶煉 	yěliàn	(v) smelt metal
冶金	yějīn	metallurgy
冷	lěng	cold
冷冷	lěnglěng	coldy
冷冻 / 冷凍 	lěngdòng	to freeze;to deep-freeze
冷却 / 冷卻 	lěngquè	cooling;cool off
冷却剂 / 冷卻劑 	lěngquèjì	coolant
冷却塔 / 冷卻塔 	lěngquètǎ	cooling tower
冷战 / 冷戰 	lěngzhàn	(the) Cold War
冷战以后 / 冷戰以後 	lěngzhànyǐhòu	post-Cold War
冷暖自知	lěngnuǎnzìzhī	(set phrase);know best by personal experience;know sth. without being told
冷气机 / 冷氣機 	lěngqìjī	air-conditioner
冷水江	lěngshuǐjiāng	(N) Lengshuijiang (city in Hunan)
冷水滩 / 冷水灘 	lěngshuǐtān	(N) Lengshuitan (city in Hunan)
冷淡	lěngdàn	cold;indifferent
冷淡关系 / 冷淡關係 	lěngdànguānxì	cold relations (e.g. between countries)
冷湖区 / 冷湖區 	lěnghúqū	(N) Lenghu (area in Qinghai)
冷若冰霜	lěngruòbīngshuāng	(set phrase) (usually of women) as cold as ice;to have an icy manner
冷酷	lěngkù	grim
冷酷无情 / 冷酷無情 	lěngkùwúqíng	(adj) cold-hearted;hardened
冷静 / 冷靜 	lěngjìng	calm;cool-headed
冷飲 / 冷饮 	lěngyǐn	cold drink
冻 / 凍 	dòng	to freeze
冻土 / 凍土 	dòngtǔ	frozen earth;permafrost
冻穿 / 凍穿 	dòngchuān	frostbite;chilblain
冻结 / 凍結 	dòngjié	(loan, wage, price) freeze
冼	xiǎn	(surname)
冽	liè	cold and raw
净	jìng	clean
净	jìng	clean;completely;only
净值 / 淨值 	jìngzhí	net
净化 / 淨化 	jìnghuà	purify
净土 / 凈土 	jìngtǔ	Sukhavati;Pure Land school of Buddhism
凄	qī	intense cold;mournful
凄	qī	sorrowful
凄	qī	intense cold;mournful
凄凉 / 淒涼 	qīliáng	(adj) desolate
凄惨 / 淒慘 	qīcǎn	miserable
准	zhǔn	to allow;to grant;to permit;accurate;standard
准	zhǔn	accurate;standard
准则 / 準則 	zhǔnzé	(n) standard or norm
准噶尔 / 准噶爾 	zhǔngá'ěr	the Junggar or Dsungharian basin in XinJiang
准噶尔盆地 / 准噶爾盆地 	zhǔngá'ěrpéndì	the Junggar or Dsungharian basin in XinJiang
准备 / 準備 	zhǔnbèi	preparation;prepare
准将 / 準將 	zhǔnjiāng	brigadier;army rank below general
准时 / 準時 	zhǔnshí	on time;punctual;on schedule
准格尔旗 / 准格爾旗 	zhǔngé'ěrqí	(N) Zhunge'er qi (place in Inner Mongolia)
准格尔盆地 / 準格爾盆地 	zhǔngé'ěrpéndì	the Junggar or Dsungharian basin in Xinjiang between the Altai and TianShan ranges
准确 / 準確 	zhǔnquè	accurate;exact;precise
准許 / 准许 	zhǔnxǔ	to allow;to grant;to permit
凈	jìng	clean
凉 / 涼 	liáng	cool;cold
凉亭 / 涼亭 	liángtíng	pavilion
凉城 / 涼城 	liángchéng	(N) Liangcheng (place in Inner Mongolia)
凉快 / 涼快 	liángkuai	nice and cold;pleasantly cool
凉水 / 涼水 	liángshuǐ	cool water;unboiled water
凉爽 / 涼爽 	liángshuǎng	cool and refreshing
凉鞋 / 涼鞋 	liángxié	sandal
凉风 / 涼風 	liángfēng	cold wind;cool breeze
凊	jìng	cool;fresh;to cool
凋	diāo	withered
凋敝	diāobì	hard;depressed (of business);destitute (of life)
凋謝 / 凋谢 	diāoxiè	languish
凌	líng	encroach;soar;thick ice
凌乱 / 凌亂 	língluàn	chaos
凌云 / 凌雲 	língyún	(N) Lingyun (place in Guangxi)
凌晨	língchén	early in the morning
凌源	língyuán	(N) Lingyuan (city in Liaoning)
凌辱	língrǔ	to insult
减 / 減 	jiǎn	to lower;to decrease;to reduce;to subtract;to diminish
减产 / 減產 	jiǎnchǎn	(v) a reduction in production
减低 / 減低 	jiǎndī	(v) lower;reduce
减低速度 / 減低速度 	jiǎndīsùdù	retard;decelerate
减免 / 減免 	jiǎnmiǎn	to lower tax;to reduce duties
减刑 / 減刑 	jiǎnxíng	reduce penalty;shortened or commuted (judicial) sentence
减去 / 減去 	jiǎnqù	minus;subtract
减少 / 減少 	jiǎnshǎo	to lessen;to decrease;to reduce;to lower
减弱 / 減弱 	jiǎnruò	to weaken;to fall off
减慢 / 減慢 	jiǎnmàn	(v) slow down
减掉 / 減掉 	jiǎndiào	subtract
减灾 / 減災 	jiǎnzāi	measures to reduce disasters
减税 / 減稅 	jiǎnshuì	tax cut
减缓 / 減緩 	jiǎnhuǎn	to slow down;to retard
减肥 / 減肥 	jiǎnféi	to lose weight
减轻 / 減輕 	jiǎnqīng	lighten;ease;alleviate
减速 / 減速 	jiǎnsù	to reduce speed;to slow down;to take it easy
减速器 / 減速器 	jiǎnsùqì	moderator
凑 / 湊 	còu	assemble;put together;press near;come together
凑合 / 湊合 	còuhé	(v) bring together;(v) make do in a bad situation;(v) improvise
凑巧 / 湊巧 	còuqiǎo	(adv) luckily
凑热闹 / 湊熱鬧 	còurènào	(v) butt in;force one's way into the thick of things
凑齐 / 湊齊 	còuqí	to collect all the bits to make a whole
凔	cāng	cold
凛 / 凜 	lǐn	shiver with cold or fear
凛冽 / 凜冽 	lǐnliè	biting cold
凝	níng	to congeal;to concentrate attention;to stare
凝固	nínggù	(v) congeal;solidify;(v) with rapt attention
凝望	níngwàng	to stare (at the future);to fix one's gaze on
凝結 / 凝结 	níngjié	to condense;to solidify;to coagulate;clot (of blood)
凝練 / 凝练 	níngliàn	concise;compact;condensed
凝聚	níngjù	condense;aggregation;coagulate;coacervation
凝聚态 / 凝聚態 	níngjùtài	condensed matter (phys.)
凝血脢	níngxuèméi	thrombin
凝血脢原	níngxuèméiyuán	prothrombin
凝視 / 凝视 	níngshì	gaze
凝視時間 / 凝视时间 	níngshìshíjiān	gaze duration
凝集	níngjí	agglutination
凝集的	níngjíde	agglutinative
凝集素	níngjísù	agglutinin
凞	xī	bright, splendid, glorious
几	jī	small table
几	jī	almost
几	jǐ	how much;how many;several;a few
几丁 / 幾丁 	jīdīng	chitin
几个 / 幾個 	jǐge	several
几个小时 / 幾個小時 	jǐgexiǎoshí	several hours
几乎 / 幾乎 	jīhū	almost;nearly;practically
几乎不 / 幾乎不 	jīhūbù	hardly;seems not
几乎完全 / 幾乎完全 	jīhūwánquán	almost entirely;almost completely
几乎没有 / 幾乎沒有 	jīhūméiyǒu	scarcely;hardly any
几何 / 幾何 	jǐhé	(n) the science of geometry
几何学 / 幾何學 	jǐhéxué	geometry
几内亚 / 幾內亞 	jīnèiyà	Guinea
几内亚比绍 / 幾內亞比紹 	jīnèiyàbǐshào	Guinea-Bissau
几十亿 / 幾十億 	jǐshíyì	several billion
几十年 / 幾十年 	jǐshínián	several tens of years;several decades
几千 / 幾千 	jǐqiān	several thousand
几天 / 幾天 	jǐtiān	several days
几天来 / 幾天來 	jǐtiānlái	for the past few days
几年 / 幾年 	jǐnián	a few years;several years
几年来 / 幾年來 	jǐniánlái	for the past several years
几时 / 幾時 	jǐshí	what time?;when?
几样 / 幾樣 	jǐyàng	several kinds
几次 / 幾次 	jǐcì	several times
几点 / 幾點 	jīdiǎn	what time?;when?
几率 / 幾率 	jīlǜ	probability;odds
几百 / 幾百 	jǐbǎi	several hundred
凡	fán	ordinary;every;all;whatever;worldly
凡世通公司	fánshìtōnggōngsī	Firestone tire company
凡事	fánshì	everything
凡俗	fánsú	lay (as opposed to clergy)
凡尔赛 / 凡爾賽 	fán'ěrsài	Versailles (near Paris)
凡是	fánshì	every;all
凡高	fángāo	(Vincent) Van Gogh
凤 / 鳳 	fèng	phoenix
凤冈 / 鳳岡 	fènggāng	(N) Fenggang (place in Guizhou)
凤凰 / 鳳凰 	fènghuáng	(n) legendary phoenix bird
凤县 / 鳳縣 	fèngxiàn	(N) Feng county (county in Shaanxi)
凤台 / 鳳台 	fèngtái	(N) Fengtai (place in Anhui)
凤城 / 鳳城 	fèngchéng	(N) Fengcheng Manzu autonomous county (place in Liaoning)
凤尾鱼 / 鳳尾魚 	fèngwěiyú	anchovy
凤山 / 鳳山 	fèngshān	(N) Fengshan (place in Guangxi);(N) Fengshan (city in Taiwan)
凤庆县 / 鳳慶縣 	fèngqìngxiàn	(N) Fengqing county (county in Yunnan)
凤林镇 / 鳳林鎮 	fènglínzhèn	(N) Fenglin (town in Taiwan)
凤梨 / 鳳梨 	fènglí	pineapple
凤翔 / 鳳翔 	fèngxiáng	(N) Fengxiang (place in Shaanxi)
凤阳 / 鳳陽 	fèngyáng	(N) Fengyang (place in Anhui)
処	chǔ	Japanese variant of T:__處__ S:__处__
凫 / 鳧 	fú	mallard;Anas platyrhyncha
凭 / 憑 	píng	lean against;proof;to rely on;to depend on;to be based on
凭借 / 憑借 	píngjiè	(v) by use of;rely on
凭吊 / 憑吊 	píngdiào	to visit a place for the memories;to pay homage to (the deceased)
凭据 / 憑據 	píngjù	evidence
凭祥 / 憑祥 	píngxiáng	(N) Pingxiang (city in Guangxi)
凭空 / 憑空 	píngkōng	baseless (lie);without foundation
凯 / 凱 	kǎi	triumphant;victorious
凯尔特人 / 凱爾特人 	kǎi'ěrtérén	Celt
凯旋 / 凱旋 	kǎixuán	return triumphant
凯瑟琳 / 凱瑟琳 	kǎisèlín	Catherine;Katherine;(name)
凯里 / 凱里 	kǎilǐ	(N) Kaili (city in Guizhou)
凰	huáng	phoenix
凳	dèng	bench;stool
凳子	dèngzǐ	stool;small seat
凵	qū	receptacle
凶	xiōng	fierce
凶	xiōng	fierce;terrible;ominous
凶恶	xiōng'è	(adj) fierce;frightening
凶恶	xiōng'è	fierce;ferocious;fiendish
凶惡	xiōng'è	fierce;ferocious;fiendish
凶手	xiōngshǒu	assailant;murderer;assassin
凶手	xiōngshǒu	murderer
凶暴	xiōngbào	brutal
凶杀 / 凶殺 	xiōngshā	to murder
凶残 / 凶殘 	xiōngcán	savage
凶狠	xiōnghěn	(adj) fierce and antagonistic;(adj) vengeful
凶狠	xiōnghěn	cruel
凸	tū	(adj) convex;stick out
凸透鏡 / 凸透镜 	tūtòujìng	convex lens
凹	āo	a depression;indentation;concave;hollow
凹凸印刷	āotūyìnshuā	embossing;die stamping
凹凸軋花 / 凹凸轧花 	āotūzháhuā	embossing
凹岸	āo'àn	concave bank
凹度	āodù	concavity
凹板	āobǎn	intaglio;gravure
凹槽	āocáo	socket
凹洞	āodòng	cavity;pit
凹透鏡 / 凹透镜 	āotòujìng	concave lens
凹陷	āoxiàn	hollow;sunken;depressed
凹面鏡 / 凹面镜 	āomiànjìng	concave mirror
出	chū	to go out;to come out;to occur;to produce;to go beyond;to rise;to put forth;to occur;to happen;(a measure word for dramas, plays, or operas)
出世	chūshì	(v) be born;enter the world;(v) be reborn
出乎意料	chūhūyìliào	(adj) unexpected;to exceed all expectations
出乎預料 / 出乎预料 	chūhūyùliào	unexpectedly
出事	chūshì	have an accident;meet with a mishap
出于 / 出於 	chūyú	be due to;stem from
出产 / 出產 	chūchǎn	output
出人意料	chūrényìliào	unexpectedly
出价 / 出價 	chūjià	bid
出任	chūrèn	start in a new job;take up a new post
出來 / 出来 	chūlai	to come out;to emerge
出入	chūrù	(v) come and go;(n) discrepancy;inconsistancy
出入口	chūrùkǒu	gateway
出兵	chūbīng	send troops
出力	chūlì	to exert oneself
出动 / 出動 	chūdòng	(v) start out on a trip;(v) dispatch troops
出卖 / 出賣 	chūmài	to sell (off)
出去	chūqù	(v) go out
出发 / 出發 	chūfā	to start out;to set off
出发点 / 出發點 	chūfādiǎn	(n) starting point
出口	chūkǒu	to speak;to exit;to go out;to export
出口产品 / 出口產品 	chūkǒuchǎnpǐn	export product
出口商品	chūkǒushāngpǐn	export product;export goods
出口額 / 出口额 	chūkǒu'é	export amount
出台 / 出臺 	chūtái	to lay out (e.g. a plan)
出名	chūmíng	well-known (for)
出品	chūpǐn	(n) items that are produced
出品人	chūpǐnrén	producer (film)
出售	chūshòu	to sell
出土	chūtǔ	to be unearthed;to appear in an excavation;come up out of the ground
出埃及記 / 出埃及记 	chū'āijíjì	Exodus
出境	chūjìng	(v) leave a country or region
出外	chūwài	to leave for another place
出奇	chūqí	extraordinary;exceptional;unusual
出奇制勝 / 出奇制胜 	chūqízhìshèng	to win by a surprise move
出差	chūchāi	be on a business trip
出席	chūxí	attend;be present
出席者	chūxízhě	attendant
出庭	chūtíng	appear before a court;court appearance
出息	chūxī	(n) future prospects
出气口 / 出氣口 	chūqìkǒu	(n) gas, air outlet;(n) emotional outlet
出汗	chūhàn	perspire
出沒 / 出没 	chūmò	haunt
出洋相	chūyángxiàng	make an exhibition of oneself
出炉 / 出爐 	chūlú	(v) come out of the oven or furnace
出点子 / 出點子 	chūdiǎnzi	express an opinion
出版	chūbǎn	to publish;to come off the press;to put out
出版社	chūbǎnshè	publishing house
出版者	chūbǎnzhě	publisher
出狱 / 出獄 	chūyù	leave prison
出现 / 出現 	chūxiàn	to appear;to arise;to emerge
出现意外 / 出現意外 	chūxiànyìwài	(to appear) unexpected(ly)
出生	chūshēng	to be born
出生地	chūshēngdì	birthplace
出生日期	chūshēngrìqī	date of birth
出生率	chūshēnglǜ	birthrate
出生缺陷	chūshēngquēxiàn	birth defect
出神	chūshén	(v) be entranced
出租	chūzū	to rent
出租汽車 / 出租汽车 	chūzūqìchē	taxi;cab
出租車 / 出租车 	chūzūchē	taxi
出納員 / 出纳员 	chūnàyuán	cashier;teller;treasurer
出自	chūzì	to come from
出色	chūsè	remarkable;outstanding
出血性登革热 / 出血性登革熱 	chūxuèxìngdēnggérè	dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF)
出血热 / 出血熱 	chūxuèrè	hemorrhage fever
出訪 / 出访 	chūfǎng	visit a foreign country
出走	chūzǒu	to flee;to run away
出路	chūlù	a way out (of a difficult situation, etc)
出身	chūshēn	family background;class origin
出軌 / 出轨 	chūguǐ	derail;be derailed;overstep bounds
出錢 / 出钱 	chūqián	to pay
出門 / 出门 	chūmén	be away from home;go on a journey
出院	chūyuàn	to leave hospital
出难题 / 出難題 	chūnántí	to raise a tough question
出面	chūmiàn	act in a (official or personal) capacity
出風頭 / 出风头 	chūfēngtou	to create a stir;to enjoy the limelight
出馬 / 出马 	chūmǎ	to set out (on a campaign);to stand for election;to throw one's cap in the ring
击 / 擊 	jī	to hit;to strike;to break
击中 / 擊中 	jīzhòng	(v) to hit (a target, etc.);strike
击倒 / 擊倒 	jídǎo	(v) hit, knock down
击打 / 擊打 	jīdǎ	beat;lash
击毙 / 擊斃 	jībì	shoot to death;strike dead
击碎 / 擊碎 	jīsuì	to smash to pieces
击败 / 擊敗 	jībài	defeat;beat
击退 / 擊退 	jītuì	to beat back;to repel
函	hán	envelope;case;letter
函件	hánjiàn	letters;correspondence
函授	hánshòu	correspondence course
函数 / 函數 	hánshù	function
函購 / 函购 	hángòu	mail order
凿 / 鑿 	záo	chisel
凿 / 鑿 	zuò	chisel
凿子 / 鑿子 	záozǐ	chisel
凿石场 / 鑿石場 	záoshíchǎng	rock quarry
刀	dāo	knife
刀刃	dāorèn	(n) knife edge;(n) critical point
刀叉	dāochā	knife and fork
刀口	dāokǒu	cut;incision
刀叶 / 刀葉 	dāoyè	blade
刀子	dāozi	knife
刀疤	dāobā	to scar from a knife cut
刁	diāo	artful;wicked
刁难 / 刁難 	diāonàn	to be hard on someone;to deliberately make things difficult for someone
刃	rèn	edge of blade
分	fēn	to divide;minute;(a measure word);(a unit of length = 0.33 centimeter)
分	fèn	part
分之	fēnzhī	(indicating a fraction)
分享	fēnxiǎng	obtain one's share (of wealth, rights, etc.);partake
分付	fēnfù	(coll.) to order;instruct
分会 / 分會 	fēnhuì	branch
分佈 / 分布 	fēnbù	distributed;to distribute
分佈式 / 分布式 	fēnbùshì	distributed
分佈式環境 / 分布式环境 	fēnbùshìhuánjìng	distributed (computing) environment
分佈式結構 / 分布式结构 	fēnbùshìjiégòu	distributed architecture
分佈式網絡 / 分布式网络 	fēnbùshìwǎngluò	distributed network
分佈控制 / 分布控制 	fēnbùkòngzhì	distributed control
分內 / 分内 	fènnèi	(n);one's job or duty
分冊 / 分册 	fēncè	volume (one of a series);fascicle
分別 / 分别 	fēnbié	difference;distinction;apart;separate;separately;respectively
分割	fēngē	to cut up;to break up
分化	fēnhuà	(v) split apart;differentiation
分发 / 分發 	fēnfā	distribute;distribution
分号 / 分號 	fēnhào	semicolon
分外	fènwài	(adv) particularly
分头 / 分頭 	fēntóu	separately;severally
分娩	fēnmiǎn	delivery;labor
分子	fēnzǐ	molecule;(math) numerator of a fraction
分子	fènzǐ	members of a class or group;political elements (such as intellectuals or extremists);part
分子杂交 / 分子雜交 	fēnzǐzájiāo	molecular hybridization
分宜	fēnyí	(N) Fenyi (place in Jiangxi)
分家	fēnjiā	(n) divide;separate
分寸	fēncùn	(n) the limits of proper speech or action
分封制	fēnfēngzhì	the feudal system;system of enfeoffment
分居	fēnjū	a separation;to live apart
分工	fēngōng	divide the work;division of labor
分布式发展模型 / 分布式發展模型 	fēnbùshìfāzhǎnmóxíng	distributed developmental model
分布连结网络 / 分布連結網絡 	fēnbùliánjiéwǎngluò	distributed connectionist network
分店	fēndiàn	branch (of a chain store);annex
分开 / 分開 	fēnkāi	to separate;to part
分形	fēnxíng	(math.) fractal
分形几何 / 分形幾何 	fēnxíngjǐhé	fractal geometry
分形几何学 / 分形幾何學 	fēnxíngjǐhéxué	fractal geometry
分心	fēnxīn	to distract
分房	fēnfáng	to sleep in separate rooms
分手	fēnshǒu	split up;break up
分批	fēnpī	(adv) do sth in batches or groups
分担 / 分擔 	fēndān	share responsibility
分支	fēnzhī	branch (of company, river, etc.)
分散	fēnsàn	scatter;disperse;distribute
分散式	fēnsànshì	distributed
分散注意	fēnsànzhùyì	to distract
分散的策略	fēnsàndecèlüè	diffused strategy
分数 / 分數 	fēnshù	fraction;score
分时多工 / 分時多工 	fēnshíduōgōng	time division multiplexing;TDM
分明	fēnmíng	clearly demarcated;sharply contoured
分晓 / 分曉 	fēnxiǎo	the result (becomes apparent);now one understands
分期	fēnqī	(adv) done in a staged manner;step by step
分期付款	fēnqīfùkuǎn	installment
分机 / 分機 	fēnjī	(telephone) extension
分析	fēnxī	to analyze;analysis
分析人士	fēnxīrénshì	analyst;expert
分析员 / 分析員 	fēnxīyuán	analyst (e.g. of news)
分析器	fēnxīqì	analyzer
分析学 / 分析學 	fēnxīxué	mathematical analysis;calculus
分析家	fēnxījiā	(political) analyst
分枝	fēnzhī	branch
分歧	fēnqí	difference (of opinion, position)
分母	fēnmǔ	(n) denominator
分水岭 / 分水嶺 	fēnshuǐlíng	watershed
分泌	fēnmì	secrete
分波多工	fēnbōduōgōng	wavelength division multiplexing;WDM
分派	fēnpài	assign
分清	fēnqīng	(v) distinguish between;make distinctions clear
分离 / 分離 	fēnlí	to separate
分离主义 / 分離主義 	fēnlízhǔyì	separatism
分离分子 / 分離分子 	fēnlífènzǐ	separatist
分类 / 分類 	fēnlèi	classification
分类学 / 分類學 	fēnlèixué	taxonomy;taxology;systematics
分紅 / 分红 	fēnhóng	(n) bonus;(v) award a bonus
分給 / 分给 	fēngěi	divide
分裂	fēnliè	split up;to split;to divide;to break up;fission
分解	fēnjiě	resolve;decompose;break down
分解作用	fēnjiězuòyòng	decomposition
分詞 / 分词 	fēncí	participle
分貝 / 分贝 	fēnbèi	(n) decibel
分辨	fēnbiàn	to distinguish;to differentiate;to resolve;to defend against an accusation;to exculpate
分辨率	fēnbiànlǜ	resolution (of a photo)
分送	fēnsòng	send;distribute
分配	fēnpèi	to distribute;to assign;to allocate
分量	fènliàng	weight
分銷 / 分销 	fēnxiāo	distribution;retail store
分銷網絡 / 分销网络 	fēnxiāowǎngluò	distribution network
分鐘 / 分钟 	fēnzhōng	minute
分队 / 分隊 	fēnduì	(n) military platoon or squad
切	qiē	to cut;to slice
切	qiè	close to
切分信息	qièfēnxìnxí	segmental information
切勿	qièwù	by no means
切合	qièhé	to fit;to suit
切实 / 切實 	qièshí	feasible;earnestly;conscientiously;realistic;practical
切尔诺贝利 / 切爾諾貝利 	qiē'ěrnuòbèilì	Chernobyl
切尔诺贝利 / 切爾諾貝利 	qiè'ěrnuòbèilì	Chernobyl
切尼	qiēní	(vice-president Dick) Cheney
切换 / 切換 	qiēhuàn	to cut over
切断 / 切斷 	qiēduàn	cut off (a supply, etc.)
切望	qiēwàng	crave;eager;longing
切片	qiēpiàn	slice
切腹	qiēfù	(v) ritual suicide by disembowelment with a dagger by Japanese samurai;seppuku;harakiri
切除	qiēchú	to excise;to cut out (a tumor)
刈	yì	mow
刊	kān	to print;publish
刊物	kānwù	publication
刊登	kāndēng	carry a story;publish (in a newspaper or magazine)
刍 / 芻 	chú	(surname);cut grass;hay;straw;fodder
刎	wěn	cut across (throat)
刑	xíng	punishment
刑事	xíngshì	criminal;penal
刑场 / 刑場 	xíngchǎng	(n) execution field
刑期	xíngqī	prison term
刑案	xíng'àn	criminal case
刑法	xíngfǎ	(n) criminal laws
刑罚 / 刑罰 	xíngfá	sentence;penalty;punishment
划	huá	to row
划	huà	to delimit;to transfer;to assign;to differentiate;to mark off;to draw (a line);to delete;stroke of a Chinese character
划分 / 劃分 	huàfēn	to divide;to partition
划定 / 劃定 	huàdìng	to demarcate
划破 / 劃破 	huàpò	(v) break;shatter
划船	huáchuán	row boat
刓	wán	trim
刖	yuè	cut off the feet as punishment
列	liè	to arrange;to line up;row;file;series
列为 / 列為 	lièwéi	be classified as
列举 / 列舉 	lièjǔ	(make a) list;enumerate
列入	lièrù	(v) put on a list
列别傑夫 / 列别杰夫 	lièbièjiéfū	Lebedev or Lebedyev (Russian name)
列印	lièyìn	to print;to typeset and print;to print from a webpage
列国 / 列國 	lièguó	various countries
列宁 / 列寧 	lièníng	Vladimir Lenin, Russian revolutionary leader
列岛 / 列島 	lièdǎo	archipelago;chain of islands
列席	lièxí	(v) attend as a speaking only delegate without voting rights
列強 / 列强 	lièqiáng	the Great Powers (hist.)
列支敦士登	lièzhīdūnshìdēng	Liechtenstein
列王紀上 / 列王纪上 	lièwángjìshàng	1 Kings
列王紀下 / 列王纪下 	lièwángjìxià	2 Kings
列表	lièbiǎo	list
列車 / 列车 	lièchē	train (railway term)
刘 / 劉 	liú	(surname);to kill
刘少奇 / 劉少奇 	liúshǎoqí	Liu Shaoqi (1898–1969), Chinese communist leader
刘晓波 / 劉曉波 	liúxiǎobō	Liu Xiaobo (name of dissident writer)
刘海 / 劉海 	liúhǎi	bangs or fringes of hair
则 / 則 	zé	(expresses contrast with a previous sentence or clause);standard;norm;rule;to imitate;to follow;then;principle
刚 / 剛 	gāng	hard;firm;strong;just;barely;exactly
刚体 / 剛體 	gāngtǐ	rigid body
刚健 / 剛健 	gāngjiàn	energetic;robust
刚刚 / 剛剛 	gānggang	just recently;just a moment ago
刚劲 / 剛勁 	gāngjìng	bold;vigorous
刚好 / 剛好 	gānghǎo	just;exactly;happen to be
刚察 / 剛察 	gāngchá	(N) Gangcha (place in Qinghai)
刚强 / 剛強 	gāngqiáng	firm;unyielding
刚性 / 剛性 	gāngxìng	rigidity
刚愎自用 / 剛愎自用 	gāngbìzìyòng	stubborn
刚才 / 剛纔 	gāngcái	(just) a moment ago
刚果 / 剛果 	gāngguǒ	Congo
刚架 / 剛架 	gāngjià	rigid frame
刚正 / 剛正 	gāngzhèng	honest;upright
刚毅 / 剛毅 	gāngyì	resolute;steadfast;stalwart
刚毛 / 剛毛 	gāngmáo	bristle
刚直 / 剛直 	gāngzhí	upright and outspoken
创 / 創 	chuāng	a wound;cut;injury;trauma
创 / 創 	chuàng	begin;initiate;inaugurate;start;create
创世 / 創世 	chuàngshì	create the world
创世纪 / 創世紀 	chuàngshìjì	Genesis
创世记 / 創世記 	chuàngshìjì	the book of Genesis
创世论 / 創世論 	chuàngshìlùn	creationism (relig.)
创业 / 創業 	chuàngyè	(v) begin an undertaking;start a major task
创伤 / 創傷 	chuāngshāng	wound
创作 / 創作 	chuàngzuò	to create;to produce;to write;creative work;creation
创作力 / 創作力 	chuàngzuòlì	originality
创刊号 / 創刊號 	chuàngkānhào	first issue
创办 / 創辦 	chuàngbàn	launch
创办人 / 創辦人 	chuàngbànrén	founder (of an institution, etc)
创始 / 創始 	chuàngshǐ	to initiate;to found
创始人 / 創始人 	chuàngshǐrén	the creator;the founder;the initiator
创建 / 創建 	chuàngjiàn	to found;to establish
创新 / 創新 	chuàngxīn	creative;creativity;to bring forth new ideas;to blaze new trails
创立 / 創立 	chuànglì	to found;establish;originate
创立者 / 創立者 	chuànglìzhě	founder
创记录 / 創記錄 	chuàngjìlù	to set a record
创造 / 創造 	chuàngzào	to create;to bring about;to produce
创造力 / 創造力 	chuàngzàolì	ingenuity;creativity
创造性 / 創造性 	chuàngzàoxìng	creativeness;creativity
创造者 / 創造者 	chuàngzàozhě	creator
创造论 / 創造論 	chuàngzàolùn	creationism (relig.)
刜	fú	to chop;strike
初	chū	at first;(at the) beginning;first;junior;basic
初一	chūyī	first day of lunar month;New Year's Day
初中	chūzhōng	junior high school
初升	chūshēng	rising (sun, moon, etc.)
初学者 / 初學者 	chūxuézhě	beginning student
初期	chūqī	initial stage;beginning period
初步	chūbù	initial;preliminary;tentative
初等	chūděng	elementary (i.e., easy)
初等代数 / 初等代數 	chūděngdàishù	elementary algebra
初級 / 初级 	chūjí	junior;primary
初衷	chūzhōng	original intention or aspiration
初选 / 初選 	chūxuǎn	(US) primaries (election)
删 / 刪 	shān	to delete
删掉 / 刪掉 	shāndiào	delete
删除 / 刪除 	shānchú	to delete
刡	mǐn	to scrape;to pare
判	pàn	to judge;to sentence;to discriminate;to discern
判决 / 判決 	pànjué	judgment (by a court of law)
判刑	pànxíng	sentence (to prison, etc.)
判处 / 判處 	pànchǔ	to sentence;to condemn
判处死刑 / 判處死刑 	pànchǔsǐxíng	to sentence to death
判定	pàndìng	judge;decide;judgment;determination
判断 / 判斷 	pànduàn	to decide;to determine
判明	pànmíng	to distinguish;to ascertain
別 / 别 	bié	leave;depart;separate;distinguish;classify;other;another;do not;must not;to pin
別 / 别 	biè	contrary;difficult;awkward
別人 / 别人 	biérén	other people;others;other person
別具一格 / 别具一格 	biéjùyīgé	having a unique or distinctive style
別出心裁 / 别出心裁 	biéchūxīncái	adopt an original approach;try to be different
別動隊 / 别动队 	biédòngduì	special detachment;commando;an armed secret agent squad
別名 / 别名 	biémíng	another name
別墅 / 别墅 	biéshù	villa
別字 / 别字 	biézì	mispronounced or wrongly written character
別扭 / 别扭 	bièniu	(adj) difficult;uncomfortable;(adj) disagreeable
別有洞天 / 别有洞天 	biéyǒudòngtiān	place of charm and beauty;scenery of exceptional charm;completely different world
別有用心 / 别有用心 	biéyǒuyòngxīn	an ulterior motive;a hidden agenda
別無 / 别无 	biéwú	have no other (choice, alternative, etc)
別的 / 别的 	biéde	else;other
別稱 / 别称 	biéchēng	another name;alternative name
別管 / 别管 	biéguǎn	no matter (who, what, etc.)
別處 / 别处 	biéchù	elsewhere
別號 / 别号 	biéhào	alias
別針 / 别针 	biézhēn	pin
別開生面 / 别开生面 	biékāishēngmiàn	start something new or original;break a new path;break fresh ground
別離 / 别离 	biélí	take leave of;leave
刨	bào	a plane;to plane;level or make smooth
刨	bào	a plane;to plane
刨	páo	eliminate;to dig;to question
刨冰	bàobīng	water-ice
刨刀	bàodāo	planing tool
刨子 / 鉋子 	bàozi	plane
刨工	bàogōng	planing;planing machine operator;planer
刨床 / 鉋床 	bàochuáng	planer;planing machine
刨根問底 / 刨根问底 	páogēnwèndǐ	get to the bottom of things
刨程	bàochéng	planing length
刨花	bàohuā	wood shavings
刨齒 / 刨齿 	bàochǐ	gear-shaping
利	lì	advantage;benefit;profit;sharp
利于 / 利於 	lìyú	be beneficial;be good for
利伯曼	lìbómàn	(Connecticut Senator Joseph I.) Lieberman
利伯維爾 / 利伯维尔 	lìbówéi'ěr	Libreville (capital of Gabon)
利兹 / 利茲 	lìzī	Leeds
利剑 / 利劍 	lìjiàn	sharp sword
利害	lìhài	pros and cons;advantages and disadvantages
利害	lìhai	terrible;formidable;serious;devastating;tough;capable;sharp;severe;fierce
利尿剂 / 利尿劑 	lìniàojì	diuretic
利川	lìchuān	(N) Lichuan (city in Hubei)
利市	lìshì	"lai see" (lucky money)
利弊	lìbì	(n) pluses and minuses;advantages and disadvantages
利息	lìxi	(n) interest on money
利未記 / 利未记 	lìwèijì	Leviticus
利比亚 / 利比亞 	lìbǐyà	Libya
利比里亚 / 利比里亞 	lìbǐlǐyà	Liberia
利津	lìjīn	(N) Lijin (place in Shandong)
利润 / 利潤 	lìrùn	profits
利物浦	lìwùpǔ	Liverpool (England)
利率	lìlǜ	interest rates
利玛窦 / 利瑪竇 	lìmǎdòu	(n);Mateo Ricci, Jesuit missionary in Ming China
利用	lìyòng	exploit;make use of;to use;to take advantage of;to utilize
利益	lìyì	benefit;(in someone's) interest
利辛	lìxīn	(N) Lixin (place in Anhui)
利隆圭	lìlóngguī	Lilongwe (capital of Malawi)
利雅得	lìyǎdé	Riyadh (capital of Saudi Arabia)
利馬 / 利马 	lìmǎ	Lima (capital of Peru)
刭 / 剄 	jǐng	cut the throat
刮	guā	to scrape;to blow;to shave;to plunder;to extort
刮	guā	blow (of the wind)
刮掉	guādiào	scrape
刮脸 / 刮臉 	guāliǎn	to shave
到	dào	to (a place);until (a time);up to;to go;to arrive
到…之上	dàozhīshàng	onto
到了	dàole	in (a past time);there were
到來 / 到来 	dàolái	arrival;advent
到场 / 到場 	dàochǎng	show up;be present (at the scene)
到处 / 到處 	dàochù	in all places;everywhere
到底	dàodǐ	finally;in the end;when all is said and done
到期	dàoqī	become due (e.g. loans)
到此处 / 到此處 	dàocǐchù	hither
到目前为止 / 到目前為止 	dàomùqiánwéizhǐ	until now;so far
到达 / 到達 	dàodá	to reach;to arrive
到那个时候 / 到那個時候 	dàonàgèshíhòu	until this moment
到那裡 / 到那里 	dàonàlǐ	thither
刲	kuī	cut open and clean
刳	kū	to cut open;rip up;scoop out
刵	èr	cut off the ears as punishment
制	zhì	system;to make;to manufacture;to control;to regulate
制	zhì	manufacture
制伏	zhìfú	co bring under control
制作 / 製作 	zhìzuò	make;manufacture
制作者 / 製作者 	zhìzuòzhě	producer
制剂 / 製劑 	zhìjì	(chemical or pharmaceutical) preparation
制品 / 製品 	zhìpǐn	products;goods
制定	zhìdìng	to draw up;to formulate
制度	zhìdù	(political or administrative) system or institution
制式	zhìshì	(n) service-type, service pattern;standard, system, format
制服	zhìfú	uniform
制服	zhìfù	uniform
制止	zhìzhǐ	to curb;to put a stop to;to stop;to check;to limit
制片 / 製片 	zhìpiàn	moviemaking
制片人 / 製片人 	zhìpiànrén	moviemaking
制約 / 制约 	zhìyuē	to restrict;condition
制药 / 制藥 	zhìyào	manufacture medicine
制药业 / 制藥業 	zhìyàoyè	pharmaceutical industry
制药厂 / 製藥廠 	zhìyàochǎng	pharmaceutical company;drugs manufacturing factory
制裁	zhìcái	(v) punish;(n) (economic) sanctions
制訂 / 制订 	zhìdìng	work out;formulate
制造 / 製造 	zhìzào	to manufacture;to make
制造业 / 制造業 	zhìzàoyè	manufacturing industry
制造业者 / 製造業者 	zhìzàoyèzhě	manufacturer
制造商 / 製造商 	zhìzàoshāng	manufacturing company
制造者 / 製造者 	zhìzàozhē	maker
制陶工人 / 製陶工人 	zhìtáogōngrén	potter
刷	shuā	brush;to swipe (a card)
刷	shuà	to select
刷子	shuāzi	brush;scrub
券	quàn	deed;bond;contract;ticket
刹 / 剎 	chà	Buddhist monastery or temple;a brief moment
刹 / 剎 	shā	to brake (car)
刹车 / 剎車 	shāchē	(v) put on the brakes
刹那 / 剎那 	chànà	(n) an instant in time
刺	cì	thorn;sting;prick;pierce;stab;thrust;assassinate;murder
刺伤 / 刺傷 	cìshāng	stab;puncture (wound)
刺刀	cìdāo	bayonet
刺客	cìkè	assassin;murderer
刺探	cìtàn	pry
刺杀 / 刺殺 	cìshā	assassinate
刺激	cìjī	to provoke;to irritate;to upset;to stimulate
刺激剂 / 刺激劑 	cìjījì	irritant agent
刺激启动不同步 / 刺激啟動不同步 	cìjīqǐdòngbùtóngbù	stimulus onset asymmetry
刺激物	cìjīwù	stimulus
刺激素	cìjīsù	growth hormone
刺激群	cìjīqún	stimulus constellation
刺猬 / 刺蝟 	cìwèi	hedgehog
刺痛	cìtòng	tingle
刺繡 / 刺绣 	cìxiù	embroider
刺繡品 / 刺绣品 	cìxiùpǐn	embroidery
刺耳	cì'ěr	ear-piercing
刺骨	cìgǔ	(adj) bone-chilling;piercing;cutting
刻	kè	quarter (hour);(a measure word);to carve;to engrave;to cut;oppressive
刻写 / 刻寫 	kèxiě	inscribe
刻度	kèdù	marked scale;graduated scale
刻意	kèyì	(adv) with studious intent or effort;purposely;deliberately
刻画 / 刻畫 	kèhuà	portray
刻痕	kèhén	notch
刻舟求剑 / 刻舟求劍 	kèzhōuqiújiàn	(proverb) an action made pointless by changed circumstances;lit: a notch on the side of a boat to locate a sword dropped overboard
刻苦	kèkǔ	hardworking;assiduous
刻薄	kèbó	(adj) unkind;harsh;mean
刽	guì	to amputate;to behead
刽	guì	amputate, cut off
刽子手	guìzǐshǒu	an executioner (slang)
刿 / 劌 	guì	cut;injure
剀 / 剴 	kǎi	carefully;moderately
剁	duò	chop (meat)
剁碎	duòsuì	mince
剂 / 劑 	jì	dose
剂量 / 劑量 	jìliáng	dose
剂量当量 / 劑量當量 	jìliángdāngliáng	dose equivalent
剂量效应 / 劑量效應 	jìliángxiàoyìng	dose effect
剂量监控 / 劑量監控 	jìliángjiānkòng	monitoring
剃	tì	shave
剃	tì	shave;to weed
剃刀	tìdāo	razor
剉	cuò	to file
削	xiāo	to scrape
削	xuē	to reduce;to pare (away);to cut (down)
削减 / 削減 	xuējiǎn	to cut down;to reduce;to lower
削弱	xuēruò	weaken
剋	kè	subdue
剌	lá	to slash
剌	là	cruel;obstinate
前	qián	before;in front;ago;former;previous;earlier;front
前不久	qiánbùjiǔ	not long before
前人	qiánrén	(n) ancestors
前仰后合	qiányǎnghòuhé	to sway to and fro;to rock back and forth
前任	qiánrèn	predecessor;ex-;former
前列	qiánliè	(n) the very front
前列腺	qiánlièxiàn	prostate
前列腺癌	qiánlièxiàn'ái	prostate cancer
前列腺素	qiánlièxiànsù	prostaglandin
前台	qiántái	forestage
前后	qiánhòu	(n) an approximate time;(n) from beginning to end;(n) everywhere;all about
前后	qiánhòu	around;about;from beginning to end
前向拥塞通知 / 前向擁塞通知 	qiánxiàngyōngsāitōngzhī	Forward Explicit Congestion Notification;FECN
前夕	qiánxī	eve;the day before
前天	qiántiān	the day before yesterday
前头 / 前頭 	qiántou	in front;at the head;ahead;above
前奏	qiánzòu	prelude;presage
前年	qiánnián	the year before last
前往	qiánwǎng	leave for;proceed towards;to go
前後	qiánhòu	around;about;from beginning to end
前所未有	qiánsuǒwèiyǒu	unprecedented
前所未有的	qiánsuǒwèiyǒude	unprecedented
前所未見 / 前所未见 	qiánsuǒwèijiàn	unprecedented;never seen before
前提	qiántí	premise;precondition;prerequisite
前方	qiánfāng	ahead;the front
前无古人,后无来者 / 前無古人,後無來者 	qiánwúgǔrénhòuwúláizhě	to surpass all others of its kind before and since;to have neither predecessors nor successors
前景	qiánjǐng	foreground;vista;(future) prospects;perspective
前期	qiánqī	(n) the time period preceeding some other time
前生	qiánshēng	pre-existence
前生召唤 / 前生召喚 	qiánshēngzhàohuàn	foreordination
前程	qiánchéng	future (career, etc) prospects
前線 / 前线 	qiánxiàn	(n) military front line;edge of a construction site
前者	qiánzhě	the former
前肢	qiánzhī	forelimb;foreleg
前苏联 / 前蘇聯 	qiánsūlián	former Soviet Union
前言	qiányán	preface;forward;introduction
前詞典語音加工 / 前词典语音加工 	qiáncídiǎnyǔyīnjiāgōng	prelexical phonology
前詞彙加工 / 前词汇加工 	qiáncíhuìjiāgōng	pre-lexical access
前詞彙語音加工 / 前词汇语音加工 	qiáncíhuìyǔyīnjiāgōng	pre-lexical phonological processing
前詞彙階段 / 前词汇阶段 	qiáncíhuìjiēduàn	pre-lexical stage
前赴后繼 / 前赴后继 	qiánfùhòujì	(saying) advance in waves of people
前輩 / 前辈 	qiánbèi	senior;older generation
前边 / 前邊 	qiánbiān	(n) the area in front of sth
前进 / 前進 	qiánjìn	to go forward;to forge ahead;to advance;onward
前途	qiántú	prospects;outlook (for the future);future
前部	qiánbù	front section
前部皮层下损伤 / 前部皮層下損傷 	qiánbùpícéngxiàsǔnshāng	anterior subcortical lesions
前金区 / 前金區 	qiánjīnqū	(N) Chienchin (area in Taiwan)
前鎮區 / 前镇区 	qiánzhènqū	(N) Chienchen (area in Taiwan)
前面	qiánmian	ahead;in front;preceding;above
前額 / 前额 	qián'è	forehead
剐 / 剮 	guǎ	cut off the flesh as punishment
剑 / 劍 	jiàn	(double-edged) sword
剑川 / 劍川 	jiànchuān	(N) Jianchuan (place in Yunnan)
剑拔弩张 / 劍拔弩張 	jiànbánǔzhāng	lit.: with swords drawn and bows bent;fig.: a state of mutual hostility;at daggers drawn
剑术 / 劍術 	jiànshù	fencing
剑桥 / 劍橋 	jiànqiáo	Cambridge (city)
剑河 / 劍河 	jiànhé	(N) Jianhe (place in Guizhou)
剑阁 / 劍閣 	jiàngé	(N) Jiange (place in Sichuan)
剔	tī	pick (as teeth)
剖	pōu	to cut
剚	zì	erect;stab
剜	wān	scoop out
剝 / 剥 	bō	peel;to skin
剝削 / 剥削 	bōxuē	exploit;exploitation
剝啄 / 剥啄 	bōzhuó	tap (on a door or window)
剝奪 / 剥夺 	bōduó	deprive;expropriate;strip (of)
剝掉 / 剥掉 	bōdiào	pare
剝採比 / 剥采比 	bōcǎibǐ	stripping-to-ore ratio;stripping ratio
剝皮 / 剥皮 	bōpí	(v) flay
剝落 / 剥落 	bōluò	peel off
剝蝕 / 剥蚀 	bōshí	denude;corrode
剝離 / 剥离 	bōlí	(of tissue, skin, covering, etc.) come off;peel off;be stripped
剞	jī	curved wood graver
剟	duō	to prick;to cut blocks, to engrave
剡	shàn	river in Zhejiang
剡	yǎn	sharp
剣	jiàn	Japanese variant of T:__劍__ S:__剑__
剤	jì	Japanese variant of T:__劑__ S:__剂__
剧 / 劇 	jù	drama;play;show;severe
剧作家 / 劇作家 	jùzuòjiā	playwright
剧团 / 劇團 	jùtuán	(n) theatrical troupe
剧场 / 劇場 	jùchǎng	theater
剧情 / 劇情 	jùqíng	story line;plot
剧本 / 劇本 	jùběn	(n) play, opera, or movie script
剧烈 / 劇烈 	jùliè	violent;acute;severe;fierce
剧院 / 劇院 	jùyuàn	theater
剩	shèng	have as remainder
剩下	shèngxià	to be left (over);to remain
剩余 / 剩餘 	shèngyú	remaining;surplus
剩余放射性 / 剩餘放射性 	shèngyúfàngshèxìng	residual radioactivity
剩余辐射 / 剩餘輻射 	shèngyúfúshè	residual radiation
剩磁	shèngcí	residual magnetism
剪 / 翦 	jiǎn	cut with scissors;scissors
剪刀	jiǎndāo	scissors
剪報 / 剪报 	jiǎnbào	scrap
剪彩	jiǎncǎi	(v) cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony
剪成	jiǎnchéng	cut into
剪接	jiǎnjiē	film-editing;montage;to cut or edit film
剪断 / 剪斷 	jiǎnduàn	shear
剪紙 / 剪纸 	jiǎnzhǐ	paper-cut
剪貼簿 / 剪贴簿 	jiǎntiēbù	scrapbook
副	fù	secondary;auxiliary;deputy;assistant;vice-;(measure word for a pair)
副业 / 副業 	fùyè	(n) sideline occupation;pastime
副主席	fùzhǔxí	vice-chairperson
副产物 / 副產物 	fùchǎnwù	byproduct material
副伤寒 / 副傷寒 	fùshānghán	paratyphoid fever
副作用	fùzuòyòng	side effect
副刊	fùkān	supplement
副总理 / 副總理 	fùzǒnglǐ	vice-premier;deputy prime minister
副总统 / 副總統 	fùzǒngtǒng	vice-president
副手	fùshǒu	assistant
副教授	fùjiàoshòu	associate professor (university post)
副本	fùběn	duplicate;transcript
副肾 / 副腎 	fùshèn	adrenal glands
副詞 / 副词 	fùcí	adverb
副部長 / 副部长 	fùbùzhǎng	assistant (government) minister
副食	fùshí	non-staple food
副黏液病毒	fùniányèbìngdú	paramyxovirus
剰	shèng	Japanese variant of __剩__
割	gē	cut off
割伤 / 割傷 	gēshāng	slash
割取	gēqǔ	to cut off
割断 / 割斷 	gēduàn	(v) cut off;sever
割礼 / 割禮 	gēlǐ	circumcision
割草	gēcǎo	mow grass
割除	gēchú	to amputate;to excise (cut out)
剷	chǎn	level off;root up
剷除 / 铲除 	chǎnchú	root out;eradicate
剸	tuán	slash
剺	lí	mark
剽	piāo	to rob;swift;nimble
剽悍	piāohàn	swift and fierce
剽窃 / 剽竊 	piāoqiè	pirate;to plagiarize
剿 / 勦 	chāo	destroy (bandits)
剿 / 勦 	jiǎo	destroy (bandits)
劁	qiāo	to neuter livestock
劂	jué	chisel;engrave
劃	huà	to delimit;to transfer;to assign;to differentiate;to mark off;to draw (a line);to delete;stroke of a Chinese character
劄	zhá	write down
劈	pī	hack;chop;split open
劈	pǐ	split in two;divide
劈啪	pīpā	(onomat) clatter
劈开 / 劈開 	pǐkāi	cleave
劊	guì	amputate, cut off
劓	yì	cut off the nose
劖	chán	bore;cut;polish
劘	mó	whittle
劙	lí	a divide, to partition
力	lì	power;force;strength
力不从心 / 力不從心 	lìbùcóngxīn	ability is less than one's desire
力主	lìzhǔ	advocate strongly
力争 / 力爭 	lìzhēng	work hard for;do all one can to;contend strongly
力图 / 力圖 	lìtú	try hard to;strive to
力学 / 力學 	lìxué	mechanics
力宝 / 力寶 	lìbǎo	Lippo (Group) (Indonesian business concern)
力度	lìdù	dynamism;vigor
力所能及	lìsuǒnéngjí	(saying) what you are capable of;within one's powers
力气 / 力氣 	lìqi	strength
力求	lìqiú	make every effort to;do one's best
力足以做	lìzúyǐzuò	afford;able to
力量	lìliang	power;force;strength
力量均衡	lìliàngjūnhéng	balance of power
力阻	lìzǔ	to block;to prevent by force
劝 / 勸 	quàn	to advise;to urge;to try to persuade;exhort
劝勉 / 勸勉 	quànmiǎn	to advise;to encourage
劝告 / 勸告 	quàngào	advice;urge;exhort;(n) exhortation;(v) advise
劝导 / 勸導 	quàndǎo	try to convince;advise (someone to do something)
劝慰 / 勸慰 	quànwèi	to console
劝服 / 勸服 	quànfú	prevail;convince
劝诫 / 勸誡 	quànjiè	exhort;admonish
劝说 / 勸說 	quànshuō	persuade;persuasion;advise
劝阻 / 勸阻 	quànzǔ	(v) advise against doing sth
办 / 辦 	bàn	to do;to manage;to handle;to go about;to run;to set up;to deal with
办事 / 辦事 	bànshì	to handle (affairs);to work
办事处 / 辦事處 	bànshìchù	office;agency
办公 / 辦公 	bàngōng	handle official business;work (usually in an office)
办公厅 / 辦公廳 	bàngōngtīng	general office
办公室 / 辦公室 	bàngōngshì	office
办公自动化 / 辦公自動化 	bàngōngzìdònghuà	office automation
办到 / 辦到 	bàndào	to accomplish;to get sth done
办学 / 辦學 	bànxué	to run a school
办报 / 辦報 	bànbào	to run a newspaper
办案 / 辦案 	bàn'àn	to handle a case
办法 / 辦法 	bànfǎ	means;method;way (to do something)
办理 / 辦理 	bànlǐ	to handle;to transact;to conduct
办罪 / 辦罪 	bànzuì	to punish
功	gōng	merit;achievement;result;service;accomplishment;work (phys.)
功劳 / 功勞 	gōngláo	contribution;meritorious;credit
功名利祿 / 功名利禄 	gōngmínglìlù	(set phrase) official position and material gain;rank, fame and fortune
功夫	gōngfu	skill;art;kung fu;labor;effort
功效	gōngxiào	(n) efficacy
功率	gōnglǜ	power
功率恶化 / 功率惡化 	gōnglǜèhuà	power penalty
功用	gōngyòng	function
功績 / 功绩 	gōngjì	feat;contribution;merits and achievements
功能	gōngnéng	function
功能性	gōngnéngxìng	functionality
功能磁共振成像术 / 功能磁共振成像術 	gōngnéngcígòngzhènchéngxiàngshù	functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
功能群	gōngnéngqún	functional group
功能詞 / 功能词 	gōngnéngcí	function word
功能集	gōngnéngjí	function library
功課 / 功课 	gōngkè	classwork
加	jiā	to add;plus;abbr. for Canada
加…于 / 加…於 	jiāyú	impose;add to
加上	jiāshàng	to put in;to add;plus;to add on;to add into
加仑 / 加崙 	jiālún	gallon
加以	jiāyǐ	in addition;\(before a verb\) handle, deal with
加倍	jiābèi	to redouble;to double
加值型網路 / 加值型网路 	jiāzhíxíngwǎnglù	value added network;VAN
加入	jiārù	to become a member;to join;to mix into;to participate in;to add in
加农炮 / 加農炮 	jiānóngpào	(n) cannon
加冰	jiābīng	on the rocks (a drink)
加利福尼亚 / 加利福尼亞 	jiālìfúníyà	California
加利福尼亚大学洛杉矶分校 / 加利福尼亞大學洛杉磯分校 	jiālìfúníyàdàxuéluòshānjīfēnxiào	UCLA
加剧 / 加劇 	jiājù	aggravate;intensify
加勒比	jiālèbǐ	Caribbean
加勒比海	jiālèbǐhǎi	Caribbean Sea
加大	jiādà	to increase (e.g., one's effort)
加大力度	jiādàlìdù	to try harder;to redouble one's efforts
加大努力	jiādànǔlì	to try harder;to redouble one's efforts
加害	jiāhài	to injure
加宽 / 加寬 	jiākuān	widen
加密	jiāmì	to encrypt;encryption
加密后的 / 加密後的 	jiāmìhòude	encrypted
加尔各答 / 加爾各答 	jiā'ěrgèdā	Calcutta (India)
加州	jiāzhōu	California
加州技术学院 / 加州技術學院 	jiāzhōujìshùxuéyuàn	Caltech
加工	jiāgōng	to process;processing;working (of machinery)
加工效率	jiāgōngxiàolǜ	processing efficiency
加工时序 / 加工時序 	jiāgōngshíxù	time course
加強 / 加强 	jiāqiáng	to reinforce;to strengthen;to increase
加強管制 / 加强管制 	jiāqiángguǎnzhì	to tighten control (over sth)
加德满都 / 加德滿都 	jiādémǎndū	Kathmandu (capital of Nepal)
加德納 / 加德纳 	jiādénà	Gardner (name)
加快	jiākuài	to accelerate;to speed up
加急	jiājí	(v) require urgent measures to handle a matter
加拉加斯	jiālājiāsī	Caracas (capital of Venezuela)
加拉太书 / 加拉太書 	jiālātàishū	Galatians
加拉巴哥斯	jiālābāgēsī	Galapagos
加拉巴哥斯群岛 / 加拉巴哥斯群島 	jiālābāgēsīqúndǎo	Galapagos islands
加拿大	jiānádà	Canada;Canadian
加拿大皇家护 / 加拿大皇家護 	jiān'ádàhuángjiāhù	HMCS (Her Majesty's Canadian Ship);pre-fix for Canadian Navy Vessels
加时 / 加時 	jiāshí	overtime
加查	jiāchá	(N) Jiacha (place in Tibet)
加榮耀於 / 加荣耀于 	jiāróngyàoyú	glorify
加沙	jiāshā	Gaza
加沙地带 / 加沙地帶 	jiāshādìdài	Gaza Strip
加油	jiāyóu	to make an extra effort;to cheer sb. on
加油站	jiāyóuzhàn	gas station
加深	jiāshēn	to deepen
加添	jiātiān	augment;add
加湿气 / 加濕氣 	jiāshīqì	humidifier
加热 / 加熱 	jiārè	heating
加班	jiābān	(v) work overtime
加甜	jiātián	sweeten
加盟	jiāméng	to become a member of an alliance or union;to align;to join;participate
加納 / 加纳 	jiānà	Ghana
加紧 / 加緊 	jiājǐn	to intensify;to speed up;to step up
加蓬	jiāpéng	Gabon
加薪	jiāxīn	raise salary
加藤	jiāténg	Kato or Katou, common Japanese surname
加速	jiāsù	accelerate;expedite
加速器	jiāsùqì	accelerator (comp)
加里曼丹	jiālǐmàndān	Kalimantan (island containing Borneo, Brunei and Sarawak)
加里肋亚 / 加里肋亞 	jiālǐlèiyǎ	Galilee
加重	jiāzhòng	make more serious
加長 / 加长 	jiācháng	lengthen
务 / 務 	wù	affair;business;matter
务实 / 務實 	wùshí	pragmatic;dealing with concrete issues
务必 / 務必 	wùbì	(adv) must;need to;be sure to
劢 / 勱 	mài	put forth effort
劣	liè	inferior
劣势 / 劣勢 	lièshì	inferior;disadvantaged
劣跡 / 劣迹 	lièjī	misdeed
动 / 動 	dòng	to use;to act;to move;to change
动不动 / 動不動 	dòngbúdòng	(adv) frequently;easily
动乱 / 動亂 	dòngluàn	turmoil;upheaval
动人 / 動人 	dòngrén	touching;moving
动作 / 動作 	dòngzuò	movement;motion;action
动力 / 動力 	dònglì	power;motion;propulsion;force
动力反应堆 / 動力反應堆 	dònglìfǎnyìngduī	power reactor
动力学 / 動力學 	dònglìxué	dynamics (math.);kinetics
动力系统 / 動力系統 	dònglìxìtǒng	dynamical system (math.)
动名词 / 動名詞 	dòngmíngcí	gerund
动向 / 動向 	dòngxiàng	trend;tendency
动听 / 動聽 	dòngtīng	pleasant to listen to
动员 / 動員 	dòngyuán	mobilize;arouse
动工 / 動工 	dònggōng	(v) start construction
动态 / 動態 	dòngtài	development;trend;dynamic state;movement;moving
动态助词 / 動態助詞 	dòngtàizhùcí	aspect particle
动态图形 / 動態圖形 	dòngtàitúxíng	animated graphics;animation (e.g., cartoons)
动态影像 / 動態影像 	dòngtàiyǐngxiàng	video
动怒 / 動怒 	dòngnù	to get angry
动情 / 動情 	dòngqíng	(v);to feel excited;become enamoured
动情期 / 動情期 	dòngqíngqī	oestrus
动情激素 / 動情激素 	dòngqíngjīsù	estrogen (oestrogen)
动手 / 動手 	dòngshǒu	to hit with hands or fists;to start work;to touch
动摇 / 動搖 	dòngyáo	waver;be indecisive
动机 / 動機 	dòngjī	motive;motivation;intention
动植物 / 動植物 	dòngzhíwù	plants and animals;flora and fauna
动植物分类 / 動植物分類 	dòngzhíwùfēnlèi	taxonomy
动漫 / 動漫 	dòngmàn	cartoons (movies)
动物 / 動物 	dòngwù	animal
动物分类 / 動物分類 	dòngwùfēnlèi	taxonomy;classification of animals
动物园 / 動物園 	dòngwùyuán	zoo
动物学 / 動物學 	dòngwùxué	zoological;zoology
动物性 / 動物性 	dòngwùxìng	animacy
动物性名词 / 動物性名詞 	dòngwùxìngmíngcí	animate noun
动物毒素 / 動物毒素 	dòngwùdúsù	zootoxin
动物界 / 動物界 	dòngwùjiè	animal kingdom
动用 / 動用 	dòngyòng	(v) put sth to use
动画 / 動畫 	dònghuà	animation;cartoon
动画片 / 動畫片 	dònghuàpiān	a cartoon (movie)
动脉 / 動脈 	dòngmài	artery
动脉硬化 / 動脈硬化 	dòngmàiyìnghuà	arteriosclerosis, hardening of the arteries
动脉粥样硬化 / 動脈粥樣硬化 	dòngmàizhōuyàngyìnghuà	atherosclerosis
动荡	dòngdàng	a commotion
动荡	dòngdàng	(social or political) unrest;turmoil;upheaval
动议 / 動議 	dòngyì	motion;proposal
动词 / 動詞 	dòngcí	verb
动词重叠 / 動詞重疊 	dòngcíchóngdié	verb reduplication
动身 / 動身 	dòngshēn	go on a journey;leave
动静 / 動靜 	dòngjìng	(v) the sound of sth stirring about;(n) activity
助	zhù	to help;to assist
助动词 / 助動詞 	zhùdòngcí	auxiliary verb;modal verb
助手	zhùshǒu	assistant;helper
助教	zhùjiào	teaching assistant
助理	zhùlǐ	assistant
助詞 / 助词 	zhùcí	particle (grammatical)
助选活动 / 助選活動 	zhùxuǎnhuódòng	campaign meeting
助長 / 助长 	zhùzhǎng	encourage;foster;foment
努	nǔ	to exert;to strive
努力	nǔlì	great effort;strive;try hard
努瓦克肖特	nǔwǎkèxiàotè	Nouakchott (capital of Mauritania)
劫	jié	plunder
劫持	jiéchí	(v) kidnap;hijack
劫机 / 劫機 	jiéjī	(n) airpiracy;hijacking
劫难 / 劫難 	jiénàn	calamity
劬	qú	labor
劭	shào	(surname);stimulate to effort
励 / 勵 	lì	exhort
劲 / 勁 	jìn	strength
劲 / 勁 	jìng	stalwart;sturdy
劲头 / 勁頭 	jìntóu	(n) eagerness;enthusiasm
劳 / 勞 	láo	toil
劳动 / 勞動 	láodòng	(physical) labor
劳动力 / 勞動力 	láodònglì	labor force;manpower
劳动教养 / 勞動教養 	láodòngjiàoyǎng	reeducation through labor
劳动者 / 勞動者 	láodòngzhe	laborer
劳动节 / 勞動節 	láodòngjié	International Labor Day (May Day)
劳工 / 勞工 	láogōng	labor
劳教 / 勞教 	láojiào	reeducation through labor
劳燕分飛 / 劳燕分飞 	láoyànfēnfēi	not wishing to part
劳碌 / 勞碌 	láolù	tiring
劳累 / 勞累 	láolèi	toil
劳苦 / 勞苦 	láokǔ	labour;toil
劳资 / 勞資 	láozī	labor and capital;labor and management
劳驾 / 勞駕 	láojià	excuse me
労	láo	Japanese variant of T:__勞__ S:__劳__
効	xiào	Japanese variant of __效__
劻	kuāng	zealous
劼	jié	careful;diligent;firm
劾	hé	impeach
势 / 勢 	shì	conditions;influence;tendency
势利 / 勢利 	shìlì	selfishly concerned with gaining advantages for oneself
势利眼 / 勢利眼 	shìlìyǎn	be self-interested
势力 / 勢力 	shìli	power;(ability to) influence
势在必行 / 勢在必行 	shìzàibìxíng	be imperative;be required by circumstances
势头 / 勢頭 	shìtóu	momentum;tendency
势如破竹 / 勢如破竹 	shìrúpòzhú	sweeping
势必 / 勢必 	shìbì	is bound to (happen)
勃	bó	flourishing;prosperous;suddenly;abruptly
勃兰登堡 / 勃蘭登堡 	bólándēngbǎo	Brandenburg (e.g. gate, concertos)
勃兴 / 勃興 	bóxīng	rise suddenly;grow vigorously
勃利	bólì	(N) Boli (place in Heilongjiang)
勃勃	bóbó	thriving;vigorous;exuberant
勃发 / 勃發 	bófā	thrive;prosper;break out
勃拉姆斯	bólāmǔsī	(Johannes) Brahms
勃然	bórán	agitatedly;excitedly;vigorously
勃起	bóqǐ	have an erection;erection
勅	chì	Japanese variant of __敕__;imperial decree
勇	yǒng	brave
勇士	yǒngshì	(n) warrior
勇敢	yǒnggǎn	brave
勇气 / 勇氣 	yǒngqì	courage;valor
勇猛	yǒngměng	(adj) bold and powerful;brave and fierce
勉	miǎn	exhort;to make an effort
勉励 / 勉勵 	miǎnlì	(v) encourage
勉县 / 勉縣 	miǎnxiàn	(N) Mian county (county in Shaanxi)
勉強 / 勉强 	miǎnqiǎng	manage (to do something) with difficulty;force somebody to do something
勋	xūn	medal;merit
勋	xūn	merit;variant of __勳__
勋	xūn	medal;merit
勋爵	xūnjué	Lord;title awarded as honor for service
勋爵	xūnjué	Lord;title awarded as honor for service
勋章 / 勛章 	xūnzhāng	medal;decoration
勋绩 / 勳績 	xūnjī	exploit
勍	qíng	violent;strong
勐海县 / 勐海縣 	měnghǎixiàn	(N) hai county (county in Yunnan)
勐腊县 / 勐臘縣 	měnglàxiàn	(N) la county (county in Yunnan)
勒	lè	rein in
勒	lēi	strangle
勒令	lèlìng	to order;to force
勒哈費爾 / 勒哈费尔 	lèhāfèi'ěr	Le Havre (French town)
勒索	lèsuǒ	to blackmail
勒維夫 / 勒维夫 	lèwéifu	Lviv (Lvov), town in W. Ukraine
動盪	dòngdàng	a commotion
動蕩	dòngdàng	(social or political) unrest;turmoil;upheaval
勖 / 勗 	xù	exhort;stimulate
勘	kān	to investigate;to survey;to collate
勘察	kānchá	reconnaissance
勘察加	kānchájiā	Kamchatka (far eastern province of Russia)
勘察加半岛 / 勘察加半島 	kānchájiābàndǎo	Kamchatka peninsula in the Russian far east
勘探	kāntàn	exploration
勘查	kānchá	to investigate on the spot;to reconnoitre;to prospect
勘测 / 勘測 	kāncè	to investigate;to survey
勘誤 / 勘误 	kānwù	to correct printing errors
勛	xūn	medal;merit
勛爵	xūnjué	Lord;title awarded as honor for service
勝 / 胜 	shēng	(also sheng4) able to do;competent enough to
勝 / 胜 	shèng	victorious
勝似 / 胜似 	shèngsì	(v);be better than;surpass;be superior to
勝利 / 胜利 	shènglì	victory
勝利者 / 胜利者 	shènglìzhē	victor;winner
勝地 / 胜地 	shèngdì	well-known scenic spot
勝過 / 胜过 	shèngguò	excel
募	mù	canvass for contributions;to recruit;to collect;to raise
募化	mùhuà	to collect alms (Buddhism)
募捐	mùjuān	to solicit contributions
募款	mùkuǎn	raise funds;fund-raising;raise money
募集	mùjí	to raise;to collect
勣	jī	merit;accomplishment
勤	qín	diligent;frequent
勤劳 / 勤勞 	qínláo	hardworking;industrious;diligent
勤勉	qínmiǎn	diligence;diligent;industrious
勤奋 / 勤奮 	qínfèn	(adj) hardworking;diligent
勤工俭学 / 勤工儉學 	qíngōngjiǎnxué	(idiom) work and study
勤恳 / 勤懇 	qínkěn	(adj) diligent and attentive
勧	quàn	Japanese variant of T:__勸__ S:__劝__
勩	yì	toil
勯	dān	exhausted
勰	xié	harmonious
勲	xūn	merit;variant of __勳__
勲爵	xūnjué	Lord;title awarded as honor for service
勳	xūn	medal;merit
勷	ráng	haste
勺	sháo	spoon
勺子	sháozi	scoop;ladle
勻 / 匀 	yún	even;evenly (divided);uniform
勻實 / 匀实 	yúnshi	even;uniform
勻整 / 匀整 	yúnzhěng	neat and well-spaced
勻淨 / 匀净 	yúnjìng	even;uniform
勻溜 / 匀溜 	yúnliu	even and smooth
勻稱 / 匀称 	yúnchèn	well proportioned;well shaped
勾	gōu	to cancel;to delineate;hook
勾	gòu	affair;to reach for (with hand)
勾划 / 勾劃 	gōuhuà	to sketch;to delineate
勾引	gōuyǐn	seduce;tempt
勾当 / 勾當 	gòudàng	shady business
勾拳	gōuquán	(n) (boxing) hook
勾結 / 勾结 	gōujié	collude with;collaborate with;gang up with
勿	wù	do not
包	bāo	to cover;to wrap;to hold;to include;to take charge of;package;wrapper;container;bag;to hold or embrace;bundle;packet;to contract (to or for)
包产 / 包產 	bāochǎn	make a production contract
包产到户 / 包產到戶 	bāochǎndàohù	fixing of farm output quotas for each household
包办 / 包辦 	bāobàn	take care of everything concerning a job;run the whole show
包厢 / 包廂 	bāoxiāng	box (in a theatre or concert hall)
包含	bāohán	contain;embody;include
包园儿 / 包園兒 	bāoyuán'ér	buy the whole lot;finish up or off
包围 / 包圍 	bāowéi	surround;encircle
包场 / 包場 	bāocháng	book a whole theatre
包头 / 包頭 	bāotóu	(N) Baotou (city in Inner Mongolia)
包子	bāozi	steamed stuffed bun
包容	bāoróng	pardon;forgive;contain;hold
包层 / 包層 	bāocéng	cladding;covering (on a fiber)
包工	bāogōng	undertake to perform work within a time limit and according to specifications;contract for a job;contractor
包干	bāogān	be responsible for a task unit until it is completed
包干儿 / 包干兒 	bāogānr	(v) be responsible for a job until completion
包干制	bāogānzhì	a system of payment partly in kind and partly in cash
包庇	bāobì	shield;harbor;cover up
包扎	bāozā	wrap up;bind up;pack
包扎	bāozā	bind
包承制	bāochéngzhì	responsible crew system
包承組 / 包承组 	bāochéngzǔ	(responsible) crew
包抄	bāochāo	outflank;envelop
包括	bāokuò	to comprise;to include;to involve;to incorporate;to consist of
包揽 / 包攬 	bāolǎn	undertake the whole thing;take on everything
包机 / 包機 	bāojī	chartered plane;to charter a plane
包治百病	bāozhìbǎibìng	guarantee to cure all diseases
包涵	bāohán	excuse;forgive;bear with
包皮	bāopí	wrapping;wrapper;foreskin
包租	bāozū	rent land or a house for subletting;fixed rent for farmland
包穀 / 包谷 	bāogǔ	maize;corn
包管	bāoguǎn	assure;guarantee
包紮	bāozā	bind
包罗 / 包羅 	bāoluó	include;cover;embrace
包罗万象 / 包羅萬象 	bāoluówànxiàng	all-embracing;all-inclusive
包藏	bāocáng	contain;harbor;conceal
包袱	bāofu	cloth-wrapper;a bundle wrapped in cloth;load;weight;burden
包装 / 包裝 	bāozhuāng	pack;package
包裹	bāoguǒ	wrap up;bind up;bundle;package
包賠 / 包赔 	bāopéi	guarantee to pay compensations
包身工	bāoshēngōng	indentured laborer
包金	bāojīn	cover with gold leaf;gild
包銷 / 包销 	bāoxiāo	have exclusive selling rights;be the sole agent for a production unit or firm
包飯 / 包饭 	bāofàn	get or supply meals at a fixed rate;board
匆	cōng	hurried;hasty
匆促	cōngcù	hastily;in a hurry
匆匆	cōngcōng	hurriedly
匆忙	cōngmáng	hasty;hurried
匈	xiōng	Hungary;thorax;chest
匈奴	xiōngnú	the Huns;general term for nomadic people
匈牙利	xiōngyálì	Hungary
匈牙利語 / 匈牙利语 	xiōngyálìyǔ	Hungarian (language)
匉	pēng	noise of waters
匊	jú	receive with both hands
匋	táo	pottery
匍	pú	crawl;lie prostrate
匏	páo	bottle gourd;Lagenaria vulgaris
匐	fú	fall prostrate
匕	bī	an ancient type of spoon
匕	bǐ	dagger;ladle
匕首	bǐshǒu	dagger
化	huà	to make into;to change into;-ization;to ... -ize;to transform
化合	huàhé	chemical combination
化名	huàmíng	to use an alias;assumed name;pseudonym
化妆 / 化妝 	huàzhuāng	to put on make-up
化妆品 / 化妝品 	huàzhuāngpǐn	makeup
化妆舞会 / 化妝舞會 	huàzhuāngwǔhuì	masquerade
化学 / 化學 	huàxué	chemistry;chemical
化学信息素 / 化學信息素 	huàxuéxìnxísù	semiochemical
化学剂量计 / 化學劑量計 	huàxuéjìliángjì	chemical dosimeter
化学品 / 化學品 	huàxuépǐn	chemicals
化学家 / 化學家 	huàxuéjiā	chemist
化学弹药 / 化學彈藥 	huàxuédànyào	chemical ammunition
化学战 / 化學戰 	huàxuézhàn	chemical warfare
化学战剂 / 化學戰劑 	huàxuézhànjì	chemical warfare agent
化学战剂检毒箱 / 化學戰劑檢毒箱 	huàxuézhànjìjiǎndúxiāng	chemical detection kit
化学战斗部 / 化學戰鬥部 	huàxuézhàndǒubù	chemical warhead
化学武器 / 化學武器 	huàxuéwǔqì	chemical weapon
化学武器储备 / 化學武器儲備 	huàxuéwǔqìchǔbèi	chemical weapons storage
化学武器防护 / 化學武器防護 	huàxuéwǔqìfánghù	chemical weapon defense
化学比色法 / 化學比色法 	huàxuébǐsèfǎ	chemical colorimetry
化学激光器 / 化學激光器 	huàxuéjīguāngqì	chemical laser
化学物 / 化學物 	huàxuéwù	chemicals
化学能 / 化學能 	huàxuénéng	chemical energy
化学航弹 / 化學航彈 	huàxuéhángdàn	chemical bomb
化州	huàzhōu	(N) Huazhou (city in Guangdong)
化工	huàgōng	chemical engineering
化工厂 / 化工廠 	huàgōngchǎng	chemical factory
化德	huàdé	(N) Huade (place in Inner Mongolia)
化整为零 / 化整為零 	huàzhěngwéilíng	(set phrase) to break up the whole into pieces;to take care of things one by one
化石	huàshí	fossil
化粧室	huàzhuāngshì	(variant);dressing room;women's lavatory;toilet
化纖 / 化纤 	huàxiān	(n) chemical fiber
化肥	huàféi	fertilizer
化脓性 / 化膿性 	huànóngxìng	purulent (containing pus);septic
化装 / 化裝 	huàzhuāng	(of actors) to make up;to disguise oneself
化隆回族自治县 / 化隆回族自治縣 	huàlónghuízúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Hualong Huizu autonomous county (county in Qinghai)
化驗 / 化验 	huàyàn	laboratory test
北	běi	north
北京	běijīng	Beijing (capital of People's Republic of China)
北京人	běijīngrén	person from Beijing;Peking Man (Sinanthropus pekinesis)
北京人民大会堂 / 北京人民大會堂 	běijīngrénmíndàhuìtáng	the Great Hall of the People in Beijing
北京周报 / 北京週報 	běijīngzhōubào	Beijing Review
北京大学 / 北京大學 	běijīngdàxué	Beijing university
北京核武器研究所	běijīnghéwǔqìyánjiùsuǒ	Nuclear Weapon Institute in Beijing
北京艺术学院 / 北京藝術學院 	běijīngyìshùxuéyuàn	Beijing Academy of Fine Arts
北京語言學院 / 北京语言学院 	běijīngyǔyánxuéyuàn	Beijing languages institute
北京近郊	běijīngjìnjiāo	suburb of Beijing
北仓区 / 北倉區 	běicāngqū	(N) Beicang (area in Zhejiang)
北伐军 / 北伐軍 	běifájūn	the Northern Expeditionary Army
北冰洋	běibīngyáng	the Arctic ocean
北区 / 北區 	běiqū	(N) Pei (area in Taiwan)
北半球	běibànqiú	the northern hemisphere
北卡罗来纳 / 北卡羅來納 	běikǎluóláinà	North Carolina (state of US)
北周	běizhōu	the Northern Zhou Dynasty (557-581);one of the Northern Dynasties
北回归线 / 北回歸線 	běihuíguīxiàn	the Tropic of Cancer
北国 / 北國 	běiguó	the northern part of the country;the North
北埔乡 / 北埔鄉 	běibùxiāng	(N) Peipu (village in Taiwan)
北大	běidà	Beijing University (abbr. for T:__北京大學__ S:__北京大学__)
北大荒	běidàhuāng	the Great Northern Wilderness (in Northern China)
北大西洋	běidàxīyáng	North Atlantic
北大西洋公約組織 / 北大西洋公约组织 	běidàxīyánggōngyuēzǔzhī	the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
北安	běi'ān	(N) Bei'an (city in Heilongjiang)
北宋	běisòng	the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127)
北寒带 / 北寒帶 	běihándài	the north frigid zone
北屯	běitún	(N) Beitun (place in Xinjiang)
北屯区 / 北屯區 	běitúnqū	(N) Peitun (area in Taiwan)
北川	běichuān	(N) Beichuan (place in Sichuan)
北戴河区 / 北戴河區 	běidàihéqū	(N) Beidaihe (area in Hebei)
北投区 / 北投區 	běitóuqū	(N) Peitou (area in Taiwan)
北斗	běidǒu	Great Bear;Big Dipper
北斗七星	běidǒuqīxīng	Great Bear;Big Dipper
北斗星	běidǒuxīng	the Big Dipper;the Plough
北斗鎮 / 北斗镇 	běidǒuzhèn	(N) Peitou (town in Taiwan)
北方	běifāng	north;the northern part a country;China north of the Yellow River
北朝	běicháo	the Northern Dynasties (A.D. 386 - 581)
北朝鮮 / 北朝鲜 	běicháoxiǎn	North Korea
北极 / 北極 	běijí	the North Pole;the Arctic Pole;the north magnetic pole
北极熊 / 北極熊 	běijíxióng	polar bear
北欧 / 北歐 	běi'ōu	(n) Scandinavia
北汉 / 北漢 	běihàn	(951-979) One of ten kingdoms during the Five Dynasties, Ten Kingdoms period (907-960)
北洋	běiyáng	the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning, Hebei, and Shandong
北洋军阀 / 北洋軍閥 	běiyángjūnfá	the Northern Warlords (1912-1927)
北流	běiliú	(N) Beiliu (city in Guangxi)
北海	běihǎi	the North Sea
北海道	běihǎidào	Hokkaido
北温带 / 北溫帶 	běiwēndài	the north temperate zone
北港鎮 / 北港镇 	běigǎngzhèn	(N) Peikang (town in Taiwan)
北碚区 / 北碚區 	běipéiqū	(N) Beipei (area in Sichuan)
北票	běipiào	(N) Beipiao (city in Liaoning)
北竿乡 / 北竿鄉 	běigānxiāng	(N) Peikan (village in Taiwan)
北約 / 北约 	běiyuē	NATO
北緯 / 北纬 	běiwěi	north latitude
北美	běiměi	North America
北美洲	běiměizhōu	North America
北荷兰 / 北荷蘭 	běihélǎn	Noord Holland
北越	běiyuè	North Vietnam;North Vietnamese
北边 / 北邊 	běibiān	(n) location to the north
北达科他 / 北達科他 	běidákētā	North Dakota
北部	běibù	northern part
北部拉班特	běibùlābāntè	Noord Brabant
北鎮滿族自治縣 / 北镇满族自治县 	běizhènmǎnzúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Beizhen Manzu autonomous county (county in Liaoning)
北門鄉 / 北门乡 	běiménxiāng	(N) Peimen (village in Taiwan)
北面	běimiàn	northern side;north
北韓 / 北韩 	běihán	North Korea
北領地 / 北领地 	běilǐngdì	Northern Territory, area in Australia
北魏	běiwèi	the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534);one of the Northern Dynasties
北齊 / 北齐 	běiqí	the Northern Qi Dynasty (550-557);one of the Northern Dynasties
匙	chí	spoon
匚	fāng	box;basket
匜	yí	washbasin with a tubular handle
匝	zā	go round
匝加利亚 / 匝加利亞 	zājiālìyǎ	Zechariah
匟	kàng	couch for two
匠	jiàng	craftsman
匡	kuāng	correct
匣	xiá	box
匣子	xiázi	small box
匦 / 匭 	guǐ	small box
匪	fěi	bandit
匪徒	fěitú	gangster;bandit
匪徒集团 / 匪徒集團 	fěitújítuán	gangster
匮 / 匱 	guì	(b.f.) a cupboard;a press;a wardrobe;shop-counter
匮 / 匱 	kuì	(surname);to lack;lacking;empty;exhausted
匯	huì	remit;to converge (of rivers);to exchange
匯合 / 汇合 	huìhé	converge;join;fuse;fusion
匯寄 / 汇寄 	huìjì	remit
匯業財經集團 / 汇业财经集团 	huìyècáijīngjítuán	Delta Asia financial group (Macau)
匯業銀行 / 汇业银行 	huìyèyínháng	Banco Delta Asia S.A.R.L., Macau
匯款 / 汇款 	huìkuǎn	remit money;remittance
匯率 / 汇率 	huìlǜ	exchange rate
匯豐 / 汇丰 	huìfēng	Hong Kong and Shanghai bank (HSBC)
匯豐銀行 / 汇丰银行 	huìfēngyínháng	Hong Kong and Shanghai bank (HSBC)
匯金 / 汇金 	huìjīn	finance
匹	pī	mate;one of a pair
匹	pǐ	(measure word for horses, mules, a bolt of cloth);ordinary person
区 / 區 	ōu	Ou (surname)
区 / 區 	qū	area;region;district;small;distinguish
区分 / 區分 	qūfēn	(v) differentiate;find differing aspects
区别 / 區別 	qūbié	difference;to distinguish;to discriminate;to make a distinction
区区 / 區區 	qūqū	trivial
区号 / 區號 	qūhào	area code
区域 / 區域 	qūyù	area;region;district
区域网络 / 區域網絡 	qūyùwǎngluò	local area network;LAN
区域网路 / 區域網路 	qūyùwǎnglù	local area network;LAN
区域网路技术 / 區域網路技術 	qūyùwǎnglùjìshù	LAN technology
医 / 醫 	yī	medical;medicine;doctor;to cure;to treat
医务 / 醫務 	yīwù	(n) medical affairs
医务室 / 醫務室 	yīwùshì	clinic
医务所 / 醫務所 	yīwùsuǒ	clinic
医学 / 醫學 	yīxué	medicine;medical science;study of medicine
医学专家 / 醫學專家 	yīxuézhuānjiā	medical expert;medical specialist
医学中心 / 醫學中心 	yīxuézhōngxīn	medical center
医学家 / 醫學家 	yīxuéjiā	medical scientist
医师 / 醫師 	yīshī	doctor
医护 / 醫護 	yīhù	doctors and nurses;medic;medical (personnel)
医护人员 / 醫護人員 	yīhùrényuán	medical personnel;doctors and nurses
医治 / 醫治 	yīzhì	(v) treat a sickness
医生 / 醫生 	yīshēng	doctor
医疗 / 醫療 	yīliáo	medical treatment
医疗经验 / 醫療經驗 	yīliáojīngyàn	medical expertise
医科 / 醫科 	yīkē	medicine (as a science);medical science
医科学校 / 醫科學校 	yīkēxuéxiào	medical school
医药 / 醫藥 	yīyào	medicine
医院 / 醫院 	yīyuàn	hospital
匽	yǎn	to hide, to secrete, to repress;to bend
匾	biǎn	a tablet;a board with an inscription;a sign hung above a door
匾	pián	basket-couch in coffin
匾額 / 匾额 	biǎn'é	a horizontal inscribed board
匿	nì	to hide
匿名	nìmíng	anonymous
區旗	qūqí	district flag
十	shí	ten;10
十一	shíyī	eleven
十一年	shíyīnián	eleven years
十一月	shíyīyuè	eleventh month;November
十七	shíqī	seventeen;17
十万火急 / 十萬火急 	shíwànhuǒjí	most urgent;post-haste;express
十三	shísān	thirteen;13
十三日	shísānrì	thirtieth day of a month
十三經 / 十三经 	shísānjīng	the Thirteen Confucian Classics
十九	shíjiǔ	nineteen
十九岁 / 十九歲 	shíjiǔsuì	19 years old
十二	shí'èr	12;twelve
十二月	shí'èryuè	December;twelfth month
十五	shíwǔ	fifteen
十五亿 / 十五億 	shíwǔyì	one and a half billion
十五大	shíwǔdà	1 5th Party Congress (of Chinese Communist Party)
十五年	shíwǔnián	fifteen years
十亿 / 十億 	shíyì	one billion;giga-
十亿位元 / 十億位元 	shíyìwèiyuán	gigabit
十亿位元以太网络 / 十億位元以太網絡 	shíyìwèiyuányǐtàiwǎngluò	Gigabit Ethernet
十亿位元以太网络联盟 / 十億位元以太網絡聯盟 	shíyìwèiyuányǐtàiwǎngluòliánméng	Gigabit Ethernet Alliance
十倍	shíbèi	tenfold;ten times (sth)
十克	shíkè	decagram
十全十美	shíquánshíměi	(saying) to be completely perfect
十八	shíbā	eighteen;18
十六	shíliù	sixteen;16
十几个月 / 十幾個月 	shíjǐgèyuè	ten months or so;about ten months
十分	shífēn	fully;completely;very
十四	shísì	fourteen;14
十四行詩 / 十四行诗 	shísìhángshī	sonnet
十堰	shíyàn	(N) Shiyan (city in Hubei)
十多亿 / 十多億 	shíduōyì	over one billion;more than a billion
十字	shízì	cross road;cross-shaped;crucifix;the character ten
十字军 / 十字軍 	shízìjūn	crusaders;army of crusaders;the Crusades
十字形	shízìxíng	cruciform;cross shape
十字架	shízìjià	cross;crucifix;yoke one has to endure
十年	shínián	ten years
十戒	shíjiè	the ten commandments (relig.)
十月	shíyuè	October
十誡 / 十诫 	shíjiè	ten commandments
十足	shízú	(adj) completely;(adj) 100 percent;(adj) to be full of
千	qiān	thousand
千	qiān	a swing
千万 / 千萬 	qiānwàn	ten million;millions and millions;very many;certainly;absolutely
千丝万缕 / 千絲萬縷 	qiānsīwànlǚ	linked in countless ways
千位元	qiānwèiyuán	kilobit
千克	qiānkè	kilogram
千军万马 / 千軍萬馬 	qiānjūnwànmǎ	(saying) a strong army with thousands of horses;large number of people
千吨 / 千噸 	qiāndūn	kiloton
千吨级核武器 / 千噸級核武器 	qiāndūnjíhéwǔqì	kiloton weapon
千周	qiānzhōu	kilohertz;kHz
千字節 / 千字节 	qiānzìjié	kilobyte
千家万户 / 千家萬戶 	qiānjiāwànhù	(saying) every family
千层面 / 千層面 	qiāncéngmiàn	(n) lasanga
千岛列岛 / 千島列島 	qiāndǎolièdǎo	Kuril Islands (chain between Kamchatka and Hokkaido);same as T:__庫頁島__ S:__库页岛__
千岛群岛 / 千島群島 	qiāndǎoqúndǎo	Kuril islands
千差万别 / 千差萬別 	qiānchāwànbié	manifold diversity
千方百計 / 千方百计 	qiānfāngbǎijì	by every possible means
千瓦	qiānwǎ	(meas) kilowatt
千禧年	qiānxīnián	Millennium
千赫兹 / 千赫茲 	qiānhèzī	kilohertz;kHz
千辛万苦 / 千辛萬苦 	qiānxīnwànkǔ	(set phrase);(adj);untold hardships
千里达和多巴哥 / 千里達和多巴哥 	qiānlǐdáhéduōbāgē	Trinidad and Tobago
千阳 / 千陽 	qiānyáng	(N) Qianyang (place in Shaanxi)
卄	niàn	twenty, twentieth
卅	sà	thirty
升	shēng	to raise;to hoist;to promote;a pint;a liter (abbr. for __公升__)
升	shēng	ascend;peaceful
升	shēng	promoted
升值 / 昇值 	shēngzhí	rise in value;appreciate
升天	shēngtiān	to ascend to heaven
升学 / 升學 	shēngxué	(v) enter the next higher school
升空	shēngkōng	lift-off
升級 / 升级 	shēngjí	to escalate (in intensity);be stepped up;to increase;to rise;to go up
升起	shēngqǐ	hoist;raise
升起	shēngqǐ	rise
升迁 / 升遷 	shēngqiān	promote;promotion
午	wǔ	11 a.m.-1 p.m.;7th earthly branch;noon
午夜	wǔyè	midnight
午飯 / 午饭 	wǔfàn	lunch
午餐	wǔcān	lunch;luncheon
卉	huì	plants
半	bàn	half;semi-;incomplete;(after a number) and a half;half
半中腰	bànzhōngyāo	middle;halfway
半乳糖血症	bànrǔtángxuèzhèng	galactosemia
半以上	bànyǐshàng	more than half
半价 / 半價 	bànjià	half price
半保留复制 / 半保留複製 	bànbǎoliúfùzhì	semiconservative replication
半信半疑	bànxìnbànyí	half-believe, half-doubt
半公开 / 半公開 	bàngōngkāi	semi-overt;more or less open
半决赛 / 半決賽 	bànjuésài	semifinals
半劳动力 / 半勞動力 	bànláodònglì	one able to do light manual labor only;semi-able-bodied or part time (farm) worker
半半拉拉	bànbànlālā	incomplete;unfinished
半吊子	bàndiàozi	dabbler;smatterer;tactless and impulsive person
半响 / 半響 	bànxiǎng	half the day;a long time;quite a while
半圆 / 半圓 	bànyuán	semicircle
半场 / 半場 	bànchǎng	half of a game or contest;half-court
半壁江山	bànbìjiāngshān	half of country
半复赛 / 半復賽 	bànfùsài	eighth finals
半夜	bànyè	midnight;in the middle of the night
半夜三更	bànyèsāngēng	in the depth of night;late at night
半天	bàntiān	half of the day;a long time;quite a while
半失业 / 半失業 	bànshīyè	semi-employed;partly employed;underemployed
半官方	bànguānfāng	semi-official
半导体 / 半導體 	bàndǎotǐ	semiconductor
半导体探测器 / 半導體探測器 	bàndǎotǐtàncèqì	semiconductor detector
半封建	bànfēngjiàn	semi-feudal
半封建半殖民地	bànfēngjiànbànzhímíndì	semi-feudal and semi-colonial (the official Marxist description of China in the late Qing and under the Guomindang
半岛 / 半島 	bàndǎo	peninsula;Al Jazeera (Arabic-language news network)
半岛和东方航海 / 半島和東方航海 	bàndǎohédōngfānghánghǎi	P&O;Peninsula and Oriental shipping company
半岛电视台 / 半島電視台 	bàndǎodiànshìtái	Al-Jazeera Television
半工半讀 / 半工半读 	bàngōngbàndú	part work;part study;work-study program
半年	bànnián	half a year
半径 / 半徑 	bànjìng	radius
半成品	bànchéngpǐn	semi-manufactured goods;semi-finished articles;semi-finished products
半截	bànjié	half (of a section)
半拉	bànlā	half
半排出期	bànpáichūqī	half-life
半数 / 半數 	bànshù	half the number;half
半数以上 / 半數以上 	bànshùyǐshàng	more than half
半文盲	bànwénmáng	semiliterate
半斤八两 / 半斤八兩 	bànjīnbāliǎng	not much to choose between the two;tweedledum and tweedledee
半旗	bànqí	half-mast
半日制学校 / 半日制學校 	bànrìzhìxuéxiào	half-day (or double-shift school)
半日工作	bànrìgōngzuò	part time work
半月刊	bànyuèkān	semimonthly;fortnightly
半流体 / 半流體 	bànliútǐ	semi-fluid
半点 / 半點 	bàndiǎn	the least bit
半熟練 / 半熟练 	bànshóuliàn	semi-skilled
半球	bànqiú	hemisphere
半瓶醋	bànpíngcù	dabbler;smatterer
半生	bànshēng	half a lifetime
半白	bànbái	fifty (years of age)
半真半假	bànzhēnbànjiǎ	(adj) half true and half false
半票	bànpiào	half-price ticket;half fare
半空中	bànkōngzhōng	in mid air;in the air
半职 / 半職 	bànzhí	part-time work
半胱氨酸	bànguāng'ānsuān	mercaptoethyl amine
半脫產 / 半脱产 	bàntuōchǎn	partly released from productive labor;partly released from one's regular work
半自动 / 半自動 	bànzìdòng	semi-automatic
半自耕农 / 半自耕農 	bànzìgēngnóng	semi-tenant peasant;semi-owner peasant
半衰期	bànshuāiqī	half-life
半規則 / 半规则 	bànguīzé	quasi-regular
半規管 / 半规管 	bànguīguǎn	semicircular canal
半視野 / 半视野 	bànshìyě	half visual field
半路	bànlù	halfway;midway;on the way
半路出家	bànlùchūjiā	switch to a job one was not trained for
半身像	bànshēnxiàng	half-length photo or portrait;bust
半載 / 半载 	bànzài	half load
半輩子 / 半辈子 	bànbèizi	half of a lifetime
半边 / 半邊 	bànbiān	half of sth;one side of sth
半边天 / 半邊天 	bànbiāntiān	half the sky;women of the new society;women folk
半透明	bàntòumíng	translucent;semitransparent
半途	bàntú	halfway;midway
半途而废 / 半途而廢 	bàntú'érfèi	give up halfway;leave sth;unfinished
卌	xì	40
卍	wàn	swastika
华 / 華 	huá	(abbreviation for) China;(surname) Hua;magnificent;splendid;flowery
华 / 華 	huà	(surname);name of a mountain
华东 / 華東 	huádōng	East China
华为 / 華為 	huáwèi	Huawei Technologies, PCR electronics company
华丽 / 華麗 	huálì	gorgeous
华亭 / 華亭 	huátíng	(N) Huating (place in Gansu)
华人 / 華人 	huárén	ethnic Chinese person or people
华佗 / 華佗 	huàtuó	name of a famous doctor in old times, Hua Tuo
华侨 / 華僑 	huáqiáo	overseas Chinese
华北平原 / 華北平原 	huáběipíngyuán	North China plain
华南 / 華南 	huánán	Southern China
华县 / 華縣 	huáxiàn	(N) Hua county (county in Shaanxi)
华国锋 / 華國鋒 	huáguófēng	Hua GuoFeng (1921–), leader of Chinese communist party after the cultural revolution
华坪县 / 華坪縣 	huápíngxiàn	(N) Huaping county (county in Sichuan)
华夏	huáxià	old name for China;Cathay
华威大学 / 華威大學 	huáwēidàxué	University of Warwick (UK)
华宁 / 華寧 	huáníng	(N) Huaning (place in Yunnan)
华安 / 華安 	huá'ān	(N) Hua'an (place in Fujian)
华容 / 華容 	huáróng	(N) Huarong (place in Hunan)
华尔街日报 / 華爾街日報 	huá'ěrjiērìbào	Wall Street Journal
华府 / 華府 	huáfǔ	the (U.S.) government in Washington
华彩 / 華彩 	huácǎi	gorgeous;resplendent or rich color
华文 / 華文 	huáwén	Chinese language;Chinese script
华氏 / 華氏 	huáshì	Fahrenheit
华池 / 華池 	huáchí	(N) Huachi (place in Gansu)
华沙 / 華沙 	huáshā	Warsaw (capital of Poland)
华盛顿 / 華盛頓 	huáshèngdùn	Washington (D.C.)
华盛顿州 / 華盛頓州 	huáshèngdùnzhōu	Washington State
华盛顿时报 / 華盛頓時報 	huáshèngdùnshíbào	Washington Times (newspaper)
华盛顿邮报 / 華盛頓郵報 	huáshèngdùnyóubào	Washington Post (newspaper)
华蓥 / 華蓥 	huáyíng	(N) Huaying (city in Sichuan)
华表 / 華表 	huábiǎo	marble pillar (ornamental column in front of places, tombs)
华裔 / 華裔 	huáyì	ethnic Chinese;non-Chinese citizen of Chinese ancestry
华语 / 華語 	huáyǔ	Chinese language
华阴 / 華陰 	huáyīn	(N) Huayin (city in Shaanxi)
协 / 協 	xié	cooperate;harmonize;to help;to assist;to join
协会 / 協會 	xiéhuì	an association;a society
协作 / 協作 	xiézuò	cooperation;coordination
协力 / 協力 	xiélì	unite in common effort
协办 / 協辦 	xiébàn	assist;help somebody do something;cooperate in doing something
协助 / 協助 	xiézhù	provide assistance;aid
协和 / 協和 	xiéhé	mediate;harmonize;(mus.) consonant;cooperation;Concorde (the Anglo-French aircraft)
协商 / 協商 	xiéshāng	consult with;talk things over
协奏曲 / 協奏曲 	xiézòuqǔ	a concerto
协定 / 協定 	xiédìng	(reach an) agreement;protocol
协方差 / 協方差 	xiéfāngchā	(statistics) covariance
协议 / 協議 	xiéyì	agreement;pact;protocol
协调 / 協調 	xiétiáo	to coordinate
协调员 / 協調員 	xiétiáoyuán	coordinator
卑	bēi	low;base;vulgar;inferior;humble
卑下	bēixià	base;low
卑劣	bēiliè	base;mean;despicable
卑南乡 / 卑南鄉 	bēinánxiāng	(N) Peinan (village in Taiwan)
卑微	bēiwēi	petty and low
卑怯	bēiqiè	mean and cowardly;abject
卑污	bēiwū	despicable and filthy;foul
卑賤 / 卑贱 	bēijiàn	lowly;mean and low
卑躬屈節 / 卑躬屈节 	bēigōngqūjié	bow and scrape;cringe;act servilely
卑鄙	bēibǐ	base;mean;contemptible;despicable
卒	cù	abruptly;hurriedly
卒	zú	die;soldier
卓	zhuó	outstanding
卓兰镇 / 卓蘭鎮 	zhuōlánzhèn	(N) Cholan (town in Taiwan)
卓尼	zhuōní	(N) Zhuoni (place in Gansu)
卓溪乡 / 卓溪鄉 	zhuōxīxiāng	(N) Chohsi (village in Taiwan)
卓資 / 卓资 	zhuōzī	(N) Zhuozi (place in Inner Mongolia)
卓越	zhuóyuè	distinction;excellence;splendid
单 / 單 	chán	chieftain
单 / 單 	dān	bill;list;form;single;only;sole
单 / 單 	shàn	(surname)
单一 / 單一 	dānyī	single;only;sole
单一合体字 / 單一合體字 	dānyīhétǐzì	unique compound
单位 / 單位 	dānwèi	a unit;unity (i.e. 1 in math);a work unit;one's place of work
单侧 / 單側 	dāncè	one-sided;unilateral
单元 / 單元 	dānyuán	unit;entrance number;staircase (for residential buildings)
单元频率 / 單元頻率 	dānyuánpínlǜ	unit frequency
单克隆抗体 / 單克隆抗體 	dānkèlóngkàngtǐ	monoclonal antibody
单县 / 單縣 	shànxiàn	(N) Shan county (county in Shandong)
单向 / 單向 	dānxiàng	uni-directional
单子 / 單子 	dānzi	list of items
单字 / 單字 	dānzì	individual character;separate character
单据 / 單據 	dānjù	receipts;invoices;transaction records
单数 / 單數 	dānshù	odd number
单方面 / 單方面 	dānfāngmiàn	unilateral
单月 / 單月 	dānyuè	monthly;in a single month
单极 / 單極 	dānjí	unipolar
单枪匹马 / 單槍匹馬 	dānqiāngpǐmǎ	single handed (lit: single spear one horse)
单核细胞增多症 / 單核細胞增多癥 	dānhéxìbāozēngduōzhēng	Mononucleosis
单模 / 單模 	dānmó	single mode
单模光纤 / 單模光纖 	dānmóguāngxiān	single mode fiber
单片机 / 單片機 	dānpiànjī	microcontroller;one-chip computer
单独 / 單獨 	dāndú	alone;by oneself;on one's own
单用 / 單用 	dānyòng	use separately
单程 / 單程 	dānchéng	one way (ticket)
单端孢霉烯类毒素 / 單端孢霉烯類毒素 	dānduānbāoméixīlèidúsù	trichothecenes (TS, T-2)
单端孢霉烯类毒素中毒症 / 單端孢霉烯類毒素中毒症 	dānduānbāoméixīlèidúsùzhōngdúzhèng	trichothecenes toxicosis
单纯 / 單純 	dānchún	simple;pure;alone;merely
单细胞 / 單細胞 	dānxìbāo	single-celled (organism);unicellular
单细胞生物 / 單細胞生物 	dānxìbāoshēngwù	single-celled organism
单胞藻 / 單胞藻 	dānbāozǎo	single-celled algae
单行道 / 單行道 	dānxíngdào	one way street
单词 / 單詞 	dāncí	word
单词产生器模型 / 單詞產生器模型 	dāncíchǎnshēngqìmóxíng	logogen model
单调 / 單調 	dāndiào	monotonous
单身 / 單身 	dānshēn	unmarried;single
单车 / 單車 	dānchē	bicycle;bike
单边 / 單邊 	dānbiān	unilateral
单边主义 / 單邊主義 	dānbiānzhǔyì	unilateralism
单连接站 / 單連接站 	dānliánjiēzhàn	single attachment station
单音节 / 單音節 	dānyīnjié	monosyllabic;a monosyllable
单音词 / 單音詞 	dānyīncí	monosyllabic word
单韵母 / 單韻母 	dānyùnmǔ	simple finals
卖 / 賣 	mài	to sell
卖主 / 賣主 	màizhǔ	seller
卖国 / 賣國 	màiguó	(v) betray one's country;be a traitor
卖点 / 賣點 	màidiǎn	selling point
南	nán	south
南丰 / 南豐 	nánfēng	(N) Nanfeng (place in Jiangxi)
南丹	nándān	(N) Nandan (place in Guangxi)
南乐 / 南樂 	nánlè	(N) Nanle (place in Henan)
南亚 / 南亞 	nányà	southern Asia
南京	nánjīng	Nanjing (city in China)
南京路	nánjīnglù	Nanjing St., large commercial street in Shanghai
南充	nánchōng	(N) Nanchong (city in Sichuan)
南充地区 / 南充地區 	nánchōngdìqū	(N) Nanchong district (district in Sichuan)
南化乡 / 南化鄉 	nánhuàxiāng	(N) Nanhua (village in Taiwan)
南北	nánběi	north and south
南北朝	nánběicháo	the North and South dynasties (420-589 A.D.)
南北极 / 南北極 	nánběijí	south and north poles
南匯 / 南汇 	nánhuì	(N) Nanhui (place in Shanghai)
南区 / 南區 	nánqū	(N) Nan (area in Taiwan)
南十字座	nánshízìzuò	Southern Cross
南华 / 南華 	nánhuá	(N) Nanhua (place in Yunnan)
南华早报 / 南華早報 	nánhuázǎobào	South China Morning Post (newspaper in Hong Kong)
南卡罗来纳 / 南卡羅來納 	nánkǎluóláinà	South Carolina (state of US)
南县 / 南縣 	nánxiàn	(N) Nan county (county in Hunan)
南召	nánzhào	(N) Nanzhao (place in Henan)
南和	nánhé	(N) Nanhe (place in Hebei)
南坪	nánpíng	(N) Nanping (place in Sichuan)
南城	nánchéng	(N) Nancheng (place in Jiangxi)
南宁 / 南寧 	nánníng	(N) Nanning (capital of Guangxi Autonomous Region in south west China)
南宁地区 / 南寧地區 	nánníngdìqū	(N) Nanning district (district in Guangxi)
南安	nán'ān	(N) Nan'an (city in Fujian)
南安普敦	nán'ānpǔdūn	Southampton, town in S. England
南宫 / 南宮 	nángōng	(N) Nangong (city in Hebei)
南屯区 / 南屯區 	nántúnqū	(N) Nantun (area in Taiwan)
南山矿区 / 南山礦區 	nánshānkuàngqū	(N) Nanshankuang (area in Xinjiang)
南岔	nánchà	(N) Nancha (place in Heilongjiang)
南岳区 / 南岳區 	nányuèqū	(N) Nanyue (area in Hunan)
南川	nánchuān	(N) Nanchuan (city in Sichuan)
南州乡 / 南州鄉 	nánzhōuxiāng	(N) Nanchou (village in Taiwan)
南平	nánpíng	(N) Nanping (city in Fujian)
南平地区 / 南平地區 	nánpíngdìqū	(N) Nanping district (district in Fujian)
南庄乡 / 南庄鄉 	nánzhuāngxiāng	(N) Nanchuang (village in Taiwan)
南康	nánkāng	(N) Nankang (place in Jiangxi)
南开大学 / 南開大學 	nánkāidàxué	Nankai University (Tianjin)
南投	nántóu	(N) Nantou (city in Taiwan)
南斯拉夫	nánsīlāfū	Yugoslavia
南方	nánfāng	south;the southern part of the country;the South
南昌	nánchāng	Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi province in central China
南朝鮮 / 南朝鲜 	náncháoxiǎn	South Korea
南木林	nánmùlín	(N) Namling (place in Tibet)
南极 / 南極 	nánjí	south pole
南极洲 / 南極洲 	nánjízhōu	Antarctica
南极洲半岛 / 南極洲半島 	nánjízhōubàndǎo	the Antartic Peninsula (jutting out towards South America)
南桐矿区 / 南桐礦區 	nántóngkuàngqū	(N) Nantongkuang (area in Sichuan)
南江	nánjiāng	(N) Nanjiang (place in Sichuan)
南沙	nánshā	Nansha (Spratly) Islands
南海	nánhǎi	South China Sea
南涧彝族自治县 / 南澗彝族自治縣 	nánjiànyízúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Nanjian Yizu autonomous county (county in Yunnan)
南港区 / 南港區 	nángǎngqū	(N) Nankang (area in Taiwan)
南溪	nánxī	(N) Nanxi (place in Sichuan)
南漳	nánzhāng	(N) Nanzhang (place in Hubei)
南澳	nán'ào	(N) Nan'ao (place in Guangdong)
南澳乡 / 南澳鄉 	nán'àoxiāng	(N) Nanao (village in Taiwan)
南澳大利亚州 / 南澳大利亞州 	nán'àodàlìyàzhōu	South Australia, Australian state
南瓜	nánguā	pumpkin
南皮	nánpí	(N) Nanpi (place in Hebei)
南竿乡 / 南竿鄉 	nángānxiāng	(N) Nankan (village in Taiwan)
南美	nánměi	South America
南美洲	nánměizhōu	South America
南胶河 / 南膠河 	nánjiāohé	Nanjiao River (Shandong province, flows into Qingdao harbour)
南腔北調 / 南腔北调 	nánqiāngběidiào	a regional accent
南荷兰 / 南荷蘭 	nánhélán	Zuid Holland
南越	nányuè	South Vietnam;South Vietnamese
南轅北轍 / 南辕北辙 	nányuánběizhé	(fig.) act in a way that defeats one's purpose
南边 / 南邊 	nánbiān	(n) location to the south
南达科他 / 南達科他 	nándákētā	South Dakota
南通	nántōng	(N) Nantong (city in Jiangsu)
南通地区 / 南通地區 	nántōngdìqū	(N) Nantong district (district in Jiangsu)
南郑 / 南鄭 	nánzhèng	(N) Nanzheng (place in Shaanxi)
南部	nánbù	southern part
南阳 / 南陽 	nányáng	(N) Nanyang (city in Henan)
南阳地区 / 南陽地區 	nányángdìqū	(N) Nanyang district (district in Henan)
南陵	nánlíng	(N) Nanling (place in Anhui)
南雄	nánxióng	(N) Nanxiong (place in Guangdong)
南靖	nánjìng	(N) Nanjing (place in Fujian)
南非	nánfēi	South Africa
南面	nánmiàn	south side;south
単	dān	Japanese variant of T:__單__ S:__单__
博	bó	extensive;ample;rich;obtain;aim;to win;to get;rich;plentiful;to gamble
博乐 / 博樂 	bólè	(N) Bole (city in Xinjiang)
博兰登保 / 博蘭登保 	bólándēngbǎo	Brandenburg
博兴 / 博興 	bóxīng	(N) Boxing (place in Shandong)
博取	bóqǔ	try to gain;court
博古通今	bógǔtōngjīn	conversant with things past and present - erudite and informed
博士	bóshì	doctor;court academician (in feudal China);Ph.D.
博大	bódà	enormous;broad;extensive
博学 / 博學 	bóxué	learned;erudite
博客	bókè	blog;blogger
博尔顿 / 博爾頓 	bó'ěrdùn	Bolton (name)
博山区 / 博山區 	bóshānqū	(N) Boshan (area in Shandong)
博弈	bóyì	to play games (such as Chinese chess);to gamble;gaming
博弈論 / 博弈论 	bóyìlùn	game theory
博得	bódé	win;gain
博愛 / 博爱 	bó'ài	universal fraternity (or brotherhood);universal love
博湖	bóhú	(N) Bohu (place in Xinjiang)
博物	bówù	natural science
博物館 / 博物馆 	bówùguǎn	museum
博白	bóbái	(N) Bobai (place in Guangxi)
博罗 / 博羅 	bóluó	(N) Boluo (place in Guangdong)
博聞強記 / 博闻强记 	bówénqiángjì	have wide learning and a retentive memory;have encyclopedic knowledge
博茨瓦納 / 博茨瓦纳 	bócíwǎnà	Botswana
博茨瓦那	bócíwǎnà	Botswana
博覽 / 博览 	bólǎn	read extensively
博覽會 / 博览会 	bólǎnhuì	(international) fair
博野	bóyě	(N) Boye (place in Hebei)
博雅	bóyǎ	learned
博鰲 / 博鳌 	bó'áo	place name;tourist resort on Hainan Island
卜	bo	turnip
卜	bo	turnip
卜	bǔ	to divine;foretell
卜筮	bǔshì	divination
卜辞 / 卜辭 	bǔcí	oracle inscriptions of the Shang Dynasty (16th-11th century BC) on tortoiseshells or animal bones
卞	biàn	(surname);hurried
占	zhān	to divine
占	zhàn	to occupy;to constitute;to make up;to account for
占卜	zhānbǔ	to divine
占星	zhānxīng	(v);divine by astrology;cast a horoscope
占星家	zhànxīngjiā	astrologer
占星术 / 占星術 	zhànxīngshù	astrology
卡	kǎ	to check;to stop;to block;card
卡	qiǎ	customs station;to be choked;to fasten;to clip;to wedge;checkpost
卡介苗	kǎjièmiáo	BCG vaccine;Bacillus Calmette Guerin vaccine
卡仙尼	kǎxiānní	Cassini (space probe)
卡住	kǎzhù	to jam
卡塔尔 / 卡塔爾 	kǎtǎ'ěr	Qatar
卡尔加里 / 卡爾加里 	kǎ'ěrjiālǐ	Calgary (City in Alberta, Canada)
卡尔巴拉 / 卡爾巴拉 	kǎ'ěrbālā	Karbala (city in Iraq)
卡尔德龙	kǎ'ěrdélóng	Calderon (Hispanic name)
卡扎菲	kāzhāfēi	(Colonel Muammar) Gaddafi
卡拉OK	kǎlā	karaoke (singing to recorded instrumental accompaniment)
卡拉奇	kǎlāqí	Karachi (Pakistan)
卡拉奇那	kǎlājīna	Krajina (former Yugoslavia)
卡拉比拉	kǎlābǐlā	Karabilah (Iraqi city)
卡斯翠	kǎsīcuì	Castries (capital of Saint Lucia)
卡昂	kǎ'áng	Caen (French town)
卡波西氏肉瘤	kǎbōxīshìròuliú	Kaposi's sarcoma
卡片	kǎpiàn	card
卡特彼勒公司	kǎtèbǐlègōngsī	Caterpillar Inc.
卡納維拉爾角 / 卡纳维拉尔角 	kǎnàwéilā'ěrjiǎo	Cape Canaveral
卡納維爾角 / 卡纳维尔角 	kǎnàwéi'ěrjiǎo	Cape Canaveral, Florida
卡萨布兰卡 / 卡薩布蘭卡 	kǎsàbùlánkǎ	Casablanca (Morocco's economic capital)
卡西尼	kǎxīní	Cassini (proper name)
卡車 / 卡车 	kǎchē	truck
卡通	kǎtōng	cartoon
卢 / 盧 	lú	(surname)
卢布 / 盧布 	lúbù	(n) ruble
卢布尔雅那 / 盧布爾雅那 	lúbù'ěryǎnà	Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia)
卢旺达 / 盧旺達 	lúwàngdá	Rwanda
卢森堡 / 盧森堡 	lúsēnbǎo	Luxembourg
卢武鉉 / 盧武铉 	lúwǔxuàn	Roh Mu Hyun (President of South Korea)
卢武铉 / 盧武鉉 	lúwǔxuàn	Roh Moo-hyun (president of South Korea)
卢氏 / 盧氏 	lúshì	(N) Lushi (place in Henan)
卢泰愚 / 盧泰愚 	lútàiyú	Roh Tae-woo (former South Korean president)
卢浮宫 / 盧浮宮 	lúfúgōng	the Louvre
卢瑟福 / 盧瑟福 	lúsèfú	Rutherford (Earnest, an early nuclear physicist from New Zealand)
卢萨卡 / 盧薩卡 	lúsàkǎ	Lusaka (capital of Zambia)
卢龙 / 盧龍 	lúlóng	(N) Lulong (place in Hebei)
卣	yǒu	wine container
卤	lǔ	brine;salt;gravy
卤	lǔ	crass;halogen;salt;brine
卦	guà	divinatory trigram
卧 / 臥 	wò	to lie;to crouch
卧位 / 臥位 	wòwèi	berth
卧室 / 臥室 	wòshì	bedroom
卧底	wòdǐ	undercover (agent);a mole
卧房 / 臥房 	wòfáng	bedroom
卧虎藏龙 / 臥虎藏龍 	wòhǔcánglóng	(movie) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
卫	wèi	to guard;to protect;to defend;(surname)
卫	wèi	to guard;to defend;alternative form of __衛__
卫兵 / 衛兵 	wèibīng	(body) guard)
卫报 / 衛報 	wèibào	Guardian (newspaper)
卫星 / 衛星 	wèixīng	(space) satellite
卫星城 / 衛星城 	wèixīngchéng	"satellite" town;edge city;exurb
卫理公会 / 衛理公會 	wèilǐgōnghuì	Methodists
卫生 / 衛生 	wèishēng	health;hygiene;sanitation
卫生官员 / 衛生官員 	wèishēngguānyuán	health official
卫生暑 / 衛生暑 	wèishēngshǔ	ministry of health
卫生纸 / 衛生紙 	wèishēngzhǐ	toilet paper;bathroom tissue
卫生设备 / 衛生設備 	wèishēngshèbèi	sanitary equipment
卫生部 / 衛生部 	wèishēngbù	health department
卫舰 / 衛艦 	wèijiàn	a frigate (warship)
卫辉 / 衛輝 	wèihuī	(N) Weihui (city in Henan)
卫队 / 衛隊 	wèiduì	guard (i.e. group of soldiers)
卬	áng	high;raise (head)
卮	zhī	goblet
卯	mǎo	4th earthly branch;5-7 a.m.
印	yìn	stamp;seal;mark;print;India (abbrev.)
印像 / 印象 	yìnxiàng	impression
印像深刻	yìnxiàngshēnkè	impress
印刷	yìnshuà	print
印刷者	yìnshuāzhě	printer
印古什	yìngǔshí	Ingushetia (region in Russia)
印台 / 印臺 	yìntái	ink pad;stamp pad
印地安納 / 印地安纳 	yìndì'ānnà	Indiana (U.S. state)
印地語 / 印地语 	yìndìyǔ	Hindi (language)
印尼	yìnní	(abbreviation for) Indonesia
印巴	yìnbā	India and Pakistan
印度	yìndù	India
印度人	yìndùrén	Indian (person)
印度尼西亚 / 印度尼西亞 	yìndùníxīyà	Indonesia
印度尼西亚语 / 印度尼西亞語 	yìndùníxīyàyǔ	Indonesian (language)
印度教	yìndùjiào	(n) Hinduism
印度时报 / 印度時報 	yìndùshíbào	India Times
印度洋	yìndùyáng	(n) Indian Ocean
印染	yìnrǎn	printing and dyeing
印欧人 / 印歐人 	yìn'ōurén	Indo-European (person)
印欧文 / 印歐文 	yìn'ōuwén	Indo-European (language)
印欧语 / 印歐語 	yìn'ōuyǔ	Indo-European (language)
印欧语言 / 印歐語言 	yìn'ōuyǔyán	Indo-European (language)
印江	yìnjiāng	(N) Yinjiang Tujiazu-Miaozu zizhixian (place in Guizhou)
印章	yìnzhāng	seal;signet;chop;stamp
印行	yìnxíng	to print and distribute;to publish
印表机 / 印表機 	yìnbiǎojī	printer
印記 / 印记 	yìnjì	imprint
印證 / 印证 	yìnzhèng	seal
印鼠客蚤	yìnshǔkèzǎo	Xenopsylla cheopis
危	wēi	danger;to endanger
危亡	wēiwáng	at stake;in peril
危地馬拉 / 危地马拉 	wēidìmǎlā	Guatemala
危地馬拉人	wēidìmǎlārén	Guatemalan
危害	wēihài	to jeopardize;to harm;to endanger
危害評價 / 危害评价 	wēihàipíngjià	hazard assessment
危局	wēijú	perilous situation
危急	wēijí	critical;desperate (situation)
危惧 / 危懼 	wēijù	afraid;apprehensive
危房	wēifáng	decrepit house
危机 / 危機 	wēijī	crisis
危殆	wēidài	grave danger
危笃 / 危篤 	wēidǔ	deathly ill
危险 / 危險 	wēixiǎn	danger;dangerous
危难 / 危難 	wēinàn	calamity
卲	shào	(surname)
即	jí	namely;right away;to approach;to draw near
即位	jíwèi	to succeed to the throne;accession
即使	jíshǐ	even if;even though
即便	jíbiàn	even if;even though
即兴 / 即興 	jíxìng	improvisation (in the arts);impromptu;extemporaneous
即刻	jíkè	immediately;instant;instantly
即可	jíkě	that will do
即墨	jímò	(N) Jimo (city in Shandong)
即将 / 即將 	jíjiāng	on the eve of;to be about to;to be on the verge of
即将来临 / 即將來臨 	jíjiāngláilín	imminent
即日	jírì	this or that very day;in the next few days
即早	jízǎo	(adv.) as soon as possible
即时 / 即時 	jíshí	immediate
即时即地 / 即時即地 	jíshíjídì	moment-to-moment
即时通讯 / 即時通訊 	jíshítōngxùn	Instant Messaging;IM
却 / 卻 	què	but;yet;however;while;to go back;to decline;to retreat;nevertheless
却之不恭 / 卻之不恭 	quèzhībùgōng	to refuse would be impolite
却步 / 卻步 	quèbù	to step back
却病 / 卻病 	quèbìng	to prevent or treat a disease
卵	luǎn	ovum
卵泡	luǎnpào	follicle
卵磷脂	luǎnlínzhī	lecithin (phospholipid found in egg yolk)
卷	juǎn	to roll (up);to sweep up;to carry on
卷	juǎn	coil;to roll
卷	juàn	chapter;examination paper
卷云 / 卷雲 	juǎnyún	cirrus (cloud)
卷入 / 捲入 	juǎnrù	to be drawn into;to be involved in
卷层云 / 捲層雲 	juǎncéngyún	cirrostratus (cloud)
卷帙浩繁	juànjìhàofán	a huge amount (of books and papers)
卷带 / 捲帶 	juǎndài	tape
卷曲 / 捲曲 	juǎnqǔ	curl;curly
卷积云 / 捲積雲 	juǎnjīyún	cirrocumulus (cloud)
卷軸 / 卷轴 	juànzhóu	scroll;book;reel
卸	xiè	unload;take off
卸下	xièxià	unload
卸任	xièrèn	to leave office
卹	xù	give relief;sympathy
卺 / 巹 	jǐn	nuptial wine cup
卼	wù	uncomfortable;unsteady
卿	qīng	(old) minister;(old) term of endearment between spouses;thou (poet.)
厂 / 廠 	chǎng	cliff;slope;factory;yard;depot;workhouse;works;(industrial) plant
厂丝 / 廠絲 	chǎngsī	filature silk
厂主 / 廠主 	chǎngzhǔ	factory owner
厂史 / 廠史 	chǎngshǐ	factory history
厂商 / 廠商 	chǎngshāng	company;firm
厂址 / 廠址 	chǎngzhǐ	factory site;location
厂子 / 廠子 	chǎngzi	yard;depot
厂家 / 廠家 	chǎngjiā	(n) factory
厂工 / 廠工 	chǎnggōng	factory worker
厂房 / 廠房 	chǎngfáng	a building used as a factory;factory (building)
厂牌 / 廠牌 	chǎngpái	brand (of a product)
厂矿 / 廠礦 	chǎngkuàng	factories and mines
厂礼拜 / 廠禮拜 	chǎnglǐbài	day off (work)
厂规 / 廠規 	chǎngguī	factory regulations
厂长 / 廠長 	chǎngzhǎng	factory director
厄	è	distressed
厄瓜多尔 / 厄瓜多爾 	èguāduō'ěr	Ecuador
厄立特里亚 / 厄立特里亞 	èlìtèlǐyà	Eritrea
厅 / 廳 	tīng	(reception) hall;office
厅堂 / 廳堂 	tīngtáng	hall
历	lì	calendar
历	lì	to experience;to undergo;to pass through;all;each;every;calendar
历代 / 歷代 	lìdài	successive dynasties;past dynasties
历代志上 / 歷代志上 	lìdàizhìshàng	1 Chronicles
历代志下 / 歷代志下 	lìdàizhìxià	2 Chronicles
历史 / 歷史 	lìshǐ	history
历史上 / 歷史上 	lìshǐshàng	historical
历史久远 / 歷史久遠 	lìshǐjiǔyuǎn	ancient history
历史学家 / 歷史學家 	lìshǐxuéjiā	historian
历史性 / 歷史性 	lìshǐxìng	historic
历城 / 歷城 	lìchéng	(N) Licheng (place in Shandong)
历届 / 歷屆 	lìjiè	all previous sessions
历年 / 歷年 	lìnián	over the years
历时 / 歷時 	lìshí	to last;to take (time);period
历来 / 歷來 	lìlái	always;throughout (a period of time);(of) all-time
历来最低点 / 歷來最低點 	lìláizuìdīdiǎn	all time low (point)
历程 / 歷程 	lìchéng	course;process
历险 / 歷險 	lìxiǎn	to experience adventures
厉 / 厲 	lì	severe
厉声 / 厲聲 	lìshēng	stern voice
厉害 / 厲害 	lìhài	severe;strict;ferocious;talented
厉害 / 厲害 	lìhai	terrible;formidable;serious;devastating;tough;capable;sharp;severe;fierce
压 / 壓 	yā	to press;to push down;to keep under (control)
压 / 壓 	yà	in the first place;to crush
压低 / 壓低 	yādī	(v) lower (one's voice)
压倒 / 壓倒 	yādǎo	overwhelming;overpower
压倒性 / 壓倒性 	yādàoxìng	overwhelming
压制 / 壓制 	yāzhì	suppress;inhibit
压力 / 壓力 	yālì	pressure
压力容器 / 壓力容器 	yālìróngqì	pressure vessel
压坏 / 壓壞 	yāhuài	to crush
压岁钱 / 壓歲錢 	yāsuìqián	money given to children as new year present
压扁 / 壓扁 	yābiǎn	squash;squeeze
压抑 / 壓抑 	yāyì	(v) constrain or repress one's emotions
压碎 / 壓碎 	yāsuì	crush
压紧 / 壓緊 	yājǐn	compress
压缩 / 壓縮 	yāsuō	to compress;compression
压迫 / 壓迫 	yāpò	oppress;oppression
压韵 / 壓韻 	yāyùn	(v) rhyme
厌 / 厭 	yàn	loathe
厌倦 / 厭倦 	yànjuàn	dreary
厌弃 / 厭棄 	yànqì	to loathe
厌恨 / 厭恨 	yànhèn	hate
厌恶 / 厭惡 	yànwù	loath;to hate;be disgusted with
厌氧 / 厭氧 	yànyǎng	anaerobic
厌酷球孢子菌 / 厭酷球孢子菌 	yànkùqiúbāozǐjūn	Coccidioides immitis
厌食 / 厭食 	yànshí	anorexia
厍 / 厙 	shè	(surname)
厎	zhǐ	whetstone
厓	yá	old form of __崖__ (cliff) and __涯__ (bank)
厔	zhì	river bent
厕 / 廁 	cè	rest-room;toilet;lavatory
厕所 / 廁所 	cèsuǒ	toilet;lavatory
厖 / 庬 	páng	huge
厘	lí	one thousandth
厘	lí	one thousandth
厘克	líkè	centigram
厘升	líshēng	centiliter
厘米	límǐ	centimeter
厘米	límǐ	centimeter
厚	hòu	generous;thick (for flat things)
厚度	hòudù	thickness
厚望	hòuwàng	(n) great expectations
厚生劳动省 / 厚生勞動省 	hòushēngláodòngshěng	Japanese ministry of health, labor and welfare
厚生省	hòushēngshěng	Japanese ministry of health, labor and welfare
厜	zuī	a mountain peak
厝	cuò	bury;to place;dispose
原	yuán	former;original;primary;raw;level;cause;source
原來 / 原来 	yuánlái	original;former;originally;formerly;at first;so... actually
原先	yuánxiān	former;original
原则 / 原則 	yuánzé	principle
原动力 / 原動力 	yuándònglì	motive force;prime mover;first cause;agent
原告	yuángào	complaint
原因	yuányīn	cause;origin;root cause;reason
原因很简单 / 原因很簡單 	yuányīnhěnjiǎndān	the reason is very simple
原因是	yuányīnshì	the reason is ...
原地	yuándì	former place;indigenous;local
原处 / 原處 	yuánchù	(n) original place, spot
原始	yuánshǐ	first;original;primitive;original (document, etc)
原委	yuánwěi	the whole story
原子	yuánzǐ	atom;atomic
原子序数 / 原子序數 	yuánzǐxùshù	atomic number
原子弹 / 原子彈 	yuánzǐdàn	atom bomb
原子核	yuánzǐhé	atomic nucleus
原子武器	yuánzǐwǔqì	atomic weapon
原子爆破弹药 / 原子爆破彈藥 	yuánzǐbàopòdànyào	atomic demolition munition
原子科学家 / 原子科學家 	yuánzǐkēxuéjiā	atomic scientist;nuclear scientist
原子科学家通报 / 原子科學家通報 	yuánzǐkēxuéjiātōngbào	Journal of Atomic Scientists
原子笔 / 原子筆 	yuánzǐbǐ	ballpoint pen
原子能	yuánzǐnéng	atomic energy
原子質量 / 原子质量 	yuánzǐzhìliáng	atomic mass
原子量	yuánzǐliáng	atomic weight
原定	yuándìng	originally planned;originally determined
原平	yuánpíng	(N) Yuanping (city in Shanxi)
原形	yuánxíng	archetype;original shape;true colors
原性	yuánxìng	original nature
原文	yuánwén	original text
原料	yuánliào	raw material
原有	yuányǒu	originally
原本	yuánběn	originally;original
原材料	yuáncáiliào	(n) raw or unprocessed materials
原样 / 原樣 	yuányàng	origiral shape
原核	yuánhé	prokaryotic (cell)
原核生物	yuánhéshēngwù	prokaryote
原核生物界	yuánhéshēngwùjiè	Kingdom Monera;prokaryote
原核細胞 / 原核细胞 	yuánhéxìbāo	prokaryote;prokaryotic cell
原核細胞型微生物 / 原核细胞型微生物 	yuánhéxìbāoxíngwēishēngwù	prokaryotic cell type microorganism
原油	yuányóu	(n) crude oil
原点矩 / 原點矩 	yuándiǎnjǔ	(statistics) moment
原理	yuánlǐ	principle;theory
原生生物	yuánshēngshēngwù	protist;primitive organism
原生質 / 原生质 	yuánshēngzhí	protoplasm
原籍	yuánjí	ancestral home (town);birthplace
原苏联 / 原蘇聯 	yuánsūlián	former Soviet Union
原諒 / 原谅 	yuánliàng	to excuse;to forgive;to pardon
原阳 / 原陽 	yuányáng	(N) Yuanyang (place in Henan)
厢 / 廂 	xiāng	box (in theater);side room
厣 / 厴 	yǎn	operculum
厤	lì	to calculate;the calendar
厥	jué	his;its
厦 / 廈 	shà	tall building
厦 / 廈 	xià	tall building
厦门 / 廈門 	xiàmén	Xiamen (city)
厨 / 廚 	chú	kitchen
厨司 / 廚司 	chúsī	cook, chef
厨子 / 廚子 	chúzi	cook
厨师 / 廚師 	chúshī	cook
厨师长 / 廚師長 	chúshīzhǎng	executive chef;head chef
厨房 / 廚房 	chúfáng	kitchen
厩 / 廄 	jiù	a stable
厮守 / 廝守 	sīshǒu	keep together;stay with each other;rely on each other
厰	chǎng	variant of __廠__
厳	yán	Japanese variant of T:__嚴__ S:__严__
厹	qiú	spear
厹	róu	to trample
去	qù	to go;to leave;to remove
去世	qùshì	to pass away;to die
去向不明	qùxiàngbùmíng	missing;lost
去国外 / 去國外 	qùguówài	to go abroad
去年	qùnián	last year
去氧核糖核酸	qùyǎnghétánghésuān	deoxyribonucleic acid;DNA
去逝	qùshì	pass away;die
去除	qùchú	to remove;dislodge
县 / 縣 	xiàn	a district;county;prefecture (in Japan)
县城 / 縣城 	xiànchéng	county seat;county town
县长 / 縣長 	xiànzhǎng	(n) county's head commisioner
叁 / 叄 	sān	number three (on checks, etc.)
参 / 參 	cān	take part in;participate;join;attend;to join;unequal;varied;irregular;to counsel;uneven;not uniform;abbr. for T:__參議院__ S:__参议院__ Senate, Upper House
参 / 參 	shēn	ginseng
参与 / 參與 	cānyù	to participate (in sth)
参与者 / 參與者 	cānyùzhě	participant
参两院 / 參兩院 	cānliǎngyuàn	both houses of US Congress
参军 / 參軍 	cānjūn	(v) join the military
参加 / 參加 	cānjiā	to participate;to take part;to join
参拜 / 參拜 	cānbài	to visit (a shrine);to attend (a ceremony);to take part in an act of worship or remembrance
参数 / 參數 	cānshù	a parameter
参照 / 參照 	cānzhào	(v) consult;refer to as a reference
参考 / 參考 	cānkǎo	consultation;reference;to consult;to refer
参考书 / 參考書 	cānkǎoshū	reference
参观 / 參觀 	cānguān	to look around;to inspect;visit and observe
参议员 / 參議員 	cānyìyuán	senator
参议院 / 參議院 	cānyìyuàn	Senate
参谋 / 參謀 	cānmóu	staff officer;give advice
参谋总长 / 參謀總長 	cānmóuzǒngzhǎng	army Chief of Staff
参谋长 / 參謀長 	cānmóuzhǎng	chief of staff
参赛者 / 參賽者 	cānsàizhě	a competitor
参赞 / 參贊 	cānzàn	diplomatic officer;attache
参阅 / 參閱 	cānyuè	(v) consult or read
又	yòu	(once) again;also;both... and...;again
又來了 / 又来了 	yòuláile	Here we go again
叉	chā	fork;pitchfork;prong;pick;cross;intersect
叉	chá	to cross;be stuck
叉	chǎ	to diverge;to open (as legs)
叉子	chāzi	fork
及	jí	to reach;and
及其	jíqí	and;as well as
及早	jízǎo	(adv) at the earliest possible time;ASAP
及时 / 及時 	jíshí	in time;promptly;without delay;timely
及格	jígé	to pass a test
及物	jíwù	transitive
及物动词 / 及物動詞 	jíwùdòngcí	transitive verb
友	yǒu	friend
友人	yǒurén	(n) friend
友善	yǒushàn	friendly
友好	yǒuhǎo	friendly (relations)
友情	yǒuqíng	(n) the feeling of friendship;friendly feelings
友愛 / 友爱 	yǒu'ài	friendly affection;fraternal love
友誼 / 友谊 	yǒuyì	companionship;fellowship;friendship
双 / 雙 	shuāng	two;double;pair;both
双人房 / 雙人房 	shuāngrénfáng	double room
双休日 / 雙休日 	shuāngxiūrì	(n);two-day rest week
双侧 / 雙側 	shuāngcè	two-sided;bilateral
双倍 / 雙倍 	shuāngbèi	twofold;double
双光气 / 雙光氣 	shuāngguāngqì	diphosgene
双刃 / 雙刃 	shuāngrèn	double-edged blade
双周期性 / 雙週期性 	shuāngzhōuqīxìng	(math.) double periodicity
双城 / 雙城 	shuāngchéng	(N) Shuangcheng (city in Heilongjiang)
双复磷 / 雙復磷 	shuāngfùlín	obidoxime chloride;toxogonin
双子 / 雙子 	shuāngzǐ	Gemini (star sign)
双子座 / 雙子座 	shuāngzǐzuò	(astr.) Gemini
双峰 / 雙峰 	shuāngfēng	(N) Shuangfeng (place in Hunan)
双开 / 雙開 	shuāngkāi	double expulsion (from the party and from administrative post, as a punishment for corruption);abbr. for T:__開除黨籍__,__行政開除__ S:__开除党籍__,__行政开除__
双手 / 雙手 	shuāngshǒu	pair of hands
双打 / 雙打 	shuāngdǎ	(n) (sports) doubles
双拼 / 雙拼 	shuāngpīn	double pinyin
双数 / 雙數 	shuāngshù	even number
双方 / 雙方 	shuāngfāng	bilateral;both sides;both parties involved
双曲线 / 雙曲線 	shuāngqūxiàn	hyperbola
双柏 / 雙柏 	shuāngbǎi	(N) Shuangbai (place in Yunnan)
双桥区 / 雙橋區 	shuāngqiáoqū	(N) Shuangqiao (area in Sichuan)
双氧水 / 雙氧水 	shuāngyǎngshuǐ	hydrogen peroxide solution
双流 / 雙流 	shuāngliú	(N) Shuangliu (place in Sichuan)
双湖 / 雙湖 	shuānghú	(N) Shuanghu (place in Tibet)
双溪乡 / 雙溪鄉 	shuāngxīxiāng	(N) Shuanghsi (village in Taiwan)
双牌 / 雙牌 	shuāngpái	(N) Shuangpai (place in Hunan)
双独 / 雙獨 	shuāngdú	double and single;allowed dispensation to have second child
双独夫妇 / 雙獨夫婦 	shuāngdúfūfù	a married couple allowed dispensation to have second child
双球菌 / 雙球菌 	shuāngqiújūn	diplococcus
双生 / 雙生 	shuāngshēng	twins
双生兄弟 / 雙生兄弟 	shuāngshēngxiōngdì	twin brothers
双眼皮 / 雙眼皮 	shuāngyǎnpí	double eyelid
双绞线 / 雙絞線 	shuāngjiǎoxiàn	unshielded twisted pair;UTP
双胞胎 / 雙胞胎 	shuāngbāotāi	twin
双膝 / 雙膝 	shuāngxī	both knees
双语 / 雙語 	shuāngyǔ	bilingual
双边 / 雙邊 	shuāngbiān	bilateral
双边贸易 / 雙邊貿易 	shuāngbiānmàoyì	bilateral trade
双辽 / 雙遼 	shuāngliáo	(N) Shuangliao (place in Jilin)
双连接站 / 雙連接站 	shuāngliánjiēzhàn	dual attachment station
双重 / 雙重 	shuāngchóng	double
双阳 / 雙陽 	shuāngyáng	(N) Shuangyang (place in Jilin)
双陆棋 / 雙陸棋 	shuānglùqí	backgammon
双音节 / 雙音節 	shuāngyīnjié	bisyllable
双鱼座 / 雙魚座 	shuāngyúzuò	(astr.) Pisces
双鸭山 / 雙鴨山 	shuāngyāshān	(N) Shuangyashan (city in Heilongjiang)
反	fǎn	wrong side out or up;anti-
反义词 / 反義詞 	fǎnyìcí	opposite (meaning);antonym
反之	fǎnzhī	(conj) on the other hand...;conversely...
反人类罪 / 反人類罪 	fǎnrénlèizuì	crimes against humanity
反人道罪	fǎnréndàozuì	a crime against humanity
反传算法 / 反傳算法 	fǎnchuánsuànfǎ	back propagation algorithm
反侧 / 反側 	fǎncè	to toss and turn
反倒	fǎndào	(adv) but on the contrary;but instead of as expected
反击 / 反擊 	fǎnjī	strike back;beat back;counterattack
反切	fǎnqiè	traditional Chinese spelling system in which two characters are used, the first one for the onset, the second one for rime and tone
反刍 / 反芻 	fǎnchú	ruminate
反刍动物 / 反芻動物 	fǎnchúdòngwù	ruminant
反动 / 反動 	fǎndòng	reaction;reactionary
反动分子 / 反動分子 	fǎndòngfènzǐ	reactionaries;reactionary elements
反叛	fǎnpàn	rebel;revolt
反叛分子	fǎnpànfènzǐ	insurgent;rebel
反向	fǎnxiàng	opposite direction;reverse
反响 / 反響 	fǎnxiǎng	repercussions;reaction;echo
反唇相譏 / 反唇相讥 	fǎnchúnxiāngjī	answer back sarcastically
反問 / 反问 	fǎnwèn	ask (a question) in reply;rhetorical question
反复 / 反復 	fǎnfù	repeatedly;over and over
反密码子 / 反密碼子 	fǎnmìmǎzi	anticodon
反对 / 反對 	fǎnduì	to fight against;to oppose;to be opposed to;opposition
反对党 / 反對黨 	fǎnduìdǎng	opposition (political) party
反对派 / 反對派 	fǎnduìpài	opposition faction
反导弹 / 反導彈 	fǎndǎodàn	anti-missile
反射	fǎnshè	reflex;reflection (from a mirror, etc)
反射区治疗 / 反射區治療 	fǎnshè'ōuzhìliáo	reflexology (alternative medicine)
反射疗法 / 反射療法 	fǎnshèliáofǎ	reflexology (alternative medicine)
反常	fǎncháng	(adj) unusual;not normal
反应 / 反應 	fǎnyìng	to react;to respond;reaction;response;reply;chemical reaction
反应堆 / 反應堆 	fǎnyìngduī	reactor
反应堆燃料元件 / 反應堆燃料元件 	fǎnyìngduīránliàoyuánjiàn	fuel element
反应堆芯 / 反應堆芯 	fǎnyìngduīxīn	reactor core
反应时 / 反應時 	fǎnyīngshí	response time
反弹 / 反彈 	fǎndàn	bounce back;rebound
反弹导弹 / 反彈導彈 	fǎndàndǎodàn	antimissile missile
反思	fǎnsī	(v) think back to sth that happened;recollect
反恐	fǎnkǒng	anti-terror
反恐战争 / 反恐戰爭 	fǎnkǒngzhànzhēng	war on terrorism
反感	fǎngǎn	(strongly) dislike
反战抗议 / 反戰抗議 	fǎnzhànkàngyì	antiwar protest
反抗	fǎnkàng	revolt;resist
反抗者	fǎnkàngzhě	rebel
反攻	fǎngōng	(v) counter-attack;() counter attack;counter offensive
反散射	fǎnsànshè	backscatter
反日	fǎnrì	anti-Japan
反映	fǎnyìng	reaction;response;to reflect;to mirror
反核	fǎnhé	anti-nuclear (e.g., protest)
反正	fǎnzhèng	anyway;anyhow;in any case
反生物战 / 反生物戰 	fǎnshēngwùzhàn	biological (warfare) defense
反省	fǎnxǐng	to engage in introspection;soul-searching
反粒子	fǎnlìzǐ	(phys.) antiparticle
反而	fǎn'ér	instead;contrary (to expectations)
反舰艇 / 反艦艇 	fǎnjiàntǐng	anti-ship
反舰艇巡航导弹 / 反艦艇巡航導彈 	fǎnjiàntǐngxúnhángdǎodàn	anti-ship cruise missile
反語法 / 反语法 	fǎnyǔfǎ	irony
反貪 / 反贪 	fǎntān	anti-corruption (policy)
反轉錄病毒 / 反转录病毒 	fǎnzhuǎnlùbìngdú	retrovirus
反过来 / 反過來 	fǎnguolái	conversely;in reverse order;in an opposite direction
反过来说 / 反過來說 	fǎnguòláishuō	on the other hand
反面	fǎnmiàn	(n) the reverse side of sth;(n) the opposite side of some topic;(n) the other side
反革命	fǎngémìng	counter-revolutionary
反饋 / 反馈 	fǎnkuì	(v) send information back;feedback
反駁 / 反驳 	fǎnbó	retort;refute
収	shōu	Japanese variant of __收__
发	fā	to send out;to show (one's feeling);to issue;to develop;measure word for gunshots ("rounds")
发	fà	hair
发了言 / 發了言 	fāleyán	("past tense" of :__发言__) spoke publicly;made a speech
发交 / 發交 	fājiāo	to issue and deliver (to people)
发亮 / 發亮 	fāliàng	shine;shiny
发作 / 發作 	fāzuò	(v) flare-up, outbreak
发光 / 發光 	fāguāng	shine
发出 / 發出 	fāchū	to send out;to issue
发动 / 發動 	fādòng	to start;to launch;to mobilize
发嘎嘎声 / 發嘎嘎聲 	fāgāgāshēng	rattle
发回 / 發回 	fāhuí	send back;return
发型 / 髮型 	fàxíng	hairstyle;coiffure;hairdo
发声 / 發聲 	fāshēng	vocal
发声法 / 發聲法 	fāshēngfǎ	intonation
发奋图强 / 發奮圖強 	fāfèntúqiáng	(saying) work with a passion to make the nation strong
发射 / 發射 	fāshè	to shoot;to fire;to launch
发射场 / 發射場 	fāshèchǎng	launchpad;launching site
发展 / 發展 	fāzhǎn	development;growth;to develop;to grow;to expand
发展中国家 / 發展中國家 	fāzhǎnzhōngguójiā	developing country
发展核武器 / 發展核武器 	fāzhǎnhéwǔqì	to develop nuclear weapons
发展的国家 / 發展的國家 	fāzhǎndeguójiā	developing country;developing nation
发布 / 發佈 	fābù	to release;to issue;to distribute
发布新软件 / 發佈新軟件 	fābùxīnruǎnjiàn	to release new software
发怒 / 發怒 	fānù	mad
发愁 / 發愁 	fāchóu	(v) worry about sth
发慌 / 發慌 	fāhuāng	(v) feel agitated, feel nervous
发憷 / 發憷 	fāchù	to begin to feel scared
发扬 / 發揚 	fāyáng	develop;make full use of
发扬光大 / 發揚光大 	fāyángguāngdà	(saying) to develop, advocate, and promulgate
发抖 / 發抖 	fādǒu	shiver;shudder;tremble;tremulous
发挥 / 發揮 	fāhuī	bring to bear;bring into play;unleash
发掘 / 發掘 	fājué	excavate;explore
发放 / 發放 	fāfàng	provide;give;grant
发散 / 發散 	fāsàn	disperse
发明 / 發明 	fāmíng	to invent;invention
发明家 / 發明家 	fāmíngjiā	inventor
发气 / 發氣 	fāqì	get angry
发汗 / 發汗 	fāhàn	to sweat
发泄 / 發泄 	fāxiè	give vent to (a feeling);let off
发洩 / 發洩 	fāxiè	(v) vent (on);blow off steam (on);give vent to
发源 / 發源 	fāyuán	to rise;to originate;derivation
发源地 / 發源地 	fāyuándì	place of origin;birthplace;source
发火 / 發火 	fāhuǒ	catch fire;ignite;detonate;get angry
发炎 / 發炎 	fāyán	(v) become inflamed from infection or injury;(n) inflamation
发烧 / 發燒 	fāshāo	have a high temperature (from illness);have a fever
发热 / 發熱 	fārè	(v) have fever temperature;(v) emit heat;(v) not think calmly
发牢骚 / 發牢騷 	fāláosāo	whine
发狂 / 發狂 	fākuáng	crazy;mad;madly
发现 / 發現 	fāxiàn	to find;to discover
发现号 / 發現號 	fāxiànháo	"Discovery" (name of space shuttle)
发现物 / 發現物 	fāxiànwù	finding
发生 / 發生 	fāshēng	to happen;to occur;to take place
发生率 / 發生率 	fāshēnglǜ	rate of occurrence
发电 / 發電 	fādiàn	generate electricity
发电厂 / 發電廠 	fādiànchǎng	power plant
发电机 / 發電機 	fādiànjī	dynamo
发电量 / 發電量 	fādiànliàng	(generated) electrical energy
发疯 / 發瘋 	fāfēng	go mad;go crazy;lose one's mind
发病 / 發病 	fābìng	onset;outbreak (of a disease)
发病率 / 發病率 	fābìnglǜ	incidence of a disease;disease rate
发痒 / 發癢 	fāyǎng	to tickle;to itch
发祥 / 發祥 	fāxiáng	to give rise to (something good);to emanate from
发祥地 / 發祥地 	fāxiángdì	the birthplace (of something good);the cradle (e.g. of art)
发票 / 發票 	fāpiào	(n) receipt or bill for purchasing sth
发福 / 發福 	fāfú	to put on weight;to get fat (a sign of prosperity, so a compliment)
发红 / 發紅 	fāhóng	flush (face)
发网袋 / 髮網袋 	fàwǎngdài	(n) hairnet
发育 / 發育 	fāyù	growth;development
发脾气 / 發脾氣 	fāpíqì	(v) get angry
发芽 / 發芽 	fāyá	germinate
发行 / 發行 	fāxíng	publish;issue
发行额 / 發行額 	fāxíng'é	(periodical) circulation
发表 / 發表 	fābiǎo	to issue (a statement);to publish;to issue;to put out
发表声明 / 發表聲明 	fābiǎoshēngmíng	to issue a statement;to issue a declaration
发表演讲 / 發表演講 	fābiǎoyǎnjiǎng	to give a speech
发觉 / 發覺 	fājué	find;detect;discover
发言 / 發言 	fāyán	statement;utterance
发言人 / 發言人 	fāyánrén	spokesperson
发言权 / 發言權 	fāyánquán	the right of speech
发誓 / 發誓 	fāshì	to vow;to pledge;to swear
发财 / 發財 	fācái	(v) get rich
发起 / 發起 	fāqǐ	(v) first begin to do sth;initiate;(v) begin;launch
发辫 / 髮辮 	fǎbiàn	braid
发达 / 發達 	fādá	developed (country, etc.);flourishing;to develop
发达国 / 發達國 	fādáguó	developing country
发达国家 / 發達國家 	fādáguójiā	developed nation
发迹 / 發跡 	fājī	to rise to power and position
发送 / 發送 	fāsòng	to transmit;to dispatch
发送功率 / 發送功率 	fāsònggōnglǜ	transmission power;output power
发送器 / 發送器 	fāsòngqì	transmitter
发酵 / 發酵 	fājiào	ferment
发霉 / 發霉 	fāméi	to become moldy
发音 / 發音 	fāyīn	pronounce;pronunciation
发髻 / 髮髻 	fàjì	hair worn in a bun or coil
叔	shū	uncle in direct address
叔丈人	shūzhàngrén	wife's uncle
叔丈母	shūzhàngmǔ	wife's aunt
叔叔	shūshu	(informal) father's younger brother;uncle
叔父	shūfù	father's younger brother;uncle
取	qǔ	to take;to get;to choose;to fetch
取代	qǔdài	substitute;to replace;to supplant
取决 / 取決 	qǔjué	depend upon;hinge upon
取勝 / 取胜 	qǔshèng	score a victory
取名	qǔmíng	to name;to be named;christen;seek fame
取得	qǔdé	to acquire;to get;to obtain
取得大学学位 / 取得大學學位 	qǔdédàxuéxuéwèi	to obtain a university education
取悅 / 取悦 	qǔyuè	to try to please
取暖	qǔnuǎn	to warm oneself (by a fire, etc.)
取款机 / 取款機 	qǔkuǎnjī	ATM
取消	qǔxiāo	cancel
取消禁令	qǔxiāojìnlìng	to life a prohibition;to lift a ban
取笑	qǔxiào	tease;make fun of
取締 / 取缔 	qǔdì	ban;outlaw;prohibit;suppress
取而代之	qǔ'érdàizhī	substitute;remove and replace (someone)
取錢 / 取钱 	qǔqián	withdraw money
受	shòu	to bear;to stand;to endure;(passive marker);to receive
受不了	shòubùliǎo	can't stand;unbearable
受不了	shòubuliǎo	unable to endure
受事	shòushì	recipient
受众 / 受眾 	shòuzhòng	target audience
受伤 / 受傷 	shòushāng	suffer injuries (in an accident, etc.)
受伤害 / 受傷害 	shòushānghài	be injured
受体 / 受體 	shòutǐ	receptor
受保障监督的设施 / 受保障監督的設施 	shòubǎozhàngjiāndūdeshèshī	safeguarded facility
受僱 / 受雇 	shòugù	mercenary
受到	shòudào	get;be given;receive;suffer
受到影响 / 受到影響 	shòudàoyǐngxiǎng	to be affected (usually adversely);to suffer
受命	shòumìng	to receive instructions
受命于天	shòumìngyútiān	to become (rightful) Emperor;to "receive the Mandate of Heaven" (traditional English translation)
受困	shòukùn	(v) be trapped, stranded
受害	shòuhài	to be injured;to be killed
受害者	shòuhàizhě	casualties;victims;injured and wounded;sufferer
受托人 / 受託人 	shòutuōrén	trustee
受挫	shòucuò	to be baffled
受教	shòujiào	receive instruction
受格	shòugé	objective
受欢迎 / 受歡迎 	shòuhuānyíng	popular;welcome
受洗	shòuxǐ	to be baptized
受災 / 受灾 	shòuzāi	affected by a disaster
受益	shòuyì	benefit from;profit by
受罪	shòuzuì	to endure;to suffer torments;to have a hard time
受苦	shòukǔ	suffer
受賄 / 受贿 	shòuhuì	accept bribes
受难者 / 受難者 	shòunànzhě	sufferer
变 / 變 	biàn	to change;to become different;to transform;to vary;rebellion
变丑 / 變醜 	biànchǒu	disfigure
变为 / 變為 	biànwéi	to change into
变乱 / 變亂 	biànluàn	turmoil;social upheaval
变价 / 變價 	biànjià	appraise at the current rate
变体 / 變體 	biàntǐ	variant
变修 / 變修 	biànxiū	become revisionist
变分原理 / 變分原理 	biànfēnyuánlǐ	variational principle (math. phys.)
变分学 / 變分學 	biànfēnxué	the calculus of variations (math.)
变分法 / 變分法 	biànfēnfǎ	calculus of variations
变动 / 變動 	biàndòng	change;alteration
变化 / 變化 	biànhuà	change;vary
变卖 / 變賣 	biànmài	sell off (one's property)
变压器 / 變壓器 	biànyāqì	transformer
变厚 / 變厚 	biànhòu	thicken
变坏 / 變壞 	biànhuài	to get worse;to degenerate
变天 / 變天 	biàntiān	change of weather;restoration of reactionary rule
变奏 / 變奏 	biànzòu	variation
变工 / 變工 	biàngōng	exchange work
变幻 / 變幻 	biànhuàn	change irregularly;fluctuate
变异 / 變異 	biànyì	variation
变形 / 變形 	biànxíng	be out of shape;become deformed;to morph
变形虫 / 變形蟲 	biànxíngchóng	amoeba
变得 / 變得 	biànde	become;change into
变心 / 變心 	biànxīn	cease to be faithful
变态 / 變態 	biàntài	metamorphosis;abnormal;anomalous
变性 / 變性 	biànxìng	denaturation
变戏法 / 變戲法 	biànxìfǎ	perform conjuring tricks;conjure;juggle
变成 / 變成 	biànchéng	to change into;to turn into;to become
变换 / 變換 	biànhuàn	vary;alternate;to convert
变换设备 / 變換設備 	biànhuànshèbèi	converter;conversion device
变故 / 變故 	biàngù	an unforeseen event;accident;misfortune
变数 / 變數 	biànshù	variable
变文 / 變文 	biànwén	a popular form of narrative literature flourishing in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) with alternate prose and rhymed parts for recitation and singing (often on Buddhist themes)
变星 / 變星 	biànxīng	variable star
变暖 / 變暖 	biànnuǎn	warming;changing to become warmer
变暗 / 變暗 	biàn'àn	darken
变更 / 變更 	biàngēng	change;alter;modify
变本加厉 / 變本加厲 	biànběnjiālì	become aggravated;be further intensified
变法 / 變法 	biànfǎ	political reform
变法儿 / 變法兒 	biànfǎ'er	try different ways
变流器 / 變流器 	biànliúqì	converter
变温动物 / 變溫動物 	biànwēndòngwù	poikilothermal (cold-blooded) animal
变温层 / 變溫層 	biànwēncéng	troposphere;lower atmosphere
变焦距镜头 / 變焦距鏡頭 	biànjiāojùjìngtóu	zoom lens
变电站 / 變電站 	biàndiànzhàn	(transformer) substation
变相 / 變相 	biànxiàng	in disguised form;covert
变硬 / 變硬 	biànyìng	stiffen
变种 / 變種 	biànzhǒng	mutation;variety;variant
变红 / 變紅 	biànhóng	redden
变脸 / 變臉 	biànliǎn	suddenly turn hostile
变色 / 變色 	biànsè	change color;discolor;change countenance;become angry
变色龙 / 變色龍 	biànsèlóng	chameleon
变节 / 變節 	biànjié	make a political recantation;turn one's coat
变调 / 變調 	biàndiào	modified tone;tonal modification
变质 / 變質 	biànzhì	go bad;deteriorate;metamorphism
变质作用 / 變質作用 	biànzhìzuòyòng	metamorphism (geol.)
变质岩 / 變質岩 	biànzhìyán	metamorphic rock (geol.)
变软 / 變軟 	biànruǎn	soften
变迁 / 變遷 	biànqiān	changes;vicissitudes
变通 / 變通 	biàntōng	be flexible;accommodate something to circumstances
变速 / 變速 	biànsù	speed change;gear shift
变量 / 變量 	biànliàng	variable
变阻器 / 變阻器 	biànzǔqì	theostat
变革 / 變革 	biàngé	transform;change
变频 / 變頻 	biànpín	frequency conversion
变黑 / 變黑 	biànhēi	darken
叙 / 敘 	xù	narrate;abbreviation for Syria;(v) chat
叙利亚 / 敘利亞 	xùlìyà	Syria
叙利亚文 / 敘利亞文 	xùlìyàwén	Syriac (language)
叙旧 / 敘舊 	xùjiù	(v);reminisce;talk about the past
叙永 / 敘永 	xùyǒng	(N) Xuyong (place in Sichuan)
叙谈 / 敘談 	xùtán	(v) chat
叙述 / 敘述 	xùshù	relate (a story or information);tell or talk about
叛	pàn	to betray;to rebel;to revolt
叛乱 / 叛亂 	pànluàn	armed rebellion
叛乱罪 / 叛亂罪 	pànluànzuì	the crime of armed rebellion
叛军 / 叛軍 	pànjūn	rebel army
叛卖 / 叛賣 	pànmài	to betray
叛变 / 叛變 	pànbiàn	renegade;traitor;to betray one's country
叛变的省份 / 叛變的省份 	pànbiàndeshěngfèn	renegade province (term PRC uses for Taiwan)
叛国 / 叛國 	pànguó	treason
叛国罪 / 叛國罪 	pànguózuì	the crime of treason
叛徒	pàntú	traitor;turncoat
叛教	pànjiào	apostasy
叛逃	pàntáo	(v) defect;desert;betray and flee
叛逆	pànnì	to rebel;to revolt
叛逆者	pànnìzhē	traitor
叟	sǒu	old gentleman
叠 / 疊 	dié	to layer;to fold over in layers;to repeat
叠层石 / 疊層石 	diécéngshí	stromatolite
叡	ruì	astute;perspicacious
口	kǒu	mouth;(a measure word)
口乾舌燥 / 口干舌燥 	kǒugānshézào	(v) have one's mouth go dry
口交	kǒujiāo	oral sex
口令	kǒulìng	(n) password;countersign;oral command
口口声声 / 口口聲聲 	kǒukoushēngshēng	(set phrase) to keep on saying
口号 / 口號 	kǒuhào	slogan;catchphrase
口吃	kǒuchī	stammer
口味	kǒuwèi	a person's preferences;tastes (in food);flavor
口哨	kǒushào	whistle
口头 / 口頭 	kǒutóu	oral;verbal
口岸	kǒu'àn	(n) port on a sea or river
口才	kǒucái	eloquence
口技	kǒujì	beat boxing;vocal mimicry;ventriloquism
口服	kǒufú	oral (administered by mouth)
口气 / 口氣 	kǒuqì	(friendly or unfriendly) tone (of comments)
口水	kǒushuǐ	saliva
口渴	kǒukě	thirst
口湖乡 / 口湖鄉 	kǒuhúxiāng	(N) Kouhu (village in Taiwan)
口紅 / 口红 	kǒuhóng	lipstick
口罩	kǒuzhào	mask (surgical, etc.)
口腔	kǒuqiāng	(n) space inside the mouth;oral cavity
口舌	kǒushé	dispute
口蜜腹剑 / 口蜜腹劍 	kǒumìfùjiàn	(proverb) hypocritical and murderous;lit: honeyed words, a sword in the belly
口袋	kǒudài	pocket
口角战 / 口角戰 	kǒujiǎozhàn	war of words
口試 / 口试 	kǒushì	oral examination;oral test
口語 / 口语 	kǒuyǔ	colloquial speech;spoken language;vernacular language;slander;gossip
口語字詞識別 / 口语字词识别 	kǒuyǔzìcíshìbié	recognition of spoken word
口蹄疫	kǒutíyì	foot-and-mouth disease (FMD);aphthous fever
口述	kǒushù	dictate;recount orally
口音	kǒuyīn	accent
口香糖	kǒuxiāngtáng	chewing gum
古	gǔ	ancient;old
古丈	gǔzhàng	(N) Guzhang (place in Hunan)
古交	gǔjiāo	(N) Gujiao (city in Shanxi)
古人	gǔrén	(n) people from ancient times
古代	gǔdài	ancient times;olden times
古來 / 古来 	gǔlái	old-time
古兰经 / 古蘭經 	gǔlánjīng	Koran (Islamic scripture)
古典	gǔdiǎn	classical
古典派	gǔdiǎnpài	classicists
古典語言 / 古典语言 	gǔdiǎnyǔyán	classical language
古典音乐 / 古典音樂 	gǔdiǎnyīnyuè	classical music
古冶	gǔyě	(N) Guye (place in Hebei)
古县 / 古縣 	gǔxiàn	(N) Gu county (county in Shanxi)
古地磁	gǔdìcí	paleomagnetism
古坑乡 / 古坑鄉 	gǔkēngxiāng	(N) Kukeng (village in Taiwan)
古墓	gǔmù	old tomb (archaeology)
古巴	gǔbā	Cuba
古希腊 / 古希臘 	gǔxīlà	ancient Greece
古希腊语 / 古希臘語 	gǔxīlàyǔ	ancient Greek (language)
古怪	gǔguài	eccentric;grotesque;oddly;queer
古文	gǔwén	(n) Classical Chinese writing
古时 / 古時 	gǔshí	antiquity
古杰拉尔 / 古杰拉爾 	gǔjiélā'ěr	(I. K.) Gujral (Prime Minister of India)
古柯	gǔkē	(bot.) coca (source of cocaine)
古柯树 / 古柯樹 	gǔkēshù	coca plant (source of cocaine)
古根海姆	gǔgēnhǎimǔ	Guggenheim (name)
古波	gǔbō	Gubo (a personal name)
古浪	gǔlàng	(N) Gulang (place in Gansu)
古物	gǔwù	antique
古玩	gǔwàn	antique;curio
古生物学 / 古生物學 	gǔshēngwùxué	palaeontology
古生物学家 / 古生物學家 	gǔshēngwùxuéjiā	palaeontologist;paleobiologist
古田	gǔtián	(N) Gutian (place in Fujian)
古稀	gǔxī	seventy years old
古罗马 / 古羅馬 	gǔluómǎ	ancient Rome
古老	gǔlǎo	ancient;old;age-old
古蔺 / 古藺 	gǔlìn	(N) Gulin (place in Sichuan)
古詩 / 古诗 	gǔshī	old verse;classical Chinese poem
古跡 / 古迹 	gǔjì	places of historic interest;historical sites
古蹟	gǔjì	variant of T:__古跡__ S:__古迹__;places of historic interest;historical sites
古風 / 古风 	gǔfēng	antiquity
句	jù	(a measure word, for sentences or lines of verse);sentence
句号 / 句號 	jùhào	period
句子	jùzi	sentence
句容	jùróng	(N) Jurong (place in Jiangsu)
句法分析	jùfǎfēnxī	syntactic analysis
句法意識 / 句法意识 	jùfǎyìshì	syntactic awareness
另	lìng	other;another;separate;separately
另一	lìngyī	another
另一方面	lìngyīfāngmiàn	(adv) another aspect;on the other hand
另一种 / 另一種 	língyīzhǒng	another kind
另外	lìngwài	additional;in addition;besides;separate;other;moreover;furthermore
另存为 / 另存為 	lìngcúnwèi	save as (a file)
另寄	lìngjì	to mail separately
另用	lìngyòng	diversion
另眼相看	lìngyǎnxiāngkàn	to view in a new light
另类医疗 / 另類醫療 	lìnglèiyīliáo	alternative medicine
另起炉灶 / 另起爐灶 	lìngqǐlúzào	to start from scratch;to set up a separate kitchen
叨	dāo	grumble;garrulous
叨	tāo	be in receipt of
叨唠 / 叨嘮 	dāolao	(v) be chattersome;talk on and on without stopping
叩	kòu	knock
叩头 / 叩頭 	kòutóu	kowtow
只	zhī	(a measure word, for birds and some animals, etc.);single;only
只	zhī	M for one of a pair
只	zhǐ	only;merely;just;but
只	zhǐ	but;only
只不过几年前 / 只不過幾年前 	zhǐbùguòjǐniánqián	only a few years ago;just a few years ago
只好	zhǐhǎo	to have to;to be forced to
只得	zhǐdé	have no alternative but to;be obliged to
只是	zhǐshì	merely;simply;only;but
只有	zhǐyǒu	only
只管	zhǐguǎn	(adv) no need to think about;by all means;(adv) simply;just;merely
只能	zhǐnéng	not having any other choice;obliged to do sth
只要	zhǐyào	if only;so long as
只读 / 祇讀 	zhīdú	read only
只身 / 隻身 	zhīshēn	alone;by oneself
只限于 / 只限於 	zhǐxiànyú	to be limited to
只顧 / 只顾 	zhǐgù	(adv) be focused on;be absorbed in;(adv) simply;just;merely
叫	jiào	to (be) call(ed)
叫做	jiàozuò	be called;be known as
叫唤 / 叫喚 	jiàohuan	(v) cry out;(v) bark out a sound;
叫喊	jiàohǎn	exclamation;outcry;shout;yell
叫嚣 / 叫囂 	jiàoxiāo	hoot
叫嚷	jiàorǎng	(v) shout because of dissatisfaction
叫声 / 叫聲 	jiàoshēng	yelling (sound made by person);barking;braying;roaring (sound made by animals)
叫好	jiàohǎo	applaud;cheer
叫醒	jiàoxǐng	to call awake;to wake up (someone);to awaken
召	shào	(surname);name of an ancient state
召	zhào	to call together;to summon;to convene
召唤 / 召喚 	zhàohuàn	beckon;call
召回	zhàohuí	recall
召开 / 召開 	zhàokāi	convene (a conference or meeting);to convoke;to call together
召开会议 / 召開會議 	zhàokāihuìyì	to call a conference;to convene a meeting
召見 / 召见 	zhàojiàn	call in (one's subordinates);summon (an envoy of a foreign country) to an interview
召集	zhàojí	convene;gather
叭	bā	denote a sound or sharp noise (gunfire, etc.)
叮	dīng	sting (of mosquito, bee, etc.);to ask
叮咛 / 叮嚀 	dīngníng	to warn;to urge;to exhort
叮嘱 / 叮囑 	dīngzhǔ	(v) repeatedly warn or urge
叮噹声 / 叮噹聲 	dīngdāngshēng	tinkle
叮鈴 / 叮铃 	dīnglíng	jingle
可	kě	can;may;able to;certain(ly);to suit;(particle used for emphasis)
可不是	kěbushì	that's just the way it is;exactly
可乐 / 可樂 	kělè	cola
可亲 / 可親 	kěqīn	kindly;nice;amiable
可以	kěyǐ	can;may;possible;able to
可信任	kěxìnrèn	trusty
可信度	kěxìndù	degree of credibility;reliability
可再生	kězàishēng	renewable (resource)
可动 / 可動 	kědòng	movable
可卡因	kěkǎyīn	cocaine
可口	kěkǒu	tasty;to taste good
可口可乐 / 可口可樂 	kěkǒukělè	Coca-Cola
可可	kěkě	cocoa
可可托海	kěkětuōhǎi	(N) Keketuohai (place in Xinjiang)
可哀	kě'āi	miserably
可喜	kěxǐ	(adj) makes one happy;gratifying
可塑性	kěsùxìng	plasticity
可容忍	kěróngrěn	tolerable
可尊敬	kězūnjìng	respectable
可巧	kěqiǎo	by happy coincidence
可待因	kědàiyīn	codeine
可得到	kědédào	available
可怕	kěpà	awful;dreadful;fearful;formidable;frightful;hideous;horrible;terrible;terribly
可怜 / 可憐 	kělián	pitiful
可恥 / 可耻 	kěchǐ	shameful;disgraceful;ignominious
可恨	kěhèn	hateful
可恶 / 可惡 	kěwù	(adj) obnoxious;repulsive;abhorrent;hateful;abominable
可悲	kěbēi	lamentable
可惊 / 可驚 	kějīng	astonishing
可惜	kěxī	it is a pity;what a pity;(it's) too bad
可想像	kěxiǎngxiàng	conceivable
可想而知	kěxiǎng'érzhī	(conj) it is obvious that...
可愛 / 可爱 	kě'ài	amiable;cute;lovely
可憎	kězēng	disgusting
可懂度	kědǒngdù	intelligibility
可扩展标记语言 / 可擴展標記語言 	kěkuòzhǎnbiāojìyǔyán	extend markup language (XML)
可接受性	kějiēshòuxìng	acceptability
可操作的艺术 / 可操作的藝術 	kěcāozuòdeyìshù	the art of the possible (Bismarck on politics)
可擦写 / 可擦寫 	kěcāxiě	erasable
可擦写可编程只读存储器 / 可擦寫可編程祇讀存儲器 	kěcāxiěkěbiānchéngzhīdúcúnchǔqì	EPROM;Erasable programmable read-only memory
可敬	kějìng	venerable
可是	kěshì	but;however
可歌可泣	kěgēkěqì	(saying) makes one happy and sad;emotionally moving
可比	kěbǐ	comparable
可汗	kèhán	Khan;Qaghan
可溶性	kěróngxìng	solubility
可疑	kěyí	suspicious;dubious
可移植	kěyízhí	portable (programming language)
可移植性	kěyízhíxìng	portability (programming language)
可笑	kěxiào	funny
可編程 / 可编程 	kěbiānchéng	programmable
可能	kěnéng	might (happen);possible;probable;possibility;probability
可能性	kěnéngxìng	possibility;probability
可行	kěxíng	feasible
可行性	kěxíngxìng	feasibility
可行性研究	kěxíngxìngyánjiū	feasibility study
可裂变 / 可裂變 	kělièbiàn	fissile
可裂变材料 / 可裂變材料 	kělièbiàncáiliào	fissile material
可見 / 可见 	kějiàn	it can clearly be seen (that this is the case);it is (thus) clear;clear;visible
可觀 / 可观 	kěguān	considerable
可謂 / 可谓 	kěwèi	it could even be said
可讀音性 / 可读音性 	kědúyīnxìng	pronounceability
可貴 / 可贵 	kěguì	(adj) worthy of praise;commendable
可身	kěshēn	to fit well (clothes)
可轉換同位素 / 可转换同位素 	kězhuǎnhuàntóngwèisù	fertile isotope
可达 / 可達 	kědá	Kodak
可逆	kěnì	reversible
可逆性	kěnìxìng	reversability
可选择丢弃 / 可選擇丟棄 	kěxuǎnzédiūqì	discard eligible (Frame Relay);DE
可靠	kěkào	reliable
可靠性	kěkàoxìng	reliability
台	tái	surname;(classical) you (in letters);platform;Taiwan (abbr.)
台	tái	desk;platform
台	tái	(measure word);platform;stage;terrace;stand;support;desk;station;broadcasting station
台东 / 台東 	táidōng	(N) Taitung (city in Taiwan)
台中	táizhōng	Taichung (city in central Taiwan)
台儿庄区 / 台兒庄區 	tái'érzhuāngqū	(N) Taierzhuang (area in Shandong)
台前	táiqián	(N) Taiqian (place in Henan)
台北	táiběi	Taipei (capital of Taiwan)
台南	táinán	Tainan (city in Taiwan)
台南市	táinánshì	Tainan (city in Taiwan)
台商	táishāng	Taiwanese businessman
台地	táidì	(n) tableland;mesa
台大	táidà	University of Taiwan, Taibei (abbr. for T:__台湾大學__ S:__台湾大学__)
台子 / 臺子 	táizi	table;desk
台安	tái'ān	(N) Tai'an (place in Liaoning)
台山	táishān	(N) Taishan (city in Guangdong)
台州地区 / 台州地區 	táizhōudìqū	(N) Taizhou (district in Zhejiang)
台币 / 台幣 	táibì	New Taiwan dollar
台座	táizuò	pedestal
台江	táijiāng	(N) Taijiang (place in Guizhou)
台湾	táiwān	Taiwan
台湾	táiwān	Taiwan
台湾关系法 / 台灣關係法 	táiwānguānxìfǎ	Taiwan Relations Act (of 1975)
台湾话 / 台灣話 	táiwānhuà	Taiwanese Chinese (language)
台灣	táiwān	Taiwan
台灯 / 檯燈 	táidēng	desk lamp;table lamp
台独 / 臺獨 	táidú	Taiwan independence (movement)
台西乡 / 台西鄉 	táixīxiāng	(N) Taihsi (village in Taiwan)
台阶 / 台階 	táijiē	(n) flight of steps;(n) chance to get out from an embarrassing situation
台风 / 颱風 	táifēng	hurricane;typhoon
叱	chì	to scold;shout at;to hoot at
叱責 / 叱责 	chìzé	reproach
史	shǐ	history
史前	shǐqián	prehistory
史实 / 史實 	shǐshí	historical fact(s)
史家	shǐjiā	historian
史密斯	shǐmìsī	Smith (surname)
史密特	shǐmìtè	Schmitt
史料	shǐliào	(n) historical material or data
史瓦济兰 / 史瓦濟蘭 	shǐwǎjìlán	Swaziland
史觀 / 史观 	shǐguān	historical point of view;historically speaking
史詩 / 史诗 	shǐshī	epic
右	yòu	right (-hand)
右侧 / 右側 	yòucè	right side
右分枝关系从句 / 右分枝關係從句 	yòufēnzhīguānxìcóngjù	right branching relative clauses
右手	yòushǒu	right-hand
右玉	yòuyù	(N) Youyu (place in Shanxi)
右翼	yòuyì	(politically) right-wing
右舵	yòuduò	right rudder
右边 / 右邊 	yòubiān	right (as opposed to left)
叵	pǒ	not;thereupon
叶 / 葉 	yè	(surname);leaf;page
叶利钦 / 葉利欽 	yèlìqīn	(Russian president) Yeltsin
叶县 / 葉縣 	yèxiàn	(N) Ye county (county in Henan)
叶城 / 葉城 	yèchéng	(N) Yecheng (place in Xinjiang)
叶子 / 葉子 	yèzi	foliage;leaf
叶枕 / 葉枕 	yèzhěn	pulvini
叶绿体 / 葉綠體 	yèlǜtǐ	chloroplast
叶绿素 / 葉綠素 	yèlǜsù	chlorophyll
叶轮 / 葉輪 	yèlún	turbine wheel
叶轮机械 / 葉輪機械 	yèlúnjīxiè	turbomachine
叶酸 / 葉酸 	yèsuān	folic acid
号 / 號 	háo	roar;cry
号 / 號 	hào	day of a month;(suffix used after) name of a ship;(ordinal) number
号召 / 號召 	hàozhào	call;appeal
号志枪 / 號誌槍 	hàozhìqiāng	(n) starting gun, pistol
号码 / 號碼 	hàomǎ	number
号称 / 號稱 	hàochēng	(v) be known by reputation as;(v) falsely claim to be sth
号筒 / 號筒 	hàotǒng	bugle
号角 / 號角 	hàojiǎo	bugle horn
司	sī	company;control
司令	sīlìng	commanding officer
司令部	sīlìngbù	(n) headquarters;military upper command
司机 / 司機 	sījī	chauffeur;driver
司法	sīfǎ	judicial;(administration of) justice
司法权 / 司法權 	sīfǎquán	jurisdiction
司法部	sīfǎbù	Justice Department (of the US government)
司空見慣 / 司空见惯 	sīkōngjiànguàn	a common occurrence
叹	tàn	to sigh
叹	tàn	to sigh
叹息 / 嘆息 	tànxī	sigh
叹气 / 嘆氣 	tànqì	sigh;heave a sigh
叹词 / 嘆詞 	tàncí	interjection
叻	lè	place names
叼	diāo	(v) hold sth in the mouth
叽 / 嘰 	jī	grumble
叽叽喳喳 / 嘰嘰喳喳 	jījīzhāzhā	(set phrase);(v);(ono.);chirp, twitter;chatter continuously
吁	xū	sh;hush
吁	yù	implore
吁	yù	implore
吃	chī	eat;eradicate;destroy;receive
吃	chī	eat
吃	jí	stammer
吃不上	chībushàng	be unable to get something to eat;miss a meal
吃不下	chībuxià	not feel like eating;be unable to eat any more
吃不住	chībuzhù	be unable to bear or support
吃不來 / 吃不来 	chībulái	not be fond of certain food
吃不开 / 吃不開 	chībukāi	be unpopular;won't work
吃不服	chībufú	not be accustomed to eating sth;not be used to certain food
吃不消	chībuxiāo	be unable to stand (exertion, fatigue, etc.)
吃亏 / 吃虧 	chīkuī	suffer losses;come to grief;get the worst of it
吃刀	chīdāo	penetration of a cutting tool
吃力	chīlì	entail strenuous effort;be a strain
吃喝	chīhē	food and drink;diet
吃喝嫖賭 / 吃喝嫖赌 	chīhēpiáodǔ	(set phrase) to go dining, wining, whoring and gambling;to lead a life of dissapation
吃喝玩乐 / 吃喝玩樂 	chīhēwánlè	(set phrase) eat, drink and be merry;to seek pleasure;to idle away one's time in pleasure-seeking
吃大戶 / 吃大户 	chīdàhù	mass seizure of food from landlords during famines before liberation
吃完	chīwán	to finish eating
吃惊 / 吃驚 	chījīng	to be startled;to be shocked;to be amazed
吃穿	chīchuān	food and clothing
吃苦	chīkǔ	to bear;hardships
吃苦头 / 吃苦頭 	chīkǔtou	suffer
吃醋	chīcù	jealousy
吃飯 / 吃饭 	chīfàn	to eat a meal
吃香	chīxiāng	very popular
各	gè	each;every
各个 / 各個 	gègè	every;various
各个 / 各個 	gège	various;each;separately one-by-one
各人	gèrén	each one;everyone
各位	gèwèi	everybody (a term of address)
各別 / 各别 	gèbié	(adj) in different ways;be different
各国 / 各國 	gèguó	each country;every country;various countries
各地	gèdì	in all parts of (a country);various regions
各处 / 各處 	gèchù	every place
各大军区 / 各大軍區 	gèdàjūnqū	"the greater military areas"
各奔前程	gèbēnqiánchéng	(saying) each person goes his own way, does his own thing
各式各样 / 各式各樣 	gèshìgèyàng	(of) all kinds and sorts;various
各得其所	gèdéqísuǒ	each has a role to play
各抒己見 / 各抒己见 	gèshūjǐjiàn	everyone gives their own view
各样 / 各樣 	gèyàng	many different types
各界	gèjiè	all walks of life;all social circles
各种 / 各種 	gèzhǒng	every kind of;all kinds of;various kinds
各种各样 / 各種各樣 	gèzhǒnggèyàng	various sorts and varieties
各自	gèzi	each;respective;apiece
各色各样 / 各色各樣 	gěsègěyàng	diverse
各行各业 / 各行各業 	gèhánggèyè	(saying) all kinds of occupations
吆	yāo	shout
吆喝	yāohe	to call out;cry one's wares;loudly urge on (an animal)
合	gě	one-tenth of a peck
合	hé	Chinese musical note;fit;to join
合一	héyī	to unite
合並	hébìng	to merge
合乎	héhū	(v) abide by;be in accordance with
合伙	héhuǒ	(v) construct a partnership
合作	hézuò	to cooperate;to collaborate;to work together;cooperation
合作伙伴	hézuōhuǒbàn	cooperative partner
合併	hébìng	annex;merge
合力	hélì	cooperate
合同	hétong	(business) contract
合唱	héchàng	chorus;to chorus
合唱团 / 合唱團 	héchàngtuán	chorus
合夥人	héhuǒrén	partner
合宜	héyí	appropriate
合山	héshān	(N) Heshan (city in Guangxi)
合川	héchuān	(N) Hechuan (city in Sichuan)
合并	hébìng	to merge
合并	hébìng	annex;merge
合影	héyǐng	joint photo;group photo
合情合理	héqínghélǐ	reasonable and fair
合意	héyì	acceptable;desirable
合成	héchéng	compound;synthesis;mixture
合成詞 / 合成词 	héchéngcí	compound word
合成語境 / 合成语境 	héchéngyǔjìng	composite context
合成語音 / 合成语音 	héchéngyǔyīn	assembled phonology
合格	hégé	qualified;eligible (voter)
合水	héshuǐ	(N) Heshui (place in Gansu)
合江	héjiāng	(N) Hejiang (place in Sichuan)
合法	héfǎ	lawful;legitimate;legal
合法化	héfǎhuà	to legalize;to make legal;legalization
合法性	héfǎxìng	legitimacy
合浦	hépǔ	(N) Hepu (place in Guangxi)
合營 / 合营 	héyíng	(v) jointly operate;operate as a coop
合理	hélǐ	rationale;reasonable
合租	hézū	co-renting
合算	hésuàn	worthwhile;reckon up
合約 / 合约 	héyuē	treaty;contract
合股線 / 合股线 	hégǔxiàn	twine
合肥	héféi	Hefei, capital of An Hui province in south central China
合議 / 合议 	héyì	panel discussion
合議庭 / 合议庭 	héyìtíng	colliagiate bench (legal term)
合資 / 合资 	hézī	joint venture
合适 / 合適 	héshì	suitable;fit;decent
合金	héjīn	alloy
合阳 / 合陽 	héyáng	(N) Heyang (place in Shaanxi)
合頁 / 合页 	héyè	hinge
吉	jí	lucky
吉他	jítā	guitar
吉伯特氏症候群	jíbótèshìzhènghòuqún	Gilbert's Syndrome
吉利	jílì	auspicious;lucky;propitious
吉县 / 吉縣 	jíxiàn	(N) Ji county (county in Shanxi)
吉大港	jídàgǎng	Chittagong (Bangladesh port city)
吉它	jítā	a guitar
吉安	jí'ān	(N) Ji'an (city in Jiangxi)
吉安乡 / 吉安鄉 	jí'ānxiāng	(N) Chian (village in Taiwan)
吉安地区 / 吉安地區 	jí'āndìqū	(N) Ji'an district (district in Jiangxi)
吉尔吉斯 / 吉爾吉斯 	jí'ěrjísī	Kyrghiz
吉尔吉斯人 / 吉爾吉斯人 	jí'ěrjísīrén	Kyrghiz
吉尔吉斯斯坦 / 吉爾吉斯斯坦 	jí'ěrjísīsītǎn	Kyrghizstan
吉尔吉斯族 / 吉爾吉斯族 	jí'ěrjísīzú	the Kyrghiz people (race);the Kyrghiz nationality
吉尼斯	jínísī	Guinness (publishers of book of records)
吉布提	jíbùtí	Djibouti
吉普塞人	jípǔsāirén	Gypsy (European minority);Romany;Tsigane
吉普賽人 / 吉普赛人 	jípǔsàirén	gypsy
吉普車 / 吉普车 	jípǔchē	(n) jeep, military vehicle originally made in USA
吉木乃	jímùnǎi	(N) Jimunai (place in Xinjiang)
吉木萨尔 / 吉木薩爾 	jímùsà'ěr	(N) Jimusa'er (place in Xinjiang)
吉林	jílín	(N) Jilin, province in north east China
吉林省	jílínshěng	(N) Jilin province in north east China
吉水	jíshuǐ	(N) Jishui (place in Jiangxi)
吉祥	jíxiáng	(adj) lucky
吉祥物	jíxiángwù	(n) mascot
吉达 / 吉達 	jídá	Jeddah (Saudi city, on Red Sea)
吉隆	jílóng	(N) Jilong (place in Tibet)
吉隆坡	jílóngpō	Kuala Lumpur (capital of Malaysia)
吉首	jíshǒu	(N) Jishou (city in Hunan)
吊	diào	to hang a person
吊	diào	condole with;hang
吊唁	diàoyàn	to offer condolence (for the deceased);to condole with
吊床	diàochuáng	hammock
吊桥 / 吊橋 	diàoqiáo	drawbridge;suspension bridge
吊灯 / 吊燈 	diàodēng	chandelier
吊着 / 吊著 	diàozhe	dangle
吊繩 / 吊绳 	diàoshéng	sling
吋	cùn	inch (English)
同	tóng	like;same;similar;together;alike;with
同一	tóngyī	identical;the same
同义字 / 同義字 	tóngyìzì	synonym
同义词 / 同義詞 	tóngyìcí	synonym
同事	tóngshì	colleague;co-worker
同仁	tóngrén	(N) Tongren (place in Qinghai)
同伙	tónghuǒ	colleague;co-conspirator
同伴	tóngbàn	companion;comrade;fellow
同位	tóngwèi	par
同位素	tóngwèisù	isotope
同位素分离 / 同位素分離 	tóngwèisùfēnlí	isotopic separation
同化作用	tónghuàzuòyòng	assimilation (biol.);anabolic
同在	tóngzài	to be with
同型性	tóngxíngxìng	isomorphism
同型配子	tóngxíngpèizǐ	isogamete
同堂	tóngtáng	(v);(of different generations) live under the same roof
同声传译 / 同聲傳譯 	tóngshēngchuányì	simultaneous interpetation
同学 / 同學 	tóngxué	(fellow) classmate
同安	tóng'ān	(N) Tong'an (place in Fujian)
同居	tóngjū	to live together
同屋	tóngwū	roommate
同工	tónggōng	fellow workers
同年	tóngnián	the same year
同床异梦 / 同床異夢 	tóngchuángyìmèng	to share the same bed but dream different dreams;to be strange bedfellows;to be ostensible partners but have different agendas;marital dissension
同德	tóngdé	(N) Tongde (place in Qinghai)
同心	tóngxīn	(N) Tongxin (place in Ningxia)
同志	tóngzhì	comrade
同性	tóngxìng	homosexual
同性恋 / 同性戀 	tóngxìngliàn	homosexual (love)
同情	tóngqíng	compassion;relent;sympathize;sympathy
同意	tóngyì	to agree;to consent;to approve
同时 / 同時 	tóngshí	at the same time;simultaneously
同时代 / 同時代 	tóngshídài	contemporary
同时期 / 同時期 	tóngshíqī	at the same time;contemporary
同期	tóngqī	the corresponding time period (e.g. compare inflation now with the rate during the same month last year)
同样 / 同樣 	tóngyàng	same;equal;equivalent
同桌	tóngzhuō	desk-mate;seat-mate
同步	tóngbù	synchronous
同步数位阶层 / 同步數位階層 	tóngbùshùwèijiēcéng	synchronous digital hierarchy;SDH
同江	tóngjiāng	(N) Tongjiang (city in Heilongjiang)
同班	tóngbān	classmate
同班同学 / 同班同學 	tóngbāntóngxué	classmate
同理	tónglǐ	for the same reason
同理	tónglǐ	Tongli, a city in Jiangsu Province, China
同理心	tónglǐxīn	empathy
同甘共苦	tónggāngòngkǔ	(set phrase);(v);share comfort and hardship;share joy and sorrow
同盟	tóngméng	alliance
同盟国 / 同盟國 	tóngméngguó	confederation
同等	tóngděng	(adj) having the same social class or status
同类 / 同類 	tónglèi	(n) the same type
同胞	tóngbāo	fellow citizen or countryman
同胞兄妹	tóngbāoxiōngmèi	sibling
同行	tóngháng	(n) person in the same business or occupation
同行	tóngxíng	journey together
同調 / 同调 	tóngdiào	(math.) homology
同謀 / 同谋 	tóngmóu	to conspire with someone;(be an) accomplice;to plot;(co)conspirator;partner in crime
同質 / 同质 	tóngzhì	homogeneous
同輩 / 同辈 	tóngbèi	peer
同道	tóngdào	same principle
同配生殖	tóngpèishēngzhí	isogamy
同量异位素 / 同量異位素 	tóngliángyìwèisù	nuclear isobar
同齡 / 同龄 	tónglíng	of the same age
名	míng	name;(measure word for persons);place (e.g. among winners)
名义 / 名義 	míngyì	titular;(do something) in (someone's) name
名产 / 名產 	míngchǎn	staple;name-brand product
名人	míngrén	personage;celebrity
名冊 / 名册 	míngcè	roll (of names)
名分	míngfèn	a person's status
名列前茅	mínglièqiánmáo	to rank among the best
名副其实 / 名副其實 	míngfùqíshí	not just in name only, but also in reality
名勝 / 名胜 	míngshèng	a place famous for its scenery or historical relics;scenic spot
名勝古跡 / 名胜古迹 	míngshènggǔjì	historical sites and scenic spots
名单 / 名單 	míngdān	list (of names)
名叫	míngjiào	called;named
名号 / 名號 	mínghào	(n) name;title
名堂	míngtang	variety;result;reason
名声 / 名聲 	míngshēng	(n) reputation of a person or thing
名媛	míngyuán	young lady of note;debutante
名字	míngzi	(a person's) name
名山	míngshān	(N) Mingshan (place in Sichuan)
名录 / 名錄 	mínglù	directory
名录服务 / 名錄服務 	mínglùfúwù	name service
名望	míngwàng	renown
名次	míngcì	position in a ranking of names
名气 / 名氣 	míngqì	repute
名流	míngliú	gentry;celebrities
名片	míngpiàn	(business) card
名牌	míngpái	(n) famous brand
名着 / 名著 	míngzhù	masterpiece
名称 / 名稱 	míngchēng	name (of a thing);name (of an organization)
名菜	míngcài	famous dishes;specialty dishes
名言	míngyán	saying
名詞 / 名词 	míngcí	noun
名誉 / 名譽 	míngyù	fame;reputation;(adj) honorary;emeritus (used of a retired professor)
名間鄉 / 名间乡 	míngjiānxiāng	(N) Mingchien (village in Taiwan)
名額 / 名额 	míng'é	(n) particular number of pple;quota
后	hòu	empress;queen;surname
后	hòu	back;behind;rear;afterwards;after;later
后世 / 後世 	hòushì	later generations
后两者 / 後兩者 	hòuliǎngzhě	the latter two
后人	hòurén	later generation
后代 / 後代 	hòudài	posterity;later periods;later ages;later generations
后勤 / 後勤 	hòuqín	logistics
后卫 / 後衛 	hòuwèi	(n) backfield;fullback;rear guard
后台 / 後臺 	hòutái	backstage;the area behind a theatrical stage;backstage supporter
后壁乡 / 後壁鄉 	hòubìxiāng	(N) Houpi (village in Taiwan)
后天 / 後天 	hòutiān	day after tomorrow;post-natal
后头	hòutou	(n) the area in back of sth;(n) later in time
后头	hòutou	at the back;in the rear;behind
后年	hòunián	(n) the year after next
后年	hòunián	the year after next
后悔 / 後悔 	hòuhuǐ	regret;repent
后掩蔽 / 後掩蔽 	hòuyǎnbì	backward masking
后撤 / 後撤 	hòuchè	to pull back (an army);to retreat
后方	hòufāng	(n) far back from the battle's front lines;the rear
后方	hòufāng	rear
后期 / 後期 	hòuqī	late stage;later period
后来 / 後來 	hòulái	afterwards;later
后果 / 後果 	hòuguǒ	consequences;aftermath
后母 / 後母 	hòumǔ	stepmother
后盾 / 後盾 	hòudùn	(n) support
后续的解释过程 / 後續的解釋過程 	hòuxùdejiěshìguòchéng	post-interpretive processes
后者 / 後者 	hǒuzhě	the latter
后者 / 後者 	hòuzhě	the latter
后肢 / 後肢 	hòuzhī	hind legs
后裔 / 後裔 	hòuyì	descendant
后词汇加工 / 後詞彙加工 	hòucíhuìjiāgōng	post-lexical access
后话 / 後話 	hòuhuà	something to be taken up later in speech or writing
后辈 / 後輩 	hòubèi	younger generation
后边 / 後邊 	hòubiān	back;rear;behind
后进先出 / 後進先出 	hòujìnxiānchū	to come late and leave first;Last In First Out (LIFO)
后退 / 後退 	hòutuì	recoil;draw back;fall back;retreat
后部 / 後部 	hòubù	back section
后里乡 / 后里鄉 	hòulǐxiāng	(N) Houli (village in Taiwan)
后面 / 後面 	hòumian	rear;back;behind
后頭	hòutou	(n) the area in back of sth;(n) later in time
后顾之忧 / 後顧之憂 	hòugùzhīyōu	(set phrase) disturbance in the rear, trouble back home, family worries
后龙镇 / 後龍鎮 	hòulóngzhèn	(N) Houlung (town in Taiwan)
吏	lì	minor official
吐	tǔ	to spit
吐	tù	vomit
吐司	tǔsī	toast
吐弃 / 吐棄 	tǔqì	to spurn;to reject
吐根	tǔgēn	ipecac
吐气 / 吐氣 	tǔqì	aspirated;to blow off steam
吐瓦魯 / 吐瓦鲁 	tǔwǎlǔ	Tuvalu
吐穗	tǔsuì	to have the ears of grain come up
吐絮	tǔxù	the opening of a boll
吐綬雞 / 吐绶鸡 	tǔshòujī	turkey
吐蕃	tǔfān	ancient name for Tibet
吐露	tǔlù	to tell;to disclose;to reveal
吐魯番 / 吐鲁番 	tǔlǔfān	Turpan, a city in Xinjiang Province, China
吐魯番地區 / 吐鲁番地区 	tǔlǔfāndìqū	(N) Tulufan district (district in Xinjiang)
吐魯番盆地 / 吐鲁番盆地 	tǔlǔfānpéndì	the Turpan depression in Xinjiang
向	xiàng	direction;part;side;towards;to;guide;opposite to
向	xiàng	guide;opposite to
向上地	xiàngshàngdì	up;upward;upwards
向下	xiàngxià	down;downward
向何处 / 向何處 	xiànghéchù	whither
向來 / 向来 	xiànglái	always;all along
向前	xiàngqián	forward;onward
向北地	xiàngběidì	northward
向南	xiàngnán	southward
向后 / 向後 	xiànghòu	backward
向导 / 嚮導 	xiàngdǎo	guide
向往 / 嚮往 	xiàngwǎng	to yearn for;to look forward to
向日葵	xiàngrìkuí	sunflower seeds
向西	xiàngxī	westward
向西南	xiàngxīnán	southwestward
吒	zhà	upbraid
吓 / 嚇 	xià	to frighten;to scare;to intimidate;to threaten
吓倒 / 嚇倒 	xiàdǎo	to be frightened
吓傻 / 嚇傻 	xiàshǎ	to really scare someone
吓唬 / 嚇唬 	xiàhu	te threaten
吓坏 / 嚇壞 	xiàhuài	to be really frightened
吓声 / 嚇聲 	hèshēng	ho
吓得发抖 / 嚇得發抖 	xiàdéfādǒu	tremble with fear
吕 / 呂 	lǚ	(surname)
吕 / 呂 	lǚ	pitchpipe, pitch standard, one of the twelve semitones in the traditional tone system
吕布戟 / 呂布戟 	lǚbùjǐ	snake halberd
吗 / 嗎 	mǎ	morphine
吗 / 嗎 	ma	(question tag)
吗啡 / 嗎啡 	mǎfēi	morphine
君	jūn	monarch;lord;gentleman;ruler
君主	jūnzhǔ	monarch;sovereign
君主政治	jūnzhǔzhèngzhì	monarchy
君子	jūnzi	nobleman;person of noble character
君权 / 君權 	jūnquán	monarchial power
君王	jūnwáng	sovereign king
吝	lìn	stingy
吝啬 / 吝嗇 	lìnsè	mean;miser
吞	tūn	to swallow;to take
吞併 / 吞并 	tūnbìng	to annex
吞吃	tūnchī	to devour
吞吐	tūntǔ	to take in and send out (in large quantities)
吞噬	tūnshì	to swallow;to engulf;to gobble up
吞噬作用	tūnshìzuòyòng	phagocytosis
吞声 / 吞聲 	tūnshēng	to swallow one's cries
吞沒 / 吞没 	tūnmò	to embezzle;to swallow up;to engulf
吞滅 / 吞灭 	tūnmiè	to absorb
吞金	tūnjīn	to commit suicide by swallowing gold
吞食	tūnshí	to devour
吟	yín	moan;to hum
吠	fèi	to bark
吡	bǐ	used as phonetic bi- or pi-
吡啶	bǐdìng	pyridine C5H5N
否	fǒu	to negate;to deny;not
否	pǐ	clogged;evil
否决 / 否決 	fǒujué	veto
否决权 / 否決權 	fǒujuéquán	veto power
否则 / 否則 	fǒuzé	if not;otherwise;else;or else
否定	fǒudìng	negative
否有效	fǒuyǒuxiào	inefficient
否認 / 否认 	fǒurèn	to declare to be untrue;to deny
吧	bā	(onomat.);dumb
吧	ba	(modal particle indicating polite suggestion);...right?;...OK?
吧台	bātái	counter of a bar (pub)
吨 / 噸 	dūn	ton
吨数 / 噸數 	dūnshù	tonnage
吩	fēn	leave instructions;to order
吩咐	fēnfù	tell;instruct;command
吪	é	move
含	hán	to keep;to contain;to suck (keep in your mouth without chewing)
含义 / 含義 	hányì	meaning;implication
含山	hánshān	(N) Hanshan (place in Anhui)
含意	hányì	meaning
含有	hányǒu	(v) contain
含水	hánshuǐ	watery
含燐	hánlín	phosphoric
含碳	hántàn	carbonic
含糊	hánhú	obscurity;vague
含糊其词 / 含糊其辭 	hánhúqící	equivocate;talk evasively;careless;perfunctory
含蓄	hánxù	implicit
含量	hánliàng	contents
听 / 聽 	tīng	listen;hear;obey
听 / 聽 	tìng	let;allow
听从 / 聽從 	tīngcóng	hearken;listen and obey;comply with;heed
听众 / 聽眾 	tīngzhòng	audience;listeners
听写 / 聽寫 	tīngxiě	dictate;dictation
听到 / 聽到 	tīngdào	to hear
听力 / 聽力 	tīnglì	hearing
听取 / 聽取 	tīngqǔ	hear (news);listen to
听审会 / 聽審會 	tīngshěnhuì	(n) (legal) hearing
听得见 / 聽得見 	tīngdéjiàn	audible
听清 / 聽清 	tīngqīng	to hear clearly
听的懂 / 聽的懂 	tīngdedǒng	understood (from hearing)
听而不闻 / 聽而不闻 	tīng'érbùwén	to pretend not to hear;to hear but not react;to ignore deliberately
听见 / 聽見 	tīngjiàn	hear
听觉 / 聽覺 	tīngjué	sense of hearing
听讲 / 聽講 	tīngjiǎng	attend a lecture;listen to a talk
听证会 / 聽證會 	tīngzhènghuì	(legislative) hearing
听话 / 聽話 	tīnghuà	(v) obey an elder;(adj) be obedient
听说 / 聽說 	tīngshuō	to hear told
听说过 / 聽說過 	tīngshuōguo	to hear said
吭	háng	throat
吭气 / 吭氣 	kēngqì	(v) utter a sound, word
吮	shǔn	to suck
吮吸	shǔnxī	to suck
启 / 啟 	qǐ	to open;to start
启东 / 啟東 	qǐdōng	(N) Qidong (city in Jiangsu)
启事 / 啟事 	qǐshì	(n) public information usually posted on a wall;an announcement;notice
启动 / 啟動 	qǐdòng	to start
启动作业 / 啟動作業 	qǐdòngzuòyè	priming task
启动子 / 啟動子 	qǐdòngzi	promoter
启动技术 / 啟動技術 	qǐdòngjìshù	priming technique
启发 / 啟發 	qǐfā	enlighten
启明星 / 啟明星 	qǐmíngxīng	(astronomy) Venus
启用 / 啟用 	qǐyòng	start using;enable (as in 'enable a feature')
启示 / 啟示 	qǐshì	enlightenment;revelation
启示录 / 啟示錄 	qǐshìlù	Revelations
启示者 / 啟示者 	qǐshìzhě	revelator
启程 / 啟程 	qǐchéng	set out on a journey
启蒙 / 啟蒙 	qǐmēng	enlightened;enlightenment
吰	hóng	clang
吱	zī	(phonetic)
吱吱声 / 吱吱聲 	zīzīshēng	squeak
吱声 / 吱聲 	zhīshēng	to cheep
吳 / 吴 	wú	(surname);province of Jiangsu;name of Southern China states at different historical periods
吳作棟 / 吴作栋 	wúzuòdòng	Goh Chok Tong (Prime Minister of Singapore)
吳哥窟 / 吴哥窟 	wúgēkū	Angkorwat (Cambodia)
吳堡 / 吴堡 	wúbǔ	(N) Wubu (place in Shaanxi)
吳川 / 吴川 	wúchuān	(N) Wuchuan (city in Guangdong)
吳忠 / 吴忠 	wúzhōng	(N) Wuzhong (city in Ningxia)
吳旗 / 吴旗 	wúqí	(N) Wuqi (place in Shaanxi)
吳橋 / 吴桥 	wúqiáo	(N) Wuqiao (place in Hebei)
吳江 / 吴江 	wújiāng	(N) Wujiang (city in Jiangsu)
吳縣 / 吴县 	wúxiàn	(N) Wu county (county in Jiangsu)
吵	chǎo	to quarrel;to make a noise;noisy;to disturb by making a noise
吵嘴	chǎozuǐ	(v) quarrel
吵架	chǎojià	to quarrel;to have a row
吵闹 / 吵鬧 	chǎonào	noisy
吵闹声 / 吵鬧聲 	chǎonàoshēng	noise
吶 / 呐 	nà	battle cry
吶 / 呐 	ne	(final part.)
吸	xī	to breathe;to suck in;to absorb;to inhale
吸入	xīrù	to breathe in;to suck in;to inhale
吸取	xīqǔ	to absorb;to draw \(a lesson or an insight\);to assimilate
吸吮	xīshǔn	to suck in
吸引	xīyǐn	attract (interest, investment, etc.)
吸引力	xīyǐnlì	(n) sex appeal;attractiveness
吸引子網絡 / 吸引子网络 	xīyǐnzǐwǎngluò	attractor network
吸收	xīshōu	absorb;assimilate
吸收剂量 / 吸收劑量 	xīshōujìliáng	absorbed dose
吸毒	xīdú	to take drugs
吸气 / 吸氣 	xīqì	sniff
吸烟 / 吸煙 	xīyān	to smoke
吸烟区 / 吸煙區 	xīyānqū	smoking area
吸管	xīguǎn	(drinking) straw
吸血	xīxiě	to suck blood
吸血鬼	xīxiěguǐ	vampire;bloodsucker
吸血鬼	xīxuèguǐ	vampire;bloodsucker
吸附	xīfù	(chem.) absorbtion
吸附性	xīfùxìng	(chem.);absorption;absorbability
吸附洗消剂 / 吸附洗消劑 	xīfùxǐxiāojì	absorbing decontaminant
吸音	xīyīn	sound-absorbing
吹	chuī	to blow;blast;puff;boast;brag;end in failure
吹口哨	chuīkǒushào	whistle
吹号 / 吹號 	chuīhào	to blow a brass instrument
吹捧	chuīpěng	(v) flatter sb;laud sb's accomplishments
吹散	chuīsàn	to disperse
吹熄	chuīxī	to blow out (a flame)
吹牛	chuīniú	brag;chat (dialect)
吹笛者	chuīdízhě	piper
吹風機 / 吹风机 	chuīfēngjī	hair dryer
吻	wěn	kiss;mouth
吻合	wěnhé	good fit;be identical
吼	hǒu	roar (of a lion)
吼叫	hǒujiào	to howl
吼声 / 吼聲 	hǒushēng	roar
吽	hōng	(phonetic)
吾	wú	I;my
呀	ya	(final part.)
呃	è	(exclamation);hiccough;hiccup;(Hong Kong colloquial) to cheat (ie., __欺骗__)
呆	dāi	foolish;stupid;no expression;stay
呆	dāi	stay;stupid
呆子	dāizi	fool;sucker
呇	qǐ	star
呈	chéng	to assume (a form);to submit;to petition;to show;to present;to offer
呈報 / 呈报 	chéngbào	to (submit a) report
呈文	chéngwén	petition (submitted to a superior)
呈现 / 呈現 	chéngxiàn	to appear;to emerge;present (a certain appearance);demonstrate
呈請 / 呈请 	chéngqǐng	to submit (to superiors)
呈貢 / 呈贡 	chénggòng	(N) Chenggong (place in Yunnan)
呈送	chéngsòng	present;render
呈递 / 呈遞 	chéngdì	to present;to submit
呉	wú	Japanese variant of T:__吳__ S:__吴__
告	gào	to tell;to inform;to say
告別 / 告别 	gàobié	to leave;to bid farewell to;to say good-bye to
告急	gàojí	to be in a state of emergency;to report an emergency;to ask for emergency assistance
告状 / 告狀 	gàozhuàng	(v) bring a lawsuit against sb;(v) lodge a complaint against sb with a manager
告示	gàoshì	announcement
告終 / 告终 	gàozhōng	end;reach an end
告解	gàojiě	the (Christian) confessional
告訴 / 告诉 	gàosu	to tell;to inform;to let know
告誡 / 告诫 	gàojiè	warn;admonish
告辞 / 告辭 	gàocí	take leave of
呋	fū	see __呋喃__ furan or __呋喃西林__ furacilinum
呋喃	fūnán	furan (furfuran, used in making nylon)
呋喃西林	fūnánxīlīn	furacilinum
呎	chǐ	foot (English)
呏	shēng	gallon;quart
呐喊	nàhǎn	a shout;a rallying cry
呒 / 嘸 	fǔ	unclear;an expletive
呓 / 囈 	yì	talk in sleep
呕 / 嘔 	ǒu	vomit
呕吐 / 嘔吐 	ǒutù	(v) vomit
呕吐物 / 嘔吐物 	ǒutùwù	(n) vomit
呖 / 嚦 	lì	sound of splitting;cracking
呗 / 唄 	bài	to chant
员 / 員 	yuán	person;employee;member
员山乡 / 員山鄉 	yuánshānxiāng	(N) Yuanshan (village in Taiwan)
员林镇 / 員林鎮 	yuánlínzhèn	(N) Yuanlin (town in Taiwan)
呛 / 嗆 	qiāng	against wind
呛 / 嗆 	qiàng	choke;pungent
呜 / 嗚 	wū	(onomat. for humming)
呜呜 / 嗚嗚 	wūwū	(interj) boo hoo
呜咽 / 嗚咽 	wūyè	sob;whimper
呠	pēn	to spurt;to blow out;to puff out;to snort
呡	wěn	the corners of the mouth;the lips
呢	ne	(question particle for subjects already mentioned)
呢	ní	woolen material
呢喃	nínán	(n) whispering;twittering;murmuring
呤	líng	purine in chem. compound;whisper
呦	yōu	bleating of the deer
呧	dǐ	vex
周	zhōu	(surname);complete;encircle;circuit;lap;week;cycle;all;every;attentive;thoughtful;the Zhou dynasty from 1027 BC
周	zhōu	bestow alms
周	zhōu	cycle;week
周一 / 週一 	zhōuyī	Monday
周三 / 週三 	zhōusān	Wednesday
周二 / 週二 	zhōu'èr	Tuesday
周五 / 週五 	zhōuwǔ	Friday
周六 / 週六 	zhōuliù	Saturday
周刊 / 週刊 	zhōukān	weekly publication;weekly
周到 / 週到 	zhōudào	thoughtful;considerate
周口地区 / 周口地區 	zhōukǒudìqū	(N) Zhoukou (district in Henan)
周四 / 週四 	zhōusì	Thursday
周围	zhōuwéi	encompass;surrounding
周围	zhōuwéi	surroundings;environment
周圍	zhōuwéi	encompass;surrounding
周宁 / 周寧 	zhōuníng	(N) Zhouning (place in Fujian)
周密	zhōumì	careful;thorough
周年	zhōunián	annual;anniversary
周年	zhōunián	anniversary
周总理 / 周總理 	zhōuzǒnglǐ	Premier Zhou
周恩來 / 周恩来 	zhōu'ēnlái	Zhou Enlai (1898-1976), Chinese communist leader
周折	zhōuzhé	(n) setback to a matter;problem
周旋	zhōuxuán	mix with other people;socialize;deal with;contend with
周日 / 週日 	zhōurì	Sunday
周期 / 週期 	zhōuqī	period;cycle
周期性 / 週期性 	zhōuqīxìng	(math.) periodicity;cyclicity
周期表 / 週期表 	zhōuqībiǎo	the Periodic Table
周期解 / 週期解 	zhōuqījiě	periodic solution (math.)
周末 / 週末 	zhōumò	weekend
周村区 / 周村區 	zhōucūnqū	(N) Zhoucun (area in Shandong)
周梁淑怡	zhōuliángshūyǐ	Selina Chow (Chow Liang Shuk-yee), Hong Kong politician
周游 / 周遊 	zhōuyóu	tour
周游世界	zhōuyóushìjiè	(set phrase) to travel around the world
周至	zhōuzhì	(N) Zhouzhi (place in Shaanxi)
周身	zhōushēn	whole body
周转 / 週轉 	zhōuzhuǎn	(v) the exchange of money or items between groups and people;turnover
周边 / 週邊 	zhōubiān	periphery;rim
周速	zhōusù	cycle time;cycle speed
周长 / 週長 	zhōucháng	perimeter;circumference
呬	xì	to rest
呱	gū	crying sound of child
味	wèi	taste
味精	wèijīng	monosodium glutamate (MSG)
味道	wèidao	flavor
呵	hē	expel breath;my goodness
呵护	hēhù	to bless;to cherish;to take good care of;to conserve
呶	náo	clamor
呷	xiā	suck, swallow, drink
呸	pēi	to spit (in contempt)
呻	shēn	groan
呻吟	shēnyín	to moan;to groan
呼	hū	to call;to cry;to shout;to breath out;to exhale
呼來喝去 / 呼来喝去 	hūláihèqù	(phr) yell
呼兰 / 呼蘭 	hūlán	(N) Hulan (place in Heilongjiang)
呼叫	hūjiào	to shout;to yell
呼叫器	hūjiàoqì	pager;beeper
呼叫声 / 呼叫聲 	hūjiàoshēng	whoop
呼召	hūzhào	to call (to do something)
呼号	hūhào	cry;call out
呼吁 / 呼籲 	hūyù	call on (someone to do something);appeal;to appeal (to)
呼吁美国 / 呼籲美國 	hūyùměiguó	to call on the United States;to appeal to the U.S.
呼吸	hūxī	breathe
呼呼	hūhū	sound of wind blowing
呼呼声 / 呼呼聲 	hūhūshēng	whir
呼和浩特	hūhéhàotè	Hohhot (capital of Inner Mongolia)
呼咻	hūxiū	(onomat) whoosh
呼唤 / 呼喚 	hūhuàn	call out (someone's name, etc);shout
呼啸 / 呼嘯 	hūxiào	whistle;scream;whiz
呼喊	hūhǎn	shout (slogans, etc)
呼噜 / 呼嚕 	hūlū	(adj) wheezing
呼图壁 / 呼圖壁 	hūtúbì	(N) Hutubi (place in Xinjiang)
呼声 / 呼聲 	hūshēng	(n) voiced opinion or desire, usually associated with a group
呼玛 / 呼瑪 	hūmǎ	(N) Huma (place in Heilongjiang)
命	mìng	life;fate
命令	mìnglìng	(an) order or command
命名	mìngmíng	name;naming
命名作业 / 命名作業 	mìngmíngzuòyè	naming task
命名法	mìngmíngfǎ	naming task
命脈 / 命脉 	mìngmài	lifeline
命运 / 命運 	mìngyùn	fate;destiny
命运注定 / 命運註定 	mìngyùnzhùdìng	ordain
命題 / 命题 	mìngtí	(v) assign a topic for an essay
呿	qū	to yawn
咀	jǔ	chew
咀嚼	jǔjué	chew
咁	gān	so (Cantonese)
咂	zā	smack one's lips
咄	duō	noise of rage, cry out in anger
咆	páo	to roar
咆哮	páoxiāo	growl;roar
咆哮	páoxiào	sound of waves crashing
咇	bì	fragrant
咈	fú	oppose
咋	zé	gnaw
咋	zhà	loud noise;shout;suddenly
和	hé	and;together with;with;peace;harmony;union
和	hè	cap (a poem);respond in singing
和	hú	to complete a set in mahjong or playing cards
和	huó	soft;warm
和	huò	mix together;to blend
和县 / 和縣 	héxiàn	(N) He county (county in Anhui)
和善	héshàn	good-natured
和好	héhǎo	to become reconciled
和好如初	héhǎorúchū	to bury the hatchet;to become reconciled
和尚	héshang	Buddhist monk
和平	hépíng	peace
和平主义 / 和平主義 	hépíngzhǔyì	pacifism
和平乡 / 和平鄉 	hépíngxiāng	(N) Hoping (village in Taiwan)
和平会谈 / 和平會談 	hépínghuìtán	peace talks;peace discussions
和平共处 / 和平共處 	hépínggòngchǔ	(n) peaceful coexistence of nations, societies, etc.
和平利用	hépínglìyòng	peaceful use
和平奖 / 和平獎 	hépíngjiǎng	a peace prize
和平条约 / 和平條約 	hépíngtiáoyuē	peace treaty
和政	hézhèng	(N) Hezheng (place in Gansu)
和服	héfú	(n);(Jap.) kimono
和林格尔 / 和林格爾 	hélíngé'ěr	(N) Helinge'er (place in Inner Mongolia)
和气 / 和氣 	héqi	(adj) polite, kind manners;(adj) friendly
和牌	húpái	to win in mahjong
和田	hétián	(N) Hetian (city in Xinjiang);Khotan;Hotan
和田地区 / 和田地區 	hétiándìqū	(N) Hetian district (district in Xinjiang)
和睦	hémù	(adj) peaceful relations;harmonious
和硕 / 和碩 	héshuò	(N) Heshuo (place in Xinjiang)
和約 / 和约 	héyuē	peace treaty
和美鎮 / 和美镇 	héměizhèn	(N) Homei (town in Taiwan)
和蔼 / 和藹 	hé'ǎi	kindly;nice;amiable
和蔼可亲 / 和藹可親 	hé'ǎikěqīn	affable;genial
和解	héjiě	conciliatory;become reconciled
和談 / 和谈 	hétán	(n) peace talks
和諧 / 和谐 	héxié	harmonious
和静 / 和靜 	héjìng	(N) Hejing (place in Xinjiang)
和順 / 和顺 	héshùn	(N) Heshun (place in Shanxi)
和風 / 和风 	héfēng	breeze
和龍 / 和龙 	hélóng	(N) Helong (city in Jilin)
咍	hāi	(interj.);happy;sound of laughter
咎	jiù	blame
咏 / 詠 	yǒng	sing
咐	fù	to order
咒	zhòu	put a curse on
咒罵 / 咒骂 	zhòumà	damn;curse
咒語 / 咒语 	zhòuyǔ	curses
咕	gū	mutter
咕咕叫	gūgūjiào	sound made by an empty stomach
咕咾肉	gūlǎoròu	sweet and sour meat (pork)
咕噜 / 咕嚕 	gūlū	grunt
咖	kā	coffee
咖啡	kāfēi	coffee
咖啡因	kāfēiyīn	caffeine
咖啡店	kāfēidiàn	cafe
咖啡館 / 咖啡馆 	kāfēiguǎn	cafe;coffee shop
咖喱	gālí	curry
咙 / 嚨 	lóng	throat
咚 / 鼕 	dōng	boom (of a drum)
咛 / 嚀 	níng	enjoin
咠	qì	to whisper;to blame, to slander
咡	èr	space between mouth and ears
咢	è	beat a drum;startle
咣当 / 咣當 	guāngdāng	crash;bang
咥	dié	gnaw;bite
咥	xì	loud laugh
咦	yí	expression of surprise
咧	liē	child's cry
咧	liě	draw back corners of mouth
咧嘴	liězuǐ	to grin
咨	zī	consult
咨文	zīwén	official communication (between gov. offices of equal rank);report delivered by the head of gov. on affairs of state
咨詢 / 咨询 	zīxún	consultative;advisory
咩	miē	the bleating of sheep
咪	mī	sound to call cat
咫	zhǐ	8 in. length unit of Zhou dynasty
咬	yǎo	bite;nip
咬嚼	yǎojiáo	(v) chew, masticate;ruminate, mull over
咬牙	yǎoyá	to clench one's teeth;to grind the teeth;gnaw
咮	zhòu	beak of bird;peck at
咯	gē	(phonetic)
咯	lo	part. indicating obviousness
咯	luò	cough (blood);to argue;debate
咯咯	gēgē	(onomat) gurgle
咯咯笑	gēgēxiào	chuckle
咱	zá	we (incl.)
咱	zán	we (incl.)
咱们 / 咱們 	zánmen	we (including the person spoken to)
咳	hāi	sound of sighing
咳	ké	cough
咳嗽	késou	to cough
咷	táo	wail
咸	xián	all;in all cases;salty
咸	xián	(Surname)
咸	xián	salty
咸丰 / 咸豐 	xiánfēng	(N) Xianfeng (place in Hubei)
咸宁 / 咸寧 	xiánníng	(N) Xianning (city in Hubei)
咸宁地区 / 咸寧地區 	xiánníngdìqū	(N) Xianning (district in Hubei)
咸阳 / 咸陽 	xiányáng	(N) Xianyang (city in Shaanxi)
咸阳地区 / 咸陽地區 	xiányángdìqū	(N) Xianyang district (district in Shaanxi)
咺	xuǎn	glorious;sob;weep
咻	xiū	call out;jeer
咼	guō	(surname)
咽	yān	narrow pass;throat
咽	yàn	to swallow
咽	yè	to choke (in crying)
咽炎	yānyán	pharyngitis
咾	lǎo	a noise;a sound
咿	yī	(onomat.)
哀	āi	sorrow;grief;pity;to grieve for;to pity;to lament
哀乐 / 哀樂 	āiyuè	funeral music;dirge
哀伤 / 哀傷 	āishāng	grieved;sad;distressed
哀兵必勝 / 哀兵必胜 	āibīngbìshèng	an army burning with righteous indignation is bound to win
哀号 / 哀號 	āiháo	cry piteously;wail
哀叹 / 哀嘆 	āitàn	lament;bewail;bemoan
哀告	āigào	beg piteously;supplicate
哀哭	āikū	to weep in sorrow
哀嚎	āiháo	(n) wailing, whimpering sound
哀失	āishī	bereavement
哀怜 / 哀憐 	āilián	feel compassion for;pity
哀思	āisī	pensive;grief
哀怨	āiyuàn	sad;plaintive
哀悼	āidào	grieve (mourn) over somebody's death;lament somebody's death
哀愁	āichóu	sad;sorrowful
哀歌	āigē	a mournful song;dirge;elegy
哀求	āiqiú	entreat;implore
哀泣	āiqì	wail
哀痛	āitòng	grief;deep sorrow
哀辞 / 哀辭 	āicí	lament
哀鳴 / 哀鸣 	āimíng	a plaintive whine;wail
哀鴻遍野 / 哀鸿遍野 	āihóngbiànyě	a land swarming with disaster victims
品	pǐn	conduct;grade;thing;product;good
品味	pǐnwèi	taste
品嘗 / 品尝 	pǐncháng	(v) taste a small amout;sample
品德	pǐndé	moral character
品格	pǐngé	one's character
品种 / 品種 	pǐnzhǒng	breed;variety
品脫 / 品脱 	pǐntuō	pint
品行	pǐnxíng	(n) behavior;moral conduct
品質 / 品质 	pǐnzhì	quality
哂	shěn	smile
哄	hōng	resound with laughter
哄	hǒng	deceive;coax
哄	hòng	have a hilarious time;riot
哄抢 / 哄搶 	hōngqiǎng	looting
哄然	hōngrán	boisterous;uproarious
哄笑	hōngxiào	to roar with laughter;hoots of laughter;guffaw
哆	duō	quiver;woolen cloth
哆嗦	duōsuo	(v) tremble, shiver;uncontrolled shaking of the body
哇	wā	sound of child's crying
哇哇	wāwā	sound of crying
哈	hā	laughter;yawn;abbreviation for Kazakhstan
哈	hǎ	a Pekinese;a pug
哈伯	hābó	Hubble (US astronomer)
哈伯太空望远镜 / 哈伯太空望遠鏡 	hābótàikōngwàngyuǎnjìng	Hubble Space Telescope
哈佛	hāfó	Harvard (University)
哈佛大学 / 哈佛大學 	hāfódàxué	Harvard University
哈利伯頓 / 哈利伯顿 	hālìbódùn	Halliburton (US construction company)
哈利波特	hālìbōtè	Harry Potter (children's book character)
哈利迪亚 / 哈利迪亞 	hālìdíyà	Habbaniyah (Iraqi city)
哈勃	hābó	(Edwin) Hubble
哈博罗内 / 哈博羅內 	hābóluónèi	Gaborone (capital of Botswana)
哈哈	hāhā	(an onomatopoeia for laughing)
哈密	hāmì	(N) Hami (city in Xinjiang)
哈密地区 / 哈密地區 	hāmìdìqū	(N) Hami district (district in Xinjiang)
哈密瓜	hāmìguā	Hami melon (a variety of muskmelon)
哈尔滨 / 哈爾濱 	hā'ěrbīn	Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang province in north east China
哈巴河	hābāhé	(N) Habahe (place in Xinjiang)
哈巴谷书 / 哈巴谷書 	hābāgǔshū	Book of Habakkuk
哈根達斯 / 哈跟达斯 	hāgēndásī	Haagen-Dasz (ice cream)
哈欠	hāqiàn	yawn
哈瓦那	hāwǎnà	Havana (capital of Cuba)
哈萨克 / 哈薩克 	hāsàkè	Kazakhstan;Kazakh (nationality)
哈萨克人 / 哈薩克人 	hāsàkèrén	Kazakh person;Kazakh people
哈萨克斯坦 / 哈薩克斯坦 	hāsàkèsītǎn	Kazakhstan
哈萨克族 / 哈薩克族 	hāsàkèzú	the Kazakh people (race)
哈該書 / 哈该书 	hāgāishū	Book of Haggai
哈貝爾 / 哈贝尔 	hābèi'ěr	(Webster) Hubbell (former Associate Attorney-General)
哈迪	hǎdí	Hardy or Hardie (name)
哈里森史密特	hālǐsēnshǐmìtè	Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 1 7 astronaut)
哈雷彗星	hāléihuìxīng	Halley’s comet
哈馬斯 / 哈马斯 	hāmǎsī	Hamas (radical Palestinian group)
哉	zāi	(exclamatory or interrog. part.)
哋	dì	(Cant.) plural for pronouns
响 / 響 	xiǎng	to make a sound;to sound;to ring;(a measure word for sound);loud
响亮 / 響亮 	xiǎngliàng	loud and clear;resounding
响叮当 / 響叮噹 	xiǎngdīngdāng	(adj) well, widely known
响声 / 響聲 	xiǎngshēng	noise
响应 / 響應 	xiǎngyìng	respond to;answer
响应时间 / 響應時間 	xiǎngyìngshíjiān	response time
响水 / 響水 	xiǎngshuǐ	(N) Xiangshui (place in Jiangsu)
哎	āi	an interjection;hey;lookout;why etc
哎呀	āiyā	(intj.) of wonder, shock or admiration
哎哟 / 哎喲 	āiyōu	hey;ow;ouch
哐啷	kuānglāng	(onomat) crash;clank;clatter
哑 / 啞 	yā	(onomat.)
哑 / 啞 	yǎ	dumb;mute
哑巴 / 啞巴 	yǎba	mute;muted;a dumb person;to be dumb
哑铃 / 啞鈴 	yǎlíng	dumbbell (weight)
哒 / 噠 	dā	(phonetic);command to a horse;clatter (of horses' hoofs)
哓 / 嘵 	xiāo	a cry of alarm;querulous
哔 / 嗶 	bì	beiges;serge
哔叽 / 嗶嘰 	bìjī	serge
哔哔啪啪 / 嗶嗶啪啪 	bìbìpāpā	(onomat) (flopping sound)
哗	huā	crashing sound
哗	huá	cat-calling sound;clamor;noise
哗	huá	clamor;noise
哗哗 / 嘩嘩 	huāhuā	sound of gurgling water
哗啦 / 嘩啦 	huālā	sound of a crash
哙 / 噲 	kuài	(surname);throat;to swallow
哜 / 嚌 	jì	sip
哝 / 噥 	nóng	garrulous
哞	mōu	moo (sound made by cow)
哟 / 喲 	yo	(interj) Oh, sound made when expressing surprise;(idiom) used at end of sentence as an exclamation
哢	lòng	(phonetic);-r + one (chem.)
哤	máng	jargon
哥	gē	elder brother
哥们 / 哥們 	gēmén	friend (dialect)
哥伦布 / 哥倫布 	gēlúnbù	(Christopher) Columbus
哥伦布纪 / 哥倫布紀 	gēlúnbùjì	Columbus
哥伦比亚 / 哥倫比亞 	gēlúnbǐyà	Colombia;Columbia (District of, or University, etc)
哥伦比亚大学 / 哥倫比亞大學 	gēlúnbǐyàdàxué	Columbia University
哥儿 / 哥兒 	gēr	brothers;boys
哥哥	gēge	older brother
哥斯达黎加 / 哥斯達黎加 	gēsīdálíjiā	Costa Rica
哥本哈根	gēběnhāgēn	Copenhagen (capital of Denmark)
哥林多	gēlínduō	Corinth
哥林多前书 / 哥林多前書 	gēlínduōqiánshū	1 Corinthians
哥林多后书 / 哥林多後書 	gēlínduōhòushū	2 Corinthians
哥白尼	gēbáiní	Nicolaus Copernicus
哦	é	to chant
哦	ó	oh is that so
哨	shào	a whistle;sentry
哨兵	shàobīng	sentinel
哨卡	shàoqiǎ	border sentry post
哨所	shàosuǒ	watchhouse;sentry post
哩	lī	(onomat.)
哩	lǐ	mile
哩	li	(part. for continued state)
哪	nǎ	how;which
哪	na	(final part. preceded by N)
哪	něi	which (followed by M or Num)
哪一个 / 哪一個 	nǎyīge	which
哪个 / 哪個 	nǎge	which;who
哪些	nǎxiē	which;who;what
哪儿 / 哪兒 	nǎ'er	where?;somewhere
哪怕	nǎpà	even;even if;even though;no matter how
哪裡 / 哪里 	nǎli	where;wherever
哪里哪里	nǎlinǎli	there is nothing to pardon;you flatter me
哫	zú	to cajole
哭	kū	to cry;to weep
哭泣	kūqì	weep
哭笑不得	kūxiàobùde	(set phrase) find something both funny and annoying;not know whether to laugh or cry
哮	xiāo	pant;roar;bark (of animals)
哮喘	xiàochuǎn	asthma
哲	zhé	philosophy;wise
哲学 / 哲學 	zhéxué	philosophy
哲学上 / 哲學上 	zhéxuéshàng	philosophic
哲学家 / 哲學家 	zhéxuéjiā	philosopher
哲蚌寺	zhébàngsì	(N) Drepung (monastery near Lhasa, Tibet)
哺	bū	evening meal
哺	bǔ	feed
哺乳	bǔrǔ	breast-feed;suckle;nurse
哺乳动物 / 哺乳動物 	bǔrǔdòngwù	mammal
哺养 / 哺養 	bǔyǎng	feed;rear
哺育	bǔyù	feed;nurture;foster
哼	hēng	hum;(interj. of contempt)
哼唧	hēngji	whisper
哼声 / 哼聲 	hēngshēng	hum
哽	gěng	choking
哿	gě	excellent;happy;well-being
唁 / 喭 	yàn	condole with
唆	suō	incite;suck
唇 / 脣 	chún	lip
唇枪舌剑 / 唇槍舌劍 	chúnqiāngshéjiàn	fight a battle of words;cross verbal swords
唇膏	chúngāo	lipstick
唈	yì	palpitation;short breathing
唉	āi	an interjection;to express realization or agreement (yes, oh, right, etc)
唉	ài	alas;oh dear
唉声叹气 / 唉聲嘆氣 	āishēngtànqì	heave deep sighs;sign in despair
唎	lì	(final part.);sound;noise
唏	xī	sound of sobbing
唐	táng	Tang dynasty (618-907)
唐人街	tángrénjiē	Chinatown
唐代	tángdài	the Tang Dynasty
唐县 / 唐縣 	tángxiàn	(N) Tang county (county in Hebei)
唐古拉	tánggǔlā	Tanggula Mountain on the Qinhai-Tibet plateau
唐古拉山	tánggǔlāshān	Tanggula Mountains on the Qinhai-Tibet plateau
唐古拉山脈 / 唐古拉山脉 	tánggǔlāshānmài	Tanggula mountain range on the Qinhai-Tibet plateau
唐古拉峰	tánggǔlāfēng	Tanggula Mountain on the Qinhai-Tibet plateau
唐山	tángshān	Tang Shan (a Chinese city in Hebei __河北__ province)
唐山地区 / 唐山地區 	tángshāndìqū	(N) Tangshan district (district in Hebei)
唐朝	tángcháo	the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD)
唐氏儿 / 唐氏兒 	tángshì'ér	Down’s syndrome child
唐氏症	tángshìzhēng	Down’s syndrome;mongolism
唐河	tánghé	(N) Tanghe (place in Henan)
唐海	tánghǎi	(N) Tanghai (place in Hebei)
唐璜	tánghuáng	a dandy;a fop;Don Juan;a ladies man
唐突	tángtū	to be rude;to offend
唐納 / 唐纳 	tángnà	Tanner (English surname)
唐老鴨 / 唐老鸭 	tánglǎoyá	Donald Duck
唑	zuò	(phonetic);-z + ole (chem.)
唔	wú	(cantonese) negation (of a verb)
唚	qìn	vomiting of animals;to use bad language
唛 / 嘜 	mà	mark
唠 / 嘮 	láo	to chatter
唠叨 / 嘮叨 	láodao	(v) chatter, be talkative, be garrulous;nag
唤 / 喚 	huàn	to call
唤醒 / 喚醒 	huànxǐng	arouse;awake;rouse
唧	jī	(onomat.);to pump (water)
唧筒	jítóng	pump
唪	fěng	recite;chant
唬	hǔ	intimidate;tiger's roar;to fool
售	shòu	to sell
售价 / 售價 	shòujià	to sell for;selling price
售卖 / 售賣 	shòumài	to sell
售票口	shòupiàokǒu	ticket window
售票员 / 售票員 	shòupiàoyuán	ticket seller
售票处 / 售票處 	shòupiàochù	ticket office
售票大厅 / 售票大廳 	shòupiàodàtīng	ticket office
售貨 / 售货 	shòuhuò	to sell goods
售貨員 / 售货员 	shòuhuòyuán	salesperson
唯	wéi	-ism;only;alone
唯	wěi	yes
唯一	wéiyī	only;sole
唯心主义 / 唯心主義 	wéixīnzhǔyì	(n) philosophy of idealism
唯心論 / 唯心论 	wéixīnlùn	(n) philosophy of idealism
唯物主义 / 唯物主義 	wéiwùzhǔyì	(n) philosophy of materialism
唯物論 / 唯物论 	wéiwùlùn	(n) philosophy of materialism
唱	chàng	sing;to call loudly;to chant
唱片	chàngpiàn	(vinyl) record;LP
唱詩班 / 唱诗班 	chàngshībān	choir
唲	ér	forced laughter
唳	lì	cry of a crane or wild goose
唵	ǎn	syllable
唷	yō	(exclamatory part.)
唸	niàn	to read aloud (variant of __念__)
唸唸有詞 / 唸唸有词 	niànniànyǒucí	(v) mumble, mutter to oneself
唾	tuò	saliva;spit at
唾沫	tuòmo	(n) saliva
啀	ái	gnaw
啁	zhōu	twittering of birds
啃	kěn	to gnaw;to nibble;to bite
啄	zhuó	to peck
啄木鳥 / 啄木鸟 	zhuómùniǎo	woodpecker
商	shāng	commerce;consult;the Shang dynasty, 16th to 11th Century BC;quotient
商丘	shāngqiū	(N) Shangqiu (city in Henan)
商丘地区 / 商丘地區 	shāngqiūdìqū	(N) Shangqiu district (district in Henan)
商业 / 商業 	shāngyè	business;trade;commerce
商业中心 / 商業中心 	shāngyèzhōngxīn	business center;commerce center
商业化 / 商業化 	shāngyèhuà	to commercialize
商业应用 / 商業應用 	shāngyèyìngyòng	business application
商业机构 / 商業機構 	shāngyèjīgòu	commercial organization
商业版本 / 商業版本 	shāngyèbǎnběn	commercial version (of software)
商业管理 / 商業管理 	shāngyèguǎnlǐ	business administration
商业行为 / 商業行為 	shāngyèxíngwéi	business activity;commercial activity
商业银行 / 商業銀行 	shāngyèyínháng	(n) commercial bank
商人	shāngrén	businessman
商会 / 商會 	shānghuì	chamber of commerce
商务 / 商務 	shāngwù	commercial affairs;commercial;commerce;business
商务部 / 商務部 	shāngwùbù	Commerce Department (of the US government)
商南	shāngnán	(N) Shangnan (place in Shaanxi)
商号 / 商號 	shānghào	store;a business
商品	shāngpǐn	good;commodity;merchandise
商场 / 商場 	shāngchǎng	market;bazaar
商城	shāngchéng	(N) Shangcheng (place in Henan);trading center;market
商学 / 商學 	shāngxué	business studies;commerce as an academic subject
商家	shāngjiā	(n) merchant;business, enterprise
商州	shāngzhōu	(N) Shangzhou (city in Shaanxi)
商店	shāngdiàn	store;shop
商标 / 商標 	shāngbiāo	trademark
商榷	shāngquè	(v) discuss;bring up and analyze various ideas
商水	shāngshuǐ	(N) Shangshui (place in Henan)
商河	shānghé	(N) Shanghe (place in Shandong)
商界	shāngjiè	business world;business community
商船	shāngchuán	a merchant ship
商討 / 商讨 	shāngtǎo	discuss;deliberate
商談 / 商谈 	shāngtán	confer;discuss;engage in talks
商議 / 商议 	shāngyì	(v) confer over a problem and come up with an opinion
商都	shāngdū	(N) Shangdu (place in Inner Mongolia)
商量	shāngliang	to consult
商队 / 商隊 	shāngduì	caravan
啊	ā	(interj.);ah
啊	á	an interjection;to express doubt or to question;to show realization;to stress
啊	ǎ	(interj. for surprise)
啊	à	oh (interjection)
啊	a	(a modal particle showing affirmation, approval, or consent)
啊呀	āyā	oh
啍	tūn	move slowly
啎	wǔ	obstinate, disobedient, intractable
問 / 问 	wèn	to ask
問世 / 问世 	wènshì	to be published;to come out
問候 / 问候 	wènhòu	give someone one's respects;send a greeting
問好 / 问好 	wènhǎo	say hello to;send one's regards to
問安 / 问安 	wèn'ān	to pay one's respects;to give regards to
問心無愧 / 问心无愧 	wènxīnwúkuì	to have a clear conscience
問答 / 问答 	wèndá	(n) question and answer
問號 / 问号 	wènhào	question mark;unknown factor;unsolved problem;interrogation
問話 / 问话 	wènhuà	questioning (a suspect);interrogation
問路 / 问路 	wènlù	ask for directions
問道 / 问道 	wèndào	to ask the way
問題 / 问题 	wèntí	question;problem;issue;topic
啐	cuì	sip;spit
啓	qǐ	Japanese variant of T:__啟__ S:__启__
啕	táo	wail
啕	táo	wail
啖	dàn	eat;taste;entice (with a bait)
啗 / 噉 	dàn	eat;entice
啜	chuò	drink;taste;sip;suck
啜飲 / 啜饮 	chuàiyǐn	sip
啡	fēi	coffee
啢	liǎng	ounce
啣	xián	hold in mouth
啤	pí	beer
啤酒	píjiǔ	beer
啥	shá	(dialect) what
啦	lā	(onomat.);(phonetic)
啦	la	(an auxiliary word performing the grammatical functions of mood);fusion of le + a;follows after __比如__ listed examples
啦啦队 / 啦啦隊 	lālāduì	cheering squad;cheerleaders
啧 / 嘖 	zé	(interj. of admiration or of disgust);to click one's tongue;to attempt to (find an opportunity to) speak
啧啧 / 嘖嘖 	zézé	to click one's tongue
啪	pā	(sound) bang
啬 / 嗇 	sè	stingy
啭 / 囀 	zhuàn	sing, chirp, warble, twitter
啮 / 嚙 	niè	gnaw
啰	luō	final exclamatory particle;nag
啱	yān	(cantonese);correct;right
啶	dìng	-d + ine (chem.)
啷	lāng	(interjection)
啸 / 嘯 	xiào	to hiss;to whistle
啻	chì	(not) just;(not) only
啼	tí	mourn;to cry;hoof
啽	án	(Cantonese ngap1) to speak
啾	jiū	wailing of child;chirp
喀	kā	(onomat.)
喀什	kāshí	Kashgar or Kashi in the west of Xinjiang near Kyrghizstan
喀什	kèshí	(N) Kashi (city in Xinjiang)
喀什噶爾	kāshígá'er	Kashgar or Kashi in the west of Xinjiang near Kyrghizstan
喀什地区 / 喀什地區 	kèshídìqū	(N) Kashi district (district in Xinjiang)
喀哒 / 喀噠 	kādā	(onomat) click
喀啦喀啦	kālākālā	(onomat) clank
喀喇沁旗	kèlǎqìnqí	(N) Kalaqin qi (place in Inner Mongolia)
喀嚓	kācā	breaking sound
喀土穆	kātǔmù	Khartoum (capital of Sudan)
喀布尔 / 喀布爾 	kàbù'ěr	Kabul (capital of Afghanistan)
喀麥隆 / 喀麦隆 	kāmàilóng	Cameroon
喁	yóng	breathing (of fish)
喂	wèi	(interjection) hello;to feed (someone or some animal);hey;telephone greeting
喂	wèi	to feed
喃 / 諵 	nán	mumble in repetition
喃喃	nánnán	(v) mutter, mumble, murmur
善	shàn	good
善事	shànshì	good deeds
善于 / 善於 	shànyú	be good at;be adept in
善化鎮 / 善化镇 	shànhuàzhèn	(N) Shanhua (town in Taiwan)
善用	shànyòng	be good at using something
善良	shànliáng	good and honest;kind-hearted
善行	shànxíng	good actions
善解人意	shànjiěrényì	(set phrase) considerate
喆	zhé	a sage;wise;sagacious
喇	lā	(onomat.)
喇	lǎ	(phonetic)
喇叭	lǎba	loudspeaker;trumpet
喇叭水仙	lābāshuǐxiān	daffodil
喇嘛	lǎma	Lama (in Tibetan Buddhism)
喈	jiē	harmonious (of music)
喉	hóu	throat;larynx
喉咙 / 喉嚨 	hóulóng	throat
喉塞音	hóusèyīn	glottal stop
喉头 / 喉頭 	hóutóu	throat;larynx
喉擦音	hóucāyīn	guttural fricative
喉炎	hóuyán	laryngitis
喉痧	hóushā	scarlet fever
喉結 / 喉结 	hóujié	Adam's' apple
喉舌	hóushé	mouthpiece
喉鏡 / 喉镜 	hóujìng	laryngoscope
喊	hǎn	call;cry;to shout
喊冤	hǎnyuān	to cry out a grievance
喊叫	hǎnjiào	cry out;shout
喊道	hǎndào	to yell
喋	dié	flowing flood;to chatter
喋喋	diédié	to chatter a lot
喋喋不休	diédiébùxiū	chatter
喌	zhōu	syllable
喎	wāi	a wry mouth
喏	rě	to salute;make one's curtsy
喑 / 瘖 	yīn	dumb
喒	zán	a dual pronoun, I, you and me, we two
喓	yāo	grasshopper chirp;mosquito buzz
喔	ō	I see;oh
喘	chuǎn	to gasp;to pant;asthma
喘不过气来 / 喘不過氣來 	chuǎnbúguòqìlái	cannot breathe
喘吁吁	chuǎnxūxū	to blow
喘息	chuǎnxī	to gasp for breath;to take a breather
喘气 / 喘氣 	chuǎnqì	to breathe deeply;to pant
喙	huì	beak;to pant
喜	xǐ	to be fond of;to like;to enjoy;to be happy;to feel pleased;happiness;delight;glad
喜乐 / 喜樂 	xǐlè	joy
喜事	xǐshì	(n) wedding;(n) happy occasion
喜出望外	xǐchūwàngwài	to be overjoyed at unexpected good news;to be pleasantly surprised
喜剧 / 喜劇 	xǐjù	comedy
喜德	xǐdé	(N) Xide (place in Sichuan)
喜怒哀乐 / 喜怒哀樂 	xǐnù'āilè	likes and dislikes
喜悅 / 喜悦 	xǐyuè	happy;joyous
喜愛 / 喜爱 	xǐ'ài	to like;to love;to be fond of;favorite
喜新厌旧 / 喜新厭舊 	xǐxīnyànjiù	literal: to like the new, and hate the old;figurative: enamored with new people (e.g. new girlfriend), bored with the old
喜欢 / 喜歡 	xǐhuan	to like;to be fond of
喜欢吵架 / 喜歡吵架 	xǐhuānchǎojià	quarrelsome
喜糖	xǐtáng	sweet given on a happy occasion (esp. wedding)
喜訊 / 喜讯 	xǐxùn	(n) good news
喜馬拉雅 / 喜马拉雅 	xǐmǎlāyǎ	the Himalayas
喜馬拉雅山 / 喜马拉雅山 	xǐmǎlāyǎshān	the Himalayas
喜鵲 / 喜鹊 	xǐquè	(n) magpie, legend has it that when heard a good event will soon follow
喝	hē	my goodness;to drink
喝	hè	shout applause
喝叱	hēchì	chide
喝彩	hècǎi	to acclaim;to cheer
喝酒	hējiǔ	to drink (alcohol)
喝醉	hēzuì	to get drunk
喝采	hècǎi	acclaim;cheer
喟	kuì	to sigh
喣	xǔ	to breathe upon
喤	huáng	sobbing;sound of bell
喥	dù	(Cantonese) a place
喦	niè	talkative
喧	xuān	clamor;noise
喧	xuān	clamor;noise;deceitful
喧嚣 / 喧囂 	xuānxiāo	to clamor;to make noise
喧扰 / 喧擾 	xuānrǎo	to disturb by noise
喧闹 / 喧鬧 	xuānnào	make a noise;noisy
喨	liàng	clear;resounding
喩	yù	Japanese variant of __喻__
喫	chī	eat
喱	lí	grain weight
喳	chā	twitter;chirp
喵	miāo	meow (onomat. for cat's mewing)
営	yíng	Japanese variant of T:__營__ S:__营__
喷 / 噴 	pēn	to puff;to spout;to spray;to spurt
喷 / 噴 	pèn	fragrant;sneeze
喷出 / 噴出 	pènchū	spout;spray
喷发 / 噴發 	pēnfā	to erupt;an eruption
喷嚏 / 噴嚏 	pēntì	sneeze
喷嚏剂 / 噴嚏劑 	pēntìjì	sternutator
喷墨 / 噴墨 	pēnmò	ink jet
喷头 / 噴頭 	pēntóu	nozzle;spray-head
喷射 / 噴射 	pēnshè	jet;spurt
喷水池 / 噴水池 	pēnshuǐchí	a fountain
喷泉 / 噴泉 	pēnquán	fountain
喷洒 / 噴灑 	pēnsǎ	spray;sprinkle
喷漆 / 噴漆 	pēnqī	to spray paint;lacquer
喷漆 / 噴漆 	pēnqì	a jet (of liquid or air)
喷漆推进 / 噴漆推進 	pēnqìtuījìn	jet propulsion
喹	kuí	see __喹啉__;quinoline
喹啉	kuílín	quinoline C6H4(CH)3N (pharmacology)
喹諾酮	kuínuòtóng	quinolone (a hydroxylated quinoline, inhibiting the replication of bacterial DNA)
喻	yù	to describe sth as;an analogy;a simile;a metaphor;an allegory
喽 / 嘍 	lóu	subordinates in gang of bandits
喽 / 嘍 	lou	(part. expressing chagrin or resentment)
喾 / 嚳 	kù	name of an emperor
喿	sào	chirping of birds
嗃	hè	scold with severity
嗄	á	ah (exclamatory part.)
嗄	shà	hoarse
嗅	xiù	sense of smell
嗅覺 / 嗅觉 	xiùjué	sense of smell
嗈	yōng	to choke
嗉	sù	crop (of bird)
嗉	sù	crop of a bird;fat
嗊	hǒng	sing
嗐	hài	exclamation of regret
嗑	kè	to crack (seeds) with front teeth
嗒	tà	to despair
嗓	sǎng	throat;voice
嗓子	sǎngzi	throat;voice
嗓門 / 嗓门 	sǎngmén	(n) voice
嗓音	sǎngyīn	(n) voice
嗔	chēn	to be angry at
嗙	pǎng	boast
嗜	shì	addicted to;fond of
嗜好	shìhào	fondness;hobby;indulgence
嗝	gé	hiccup;belch
嗟	jiē	sigh
嗟	juē	sigh
嗡	wēng	-oin (chem.) as in anisoin
嗡嗡	wēngwēng	buzz;drone;hum
嗣	sì	succession (to a title);to inherit;one's posterity
嗣位	sìwèi	to succeed to a title;to inherit
嗣国 / 嗣國 	sìguó	to acceed to a throne
嗣子	sìzǐ	heir;adopted son
嗤	chī	laugh at;jeer;scoff at;sneer at
嗥	háo	howl;bawl;to bark;roar
嗦	suō	suck
嗨	hāi	oh alas
嗪	qín	used in phonetic transcription -xine, -zine or -chin
嗫 / 囁 	niè	move the mouth as in speaking
嗫嚅 / 囁嚅 	nièrú	(v) mumble;speak haltingly
嗬	hē	hey! (exclamation);I say!
嗯	ēn	(a groaning sound)
嗯	èn	In Taiwan, a common grunting sound used when giving a positive response to a question - i.e., "yes"
嗯	ǹg	intj. O.K.;Agreed!;(a non-verbal exclamation)
嗲	diǎ	coy;childish
嗳 / 噯 	ǎi	(interj. of disapproval)
嗳 / 噯 	ài	(interj. of regret)
嗷	áo	loud clamor;the sound of wailing
嗷嗷待哺	áo'áodàibǔ	cry piteously for food
嗹	lián	chattering
嗽	sòu	cough
嗾	sǒu	to urge on;incite
嗿	tǎn	sound of many people eating
嘀	dí	backbite
嘀咕	dígu	to whisper
嘁	qī	whispering sound
嘁嘁喳喳	qīqichāchā	chattering
嘂	jiào	loud
嘆	tàn	to sigh
嘈	cáo	bustling;tumultuous;noisy
嘉义 / 嘉義 	jiāyì	(N) Chiayi (city in Taiwan)
嘉兴 / 嘉興 	jiāxīng	(N) Jiaxing (city in Zhejiang)
嘉兴地区 / 嘉興地區 	jiāxīngdìqū	(N) Jiaxing district (district in Zhejiang)
嘉善	jiāshàn	(N) Jiashan (place in Zhejiang)
嘉奖 / 嘉獎 	jiājiǎng	(v) award an honor
嘉定	jiādìng	(N) Jiading (place in Shanghai)
嘉宾 / 嘉賓 	jiābīn	esteemed guest
嘉山	jiāshān	(N) Jiashan (place in Anhui)
嘉峪关 / 嘉峪關 	jiāyùguān	(N) Jiayuguan shixiaqu (city in Gansu)
嘉峪关城 / 嘉峪關城 	jiāyùguānchéng	Jiayuguan, city in the Gansu corridor;Ming dynasty military fort, the western end of the Great Wall
嘉年华会 / 嘉年華會 	jiāniánhuáhuì	carnival
嘉祥	jiāxiáng	(N) Jiaxiang (place in Shandong)
嘉禾	jiāhé	(N) Jiahe (place in Hunan)
嘉荫 / 嘉蔭 	jiāyìn	(N) Jiayin (place in Heilongjiang)
嘉許 / 嘉许 	jiāxǔ	favorable;praise
嘉陵江	jiālíngjiāng	Jialing river in Sichuan (a tributary of the Yangtze)
嘉魚 / 嘉鱼 	jiāyú	(N) Jiayu (place in Hubei)
嘉黎	jiālí	(N) Jiali (place in Tibet)
嘌呤	biāolíng	purine
嘎	gá	cackling sound
嘎吱	gāzhī	creak
嘎嘎	gágá	quack
嘏	gǔ	good fortune;longevity
嘏	jiǎ	far;grand
嘐	xiāo	boastful;bombastic
嘒	huì	shrill sound;twinkling
嘓	guō	loud swallowing sound
嘗	cháng	indicator of past tense;to taste;flavor;already;ever;once;test;already;formerly
嘗試 / 尝试 	chángshì	to try;to attempt
嘘 / 噓 	xū	exhale;hiss
嘘寒问暖 / 噓寒問暖 	xūhánwènnuǎn	to ask about someone's health
嘛	ma	(a modal particle)
嘟	dū	toot;honk
嘟哝 / 嘟噥 	dūnong	mumble
嘟囔	dūnāng	(v) mumble to oneself
嘤 / 嚶 	yīng	calling of birds
嘧	mì	(phonetic) as in pyrimidine
嘧啶	mìdìng	pyrimidine
嘩	huā	crashing sound
嘩	huá	cat-calling sound;clamor;noise
嘬	chuài	to gnaw;eat ravenously
嘬	zuō	suck
嘱 / 囑 	zhǔ	enjoin
嘱咐 / 囑咐 	zhǔfù	enjoin;tell;exhort
嘱托 / 囑託 	zhǔtuō	(v) entrust a ask to someone else
嘲	cháo	ridicule;mock
嘲	zhāo	to ridicule
嘲弄	cháonòng	tease;poke fun at;make fun of
嘲笑	cháoxiào	jeer;mockery;scoff;sneer;make fun of;laugh at (derogatory)
嘴	zuǐ	mouth
嘴唇	zuǐchún	lip
嘴巴	zuǐbā	mouth
嘴角	zuǐjiǎo	corner;edge of somebody's mouth;lips
嘶	sī	hiss;neigh
嘶吼	sīhǒu	(n) yell
嘶哑声 / 嘶啞聲 	sīyǎshēng	hoarse
嘶嘶声 / 嘶嘶聲 	sīsīshēng	hiss
嘹	liáo	clear sound;cry (of cranes etc.)
嘹亮	liáoliàng	loud and clear;resonant
嘻	xī	laugh;giggle
嘿	hēi	hey
嘿咻	hēixiū	(colloquial) to make love
噀 / 潠 	xùn	spurt out of the mouth
噁	ě	bad;queasy;nausea
噁心	ěxīn	nausea
噂	zǔn	talk together
噅	huī	to speak falsely or wrongly;ugly
噌	cēng	to scold;whoosh!
噌	chēng	sound of bells, etc
噎	yē	choke
噗	pū	sound of escaping laughter;water
噘	juē	pout
噙	qín	hold in the mouth
噚	xún	fathom
噜 / 嚕 	lū	grumble;chatter
噞	yǎn	the movement of a fish's mouth at the surface of the water
噢	ō	Oh!
噤	jìn	unable to speak;silent
器	qì	device;tool;utensil
器具	qìjù	implement;ware
器官	qìguān	organ (part of body tissue);apparatus
器官捐献者 / 器官捐獻者 	qìguānjuānxiànzhě	organ donor
器官移殖	qìguānyízhí	organ transplant
器材	qìcái	equipment;material
器械	qìxiè	(n) specialty or precision equipment;apparatus
器皿	qìmǐn	household utensils
器重	qìzhòng	to regard highly
器量	qìliàng	tolerence
噩	è	startling
噩夢 / 噩梦 	èmèng	nightmare
噪	zào	chirp;mixture of voices;noise;buzzing;clamor
噪	zào	disturbance;noise of crowd
噪声 / 噪聲 	zàoshēng	noise
噪音	zàoyīn	rumble;noise;static
噫	yī	(interj. of approval);belch
噬	shì	devour;to bite
噬菌体 / 噬菌體 	shìjūntǐ	bacteriophage;phage
噭	jiào	shout
噱	jué	loud laughter
噳	yǔ	herd;stag;buck
噶	gá	(phonetic)
噶尔 / 噶爾 	gá'ěr	(N) Ge'er (place in Tibet)
噹	dāng	dong (onomat. for bell)
嚃	tà	to drink;to swallow
嚄	huò	stunned and speechless
嚄	ǒ	(interj. of surprise)
嚅	rú	chattering
嚆	hāo	sound;noise
嚎	háo	howl;bawl
嚏	tì	sneeze
嚐	cháng	to taste
嚚	yín	insincere;stupid
嚣 / 囂 	xiāo	clamor
嚥	yàn	to swallow
嚬	pín	knit the brows
嚭	pǐ	great;great fortune
嚮	xiàng	guide;opposite to
嚲	duǒ	hang down
嚵	chán	gluttonous;greedy
嚷	rǎng	blurt out;to shout
嚼	jiáo	to chew
嚼	jué	to chew
囉	luō	fussy;talkative
囉	luó	subordinate in a gang of bandits
囉唆 / 罗唆 	luōsuō	(adv) talkative;(adj) multitude of small annoyances
囊	náng	sack;purse;pocket (for money)
囊括	nángkuò	include;embrace;bring together
囊謙 / 囊谦 	nángqiān	(N) Nangqian (place in Qinghai)
囌	sū	loquacious;nag
囍	xǐ	double happiness
囓	niè	gnaw
囔	nāng	muttering, indistinct speech
囗	wéi	enclosure
囚	qiú	prisoner
囚徒	qiútú	prisoner
囚犯	qiúfàn	a prisoner;a convict
囚禁	qiújìn	captivity
四	sì	four;4
四下	sìxià	everywhere
四个小时 / 四個小時 	sìgèxiǎoshí	four hours
四乙基鉛中毒 / 四乙基铅中毒 	sìyǐjīqiānzhōngdú	tetraethyl lead poisoning
四人帮 / 四人幫 	sìrénbāng	the Gang of Four
四会 / 四會 	sìhuì	(N) Sihui (city in Guangdong)
四分之一	sìfēnzhīyī	one-quarter
四十	sìshí	forty;40
四十三	sìshísān	43;forty three
四十六	sìshíliù	forty six;46
四十多	sìshíduō	more than 40
四千	sìqiān	four thousand;4 000
四周	sìzhōu	all around
四国 / 四國 	sìguó	Shikoku (one of the four main islands of Japan)
四处 / 四處 	sìchù	all over the place;everywhere and all directions
四大发明 / 四大發明 	sìdàfāmíng	the four great Chinese inventions: paper, printing, magnetic compass and gunpowder
四天	sìtiān	four days
四子王旗	sìzǐwángqí	(N) Siziwang qi (place in Inner Mongolia)
四季	sìjì	(n) the four seasons
四川	sìchuān	Sichuan province, China
四川省	sìchuānshěng	(N) Sichuan, a south west China province
四平	sìpíng	(N) Siping (city in Jilin)
四平地区 / 四平地區 	sìpíngdìqū	(N) Siping district (district in Jilin)
四年	sìnián	four years
四年制的大学 / 四年制的大學 	sìniánzhìdedàxué	four-year university
四年前	sìniánqián	four years previously
四強 / 四强 	sìqiáng	semifinals
四方	sìfāng	four-way;four-sided
四月	sìyuè	April;fourth month
四月十七号 / 四月十七號 	sìyuèshíqīhào	April 17
四氟化鈾 / 四氟化铀 	sìfúhuàyóu	uranium tetrafluoride (UF4)
四氢大麻酚 / 四氫大麻酚 	sìqīngdàmáfēn	tetrahydrocannabinal (THC)
四湖乡 / 四湖鄉 	sìhúxiāng	(N) Ssuhu (village in Taiwan)
四环素 / 四環素 	sìhuánsù	tetracycline
四百万 / 四百萬 	sìbǎiwàn	four million
四百亿 / 四百億 	sìbǎiyì	40 billion
四維空間 / 四维空间 	sìwéikōngjiān	(math.) four dimensional space
四肢	sìzhī	(n) the four limbs of the body
四輪馬車 / 四轮马车 	sìlúnmǎchē	chariot
四边 / 四邊 	sìbiān	four sides
四通八达 / 四通八達 	sìtōngbādá	(set phrase) (v) to extend in all directions;to be accessible from all sides
四門轎車 / 四门轿车 	sìménjiàochē	sedan (motor car)
四面	sìmiàn	all sides
四面体 / 四面體 	sìmiàntǐ	tetrahedron
四面八方	sìmiànbāfāng	in all directions;all around;far and near
囝	jiǎn	child
回	huí	(a measure word for matters or actions) a time;to circle;to go back;to turn around;to answer;to return;to revolve;Islam
回來 / 回来 	huílai	return;come back
回信	huíxìn	reply;write back
回击 / 回擊 	huíjī	fight back;return fire;counterattack
回到	huídào	return to
回升	huíshēng	to rise again after a fall;to pick up
回去	huíqu	return;go back
回响 / 回響 	huíxiǎng	to echo
回報 / 回报 	huíbào	(in) return;reciprocation;payback;retaliation;to report back;to reciprocate
回声 / 回聲 	huíshēng	echo
回头 / 回頭 	huítóu	turn round
回家	huíjiā	to return home
回应 / 回應 	huíyìng	response;respond
回归 / 回歸 	huíguī	to return (to previous condition);Hong Kong's return to Chinese sovereignty;to regress
回归中国 / 回歸中國 	huíguīzhōngguó	to return to China (e.g. Hong Kong)
回忆 / 回憶 	huíyì	recall;recollect
回想	huíxiǎng	recall;recollect;think back
回扣 / 回釦 	huíkòu	brokerage;a commission paid to a middleman;euphemism for a bribe;a kickback
回收	huíshōu	(v) recover and put back to use;recycle
回教	huíjiào	Islam;the Islamic religion;the Islamic church
回旋	huíxuán	cyclotron
回族	huízú	Hui Minority (nationality) people living across China
回溯	huísù	recall;look back upon
回火	huíhuǒ	(n) backfire
回眸	huímóu	to glance back;to look back;retrospective
回答	huídá	reply;answer
回絕 / 回绝 	huíjué	rebuff
回荡 / 回蕩 	huídàng	to resound;to reverberate;to echo
回視 / 回视 	huíshì	regression
回訪 / 回访 	huífǎng	(pay a) return visit
回避	huíbì	(v) evade;shun;avoid
回顧 / 回顾 	huígù	to look back;to review
回顧歷史 / 回顾历史 	huígùlìshǐ	to look back at history
回饋 / 回馈 	huíkuì	feedback
回首	huíshǒu	turn around;look back;recollect
囟	xìn	skull;top of head
因	yīn	cause;reason;because
因…之故	yīnzhīgù	inasmuch
因为 / 因為 	yīnwèi	because;owing to;on account of
因人而异 / 因人而異 	yīnrén'éryì	(set phrase) to vary with each individual;to differ from person to person
因如此	yīnrúcǐ	because of this
因子	yīnzǐ	factor
因应 / 因應 	yīnyìng	to respond accordingly to;to adapt to;to cope with
因果	yīnguǒ	karma;cause and effect
因此	yīncǐ	that is why;for that reason;therefore;for this reason
因特網 / 因特网 	yīntèwǎng	Internet
因特網提供商 / 因特网提供商 	yīntèwǎngtígòngshāng	Internet service provider;ISP
因特網聯通 / 因特网联通 	yīntèwǎngliántōng	Internet connection
因素	yīnsù	element;factor
因緣 / 因缘 	yīnyuán	chance;opportunity;predestined relationship;(Buddhist) principal and secondary causes;chain of cause and effect
因而	yīn'ér	therefore;as a result;thus;and as a result, ...
因陀罗 / 因陀羅 	yīntuóluó	Indra (a Hindu deity)
囡	nān	child;daughter
囡囡	nānnān	little darling;baby
团	tuán	regiment;round;circular;group;society
团	tuán	dumpling
团体 / 團體 	tuántǐ	group;organization;team
团员 / 團員 	tuányuán	member;group member
团圆 / 團圓 	tuányuán	to have a reunion
团契 / 團契 	tuánqì	Christian association
团年 / 團年 	tuánnián	Spring festival family reunion
团结 / 團結 	tuánjié	(hold a) rally;join forces
团结工会 / 團結工會 	tuánjiégōnghuì	Solidarity (Polish worker's union)
团聚 / 團聚 	tuánjù	to reunite;to have a reunion
团长 / 團長 	tuánzhǎng	regimental command;head of a delegation
团队 / 團隊 	tuánduì	team
団	tuán	Japanese variant of T:__團__ S:__团__
囤	dùn	bin for grain
囤	tún	to store;hoard
囤积 / 囤積 	dùnjī	hoard
囥	kàng	to hide;store
囪 / 囱 	cōng	window;chimney
囫	hú	whole;in one lump
园 / 園 	yuán	garden
园丁 / 園丁 	yuándīng	gardener
园地 / 園地 	yuándì	garden area
园林 / 園林 	yuánlín	gardens;park;landscape garden
园艺 / 園藝 	yuányì	gardening;horticultural
囮	é	decoy
困	kǔn	a bunch;tie together
困	kùn	distress;sleepy;doze off
困	kùn	sleepy;doze off
困境	kùnjìng	predicament;in difficulty
困惑	kùnhuò	bewilder;perplexity;confused
困惑不解	kùnhuòbùjiě	to feel perplexed
困扰 / 困擾 	kùnrǎo	perplex;cause complications
困窘	kùnjiǒng	embarrassment
困苦	kùnkǔ	(adj) poor;miserable
困难 / 困難 	kùnnan	(financial, etc.) difficulty;problem;issue
困难在于 / 困難在於 	kùnnánzàiyú	the problem is...
囲	wéi	Japanese variant of T:__圍__ S:__围__
図	tú	Japanese variant of T:__圖__ S:__图__
围 / 圍 	wéi	to circle;to surround
围住 / 圍住 	wéizhù	gird;surround
围兜 / 圍兜 	wéidōu	bib
围困 / 圍困 	wéikùn	to besiege
围场 / 圍場 	wéicháng	(N) Weichang (place in Hebei)
围城 / 圍城 	wéichéng	siege
围堰 / 圍堰 	wéiyàn	a cofferdam
围墙 / 圍牆 	wéiqiáng	enclosure
围巾 / 圍巾 	wéijīn	scarf;shawl
围拢 / 圍攏 	wéilǒng	to crowd around
围攻 / 圍攻 	wéigōng	besiege
围栏 / 圍欄 	wéilán	(n) fencing;railings;fence
围棋 / 圍棋 	wéiqí	(n) the game of Go
围篱 / 圍籬 	wéilí	(n) (enclosing, separating) fence
围绕 / 圍繞 	wéirǎo	revolve around;center on (an issue)
围裙 / 圍裙 	wéiqún	apron
囵 / 圇 	lún	complete
囷	jūn	granary
囹	líng	prison
囹圄	língyǔ	(n) (literary) jail;prison
固	gù	hard;strong;solid;sure
固件	gùjiàn	firmware
固体 / 固體 	gùtǐ	solid
固体热容激光器 / 固體熱容激光器 	gùtǐrèróngjīguāngqì	solid state hot condensed laser (SSHCL)
固原	gùyuán	(N) Guyuan (place in Ningxia)
固原地区 / 固原地區 	gùyuándìqū	(N) Guyuan district (district in Ningxia)
固執 / 固执 	gùzhí	persistent;stubborn
固始	gùshǐ	(N) Gushi (place in Henan)
固守	gùshǒu	adhere
固安县 / 固安縣 	gù'ānxiàn	(N) Guan county (county in Beijing)
固定	gùdìng	fixed;set;regular
固定虚拟连接 / 固定虛擬連接 	gùdìngxūnǐliánjiē	Permanent Virtual Connection;PVC
固定資產 / 固定资产 	gùdìngzīchǎn	(n) fixed assets
固态 / 固態 	gùtài	(phys.) solid state
固有	gùyǒu	(v) be intrinsic or inherent to sth
固然	gùrán	admittedly (it's true that...)
固鎮 / 固镇 	gùzhèn	(N) Guzhen (place in Anhui)
固阳 / 固陽 	gùyáng	(N) Guyang (place in Inner Mongolia)
国 / 國 	guó	country;state;nation
国事访问 / 國事訪問 	guóshìfǎngwèn	state visit
国产 / 國產 	guóchǎn	made in one's own country;made in China
国会 / 國會 	guóhuì	parliament;Congress;diet
国会大厦 / 國會大廈 	guóhuìdàshà	capitol
国会议员 / 國會議員 	guóhuìyìyuán	member of congress;congressman
国会议长 / 國會議長 	guóhuìyìzhǎng	Speaker of the House
国共 / 國共 	guógòng	the Guomintang and the Chinese communist party
国内 / 國內 	guónèi	domestic;internal (to a country);civil
国内外 / 國內外 	guónèiwài	domestic and international;at home and abroad
国内战争 / 國內戰爭 	guónèizhànzhēng	civil war;internal struggle
国内生产总值 / 國內生產總值 	guónèishēngchǎnzǒngzhí	gross domestic product (GDP)
国力 / 國力 	guólì	a nation's power
国务卿 / 國務卿 	guówùqīng	Secretary of State
国务委员 / 國務委員 	guówùwěiyuán	member of State Council (in China)
国务次卿 / 國務次卿 	guówùcìqīng	Under Secretary of State
国务院 / 國務院 	guówùyuàn	State Department (USA);State Council (China)
国君 / 國君 	guójūn	monarch
国土 / 國土 	guótǔ	(n) country's territory
国土安全 / 國土安全 	guótǔ'ānquán	homeland security
国土安全部 / 國土安全部 	guótǔ'ānquánbù	(US) Department of Homeland Security
国外 / 國外 	guówài	abroad;external (affairs);overseas;foreign
国姓乡 / 國姓鄉 	guóxìngxiāng	(N) Kuohsing (village in Taiwan)
国威 / 國威 	guówēi	national prestige
国字 / 國字 	guózì	(Chinese) characters native to Korea, Japan, Vietnam, etc.;Japanese kokuji and Korean kukja
国学 / 國學 	guóxué	Chinese national culture;studies of ancient Chinese civilization;(hist.) the Imperial College
国宝 / 國寶 	guóbáo	National Treasure (officially designated by the state cultural authorities in China, Japan and Korea)
国家 / 國家 	guójiā	country;nation
国家军品贸易局 / 國家軍品貿易局 	guójiājūnpǐnmàoyìjú	State Bureau of Military Products Trade (SBMPT)
国家军品贸易管理委员会 / 國家軍品貿易管理委員會 	guójiājūnpǐnmàoyìguǎnlǐwěiyuánhuì	State Administration Committee on Military Products Trade (SACMPT)
国家发展和改革委员会 / 國家發展和改革委員會 	guójiāfāzhǎnhégǎigéwěiyuánhuì	PRC National development and reform commission
国家宇航和太空署 / 國家宇航和太空署 	guójiāyǔhánghétàikōngshǔ	National Aeronautics and Space Administration;NASA
国家安全 / 國家安全 	guójiā'ānquán	national security
国家机密 / 國家機密 	guójiājīmì	state secret
国家标准码 / 國家標準碼 	guójiābiāozhǔnmǎ	GB (Guo Biao) code;GB encoding standard
国家经济贸易委员会 / 國家經濟貿易委員會 	guójiājīngjìmàoyìwěiyuánhuì	State Economic and Trade Commission (SETC)
国家航天局 / 國家航天局 	guójiāhángtiānjú	China National Space Administration (the PRC space agency)
国家质量监督检验检疫总局 / 國家質量監督檢驗檢疫總局 	guójiāzhìliàngjiāndūjiǎnyànjiǎnyìzǒngjú	AQSIQ;PRC State Administration of Quality Supervision and Quarantine
国家食品药品监督管理局 / 國家食品藥品監督管理局 	guójiāshípǐnyàopǐnjiāndūguǎnlǐjú	PRC State food and drug administration
国宾馆 / 國賓館 	guóbīnguǎn	state guesthouse
国富论 / 國富論 	guófùlùn	The Wealth of Nations (Adam Smith)
国庆日 / 國慶日 	guóqìngrì	national day of many countries;PRC National Day on Oct 1st;Taiwan National Day on Oct 10
国庆节 / 國慶節 	guóqìngjié	National Day
国库券 / 國庫券 	guókùquàn	(n) treasury bill issued by a goverment
国度 / 國度 	guódù	country
国情 / 國情 	guóqíng	(n) country's basic condition or state
国旗 / 國旗 	guóqí	flag (of a country)
国有 / 國有 	guóyǒu	nationalized;public;government owned;state-owned
国有企业 / 國有企業 	guóyǒuqǐyè	nationalized business;state-owned business
国有化 / 國有化 	guóyǒuhuà	nationalization
国标 / 國標 	guóbiāo	Guobiao (encoding standard)
国歌 / 國歌 	guógē	(n) national anthem
国民 / 國民 	guómín	national
国民党 / 國民黨 	guómíndǎng	Kuomintang;nationalist party
国民党军队 / 國民黨軍隊 	guómíndǎngjūnduì	nationalist forces
国民生产总值 / 國民生產總值 	guómínshēngchǎnzǒngzhí	gross national product;gross domestic product (GDP)
国民警卫队 / 國民警衛隊 	guómínjǐngwèiduì	National Guard (United States)
国法 / 國法 	guófǎ	(n) national law
国泰 / 國泰 	guótài	Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong airline)
国泰民安 / 國泰民安 	guótàimín'ān	The country is prosperous and the people live in peace
国父 / 國父 	guófù	father or founder of a nation;Father of the Republic (Sun Yat-sen)
国王 / 國王 	guówáng	king
国立 / 國立 	guólì	national;state-run;public
国立显忠院 / 國立顯忠院 	guólìxiǎnzhōngyuán	Korean national memorial cemetery at Dongjak-dong, Seoul
国策 / 國策 	guócè	a national policy
国籍 / 國籍 	guójí	nationality
国营 / 國營 	guóyíng	state-run (company, etc);nationalized
国营企业 / 國營企業 	guóyíngqǐyè	nationalized industry
国语 / 國語 	guóyǔ	national language;Mandarin
国防 / 國防 	guófáng	national defense
国防利益 / 國防利益 	guófánglìyì	(national) defense interests
国防科技工业委员会 / 國防科技工業委員會 	guófángkējìgōngyèwěiyuánhuì	State Commission on Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (COSTIND)
国防部 / 國防部 	guófángbù	Defense Department;Ministry of National Defense
国防部长 / 國防部長 	guófángbùzhǎng	Defense secretary;Defense Minister
国防预算 / 國防預算 	guófángyùsuàn	defense budget
国际 / 國際 	guójì	international
国际主义 / 國際主義 	guójìzhǔyì	(n) internationalism
国际互联网络 / 國際互聯網絡 	guójìhùliánwǎngluò	Internet
国际刑警组织 / 國際刑警組織 	guójìxíngjǐngzǔzhī	Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization)
国际化 / 國際化 	guójìhuà	(n) internationalization
国际原子能机构 / 國際原子能機構 	guójìyuánzǐnéngjīgòu	International Atomic Energy Agency
国际原子能结构 / 國際原子能結構 	guójìyuánzǐnéngjiégòu	International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
国际商业机器 / 國際商業機器 	guójìshāngyèjīqì	International Business Machines;IBM
国际大赦 / 國際大赦 	guójìdàshè	Amnesty International;same as __大赦國際__
国际性 / 國際性 	guójìxìng	(n) international aspect
国际文传通讯社 / 國際文傳通訊社 	guójìwénchuántōngxùnshè	Interfax News Agency
国际日期变更线 / 國際日期變更線 	guójìrìqībiàngēngxiàn	international date line
国际标准 / 國際標準 	guójìbiāozhǔn	international standard
国际标准组织 / 國際標準組織 	guójìbiāozhǔnzǔzhī	International Standards Organization;ISO
国际民间组织 / 國際民間組織 	guójìmínjiānzǔzhī	international humanitarian organization
国际法 / 國際法 	guójìfǎ	international law
国际特赦 / 國際特赦 	guójìtèshè	Amnesty International
国际特赦组织 / 國際特赦組織 	guójìtèshèzǔzhī	Amnesty International
国际电信联盟 / 國際電信聯盟 	guójìdiànxìnliánméng	International Telecommunications Union;ITU
国际电报电话咨询委员会 / 國際電報電話咨詢委員會 	guójìdiànbàodiànhuàzīxúnwěiyuánhuì	CCITT
国际电话电报谘询委员会 / 國際電話電報諮詢委員會 	guójìdiànhuàdiànbàozīxúnwěiyuánhuì	International Consultative Committee for Telephone and Telegraph;CCITT (now ITU)
国际社会 / 國際社會 	guójìshèhuì	the international community
国际级 / 國際級 	guójìjí	(at an) international level
国际网络 / 國際網絡 	guójìwǎngluò	Internet
国际见闻 / 國際見聞 	guójìjiànwén	International Background Knowledge
国际货币基金组织 / 國際貨幣基金組織 	guójìhuòbìjījīnzǔzhī	International Monetary Fund;IMF
国际贸易 / 國際貿易 	guójìmàoyì	international trade
图 / 圖 	tú	diagram;to plan;picture;drawing;chart
图书 / 圖書 	túshū	books (in a library or bookstore)
图书管理员 / 圖書管理員 	túshūguǎnlǐyuán	librarian
图书馆 / 圖書館 	túshūguǎn	library
图们 / 圖們 	túmen	(N) Tumen (city in Jilin)
图像 / 圖像 	túxiàng	image;picture;graphic
图像互换格式 / 圖像互換格式 	túxiànghùhuàngéshì	GIF;graphic interchange format
图像用户介面 / 圖像用戶介面 	túxiàngyònghùjièmiàn	graphical user interface;GUI
图克 / 圖克 	túkè	(Gary L.) Tooker (Motorola Chairman of the Board)
图卢斯 / 圖盧斯 	túlúsī	Toulouse (France)
图坦卡门 / 圖坦卡門 	tútǎnkǎmén	Tutankhamen
图形 / 圖形 	túxíng	(n) graph or figure
图标 / 圖標 	túbiāo	(computer) icon
图案 / 圖案 	tú'àn	design;pattern
图片 / 圖片 	túpiàn	image;picture
图画 / 圖畫 	túhuà	drawing;picture
图章 / 圖章 	túzhāng	stamp;seal
图签 / 圖簽 	túqiān	(computer) icon
图纸 / 圖紙 	túzhǐ	(n) graph paper;blueprint;drawing;design plans
图腾 / 圖騰 	túténg	totem (religious symbol)
图表 / 圖表 	túbiǎo	chart;diagram
图解说明 / 圖解說明 	tújiěshuōmíng	illustrate
图谋 / 圖謀 	túmóu	conspire
图象 / 圖象 	túxiàng	(n) image;picture
囿	yòu	park;to limit;be limited to
圂	hùn	grain-fed animals;pigsty
圃	pǔ	garden;orchard
圄	yǔ	imprison
圆 / 圓 	yuán	circle;round;circular;spherical;(of the moon) full;unit of Chinese currency (Yuan);tactful;to justify
圆周 / 圓周 	yuánzhōu	circumference
圆屋顶 / 圓屋頂 	yuánwūdǐng	dome
圆形木材 / 圓形木材 	yuánxíngmùcái	log
圆形面包 / 圓形麵包 	yuánxíngmiànbāo	bun
圆明园 / 圓明園 	yuánmíngyuán	the old summer palace, destroyed by the British and French army in 1861
圆柱 / 圓柱 	yuánzhù	column;cylinder
圆桌会议 / 圓桌會議 	yuánzhuōhuìyì	round table conference
圆滑 / 圓滑 	yuánhuá	(adj) smooth and evasive;slick and sly
圆满 / 圓滿 	yuánmǎn	satisfactory
圆珠笔 / 圓珠筆 	yuánzhūbǐ	ball point pen
圆球 / 圓球 	yuánqiú	ball;sphere;globe
圆盘 / 圓盤 	yuánpán	disk
圆石头 / 圓石頭 	yuánshítou	boulder
圆轨道 / 圓軌道 	yuánguǐdào	circular orbit (in astronomy and in astronautics)
圆锥 / 圓錐 	yuánzhuī	conical;(cf. T:__圓錐體__ S:__圆锥体__ a cone)
圆锥体 / 圓錐體 	yuánzhuītǐ	cone
圆锥形 / 圓錐形 	yuánzhuīxíng	conical;coniform
圈	juān	to confine;enclose
圈	juàn	pen (pig);a fold
圈	quān	circle;ring;loop
圈套	juāntào	trap
圈子	quānzi	circle;ring
圈状物 / 圈狀物 	quānzhuàngwù	hoop
圉	yǔ	stable, corral, enclosure;front
圊	qīng	pigsty;rest-room
圌	chuí	name of a mountain
圏	quān	Japanese variant of __圈__
團	tuán	regiment;round;circular;group;society
圛	yì	mist rolling upwards
圜	huán	circle;encircle
圜	yuán	circle;round
圞	luán	round
土	tǔ	earth;dust;clay;(crude) opium;Surname;local;indigenous
土匪	tǔfěi	bandit
土卫六 / 土衛六 	tǔwèiliù	Titan;Saturn's sixth moon
土司	tǔsī	system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties;toast
土地	tǔdì	land;territory
土城	tǔchéng	(N) Tucheng (city in Taiwan)
土堆	tǔduī	mound
土壤	tǔrǎng	soil
土尔其四谈 / 土爾其斯坦 	tǔ'ěrqísītǎn	Turkestan
土库曼 / 土庫曼 	tǔkùmàn	Turkmenistan
土库曼斯坦 / 土庫曼斯坦 	tǔkùmànsītǎn	Turkmenistan
土库镇 / 土庫鎮 	tǔkùzhèn	(N) Tuku (town in Taiwan)
土拉弗氏菌	tǔlāfúshìjūn	Francisella tularensis
土拨鼠 / 土撥鼠 	tǔbōshǔ	(n) groundhog
土星	tǔxīng	Saturn (planet)
土木工程	tǔmùgōngchéng	civil engineering
土桑	tǔsāng	Tucson (city in Arizona)
土特产 / 土特產 	tǔtèchǎn	(n) local speciality
土着 / 土著 	tǔzhù	native, aboriginal
土耳其	tǔ'ěrqí	Turkey
土耳其四谈 / 土耳其斯坦 	tǔ'ěrqísītǎn	Turkestan
土耳其語 / 土耳其语 	tǔ'ěrqíyǔ	Turkish (language)
土豆	tǔdòu	potato
土默特右旗	tǔmòtèyòuqí	(N) Tumote youqi (place in Inner Mongolia)
土默特左旗	tǔmòtèzuǒqí	(N) Tumote zuoqi (place in Inner Mongolia)
圣 / 聖 	shèng	holy;sacred;saint;sage
圣人 / 聖人 	shèngrén	saint
圣保罗 / 聖保羅 	shèngbǎoluó	St. Paul;Sao Paolo (city in Brazil)
圣化 / 聖化 	shènghuà	sanctify;sanctification;consecrate
圣卢西亚 / 聖盧西亞 	shènglúxīyà	Saint Lucia
圣卢西亚岛 / 聖盧西亞島 	shènglúxīyàdǎo	Saint Lucia
圣地 / 聖地 	shèngdì	Holy city;Holy land;sacred place;shrine
圣地亚哥 / 聖地亞哥 	shèngdìyàgē	Santiago (capital of Chile)
圣城 / 聖城 	shèngchéng	Holy City
圣基茨和尼维斯 / 聖基茨和尼維斯 	shèngjīcíhéníwéisī	Saint Kitts and Nevis
圣多明哥 / 聖多明哥 	shèngduōmínggē	Santo Domingo (capital of Dominican Republic)
圣多美 / 聖多美 	shèngduōměi	Sao Tome (capital of Sao Tome and Principe)
圣多美和普林西比 / 聖多美和普林西比 	shèngduōměihépǔlínxībǐ	São Tomé and Príncipe
圣子 / 聖子 	shèngzǐ	Holy son;Jesus Christ
圣彼得堡 / 聖彼得堡 	shèngbǐdébǎo	Saint Petersburg
圣彼得堡 / 聖彼得堡 	shèngbǐdébǎo	St. Petersburg, Russia
圣徒 / 聖徒 	shèngtú	saint
圣文森特和格林纳丁斯 / 聖文森特和格林納丁斯 	shèngwénsēntèhégélínnàdīngsī	Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
圣旨 / 聖旨 	shèngzhǐ	imperial edict
圣歌 / 聖歌 	shènggē	hymn
圣殿 / 聖殿 	shèngdiàn	temple
圣母 / 聖母 	shèngmǔ	Holy Mother;goddess;the Virgin Mary
圣母教堂 / 聖母教堂 	shèngmǔjiàotáng	Church of Our Lady;Frauenkirche
圣洁 / 聖潔 	shèngjié	pure and holy
圣灵 / 聖靈 	shènglíng	Holy Ghost
圣父 / 聖父 	shèngfù	Holy father;God
圣约 / 聖約 	shèngyuē	covenant
圣经 / 聖經 	shèngjīng	Holy Bible
圣经段落 / 聖經段落 	shèngjīngduànluò	Bible passage
圣者 / 聖者 	shèngzhě	holy one;saint
圣职 / 聖職 	shèngzhí	priesthood
圣萨尔瓦多 / 聖薩爾瓦多 	shèngsà'ěrwǎduō	San Salvador (capital of El Salvador)
圣诗 / 聖詩 	shèngshī	hymn
圣诞 / 聖誕 	shèngdàn	Christmas
圣诞老人 / 聖誕老人 	shèngdànlǎorén	Santa Claus
圣诞节 / 聖誕節 	shèngdànjié	Christmas time;Christmas season;Christmas
圣贤书 / 聖賢書 	shèngxiánshū	holy book
圣路易斯 / 聖路易斯 	shènglùyìsī	St Louis
圣迭哥 / 聖迭哥 	shèngdiégē	San Diego
圣迭戈 / 聖迭戈 	shèngdiégē	San Diego
圣餐 / 聖餐 	shèngcān	sacrament
圣马利诺 / 聖馬利諾 	shèngmǎlìnuò	San Marino
圧	yā	Japanese variant of T:__壓__ S:__压__
在	zài	(located) at;in;exist
在…之上	zàizhīshàng	above;upon
在…之下	zàizhīxià	below
在…之中	zàizhīzhōng	amid;among
在…之內 / 在…之内 	zàizhīnèi	in;within
在…之旁	zàizhīpáng	beside
在…之間 / 在…之间 	zàizhījiān	between
在…旁边 / 在…旁邊 	zàipángbiān	alongside
在…期間 / 在…期间 	zàiqíjiān	during
在下	zàixià	under
在下方	zàixiàfāng	beneath
在下面	zàixiàmiàn	underneath
在世	zàishì	(v) be living;be above ground
在之上	zàizhīshàng	over
在乎	zàihu	(v) be determined by;(v) care about;mind
在于 / 在於 	zàiyú	lie in;consist in;depend on
在今年年底	zàijīnniánniándǐ	at the end of this year
在传输过程中 / 在傳輸過程中 	zàichuánshūguòchéngzhōng	while transmitting;during transmission
在內 / 在内 	zàinèi	including
在其中	zàiqízhōng	therein;wherein
在前	zàiqián	forward
在后 / 在後 	zàihòu	behind
在地下	zàidìxià	underground
在场 / 在場 	zàichǎng	to be present;to be on the scene
在外	zàiwài	outer
在大多数情况下 / 在大多數情況下 	zàidàduōshùqíngkuàngxià	in most instances
在头版 / 在頭版 	zàitóubǎn	on the front page
在室內 / 在室内 	zàishìnèi	indoors
在密切注意	zàimìqièzhùyì	to pay close attention (to sth)
在座	zàizuò	be present
在很多方面	zàihěnduōfāngmiàn	in many aspects;in many regards
在意	zàiyì	(v) care about;mind
在戶外 / 在户外 	zàihùwài	outdoors
在旁	zàipáng	by (a place)
在旁边 / 在旁邊 	zàipángbiān	aside
在未來 / 在未来 	zàiwèilái	in the future
在某种程度上 / 在某種程度上 	zàimǒuzhǒngchéngdùshàng	to a certain extent
在校园 / 在校園 	zàixiàoyuán	on campus
在校园内 / 在校園內 	zàixiàoyuánnèi	on campus
在此	zàicǐ	hereto;here
在此之前	zàicǐzhīqián	before that;beforehand;previously
在此之后 / 在此之後 	zàicǐzhīhòu	after this;afterwards;next
在此之际 / 在此之際 	zàicǐzhījì	meanwhile;at the same time
在此处 / 在此處 	zàicǐchù	herein
在水步行	zàishuǐbùxíng	wade
在深处 / 在深處 	zàishēnchù	deeply
在眼前	zàiyǎnqián	now;at the present
在線 / 在线 	zàixiàn	online
在职训练 / 在職訓練 	zàizhíxùnliàn	on-the-job training
在車 / 在车 	zàichē	aboard
在这期间 / 在這期間 	zàizhèqījiān	during time;in this time
在野	zàiyě	be out of (political) office;out of power
在附近	zàifùjìn	nearby
在高处 / 在高處 	zàigāochù	aloft
圩	wéi	dike
圪	gē	(phonetic)
圬 / 杇 	wū	to plaster;whitewash
圭	guī	jade tablet
圭亚那 / 圭亞那 	guīyànà	Guyana
圮	pǐ	destroyed;injure
圯	yí	bridge, bank
地	de	(subor. part. adverbial);-ly
地	dì	earth;ground;field;place;land
地上	dìshang	on the ground;on the floor
地下	dìxià	underground;subterranean
地下室	dìxiàshì	basement;cellar
地下核爆炸	dìxiàhébàozhà	nuclear underground burst;underground nuclear explosion
地下核試驗 / 地下核试验 	dìxiàhéshìyàn	underground nuclear test
地下水	dìxiàshuǐ	groundwater
地下通道	dìxiàtóngdào	underpass;subway;tunnel
地下鐵路 / 地下铁路 	dìxiàtiělù	subway
地中海	dìzhōnghǎi	Mediterranean Sea
地中海形貧血 / 地中海形贫血 	dìzhōnghǎixíngpínxuè	thalassemia;Mediterranean anemia
地主	dìzhǔ	landlord;land-owner
地久天長 / 地久天长 	dìjiǔtiāncháng	forever (set phrase);as long as the world shall last;eternally
地产 / 地產 	dìchǎn	estate
地位	dìwèi	position;status;place
地势 / 地勢 	dìshì	physical features of a place
地勤人员 / 地勤人員 	dìqínrényuán	(airport) ground crew
地区 / 地區 	dìqū	area;region
地区性 / 地區性 	dìqūxìng	regional;local
地图 / 地圖 	dìtú	map
地址	dìzhǐ	address
地址的轉換 / 地址的转换 	dìzhǐdezhuǎnhuàn	address translation
地址解析协议 / 地址解析協議 	dìzhǐjiěxīxiéyì	address resolution protocol;ARP
地坛 / 地壇 	dìtán	Temple of Earth (in Beijing)
地域	dìyù	area;district;region
地基	dìjī	foundations (of a building);base
地塞米松	dìsāimǐsōng	dexamethasone
地壳 / 地殼 	dìqiào	the Earth's crust
地宫 / 地宮 	dìgōng	underground palace (as part of imperial tomb)
地对空导弹 / 地對空導彈 	dìduìkōngdǎodàn	ground-to-air missile
地层 / 地層 	dìcéng	stratum (geology)
地层学 / 地層學 	dìcéngxué	stratigraphy (geology)
地带 / 地帶 	dìdài	zone
地幔	dìmàn	the mantle of the earth (geology)
地平線 / 地平线 	dìpíngxiàn	horizon
地形	dìxíng	topography;terrain;landform
地心吸力	dìxīnxīlì	gravitation
地拉那	dìlānà	Tirana (capital of Albania)
地方	dìfang	area;place;local
地方主义 / 地方主義 	dìfāngzhǔyì	"local -ism";attitude of favoring your local region
地方停車 / 地方停车 	dìfangtíngchē	parking place
地方官职位 / 地方官職位 	dìfāngguānzhíwèi	prefecture
地方性	dìfāngxìng	local
地方性斑疹伤寒 / 地方性斑疹傷寒 	dìfāngxìngbānzhěnshānghán	murine typhus fever
地板	dìbǎn	floor
地核	dìhé	core of the earth (geology)
地步	dìbù	condition;plight;extent
地段	dìduàn	section;district
地毯	dìtǎn	carpet;rug
地毯拖鞋	dìtǎntuōxié	(n) carpet slippers
地点 / 地點 	dìdiǎn	place;site;location
地狱 / 地獄 	dìyù	hell;infernal;underworld
地球	dìqiú	the Earth;planet
地球大气 / 地球大氣 	dìqiúdàqì	earth's atmosphere
地理	dìlǐ	geography
地痞	dìpǐ	local ruffian;riffraff
地皮	dìpí	lot, section of land, ground
地盘 / 地盤 	dìpán	domain;territory under one's control;foundation of a building;base of operations;crust of earth
地窖	dìjiào	cellar;basement
地衣	dìyī	lichen
地表	dìbiǎo	the surface (of the earth)
地西泮	dìxīpàn	Valium;diazepam
地貌	dìmào	relief;landform (geol.)
地質 / 地质 	dìzhì	geology
地質學 / 地质学 	dìzhíxué	geology
地質學家 / 地质学家 	dìzhìxuéjiā	geologist
地道	dìdào	tunnel;causeway
地鐵 / 地铁 	dìtiě	subway;metro
地鐵站 / 地铁站 	dìtiězhàn	subway station
地雷	dìléi	landmine
地震	dìzhèn	earthquake
地震学 / 地震學 	dìzhènxué	seismology;science of earthquakes
地震学家 / 地震學家 	dìzhènxuéjiā	seismologist;earthquake scientist
地面	dìmiàn	floor;ground;surface
地面核爆炸	dìmiànhébàozhà	surface nuclear explosion
圳	zhèn	furrow in field, small drainage
圹 / 壙 	kuàng	tomb
场 / 場 	chǎng	a courtyard;open space;place;field;a measure word for competitions or wars
场区应急 / 場區應急 	chángqūyīngjí	area emergency
场合 / 場合 	chǎnghé	situation;occasion
场地 / 場地 	chǎngdì	space;site;place
场外应急 / 場外應急 	chángwàiyīngjí	off-site emergency
场所 / 場所 	chǎngsuǒ	location;place
场景 / 場景 	chǎngjǐng	scene;scenario;setting
场论 / 場論 	chǎnglùn	field theory
场面 / 場面 	chǎngmiàn	scene;occasion
圻	qí	boundary;a border
址	zhǐ	location;site
坂	bǎn	Japanese or nonstandard variant of __阪__
均	jūn	equal;even;all;uniform
均分	jūnfēn	to split;to divide equally
均势 / 均勢 	jūnshì	balance of power
均勻 / 均匀 	jūnyún	even;well-distributed
均变论 / 均變論 	jūnbiànlùn	uniformitarianism
均差	jūnchā	relief (i.e., height of land in geography)
均方	jūnfāng	mean square
均等	jūnděng	equal;impartial;fair
均衡	jūnhéng	equal;balanced;harmony;equilibrium
坊	fāng	subdivision of a city
坊子区 / 坊子區 	fāngzǐqū	(N) Fangzi (area in Shandong)
坋	fèn	dust, earth;a bank of earth;to dig;to bring together
坋粒	fènlì	silt
坌	bèn	bring together;dust
坍	tān	collapse
坍塌	tāntā	collapse
坎	kǎn	pit;threshold
坎坷	kǎnkě	(adj) bumpy, rough;(lit.) down on one's luck, lifetime of frustrations and thwarted ambitions
坎大哈	kǎndàhǎ	Kandahar (town in Southern Afghanistan)
坎大哈省	kǎndàhāshěng	Kandahar province (in Afghanistan)
坎帕拉	kǎnpàlā	Kampala (capital of Uganda)
坏	huài	bad;spoiled;broken;to break down
坏	huài	bad
坏事 / 壞事 	huàishì	to ruin something;to spoil;to make things worse;bad thing;evil deed
坏处 / 壞處 	huàichu	(n) harm;troubles
坏死 / 壞死 	huàisǐ	necrosis
坏蛋 / 壞蛋 	huàidàn	bad egg;scoundrel;bastard
坏账 / 壞賬 	huàizhàng	bad debt
坏透 / 壞透 	huàitòu	completely bad
坐	zuò	to sit;to take a seat;to take (a bus, airplane etc.)
坐下	zuòxia	sit down
坐好	zuòhǎo	to sit properly;to sit up straight
坐定	zuòdìng	to be seated
坐标 / 坐標 	zuòbiāo	(geom.) coordinate
坐标法 / 坐標法 	zuòbiāofǎ	(geom.) the method of coordinates
坐标系 / 坐標系 	zuòbiāoxì	(geom.) coordinate system
坐牢	zuòláo	imprisonment;imprisoned
坐班	zuòbān	keep office hours
坐禅 / 坐禪 	zuòchán	sit in meditation;to meditate
坑 / 阬 	kēng	pit;to defraud
坒	bì	to compare;to match;to equal
块 / 塊 	kuāi	piece;chunk;lump;(measure word for chunks, lumps)
块 / 塊 	kuài	yuan (unit of currency);fast (of a watch);swift;rapid;happy;joyful;soon;quick;(a measure word, for cloth, cake, soap)
块状 / 塊狀 	kuàizhuàng	lump
坚 / 堅 	jiān	strong;solid;firm;unyielding;resolute
坚信 / 堅信 	jiānxìn	(v) firmly believe without any doubt
坚决 / 堅決 	jiānjué	firm;resolute;determined
坚决否认 / 堅決否認 	jiānjuéfǒurèn	to firmly deny
坚固 / 堅固 	jiāngù	firm;firmly;hard;stable
坚固性 / 堅固性 	jiāngùxìng	firmness
坚守 / 堅守 	jiānshǒu	to hold fast to;to stick to
坚定 / 堅定 	jiāndìng	firm;steady;staunch
坚定不移 / 堅定不移 	jiāndìngbùyí	unswerving;unflinching
坚实 / 堅實 	jiānshí	(adj) firm and substantial;solid
坚强 / 堅強 	jiānqiáng	staunch;strong
坚忍 / 堅忍 	jiānrěn	persevering
坚忍不拔 / 堅忍不拔 	jiānrěnbùbá	fortitude
坚持 / 堅持 	jiānchí	to continue upholding;to remain committed to;persistence;to persist;to uphold;to insist on;persevere
坚果 / 堅果 	jiānguǒ	nut
坚毅 / 堅毅 	jiānyì	(adj) firm and persistant;with unswerving will
坚硬 / 堅硬 	jiānyìng	hard;solid
坚贞不屈 / 堅貞不屈 	jiānzhēnbùqū	(saying) faithful and unchanging;steadfast
坚韧 / 堅韌 	jiānrèn	(adj) tough and pliable;ductile
坛 / 壇 	tán	altar
坝 / 壩 	bà	dam;dyke;embankment
坞 / 塢 	wù	dock;low wall
坟 / 墳 	fén	a grave
坟丘 / 墳丘 	fénqiū	a tomb
坟墓 / 墳墓 	fénmù	sepulcher;tomb
坠 / 墜 	zhuì	fall
坠毁 / 墜毀 	zhuìhuǐ	(plane) crash
坠落 / 墜落 	zhuìluò	to fall;to drop
坡	pō	slope
坤	kūn	the earth-;female-principle
坤甸	kūndiàn	Pontianak city, capital of Kalimantan, Indonesia)
坦	tǎn	flat;open-hearted;level;smooth
坦克	tǎnkè	tank (military vehicle)
坦克車 / 坦克车 	tǎnkèchē	tank (armored vehicle)
坦桑尼亚 / 坦桑尼亞 	tǎnsāngníyà	Tanzania
坦然	tǎnrán	calm;undisturbed
坦然无惧 / 坦然無懼 	tǎnránwújù	remain calm and undaunted
坦率	tǎnshuài	frank (discussion);blunt;open
坦白	tǎnbái	honest;forthcoming;to confess
坦荡 / 坦蕩 	tǎndàng	magnanimous;broad and level
坦途	tǎntú	highway;level road
坨	tuó	lump;spherical substance
坩	gān	crucible
坪	píng	a plain
坪林乡 / 坪林鄉 	pínglínxiāng	(N) Pinglin (village in Taiwan)
坫	diàn	stand for goblets
坭	ní	mud
坯	pī	unburnt earthenware
坰	jiōng	environs;wilderness
坱	yāng	boundless (space);fine dust
坳	ào	a depression;cavity;hollow
坴	liù	a clod of earth;land
坵	qiū	earthenware, earthenware vessel
坷	kě	uneven (path);unfortunate (in life)
坻	chí	islet;rock in river
坻	dǐ	place name
坼	chè	to crack;split;break;to chap
垂	chuí	to hang (down);droop;dangle;bend down;hand down;bequeath;nearly;almost;to approach
垂下	chuíxià	to hang down
垂垂垮垮	chuíchuíkuǎkuǎ	(adj) loose;baggy;sagging
垂幕	chuímù	canopy
垂挂 / 垂掛 	chuíguà	(v) hang
垂死	chuísǐ	dying
垂直	chuízhí	perpendicular;vertical
垃圾	lājī	(n) trash
垃圾桶	lājītǒng	rubbish bin
垃圾箱	lājīxiāng	rubbish can
垃圾車 / 垃圾车 	lājīchē	garbage truck (or other vehicle)
垃圾邮件 / 垃圾郵件 	lājīyóujiàn	spam;junk mail
垄 / 壟 	lǒng	monopolize
垄断 / 壟斷 	lǒngduàn	enjoy market dominance;monopolize
垄断贩卖 / 壟斷販賣 	lǒngduànfànmài	monopoly
垆 / 壚 	lú	clay;shop
型	xíng	model;type (e.g., blood type)
型号 / 型號 	xínghào	(n) model number
型状 / 型狀 	xíngzhuàng	shape
垒 / 壘 	lěi	rampart;base (in baseball)
垓	gāi	boundary
垔	yīn	to restrain;to dam a stream and change its direction;a mound
垕	hòu	thick
垗	zhào	sacrifice
垚	yáo	embankment
垛	duǒ	battlement;target
垛	duò	pile
垝	guǐ	dilapidated
垞	chá	place name
垟	yáng	clay sheep buried with the dead
垠	yín	bank
垢	gòu	dirt;disgrace
垣	yuán	wall
垣曲	yuánqǔ	(N) Yuanqu (place in Shanxi)
垤	dié	anthill;mound
垦 / 墾 	kěn	reclaim (land)
垦利 / 墾利 	kěnlì	(N) Kenli (place in Shandong)
垦荒 / 墾荒 	kěnhuāng	to open up land (for agriculture)
垩 / 堊 	è	to whitewash;to plaster
垫 / 墊 	diàn	pad;cushion;mat
垫子 / 墊子 	diànzǐ	cushion;mat
垫款 / 墊款 	diànkuǎn	advance (of funds)
垫江 / 墊江 	diànjiāng	(N) Dianjiang (place in Sichuan)
垭 / 埡 	yà	character used in place names
垮	kuǎ	collapse
垮台	kuǎtái	fall from power
垲 / 塏 	kǎi	dry terrain
埀	chuí	trad variant of __垂__;to hand down
埂	gěng	channel for irrigation
埃	āi	dirt;dust;angstrom
埃博拉病毒	āibólābìngdú	Ebola virus
埃及	āijí	Egypt
埃塞俄比亚 / 埃塞俄比亞 	āisài'ébǐyà	Ethiopia
埃尔帕索 / 埃爾帕索 	āi'ěrpàsuǒ	El Paso (Texas)
埃米尔 / 埃米爾 	āimǐ'ěr	emir
埃里温 / 埃里溫 	āilǐwēn	Yerevan (capital of Armenia)
埆	què	stony
埇	yǒng	raised path
埋	mái	bury
埋	mán	to blame
埋伏	máifú	ambush
埋怨	mányuàn	(v) complain
埋沒 / 埋没 	máimò	oblivion
埋葬	máizàng	bury
埋藏	máicáng	to bury;hidden
埌	làng	wasteland;wild
城	chéng	city walls;city;town
城乡 / 城鄉 	chéngxiāng	city and countryside
城关 / 城關 	chéngguān	area outside a city gate
城区 / 城區 	chéngqū	city proper
城口	chéngkǒu	(N) Chengkou (place in Sichuan)
城固	chénggù	(N) Chenggu (place in Shaanxi)
城堡	chéngbǎo	castle
城墙 / 城牆 	chéngqiáng	city wall
城外	chéngwài	outside of a city
城市	chéngshì	city;town
城市化	chéngshìhuà	urbanisation
城楼 / 城樓 	chénglóu	city gate tower
城步苗族自治县 / 城步苗族自治縣 	chéngbùmiáozúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Chengbu Miaozu autonomous county (county in Hunan)
城池	chéngchí	city
城郊	chéngjiāo	suburbs;outskirts of a city
城鎮 / 城镇 	chéngzhèn	cities and towns;city;town
城門 / 城门 	chéngmén	city gate
城防	chéngfáng	city defense
埏	shān	to mix water with clay
埏	yán	boundary
埒	lèi	enclosure, dike, embankment
埔	pǔ	port
埔心乡 / 埔心鄉 	bùxīnxiāng	(N) Puhsin (village in Taiwan)
埔盐乡 / 埔鹽鄉 	bùyánxiāng	(N) Puyan (village in Taiwan)
埔里鎮 / 埔里镇 	bùlǐzhèn	(N) Puli (town in Taiwan)
埕	chéng	earthen jar
埘 / 塒 	shí	hen roost
埙 / 塤 	xūn	ancient porcelain wind-instrument
埚 / 堝 	guō	crucible
埜	yě	open country, field;wilderness
域	yù	field;region;area;domain (taxonomy)
域名	yùmíng	domain name
域名服务器 / 域名服務器 	yùmíngfúwùqì	domain name server
域名注册 / 域名註冊 	yùmíngzhùcè	domain name registration
域多利皇后	yùduōlìhuánghào	Queen Victoria
埠	bù	a jetty;port;a city;quay
埤	pí	low wall
埤头乡 / 埤頭鄉 	pítóuxiāng	(N) Pitou (village in Taiwan)
埧	jù	diked pond
埭	dài	dam
埰	cài	allotment to a feudal noble
埳	kǎn	a pit, a hole, a snare, a danger;a crisis;a mortar
埴	zhí	soil with large clay content
埵	duǒ	solid earth
埶 / 蓺 	yì	skill;art
執 / 执 	zhí	execute (a plan);grasp
執事 / 执事 	zhíshì	deacon
執勤 / 执勤 	zhíqín	(v) be on duty
執意 / 执意 	zhíyì	be determined to;insist on
執掌 / 执掌 	zhízhǎng	wield (power, etc.)
執政 / 执政 	zhízhèng	be in power;be in office
執政方式 / 执政方式 	zhízhèngfāngshì	governing method
執政能力 / 执政能力 	zhízhèngnénglì	governing capacity
執政黨 / 执政党 	zhízhèngdǎng	ruling party;the party in power
執法 / 执法 	zhífǎ	law enforcement
執照 / 执照 	zhízhào	license
執著 / 执着 	zhízhuó	attachment;stubborn;be attached to;persistent;persevering
執行 / 执行 	zhíxíng	implement;carry out;to execute;to run
執行指揮官 / 执行指挥官 	zhíxíngzhǐhuīguān	executing commander
埸	yì	border
培	péi	to cultivate;to earth up
培修	péixiū	to repair earthworks
培养 / 培養 	péiyǎng	to train;culture;to bring up;to groom (for a position)
培养基 / 培養基 	péiyǎngjī	culture medium
培土	péitǔ	to earth up
培植	péizhí	to cultivate;to train
培育	péiyù	to train;to breed
培訓 / 培训 	péixùn	to cultivate;to train;training
基	jī	base;foundation;basic;radical (chem.)
基于 / 基於 	jīyú	because of;on the basis of;in view of;on account of
基准 / 基準 	jīzhǔn	data;standard
基加利	jījiālì	Kigali (capital of Rwanda)
基因	jīyīn	genes
基因图谱 / 基因圖譜 	jīyīntúpǔ	mapping of genome
基因扩大 / 基因擴大 	jīyīnkuòdà	gene amplification
基因染色体异常 / 基因染色體異常 	jīyīnrǎnsètǐyìcháng	genetic chromosome abnormality
基因码 / 基因碼 	jīyīnmǎ	genetic code
基因表达 / 基因表達 	jīyīnbiǎodá	gene expression
基地	jīdì	(military) base;Al Qaeda
基地組織 / 基地组织 	jīdìzǔzhī	Al Qaeda
基多	jīduō	Quito (capital of Ecuador)
基层 / 基層 	jīcéng	basic level;grass-roots unit
基底神經節孫損傷 / 基底神经节孙损伤 	jīdǐshénjīngjiésūnsǔnshāng	basal ganglia lesions
基底細胞癌 / 基底细胞癌 	jīdǐxìbāo'ái	Basal cell carcinoma
基本	jīběn	basic;fundamental;main
基本上	jīběnshang	basically;on the whole
基本原理	jīběnyuánlǐ	fundamental principle
基本概念	jīběngàiniàn	basic concept
基本法	jīběnfǎ	Basic Law
基本詞彙 / 基本词汇 	jīběncíhuì	basic word
基督	jīdū	Jesus (Christ)
基督城	jīdūchéng	Christchurch (New Zealand city)
基督徒	jīdūtú	Christian
基督教	jīdūjiào	Christianity;Christian
基督教徒	jīdūjiàotú	Christian
基督教民主联盟 / 基督教民主聯盟 	jīdūjiàomínzhǔliánméng	Christian Democratic Union (German political party)
基石	jīshí	cornerstone
基础 / 基礎 	jīchǔ	base;foundation;basis
基础设施 / 基礎設施 	jīchǔshèshī	infrastructure
基础速率 / 基礎速率 	jīchǔsùlǜ	basic rate (as in ISDN)
基础问题 / 基礎問題 	jīchǔwèntí	basic issue;fundamental question
基調 / 基调 	jīdiào	(speech) keynote
基輔 / 基辅 	jīfǔ	Kiev (capital of Ukraine)
基里巴斯	jīlǐbāsī	Kiribati (formerly the Gilbert Islands)
基里巴斯共和国 / 基里巴斯共和國 	jīlǐbāsīgònghéguó	Kiribati
基金	jījīn	fund
基金会 / 基金會 	jījīnhuì	a foundation (i.e., an organization)
基隆	jīlóng	(N) Chilung, Keelung (city in Taiwan)
埼	qí	headland
埽	sào	broom;dike
堀 / 窟 	kū	cave;hole
堂	táng	(main) hall;large room
堂兄弟	tángxiōngdì	father's brother's sons;paternal male cousin
堂姊妹	tángzǐmèi	father's brother's daughters;paternal female cousin
堂皇	tánghuáng	imposing;grand
堄	nì	parapet
堆	duī	a pile;a mass;heap;stack
堆满 / 堆滿 	duīmǎn	pile up
堆积 / 堆積 	duījī	accumulate
堆龍德慶 / 堆龙德庆 	duīlóngdéqìng	(N) Duilongdeqing (place in Tibet)
堇	jǐn	yellow loam;clay;season;few
堈	gāng	earthen jug, crock, cistern
堉	yù	fertile soil
堋	péng	target in archery
堌	gù	place name
堍	tù	side of bridge
堎	líng	mound;tomb
堑 / 塹 	qiàn	moat around a city
堕 / 墮 	duò	degenerate;fall
堕云雾 / 墮雲霧 	duòyúnwù	lit.: to become lost in a fog;fig.: at a complete loss
堕楼	duòlòu	to jump to one's death
堕胎 / 墮胎 	duòtāi	to induce an abortion;induced abortion
堕落 / 墮落 	duòluò	to debase;(morally) degenerate;to sink (into crime)
堙	yīn	bury;mound;to dam;close
堞	dié	battlements
堠	hòu	mounds for beacons
堡	bǎo	an earthwork;castle;position of defense;stronghold
堡	pù	character used in place names
堡垒 / 堡壘 	bǎolěi	fort
堤	dī	dike
堤	dī	dike
堤岸	dī'àn	embankment
堤防	dīfáng	dyke;embankment;levee
堧	ruán	adjoin
堨	è	dam;to stop;check
堪	kān	endure;may;can
堪培拉	kānpéilā	Canberra (capital of Australia)
堪察加半岛 / 堪察加半島 	kānchájiābàndǎo	Kamchatka peninsula
堪萨斯 / 堪薩斯 	kānsàsī	Kansas (U.S. state)
堪萨斯州 / 堪薩斯州 	kānsàsīzhōu	Kansas (U.S. state)
堭	huáng	a dry moat outside a city wall;a dry ditch
堮	è	a boundary;a border
堯 / 尧 	yáo	(surname);emperor Yao
堰	yàn	weir
報 / 报 	bào	to announce;to inform;report;newspaper;recompense;revenge
報仇 / 报仇 	bàochóu	to revenge (oneself);to avenge
報以 / 报以 	bàoyǐ	to give in return
報信 / 报信 	bàoxìn	notify;inform
報價 / 报价 	bàojià	quoted price
報償 / 报偿 	bàocháng	repay;recompense
報分 / 报分 	bàofēn	call the score
報刊 / 报刊 	bàokān	newspapers and periodicals;the press
報到 / 报到 	bàodào	report for duty;check in;register
報務員 / 报务员 	bàowùyuán	telegraph operator;radio operator
報名 / 报名 	bàomíng	enter one's name;apply;sign up
報告 / 报告 	bàogào	to inform;report;make known;speech;talk;lecture
報告會 / 报告会 	bàogàohuì	public lecture (with guest speakers, etc)
報喜 / 报喜 	bàoxǐ	announce good news;report success
報單 / 报单 	bàodān	taxation form;declaration form
報國 / 报国 	bàoguó	dedicate oneself to the service of one's country
報失 / 报失 	bàoshī	report the loss to the authorities concerned
報導 / 报导 	bàodǎo	to cover (report) news;news reporting;story;article
報帳 / 报帐 	bàozhàng	render an account;submit an expense account;apply for reimbursement
報幕 / 报幕 	bàomù	announce the items on a (theatrical) program
報廢 / 报废 	bàofèi	report as worthless;discard as worthless;reject;scrap
報復 / 报复 	bàofù	make reprisals;retaliate;revenge;retaliation
報恩 / 报恩 	bào'ēn	pay a debt of gratitude
報應 / 报应 	bàoyìng	retribution;judgment
報戶口 / 报户口 	bàohùkǒu	apply for a resident permit
報捷 / 报捷 	bàojié	report a success;announce a victory
報攤 / 报摊 	bàotān	newsstand
報效 / 报效 	bàoxiào	render service to repay kindness
報數 / 报数 	bàoshù	number off;count off
報時 / 报时 	bàoshí	give the correct time
報曉 / 报晓 	bàoxiǎo	herald the break of day
報案 / 报案 	bào'àn	report a case to the security authorities
報界 / 报界 	bàojiè	the press;journalistic circles;the journalists
報社 / 报社 	bàoshè	general office of a newspaper;newspaper office
報稅 / 报税 	bàoshuì	declare dutiable goods;make a statement of dutiable goods
報窩 / 报窝 	bàowō	brood;hatch
報章 / 报章 	bàozhāng	newspapers
報端 / 报端 	bàoduān	in the newspaper(s)
報答 / 报答 	bàodá	repay;requite
報系 / 报系 	bàoxì	newspaper chain;syndicate
報紙 / 报纸 	bàozhǐ	newspaper;newsprint
報紙報導 / 报纸报导 	bàozhǐbàodǎo	newspaper report
報考 / 报考 	bàokǎo	enter oneself for an examination
報表 / 报表 	bàobiǎo	forms for reporting statistics;report forms
報話機 / 报话机 	bàohuàjī	walkie-talkie;portable radio transmitter
報警 / 报警 	bàojǐng	report (an incident) to the police;give an alarm
報道 / 报道 	bàodào	report
報酬 / 报酬 	bàochóu	reward;remuneration
報銷 / 报销 	bàoxiāo	submit an expense account;apply for reimbursement;write-off;wipe out
報關 / 报关 	bàoguān	declare at customs;apply to customs
報頭 / 报头 	bàotóu	masthead (of a newspaper, etc.);nameplate
報館 / 报馆 	bàoguǎn	newspaper office
堲	jí	hate
堳	méi	low wall
堵	dǔ	stop up
堵住	dǔzhù	to block up
堵塞	dǔsè	to block;to stop;blockage
堵車 / 堵车 	dǔchē	traffic jam;choking
堽	gāng	mound
堿	jiǎn	alkali;soda
塁	lěi	Japanese variant of T:__壘__ S:__垒__
塈	jì	to brick a grave;to snuff out
塋 / 茔 	yíng	a grave
塌	tā	collapse
塌下	tāxià	collapse
塌方	tāfāng	to cave in;to collapse;a landslide
塍	chéng	raised path between fields
塑	sù	to model (a figure) in clay
塑性	sùxìng	plasticity
塑料	sùliào	plastics
塑胶 / 塑膠 	sùjiāo	plastic cement
塑造	sùzào	(v) model or mould sth;(v) use words or writing to portray
塓	mì	to plaster;whitewash (wall)
塔	tǎ	pagoda;tower
塔什干	tǎshígān	Tashkent (capital of Uzbekistan)
塔克拉玛干 / 塔克拉瑪干 	tǎkèlāmǎgàn	the Taklaman desert in Xinjiang
塔克拉馬干 / 塔克拉马干 	tǎkèlāmǎgān	Taklamakan (desert)
塔利班	tǎlìbān	Taliban
塔吉克	tǎjíkè	Tajik (nationality)
塔吉克人	tǎjíkèrén	Tajik
塔吉克斯坦	tǎjíkèsītǎn	Tajikistan
塔吉克族	tǎjíkèzú	the Tajik people (race)
塔城	tǎchéng	(N) Tacheng (city in Xinjiang)
塔城地区 / 塔城地區 	tǎchéngdìqū	(N) Tacheng district (district in Xinjiang)
塔塔尔 / 塔塔爾 	tǎtǎ'ěr	Tatar (nationality);Tartar
塔尔寺 / 塔爾寺 	tǎ'ěrsì	(N) Kumbum, Chinese Ta'er (monastery in Amdo prov. of Tibet, pres. Gansu)
塔崩	tǎbēng	tabun
塔崩水解酶	tǎbēngshuǐjiěméi	tabunase
塔拉瓦	tǎlāwǎ	Tarawa (capital of Kiribati)
塔斯曼尼亚 / 塔斯曼尼亞 	tǎsīmànníyà	Tasmania
塔斯馬尼亞洲 / 塔斯马尼亚洲 	tǎsīmǎníyàzhōu	Tasmania
塔林	tǎlín	Tallinn (capital of Estonia)
塔河	tǎhé	(N) Tahe (place in Heilongjiang)
塔里木	tǎlǐmù	the Tarim Basin in southern Xinjiang
塔里木盆地	tǎlǐmùpéndì	the Tarim Basin in southern Xinjiang
塕	wěng	a gust of wind
塗	tú	to smear;daub
塗抹 / 涂抹 	túmǒ	to smear;to doodle
塗油於 / 涂油于 	túyóuyú	anoint
塗鴉 / 涂鸦 	túyā	graffiti;scrawl;poor calligraphy;to write badly;to scribble
塗鴨 / 涂鸭 	túyā	graffiti;scrawl;poor calligraphy;to write badly;to scribble
塘	táng	pond
塘沽区 / 塘沽區 	tánggūqū	(N) Tanggu (area in Tianjin)
塙	què	truly
塚	zhǒng	mound
塝	bàng	the edge;border of a field
塞	sāi	stop up;to squeeze in;to stuff;Serb (abbr.);Serbian
塞	sài	strategic pass
塞	sè	piston;unenlightened
塞內加爾 / 塞内加尔 	sàinèijiā'ěr	Senegal
塞子	sāizi	cork;plug
塞尔南 / 塞爾南 	sài'ěrnán	(Eugene) Cernan (Apollo 17 astronaut)
塞尔特 / 塞爾特 	sāi'ěrtè	Celtic
塞尔特语 / 塞爾特語 	sāi'ěrtèyǔ	Celtic language
塞尔维亚 / 塞爾維亞 	sāi'ěrwéiyà	Serbia
塞尔维亚克罗地亚语 / 塞爾維亞克羅地亞語 	sāi'ěrwéiyàkèluódìyàyǔ	Serbo-Croatian (language)
塞尔维亚语 / 塞爾維亞語 	sāi'ěrwéiyàyǔ	Serbian (language)
塞拉凡	sàilāfán	(Sonny) Seraphin (Haitian ambassador to Taiwan)
塞拉利昂	sàilālì'áng	Sierra Leone
塞族	sāizú	Serb nationality;ethnic Serb;Serbs
塞浦路斯	sàipǔlùsī	Cyprus
塞舌尔 / 塞舌爾 	sāishé'ěr	Seychelles
塞舌尔群岛 / 塞舌爾群島 	sàishé'ěrqúndǎo	Seychelles
塞韋里諾 / 塞韦里诺 	sàiwéilǐnuò	\(Jean-Michel\)\ Severino \(World Bank vice-president, East Asia and Pacific\)
塥	gé	dry clay lump
塩	yán	Japanese variant of T:__鹽__ S:__盐__
填	tián	to fill in
填充	tiánchōng	pad;padding
填写 / 填寫 	tiánxiě	(v) fill or write in a blank spot on a form
填塞	tiánsè	stuff
填满 / 填滿 	tiánmǎn	cram
填空	tiánkòng	(v) fill a job vacancy
填补 / 填補 	tiánbǔ	(v) fill in a gap or omission
塱	lǎng	raised bank;mud wall
塵 / 尘 	chén	dust;dirt;earth
塵世 / 尘世 	chénshì	this mortal life;the mundane world
塵土 / 尘土 	chéntǔ	dust
塵埃 / 尘埃 	chén'āi	dust
塵封 / 尘封 	chénfēng	covered with dust;dust-laden;to be laid idle for a long time
塼	zhuān	brick
塽	shuǎng	elevated prominent ground
塾	shú	private tutorage
塿	lǒu	small mound
墀	chí	courtyard
墁	màn	to plaster
境	jìng	border;place;condition;boundary;circumstances;territory
境內 / 境内 	jìngnèi	within (a country's) borders
境况 / 境況 	jìngkuàng	circumstances
境地	jìngdì	circumstances
境外	jìngwài	outside (a country's) borders
境界	jìngjiè	boundary;state;realm
境遇	jìngyù	circumstance
墅	shù	villa
墈	kàn	cliff
墉	yōng	fortified wall
墐	jǐn	bury;plaster with mud
墓	mù	tomb
墓园 / 墓園 	mùyuán	memorial park
墓地	mùdì	cemetery
墓志铭 / 墓誌銘 	mùzhìmíng	epitaph
墓穴	mùxué	tomb;grave
墓葬	mùzàng	to bury in a grave;grave;tomb
増	zēng	Japanese variant of __增__
墙 / 牆 	qiáng	wall
墙壁 / 牆壁 	qiángbì	wall
墝	qiāo	stony soil
增	zēng	to increase;to expand;to add
增产 / 增產 	zēngchǎn	increase production
增值	zēngzhí	appreciation (of a car, house, etc.);increase in value
增值稅 / 增值税 	zēngzhíshuì	(n) value-added tax;VAT
增删 / 增刪 	zēngshān	add and delete
增加	zēngjiā	to raise;to increase
增城	zēngchéng	(N) Zengcheng (city in Guangdong)
增多	zēngduō	to increase;to grow in number
增大	zēngdà	(v) enlarge;amplify
增強 / 增强 	zēngqiáng	to increase;to strengthen
增援	zēngyuán	reinforce
增殖反应堆 / 增殖反應堆 	zēngzhífǎnyìngduī	breeder reactor
增添	zēngtiān	add to;increase
增温层 / 增溫層 	zēngwēncéng	thermosphere;ionosphere
增补 / 增補 	zēngbǔ	(n) subjoinder;(vt) append
增訂 / 增订 	zēngdìng	revise and enlarge
增訂本 / 增订本 	zēngdìngběn	revised and enlarged edition
增設 / 增设 	zēngshè	(v) add something new
增进 / 增進 	zēngjìn	promote;enhance
增長 / 增长 	zēngzhǎng	grow;increase
增長率 / 增长率 	zēngzhǎnglǜ	growth rate
增高	zēnggāo	heighten;raise up
墟	xū	old burial grounds
墠	shàn	level spot for sacrifices
墦	fán	a grave
墨	mò	China ink;ink stick
墨尔本 / 墨爾本 	mò'ěrběn	Melbourne
墨尔钵 / 墨爾缽 	mò'ěrbō	Melbourne (an Australian city)
墨水	mòshuǐ	ink
墨水儿 / 墨水兒 	mòshuǐr	ink
墨水瓶架	mòshuǐpíngjià	inkstand
墨汁	mòzhī	prepared Chinese ink
墨江哈尼族自治县 / 墨江哈尼族自治縣 	mòjiānghānízúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Mojiang Ha'nizu autonomous county (county in Yunnan)
墨玉	mòyù	(N) Moyu (place in Xinjiang)
墨竹工卡	mòzhúgōngkǎ	(N) Mozhugongka (place in Tibet)
墨脫 / 墨脱 	mòtuō	(N) Motuo (place in Tibet)
墨西哥	mòxīgē	Mexico
墨西哥人	mòxīgērén	Mexican
墨西哥城	mòxīgēchéng	Mexico City (capital of Mexico)
墨西哥湾 / 墨西哥灣 	mòxīgēwān	Gulf of Mexico
墨鏡 / 墨镜 	mòjìng	sunglasses
墩	dūn	block;gate pillar;pier
墫 / 壿 
樽	zūn	goblet;bottle;wine-jar
墬	dí	drop;fall
墺	ào	building-plot
壁	bì	wall;rampart
壁助	bìzhù	help;assistant
壁垒 / 壁壘 	bìlěi	rampart;barrier
壁垒森严 / 壁壘森嚴 	bìlěisēnyán	closely guarded;strongly fortified;sharply divided
壁報 / 壁报 	bìbào	wall newspaper
壁山县 / 壁山縣 	bìshānxiàn	(N) Bishan county (county in Sichuan)
壁挂 / 壁掛 	bìguà	wall hanging
壁效应 / 壁效應 	bìxiàoyìng	wall effect
壁架	bìjià	ledge
壁橱 / 壁櫥 	bìchú	a built-in wardrobe or cupboard;closet
壁毯	bìtǎn	tapestry (used as a wall hanging)
壁灯 / 壁燈 	bìdēng	wall lamp;bracket light
壁炉 / 壁爐 	bìlú	fireplace
壁球	bìqiú	squash (sport)
壁画 / 壁畫 	bìhuà	mural (painting);fresco
壁立	bìlì	(of cliffs, etc.) stand like a wall;rise steeply
壁紙 / 壁纸 	bìzhǐ	wallpaper
壁虎	bìhǔ	gecko;house lizard
壁虱	bìshī	tick;bedbug
壁龕 / 壁龛 	bìkān	niche
壅	yōng	obstruct;stop up
壆	bó	stiff, hard clay or rocky strata;crack in a jar
壈	lǎn	disappointed
壊	huài	Japanese variant of T:__壞__ S:__坏__
壌	rǎng	Japanese variant of __壤__
壎	xūn	ancient porcelain wind-instrument
壑	hè	gully
壒	ài	dust;mud
壔	dǎo	column;cylinder
壕	háo	air-raid shelter;trench
壕沟 / 壕溝 	háogōu	trench;moat
壖	ruán	land on water edge or under wall
壞	huài	bad
壤	rǎng	soil;earth
壤土	rǎngtǔ	compost;garden soil;loam
壤塘	rǎngtáng	(N) Rangtang (place in Sichuan)
士	shì	scholar;warrior;knight
士兵	shìbīng	soldier
士师记 / 士師記 	shìshījì	Judges
士林区 / 士林區 	shìlínqū	(N) Shihlin (area in Taiwan)
壬	rén	9th heavenly stem
壮 / 壯 	zhuàng	to strengthen;strong;robust
壮丽 / 壯麗 	zhuànglì	magnificence;magnificent;majestic;glorious
壮举	zhuàngjǔ	magnificent feat;impressive feat;heroic undertaking;heroic attempt
壮围乡 / 壯圍鄉 	zhuàngwéixiāng	(N) Chuangwei (village in Taiwan)
壮士 / 壯士 	zhuàngshì	(n) hero, heroic man, warrior
壮大 / 壯大 	zhuàngdà	to expand;to strengthen
壮志 / 壯志 	zhuàngzhì	(adj) great goal;magnificent aspiration
壮烈 / 壯烈 	zhuàngliè	(adj) brave and honorable
壮观 / 壯觀 	zhuàngguān	spectacular;magnificent sight
声 / 聲 	shēng	sound;voice;(a measure word, used for sounds);tone;noise
声价 / 聲價 	shēngjià	reputation
声势 / 聲勢 	shēngshì	(n) momentum
声响 / 聲響 	shēngxiǎng	(n) sound;noise
声带 / 聲帶 	shēngdài	vocal cord(s)
声张 / 聲張 	shēngzhāng	disclose;make public
声援 / 聲援 	shēngyuán	support (a cause)
声旁错误 / 聲旁錯誤 	shēngpángcuòwù	phonological error
声明 / 聲明 	shēngmíng	statement;declaration
声明书 / 聲明書 	shēngmíngshū	statement
声望 / 聲望 	shēngwàng	prestige
声母 / 聲母 	shēngmǔ	initial consonant (of a Chinese syllable);initial
声气 / 聲氣 	shēngqì	(n) voice;tone
声浪 / 聲浪 	shēnglàng	clamor
声称 / 聲稱 	shēngchēng	to claim;to state;to proclaim;to assert
声纳 / 聲納 	shēngnà	sonar (sound navigation and ranging)
声言 / 聲言 	shēngyán	profess;pronouncement;declare;declaration
声誉 / 聲譽 	shēngyù	fame
声说 / 聲說 	shēngshuō	narrate
声调 / 聲調 	shēngdiào	tone;note
声调的调值 / 聲調的調值 	shēngdiàodediàozhí	pitch of tones
声调语言 / 聲調語言 	shēngdiàoyǔyán	tone language
声调轮廓 / 聲調輪廓 	shēngdiàolúnkuò	tone contour
声音 / 聲音 	shēngyīn	voice;sound
売	mài	Japanese variant of T:__賣__ S:__卖__;to sell
壳	ké	shell
壳	qiào	shell;crust
壳	qiào	shell
壶 / 壺 	hú	pot;(a measure word)
壶关 / 壺關 	húguān	(N) Huguan (place in Shanxi)
壹	yī	one (alternate form of __一__ used on checks)
壼	kǔn	palace corridor or passageway
壽 / 寿 	shòu	(long) life
壽光 / 寿光 	shòuguāng	(N) Shouguang (city in Shandong)
壽司 / 寿司 	shòusī	sushi
壽命 / 寿命 	shòumìng	life span;life expectancy
壽寧 / 寿宁 	shòuníng	(N) Shouning (place in Fujian)
壽星 / 寿星 	shòuxīng	god of longevity
壽材 / 寿材 	shòucái	coffin
壽桃 / 寿桃 	shòutáo	birthday peaches
壽王墳 / 寿王坟 	shòuwángfén	(N) Shouwangfen (place in Hebei)
壽禮 / 寿礼 	shòulǐ	birthday present (for an old person)
壽縣 / 寿县 	shòuxiàn	(N) Shou county (county in Anhui)
壽衣 / 寿衣 	shòuyī	burial clothes
壽豐鄉 / 寿丰乡 	shòufēngxiāng	(N) Shoufeng (village in Taiwan)
壽辰 / 寿辰 	shòuchén	birthday (of an old person)
壽陽 / 寿阳 	shòuyáng	(N) Shouyang (place in Shanxi)
壽麵 / 寿面 	shòumiàn	birthday noodles (for longevity)
处 / 處 	chǔ	to reside;to live;to dwell;to be in;to stay;get along with;to be in a position of;deal with
处 / 處 	chù	a place;location;spot;point;office;department;bureau;respect
处世 / 處世 	chǔshì	to conduct oneself in society
处世原则 / 處世原则 	chǔshìyuánzé	a maxim;one's principles
处事 / 處事 	chǔshì	(v) handle affairs;deal with matters,
处事原则 / 處事原则 	chǔshìyuánzé	a maxim;one's principles
处于 / 處於 	chǔyú	be (in some state, position, or condition)
处决 / 處決 	chǔjué	execute (a condemned criminal)
处分 / 處分 	chǔfēn	disposal
处境 / 處境 	chǔjìng	plight
处处 / 處處 	chùchù	everywhere;in all respects
处女 / 處女 	chǔnǚ	virgin
处女座 / 處女座 	chǔnǚzuò	(astr.) Virgo
处女航 / 處女航 	chǔnǚháng	maiden voyage
处方 / 處方 	chǔfāng	(n) medical prescription
处死 / 處死 	chǔsǐ	an execution;to put someone to death
处理 / 處理 	chǔlǐ	to handle;to treat;to deal with;to process
处理器 / 處理器 	chǔlǐqì	processor
处罚 / 處罰 	chǔfá	penalize;punish
处置 / 處置 	chǔzhì	(v) handle;take care of;(v) punish
夆	féng	to butt (as horned animals)
変	biàn	to change;to transform;to alter;to rebel;nonstandard form of character T:__變__ S:__变__
夌	líng	to dawdle;the name of the father of the Emperor Yao
复 / 復 	fù	again;recover;reply to a letter;to repeat;to duplicate
复习 / 復習 	fùxí	to revise;to review
复仇 / 復仇 	fùchóu	avenge;vengeance
复会 / 復會 	fùhuì	resume a meeting
复健 / 復健 	fùjiàn	rehabilitation;recuperate
复元 / 復元 	fùyuán	recovery
复兴 / 復興 	fùxīng	restore;the Renaissance
复兴乡 / 復興鄉 	fùxīngxiāng	(N) Fuhsing (village in Taiwan)
复兴时代 / 復興時代 	fùxīngshídài	the Renaissance
复写纸 / 複寫紙 	fùxiězhǐ	carbon paper
复制 / 複製 	fùzhì	to duplicate;to reproduce;to make a copy of;to copy
复制品 / 複製品 	fùzhìpǐn	reproduction
复印 / 複印 	fùyìn	(v) make a photocopy;duplicate document
复原 / 復原 	fùyuán	heal;recovery;restitution;reconstruction
复发 / 復發 	fùfā	(n) reappearance;(vi) reappear
复变 / 複變 	fùbiàn	(math.) complex variable
复变函数 / 複變函數 	fùbiànhánshù	(math.) function of a complex variable
复变函数论 / 複變函數論 	fùbiànhánshùlùn	(math.) theory of functions of a complex variable
复合 / 複合 	fùhé	complex;compound
复合词素词 / 複合詞素詞 	fùhécísùcí	polymorphemic
复婚 / 復婚 	fùhūn	to remarry (the same person)
复学 / 復學 	fùxué	(v) resume one's interrupted studies
复审 / 復審 	fùshěn	reexamine (a judicial case)
复数 / 複數 	fùshù	plural;(math.) complex number
复数平面 / 複數平面 	fùshùpíngmiàn	(math.) the complex plane;(math.) Argand plane
复旦大学 / 復旦大學 	fùdàndàxué	Fudan university (Shanghai)
复本 / 複本 	fùběn	copy
复杂 / 複雜 	fùzá	complicated;complex
复杂性 / 複雜性 	fùzáxìng	complexity
复杂系统 / 複雜系統 	fùzáxìtǒng	complex system
复活 / 復活 	fùhuó	resurrection
复活节 / 復活節 	fùhuójié	Easter
复苏 / 復甦 	fùsū	recovery (health, economic)
复辟 / 復辟 	fùbì	(v) recover one's power or authority;to restore (a past system)
复述 / 復述 	fùshù	repeat;retell
复韵母 / 複韻母 	fùyùnmǔ	compound final
夏	xià	summer;Xia (proper name);the Xia or Hsia dynasty c. 2000 BC
夏历 / 夏曆 	xiàlì	the traditional Chinese lunar calendar
夏县 / 夏縣 	xiàxiàn	(N) Xia county (county in Shanxi)
夏士莲 / 夏士蓮 	xiǎshǐlián	Hazeline (Unilever product)
夏天	xiàtiān	summer
夏威夷	xiàwēiyí	Hawaii
夏娃	xiàwá	Eve (the first woman in Christian mythology)
夏季	xiàjì	summer
夏河	xiàhé	(N) Xiahe (place in Gansu)
夏津	xiàjīn	(N) Xiajin (place in Shandong)
夏至	xiàzhì	the summer solstice
夏邑	xiàyì	(N) Xiayi (place in Henan)
夔	kuí	one-legged monster;respectful
夕	xī	evening
夕	xì	dusk
夕阳 / 夕陽 	xīyáng	sunset;the setting sun
外	wài	outside;in addition;foreign;external
外事	wàishì	foreign affairs
外交	wàijiāo	diplomacy;diplomatic;foreign affairs
外交关系 / 外交關係 	wàijiāoguānxì	foreign relations;diplomatic relations
外交大臣	wàijiāodàchén	Foreign Secretary;(UK) Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
外交官	wàijiāoguān	diplomat
外交家	wàijiāojiā	a diplomat
外交手腕	wàijiāoshǒuwàn	diplomatic
外交部	wàijiāobù	Foreign Affairs ministry;foreign office;Dept. of State
外交部長 / 外交部长 	wàijiāobùzhǎng	minister of foreign affairs
外交風波 / 外交风波 	wàijiāofēngbō	diplomatic crisis
外人	wàirén	foreigner
外來 / 外来 	wàilái	external;foreign;outside
外來投資 / 外来投资 	wàiláitóuzi	foreign investment
外來物種 / 外来物种 	wàiláiwùzhǒng	an introduced species
外來詞 / 外来词 	wàiláicí	loanword
外侧裂周区 / 外側裂周區 	wàicèlièzhōuqū	Perisylvian
外八字腿	wàibāzìtuǐ	(n) bowed legs;bandy legs
外公	wàigōng	(informal) mother's father;maternal grandfather
外出	wàichū	(v) go out;go away from one's present physical position
外力	wàilì	(n) external force;foreign pressure
外加附件	wàijiāfùjiàn	add-on (software);plug-in (software)
外务省 / 外務省 	wàiwùshěng	foreign ministry (e.g. of Japan or Korea)
外包	wàibāo	outsourcing
外匯 / 外汇 	wàihuì	foreign (currency) exchange
外匯儲備 / 外汇储备 	wàihuìchǔbèi	foreign-exchange reserves
外卖 / 外賣 	wàimài	to go;take out (relates to food bought at a restaurant)
外号 / 外號 	wàihào	nickname
外向	wàixiàng	extroverted
外向型	wàixiàngxíng	(n) economic system where products are manufactured for distant or foreign export
外商	wàishāng	foreign businessman
外围 / 外圍 	wàiwéi	surrounding
外国 / 外國 	wàiguó	foreign (country)
外国人 / 外國人 	wàiguórén	foreigner
外国公司 / 外國公司 	wàiguógōngsī	foreign company
外国投资者 / 外國投資者 	wàiguótóuzīzhě	foreign investor
外国旅游者 / 外國旅遊者 	wàiguólǚyóuzhě	foreign traveler
外国资本 / 外國資本 	wàiguózīběn	foreign capital
外在	wàizài	(adj) external;extrinsic
外地	wàidì	parts of the country other than where one is;foreign lands
外埔乡 / 外埔鄉 	wàibùxiāng	(N) Waipu (village in Taiwan)
外壳 / 外殼 	wàiké	envelope
外头 / 外頭 	wàitou	outside;out
外套	wàitào	coat
外婆	wàipó	(informal) mother's mother;maternal grandmother
外孙 / 外孫 	wàisūn	daughter's son;grandson
外孙女 / 外孫女 	wàisūnnǚ	daughter's daughter;granddaughter
外孙女儿 / 外孫女兒 	wàisūnnǚr	granddaughter (daughter of one's daughter)
外宾 / 外賓 	wàibīn	(n) foreign guests
外小腿	wàixiǎotuǐ	shin
外形	wàixíng	figure;shape
外文	wàiwén	foreign language (written)
外星人	wàixīngrén	space alien;extra-terrestrial
外流	wàiliú	outflow;to flow out;to drain
外源	wàiyuán	exogenous
外滩 / 外灘 	wàitān	Waitan (the Bund), in Shanghai
外照射	wàizhàoshè	external irradiation
外甥	wàishēng	sister's son;wife's sibling's son
外甥女	wàishengnǚ	sister's daughter;wife's sibling's daughter
外甥女婿	wàishengnǚxu	sister's daughter's husband
外甥媳妇 / 外甥媳婦 	wàishengxífù	sister's son's wife
外用	wàiyòng	external
外电 / 外電 	wàidiàn	reports from foreign (non-Chinese) news agencies
外界	wàijiè	the outside world;external
外相	wàixiàng	Foreign Minister
外祖母	wàizǔmǔ	mother's mother;maternal grandmother
外祖父	wàizǔfù	mother's father;maternal grandfather
外科	wàikē	surgical department
外科医生 / 外科醫生 	wàikēyīshēng	surgeon
外科手术 / 外科手術 	wàikēshǒushù	surgery
外籍	wàijí	foreign nationality
外行	wàiháng	layman;amateur
外衣	wàiyī	outer clothing;semblance;appearance
外表	wàibiǎo	external;outside;outward appearance
外袍	wàipáo	robe
外觀 / 外观 	wàiguān	(n) exterior condition;exterior appearance
外語 / 外语 	wàiyǔ	foreign language
外貌	wàimào	profile;appearance
外貿 / 外贸 	wàimào	foreign trade
外資 / 外资 	wàizī	foreign investment
外边 / 外邊 	wàibian	(n) outside;(n) exterior surface;(n) place other than one's home town
外遇	wàiyù	an extramarital affair
外邦人	wàibāngrén	gentile
外部	wàibù	external part;external
外長 / 外长 	wàizhǎng	foreign minister;secretary of state;minister of foreign affairs
外院	wàiyuàn	outer courtyard
外面	wàimian	outside
夘	mǎo	variant of __卯__;variant of __夗__
夙	sù	morning
多	duō	many;much;a lot of;numerous;multi-
多久	duōjiǔ	how long?
多么 / 多麼 	duōme	how (wonderful, etc);what (a great idea, etc);however (difficult it may be, etc)
多义关系 / 多義關係 	duōyìguānxì	equivocality
多义性 / 多義性 	duōyìxìng	equivocality
多事	duōshì	meddlesome;eventful
多亏 / 多虧 	duōkuī	thanks to;luckily
多伊尔 / 多伊爾 	duōyī'ěr	Doyle (name)
多伦 / 多倫 	duōlún	(N) Duolun (place in Inner Mongolia)
多伦多 / 多倫多 	duōlúnduō	Toronto, Canada
多余	duōyú	excessive;superfluous
多元	duōyuán	poly-;multi-;multielement;multivariant;multivariate (math.)
多元不飽和脂肪酸 / 多元不饱和脂肪酸 	duōyuánbùbǎohézhīfángsuān	polyunsaturated fatty acid
多元化	duōyuánhuà	pluralism
多党 / 多黨 	duōdǎng	multiparty
多党选举 / 多黨選舉 	duōdǎngxuǎnjǔ	multiparty election
多劳多得 / 多勞多得 	duōláoduōdé	work more and get more
多半	duōbàn	chiefly;likelihood
多变 / 多變 	duōbiàn	fickle;multi-variate (math.)
多叶 / 多葉 	duōyè	leafy
多哈	duōhā	Doha (capital of Qatar)
多哥	duōgē	Togo
多大	duōdà	how big;how much;how old;etc.
多媒体 / 多媒體 	duōméitǐ	multimedia
多宝鱼 / 多寶魚 	duōbǎoyú	turbot;European imported turbot;same as T:__大菱鮃__ S:__大菱鲆__
多少	duōshǎo	number;amount;somewhat
多少	duōshao	how much;how many;which (number);as much as
多尔 / 多爾 	duō'ěr	(Bob) Dole
多层复 / 多層復 	duōcéngfù	(math.) many-sheeted cover
多层次分析模型 / 多層次分析模型 	duōcéngcìfēnxīmóxíng	multilevel analysis model
多山	duōshān	mountainous
多工	duōgōng	to multiplex;multiple;multi-
多工作业 / 多工作業 	duōgōngzuòyè	multitasking
多工化	duōgōnghuà	to multiplex
多工器	duōgōngqì	multiplexer
多工运作 / 多工運作 	duōgōngyùnzuò	multithreading
多巴胺	duōbā'àn	dopamine
多年	duōnián	many years
多年以來 / 多年以来 	duōniányǐlái	for many years (in the past)
多年來 / 多年来 	duōniánlái	for the past many years
多心	duōxīn	oversensitive;suspicious
多数 / 多數 	duōshù	majority;most
多数党 / 多數黨 	duōshùdǎng	majority party
多方	duōfāng	in many ways;from all sides
多方面	duōfāngmiàn	many-sided;in many aspects
多明尼加共和国 / 多明尼加共和國 	duōmíngníjiāgònghéguó	Dominican Republic
多星	duōxīng	starry
多束	duōshù	multibeam (e.g., laser)
多树木 / 多樹木 	duōshùmù	wooded
多样 / 多樣 	duōyàng	diversity;manifold
多样化 / 多樣化 	duōyànghuà	diversification;to diversify
多样性 / 多樣性 	duōyàngxìng	(n) variegation;diversity
多模	duōmó	multimode
多模光纖 / 多模光纤 	duōmóguāngxiān	multimode fiber
多次	duōcì	many times;repeatedly
多氯联苯 / 多氯聯苯 	duōlǜliánběn	polychlorinated biphenyl;PCB
多水分	duōshuǐfèn	juicy
多瑙	duōnǎo	the Danube
多瑙河	duōnǎohé	the Danube
多用戶 / 多用户 	duōyònghù	multiuser
多疑	duōyí	skeptical
多种 / 多種 	duōzhǒng	many kinds of;multiple;diverse;multi-
多种语言 / 多種語言 	duōzhǒngyǔyán	multilingual
多种语言支持 / 多種語言支持 	duōzhǒngyǔyánzhīchí	multilingual support
多站	duōzhàn	multistation
多站地址	duōzhàndìzhǐ	multicast address;multistation address
多端	duōduān	multiport;multistation;multiterminal
多端中繼器 / 多端中继器 	duōduānzhōngjìqì	multiport repeater
多米尼克	duōmǐníkè	Dominica
多米尼加	duōmǐníjiā	(n) Dominica
多米尼加共和国 / 多米尼加共和國 	duōmǐníjiāgònghéguó	Dominican Republic
多糖 / 多醣 	duōtáng	polysaccharide
多細胞 / 多细胞 	duōxìbāo	multicellular
多細胞生物 / 多细胞生物 	duōxìbāoshēngwù	multicellular life form
多肽	duōtài	polypeptide
多肽连 / 多肽連 	duōtàilián	polypeptide chain
多腺染色体 / 多腺染色體 	duōxiànrǎnsètǐ	polytene chromosome
多謝 / 多谢 	duōxiè	many thanks;thanks a lot
多边 / 多邊 	duōbiān	multilateral
多边合作 / 多邊合作 	duōbiānhézuò	multilateral cooperation
多項式 / 多项式 	duōxiàngshì	(math.) polynomial;(math.) multinomial
多項式方程 / 多项式方程 	duōxiàngshìfāngchéng	(math.) polynomial equation
多項式方程組 / 多项式方程组 	duōxiàngshìfāngchéngzǔ	(math.) system of polynomial equations
多餘	duōyú	excessive;superfluous
多餘	duōyú	superfluous;unnecessary;surplus
多馀	duōyú	superfluous;unnecessary;surplus
夜	yè	night
夜光	yèguāng	luminous
夜幕	yèmù	(n) curtain of night;gathering darkness
夜店	yèdiàn	night club
夜晚	yèwǎn	night
夜曲	yèqǔ	night melody, nocturne
夜班	yèbān	(n) the night work shift
夜盲症	yèmángzhèng	night blindness;nyctalopia
夜空	yèkōng	night sky
夜莺 / 夜鶯 	yèyīng	nightingale
夜裡 / 夜里 	yèlǐ	(n) during the night;at night
夜間 / 夜间 	yèjiān	nighttime;evening or night (e.g., classes)
够 / 夠 	gòu	to reach;to be enough
夢 / 梦 	mèng	to dream
夢境 / 梦境 	mèngjìng	dreamland
夢寐 / 梦寐 	mèngmèi	dream;sleep
夢幻 / 梦幻 	mènghuàn	illusion
夢想 / 梦想 	mèngxiǎng	to dream of (in vain)
夢游症 / 梦游症 	mèngyóuzhèng	to sleepwalk
夢見 / 梦见 	mèngjian	to dream;to see in a dream
夢話 / 梦话 	mènghuà	daydream;to talk in one's sleep
夢遺 / 梦遗 	mèngyí	wet dream
夢魘 / 梦魇 	mèngyǎn	nightmare
夤	yín	late at night
夥	huǒ	assistant;partner;many;great;numerous
夥伴	huǒbàn	partner;companion
大	dà	big;huge;large;major;great;wide;deep;oldest;eldest
大	dài	doctor
大一些	dàyīxiē	a bit bigger
大不列顛 / 大不列颠 	dàbùlièdiān	Great Britain
大业 / 大業 	dàyè	great cause;great undertaking
大个儿 / 大個兒 	dàgèr	tall person
大中学生 / 大中學生 	dàzhōngxuésheng	university and high school students
大丰 / 大豐 	dàfēng	(N) Dafeng (place in Jiangsu)
大主教	dàzhǔjiào	Archbishop;Primate;Metropolitan
大举 / 大舉 	dàjǔ	carry out a large-scale (military) operation
大久保	dàjiǔbǎo	Oukubo (Japanese surname and place name)
大久保利通	dàjiǔbǎolìtōng	Oukubo Toshimichi (1830-1878, Japanese politician)
大事	dàshì	a major event;(do something) in a big way
大于 / 大於 	dàyú	(idiom) used between nouns to indicate relative size or importance, A is greater than B
大人	dàren	adult;grownup
大众 / 大眾 	dàzhòng	people;public;masses
大伙儿 / 大伙兒 	dàhuǒ'er	(pron) everyone
大会 / 大會 	dàhuì	general assembly;general meeting
大伯	dàbó	husband's older brother;brother-in-law
大体 / 大體 	dàtǐ	in general;on the whole
大余	dàyú	(N) Dayu (place in Jiangxi)
大使	dàshǐ	an ambassador;an envoy
大使館 / 大使馆 	dàshǐguǎn	embassy
大侠 / 大俠 	dàxiá	knight
大便	dàbiàn	to defecate;excrement;feces
大便乾燥 / 大便干燥 	dàbiàngānzào	constipated
大便祕結 / 大便秘结 	dàbiànmìjiē	constipation
大內鄉 / 大内乡 	dànèixiāng	(N) Tanei (village in Taiwan)
大公司	dàgōngsī	large company;corporation
大公无私 / 大公無私 	dàgōngwúsī	just and fair
大关 / 大關 	dàguān	(reach a) critical point
大兴 / 大興 	dàxīng	(N) Daxing (place in Beijing)
大写 / 大寫 	dàxiě	capital letters;block letters
大写锁定 / 大寫鎖定 	dàxiěsuǒdìng	caps lock
大农场 / 大農場 	dànóngchǎng	ranch
大冶	dàyě	(N) Daye (city in Hubei)
大刀闊斧 / 大刀阔斧 	dàdāokuòfǔ	bold and decisive
大分子	dàfēnzǐ	(chem.) macromolecule
大力	dàlì	energetic;vigorous;vigorously
大力发展 / 大力發展 	dàlìfāzhǎn	vigorous expansion;rapid development
大力神	dàlìshén	Titan
大功	dàgōng	great merit;great service
大功告成	dàgōnggàochéng	successfully accomplished (project or goal);to be highly successful
大包大揽 / 大包大攬 	dàbāodàlǎn	(idiom) not worry about conditions or responsibilities, but rather take it all;all round contract
大化瑤族自治縣 / 大化瑶族自治县 	dàhuàyáozúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Dahua Yaozu autonomous county (county in Guangxi)
大半	dàbàn	more than half;greater part;most
大卫 / 大衛 	dàwèi	David (name)
大卫 / 大衛 	dàiwèi	David
大厂回族自治县 / 大廠回族自治縣 	dàchǎnghuízúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Dachanghuizu autonomous county (county in Beijing)
大厅 / 大廳 	dàtīng	hall
大厦 / 大廈 	dàshà	edifice;mansion
大发雷霆 / 大發雷霆 	dàfāléitíng	extremely angry
大叶性肺炎 / 大葉性肺炎 	dàyèxìngfèiyán	lobar pneumonia
大吃	dàchī	gobble;eat quickly
大吉	dàjí	very auspicious;extremely lucky
大同	dàtóng	(N) Datong (place in Shanxi)
大同乡 / 大同鄉 	dàtóngxiāng	(N) Tatung (village in Taiwan)
大同区 / 大同區 	dàtóngqū	(N) Tatung (area in Taiwan)
大同小异 / 大同小異 	dàtóngxiǎoyì	almost similar;except slight differences
大名	dàmíng	(N) Daming (place in Hebei)
大吹大擂	dàchuīdàléi	make an exhibition of oneself;ostentation
大哥	dàgē	eldest brother
大哥大	dàgēdà	cellphone
大哭	dàkū	to cry loudly
大問題 / 大问题 	dàwèntí	great problem;large problem
大喊	dàhǎn	to shout
大喊大叫	dàhǎndàjiào	to call out loudly;to conduct vigorous propaganda;to rant
大喜	dàxǐ	exultation
大嗓	dàsǎng	loud voice
大器晚成	dàqìwǎnchéng	grand talents mature slowly
大园乡 / 大園鄉 	dàyuánxiāng	(N) Tayuan (village in Taiwan)
大国 / 大國 	dàguó	a power (i.e. a dominant country)
大地	dàdì	earth;mother earth
大地主	dàdìzhǔ	a large landowner
大地图 / 大地圖 	dàdìtú	atlas
大地洞	dàdìdòng	cavern
大地震	dàdìzhèn	great earthquake
大坂	dàbǎn	Osaka (city in Japan)
大型	dàxíng	large scale;wide scale;broad scale
大型企业 / 大型企業 	dàxíngqǐyè	large scale industry;major industry
大型強子對撞機 / 大型强子对撞机 	dàxíngqiángzǐduìzhuàngjī	the Large hadron collider (LHC) at CERN
大城乡 / 大城鄉 	dàchéngxiāng	(N) Tacheng (village in Taiwan)
大城县 / 大城縣 	dàchéngxiàn	(N) Dacheng county (county in Tianjin)
大城市	dàchéngshì	major city;big city;metropolis;metropolis;large city
大埔	dàbù	(N) Dabu (place in Guangdong)
大埔乡 / 大埔鄉 	dàbùxiāng	(N) Tapu (village in Taiwan)
大埤乡 / 大埤鄉 	dàpíxiāng	(N) Tapi (village in Taiwan)
大声 / 大聲 	dàshēng	loudly;loud
大多	dàduō	for the most part;many;most;the greater part;mostly
大多数 / 大多數 	dàduōshù	(great) majority
大夥	dàhuǒ	(n) a great number of people or things
大大	dàdà	greatly;enormously
大夫	dàifu	doctor
大失所望	dàshīsuǒwàng	greatly disappointed
大头钉 / 大頭釘 	dàtóudìng	tack
大奖 / 大獎 	dàjiǎng	(n) grand prix
大妈 / 大媽 	dàmā	father's elder brother's wife;aunt (affectionate term for an elderly woman)
大姑	dàgū	husband's older sister;sister-in-law
大姚	dàyáo	(N) Dayao (place in Yunnan)
大姨	dàyí	(informal) wife's elder sister;sister-in-law
大娘	dàniáng	(informal) father's older brother's wife;aunt
大媒体 / 大媒體 	dàméitǐ	macromedia
大嫂	dàsǎo	eldest brother's wife;sister-in-law
大学 / 大學 	dàxué	university
大学生 / 大學生 	dàxuéshēng	university student;college student
大宁 / 大寧 	dàníng	(N) Daning (place in Shanxi)
大安	dà'ān	(N) Da'an (city in Jilin)
大安乡 / 大安鄉 	dà'ānxiāng	(N) Taan (village in Taiwan)
大安区 / 大安區 	dà'ānqū	(N) Taan (area in Taiwan)
大家	dàjiā	authority;everyone
大容量	dàróngliàng	high capacity
大寮乡 / 大寮鄉 	dàliáoxiāng	(N) Taliao (village in Taiwan)
大将 / 大將 	dàjiàng	a general or admiral
大小	dàxiǎo	dimension;magnitude;size;measurement
大局	dàjú	general situation;present conditions
大屠杀 / 大屠殺 	dàtúshā	massacre;Holocaust
大山	dàshān	Dashan, Canadian celebrity in China
大师 / 大師 	dàshī	great master;master
大幅	dàfú	a big margin;substantially
大幅度	dàfúdù	by a wide margin;substantial
大庆 / 大慶 	dàqìng	(N) Daqing (city in Heilongjiang)
大庭广众 / 大庭廣眾 	dàtíngguǎngzhòng	public place with numerous people
大庸	dàyōng	(N) Dayong (city in Hunan)
大志	dàzhì	high aims
大快人心	dàkuàirénxīn	to the satisfaction of everyone
大悟	dàwù	(N) Dawu (place in Hubei)
大惊失色 / 大驚失色 	dàjīngshīsè	apprehensive
大惊小怪 / 大驚小怪 	dàjīngxiǎoguài	much fuss about nothing
大惑不解	dàhuòbùjiě	do not understand a certain thing
大意	dàyì	general idea;main idea;careless
大批	dàpī	large quantities of
大拇指	dàmuzhǐ	(n) thumb
大捕头 / 大捕頭 	dàbǔtóu	head constable
大提琴	dàtíqín	cello;violoncello
大敌当前 / 大敵當前 	dàdídāngqián	confront a powerful enemy
大教堂	dàjiàotáng	cathedral
大新	dàxīn	(N) Daxin (place in Guangxi)
大方	dàfāng	generous
大无畏 / 大無畏 	dàwúwèi	utterly fearless
大明鼎鼎	dàmíngdǐngdǐng	a grand reputation;renowned;famous
大昭寺	dàzhāosì	(N) Jokhang (main temple in Lhasa, Tibet)
大显神通 / 大顯神通 	dàxiǎnshéntōng	(set phrase) to display one's remarkable skill or prowess, give full play to one's brilliant abilities
大显身手 / 大顯身手 	dàxiǎnshēnshǒu	fully displaying one's capabilities
大月支 / 大月氏 	dàyuèzhī	Tokhara;Tokharians (historic people of central asia)
大有可为 / 大有可為 	dàyǒukěwéi	(saying) sth is well worth doing;have a bright future
大本營 / 大本营 	dàběnyíng	headquarters;base camp
大权 / 大權 	dàquán	power;authority
大材小用	dàcáixiǎoyòng	using a talented person in an insignificant position
大村乡 / 大村鄉 	dàcūnxiāng	(N) Tatsun (village in Taiwan)
大林鎮 / 大林镇 	dàlínzhèn	(N) Talin (town in Taiwan)
大柴旦鎮 / 大柴旦镇 	dàcháidànzhèn	(N) Dachaidanzhen (place in Qinghai)
大树乡 / 大樹鄉 	dàshùxiāng	(N) Tashu (village in Taiwan)
大桶	dàtǒng	barrel;vat
大楼 / 大樓 	dàlóu	large building
大概	dàgài	roughly;probably;rough;approximate;about
大步	dàbù	large strides
大步走	dàbùzǒu	stride
大武乡 / 大武鄉 	dàwǔxiāng	(N) Tawu (village in Taiwan)
大气 / 大氣 	dàqì	atmosphere
大气候	dàqìhòu	atmosphere
大气压 / 大氣壓 	dàqìyā	(n) high atmospheric pressure
大气压 / 大氣壓 	dàqìyà	atmosphere;atmospheric pressure
大气圈 / 大氣圈 	dàqìquān	atmosphere
大气层 / 大氣層 	dàqìcéng	atmosphere
大气层核试验 / 大氣層核試驗 	dàqìcénghéshìyàn	atmospheric nuclear test
大水	dàshuǐ	flood
大汉 / 大漢 	dàhàn	big person;the great Han dynasty
大汗淋漓	dàhànlínlí	dripping with sweat
大江健三郎	dàjiāngjiànsānláng	Oe Kenzaburo, Japanese novelist and Nobel laureate
大沙河	dàshāhé	river in Shanxi
大法官	dàfǎguān	grand justice;high court justice;supreme court justice
大洋洲	dàyángzhōu	Oceania;the Pacific Region;Australasia
大洼 / 大窪 	dàwā	(N) Dawa (place in Liaoning)
大浪	dàlàng	billow;surge
大海	dàhǎi	sea;ocean
大清	dàqīng	the (great) Ch'ing or Qing dynasty (1644-1911)
大湖乡 / 大湖鄉 	dàhúxiāng	(N) Tahu (village in Taiwan)
大溪鎮 / 大溪镇 	dàxīzhèn	(N) Tahsi (town in Taiwan)
大火	dàhuǒ	conflagration;large fire
大災 / 大灾 	dàzāi	plague
大炮	dàpào	cannon
大炮	dàpào	artillery
大烟 / 大煙 	dàyān	opium
大煞風景 / 大煞风景 	dàshàfēngjǐng	dampening one's spirit
大熊猫 / 大熊貓 	dàxióngmāo	giant panda
大爆炸	dàbàozhà	the big bang (in cosmology)
大爷 / 大爺 	dàyé	(informal) father's older brother;elder uncle
大爷 / 大爺 	dàye	uncle
大理	dàlǐ	(N) Dali (place in Yunnan)
大理石	dàlǐshí	marble
大田	dàtián	(N);Datian (place in Fujian);Taejon (place in South Korea)
大甲鎮 / 大甲镇 	dàjiǎzhèn	(N) Tachia (town in Taiwan)
大盘子 / 大盤子 	dàpánzi	platter
大砲	dàpào	artillery
大社乡 / 大社鄉 	dàshèxiāng	(N) Tashe (village in Taiwan)
大祸临头 / 大禍臨頭 	dàhuòlíntóu	to face a disaster;a great misfortune has come
大禹	dàyǔ	Da Yu, name of an ancient hero who successfully controlled floods
大竹	dàzhú	(N) Dazhu (place in Sichuan)
大篷車 / 大篷车 	dàpéngchē	schooner
大米	dàmǐ	rice
大类 / 大類 	dàlèi	main type;main class;main category
大約 / 大约 	dàyuē	approximately;about
大綱 / 大纲 	dàgāng	main point;leading principles
大肆	dàsì	(adv) wantonly;without any constraint
大肚乡 / 大肚鄉 	dàdùxiāng	(N) Tatu (village in Taiwan)
大肚子	dàdùzi	pregnant
大肠 / 大腸 	dàcháng	the large intestine
大肠杆菌 / 大腸桿菌 	dàchánggǎnjūn	Escherichia coli (E. coli)
大胆 / 大膽 	dàdǎn	courageous;daring;fearless
大能	dànéng	almighty
大脑 / 大腦 	dànǎo	brain;cerebrum
大脑死亡 / 大腦死亡 	dànǎosǐwáng	brain dead
大脑比喻 / 大腦比喻 	dànǎobǐyù	brain metaphor
大腿	dàtuǐ	thigh
大臣	dàchén	chancellor
大自然	dàzìrán	nature (as in Mother Nature)
大致	dàzhì	more or less;roughly;approximately
大舅子	dàjiùzi	(informal) wife's older brother
大舵手	dàduòshǒu	the Great Helmsman (Mao Zedong)
大英帝國 / 大英帝國国 	dàyīngdìguó	the British empire
大英联合王国 / 大英聯合王國 	dàyīngliánhéwángguó	United Kingdom
大范围 / 大范圍 	dàfànwéi	large-scale
大草原	dàcǎoyuán	prairie
大荔	dàlì	(N) Dali (place in Shaanxi)
大荳 / 大豆 	dàdòu	soy bean
大菱鮃 / 大菱鲆 	dàlíngpíng	turbot
大街	dàjiē	street;main street
大街小巷	dàjiēxiǎoxiàng	large streets and small lanes
大衣	dàyī	overcoat;topcoat;cloak
大袋子	dàdàizi	sack
大西国 / 大西國 	dàxīguó	Atlantis
大西洋	dàxīyáng	Atlantic
大要	dàyào	abstract;gist;main points
大規模 / 大规模 	dàguīmó	large scale;extensive;wide scale;broad scale
大規模殺傷性武器 / 大规模杀伤性武器 	dàguīmóshāshāngxìngwǔqì	weapons of mass destruction
大请帝国 / 大请帝國 	dàqīngdìquó	Qing China
大赦	dàshè	amnesty;general pardon
大赦国际 / 大赦國際 	dàshèguójì	Amnesty International
大足	dàzú	(N) Dazu (place in Sichuan)
大跃进 / 大躍進 	dàyuèjìn	the Great Leap Forward (late 1950s)
大路	dàlù	avenue
大连 / 大連 	dàlián	(N) Dalian (city in Liaoning)
大选 / 大選 	dàxuǎn	general election
大道	dàdào	main street
大邑	dàyì	(N) Dayi (place in Sichuan)
大部份	dàbùfen	(in) large part;(the) greater part;the majority
大都	dàdōu	general;for the most part;on the whole
大都会 / 大都會 	dàdūhuì	metropolitan
大都市	dàdūshì	(n) megacity;metropolis
大里	dàlǐ	(N) Tali (city in Taiwan)
大量	dàliàng	great amount;large quantity;numerous
大釜	dàfǔ	(n) cauldron
大鋼琴 / 大钢琴 	dàgāngqín	grand piano
大錘 / 大锤 	dàchuí	sledge
大錯 / 大错 	dàcuò	blunder
大鍋 / 大锅 	dàguō	couldron
大鍋飯 / 大锅饭 	dàguōfàn	(n) food made in a large wok in a mess hall;(idiom) a term used to refer to equal treatment
大鐮刀 / 大镰刀 	dàliándāo	scythe
大門 / 大门 	dàmén	entrance;door;gate
大闹天宫 / 大鬧天宮 	dànàotiāngōng	"The Monkey Creates Havoc in Heaven", story about Sun Wu Kong
大队 / 大隊 	dàduì	group;a large body of;production brigade
大阪	dàbǎn	Osaka (city in Japan)
大阪	dàbǎn	Osaka (Japan)
大陆 / 大陸 	dàlù	continent;mainland (esp. of China);mainland China
大陆漂移 / 大陸漂移 	dàlùpiāoyí	continental drift
大陆话 / 大陸話 	dàlùhuà	Mainland Chinese (language)
大限临头 / 大限臨頭 	dàxiànlíntóu	(set phrase) approching the great end, the end of one's life
大陪审团 / 大陪審團 	dàpéishěntuán	grand jury
大难 / 大難 	dànàn	great catastrophe
大难不死 / 大難不死 	dànànbùsǐ	to just escape from calamity
大雁	dàyàn	(n) wild migratory goose
大雅乡 / 大雅鄉 	dàyǎxiāng	(N) Taya (village in Taiwan)
大雨	dàyǔ	heavy rain
大飽口福 / 大饱口福 	dàbǎokǒufú	to eat one's fill;to have a good meal
大飽眼福 / 大饱眼福 	dàbǎoyǎnfū	to feast one's eyes
大馬士革 / 大马士革 	dàmǎshìgé	Damascus (capital of Syria)
大鹿	dàlù	moose
大麥 / 大麦 	dàmài	barley
大麻	dàmá	hemp;marijuana
天	tiān	day;sky;heaven
天上	tiānshàng	celestial;heavenly
天下	tiānxià	land under heaven;rule;domination
天主	tiānzhǔ	Catholicism;abbr. for __天主教__
天主教	tiānzhǔjiào	Catholic church
天主教会 / 天主教會 	tiānzhǔjiàohuì	the Catholic church
天主教徒	tiānzhǔjiàotú	Catholic;follower of Catholicism
天亮	tiānliàng	daylight
天体 / 天體 	tiāntǐ	celestial body;nude body
天体力学 / 天體力學 	tiāntǐlìxué	celestial mechanics
天使	tiānshǐ	angel
天全	tiānquán	(N) Tianquan (place in Sichuan)
天前配	tiānqiánpèi	soul mates;before heaven match
天台	tiāntái	(N) Tiantai (place in Zhejiang)
天命	tiānmìng	"Mandate of Heaven";destiny;fate;one's life span
天国 / 天國 	tiānguó	Kingdom of Heaven
天地	tiāndì	(n) heaven and earth;world
天坛 / 天壇 	tiāntán	Temple of Heaven (in Beijing)
天堂	tiāntáng	paradise;heaven
天天	tiāntiān	every day
天妇罗 / 天婦羅 	tiānfùluō	tempura;deep-fried cooking
天子	tiānzǐ	the (rightful) Emperor;the "Son of Heaven" (traditional English translation)
天安門 / 天安门 	tiān'ānmén	Tiananmen (square)
天安門廣場 / 天安门广场 	tiān'ānménguǎngchǎng	Tiananmen Square
天山	tiānshān	the Tian Shan mountain range between XinJiang and Mongolia
天峨	tiān'é	(N) Tian'e (place in Guangxi)
天峻	tiānjùn	(N) Tianjun (place in Qinghai)
天平	tiānpíng	scales (to weigh things)
天性	tiānxìng	inborn
天意	tiānyì	providence;the Will of Heaven
天才	tiāncái	talent;gift;genius;talented;gifted
天文	tiānwén	astronomy
天文单位 / 天文單位 	tiānwéndānwèi	(n);Astronomical Unit;AU;149,567,892 km
天文台	tiānwéntái	observatory
天文学 / 天文學 	tiānwénxué	astronomy
天文学家 / 天文學家 	tiānwénxuéjiā	astronomer
天晓得 / 天曉得 	tiānxiǎode	Heaven knows!
天柱	tiānzhù	(N) Tianzhu (place in Guizhou)
天气 / 天氣 	tiānqì	weather
天水	tiānshuǐ	(N) Tianshui (city in Gansu)
天水地区 / 天水地區 	tiānshuǐdìqū	(N) Tianshui district (district in Gansu)
天津	tiānjīn	Tianjin (city in northern China)
天津市	tiānjīnshì	Tianjin (city in northern China)
天涯	tiānyá	(n) the ends of the earth
天涯海角	tiányáhǎijiǎo	the ends of the earth;separated worlds apart
天淵之別 / 天渊之别 	tiānyuānzhībié	a complete contrast;totally different
天災 / 天灾 	tiānzāi	natural disaster
天然	tiānrán	natural
天然本地	tiānránběndì	natural background
天然毒素	tiānrándúsù	natural toxin
天然气 / 天然氣 	tiānránqì	natural gas
天然鈾 / 天然铀 	tiānrányóu	natural uranium
天燃气 / 天燃氣 	tiānránqì	natural gas (fuel)
天父	tiānfù	Heavenly Father
天王星	tiānwángxīng	Uranus (planet)
天生	tiānshēng	(adj) innate;natural
天界	tiānjiè	heaven
天皇	tiānhuáng	Mikado (emperor of Japan)
天真	tiānzhēn	naive;innocent;artless
天祝藏族自治县 / 天祝藏族自治縣 	tiānzhùcángzúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Tianzhu Zangzu autonomous county (county in Gansu)
天秤座	tiānchèngzuò	(astr.) Libra
天空	tiānkōng	sky
天竺	tiānzhú	the Indian subcontinent (esp. in Tang or Buddhist context)
天竺牡丹	tiānzhúmǔdān	dahlia
天等	tiānděng	(N) Tiandeng (place in Guangxi)
天篷	tiānpéng	canopy
天籁 / 天籟 	tiānlài	sounds of nature
天線 / 天线 	tiānxiàn	antenna;mast
天职 / 天職 	tiānzhí	(n);bounden duty;mission
天色	tiānsè	time of the day
天花	tiānhuā	smallpox
天花板	tiānhuābǎn	ceiling
天花病毒	tiānhuābìngdú	variola virus
天蓝色 / 天藍色 	tiānlánsè	azure
天蝎座	tiānxiēzuò	(astr.) Scorpio
天象	tiānxiàng	a meteorological or astronomical phenomenon (e.g., rainbow or eclipse)
天賦 / 天赋 	tiānfù	gift;innate skill
天边 / 天邊 	tiānbiān	horizon;ends of the earth;remotest places
天鎮 / 天镇 	tiānzhèn	(N) Tianzhen (place in Shanxi)
天長 / 天长 	tiāncháng	(N) Tianchang (city in Anhui)
天長地久 / 天长地久 	tiānchángdìjiǔ	(saying) as eternal and unchanging as the universe
天門 / 天门 	tiānmén	(N) Tianmen (city in Hubei)
天鵝 / 天鹅 	tiān'é	swan
天龍座 / 天龙座 	tiānlóngzuò	Draco (a constellation)
太	tài	highest;greatest;too (much);very;extremely
太仆寺旗	tàipūsìqí	(N) Taipusi qi (place in Inner Mongolia)
太仓 / 太倉 	tàicāng	(N) Taicang (city in Jiangsu)
太保	tàibǎo	(N) Taipao (city in Taiwan)
太保	tàibǎo	a very high official in ancient China;juvenile delinquents
太初	tàichū	the absolute beginning
太原	tàiyuán	Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi province in central China
太古	tàigǔ	immemorial
太和	tàihé	(N) Taihe (place in Anhui)
太和殿	tàihédiàn	the central pavilion of the Forbidden City rendered in English as "Hall of Supreme Harmony"
太多	tàiduō	too much
太太	tàitai	married woman;Mrs.;Madam;wife
太好了	tàihǎole	very good
太婆	tàipó	great-grandmother
太子	tàizǐ	prince
太子港	tàizǐgǎng	Port-au-Prince (capital of Haiti)
太平	tàipíng	peace and security
太平洋	tàipíngyáng	the Pacific Ocean
太平洋周边 / 太平洋週邊 	tàipíngyángzhōubiān	Pacific Rim
太平盛世	tàipíngshèngshì	peace and prosperity
太康	tàikāng	(N) Taikang (place in Henan)
太忙	tàimáng	too busy
太极 / 太極 	tàijí	(n) Supreme Ultimate, the Absolute (in Chinese mythology the source of all things)
太极剑 / 太極劍 	tàijíjiàn	a kind of traditional Chinese sword-play
太极图 / 太極圖 	tàijítú	(n) diagram of the cosmological sceme;Yin-Yang symbol;☯
太极拳 / 太極拳 	tàijíquán	a kind of traditional Chinese shadowboxing (tai chi chuan)
太湖	tàihú	Tai hu Lake, a big lake by Wuxi City
太白	tàibái	(N) Taibai (place in Shaanxi)
太监 / 太監 	tàijiān	court eunuch;palace eunuch
太石村	tàishícūn	Taishi village (in Guangdong province)
太祖	tàizǔ	Great Ancestor (posthumous title, e.g. for the founder of a dynasty)
太空	tàikōng	outer space
太空人	tàikōngrén	astronaut
太空站	tàikōngzhàn	space station
太空飛船 / 太空飞船 	tàikōngfēichuán	space shuttle
太谷	tàigǔ	(N) Taigu (place in Shanxi)
太長 / 太长 	tàicháng	oversize
太阳 / 太陽 	tàiyáng	sun
太阳光 / 太陽光 	tàiyángguāng	sunlight
太阳公司 / 太陽公司 	tàiyánggōngsī	Sun corporation
太阳微系统公司 / 太陽微系統公司 	tàiyángwéixìtǒnggōngsī	Sun Microsystems
太阳永不落 / 太陽永不落 	tàiyángyǒngbùluò	(on which) the sun never sets
太阳神 / 太陽神 	tàiyángshén	(n) sun-god;Apollo
太阳系 / 太陽系 	tàiyángxì	solar system
太阳能 / 太陽能 	tàiyángnéng	(n) solar energy
太阳能板	tàiyángnéngbǎn	solar panel
太阳风 / 太陽風 	tàiyángfēng	solar wind
太阳黑子 / 太陽黑子 	tàiyánghēizǐ	sunspot
太魯閣 / 太鲁阁 	tàilǔgé	Taroko Gorge
太麻里乡 / 太麻里鄉 	tàimálǐxiāng	(N) Taimali (village in Taiwan)
夫	fū	porter
夫	fū	husband;man
夫人	fūren	lady;madam;Mrs.
夫妇 / 夫婦 	fūfù	a (married) couple;husband and wife
夫妻	fūqī	man and wife
夫妻店	fūqīdiàn	family-run shop
夫子	fūzǐ	pedant;(old form of address)
夫子	fūzi	Master
夫权 / 夫權 	fūquán	authority over the household
夬	guài	decisive
夭	yāo	tender;gentle;to die prematurely
央	yāng	beg;center
央視 / 央视 	yāngshì	CCTV, the PRC state TV network, abbr. for T:__中央電視__ S:__中央电视__
央視國際 / 央视国际 	yāngshìguójì	CCTV international;www.cctv.com.cn
夯	hāng	drive piles
失	shī	to lose;to miss;to fail
失业 / 失業 	shīyè	unemployment
失业率 / 失業率 	shīyèlǜ	unemployment rate
失事	shīshì	(have an) accident
失信	shīxìn	to break a promise
失利	shīlì	suffer defeat
失去	shīqù	to lose
失去意識 / 失去意识 	shīqùyìshì	unconscious
失学 / 失學 	shīxué	(v) lose opportunity to attend school
失宠 / 失寵 	shīchǒng	lose favor;be in disfavor;be disgraced
失意	shīyì	disappointed;frustrated
失掉	shīdiào	lose;miss
失控	shīkòng	out of control
失措	shīcuò	to be at a loss
失效	shīxiào	to fail;to lose effectiveness
失敗 / 失败 	shībài	to be defeated;to fail;to lose
失敗是成功之母 / 失败是成功之母 	shībàishìchénggōngzhīmǔ	"Failure is the mother of success" (proverb)
失明	shīmíng	to become blind;blindness
失望	shīwàng	be disappointed;to lose hope;to despair
失火	shīhuǒ	catch fire;fire (alarm)
失真	shīzhēn	to lack fidelity
失眠	shīmián	(suffer from) insomnia
失約 / 失约 	shīyuē	(v) fail to show up for an appointment
失縱 / 失纵 	shīzōng	disappear
失落	shīluò	(v) lose
失血性貧血 / 失血性贫血 	shīxuèxìngpínxuè	blood loss anemia
失衡	shīhéng	to unbalance;an imbalance
失語症 / 失语症 	shīyǔzhèng	aphasia
失誤 / 失误 	shīwù	lapse;miss
失調 / 失调 	shītiáo	imbalance;out of tune
失讀症 / 失读症 	shīdúzhèng	alexia
失足	shīzú	to take a wrong step in life
失踪 / 失蹤 	shīzōng	be missing;be unaccounted for
失重	shīzhòng	weightlessness;zero gravity
头 / 頭 	tóu	head
头 / 頭 	tou	suff. for nouns
头份镇 / 頭份鎮 	tóufènzhèn	(N) Toufen (town in Taiwan)
头发 / 頭髮 	tóufa	hair (on the head)
头向前 / 頭向前 	tóuxiàngqián	headlong
头城镇 / 頭城鎮 	tóuchéngzhèn	(N) Toucheng (town in Taiwan)
头头 / 頭頭 	tóutóu	head;chief
头头是道 / 頭頭是道 	tóutóushìdào	clear and logical
头子 / 頭子 	tóuzi	(n) boss, gang leader
头孢菌 / 頭孢菌 	tóubāojūn	cephalosporin (pharmacology);cephalothin
头孢菌素 / 頭孢菌素 	tóubāojūnsù	cephalosporin (pharmacology);cephalothin
头屋乡 / 頭屋鄉 	tóuwūxiāng	(N) Touwu (village in Taiwan)
头巾 / 頭巾 	tóujīn	head-covering (for men in ancient clothes);kerchief;scarf;turban
头晕 / 頭暈 	tóuyūn	dizzy
头条 / 頭條 	tóutiáo	lead story (on the news)
头版 / 頭版 	tóubǎn	(newspaper's) front page
头疼 / 頭疼 	tóuténg	headache
头痛 / 頭痛 	tóutòng	headache
头皮 / 頭皮 	tóupí	scalp
头盔 / 頭盔 	tóukuī	helmet
头盖骨 / 頭蓋骨 	tóugàigǔ	skull
头目 / 頭目 	tóumù	ringleader;gang leader;chieftain
头等 / 頭等 	tóuděng	first class
头等舱 / 頭等艙 	tóuděngcāng	Business class or first class seat on airplane or ship
头罩 / 頭罩 	tóuzhào	(n) hood;cowl
头脑 / 頭腦 	tóunǎo	brains;mind
头脑清楚 / 頭腦清楚 	tóunǎoqīngchǔ	sane
头部 / 頭部 	tóubù	head
头顶 / 頭頂 	tóudǐng	top of the head
夷	yí	a barbarian
夷平	yípíng	to level;to raise to the ground
夸	kuā	to boast
夸	kuā	to boast
夸克 / 誇克 	kuākè	(n);quark
夸口 / 誇口 	kuākǒu	to boast
夸大 / 誇大 	kuādà	exaggerate
夸奖 / 誇獎 	kuājiǎng	(v) praise;applaud
夸张 / 誇張 	kuāzhāng	to exaggerate;to overstate
夸耀 / 誇耀 	kuāyào	proudly;flaunt
夸赞 / 誇贊 	kuāzàn	to praise;to speak highly of;to commend
夹 / 夾 	jiā	clip;folder;hold between;to press from both sides;to place in between
夹 / 夾 	jiá	hold between;lined;narrow lane
夹克 / 夾克 	jiākè	jacket
夹子 / 夾子 	jiāzi	cramp
夹杂 / 夾雜 	jiāzá	(v) mingle together;mix together;have two dissimilar substances mixed together
夹江 / 夾江 	jiājiāng	(N) Jiajiang (place in Sichuan)
夹钳 / 夾鉗 	jiāqián	tongs
夺 / 奪 	duó	rob;snatch
夺取 / 奪取 	duóqǔ	snatch
夺得 / 奪得 	duódé	(v) force one's way;achieve by force
夺标 / 奪標 	duóbiāo	to compete for first prize
夺走 / 奪走 	duózǒu	to snatch away
奁 / 奩 	lián	bridal trousseau
奂 / 奐 	huàn	(surname);excellent
奄	yān	castrate;to delay
奄	yǎn	suddenly;to embrace
奄奄一息	yānyānyīxí	(adj) dying;at one's last gasp
奇	jī	odd (Num)
奇	qí	strange;odd;weird;wonderful
奇事	qíshì	marvel
奇偶	jī'ǒu	parity;odd and even
奇努克	qínǔkè	Chinook (helicopter)
奇台	qítái	(N) Qitai (place in Xinjiang)
奇妙	qímiào	fantastic;wonderful
奇异 / 奇異 	qíyì	fantastic;bizarre;odd;astonished
奇怪	qíguài	strange;odd
奇才	qícái	genius
奇数 / 奇數 	jīshù	odd number
奇昆古尼亚热 / 奇昆古尼亞熱 	qíkūngǔníyàrè	Chikungunya fever
奇昆古尼亚病毒 / 奇昆古尼亞病毒 	qíkūngǔníyàbìngdú	Chikungunya virus
奇景	qíjǐng	marvel
奇特	qítè	peculiar;queer;strange
奇聞 / 奇闻 	qíwén	anecdote
奇花异草 / 奇花異草 	qíhuāyìcǎo	(saying) very rarely seen, unusual
奇觀 / 奇观 	qíguān	spectacle
奇跡	qíjì	miracle;miraculous;wonder;marvel
奇蹟	qíjì	miracle;miraculous;wonder;marvel;variant of T:__奇跡__ S:__奇迹__
奇迹	qíjì	miracle;miraculous;wonder;marvel
奇迹	qíjì	miracle;miraculous;wonder;marvel;variant of T:__奇跡__ S:__奇迹__
奇遇	qíyù	(n) happy encounter;fortuitous meeting;adventure
奈	nài	how can one help
奈何	nàihé	to do something to somebody;to deal with;to cope;how?;to no avail
奈曼旗	nàimànqí	(N) Naiman qi (place in Inner Mongolia)
奉	fèng	to receive (from superior);to offer;to revere
奉化	fènghuà	(N) Fenghua (city in Zhejiang)
奉命	fèngmìng	to receive orders;to follow orders;to act under orders
奉天	fèngtiān	old name for Shenyang T:__沈陽__ S:__沈阳__
奉承	fèngchéng	fawn;flatter
奉承者	fèngchéngzhě	flatterer
奉新	fèngxīn	(N) Fengxin (place in Jiangxi)
奉献 / 奉獻 	fèngxiàn	consecrate;dedicate;devote
奉现 / 奉現 	fèngxiàn	offering
奉節 / 奉节 	fèngjié	(N) Fengjie (place in Sichuan)
奉行	fèngxíng	to pursue (a course, a policy)
奉賢 / 奉贤 	fèngxián	(N) Fengxian (place in Shanghai)
奋 / 奮 	fèn	exert oneself
奋力 / 奮力 	fènlì	(v) do all one can;do one's best
奋勇 / 奮勇 	fènyǒng	(adv) using extreme force of will;without fear
奋战 / 奮戰 	fènzhàn	(v) fight courageously
奋斗 / 奮鬥 	fèndòu	strive;struggle
奎	kuí	name of constellation;stride
奎宁 / 奎寧 	kuíníng	quinine
奎屯	kuítún	(N) Kuitun (city in Xinjiang)
奏	zòu	present a memorial
奏效	zòuxiào	(v) prove effective;show results
契	qì	contract
契丹	qìdān	Qidan;Khitan;ethnic people in ancient China who were a branch of the Eastern Hu people inhabiting the valley of the Xar Murun River in the upper reaches of the Liaohe River
契据 / 契據 	qìjù	deed
契机 / 契機 	qìjī	an opportunity;a turning point
契約 / 契约 	qìyuē	agreement;contract
奓	shē	extravagant
奓	zhà	spread
奔	bēn	to hurry or rush;to run quickly;to elope
奔	bèn	go to;towards
奔丧 / 奔喪 	bēnsāng	hasten home for the funeral of a parent or grandparent
奔命	bēnmìng	rush about on errands;be kept on the run
奔头儿 / 奔頭兒 	bèntóu'er	something to strive for;prospect
奔忙	bēnmáng	be busy rushing about;bustle about
奔放	bēnfàng	bold and unrestrained;untrammeled
奔波	bēnbō	rush about;be busy running about
奔泻 / 奔瀉 	bēnxiè	(of torrents) rush down;pour down
奔流	bēnliú	flow at great speed;pour;racing current
奔腾 / 奔騰 	bēnténg	(of waves) to surge forward;to roll on in waves;to gallop
奔袭 / 奔襲 	bēnxí	long-range raid
奔走	bēnzǒu	run;rush about;be busy running about
奔跑	bēnpǎo	run
奔逃	bēntáo	flee;run away
奔馳 / 奔驰 	bēnchí	run quickly;speed
奕	yì	abundant;graceful
奖	jiǎng	a prize (e.g. the Nobel prize)
奖	jiǎng	old variant of __奬__;prize;award;encouragement
奖励 / 獎勵 	jiǎnglì	reward (as encouragement)
奖品 / 獎品 	jiǎngpǐn	award;prize
奖学金 / 獎學金 	jiǎngxuéjīn	scholarship
奖状 / 獎狀 	jiǎngzhuàng	(n) certificate of merit
奖章 / 獎章 	jiǎngzhāng	medal
奖赏 / 獎賞 	jiǎngshǎng	(n) reward
奖金 / 獎金 	jiǎngjīn	premium;award money;a bonus
套	tào	to cover;covering;case;cover;(a measure word, a set of something);sheath
套子	tàozi	cap
套房	tàofáng	suite
套裙	tàoqún	(n) woman's suit
套鐘 / 套钟 	tàozhōng	chime
奘	zàng	great
奘	zhuǎng	fat;stout
奚	xī	(lit.) what?;where?;why?
奚落	xīluò	to joke;to mock
奜	fěi	big
奠	diàn	to fix;to settle;a libation to the dead
奠仪 / 奠儀 	diànyí	a gift of money to the family of the deceased
奠基	diànjī	(n) groundbreaking;(v) lay a foundation
奠基石	diànjīshí	a foundation stone;a cornerstone
奠定	diàndìng	establish;fix;settle
奠祭	diànjì	pouring of wine on ground for sacrifice
奠都	diàndū	to determine the position of the capital;to found a capital
奠酒	diànjiǔ	a libation
奡	ào	haughty;vigorous
奢	shē	extravagant
奢侈	shēchǐ	luxury;sumptuous
奢华 / 奢華 	shēhuá	opulence;luxury
奢望	shēwàng	(v) desperately hope
奥 / 奧 	ào	obscure;mysterious;abbr. for Austria __奧地利__
奥克兰 / 奧克蘭 	àokèlán	Auckland (city)
奥克拉荷馬州 / 奧克拉荷马州 	àokèlāhémǎzhōu	Oklahoma
奥利安 / 奧利安 	àolì'ān	Orion (a constellation)
奥地利 / 奧地利 	àodìlì	Austria
奥塞梯 / 奧塞梯 	àosètī	Ossetia (a Caucasian republic)
奥妙 / 奧妙 	àomiào	subtle
奥姆真理教 / 奧姆真理教 	àomǔzhēnlǐjiào	Aum Shinrikyo
奥尔布赖特 / 奧爾布賴特 	ào'ěrbùlàitè	(Madeleine) Albright (US Secretary of State)
奥康纳 / 奧康納 	àokāngnà	O'Connor (name)
奥德修斯 / 奧德修斯 	àodéxiūsī	Odysseus
奥德赛 / 奧德賽 	àodésài	The Odyssey, by Homer
奥斯卡 / 奧斯卡 	àosīkǎ	Oscar, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences annual award
奥斯威辛 / 奧斯威辛 	àosīwēixīn	Auschwitz (concentration camp)
奥斯曼 / 奧斯曼 	àosīmàn	Ottoman (empire)
奥斯曼帝国 / 奧斯曼帝國 	àosīmàndìguó	the Ottoman empire
奥斯陆 / 奧斯陸 	àosīlù	Oslo (capital of Norway)
奥林匹克 / 奧林匹克 	àolínpǐkè	Olympic
奥秘 / 奧祕 	àomì	(n) profound;deep;a mystery
奥运 / 奧運 	àoyùn	the Olympics
奥运会 / 奧運會 	àoyùnhuì	Olympic Games
奥运村 / 奧運村 	àoyùncūn	Olympic Village
奥陶纪 / 奧陶紀 	àotáojì	Ordovician (geological period)
奥马尔 / 奧馬爾 	àomǎ'ěr	Omar (Islamic given name)
奥黛丽 / 奧黛麗 	àodàlì	Audrey
奥黛莉 / 奧黛莉 	àodàlì	Audrey;variant of T:__奧黛麗__ S:__奥黛丽__
奨	jiǎng	Japanese variant of T:__奬__ S:__奖__
奬	jiǎng	a prize (e.g. the Nobel prize)
奭	shì	(surname);angry
奰	bì	anger
女	nǚ	female;woman
女主人	nǚzhǔrén	hostess;mistress
女人	nǚrén	woman
女佣	nǚyòng	(female) maid
女修道	nǚxiūdào	convent
女儿 / 女兒 	nǚér	daughter
女士	nǚshì	lady;madam
女婿	nǚxu	daughter's husband;son-in-law
女子	nǚzǐ	woman;female
女学生 / 女學生 	nǚxuéshēng	schoolgirl
女孩	nǚhái	girl;lass
女孩儿 / 女孩兒 	nǚháir	daughter
女孩子	nǚháizǐ	girl
女巫	nǚwū	witch
女強人 / 女强人 	nǚqiángrén	successful career woman;able woman
女性	nǚxìng	(n) the female sex
女房东 / 女房東 	nǚfángdōng	landlady
女按摩师 / 女按摩師 	nǚànmóshī	masseuse
女朋友	nǚpéngyou	female friend;girlfriend
女服物员 / 女服物員 	nǚfúwùyuán	stewardess
女演员 / 女演員 	nǚyǎnyuán	actress
女王	nǚwáng	queen
女用內衣 / 女用内衣 	nǚyòngnèiyī	chemise
女皇	nǚhuáng	empress
女真	nǚzhēn	Nuzhen or Jurchen, a Tungus nationality, who founded the Jin __金__ dynasty, and were the predecessor of the Manchu nationality
女神	nǚshén	goddess;nymph
女管家	nǚguǎnjiā	housekeeper
女繼承人 / 女继承人 	nǚjìchéngrén	inheritress
女舍监 / 女舍監 	nǚshèjiān	matron
女英雄	nǚyīngxióng	heroine
女装裁缝师 / 女裝裁縫師 	nǚzhuāngcáifengshī	dressmaker
女阴 / 女陰 	nǚyīn	(n) vulva
女高音	nǚgāoyīn	soprano
奴	nú	slave
奴仆 / 奴僕 	núpú	servant
奴儿干 / 奴兒干 	nú'érgān	part of Heilongjiang and the Vladivostok area ruled by the Ming dynasty
奴儿干都司 / 奴兒干都司 	nú'érgāndūshī	the Ming dynasty provincial headquarters in the Heilongjiang and Vladivostok area
奴役	núyì	(v) enslave
奴隶 / 奴隸 	núlì	slave
奴隶制度 / 奴隸制度 	núlìzhìdù	slavery
奶 / 嬭 	nǎi	breast;lady;milk
奶奶	nǎinai	(informal) father's mother;paternal grandmother
奶子	nǎizi	breast
奶昔	nǎixī	(n);milkshake
奶油	nǎiyóu	cream
奶油菜花	nǎiyóucàihuā	creamed cauliflower
奶牛	nǎiniú	milk cow;dairy cow
奶牛场 / 奶牛場 	nǎiniúchǎng	dairy farm
奶粉	nǎifěn	(n) powdered milk
奶酪	nǎilào	cheese
奸	jiān	traitor
奸	jiān	adultery
奸尸	jiānshī	Necrophilia
奸淫 / 姦淫 	jiānyín	adultery
奸笑	jiānxiào	evil smile;sinister smile
她	tā	she
她们 / 她們 	tāmen	they;them (for females)
她自己	tāzìjǐ	herself
奼紫嫣紅 / 姹紫嫣红 	chàzǐyānhóng	brilliant purples and reds;beautiful flowers
好	hǎo	good;well
好	hào	to be fond of
好不好	hǎobuhǎo	(coll.) Is it OK;Is it alright?
好不容易	hǎobùróngyì	very difficult;after all the trouble
好久	hǎojiǔ	quite a while
好久不見 / 好久不见 	hǎojiǔbujiàn	Long time no see
好事	hǎoshì	(n) bad action, deed (used ironically)
好些	hǎoxiē	a good deal of;quite a lot
好似	hǎosì	to seem;to be like
好使	hǎoshǐ	so that;in order to;easy to use
好像	hǎoxiàng	(v) as if;seem like
好几 / 好幾 	hǎojǐ	several;quite a few
好几年 / 好幾年 	hǎojǐnián	several years
好半天	hǎobàntiān	(n) most of the day
好吃	hǎochī	tasty;delicious
好吃懒做 / 好吃懶做 	hàochīlǎnzuò	lit. eats a lot but never works;fig. a parasite
好听 / 好聽 	hǎotīng	pleasant to hear
好在	hǎozài	(adv) luckily;fortunately
好坏 / 好壞 	hǎohuài	(n) good and bad;advantageous and disadvantageous
好处 / 好處 	hǎochu	benefit;advantage
好多	hǎoduō	(adj) many
好奇	hàoqí	to be inquisitive
好奇心	hàoqíxīn	curiosity
好好	hǎohǎo	nicely
好好儿地 / 好好兒地 	hǎohāorde	properly;thoroughly
好客	hàokè	(adj) to enjoy having guests;hospitable;friendly
好容易	hǎoróngyì	with great difficulty;have a hard time
好心	hǎoxīn	(n) good motive
好意	hǎoyì	(n) good intention;kindness
好感	hǎogǎn	good opinion;favorable impression
好战 / 好戰 	hàozhàn	warlike
好斗 / 好鬥 	hàodòu	be warlike
好朋友	hǎopéngyou	good friend
好望角	hǎowàngjiǎo	the Cape of Good Hope
好样的 / 好樣的 	hǎoyàngde	(idiom) a good person, used to praise sb's moral integrity or courage
好歹	hǎodǎi	good and bad;most unfortunate occurence;in any case;whatever
好比	hǎobǐ	be just like;can be compared to
好玩儿 / 好玩兒 	hǎowán'er	(adj) interesting;delightful
好的	hǎode	(adj) OK
好看	hǎokàn	good-looking
好笑	hǎoxiào	laughable;funny;ridiculous
好莱坞 / 好萊塢 	hǎoláiwù	Hollywood
好記 / 好记 	hǎojì	easy to remember
好說 / 好说 	hǎoshuō	(idiom) OK, term used to indicate agreement;(idiom) "you flatter me", polite response to praise
好象	hǎoxiàng	seem;be like
好轉 / 好转 	hǎozhuǎn	improve;take a turn for the better
好运 / 好運 	hǎoyùn	good luck
妁	shuò	(surname);matchmaker
如	rú	as (if);such as
如下	rúxià	as follows
如东 / 如東 	rúdōng	(N) Rudong (place in Jiangsu)
如今	rújīn	nowadays
如何	rúhé	how;what way;what
如出一轍 / 如出一辙 	rúchūyīzhé	be precisely the same;be no different
如同	rútóng	like;as
如意	rúyì	(adj) matches ones wishes
如果	rúguǒ	if;in case;in the event that
如此	rúcǐ	in this way;so
如火	rúhuǒ	fiery
如火如荼	rúhuǒrútú	(proverb) like wildfire;daunting and vigorous (momentum)
如画 / 如畫 	rúhuà	picturesque
如皋	rúgāo	(N) Rugao (city in Jiangsu)
如花	rúhuā	flowery
如草	rúcǎo	grassy
如醉如痴 / 如醉如癡 	rúzuìrúchī	(saying) enchanted;captivated
如飢似渴 / 如饥似渴 	rújīsìkě	thirsting or hungering for sth.
妃	fēi	imperial concubine
妄	wàng	absurd;fantastic;presumptuous;rash
妄为 / 妄為 	wàngwéi	to take rash action
妄图 / 妄圖 	wàngtú	(adj) absurd, outlandish;try in vain
妄想	wàngxiǎng	(v) vainly attempt;(n) vain attempt
妄想狂	wàngxiǎngkuáng	paranoia;megalomaniac
妆 / 妝 	zhuāng	adornment;adorn
妆饰 / 妝飾 	zhuāngshì	to dress up
妇 / 婦 	fù	woman
妇产科 / 婦產科 	fùchǎnkē	department of gynecology and obstetrics;birth clinic
妇人 / 婦人 	fùrén	married woman
妇女 / 婦女 	fùnǚ	woman
妇孺皆知 / 婦孺皆知 	fùrújiēzhī	known to everyone;a household name
妇科 / 婦科 	fùkē	gynaecology
妈 / 媽 	mā	ma;mamma
妈咪 / 媽咪 	māmī	Mummy (mother)
妈妈 / 媽媽 	māma	mama;mommy;mother
妈祖 / 媽祖 	māzǔ	(n) Mazu, legendary goddess of the sea mainly worshiped by fishermen in Fujian and Taiwan
妊	rèn	be pregnant
妊娠	rènshēn	pregnancy;gestation
妍	yán	beautiful
妒	dù	jealous
妒忌	dùjì	jealous;jealousy
妓	jì	prostitute
妓女	jìnǚ	prostitute;hooker
妓院	jìyuàn	brothel;whorehouse
妖	yāo	goblin;witch;devil;bewitching;enchanting;monster;phantom
妖人	yāorén	magician;sorcerer
妖冶	yāoyě	pretty and flirtatious
妖娆 / 妖嬈 	yāorào	enchanting
妖媚	yāomèi	seductive
妖孽	yāoniè	evildoer
妖怪	yāoguài	monster;devil
妖术 / 妖術 	yāoshù	sorcery
妖物	yāowù	monster
妖精	yāojing	evil spirit;alluring woman
妖艳 / 妖艷 	yāoyàn	pretty and flirtatious
妖言	yāoyán	heresy
妖風 / 妖风 	yāofēng	evil wind
妖魔	yāomó	demon
妗	jìn	wife of mother's brother
妗子	jìnzi	(informal) mother's brother's wife;maternal uncle's wife
妙 / 玅 	miào	clever;wonderful
妙品	miàopǐn	a fine work of art
妞	niū	little girl
妣	bǐ	deceased mother
妤	yú	handsome;fair
妥	tuǒ	secure;sound
妥协 / 妥協 	tuǒxié	compromise
妥善	tuǒshàn	appropriate;proper
妥坝 / 妥壩 	tuǒbà	(N) Toba (place in Tibet)
妥当 / 妥當 	tuǒdàng	appropriate;proper;ready
妨	fáng	hinder;harm
妨碍 / 妨礙 	fáng'ài	hinder;obstruct
妩 / 嫵 	wǔ	flatter;to please
妩媚 / 嫵媚 	wǔmèi	lovely;charming
妪 / 嫗 	yù	brood over;old woman;protect
妫 / 媯 	guī	(surname);name of a river
妮	nī	girl;phonetic "ni" (in girl's name)
妮子	nīzi	little girl
妯	zhóu	wives of brothers
妲	dá	concubine of last Shang emperor
妳	nǐ	you (f.)
妵	tǒu	(feminine name);beautiful;fair
妹	mèi	younger sister
妹夫	mèifu	younger sister's husband
妹妹	mèimei	younger sister
妺	mò	wife of the last ruler of the Xia dynasty
妻	qī	wife
妻	qì	to marry off (a daughter)
妻子	qīzi	wife
妾	qiè	concubine
姁	xǔ	chatter like old woman;cheerful
姅	bàn	menstruation
姆	mǔ	governess
姆巴巴納 / 姆巴巴纳 	mǔbābānà	Mbabane (capital of Swaziland)
姉	jiě	Japanese variant of __姐__;older sister
姊	zǐ	older sister
姊丈	zǐzhàng	older sister's husband
姊夫	zǐfu	older sister's husband
姊妹	zǐmèi	(older and younger) sisters
姊姊	zǐzǐ	older sister
始	shǐ	begin
始兴 / 始興 	shǐxīng	(N) Shixing (place in Guangdong)
始末	shǐmò	whole story;the ins and outs
始終 / 始终 	shǐzhōng	from beginning to end;all along
姍 / 姗 	shān	deprecate;lithe (of woman's walk)
姐	jiě	older sister
姐夫	jiěfu	(informal) older sister's husband
姐妹	jiěmèi	sisters
姐姐	jiějie	older sister
姑	gū	paternal aunt
姑且	gūqiě	(adv) temporarily
姑夫 / 姑父 	gūfu	father's sister's husband;husband of paternal aunt;uncle
姑奶奶	gūnǎinai	(informal) father's father's sister;great aunt
姑妈 / 姑媽 	gūmā	aunt
姑姑	gūgu	(n) paternal aunt
姑娘	gūniang	girl
姑母	gūmǔ	father's sister;paternal aunt
姑爷 / 姑爺 	gūyé	father's father's sister's husband;paternal grandaunt's husband
姒	sì	(surname);wife of older brother
姓	xìng	surname;family name;name
姓名	xìngmíng	name and surname
委	wēi	see wei1 yi2 - __逶迤__
委	wěi	give up;indeed;to commission
委任	wěirèn	appoint
委內瑞拉 / 委内瑞拉 	wěinèiruìlā	Venezuela
委內瑞拉馬腦炎病毒 / 委内瑞拉马脑炎病毒 	wěinèiruìlāmǎnǎoyánbìngdú	Venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEE) virus
委员 / 委員 	wěiyuán	committee member;committee;council
委员会 / 委員會 	wěiyuánhuì	committee
委员会会议 / 委員會會議 	wěiyuánhuìhuìyì	committee meeting
委员长 / 委員長 	wěiyuánzhǎng	head of a committee
委婉	wěiwǎn	tactful;euphemistic
委婉語 / 委婉语 	wěiwǎnyǔ	euphemism
委屈	wěiqū	(v) feel wronged;(v) wrong sb
委托 / 委託 	wěituō	entrust;trust
委派	wěipài	to appoint
委靡 / 萎靡 	wěimǐ	dispirited;depressed
姘	pīn	be a mistress or lover
姚	yáo	Yao (a surname)
姚安	yáo'ān	(N) Yao'an (place in Yunnan)
姚明	yáomíng	Yao Ming, Chinese NBA star player
姜	jiāng	(surname);ginger
姜	jiāng	ginger
姜饼 / 薑餅 	jiāngbǐng	gingerbread
姝	shū	pretty woman
姞	jí	(surname)
姣	jiāo	(surname);cunning;pretty
姤	gòu	copulate;good
姥	lǎo	grandma (maternal)
姥	mǔ	governess;old woman
姥姥	lǎolǎo	(informal) mother's mother;maternal grandmother
姥姥	lǎolao	maternal grandmother
姥爷 / 姥爺 	lǎoye	maternal grandfather
姦	jiān	adultery
姨	yí	one's mother's sister;aunt
姨丈	yízhàng	mother's sister's husband;husband of mother's sister
姨夫 / 姨父 	yífu	mother's sister's husband;husband of mother's sister
姨妈 / 姨媽 	yímā	(informal) mother's sister;maternal aunt
姨妹	yímèi	wife's younger sister;sister-in-law
姨姐	yíjiě	wife's elder sister;sister-in-law
姨姥姥	yílǎolao	mother's mother's sister;great-aunt
姨母	yímǔ	mother's sister;maternal aunt
姨甥男女	yíshengnánnǚ	wife's sister's children
姪	zhí	nephew (of the same surname)
姫	jī	Japanese variant of __姬__;princess;imperial concubine
姬	jī	(surname);women
姮	héng	the lady in the moon
姱	kuā	fascinating;pretty
姺	xiǎn	name of an ancient state
姻	yīn	marriage connections
姻亲 / 姻親 	yīnqīn	affinity;in-laws
姽	guǐ	quiet and nice
姿	zī	beauty;disposition;looks;appearance
姿势 / 姿勢 	zīshì	posture;position
姿容	zīróng	looks;appearance
姿态 / 姿態 	zītài	attitude;posture;stance
姿色	zīsè	good looking
娀	sōng	name of an ancient state
威	wēi	power;might;prestige
威严 / 威嚴 	wēiyán	dignified;imposing;august;awe-inspiring;awe;prestige;dignity
威信	wēixìn	(n) prestige;veneration;trust
威信县 / 威信縣 	wēixìnxiàn	(N) Weixin county (county in Guizhou)
威力	wēilì	(n) power that invokes fear;might
威县 / 威縣 	wēixiàn	(N) Wei county (county in Hebei)
威吓 / 威嚇 	wēixià	to threaten
威士忌	wēishìjì	(n) whisky
威士忌酒	wēishìjìjiǔ	whisky
威奇托	wēiqítuō	Wichita (city in Kansas)
威尔士 / 威爾士 	wēi'ěrshì	Wales
威尔士语 / 威爾士語 	wēi'ěrshìyǔ	Welsh (language)
威尔逊 / 威爾遜 	wēi'ěrxùn	Wilson (name)
威尼斯	wēinísī	Venezia;Venice
威廉	wēilián	William (name)
威廉斯堡	wēiliánsībǎo	Williamsburg (Virginia)
威慑 / 威懾 	wēishè	deterrence (military theory)
威斯康星	wēisīkāngxīng	Wisconsin
威望	wēiwàng	prestige
威海	wēihǎi	(N) Weihai (city in Shandong)
威胁 / 威脅 	wēixié	to threaten;to menace
威远 / 威遠 	wēiyuǎn	(N) Weiyuan (place in Sichuan)
威風 / 威风 	wēifēng	(n) impressive force;power
娃	wá	baby;doll
娃娃	wáwa	(n) baby;(n) doll shaped as a baby
娃娃脸 / 娃娃臉 	wáwaliǎn	baby face;doll face
娃娃車 / 娃娃车 	wáwachē	baby transport;stroller;baby carriage
娃娃魚 / 娃娃鱼 	wáwayú	(n) giant slamander
娄 / 婁 	lóu	(star);(surname)
娄底 / 婁底 	lóudǐ	(N) Loudi (city in Hunan)
娄底地区 / 婁底地區 	lóudǐdìqū	(N) Loudi district (district in Hunan)
娄烦 / 婁煩 	lóufán	(N) Loufan (place in Shanxi)
娅 / 婭 	yà	address term between sons-in-law
娆 / 嬈 	ráo	graceful
娆 / 嬈 	rǎo	disturbance
娇 / 嬌 	jiāo	lovable;pampered;tender;delicate;frail
娇媚 / 嬌媚 	jiāomèi	flirtatious
娇弱 / 嬌弱 	jiāoruò	delicate
娇气 / 嬌氣 	jiāoqì	(adv) finicky;squeamish
娈 / 孌 	luán	beautiful
娈童 / 孌童 	luántóng	catamite (boy as homosexual partner);kept man;gigolo
娉	pīng	graceful
娌	lǐ	husband's brother's wife
娑	suō	(phonetic);loose
娓	wěi	active;comply with
娘	niáng	mother;young lady
娘	niáng	mother;troubled
娛 / 娱 	yú	amuse
娛樂 / 娱乐 	yúlè	entertainment
娛樂中心 / 娱乐中心 	yúlèzhōngxīn	recreation
娛樂場 / 娱乐场 	yúlèchǎng	resort
娜	nuó	elegant;graceful
娟	juān	beautiful;graceful
娠	shēn	pregnant
娣	dì	wife of a younger brother
娥	é	good;beautiful
娩	miǎn	give birth to a child
娩	wǎn	complaisant;agreeable
娯	yú	pleasure;enjoyment;amusement;Japanese variant of T:__娛__ S:__娱__
娲 / 媧 	wā	(surname);sister of Fu2 Xi1
娴 / 嫻 	xián	elegant;refined
娴熟 / 嫻熟 	xiánshú	adept;skilled
娴静 / 嫻靜 	xiánjìng	gentle and refined
娵	jū	(feminine name);(star)
娶	qǔ	take a wife;to marry (a woman)
娸	qí	to ridicule;ugly
娼	chāng	prostitute
娼妓	chāngjì	prostitute
婀	ē	graceful;willowy;unstable
婆	pó	grandmother;matron;mother-in-law
婆囉洲 / 婆罗洲 	póluózhōu	Borneo province of Indonesia on Kalimantan Island)
婆婆	pópo	husband's mother;mother-in-law
婆家	pójia	husband's family
婉	wǎn	graceful;tactful
婉轉 / 婉转 	wǎnzhuǎn	(adj) sweet and agreeable;mild and indirect
婊	biǎo	prostitute
婊子	biǎozi	prostitute;whore
婚	hūn	to marry;marriage;wedding;to take a wife
婚事	hūnshì	wedding;marriage
婚前財產公證 / 婚前财产公证 	hūnqiáncáichǎngōngzhèng	(n) pre-nuptual agreement
婚外	hūnwài	extramarital
婚外性接触 / 婚外性接觸 	hūnwàixìngjiēchù	extramarital sex
婚姻	hūnyīn	matrimony;wedding;marriage
婚嫁	hūnjià	marriage
婚期	hūnqī	wedding day
婚礼 / 婚禮 	hūnlǐ	wedding ceremony;wedding
婚約 / 婚约 	hūnyuē	engagement;wedding contract
婚齡 / 婚龄 	hūnlíng	marrying age
婞	xìng	upright
婢	bì	slave girl;maid servant
婢女	bìnǚ	slave-girl;servant-girl
婤	zhōu	(feminine name)
婥	chuò	weak;delicate
婧	jìng	modest;supple
婪	lán	avaricious
婬	yín	obscene, licentious, lewd
婴 / 嬰 	yīng	infant;baby
婴儿 / 嬰兒 	yīng'ér	infant;baby
婴儿期 / 嬰兒期 	yīng'erqī	infancy
婴孩 / 嬰孩 	yīnghái	infant
婵 / 嬋 	chán	beautiful;graceful
婵媛 / 嬋媛 	chányuán	the moon;amorous involvement
婶 / 嬸 	shěn	wife of father's younger brother
婶婶 / 嬸嬸 	shěnshen	wife of father's younger brother;aunt
婶子 / 嬸子 	shěnzi	(informal) father's younger brother's wife;aunt
婶母 / 嬸母 	shěnmǔ	father's younger brother's wife;aunt
婷	tíng	graceful
婺	wù	beautiful
婺源	wùyuán	(N) Wuyuan (place in Jiangxi)
婼	chuò	recalcitrant
婿	xù	son-in-law
媄 / 媺 	měi	beautiful
媊	qián	planet Venus in the morning
媒	méi	medium;intermediary;matchmaker;go-between
媒介	méijiè	media;medium
媒体 / 媒體 	méitǐ	(news) media
媒体报导 / 媒體報導 	méitǐbàodǎo	media report;news report
媒体接口连接器 / 媒體接口連接器 	méitǐjiēkǒuliánjiēqì	medium interface connector
媒体访问控制 / 媒體訪問控制 	méitǐfǎngwènkòngzhì	Media Access Control;MAC
媒界	méijiè	medium;vehicle
媒質 / 媒质 	méizhì	medium
媕	ān	girl in love;undecided
媚	mèi	flatter;charm
媚詞 / 媚词 	mèicí	flattery
媛	yuán	a beauty
媛	yuàn	a beauty
媞	tí	used as phonetic;girl's name
媟	xiè	to lust for
媢	mào	envious
媪 / 媼 	ǎo	old woman
媬	bǎo	governess;nurse
媮	tōu	improper;irregular
媲	pì	to match;to pair
媲美	pìměi	to match;is comparable with
媳	xí	daughter in law
媳妇 / 媳婦 	xífù	son's wife;daughter-in-law
媳妇儿 / 媳婦兒 	xífur	wife;young married woman
媵	yìng	maid escorting bride to new home
媸	chī	ugly woman
媻	pán	to move
媾	gòu	to marry;to copulate
媾和	gòuhé	to make peace
媿 / 愧 	kuì	ashamed
嫁	jià	marry (a husband)
嫁娶	jiàqǔ	marriage
嫂	sǎo	older brother's wife;sister-in-law
嫂嫂	sǎosao	sister in law (husband's side)
嫂子	sǎozi	(informal) older brother's wife;sister-in-law
嫄	yuán	name of an empress
嫈	yīng	attentively;carefully
嫉	jí	jealousy;be jealous of
嫉妒	jídù	(v) envy
嫋 / 嬝 	niǎo	delicate;graceful
嫌	xián	to dislike;to suspect
嫌恶 / 嫌惡 	xián'è	abhor;dislike
嫌犯	xiánfàn	(n) suspect
嫌疑	xiányí	suspicion;(be) suspected (of)
嫌疑人	xiányírén	(n) suspect
嫒 / 嬡 	ài	your daughter (hon.)
嫔 / 嬪 	pín	virtuous woman
嫖	piáo	visit a prostitute
嫘	léi	(surname)
嫚	màn	(surname);insult
嫜	zhāng	husband's parent;lady in the moon
嫠	lí	widow
嫡	dí	first wife;son of first wife
嫣	yān	captivating
嫦	cháng	a legendary beauty who flew to the moon;the lady in the moon
嫦娥	cháng'é	legendary Moon goddess;PRC spacecraft moon probe
嫩	nèn	tender;soft
嫩江	nènjiāng	(N) Nenjiang (place in Heilongjiang)
嫩江地区 / 嫩江地區 	nènjiāngdìqū	(N) Nenjiang district (district in Heilongjiang)
嫪	lào	(surname);lustful
嫫	mó	ugly woman
嫰	nèn	tender;delicate
嫱 / 嬙 	qiáng	female court officials
嫽	liáo	good;smart;to play
嫿	huà	tranquil
嬃	xū	elder sister
嬉	xī	amusement
嬔	fù	baby rabbit
嬖	bì	(treat as a) favorite
嬗	shàn	changes and succession
嬗变 / 嬗變 	shànbiàn	transmutation
嬛	huán	place where supreme bestows books
嬛	xuān	clever;pretty
嬢	niáng	Japanese variant of T:__孃__ S:__娘__;daughter;girl;wife
嬤 / 嬷 	mā	ma;mamma
嬦	chóu	(archaic) used in ladies' names
嬬	xū	mistress, concubine;weak
嬲	niǎo	tease;disturb
嬴	yíng	full;profit;win
嬾	lǎn	lazy
嬿	yàn	lovely
孀	shuāng	widow
孃	niáng	mother;troubled
孅	xiān	cunning;slender
子	zǐ	11 p.m.-1 a.m.;1st earthly branch;child;midnight;son;child;seed;egg;small thing
子	zi	(noun suff.)
子公司	zǐgōngsī	subsidiary (of a company)
子午線 / 子午线 	zǐwǔxiàn	meridian
子囊菌	zǐnángjūn	ascomycete
子夜	zǐyè	(n) midnight
子女	zǐnǚ	children;sons and daughters
子孙 / 子孫 	zǐsūn	offspring;posterity
子宫 / 子宮 	zǐgōng	uterus;womb
子宫颈 / 子宮頸 	zǐgōngjǐng	cervix;neck of the uterus
子宫颈癌 / 子宮頸癌 	zǐgōngjǐng'ái	cervical cancer
子层 / 子層 	zǐcéng	sublayer
子弟	zǐdì	(n) children;(n) the younger generation
子弹 / 子彈 	zǐdàn	bullet
子房	zǐfáng	ovary
子民	zǐmín	people
子洲	zǐzhōu	(N) Zizhou (place in Shaanxi)
子粒	zǐlì	seed
子細胞 / 子细胞 	zǐxìbāo	daughter cell
子長 / 子长 	zǐcháng	(N) Zichang (place in Shaanxi)
子音	zǐyīn	consonant
孑	jié	alone;mosquito larvae;small
孓	jué	larvae of mosquito
孔	kǒng	(surname);hole
孔子	kǒngzi	Confucius (551-479 BC)
孔孟之道	kǒngmèngzhīdào	the teaching of Confucius and Mencius
孔庙	kǒngmiào	a Confucian temple
孔穴	kǒngxuè	aperture
孔道	kǒngdào	opening providing access;the teaching of Confucius
孔雀	kǒngquè	peacock
孕	yùn	pregnant
孕吐	yùntù	morning sickness (during pregnancy)
孕妇 / 孕婦 	yùnfù	pregnant woman
孕期	yùnqī	duration of pregnancy
孕穗	yùnsuì	the embryonic development of grain while still on the stem
孕育	yùnyù	to be pregnant;produce offspring;to nurture (a development, a school of thought, an artwork, etc.)
字	zì	letter;symbol;character;word
字串	zìchuàn	character string
字体 / 字體 	zìtǐ	font
字元	zìyuán	(computer) character (tw)
字元集	zìyuánjí	character set
字典	zìdiǎn	dictionary;character dictionary
字号 / 字號 	zìhào	character size;font size (on website)
字图 / 字圖 	zìtú	glyph
字型	zìxíng	font
字尾	zìwěi	suffix
字帖	zìtiè	copybook (for calligraphy)
字幕	zìmù	caption;subtitle
字彙 / 字汇 	zìhuì	(computer) character repertoire;glossary, lexicon
字彙判斷任務 / 字汇判断任务 	zìhuìpànduànrènwù	character decision task
字斟句酌	zìzhēnjùzhuó	weighing every word
字条 / 字條 	zìtiáo	brief note
字根合体字 / 字根合體字 	zìgēnhétǐzì	stem compound
字段	zìduàn	(numeric, data) field
字母	zìmǔ	letter (of the alphabet)
字母順序概率 / 字母顺序概率 	zìmǔshùnxùgàilǜ	probability of letter sequences
字眼	zìyǎn	(n) wording
字码 / 字碼 	zìmǎ	character code
字符	zìfú	word-symbol;character
字節 / 字节 	zìjié	byte
字節數 / 字节数 	zìjiéshù	byte count
字素	zìsù	grapheme
字裡行間 / 字里行间 	zìlǐhángjián	(set phrase) between the lines;by implication
字詞 / 字词 	zìcí	letters or words;words or phrase
字集	zìjí	character set
字面	zìmiàn	literal
字首	zìshǒu	prefix
存	cún	exist;deposit;store;keep;survive
存亡	cúnwáng	(v);live or die;exist or perish
存储 / 存儲 	cúnchǔ	memory;storage
存储器 / 存儲器 	cúnchǔqì	memory (unit)
存取	cúnqǔ	access
存在	cúnzài	to exist;to be
存心	cúnxīn	deliberately
存放	cúnfàng	to deposit;to leave in sb's care
存根	cúngēn	stub
存款	cúnkuǎn	(v) deposit money in a bank;(n) bank deposit
存款准備金率 / 存款准备金率 	cúnkuǎnzhǔnbèijīnlǜ	deposit-reserve ratio
存活率	cúnhuólǜ	(med.) survival rate;(med.) recovery rate
存貨 / 存货 	cúnhuò	stock
存車處 / 存车处 	cúnchēchù	parking lot (for bicycles)
孙 / 孫 	sūn	(surname)
孙 / 孫 	sūn	grandson
孙中山 / 孫中山 	sūnzhōngshān	Dr Sun Yat-sen (1866-1925), first president of the Republic of China and co-founder of the Kuomintang;same as T:__孫逸仙__ S:__孙逸仙__
孙吴 / 孫吳 	sūnwú	(N) Sunwu (place in Heilongjiang)
孙女 / 孫女 	sūnnǚ	son's daughter;granddaughter
孙女儿 / 孫女兒 	sūnnǚr	granddaughter (daughter of one's son)
孙女婿 / 孫女婿 	sūnnǚxu	son's daughter's husband;granddaughter's husband
孙媳夫 / 孫媳夫 	sūnxífu	son's son's wife;grandson's wife
孙子 / 孫子 	sūnzi	son's son;grandson
孙逸仙 / 孫逸仙 	sūnyìxiān	Dr Sun Yat-sen (1866-1925), first president of the Republic of China and co-founder of the Kuomintang;same as T:__孫中山__ S:__孙中山__
孚	fú	trust
孛	bèi	comet
孜	zī	hard-working;industrious
孜孜 / 孳孳 	zīzī	diligent;hardworking;industrious;assiduous
孜然	zīrán	cumin
孝	xiào	filial
孝义 / 孝義 	xiàoyì	(N) Xiaoyi (city in Shanxi)
孝感	xiàogǎn	(N) Xiaogan (city in Hubei)
孝感地区 / 孝感地區 	xiàogǎndìqū	(N) Xiaogan district (district in Hubei)
孝敬	xiàojìng	to respect;to give presents (to one's elders or superiors)
孝道	xiàodao	to be a good son or daughter
孝順 / 孝顺 	xiàoshùn	filial piety
孟	mèng	first month;eldest brother;(surname)
孟买 / 孟買 	mèngmǎi	Mumbai (formerly Bombay)
孟加拉	mèngjiālā	Bengal
孟加拉共和国 / 孟加拉共和國 	mèngjiālāgònghéguó	Bangladesh
孟加拉国 / 孟加拉國 	mèngjiālāguó	Bangladesh
孟加拉語 / 孟加拉语 	mèngjiālāyǔ	Bengalese
孟县 / 孟縣 	mèngxiàn	(N) Meng county (county in Henan)
孟子	mèngzǐ	Mencius
孟村回族自治县 / 孟村回族自治縣 	mèngcūnhuízúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Mengcun Hui autonomous county (county in Hebei)
孟津	mèngjīn	(N) Mengjin (place in Henan)
孟浩然	mènghàorán	Meng Hao-Ran - a Tang Dynasty Poet (689-740)
孟浪	mènglàng	hasty;rash;impetuous
孟菲斯	mèngfēisī	Memphis (Egypt, or Tennessee)
孢	bāo	spore
孢子	bāozǐ	spore
季	jì	season;period
季后賽 / 季后赛 	jìhòusài	playoffs
季度	jìdù	(n) quarter of a year, typically used for financial matters;school term
季節 / 季节 	jìjié	time;season;period
季風 / 季风 	jìfēng	monsoon
孤	gū	lone;lonely
孤僻	gūpì	(adj) unsociable and eccentric
孤儿 / 孤兒 	gū'er	orphan
孤儿药 / 孤兒藥 	gū'éryào	orphan drug
孤单 / 孤單 	gūdān	lone;loneliness
孤岛 / 孤島 	gūdǎo	isolated region
孤掌难鸣 / 孤掌難鳴 	gūzhǎngnánmíng	It's hard to clap with only one hand.;It takes two to tango;It's difficult to achieve anything without support.
孤独 / 孤獨 	gūdú	lonely;solitary
孤立	gūlì	isolate;isolated
孥	nú	child;offspring
学 / 學 	xué	learn;study;science;-ology
学习 / 學習 	xuéxí	to learn;to study
学会 / 學會 	xuéhuì	to learn;to master;institute;learned society;(scholarly) association
学位 / 學位 	xuéwèi	educational level
学分 / 學分 	xuéfēn	course credit
学制 / 學制 	xuézhì	educational system;length of schooling
学历 / 學歷 	xuélì	(n) school record
学员 / 學員 	xuéyuán	student;member of an institution of learning
学坏 / 學壞 	xuéhuài	to follow bad examples
学士 / 學士 	xuéshì	bachelor degree
学好 / 學好 	xuéhǎo	to follow good examples
学家 / 學家 	xuéjiā	scholar
学年 / 學年 	xuénián	academic year
学徒 / 學徒 	xuétú	apprentice
学时 / 學時 	xuéshí	class hour;period
学期 / 學期 	xuéqī	term;semester
学术 / 學術 	xuéshù	learning;science;academic
学术界 / 學術界 	xuéshùjiè	academic circles;academia
学校 / 學校 	xuéxiào	school
学派 / 學派 	xuépài	(n) common studies;school of thought
学生 / 學生 	xuésheng	student
学甲镇 / 學甲鎮 	xuéjiǎzhèn	(N) Hsuehchia (town in Taiwan)
学科 / 學科 	xuékē	subject;branch of learning;course
学童 / 學童 	xuétóng	schoolboy
学籍 / 學籍 	xuéjí	school roll(s)
学级 / 學級 	xuéjí	class
学者 / 學者 	xuézhě	scholar
学说 / 學說 	xuéshuō	theory;doctrine
学费 / 學費 	xuéfèi	tuition fee;tuition
学问 / 學問 	xuéwèn	learning;knowledge
学院 / 學院 	xuéyuàn	college;educational institute;school;faculty
学龄 / 學齡 	xuélíng	school age
孩	hái	child
孩子	háizi	child
孩子气 / 孩子氣 	háiziqì	boyish;childish
孪 / 孿 	luán	twins
孰	shú	who;which;what
孰能生巧	shúnéngshēngqiǎo	practice makes perfect
孱	càn	dodger
孱	chán	coward;weak
孳	zī	industrious;produce;bear
孵	fū	breeding;to incubate;to hatch
孵化	fūhuà	breeding;to incubate
孺	rú	(surname);child
孻	lái	last
孽	niè	consequence of sin
宁 / 寧 	níng	peaceful;rather
宁乡 / 寧鄉 	níngxiāng	(N) Ningxiang (place in Hunan)
宁冈 / 寧岡 	nínggāng	(N) Ninggang (place in Jiangxi)
宁化 / 寧化 	nínghuà	(N) Ninghua (place in Fujian)
宁南 / 寧南 	níngnán	(N) Ningnan (place in Sichuan)
宁县 / 寧縣 	níngxiàn	(N) Ning county (county in Gansu)
宁可 / 寧可 	nìngkě	(conj) it is the lesser of two evils to...;would rather...
宁国 / 寧國 	níngguó	(N) Ningguo (place in Anhui)
宁城 / 寧城 	níngchéng	(N) Ningcheng (place in Inner Mongolia)
宁夏 / 寧夏 	níngxià	Ningxia (Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in Gansu province)
宁夏回族自治区 / 寧夏回族自治區 	níngxiàhuízúzìzhìqū	Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in Gansu province
宁安 / 寧安 	níng'ān	(N) Ning'an (city in Heilongjiang)
宁强 / 寧強 	níngqiáng	(N) Ningqiang (place in Shaanxi)
宁德 / 寧德 	níngdé	(N) Ningde (city in Fujian)
宁德地区 / 寧德地區 	níngdédìqū	(N) Ningde district (district in Fujian)
宁愿 / 寧願 	nìngyuàn	would rather;better
宁明 / 寧明 	níngmíng	(N) Ningming (place in Guangxi)
宁晋 / 寧晉 	níngjìn	(N) Ningjin (place in Hebei)
宁武 / 寧武 	níngwǔ	(N) Ningwu (place in Shanxi)
宁河 / 寧河 	nínghé	(N) Ninghe (place in Tianjin)
宁波 / 寧波 	níngbō	(N) Ningbo (city in Zhejiang)
宁波地区 / 寧波地區 	níngbōdìqū	(N) Ningbo district (district in Zhejiang)
宁津 / 寧津 	níngjīn	(N) Ningjin (place in Shandong)
宁海 / 寧海 	nínghǎi	(N) Ninghai (place in Zhejiang)
宁肯 / 寧肯 	nìngkěn	(conj) would rather...
宁蒗彝族自治县 / 寧蒗彝族自治縣 	nínglàngyízúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Ninglang Yizu autonomous county (county in Yunnan)
宁远 / 寧遠 	níngyuǎn	(N) Ningyuan (place in Hunan)
宁都 / 寧都 	níngdū	(N) Ningdu (place in Jiangxi)
宁阳 / 寧陽 	níngyáng	(N) Ningyang (place in Shandong)
宁陕 / 寧陝 	níngshǎn	(N) Ningshan (place in Shaanxi)
宁陵 / 寧陵 	nínglíng	(N) Ningling (place in Henan)
宁静 / 寧靜 	níngjìng	tranquil;tranquility;serenity
它 / 牠 	tā	it
它们 / 它們 	tāmen	they (for inanimate objects)
它本身	tāběnshēn	itself
宄	guǐ	traitor
宅	zhái	residence
宅男	zháinán	(slang) male university-aged computer junkies
宇	yǔ	room;universe
宇宙	yǔzhòu	outer space;the universe;the cosmos
宇宙射線 / 宇宙射线 	yǔzhòushèxiàn	cosmic ray
宇航	yǔháng	space flight
宇航员 / 宇航員 	yǔhángyuán	astronaut
宇航局	yǔhángjú	space agency
守	shǒu	to guard
守住	shǒuzhu	to hold (a position)
守信	shǒuxìn	to keep promises
守候	shǒuhòu	to wait for;to expect;to nurse;to look after
守则 / 守則 	shǒuzé	rules;regulations
守卫 / 守衛 	shǒuwèi	(v) guard
守夜	shǒuyè	night vigil
守时 / 守時 	shǒushí	punctual
守更	shǒugēng	to keep watch during the night
守法	shǒufǎ	(v) follow the law
守門員 / 守门员 	shǒuményuán	(n) goalie;goalkeeper
安	ān	content;calm;still;quiet;to pacify;peace
安丘	ānqiū	(N) Anqiu (city in Shandong)
安乃近	ānnǎijìn	analgin
安义 / 安義 	ānyì	(N) Anyi (place in Jiangxi)
安之若素	ānzhīruòsù	bear hardship with equanimity;regard wrongdoing with equanimity
安乐 / 安樂 	ānlè	peace and happiness
安乐区 / 安樂區 	ānlèqū	(N) Anle (area in Taiwan)
安乡 / 安鄉 	ānxiāng	(N) Anxiang (place in Hunan)
安于 / 安於 	ānyú	to feel contented with
安仁	ānrén	(N) Anren (place in Hunan)
安保	ānbǎo	(abbreviation) maintain security
安倍	ānbèi	Abe (Japanese surname)
安倍晉三 / 安倍晋三 	ānbèijìnsān	ABE Shinzou, Japanese prime minister from 2006
安克雷奇	ānkèléiqí	Anchorage (city in Alaska)
安全	ānquán	safe;secure;safety;security
安全与交换委员会 / 安全與交換委員會 	ānquányǔjiāohuànwěiyuánhuì	Securities and Exchange Communication;SEC
安全問題 / 安全问题 	ānquánwèntí	safety issue;security issue
安全壳 / 安全殼 	ānquánké	containment vessel
安全套	ānquántào	condom
安全带 / 安全帶 	ānquándài	seat belt
安全性	ānquánxìng	security;safety
安全灯 / 安全燈 	ānquándēng	safety lamp;safelight
安全理事会 / 安全理事會 	ānquánlǐshìhuì	the U.N. security Council
安全網 / 安全网 	ānquánwǎng	safety net
安全考慮 / 安全考虑 	ānquánkǎolǜ	security consideration
安分	ānfèn	not go beyond one's bounds;be law-abiding
安分守己	ānfènshǒujǐ	abide by the law and behave oneself;know one's place
安化	ānhuà	(N) Anhua (place in Hunan)
安华 / 安華 	ānhuá	Anwar
安南	ānnán	\(Kofi\) Annan \(UN Secretary General\);ancient name of Vietnam
安南区 / 安南區 	ānnánqū	(N) Annan (area in Taiwan)
安卡拉	ānkǎlā	Ankara (capital of Turkey)
安危	ānwēi	safety and danger;safety
安县 / 安縣 	ānxiàn	(N) An county (county in Sichuan)
安吉	ānjí	(N) Anji (place in Zhejiang)
安哥拉	āngēlā	Angola
安国 / 安國 	ānguó	(N) Anguo (city in Hebei)
安图 / 安圖 	āntú	(N) Antu (place in Jilin)
安土重迁 / 安土重遷 	āntǔzhòngqiān	hate to leave a place where one has lived long;be attached to one's native land and unwilling to leave it
安圭拉	ānguīlā	Anguilla
安培	ānpéi	ampere
安塞	ānsāi	(N) Ansai (place in Shaanxi)
安多	ānduō	(N) Anduo (place in Tibet)
安好	ānhǎo	safe and sound;well
安如泰山	ānrútàishān	as secure as Mount Taishan;as solid as a rock
安如磐石	ānrúpánshí	as solid as rock
安娜	ānnà	Anna (person's name)
安宁 / 安寧 	ānníng	peaceful;tranquil;calm;composed;free from worry
安宁片 / 安寧片 	ānníngpiàn	meprobamate
安定	āndìng	stable;quiet;settled;stabilize;maintain;stabilized;calm and orderly
安定乡 / 安定鄉 	āndìngxiāng	(N) Anting (village in Taiwan)
安定化	āndìnghuà	stabilization
安家	ānjiā	settle down;set up a home
安家落戶 / 安家落户 	ānjiāluòhù	make one's home in a place;settle
安居乐业 / 安居樂業 	ānjūlèyè	live and work in peace and contentment
安山岩	ānshānyán	andesite (geol.)
安岳	ānyuè	(N) Anyue (place in Sichuan)
安平	ānpíng	(N) Anping (place in Hebei)
安平区 / 安平區 	ānpíngqū	(N) Anping (area in Taiwan)
安庆 / 安慶 	ānqìng	(N) Anqing (city in Anhui)
安庆地区 / 安慶地區 	ānqìngdìqū	(N) Anqing district (district in Anhui)
安康	ānkāng	good health
安康地区 / 安康地區 	ānkāngdìqū	(N) Ankang district (district in Shaanxi)
安徽	ānhuī	Anhui (province)
安徽省	ānhuīshěng	(N) Anhui province (an east central China province)
安心	ānxīn	feel at ease;be relieved;set one's mind at rest;keep one's mind on something
安息	ānxī	rest;go to sleep;rest in peace;(hist.) Parthia
安息日	ānxīrì	Sabbath
安慰	ānwèi	comfort;console
安慰剂 / 安慰劑 	ānwèijì	placebo
安抚 / 安撫 	ānfǔ	placate;pacify;appease
安排	ānpái	to arrange;to plan;to set up
安提瓜和巴布达 / 安提瓜和巴布達 	āntíguāhébābùdá	Antigua and Barbuda
安提瓜岛 / 安提瓜島 	āntíguādǎo	Antigua
安插	ānchā	place in a certain position;assign to a job;plant
安放	ānfàng	lay;place;put in a certain place
安新	ānxīn	(N) Anxin (place in Hebei)
安曼	ānmàn	Amman (capital of Jordan)
安检 / 安檢 	ānjiǎn	safety check
安歇	ānxiē	go to bed;retire for the night
安步当车 / 安步當車 	ānbùdàngchē	walk over leisurely instead of riding in a carriage;walk rather than ride
安民告示	ānmíngàoshì	a notice to reassure the public;advance notice (of an agenda)
安泽 / 安澤 	ānzé	(N) Anze (place in Shanxi)
安溪	ānxī	(N) Anxi (place in Fujian)
安然	ānrán	safely;peacefully;at a rest
安然无恙 / 安然無恙 	ānránwúyàng	unaffected (by a disease);safe and sound (set phrase)
安營 / 安营 	ānyíng	pitch a camp;camp
安特卫普 / 安特衛普 	āntèwèipǔ	Antwerp (Belgium)
安理会 / 安理會 	ānlǐhuì	UN Security Council
安瓿	ānbù	ampoule
安生	ānshēng	peaceful;restful;quiet;still
安眠	ānmián	sleep peacefully
安眠药 / 安眠藥 	ānmiányào	sleeping pill
安眠酮	ānmiántóng	methaqualone;hyminal
安神	ānshén	calm (soothe) the nerves;relieve uneasiness of body and mind
安祥	ānxiáng	serene;composed;unruffled
安福	ānfú	(N) Anfu (place in Jiangxi)
安稳 / 安穩 	ānwěn	smooth and steady
安第斯山	āndìsīshān	the Andes mountain range
安納托利亞 / 安纳托利亚 	ānnàtuōlìyà	Anatolia, Asia minor
安置	ānzhì	find a place for;help settle down;arrange for
安葬	ānzàng	bury (the dead)
安装 / 安裝 	ānzhuāng	install;erect;fix;mount;installation
安西	ānxī	(N) Anxi (place in Gansu)
安設 / 安设 	ānshè	install;set up
安詳 / 安详 	ānxiáng	serene
安謐 / 安谧 	ānmì	tranquil;peaceful
安身	ānshēn	make one's home;take shelter
安身立命	ānshēnlìmìng	settle down and get on with one's pursuit
安达 / 安達 	āndá	(N) Anda (city in Heilongjiang)
安达曼岛 / 安達曼島 	āndámàndǎo	Andaman (island of India)
安远 / 安遠 	ānyuǎn	(N) Anyuan (place in Jiangxi)
安适 / 安適 	ānshì	quiet and comfortable
安逸	ānyì	easy and comfortable;easy
安道尔 / 安道爾 	āndào'ěr	Andorra
安道尔共和国 / 安道爾共和國 	āndào'ěrgònghéguó	Andorra
安閒	ānxián	peaceful and carefree;leisurely
安阳 / 安陽 	ānyáng	(N) Anyang (city in Henan)
安阳地区 / 安陽地區 	ānyángdìqū	(N) Anyang district (district in Henan)
安陆 / 安陸 	ānlù	(N) Anlu (city in Hubei)
安静 / 安靜 	ānjìng	quiet;peaceful;calm
安非他明	ānfēitāmíng	amphetamine
安順 / 安顺 	ānshùn	(N) Anshun (city in Guizhou)
安順地區 / 安顺地区 	ānshùndìqū	(N) Anshun district (district in Guizhou)
安頓 / 安顿 	āndùn	find a place for;help settle down;arrange for;undisturbed;peaceful
安龍 / 安龙 	ānlóng	(N) Anlong (place in Guizhou)
宋	sòng	surname;the Song dynasty (960-1279 AD)
宋庆龄 / 宋慶齡 	sòngqìnglíng	Song Qingling or Rosemonde Soong (1893 - 1981), Dr Sun Yat-Sen's wife (and subsequently widow)
宋朝	sòngcháo	the Song dynasty (960-1279 AD)
宋美齡 / 宋美龄 	sòngměilíng	Soong Mei-ling or Song Meiling (1898-2003), Chiang Kai-shek's wife (subsequently widow)
完	wán	to finish;to be over;whole;complete;entire
完備 / 完备 	wánbèi	perfect;complete
完全	wánquán	complete;whole;totally;entirely
完全兼容	wánquánjiānròng	completely compatible
完全懂得	wánquándǒngde	to understand completely
完县 / 完縣 	wánxiàn	(N) Wan county (county in Hebei)
完善	wánshàn	perfect;complete
完好	wánhǎo	intact;in good condition
完成	wánchéng	complete;accomplish
完整	wánzhěng	complete;intact;integrity
完整性	wánzhěngxìng	integrity;completeness
完毕 / 完畢 	wánbì	to finish;to end;to complete
完璧归赵 / 完璧歸趙 	wánbìguīzhào	(proverb) to return something intact to its rightful owner;lit: to return the jade ring undamaged to the king of Zhao
完美	wánměi	perfect;perfection;perfectly
完美无缺 / 完美無缺 	wánměiwúquē	perfect and without blemish;flawless;to leave nothing to be desired
完蛋	wándàn	(v) fall from prestige;be finished, done for
宏	hóng	spacious
宏伟 / 宏偉 	hóngwěi	grand;imposing;magnificent
宏大	hóngdà	(adj) great;grand;massive
宏觀 / 宏观 	hóngguān	(adj. prefix) macro-
宏觀世界 / 宏观世界 	hóngguānshíjiě	macrocosm;the world in the large
宏觀经济 / 宏观经济 	hóngguānjīngjì	macro-economic
宓	mì	(surname);still;silent
宕	dàng	dissipated;put off
宕昌	dàngchāng	(N) Dangchang (place in Gansu)
宗	zōng	school;sect;purpose;model;ancestor;family
宗教	zōngjiào	religion
宗教改革	zōngjiàogǎigé	(Protestant) Reformation
宗旨	zōngzhǐ	(n) objective;aim;goal
宗派	zōngpài	sect
官	guān	official;government
官僚	guānliáo	(n) government employee that doesn't do any work;bureaucrat
官僚主义 / 官僚主義 	guānliáozhǔyì	bureaucracy
官兵	guānbīng	officers and men
官司	guānsi	lawsuit
官员 / 官員 	guānyuán	government official
官方	guānfāng	official;(by the) government
官方語言 / 官方语言 	guānfāngyǔyán	official language
官渡区 / 官渡區 	guāndùqū	(N) Guandu (area in Yunnan)
官田乡 / 官田鄉 	guāntiánxiāng	(N) Kuantien (village in Taiwan)
官話 / 官话 	guānhuà	"officialese";bureaucratic language;Mandarin
官邸	guāndǐ	official residence
宙	zhòu	universe
定	dìng	to set;to fix;to determine;to decide;to order
定义 / 定義 	dìngyì	definition
定于 / 定於 	dìngyú	set at;scheduled at
定价 / 定價 	dìngjià	to set a price;to fix a price
定位	dìngwèi	position;location;localization
定做	dìngzuò	to have something made to order
定兴 / 定興 	dìngxīng	(N) Dingxing (place in Hebei)
定冠詞 / 定冠词 	dìngguàncí	definite article
定制 / 訂製 	dìngzhì	custom made;made to order;to have something custom made
定南	dìngnán	(N) Dingnan (place in Jiangxi)
定向	dìngxiàng	(adv) a prior decision as to the direction of one's work;(v) to get a directional fix
定婚	dìnghūn	be betrothed;get engaged
定安	dìng'ān	(N) Ding'an (place in Hainan)
定居	dìngjū	(v) settle down to a place to live
定居点 / 定居點 	dìngjūdiǎn	settlement
定居者	dìngjūzhě	settler
定州	dìngzhōu	(N) Dingzhou (city in Hebei)
定律	dìnglǜ	(n) established law
定性	dìngxìng	(v) establish the chemical makeup of a compound;(v) determine the nature of a criminal
定性理論 / 定性理论 	dìngxìnglǐlùn	qualitative theory
定日	dìngrì	(N) Tingri (town in central Tibet)
定期	dìngqī	regularly;at regular intervals
定标器 / 定標器 	dìngbiāoqì	scaler
定点 / 定點 	dìngdiǎn	fixed point or location;point of reference;(math.) fixed point;to determine a location
定理	dìnglǐ	(n) an established theory;(math.) theorem
定睛	dìngjīng	to stare at
定結 / 定结 	dìngjié	(N) Dingjie (place in Tibet)
定罪	dìngzuì	convict (someone of a crime)
定襄	dìngxiāng	(N) Dingxiang (place in Shanxi)
定西	dìngxī	(N) Dingxi (place in Gansu)
定西地区 / 定西地區 	dìngxīdìqū	(N) Dingxi district (district in Gansu)
定語 / 定语 	dìngyǔ	attributive (modifier)
定論 / 定论 	dìnglùn	final conclusion;accepted argument
定貨 / 定货 	dìnghuò	(v) place an order for materials
定購 / 定购 	dìnggòu	(v) place an order for materials
定边 / 定邊 	dìngbiān	(N) Dingbian (place in Shaanxi)
定远 / 定遠 	dìngyuǎn	(N) Dingyuan (place in Anhui)
定量	dìngliàng	(n) fixed amount;ration
定量分块 / 定量分塊 	dìngliángfēnkuài	chunking
定閱 / 定阅 	dìngyuè	(v) subscribe to a periodical or newspaper
定陶	dìngtáo	(N) Dingtao (place in Shandong)
定額 / 定额 	dìng'é	(n) fixed amount;quota
定額組 / 定额组 	dìng'ézǔ	quorum
定鼎	dìngdǐng	lit. to set up the sacred tripods (following Yu the Great);to fix the capital;to found a dynasty;used in advertising
宛	wǎn	(surname);similar;winding
宛如	wǎnrú	(adv) just like
宜	yí	proper;should;suitable;appropriate
宜丰 / 宜豐 	yífēng	(N) Yifeng (place in Jiangxi)
宜兰 / 宜蘭 	yílán	(N) Ilan (city in Taiwan)
宜兴 / 宜興 	yíxīng	(N) Yixing (city in Jiangsu)
宜君	yíjūn	(N) Yijun (place in Shaanxi)
宜城	yíchéng	(N) Yicheng (city in Hubei)
宜宾 / 宜賓 	yíbīn	(N) Yibin (place in Sichuan)
宜宾地区 / 宜賓地區 	yíbīndìqū	(N) Yibin district (district in Sichuan)
宜山	yíshān	(N) Yishan (place in Guangxi)
宜川	yíchuān	(N) Yichuan (place in Shaanxi)
宜昌	yíchāng	(N) Yichang (city in Hubei)
宜昌地区 / 宜昌地區 	yíchāngdìqū	(N) Yichang district (district in Hubei)
宜春	yíchūn	(N) Yichun (city in Jiangxi)
宜春地区 / 宜春地區 	yíchūndìqū	(N) Yichun district (district in Jiangxi)
宜章	yízhāng	(N) Yizhang (place in Hunan)
宜良 / 彝良 	yíliáng	(N) Yiliang (place in Yunnan)
宜阳 / 宜陽 	yíyáng	(N) Yiyang (place in Henan)
宜黃 / 宜黄 	yíhuáng	(N) Yihuang (place in Jiangxi)
宝 / 寶 	bǎo	a jewel or gem;a treasure;precious
宝丰 / 寶豐 	bǎofēng	(N) Baofeng (place in Henan)
宝书 / 寶書 	bǎoshū	treasured book
宝兴 / 寶興 	bǎoxīng	(N) Baoxing (place in Sichuan)
宝剑 / 寶劍 	bǎojiàn	a double-edged sword
宝坻 / 寶坻 	bǎodǐ	(N) Baodi (place in Tianjin)
宝塔 / 寶塔 	bǎotǎ	pagoda
宝安 / 寶安 	bǎo'ān	(N) Bao'an (place in Guangdong)
宝宝 / 寶寶 	bǎobǎo	darling;baby
宝山 / 寶山 	bǎoshān	(N) Baoshan (place in Shanghai)
宝山乡 / 寶山鄉 	bǎoshānxiāng	(N) Paoshan (village in Taiwan)
宝库 / 寶庫 	bǎokù	treasure-house
宝应 / 寶應 	bǎoyīng	(N) Baoying (place in Jiangsu)
宝座 / 寶座 	bǎozuò	throne
宝清 / 寶清 	bǎoqīng	(N) Baoqing (place in Heilongjiang)
宝物 / 寶物 	bǎowù	treasure
宝石 / 寶石 	bǎoshí	precious stone;gem
宝蓝 / 寶藍 	bǎolán	sapphire blue
宝藏 / 寶藏 	bǎozàng	a precious deposit (e.g., of mineral);a treasure store
宝贝 / 寶貝 	bǎobèi	treasured object;treasure;darling;baby;cowry;good-for-nothing or queer character
宝贵 / 寶貴 	bǎoguì	valuable;precious;value;treasure;set store by
宝鸡 / 寶雞 	bǎojī	(N) Baoji (city in Shaanxi)
实 / 實 	shí	real;true;honest;really;solid
实业家 / 實業家 	shíyèjiā	industrialist
实习 / 實習 	shíxí	to practice;field work
实习生 / 實習生 	shíxísheng	intern (student)
实事求是 / 實事求是 	shíshìqiúshì	to seek truth from facts;to be practical and realistic
实体 / 實體 	shítǐ	entity;substance
实体层 / 實體層 	shítǐcéng	physical layer (OSI)
实例 / 實例 	shílì	UNIX shell
实况 / 實況 	shíkuàng	what is actually happening;scene
实分析 / 實分析 	shífēnxī	real analysis;calculus of real variables
实力 / 實力 	shílì	strength
实务 / 實務 	shíwù	practice;practical affairs
实变 / 實變 	shíbiàn	(math.) real variable
实变函数 / 實變函數 	shíbiànhánshù	(math.) function of a real variable
实变函数论 / 實變函數論 	shíbiànhánshùlùn	(math.) theory of functions of a real variable
实在 / 實在 	shízài	in reality;honestly;really;verily;concrete
实地 / 實地 	shídì	on-site
实弹 / 實彈 	shídàn	live ammunition
实惠 / 實惠 	shíhuì	(n) practical or substantial benefit;(adj) to be substantial;be real
实施 / 實施 	shíshī	to implement;to carry out
实时 / 實時 	shíshí	real time
实时加工 / 實時加工 	shíshíjiāgōng	on-line processing
实时技术 / 實時技術 	shíshíjìshù	on-line technique
实时操作环境 / 實時操作環境 	shíshícāozuòhuánjìng	real time operating environment
实物 / 實物 	shíwù	(n) definite object or thing
实现 / 實現 	shíxiàn	to achieve;to implement;to realize;to bring about
实用 / 實用 	shíyòng	practical;functional;pragmatic;applied (science)
实肘 / 實肘 	shízhǒu	full arm (method of painting)
实行 / 實行 	shíxíng	implement;carry out;to put into practice
实证 / 實證 	shízhèng	concrete evidence;excess syndrome
实证主义 / 實證主義 	shízhèngzhǔyì	positivism;empiricism
实词 / 實詞 	shící	content word
实话 / 實話 	shíhuà	truth
实质 / 實質 	shízhì	substance
实质上 / 實質上 	shízhìshàng	virtually;essentially
实质性 / 實質性 	shízhìxìng	substantive
实践 / 實踐 	shíjiàn	to practice;to put into practice;to fulfill
实际 / 實際 	shíjì	actual;reality;practice
实际上 / 實際上 	shíjìshàng	in fact;in reality;as a matter of fact;in practice
实际应用 / 實際應用 	shíjìyìngyòng	practical application
实际性 / 實際性 	shíjìxìng	practicality
实验 / 實驗 	shíyàn	to experiment;experiments
实验室 / 實驗室 	shíyànshì	laboratory
实验室感染 / 實驗室感染 	shíyànshìgǎnrǎn	laboratory infection
実	shí	Japanese variant of T:__實__ S:__实__
宠 / 寵 	chǒng	to love;to pamper;to spoil;to favor
宠坏 / 寵壞 	chǒnghuài	spoil (a child)
宠爱 / 寵愛 	chǒng'ài	to dote on (sb.)
宠物 / 寵物 	chǒngwù	house pet
审 / 審 	shěn	to examine;to investigate;carefully;to try (in court)
审判 / 審判 	shěnpàn	put (someone) to trial
审判席 / 審判席 	shěnpànxí	judgment seat
审判栏 / 審判欄 	shěnpànlán	judgment bar
审判长 / 審判長 	shěnpànzhǎng	presiding judge
审定 / 審定 	shěndìng	(v) examine and OK
审批 / 審批 	shěnpī	(v) examine and endorse
审断 / 審斷 	shěnduàn	to examine
审查 / 審查 	shěnchá	to examine;to investigate
审核 / 審覈 	shěnhé	to audit;to investigate thoroughly
审理 / 審理 	shěnlǐ	to hear (a case)
审美 / 審美 	shěnměi	(n) ability to appreciate the arts;aesthetics
审美观 / 審美觀 	shěnměiguān	(n) aesthetic conception;standards
审视 / 審視 	shěnshì	look closely at;examine
审计 / 審計 	shěnjì	audit
审议 / 審議 	shěnyì	deliberation;pondering;due consideration
审讯 / 審訊 	shěnxùn	a (judicial) trial (in a courtroom)
审问 / 審問 	shěnwèn	interrogate;examine;question
审阅 / 審閱 	shěnyuè	review
客	kè	customer;visitor;guest
客人	kèren	guest
客厅 / 客廳 	kètīng	drawing room (room for arriving guests);living room
客堂	kètáng	(n) room to meet guests;parlour
客座教授	kèzuòjiàoshòu	visisting professor
客戶 / 客户 	kèhù	client
客戶應用 / 客户应用 	kèhùyìngyòng	client application
客戶服務器結構 / 客户服务器结构 	kèhùfúwùqìjiégòu	client server architecture
客戶機 / 客户机 	kèhùjī	client (computer)
客戶機服務器環境 / 客户机服务器环境 	kèhùjīfúwùqìhuánjìng	client-server environment
客戶機軟件 / 客户机软件 	kèhùjīruǎnjiàn	client software
客机 / 客機 	kèjī	passenger plane
客栈 / 客棧 	kèzhàn	tavern;guest house;inn;hotel
客气 / 客氣 	kèqi	polite
客西馬尼園 / 客西马尼园 	kèxīmǎníyuán	Garden of Gethsemane
客觀 / 客观 	kèguān	objective
客車 / 客车 	kèchē	coach
客运 / 客運 	kèyùn	passenger traffic
客运量 / 客運量 	kèyùnliàng	amount of passenger traffic
宣	xuān	to declare (publicly);to announce
宣传 / 宣傳 	xuānchuán	to publicize;propaganda
宣判	xuānpàn	pronounce a (judicial) sentence (after a verdict in a court of law)
宣化	xuānhuà	(N) Xuanhua (place in Hebei)
宣告	xuāngào	declare;proclaim
宣威	xuānwēi	(N) Xuanwei (city in Yunnan)
宣州	xuānzhōu	(N) Xuanzhou (city in Anhui)
宣布	xuānbù	to declare;to announce;to proclaim
宣恩	xuān'ēn	(N) Xuan'en (place in Hubei)
宣战 / 宣戰 	xuānzhàn	to declare war
宣扬 / 宣揚 	xuānyáng	(v) make public or well known
宣教	xuānjiào	preach a religion
宣汉 / 宣漢 	xuānhàn	(N) Xuanhan (place in Sichuan)
宣示	xuānshì	to vow;to pledge
宣称 / 宣稱 	xuānchēng	assert;claim
宣言	xuānyán	declaration;manifesto
宣認 / 宣认 	xuānrèn	public declaration
宣誓	xuānshì	swear an oath (of office);make a vow
宣講 / 宣讲 	xuānjiǎng	to preach;to explain publicly
宣讀 / 宣读 	xuāndú	(v) read out loud to an audience
宣道	xuāndào	to preach (the gospel)
室	shì	room
室內 / 室内 	shìnèi	indoor
室友	shìyǒu	roommate
宥	yòu	forgive;help;profound
宦	huàn	an official
宦官	huànguān	eunuch;functionary
宧	yí	northeastern corner of a room
宪 / 憲 	xiàn	statute;constitution
宪兵 / 憲兵 	xiànbīng	military police
宪法 / 憲法 	xiànfǎ	constitution (of a country)
宪章 / 憲章 	xiànzhāng	charter
宫 / 宮 	gōng	palace
宫保鸡丁 / 宮保雞丁 	gōngbǎojīdīng	Kung Pao Chicken;spicy diced chicken
宫殿 / 宮殿 	gōngdiàn	palace
宫颈 / 宮頸 	gōngjǐng	cervix;neck of the uterus
宫颈抹片 / 宮頸抹片 	gōngjǐngmǒpiān	cervical smear
宬	chéng	library stack;storage
宰	zǎi	slaughter;butcher;govern;rule;official
宰制	zǎizhì	rule;dominate
宰割	zǎigē	invade
宰杀 / 宰殺 	zǎishā	slaughter;butcher
宰相	zǎixiàng	prime minister (in feudal China)
害	hài	to do harm to;to cause trouble to;harm;evil;calamity
害处 / 害處 	hàichu	(n) harm
害怕	hàipà	to be afraid;to be scared
害病	hàibìng	to fall sick;to contract an illness
害羞	hàixiū	blush;shy
害臊	hàisào	to be bashful;to feel ashamed
害虫 / 害蟲 	hàichóng	injurious insect;pest
宴	yàn	feast;repose
宴	yàn	feast;repose
宴乐 / 宴樂 	yànlè	peace and happiness
宴会	yànhuì	banquet
宴会	yànhuì	banquet;feast;dinner party
宴席	yànxí	(n) banquet
宴會	yànhuì	banquet
宴請 / 宴请 	yànqǐng	(v) invite sb to dinner
宵	xiāo	night
宵禁	xiāojìn	night curfew
家	jiā	furniture;tool
家	jiā	-ist;-er;-ian;home;family;a person engaged in a certain art or profession;measure word for firms or shops
家乡 / 家鄉 	jiāxiāng	hometown;native place
家乡鸡 / 家鄉雞 	jiāxiāngjī	'home town chicken' (a type of dish)
家事	jiāshì	housework
家产 / 家產 	jiāchǎn	family property
家人	jiārén	household;(one's) family
家伙	jiāhuǒ	guy
家伙	jiāhuo	chap
家信	jiāxìn	letter (to or from) home
家俱	jiājū	furniture
家具	jiājù	furniture
家务 / 家務 	jiāwù	household duties;housework
家喻戶曉 / 家喻户晓 	jiāyùhùxiǎo	(saying) understood by every household
家园 / 家園 	jiāyuán	home;homestead
家室	jiāshì	wife
家属 / 家屬 	jiāshǔ	family member;(family) dependent
家常	jiācháng	the daily life of a family
家庭	jiātíng	family;household
家庭作业 / 家庭作業 	jiātíngzuòyè	homework
家庭教师 / 家庭教師 	jiātíngjiàoshī	tutor
家庭消費者 / 家庭消费者 	jiātíngxiāofèizhě	household consumer
家当 / 家當 	jiādàng	familial property;belongings
家政	jiāzhèng	housekeeping
家教	jiājiào	family education;upbringing;bring s.b. up;private tutor
家族	jiāzú	household;clan
家用	jiāyòng	home-use
家用电脑 / 家用電腦 	jiāyòngdiànnǎo	home computer
家畜	jiāchù	domestic animal;livestock;cattle
家禽	jiāqín	poultry;domestic fowl
家裡 / 家里 	jiālǐ	home
家譜 / 家谱 	jiāpǔ	genealogy;family tree
家長 / 家长 	jiāzhǎng	the parent or guardian of a child
家門 / 家门 	jiāmén	house door;family clan
宸	chén	imperial apartments
容	róng	to hold;to contain;to allow;appearance;look;countenance
容不得	róngbudé	(v) cannot tolerate
容县 / 容縣 	róngxiàn	(N) Rong county (county in Guangxi)
容器	róngqì	receptacle;vessel
容城	róngchéng	(N) Rongcheng (place in Hebei)
容忍	róngrěn	to put up with;to tolerate
容易	róngyì	easy;likely;liable (to)
容积 / 容積 	róngjī	(n) physical space;volume
容納 / 容纳 	róngnà	contain;accommodate
容許 / 容许 	róngxǔ	permit;allow
容貌	róngmào	countenance;personage
容量	róngliáng	capacity
容量	róngliàng	capacity;quantitative (science)
容量分析	róngliàngfēnxī	quantitative analysis;volumetric analysis
宽 / 寬 	kuān	lenient;wide;broad
宽城满族自治县 / 寬城滿族自治縣 	kuānchéngmǎnzúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Kuancheng Manzu autonomous county (county in Hebei)
宽大 / 寬大 	kuāndà	(adj) spacious;wide;lenient
宽宏 / 寬宏 	kuānhóng	magnanimous
宽宏大量 / 寬宏大量 	kuānhóngdàliàng	magnanimous
宽容 / 寬容 	kuānróng	lenient;tolerant
宽带 / 寬帶 	kuāndài	broadband
宽广 / 寬廣 	kuānguǎng	(adj) wide;broad
宽度 / 寬度 	kuāndù	width
宽恕 / 寬恕 	kuānshù	forgive;forgiveness
宽敞 / 寬敞 	kuānchang	(adj) spacious
宽松 / 寬鬆 	kuānsōng	to relax (a policy)
宽甸 / 寬甸 	kuāndiàn	(N) Kuandian (place in Liaoning)
宽裕 / 寬裕 	kuānyù	comfortably off
宽赦 / 寬赦 	kuānshè	to forgive
宽阔 / 寬闊 	kuānkuò	expanse;wide
宽限 / 寬限 	kuānxiàn	extend (a deadline, etc.)
宽频 / 寬頻 	kuānpín	broadband
宾 / 賓 	bīn	visitor;guest
宾县 / 賓縣 	bīnxiàn	(N) Bin county (county in Heilongjiang)
宾客 / 賓客 	bīnkè	guests;visitors
宾川 / 賓川 	bīnchuān	(N) Binchuan (place in Yunnan)
宾州 / 賓州 	bīnzhōu	Pennsylvania;abbr. for T:__賓西法尼亞__ S:__宾西法尼亚州__
宾至如归 / 賓至如歸 	bīnzhìrúguī	guests feel at home (in a hotel, guesthouse, etc.);a home away from home
宾西法尼亚 / 賓西法尼亞 	bīnxīfǎníyà	Pennsylvania
宾词 / 賓詞 	bīncí	predicate
宾语 / 賓語 	bīnyǔ	object
宾语关系从句 / 賓語關係從句 	bīnyǔguānxìcóngjù	object relative clause
宾阳 / 賓陽 	bīnyáng	(N) Binyang (place in Guangxi)
宾馆 / 賓館 	bīnguǎn	guesthouse
宿	sù	lodge for the night;old;former
宿	xiǔ	(a) night
宿	xiù	constellation
宿主	sùzhǔ	host
宿县 / 宿縣 	sùxiàn	(N) Su county (county in Anhui)
宿县地区 / 宿縣地區 	sùxiàndìqū	(N) Suxian district (district in Anhui)
宿州	sùzhōu	(N) Suzhou (city in Anhui)
宿怨	sùyuàn	an old grudge;old scores to settle
宿愿 / 宿願 	sùyuàn	(n) long-cherished wish
宿松 / 宿鬆 	sùsōng	(N) Susong (place in Anhui)
宿營 / 宿营 	sùyíng	living quarters;accommodation;camp
宿舍	sùshè	dormitory;living quarters;hostel
宿迁 / 宿遷 	sùqiān	(N) Suqian (city in Jiangsu)
宿題 / 宿题 	sùtí	assignment
寀	cài	feudal estate
寁	zǎn	swift
寂	jì	lonesome
寂寂	jìjì	quiet
寂寞	jìmò	lonely;lonesome
寂寥	jìliáo	lonely;still;desolate;(classical)
寂静 / 寂靜 	jìjìng	quiet
寃	yuān	trad. variant of __冤__;injustice;grievance;wrong
寄	jì	lodge at;to mail;to send;to entrust;to depend
寄予	jìyú	to express;to show;to place (importance, e.g.);to have high hopes
寄予很大期望	jìyúhěndàqíwàng	to place great hope or expectation on (sth)
寄宿	jìsù	to lodge;to live (in rented accommodation)
寄宿生	jìsùshēng	boarder
寄居	jìjū	to live away from home
寄托 / 寄託 	jìtuō	(v) have someone look after sb;entrust the care of;place (hope, etc.) on
寄望	jìwàng	to place hopes on
寄生	jìshēng	parasite;parasitism;parasitic
寄生物	jìshēngwù	parasite
寄生生活	jìshēngshēnghuó	parasitism;parasitic life-style
寄生者	jìshēngzhě	parasite (human)
寄生虫 / 寄生蟲 	jìshēngchóng	parasite;drone
寄給 / 寄给 	jìgěi	to send to
寄达 / 寄達 	jìdá	(v) send (by mail)
寄送	jìsòng	to send;to transmit
寅	yín	3-5 a.m.;3rd earthly branch
密	mì	secret;confidential;close;thick;dense
密云 / 密雲 	mìyún	(N) Miyun (place in Beijing)
密克罗尼西亚 / 密克羅尼西亞 	mìkèluóníxīyà	Micronesia
密切	mìqiè	close;familiar;intimate;frequent
密切注意	mìqièzhùyì	close attention (to sth)
密县 / 密縣 	mìxiàn	(N) Mi county (county in Henan)
密友	mìyǒu	close friend
密室	mìshì	cell;private room
密密麻麻	mìmimámá	(set phrase) close and numerous;densely packed;thickly dotted;thick;dense
密封	mìfēng	seal up
密封輻射源 / 密封辐射源 	mìfēngfúshèyuán	sealed radiation source
密尔沃基 / 密爾沃基 	mì'ěrwòjī	Milwaukee (city)
密山	mìshān	(N) Mishan (city in Heilongjiang)
密度	mìdù	density;thickness
密度計 / 密度计 	mìdùjì	density gauge
密歇根	mìxiēgēn	Michigan (state of US)
密码 / 密碼 	mìmǎ	(secret) code;password;pin number
密码子 / 密碼子 	mìmǎzi	codon
密苏里 / 密蘇里 	mìsūlǐ	Missouri
密苏里州 / 密蘇里州 	mìsūlǐzhōu	Missouri
密西西比	mìxīxībǐ	Mississippi
密西西比州	mìxīxībǐzhōu	Mississippi (U.S. state)
密談 / 密谈 	mìtán	commune;private discussion
密閉艙 / 密闭舱 	mìbìcāng	sealed cabin
密閉門 / 密闭门 	mìbìmén	airtight door
密集	mìjí	concentrated;compressed
寇	kòu	bandit
富	fù	rich
富于	fùyú	to be full of;to be rich in
富于想像 / 富於想像 	fùyúxiǎngxiàng	imaginative
富余 / 富餘 	fùyu	(v) have a surplus
富县 / 富縣 	fùxiàn	(N) Fu county (county in Shaanxi)
富士通	fùshìtōng	Fujitsu
富宁 / 富寧 	fùníng	(N) Funing (place in Yunnan)
富川瑤族自治縣 / 富川瑶族自治县 	fùchuānyáozúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Fuchuan Yaozu autonomous county (county in Guangxi)
富布賴特 / 富布赖特 	fùbùlàitè	Fulbright (scholarship)
富平	fùpíng	(N) Fuping (place in Shaanxi)
富強 / 富强 	fùqiáng	(adj) rich and powerful
富态 / 富態 	fùtai	(adj);(euphemism) stout;portly
富有	fùyǒu	rich;full of
富民	fùmín	(N) Fumin (place in Yunnan)
富源	fùyuán	(N) Fuyuan (place in Yunnan)
富納富提 / 富纳富提 	fùnàfùtí	Funafuti (capital of Tuvalu)
富色彩	fùsècǎi	colorful
富蕴 / 富蘊 	fùyùn	(N) Fuyun (place in Xinjiang)
富裕	fùyù	prosperous;well-to-do;well-off
富豪	fùháo	a millionaire
富貴 / 富贵 	fùguì	(n) riches and honor
富足	fùzú	rich;plentiful
富里乡 / 富里鄉 	fùlǐxiāng	(N) Fuli (village in Taiwan)
富錦 / 富锦 	fùjǐn	(N) Fujin (city in Heilongjiang)
富阳 / 富陽 	fùyáng	(N) Fuyang (city in Zhejiang)
富順 / 富顺 	fùshùn	(N) Fushun (place in Sichuan)
寎	bìng	nightmare;start in sleep
寐	mèi	sleep soundly
寒	hán	cold;poor;to tremble
寒亭区 / 寒亭區 	hántíngqū	(N) Hanting (area in Shandong)
寒假	hánjià	winter vacation
寒冬	hándōng	wintry
寒冷	hánlěng	cold (climate);frigid;very cold
寒喧	hánxuān	(v) exchange greetings;(v) discuss the weather
寒噤	hánjìn	a shiver
寒战 / 寒戰 	hánzhàn	a chill
寒暄	hánxuān	(v);exchange of conventional greetings
寒武紀 / 寒武纪 	hánwǔjì	Cambrian (geological period)
寒毛	hánmáo	(n) fine hair on the human body
寒气 / 寒氣 	hánqì	cold air
寒風 / 寒风 	hánfēng	cold wind
寓	yù	reside;residence
寓所	yùsuǒ	dwelling
寓言	yùyán	fable
寔	shí	really;solid
寖	jìn	immerse;soak
寘	zhì	put aside, put down;discard
寙 / 窳 	yǔ	bad;useless;weak
寛	kuān	Japanese variant of T:__寬__ S:__宽__
寝 / 寢 	qǐn	lie down
寝室	qǐnshì	bedroom;dormitory
寞	mò	lonesome
察	chá	examine;inquire;observe;inspect;look into;to examine
察合台	chágětái	Chagatai (a son of Genghis Khan)
察哈尔右翼中旗 / 察哈爾右翼中旗 	cháhā'ěryòuyìzhōngqí	(N) Chaha'er youyi zhongqi (place in Inner Mongolia)
察哈尔右翼后旗 / 察哈爾右翼後旗 	cháhā'ěryòuyìhòuqí	(N) Chaha'er youyi houqi (place in Inner Mongolia)
察看	chákàn	to watch;to look carefully at
察覺 / 察觉 	chájué	aware;conscious
察隅	cháyú	(N) Chayu (place in Tibet)
察雅	cháyǎ	(N) Chaya (place in Tibet)
察驗 / 察验 	cháyàn	to examine
寠	jù	poor;rustic
寡	guǎ	few;widowed
寡头 / 寡頭 	guǎtóu	oligarch
寡头政治 / 寡頭政治 	guǎtóuzhèngzhì	oligarchy
寡妇 / 寡婦 	guǎfu	widow
寡居	guǎjū	to live as a widow
寢室	qǐnshì	bedroom;dormitory
寢室	qǐnshì	bedroom;dormitory
寤	wù	awake from sleep
寥	liáo	empty;lonesome;very few
寨 / 砦 	zhài	stronghold;stockade
寪	wěi	surname
寮	liáo	Laos;fellow-official;hut
寰	huán	large domain
寸	cùn	a unit of length;inch;thumb
寸草不生	cùncǎobùshēng	"not even a blade of grass grows"
对 / 對 	duì	couple;pair;to be opposite;to oppose;to face;for;to;correct (answer);to answer;to reply;to direct (towards sth);right
对不起 / 對不起 	duìbuqǐ	I'm sorry;pardon me;forgive me
对了 / 對了 	duìle	right;correct
对于 / 對於 	duìyú	regarding;as far as (something) is concerned;with regards to
对付 / 對付 	duìfu	(v) handle;deal with;(v) get by with what one has
对偶性 / 對偶性 	duì'ǒuxìng	(math.) duality
对准 / 對準 	duìzhǔn	aim
对华 / 對華 	duìhuá	(policy, etc.) towards China
对台 / 對臺 	duìtái	(policy, etc.) towards Taiwan
对地 / 對地 	duìdì	targeted (e.g. attacks)
对外 / 對外 	duìwài	external;foreign;pertaining to external or foreign (affairs)
对外政策 / 對外政策 	duìwàizhèngcè	foreign policy
对外贸易经济合作部 / 對外貿易經濟合作部 	duìwàimàoyìjīngjìhézuòbù	Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC)
对头 / 對頭 	duìtóu	correct;normal;to be on good terms with;on the right track;right
对头 / 對頭 	duìtou	(longstanding) opponent;enemy;inimical;adversary;opponent
对岸 / 對岸 	duì'àn	(n) the opposite bank of a body of water
对峙 / 對峙 	duìzhì	mutual confrontation
对应 / 對應 	duìyìng	(adj) match along with;corresponding;a correspondence
对待 / 對待 	duìdài	treat;treatment
对得起 / 對得起 	duìdeqǐ	not let sb. down;treat sb. fairly;be worthy of
对手 / 對手 	duìshǒu	opponent;adversary;match
对抗 / 對抗 	duìkàng	withstand;resist;confrontation
对抗者 / 對抗者 	duìkàngzhě	adversary;opponent
对接 / 對接 	duìjiē	to join up;to dock;a joint (between components)
对撞 / 對撞 	duìzhuàng	to collide;a collision
对撞机 / 對撞機 	duìzhuàngjī	a particle collider
对敌者 / 對敵者 	duìdízhě	rival
对方 / 對方 	duìfāng	counterpart;other person involved;opposite side;other side;receiving party
对日 / 對日 	duìrì	(policy, etc.) towards Japan
对比 / 對比 	duìbǐ	contrast;balance
对氨基苯丙酮 / 對氨基苯丙酮 	duì'ānjīběnbǐngtóng	p-aminopropiophenone
对流 / 對流 	duìliú	convection
对流层 / 對流層 	duìliúcéng	troposphere;lower atmosphere
对流层顶 / 對流層頂 	duìliúcéngdǐng	tropopause;top of troposphere
对照 / 對照 	duìzhào	contrast
对称 / 對稱 	duìchèn	symmetry;symmetrical
对称性 / 對稱性 	duìchènxìng	symmetry
对立 / 對立 	duìlì	oppose;set sth. against;be antagonistic to;antithetical;relative opposite;opposing;diametrical
对策 / 對策 	duìcè	countermeasure for dealing with a situation
对美 / 對美 	duìměi	(policy, etc.) towards America
对联 / 對聯 	duìlián	(n) vertical written couplet usually placed along either side of a doorway
对证 / 對證 	duìzhèng	confrontation
对证命名 / 對證命名 	duìzhèngmìngmíng	confrontation naming
对话 / 對話 	duìhuà	dialog
对象 / 對象 	duìxiàng	target;object;partner;boyfriend;girlfriend
对门 / 對門 	duìmén	the building or room opposite
对面 / 對面 	duìmiàn	opposite
寺	sì	Buddhist temple
寺庙 / 寺廟 	sìmiào	temple;monastery;shrine
寺院	sìyuàn	cloister;temple;monastery
寻 / 尋 	xún	to search;to look for;to seek
寻乌 / 尋烏 	xúnwū	(N) Xunwu (place in Jiangxi)
寻事生非 / 尋事生非 	xúnshìshēngfēi	to look for trouble
寻味 / 尋味 	xúnwèi	to think sth over
寻常 / 尋常 	xúncháng	usual;common;ordinary
寻开心 / 尋開心 	xúnkāixīn	to make fun of
寻找 / 尋找 	xúnzhǎo	to seek;to look for
寻机 / 尋機 	xúnjī	to look for an opportunity
寻来范畴 / 尋來範疇 	xúnláifànchóu	(math.) derived category
寻求 / 尋求 	xúnqiú	to seek;to look for
寻的 / 尋的 	xúndì	homing;target seeking
寻花问柳 / 尋花問柳 	xúnhuāwènliǔ	(set phrase) to enjoy the spring scenery;to visit brothels
寻衅 / 尋舋 	xúnxìn	(v) provoke;start a fight
寻觅 / 尋覓 	xúnmì	to look for
寻访 / 尋訪 	xúnfǎng	to inquire after;to look for (sb)
导 / 導 	dǎo	to transmit;to lead;to guide;to conduct;to direct
导体 / 導體 	dǎotǐ	(n) electrical conductor
导入 / 導入 	dǎorù	to introduce into;to channel;to lead;to guide into
导师 / 導師 	dǎoshī	tutor;teacher;academic advisor
导引 / 導引 	dǎoyǐn	introduction
导弹 / 導彈 	dǎodàn	guided missile;cruise missile;missile
导弹核潜艇 / 導彈核潛艇 	dǎodànhéqiántǐng	nuclear-powered missile submarine
导弹武器技术控制制度 / 導彈武器技術控制制度 	dǎodànwǔqìjìshùkòngzhìzhìdù	Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR)
导弹潜艇 / 導彈潛艇 	dǎodǎnqiántǐng	(guided) missile submarine
导液管 / 導液管 	dǎoyèguǎn	(med.) catheter
导游	dǎoyóu	a tourist guide;to conduct a tour;a guidebook
导游	dǎoyóu	a tourist guide;to conduct a tour;a guidebook
导演 / 導演 	dǎoyǎn	direct;director (film etc.)
导火索 / 導火索 	dǎohuǒsuǒ	a fuse (for explosive)
导火线 / 導火線 	dǎohuǒxiàn	a fuse (for explosives);fig. proximate cause;the last straw
导电性 / 導電性 	dǎodiànxìng	conductivity (elec.)
导致 / 導致 	dǎozhì	to lead to;to create;to cause;to bring about
导致死亡 / 導致死亡 	dǎozhìsǐwáng	to lead to death;to result in death
导航 / 導航 	dǎoháng	navigation
导航员 / 導航員 	dǎohángyuán	navigator (on a plane or boat)
导论 / 導論 	dǎolún	introduction
导轮 / 導輪 	dǎolún	guide pulley;foreword;preface
対	duì	Japanese variant of T:__對__ S:__对__
封	fēng	to confer;to grant;to seal;(a measure word)
封丘	fēngqiū	(N) Fengqiu (place in Henan)
封入	fēngrù	enclose
封印	fēngyìn	seal (on envolopes)
封土	fēngtǔ	to heap earth (to close a tomb);a mound (covering a tomb)
封地	fēngdì	manor
封存	fēngcún	to sequester;to seal up;to freeze (an account)
封建	fēngjiàn	feudal
封开 / 封開 	fēngkāi	(N) Fengkai (place in Guangdong)
封杀 / 封殺 	fēngshā	shut out
封条 / 封條 	fēngtiáo	seal
封泥	fēngní	sealing clay;lute
封鎖 / 封锁 	fēngsuǒ	blockade;seal off
封閉 / 封闭 	fēngbì	(v) close or seal up
封閉性 / 封闭性 	fēngbìxìng	encapsulation
封面	fēngmiàn	cover (front cover of a magazine)
専	zhuān	Japanese variant of T:__專__ S:__专__
尃	fū	to state to, to announce
射	shè	radio- (chem.);shoot
射出	shèchū	emission
射击 / 射擊 	shèjī	shoot;fire (ammunition)
射影	shèyǐng	projective (geometry)
射影几何学 / 射影幾何學 	shèyǐngjǐhéxué	projective geometry
射手	shèshǒu	(n) bowman
射手座	shèshǒuzuò	(astr.) Sagittarius
射洪	shèhóng	(N) Shehong (place in Sichuan)
射程	shèchéng	range;reach;firing range
射精	shèjīng	(n) ejaculation;(v) ejaculate
射線 / 射线 	shèxiàn	ray
射阳 / 射陽 	shèyáng	(N) Sheyang (place in Jiangsu)
射頻 / 射频 	shèpín	radio frequency;RF
射頻噪聲 / 射频噪声 	shèpínzàoshēng	RF noise
射頻干擾 / 射频干扰 	shèpíngānrǎo	radio interference;RF interference
射頻調諧器 / 射频调谐器 	shèpíntiáoxiéqì	RF tuner
将 / 將 	jiāng	(will, shall, "future tense");ready;prepared;to get;to use
将 / 將 	jiàng	a general
将乐 / 將樂 	jiānglè	(N) Jiangle (place in Fujian)
将会 / 將會 	jiānghuì	will, going to
将军 / 將軍 	jiāngjūn	(army) general
将军乡 / 將軍鄉 	jiāngjūnxiāng	(N) Chiangchun (village in Taiwan)
将军肚子 / 將軍肚子 	jiāngjūndùzi	beer belly (complimentary)
将士 / 將士 	jiàngshì	officers and soldiers
将就 / 將就 	jiāngjiu	accept (a bit reluctantly);put up with
将来 / 將來 	jiānglái	(the) future
将要 / 將要 	jiāngyào	will;shall;be going to
将近 / 將近 	jiāngjìn	almost;nearly;close to
将领 / 將領 	jiànglǐng	high-ranking military officer
專	zhuān	for a particular person, occasion, purpose;focused on one thing;special;expert;particular (to sth);concentrated;specialized
尉	wèi	(surname);milit. official;to quiet
尉氏	wèishì	(N) Weishi (place in Henan)
尉犁	yùlí	(N) Yuli (place in Xinjiang)
尊	zūn	to honor;measure word for cannons & statues
尊严 / 尊嚴 	zūnyán	dignity;sanctity;honor
尊卑	zūnbēi	seniors and juniors
尊崇	zūnchóng	revere
尊敬	zūnjìng	respect;respectfully;revere;reverence
尊榮 / 尊荣 	zūnróng	honor and glory
尊称 / 尊稱 	zūnchēng	(n) deferential or respectful form of address to sb
尊老愛幼 / 尊老爱幼 	zūnlǎo'àiyòu	(set phrase) respect the old and cherish the young
尊貴 / 尊贵 	zūnguì	respected
尊重	zūnzhòng	to value (something);to esteem;to respect
尊魚 / 尊鱼 	zūnyú	trout
導游	dǎoyóu	a tourist guide;to conduct a tour;a guidebook
導遊	dǎoyóu	a tourist guide;to conduct a tour;a guidebook
小	xiǎo	small;tiny;few;young
小丑	xiǎochǒu	clown
小丘	xiǎoqiū	hill;knoll
小义大利 / 小義大利 	xiǎoyìdàlì	Little Italy
小伙子	xiǎohuǒzi	lad;young fellow;youngster
小便	xiǎobiàn	urinate;pass water;urine
小偷	xiǎotōu	(n) thief
小儿科 / 小兒科 	xiǎo'érkē	pediatrics;pediatric (department);(slang) childish
小儿麻痹 / 小兒麻痺 	xiǎo'érmábì	polio (poliomyelitis)
小儿麻痹病毒 / 小兒麻痺病毒 	xiǎo'érmábìbìngdú	poliovirus
小儿麻痹症 / 小兒麻痹症 	xiǎo'érmábìzhèng	poliomyelitis;infantile paralysis
小冊子 / 小册子 	xiǎocèzi	booklet;pamphlet;menu
小写 / 小寫 	xiǎoxiě	lowercase
小写字母 / 小寫字母 	xiǎoxiězìmǔ	lowercase (letters)
小冲突 / 小衝突 	xiǎochōngtū	skirmish
小包	xiǎobāo	packet
小卖部 / 小賣部 	xiǎomàibù	kiosk;snack counter;retail department or section inside a larger business
小叔	xiǎoshū	husband's younger brother;brother-in-law
小吃	xiǎochī	snack;refreshments
小吃店	xiǎochīdiàn	snack bar;lunch room
小品	xiǎopǐn	(n);short, simple literary or artistic creation;essay;skit
小型	xiǎoxíng	small scale;small size
小型企业 / 小型企業 	xiǎoxíngqǐyè	small business
小型柜橱 / 小型櫃櫥 	xiǎoxíngguìchú	cabinet
小型核武器	xiǎoxínghéwǔqì	mini-nuke
小城	xiǎochéng	small town
小報 / 小报 	xiǎobào	tabloid newspaper
小声 / 小聲 	xiǎoshēng	in a low voice;(speak) in whispers
小夜曲	xiǎoyèqǔ	serenade
小妖精	xiǎoyāojīng	goblin
小姐	xiǎojie	young lady;miss
小姑	xiǎogū	husband's younger sister;sister-in-law
小姨	xiǎoyí	(informal) wife's younger sister;sister-in-law
小子	xiǎozi	(n) boy;(n) an impolite term for a person;bloke
小学 / 小學 	xiǎoxué	primary school
小学生 / 小學生 	xiǎoxuéshēng	(n) student in primary school;schoolchild
小孩	xiǎohái	child
小屋	xiǎowū	cabin;lodge
小岛 / 小島 	xiǎodǎo	isle
小巷	xiǎoxiàng	(n);alley
小康	xiǎokāng	comparatively good living standard;a period of peace and prosperity
小康社会 / 小康社會 	xiǎokāngshèhuì	middle-class society
小径 / 小徑 	xiǎojìng	alley
小心	xiǎoxīn	to be careful;to take care
小心翼翼	xiǎoxīnyìyì	(saying) carefully;cautiously
小提琴	xiǎotíqín	fiddle;violin
小数 / 小數 	xiǎoshù	(n) decimal;decimal value
小数点 / 小數點 	xiǎoshùdiǎn	(n) decimal point
小斑点 / 小斑點 	xiǎobāndiǎn	speckle
小时 / 小時 	xiǎoshí	hour
小朋友	xiǎopéngyǒu	children
小标题 / 小標題 	xiǎobiāotí	subtitle;closed-captioning
小树林 / 小樹林 	xiǎoshùlín	grove
小样 / 小樣 	xiǎoyàng	(print.) galley proof
小毛虫 / 小毛蟲 	xiǎomáochóng	slug
小气 / 小氣 	xiǎoqì	stingy;narrow;petty
小汽車 / 小汽车 	xiǎoqìchē	compact car
小河	xiǎohé	brook
小泉	xiǎoquán	Koizumi (Japanese surname);Koizumi Jun'ichiro, Japanese prime minister
小泉純一郎 / 小泉纯一郎 	xiǎoquánchúnyīláng	(Japanese Prime Minister) Junichiro Koizumi
小波	xiǎobō	(math.) wavelets;Xiaobo (name);Po from Teletubbies
小浪	xiǎolàng	(n) wavelet
小淘气 / 小淘氣 	xiǎotáoqì	rascal
小港区 / 小港區 	xiǎogǎngqū	(N) Hsiaokang (area in Taiwan)
小游 / 小遊 	xiǎoyóu	outing;short trip
小瀑布	xiǎopùbù	cascade
小灵通 / 小靈通 	xiǎolíngtōng	mobile phone (with a local, 7-digit phone number)
小熊猫 / 小熊貓 	xiǎoxióngmāo	lesser panda;red panda;firefox
小牛	xiǎoniú	calf
小牝牛	xiǎopìnniú	heifer
小狗	xiǎogǒu	pup;puppy
小猫 / 小貓 	xiǎomāo	kitten
小看	xiǎokàn	to look down on
小碟子	xiǎodiézi	saucer
小篆	xiǎozhuàn	lesser seal \(small seal\)
小米	xiǎomǐ	millet
小精灵 / 小精靈 	xiǎojīnglíng	elf
小組 / 小组 	xiǎozǔ	a group
小結 / 小结 	xiǎojié	summary;short;brief;wrap-up
小羊	xiǎoyáng	lamb
小脏鬼 / 小髒鬼 	xiǎozāngguǐ	dirty little devil (affectionate, of child)
小舅子	xiǎojiùzi	(informal) wife's younger brother
小舌	xiǎoshé	uvula
小船	xiǎochuán	boat
小蜜	xiǎomì	a girlfriend of a married man;literally: little secret
小行星	xiǎoxíngxīng	asteroid;minor planet
小袋	xiǎodài	pouch
小袋鼠	xiǎodàishǔ	wallaby;pademelon
小視 / 小视 	xiǎoshì	(v) belittle;look down upon
小說 / 小说 	xiǎoshuō	novel;fiction;{CL __篇__}
小說家 / 小说家 	xiǎoshuōjiā	novelist
小販 / 小贩 	xiǎofàn	peddler
小費 / 小费 	xiǎofèi	tip
小起重机 / 小起重機 	xiǎoqǐzhòngjī	jack
小路	xiǎolù	lane
小車 / 小车 	xiǎochē	(n) wheelbarrow
小金	xiǎojīn	(N) Xiaojin (place in Sichuan)
小雞 / 小鸡 	xiǎojī	chick
小青	xiǎoqīng	name of a person, Xiaoqing, from Madam White Snake
小題大做 / 小题大做 	xiǎotídàzuò	make a big fuss over a minor issue
小馬 / 小马 	xiǎomǎ	colt;pony
小鬼	xiǎoguǐ	(idiom) an endearing term of address to a child;little demon
小麥 / 小麦 	xiǎomài	wheat
小龍包 / 小龙包 	xiǎolóngbāo	steamed dumpling
小龍湯包 / 小龙汤包 	xiǎolóngtāngbāo	steamed soup dumpling
小龍蝦 / 小龙虾 	xiǎolóngxiā	crayfish;langoustine;chicken lobster
少	shǎo	few;little;lack
少	shào	young
少先队 / 少先隊 	shàoxiānduì	Young Pioneers
少囉唆	shǎoluōsuō	(phr) shut up
少女	shàonǚ	maiden
少将 / 少將 	shàojiàng	major general;rear admiral;air vice marshal
少尉	shàowèi	second lieutenant (army rank)
少年	shàonián	juvenile;youngster
少数 / 少數 	shǎoshù	small number;few;minority
少数民族 / 少數民族 	shǎoshùmínzú	minority nationality;national minority
少林寺	shàolínsì	Buddhist monastery famous for its kungfu monks
少量	shǎoliàng	(adj) a smidgen;a little bit;a few
尒	ěr	thou
尔 / 爾 	ěr	thus;so;like that;you;thou
尕	gǎ	(phonetic)
尖	jiān	point (of needle);sharp;shrewd;pointed
尖叫	jiānjiào	screech;shriek
尖塔	jiāntǎ	spire
尖声啼哭 / 尖聲啼哭 	jiānshēngtíkū	squeal
尖子	jiānzi	best of its kind;cream of the crop
尖尖	jiānjiān	sharp;pointed
尖峰	jiānfēng	peak;top
尖扎	jiānzhā	(N) Jianzha (place in Qinghai)
尖括号 / 尖括號 	jiānkuòhào	(n) angle brackets (<>)
尖石乡 / 尖石鄉 	jiānshíxiāng	(N) Chienshih (village in Taiwan)
尖端	jiānduān	a sharp pointed end;the tip;the cusp;(adj) most advanced and sophisticated;(adj) highest peak;the best
尖細 / 尖细 	jiānxì	taper
尖銳 / 尖锐 	jiānruì	sharp;intense;penetrating;pointed;acute (med.)
尖銳批評 / 尖锐批评 	jiānruìpīpíng	sharp criticism
尖閣列島 / 尖阁列岛 	jiāngélièdǎo	Senkaku Islands (Japanese name for Diaoyu Islands)
尖頂 / 尖顶 	jiāndǐng	steeple
尚	shàng	still;yet;to value;to esteem
尚且	shàngqiě	still
尚义 / 尚義 	shàngyì	(N) Shangyi (place in Hebei)
尚书 / 尚書 	shàngshū	high official in ancient China
尚志	shàngzhì	(N) Shangzhi (city in Heilongjiang)
尚慕杰	shàngmùjié	James Sasser (US Ambassador to China)
尚未	shàngwèi	not yet;still not
尝	cháng	indicator of past tense;to taste;flavor;already;ever;once;test;already;formerly
尝	cháng	to taste
尟	xiǎn	few;rare
尢	wāng	lame
尤	yóu	outstanding;particularly;especially
尤其	yóuqí	especially;particularly
尤溪	yóuxī	(N) Youxi (place in Fujian)
尤物	yóuwù	(wr.) a rare thing;a rare beauty;woman of extraordinary beauty
尤金塞尔南 / 尤金塞爾南 	yóujīnsài'ěrnán	Eugene Cernan (Apollo 17 astronaut)
尨	máng	shaggy dog;striped
尨	páng	shaggy dog;striped
尪	wāng	feeble;lame
尬	gà	in an embarrassing situation
尰	zhǒng	swell
就	jiù	at once;then;right away;only;(emphasis);to approach;to move towards;to undertake;already
就…而言	jiù'éryán	considering
就业 / 就業 	jiùyè	get a job;start a career
就任	jiùrèn	take office;assume a post
就地	jiùdì	(adv) local;nearby
就寝时间 / 就寢時間 	jiùqǐnshíjiān	bedtime
就是	jiùshì	(emphasizes that something is precisely or exactly what is stated);precisely;exactly;even;if;just like;in the same way as
就是說 / 就是说 	jiùshìshuō	in other words;that is
就晚了	jiùwǎnle	(colloq.) then it's too late
就此	jiùcǐ	and thus;thereupon
就算	jiùsuàn	granted that;even if
就緒 / 就绪 	jiùxù	ready;in order
就职 / 就職 	jiùzhí	take office;assume a post
就范	jiùfàn	to submit;to give in
就讀 / 就读 	jiùdú	to go to school
就近	jiùjìn	(adv) nearby
就餐	jiùcān	(v) eat a meal
尴 / 尷 	gān	embarrassed;ill at ease
尴尬 / 尷尬 	gāngà	awkward;embarrassed
尸	shī	corpse
尸	shī	corpse
尸体 / 屍體 	shītǐ	(lifeless) body;corpse
尸体剖检 / 尸體剖檢 	shītǐpōujiǎn	autopsy
尸体解剖 / 尸體解剖 	shītǐjiěpōu	autopsy;postmortem
尸检 / 尸檢 	shījiǎn	autopsy
尸首 / 屍首 	shīshǒu	corpse;carcass
尸首 / 屍首 	shīshou	(n) human corpse
尹	yǐn	(surname);to rule
尺	chǐ	a Chinese foot (M);one-third of a meter;a ruler;a musical note on traditional Chinese scale
尺子	chǐzi	rule;ruler (measuring instrument)
尺寸	chǐcun	size;dimension;measurement
尺度	chǐdù	scale;yardstick
尺骨	chǐgǔ	ulna (anat.);bone of the forearm
尻	kāo	end of spine
尼	ní	Buddhist nun;(often used in phonetic spellings)
尼亚美 / 尼亞美 	níyàměi	Niamey (capital of Niger)
尼克松	níkèsōng	Nixon
尼加拉瓜	níjiālāguā	Nicaragua
尼勒克	nílèkè	(N) Nileke (place in Xinjiang)
尼古丁	nígǔdīng	nicotine
尼姑	nígū	nun
尼安德魯人 / 尼安德鲁人 	ní'āndélǔrén	Neandertal man
尼布楚条约 / 尼布楚條約 	níbùchǔtiáoyuē	Treaty of Nerchinsk (1698) between Qing China and Russia
尼希米記 / 尼希米记 	níxīmǐjì	Book of Nehemiah
尼日利亚 / 尼日利亞 	nírìlìyà	Nigeria
尼日尔 / 尼日爾 	nírì'ěr	Niger
尼木	nímù	(N) Nimu (place in Tibet)
尼泊尔 / 尼泊爾 	níbó'ěr	Nepal
尼玛 / 尼瑪 	nímǎ	(N) Nima (place in Tibet)
尼科西亚 / 尼科西亞 	níkēxīyà	Nicosia (capital of Cyprus)
尼罗	níluó	the Nile
尼罗河	níluóhé	the Nile
尼赫魯 / 尼赫鲁 	níhèlǔ	(Jawaharlal) Nehru (first Prime Minister of India)
尼龍 / 尼龙 	nílóng	nylon
尽	jǐn	to the utmost
尽	jìn	to use up;to exhaust;to end;to finish;to the utmost;exhausted;finished;to the limit (of sth)
尽兴 / 盡興 	jìnxìng	(v);enjoy oneself to the fullest;to one's heart's content
尽力 / 盡力 	jìnlì	do one's best (effort);strive as much as possible
尽头 / 盡頭 	jìntóu	the very end
尽心 / 盡心 	jìnxīn	with all of one's heart
尽情 / 盡情 	jìnqíng	as much as one likes
尽速 / 盡速 	jìnsù	as quick as possible
尾	wěi	tail
尾声 / 尾聲 	wěishēng	(n) end;epilog
尾巴	wěiba	tail
尾牙	wěiyá	a year-end dinner for employees
尾音	wěiyīn	(ling.) rhyme, rime
尾骨	wěigǔ	coccyx;tailbone
尿	niào	to urinate;urine
尿	suī	to urinate;urine
尿布	niàobù	diaper
尿样 / 尿樣 	suīyàng	urine;urine sample
尿道	niàodào	(n) urethra
局	jú	narrow
局	jú	(a measure word used for games) set or round office;situation;office
局势 / 局勢 	júshì	situation;state (of affairs)
局域網 / 局域网 	júyùwǎng	local area network (LAN)
局部	júbù	part
局部性	júbùxìng	local
局部語境 / 局部语境 	júbùyǔjìng	local context
局部连结网络 / 局部連結網絡 	júbùliánjiéwǎngluò	local connectionist network
局部连贯性 / 局部連貫性 	júbùliánguànxìng	local coherence
局長 / 局长 	júzhǎng	the chief of a bureau
局限	júxiàn	limit
局限	júxiàn	(v) limit the movement or confine sth
局限性	júxiànxìng	limitations
局面	júmiàn	aspect;phase;situation
屁	pì	to break wind;to fart
屁滚尿流 / 屁滾尿流 	pìgǔnniàoliú	(set phrase) scared shitless;piss one's pants in terror
屁股	pìgu	buttocks;bottom;arse;end;butt
屁話 / 屁话 	pìhuà	shit;nonsense
层 / 層 	céng	a measure word for layers;laminated;repeated;floor;story (of a building);layer;(math.) sheaf
层云 / 層雲 	céngyún	stratus (cloud)
层出不穷 / 層出不窮 	céngchūbùqióng	to come out one after the other
层压 / 層壓 	céngyā	lamination
层子 / 層子 	céngzi	stratum
层层 / 層層 	céngcéng	layer upon layer
层次 / 層次 	céngcì	arrangement of ideas;administrative level;level;stage;phase
层理 / 層理 	cénglǐ	stratification
层积云 / 層積雲 	céngjīyún	stratocumulus cloud
层见迭出 / 層見迭出 	céngjiàndiéchū	to occur frequently;to occur repeatedly
层面 / 層面 	céngmiàn	(n) plane;level
屄	bī	vulva
居	jū	reside
居住	jūzhù	reside;be a resident (of)
居住于 / 居住於 	jūzhùyú	inhabit
居住者	jūzhùzhe	inhabitant
居住證 / 居住证 	jūzhùzhèng	residence permit
居室	jūshì	(n) room;apartment;flat
居心	jūxīn	to harbor (evil) intentions;to be bent on;a tranquil heart or mind
居所	jūsuǒ	residence
居民	jūmín	resident;inhabitant
居然	jūrán	unexpectedly;to one's surprise;go so far as to
居留	jūliú	residence;to reside
居里	jūlǐ	curie (Ci)
屆 / 届 	jiè	arrive at (place or time);period;to become due;measure words for events (e.g., meetings, elections)
屆時 / 届时 	jièshí	when the time comes;at the scheduled time
屇	tián	cave;hole
屈	qū	bent;feel wronged
屈曲	qūqū	crooked
屈服	qūfú	to surrender;to yield
屈辱	qūrù	(adj) humiliating
屉 / 屜 	tì	drawer;tier;tray
屋	wū	house;room
屋外	wūwài	outside the room
屋子	wūzi	house;room
屋檐 / 屋簷 	wūyán	eaves;rafts
屋脊	wūjǐ	roof ridge
屋頂 / 屋顶 	wūdǐng	roof
屌	diǎo	penis;(Coarse)(Cant.)to fuck
屍	shī	corpse
屎	shǐ	stool;feces;ear wax;nose mucous
屏	bǐng	get rid of;put aside;reject;keep control;hold back
屏	píng	(standing) screen
屏东 / 屏東 	píngdōng	(N) Pingtung (city in Taiwan)
屏南	píngnán	(N) Pingnan (place in Fujian)
屏山	píngshān	(N) Pingshan (place in Sichuan)
屏幕	píngmù	(TV or movie) screen
屏息	bǐngxī	hold one's breath
屏条 / 屏條 	píngtiáo	set of (usually four) hanging scrolls
屏气 / 屏氣 	bǐngqì	hold one's breath
屏蔽	píngbì	screen;shield
屏蔽罐	píngbìguàn	cask
屏边苗族自治县 / 屏邊苗族自治縣 	píngbiānmiáozúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Pingbian Mianzu autonomous county (county in Yunnan)
屏門 / 屏门 	píngmén	screen door
屏除	bǐngchú	get rid of;dismiss;brush aside
屏障	píngzhàng	protective screen
屏風 / 屏风 	píngfēng	screen
屐	jī	clogs
屑	xiè	crumbs;filings;worth while
展	zhǎn	to use;to spread out;to postpone;to unfold
展出	zhǎnchū	to put on display;to be on show;to exhibit
展开 / 展開 	zhǎnkāi	to unfold;to carry out;to be in full swing;to launch
展望	zhǎnwàng	outlook
展现 / 展現 	zhǎnxiàn	(v) come out;emerge
展示	zhǎnshì	to open up;to reveal
展覽 / 展览 	zhǎnlǎn	to put on display;to exhibit;exhibition;show
展覽會 / 展览会 	zhǎnlǎnhuì	exhibition;show
展銷 / 展销 	zhǎnxiāo	(v) display and sell
屘	mǎn	the youngest
屙	ē	defecate
屝	fèi	coarse;sandals
属 / 屬 	shǔ	belong to;category;be subordinate to;genus (taxonomy);be born in the year of (one of the 12 animals);family members;dependants
属 / 屬 	zhǔ	join together;fix one's attention on;concentrate on
属下 / 屬下 	shǔxià	subordinate
属世 / 屬世 	shǔshì	of this world
属于 / 屬於 	shǔyú	be classified as;to belong to;to be part of
属国 / 屬國 	shǔguó	vassal state
属地 / 屬地 	shǔdì	dependency;possession;annexed territory
属实 / 屬實 	shǔshí	turn out to be true;verified;true
属性 / 屬性 	shǔxìng	attribute;property
属灵 / 屬靈 	shǔlíng	spiritual
屠	tú	(Surname)
屠	tú	slaughter;slaughter man
屠夫	túfū	butcher
屠宰	túzǎi	slaughter;butcher
屠杀 / 屠殺 	túshā	massacre
屡 / 屢 	lǚ	time and again
屡加 / 屢加 	lǚjiā	ply
屡次 / 屢次 	lǚcì	repeatedly;time and again
屡禁不止 / 屢禁不止 	lǚjìnbùzhǐ	(set phrase) continue despite repeated prohibition
屣 / 蹝 	xǐ	slippers
履	lǚ	shoe;to tread on
履历表 / 履歷表 	lǚlìbiǎo	curriculum vitae (CV);resume
履行	lǚxíng	fulfill;carry out
屦 / 屨 	jù	sandals
屧	xiè	wooden shoes
屩	jué	hemp sandals
屪	liáo	penis
屭	xì	gigantic strength
屮	chè	plants sprouting
屯	tún	to station (soldiers);to store up
屯	zhūn	difficult;stingy
屯垦 / 屯墾 	túnkěn	to open up land for cultivation;to garrison troups to open up land
屯垦园 / 屯墾園 	túnkěnyuán	area of land opened up for cultivation;kibbutz
屯垦园区 / 屯墾園區 	túnkěnyuánqū	area of land opened up for cultivation;kibbutz
屯戍	túnchù	garrison;soldier stationed in some place
屯昌	túnchāng	(N) Tunchang (place in Hainan)
屯特	túntè	Twente (region in the Netherlands)
屯特大学 / 屯特大學 	túntèdàxué	University of Twente
屯留	túnliú	(N) Tunliu (place in Shanxi)
山	shān	mountain;hill
山上乡 / 山上鄉 	shānshàngxiāng	(N) Shanshang (village in Taiwan)
山东 / 山東 	shāndōng	Shandong (province in northern China)
山东省 / 山東省 	shāndōngshěng	Shandong province
山丹	shāndān	(N) Shandan (place in Gansu)
山亭区 / 山亭區 	shāntíngqū	(N) Shanting (area in Shandong)
山冈 / 山岡 	shāngāng	(n) mound;small hill
山区 / 山區 	shānqū	mountain area
山口洋	shānkǒuyāng	Singkawang city (Kalimantan, Indonesia)
山地	shāndì	mountainous region;hilly area;hilly country
山坡	shānpō	hillside
山头 / 山頭 	shāntóu	(n) mountain top
山奈	shānnài	cyanide;sodium cyanide
山岭 / 山嶺 	shānlǐng	(n) mountain ridge;spine of the mountains
山峰	shānfēng	(mountain) peak
山崖	shānyá	cliff
山崩	shānbēng	a landslide;a mountain landslide
山庄 / 山莊 	shānzhuāng	manor house;villa;(used in hotel names)
山歌	shāngē	(n) folk song;mountain song
山水	shānshuǐ	landscape
山沟 / 山溝 	shāngōu	(n) valley;gully;(n) mountain region
山河	shānhé	(n) the mountains and rivers;country's land
山泥倾泻 / 山泥傾瀉 	shānníqīngxiè	a landslide
山洞	shāndòng	cavern;cave
山海关区 / 山海關區 	shānhǎiguānqū	(N) Shanhaiguan (area in Hebei)
山涧 / 山澗 	shānjiàn	mountain stream
山火	shānhuǒ	forest fire
山竹	shānzhú	mangosteen
山羊	shānyáng	goat
山胡桃木	shānhútáomù	hickory
山脈 / 山脉 	shānmài	mountain range
山脚 / 山腳 	shānjiǎo	foot of a mountain
山腰	shānyāo	(n) mountain waist;the area half way up a mountain
山茱萸	shānzhūyú	Cornus officinalis;sour mountain date;herb associated with longevity
山西	shānxī	Shanxi, a province in China between Hebei and Shaanxi
山西省	shānxīshěng	(N) Shanxi, a central China province
山谷	shāngǔ	valley
山阳 / 山陽 	shānyáng	(N) Shanyang (place in Shaanxi)
山阴 / 山陰 	shānyīn	(N) Shanyin (place in Shanxi)
山頂 / 山顶 	shāndǐng	hilltop
屴	lì	high mountain range
屹	yì	high and steep
屺	qǐ	hill without trees
屼	wù	bare hill
屿 / 嶼 	yǔ	islet
岁 / 歲 	suì	year;years old;(a measure word)
岁入 / 歲入 	suìrù	revenue;annual income
岁数 / 歲數 	suìshu	age (number of years old)
岁月 / 歲月 	suìyuè	the years of a person's life
岂 / 豈 	qǐ	how can it be that?;(introduces rhetorical question)
岂不 / 豈不 	qǐbù	(adv) certainly;definitely
岂有此理 / 豈有此理 	qǐyǒucǐlǐ	(saying) outrageous;ridiculous;absurd
岊	jié	mountain peak
岌	jí	lofty peak;perilous
岍	qiān	name of a mountain
岐	qí	divergent;side road;steep
岐山	qíshān	(N) Qishan (place in Shaanxi)
岑	cén	a small hill;(a surname)
岑巩 / 岑鞏 	céngǒng	(N) Cengong (place in Guizhou)
岑溪	cénxī	(N) Cenxi (place in Guangxi)
岔	chà	branch in a road;astray;diverge
岔路	chàlù	fork in the road
岖 / 嶇 	qū	rugged
岗 / 崗 	gǎng	mound;policeman's beat
岗位 / 崗位 	gǎngwèi	a post;a job
岗巴 / 崗巴 	gǎngbā	(N) Gangba (place in Tibet)
岘 / 峴 	xiàn	steep hill
岚 / 嵐 	lán	mist;name of a mountain
岚县 / 嵐縣 	lánxiàn	(N) Lan county (county in Shanxi)
岚皋 / 嵐皋 	lángāo	(N) Langao (place in Shaanxi)
岛 / 島 	dǎo	island
岛国 / 島國 	dǎoguó	island nation
岛屿 / 島嶼 	dǎoyǔ	islands
岛盖部 / 島蓋部 	dǎogàibù	pars perculairs
岝	zuò	name of a mountain in SHANDONG
岢	kě	name of a mountain
岢岚 / 岢嵐 	kělán	(N) Kelan (place in Shanxi)
岣	gǒu	name of a hill in Hunan
岧	tiáo	lofty peak
岨 / 砠 	qū	rocky hill
岩	yán	cliff;rock
岩	yán	cliff
岩仓 / 岩倉 	yáncāng	Iwakura (Japanese name and place-name)
岩仓使节团 / 岩倉使節團 	yáncāngshǐjiétuán	the Iwakura mission (Japanese diplomatic and exploratory mission to US and Europe of 1871)
岩土体 / 岩土體 	yántǔtǐ	gneiss
岩床 / 巖床 	yánchuáng	bedrock
岩沙海葵毒素	yánshāhǎikuídúsù	palytoxin
岩浆 / 岩漿 	yánjiāng	lava
岩溶	yánróng	karst (porous limestone, geol.)
岩石	yánshí	rock
岩石学 / 岩石學 	yánshíxué	petrology;lithology;study of rocks
岩穴	yánxué	grotto;cave
岫	xiù	cave;mountain peak
岫岩满族自治县 / 岫岩滿族自治縣 	xiùyánmǎnzúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Xiuyan Manzu autonomous county (county in Liaoning)
岬	jiǎ	cape (geog.)
岭 / 嶺 	lǐng	mountain range
岱	dài	name of a mountain in Shandong
岱山	dàishān	(N) Daishan (place in Zhejiang)
岱庙 / 岱廟 	dàimiào	Dai Temple, a temple in Shandong for the god of Mount Tai
岳	yuè	(surname);mountain;wife's father
岳	yuè	mountain
岳普湖	yuèpǔhú	(N) Yuepuhu (place in Xinjiang)
岳母	yuèmǔ	wife's mother, mother-in-law
岳池	yuèchí	(N) Yuechi (place in Sichuan)
岳父	yuèfù	wife's father, father-in-law
岳西	yuèxī	(N) Yuexi (place in Anhui)
岳阳 / 岳陽 	yuèyáng	(N) Yueyang (city in Hunan)
岳阳地区 / 岳陽地區 	yuèyángdìqū	(N) Yueyang district (district in Hunan)
岵	hù	wooded hill
岷	mín	name of a river in Sichuan
岷县 / 岷縣 	mínxiàn	(N) Min county (county in Gansu)
岸	àn	bank;shore;beach;coast
岸上	ànshàng	ashore
岸标 / 岸標 	ànbiāo	lighthouse;shore beacon
岸然	ànrán	solemn;serious
岸边 / 岸邊 	ànbiān	shore
岿 / 巋 	kuī	high and mighty (of mountain);hilly
峄 / 嶧 	yì	name of hills in Shandong
峄城区 / 嶧城區 	yìchéngqū	(N) Yicheng (area in Shandong)
峇	kē	cave;cavern
峋	xún	ranges of hills
峒	tóng	name of a mountain
峓 / 眙 
袲	yí	place name
峙	zhì	peak;to store
峞	wéi	high and uneven
峡 / 峽 	xiá	gorge
峡江 / 峽江 	xiájiāng	(N) Xiajiang (place in Jiangxi)
峡湾 / 峽灣 	xiáwān	a fjord
峡谷 / 峽谷 	xiágǔ	canyon;gill;ravine
峤 / 嶠 	jiào	highest peak
峥 / 崢 	zhēng	excel;lofty
峦 / 巒 	luán	mountain ranges
峨	é	lofty;name of a mountain
峨山彝族自治县 / 峨山彝族自治縣 	éshānyízúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Eshan Yizu autonomous county (county in Yunnan)
峨眉乡 / 峨眉鄉 	éméixiāng	(N) Emei (village in Taiwan)
峨眉山 / 峨嵋山 	éméishān	(N) Emeishan (city in Sichuan)
峨边彝族自治县 / 峨邊彝族自治縣 	ébiānyízúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Ebian Yizu autonomous county (county in Sichuan)
峪	yù	valley
峭	qiào	steep hill
峭壁	qiàobì	cliff;steep;precipice
峰	fēng	peak;summit
峰会 / 峰會 	fēnghuì	summit meeting
峰峰矿区 / 峰峰礦區 	fēngfēngkuàngqū	(N) Fengfengkuang (area in Hebei)
峱	náo	name of a mountain
峹	tú	name of a mountain
峻	jùn	steep
峿	wú	name of a mountain
崀	làng	place name in hunan province
崁	kǎn	a place in taiwan tainan
崁頂鄉 / 崁顶乡 	kǎndǐngxiāng	(N) Kanting (village in Taiwan)
崂 / 嶗 	láo	name of a mountain in Shandong
崂山 / 嶗山 	láoshān	(N) Laoshan (place in Shandong)
崃 / 崍 	lái	name of a mountain in Sichuan
崆	kōng	name of a mountain
崇	chóng	high;dignified;lofty;to honor
崇义 / 崇義 	chóngyì	(N) Chongyi (place in Jiangxi)
崇仁	chóngrén	(N) Chongren (place in Jiangxi)
崇信	chóngxìn	(N) Chongxin (place in Gansu)
崇安	chóng'ān	(N) Chong'an (place in Fujian)
崇尚	chóngshàng	to hold up (as an model);to hold in esteem;to revere;to advocate
崇州	chóngzhōu	name of town in Sichuan
崇左	chóngzuǒ	(N) Chongzuo (place in Guangxi)
崇庆 / 崇慶 	chóngqìng	(N) Chongqing (place in Sichuan)
崇拜	chóngbài	adore;worship
崇拜仪式 / 崇拜儀式 	chóngbàiyíshì	worship service
崇拜者	chóngbàizhě	worshipper
崇敬	chóngjìng	(v) admire;revere
崇明	chóngmíng	(N) Chongming (place in Shanghai)
崇礼 / 崇禮 	chónglǐ	(N) Chongli (place in Hebei)
崇祯 / 崇禎 	chóngzhēn	Chongzhen, last emperor of the Ming Dynasty
崇阳 / 崇陽 	chóngyáng	(N) Chongyang (place in Hubei)
崇高	chónggāo	majestic;sublime
崋	huá	flowery;illustrious;Chinese
崌	jū	mountain name
崎	qí	mountainous
崎岖 / 崎嶇 	qīqū	rugged
崑	kūn	Kunlun mountains
崑崙 / 昆仑 	kūnlún	Kunlun (Karakorum) mountain range in Xinjiang
崑崙山 / 昆仑山 	kūnlúnshān	Mt. Kunlun;Kunlun (Karakorum) mountain range
崒	cuì	jagged mountain peaks (poetic);rocky peaks;lofty and dangerous
崔	cuī	(surname);high mountain;precipitous
崔亚琳 / 崔亞琳 	cuīyàlín	Charles Yah Lin Trie (Arkansas restauranteur)
崖	yá	precipice;cliff
崙	lún	Kunlun (Karakorum) mountain range in Xinjiang
崚	léng	lofty (as of mountain)
崛	jué	towering as a peak
崛起	juéqǐ	to rise;the emergence (e.g., of a power)
崞	guō	name of a mountain
崟	yín	high;rugged mountains;steep
崤	yáo	mountain in Henan
崦	yān	name of a mountain in Gansu
崧 / 嵩 	sōng	lofty;name of a mountain in Henan
崩	bēng	collapse;fall into ruins
崩塌	bēngtā	collapse;crumble
崩溃 / 崩潰 	bēngkuì	collapse;crumble;fall apart
崩漏	bēnglòu	uterine bleeding
崩裂	bēngliè	burst apart;crack
崩陷	bēngxiàn	fall in;cave in
崩龍族 / 崩龙族 	bēnglóngzú	the Benglong (Penglung) nationality;living in Yunnan
崭 / 嶄 	zhǎn	precipitous peak
崭新 / 嶄新 	zhǎnxīn	brand new
崮	gù	(element in mountain names)
崳	yú	county in shandong province
崴	wēi	high, lofty;precipitous
崶	fēng	name of a legendary hill
崽	zǎi	young of animals
崿	è	cliff;precipice
嵂	lǜ	rise sharply;to tower
嵇	jī	(surname);name of a mountain
嵊	shèng	name of a district in Zhejiang
嵊县 / 嵊縣 	shèngxiàn	(N) Sheng county (county in Zhejiang)
嵊泗县 / 嵊泗縣 	shèngsìxiàn	(N) Shengsi county (county in Shanghai)
嵋	méi	name of a mountain in Sichuan
嵌	qiàn	deep valley;inlay
嵌入	qiànrù	integration
嵎	yú	mountain range
嵒 / 碞 	yán	cliff
嵘 / 嶸 	róng	lofty
嵝 / 嶁 	lǒu	mountain peak
嵩县 / 嵩縣 	sōngxiàn	(N) Song county (county in Henan)
嵩明	sōngmíng	(N) Songming (place in Yunnan)
嵫	zī	name of a mountain in Gansu
嵬	wéi	rocky
嵯	cuó	lofty (as of mountain)
嵼	chǎn	winding mountain path
嵾	cēn	uneven;not uniform
嶂	zhàng	cliff;range of peaks
嶒	céng	lofty;precipitous
嶓	bō	name of a mountain
嶔	qīn	loftiness (of mountain)
嶙	lín	ranges of hills
嶝	dèng	path leading up a mountain
嶞	duò	mountain peak
嶡	guì	precipitous;mountainous
嶡	jué	sacrificial vessel
嶢	yáo	high;steep;to tower
嶨	xué	big rocky mountain
嶮	xiǎn	precipitous;rugged
嶰	xiè	mountain valley
嶲	xī	a name of an old town in Sichuan;cuckoo;revolution of a wheel
嶴	ào	place name
嶷	yí	name of a mountain in Hunan
嶽	yuè	mountain
巂	suǐ	place name in Sichuan
巃	lóng	steep;precipitous (of mountain)
巅 / 巔 	diān	summit
巇	xī	mountain-gorge;ravine
巉	chán	cliff
巍	wēi	high;lofty;towering;majestic
巖	yán	cliff
巘	yǎn	peak of mountain
川	chuān	river;creek;plain;an area of level country;abbreviation for Sichuan
川沙	chuānshā	(N) Chuansha (place in Shanghai)
川流不息	chuānliúbùxī	(saying) the stream flows without stopping;the flow of an endless stream
川菜	chuāncài	Sichuan cooking
川菜厅 / 川菜廳 	chuāncàitīng	a Sichuan restaurant
川藏	chuānzàng	Szechuan and Tibet
州	zhōu	(United States) state;province;sub-prefecture
州長 / 州长 	zhōuzhǎng	governor (of a US state)
巟	huāng	a watery waste;to reach
巡	xún	to patrol;to make one's rounds
巡弋	xúnyì	cruise;patrol by a ship
巡查	xúnchá	to go around and inspect;to inspect (by moving around)
巡洋艦	xúnyángjiàn	battle cruiser
巡测仪 / 巡測儀 	xúncèyí	survey meter
巡航	xúnháng	cruise
巡航导弹 / 巡航導彈 	xúnhángdǎodàn	cruise missile
巡視 / 巡视 	xúnshì	go on an inspection tour
巡警	xúnjǐng	police officer
巡迴	xúnhuí	to go around;to roam
巡迴分析端口	xúnhuífēnxīduānkǒu	Roving Analysis Port;RAP
巡逻 / 巡邏 	xúnluó	be on (police) patrol
巡逻艇 / 巡邏艇 	xúnluótǐng	patrol boat
巡逻车 / 巡邏車 	xúnluóchē	patrol car
巡逻队 / 巡邏隊 	xúnluóduì	(army, police) patrol
巢	cháo	nest
巢湖	cháohú	(N) Chaohu (city in Anhui)
巢湖地区 / 巢湖地區 	cháohúdìqū	(N) Chaohu district (district in Anhui)
巢穴	cháoxuè	lair
巣	cháo	Japanese variant of __巢__
工	gōng	work;worker;skill;profession;trade;craft;labor
工业 / 工業 	gōngyè	industry
工业化 / 工業化 	gōngyèhuà	to industrialize;industrialization
工业化国家 / 工業化國家 	gōngyèhuàguójiā	industrialized country
工业园区 / 工業園區 	gōngyèyuánqū	(n) industrial park
工业国 / 工業國 	gōngyèguó	industrialized countries
工业的巨头 / 工業的巨頭 	gōngyèdejùtóu	industry mogul
工业革命 / 工業革命 	gōngyègémìng	The Industrial Revolution
工事	gōngshì	(n) stuctures used to protect military troops;fortifications
工人	gōngrén	worker
工人党 / 工人黨 	gōngréndǎng	Workers' Party (Singapore opposition party)
工人阶级 / 工人階級 	gōngrénjiējí	(n) the working class
工会 / 工會 	gōnghuì	labor union;trade union
工作	gōngzuò	job;work;construction;task
工作室	gōngzuòshì	studio;workshop
工作站	gōngzuòzhàn	(computer) workstation
工作表	gōngzuòbiǎo	worksheet
工作記憶 / 工作记忆 	gōngzuòjìyì	working memory
工作过度 / 工作過度 	gōngzuòguòdù	overwork
工具	gōngjù	tool;instrument;utensil;means
工具书 / 工具書 	gōngjùshū	(n) trade book;reference book
工匠	gōngjiàng	artisan;smith
工厂 / 工廠 	gōngchǎng	factory
工商	gōngshāng	industry and commerce
工商界	gōngshāngjiè	industry;the world of business
工商銀行 / 工商银行 	gōngshāngyínháng	Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)
工地	gōngdì	construction site
工夫	gōngfu	work;labor;effort
工头 / 工頭 	gōngtóu	foreman
工委	gōngwěi	working committee
工布江达 / 工布江達 	gōngbùjiāngdá	(N) Gongbujiangda (place in Tibet)
工序	gōngxù	working procedure;process
工程	gōngchéng	engineering;an engineering project;project;undertaking
工程学 / 工程學 	gōngchéngxué	engineering
工程师 / 工程師 	gōngchéngshī	engineer
工艺 / 工藝 	gōngyì	(n) arts and crafts;industrial arts
工艺品 / 工藝品 	gōngyìpǐn	handicraft article;handiwork
工行	gōngháng	ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China);abbr. for T:__工商銀行__ S:__工商银行__
工讀學校 / 工读学校 	gōngdúxuéxiào	the reformatory;reform school
工資 / 工资 	gōngzī	wages;pay
工錢 / 工钱 	gōngqián	salary;wages
工齡 / 工龄 	gōnglíng	length of service;seniority
左	zuǒ	left
左云 / 左雲 	zuǒyún	(N) Zuoyun (place in Shanxi)
左侧 / 左側 	zuǒcè	left side
左右	zuǒyòu	about;approximately;left and right;around
左右勾拳	zuǒyòugōuquán	(phr) the old one-two;a left and a right hook
左权 / 左權 	zuǒquán	(N) Zuoquan (place in Shanxi)
左派	zuǒpài	leftist faction;the Left
左營區 / 左营区 	zuǒyíngqū	(N) Tsoying (area in Taiwan)
左翼	zuǒyì	left-wing (political)
左舵	zuǒduò	left rudder
左貢 / 左贡 	zuǒgòng	(N) Zuogong (place in Tibet)
左輪手槍 / 左轮手枪 	zuǒlúnshǒuqiāng	revolver
左边 / 左邊 	zuǒbiān	left
左鎮鄉 / 左镇乡 	zuǒzhènxiāng	(N) Tsochen (village in Taiwan)
左面	zuǒmiàn	(n) left side of sth
巧	qiǎo	opportunely;coincidentally;as it happens;skillful;timely
巧克力	qiǎokèlì	chocolate
巧克力脆片	qiǎokèlìcuìpiàn	chocolate chip
巧合	qiǎohé	coincidence
巧妙	qiǎomiào	ingenious;clever
巧家	qiǎojiā	(N) Qiaojia (place in Yunnan)
巧計 / 巧计 	qiǎojì	maneuver;scheme
巨	jù	very large;huge;tremendous;gigantic
巨人	jùrén	giant
巨匠	jùjiàng	master craftsman
巨响 / 巨響 	jùxiǎng	(n) loud sound
巨型	jùxíng	giant;enormous
巨大	jùdà	huge;immense;very large;tremendous;gigantic;enormous
巨大压力 / 巨大壓力 	jùdàyālì	enormous pressure;tremendous pressure
巨头 / 巨頭 	jùtóu	tycoon;magnet
巨擘	jùbò	thumb;authority (knowledgeable person)
巨无霸 / 巨無霸 	jùwúbà	Big Mac (hamburger at McDonalds)
巨星	jùxīng	giant star
巨流	jùliú	strong current
巨着 / 巨著 	jùzhù	monumental (literary) work
巨細 / 巨细 	jùxì	big and small
巨細胞病毒 / 巨细胞病毒 	jùxìbāobìngdú	cytomegalovirus (CMV)
巨細胞病毒視網膜炎 / 巨细胞病毒视网膜炎 	jùxìbāobìngdúshìwǎngmòyán	CMV Retinitis
巨蟒	jùmǎng	python
巨蟹座	jùxièzuò	(astr.) Cancer
巨輪 / 巨轮 	jùlún	large ship;large wheel
巨野	jùyě	(N) Juye (place in Shandong)
巨額 / 巨额 	jù'é	a huge sum (of money);large amount
巨鹿	jùlù	(N) Julu (place in Hebei)
巩 / 鞏 	gǒng	secure;solid
巩县 / 鞏縣 	gǒngxiàn	(N) Gong county (county in Henan)
巩固 / 鞏固 	gǒnggù	consolidate
巩留 / 鞏留 	gǒngliú	(N) Gongliu (place in Xinjiang)
巩膜 / 鞏膜 	gǒngmò	sclera
巫	wū	witch
巫婆	wūpó	witch;sorceress;female shaman
巫山	wūshān	Mt. Wu, on the Changjiang River by the Three Gorges
巫峡 / 巫峽 	wūxiá	Wuxia Gorge, in the Changjiang River Three Gorges
巫师 / 巫師 	wūshī	wizard;magician
巫术 / 巫術 	wūshù	witchcraft
巫溪	wūxī	(N) Wuxi (place in Sichuan)
差	chā	difference;discrepancy;to differ;error;to err;to make a mistake
差	chà	differ from;short of;to lack;poor
差	chāi	send;a messenger;a mission;to commission
差	cī	uneven
差不多	chàbuduō	almost, nearly
差事	chāishi	errand;assignment
差分	chāfēn	difference;increment
差分方程	chāfēnfāngchéng	difference equation (math.)
差別 / 差别 	chābié	difference;disparity;discrimination
差劲 / 差勁 	chājìn	poor
差异 / 差異 	chāyì	difference;discrepancy
差异性 / 差異性 	chāyìxìng	difference
差得多	chàdéduō	fall short by a large amount
差派	chāipài	to dispatch
差点儿 / 差點兒 	chàdiǎn'er	(adv) almost;just about to
差距	chājù	disparity;gap
差遣	chāiqiǎn	send (on errand)
差錯 / 差错 	chācuò	(n) mistake;(n) an accident
差額 / 差额 	chā'è	balance (financial)
巰	qiú	hydrosulfuryl
己	jǐ	6th heavenly stem;self
己型肝炎	jǐxínggānyán	hepatitis F
已	yǐ	already;to stop;then;afterwards
已婚	yǐhūn	married
已故	yǐgù	the late;deceased
已滅 / 已灭 	yǐmiè	extinct
已知	yǐzhī	known (to science)
已經 / 已经 	yǐjīng	already
已經進行 / 已经进行 	yǐjīngjìnxíng	already underway;already in progress
已見分曉 / 已见分晓 	yǐjiànfēnxiǎo	the result becomes apparent;(after) the dust has settled
巳	sì	6th earthly branch;9-11 a.m.
巴	bā	(suff. for certain nouns);to hope;to wish;Palestinian, Palestine (abbrev.);Pakistan (abbrev.);Pascal (unit of pressure)
巴不得	bābùdé	anxious;look forward to;earnestly wish for
巴东 / 巴東 	bādōng	(N) Badong (place in Hubei)
巴中	bāzhōng	(N) Bazhong (city in Sichuan)
巴中地区 / 巴中地區 	bāzhōngdìqū	(N) Bazhong district (district in Sichuan)
巴伦支海 / 巴倫支海 	bālúnzhīhǎi	the Barents Sea
巴儿狗 / 巴兒狗 	bā'érgǒu	pekingese (a breed of dog);sycophant;lackey
巴克夏猪 / 巴克夏豬 	bākèxiàzhū	Berkshire (swine)
巴勒斯坦	bālèsītǎn	Palestine
巴厘	bālí	Bali (island in Indonesia)
巴厘岛 / 巴厘島 	bālídǎo	Bali (island in Indonesia)
巴县 / 巴縣 	bāxiàn	(N) Ba County (county in Sichuan)
巴哈馬 / 巴哈马 	bāhāmǎ	the Bahamas
巴基斯坦	bājīsītǎn	Pakistan
巴塘	bātáng	(N) Batang (town in Kham prov. of Tibet, pres. Sichuan)
巴士底	bāshìdǐ	the Bastille (Paris)
巴士拉	bāshìlā	Basra (city in Iraq)
巴尔 / 巴爾 	bā'ěr	Baltic
巴尔克嫩德 / 巴爾克嫩德 	bā'ěrkènèndé	(surname) Balkenende
巴尔干 / 巴爾干 	bā'ěrgān	Balkan
巴尔舍夫斯基 / 巴爾舍夫斯基 	bā'ěrshěfūsījī	(Charlene) Barshefsky, US trade negotiator
巴巴多斯	bābāduōsī	Barbados
巴布亚新几内亚 / 巴布亞新幾內亞 	bābùyàxīnjǐnèiyà	Papua New Guinea
巴库 / 巴庫 	bākù	Baku (capital of Azerbaijan)
巴彥 / 巴彦 	bāyàn	(N) Bayan (place in Heilongjiang)
巴拉圭	bālāguī	Paraguay
巴拉迪	bālādí	Mohamed El Baradei (born 1942) Director of International Atomic Energy Agency and Nobel laureate
巴拿馬 / 巴拿马 	bānámǎ	Panama
巴掌	bāzhǎng	palm;hand
巴斯克	bāsīkè	Basque
巴斯克語 / 巴斯克语 	bāsīkèyǔ	Basque (language)
巴斯特尔 / 巴斯特爾 	bāsītè'ěr	Basseterre (capital of Saint Kitts and Nevis)
巴斯蒂亚 / 巴斯蒂亞 	bāsīdìyà	Bastia (French town on Corsica island)
巴望	bāwàng	look forward to
巴松管	bāsōngguǎn	bassoon
巴林	bālín	Bahrain
巴林右旗	bālínyòuqí	(N) Balin youqi (place in Inner Mongolia)
巴林左旗	bālínzuǒqí	(N) Balin zuoqi (place in Inner Mongolia)
巴枯宁主义 / 巴枯寧主義 	bākūníngzhǔyì	Bakuninism
巴格达 / 巴格達 	bāgédá	Baghdad (capital of Iraq)
巴楚	bāchǔ	(N) Bachu (place in Xinjiang)
巴比伦 / 巴比倫 	bābǐlún	Babylon
巴比妥	bābǐtuǒ	barbitone;barbital
巴結 / 巴结 	bājié	fawn on;curry favor with;make up to
巴罗佐 / 巴羅佐 	bāluózuǒ	Jose Manuel Barroso (EU Commission President)
巴西	bāxī	Brazil
巴西利亚 / 巴西利亞 	bāxīlìyà	Brasilia (capital of Brazil)
巴豆	bādòu	(purging) croton
巴貝西亞原蟲病 / 巴贝西亚原虫病 	bābèixīyàyuánchóngbìng	babesiosis
巴金森氏症	bājīnsēnshìzhèng	Parkinson's disease
巴青	bāqīng	(N) Baqing (place in Tibet)
巴音郭楞蒙古自治州	bāyīnguōléngzìzhìzhōu	Bayinguoleng Mongol autonomous prefecture of Xinjiang
巴馬瑤族自治縣 / 巴马瑶族自治县 	bāmǎyáozúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Bama Yaozu autonomous county (county in Guangxi)
巴馬科 / 巴马科 	bāmǎkē	Bamako (capital of Mali)
巴黎	bālí	Paris (capital of France)
巷	xiàng	lane;alley
巻	juǎn	Japanese variant of __卷__
巽	xùn	a sign in the trigram;obey
巾	jīn	towel
巿	fú	revolve, make circuit, turn
币 / 幣 	bì	money;coins;currency
币值 / 幣值 	bìzhí	value of a currency
币制 / 幣制 	bìzhì	currency system
市	shì	market;city
市中心	shìzhōngxīn	(n) city center;downtown
市区 / 市區 	shìqū	(n) urban district;downtown;city center
市场 / 市場 	shìchǎng	market
市场经济 / 市場經濟 	shìchǎngjīngjì	market economy
市政	shìzhèng	municipal
市政府	shìzhèngfǔ	city hall;city government
市民	shìmín	city resident
市郊	shìjiāo	(n) outer city;suburbs
市鎮 / 市镇 	shìzhèn	small town
市長 / 市长 	shìzhǎng	mayor
市集	shìjí	fair;small town
布	bù	to declare;to announce;to spread;to make known;spread;(cotton) cloth
布	bù	to declare;to announce;to spread;to make known;spread;(cotton) cloth
布丁	bùdīng	pudding
布什	bùshí	(George H.W.) Bush (US President 1988-1992);(George W.) Bush (US President 2000-2008)
布加勒斯特	bùjiālèsītè	Bucharest (capital of Romania)
布告	bùgào	(n) posting on a bulletin board;notice;(v) announce
布告	bùgào	notice;bulletin
布基納法索 / 布基纳法索 	bùjīnàfǎsuǒ	Burkina Faso
布宜諾斯艾利斯 / 布宜诺斯艾利斯 	bùyínuòsī'àilìsī	Buenos Aires (capital of Argentina)
布尔津 / 布爾津 	bù'ěrjīn	(N) Burqin (place in Xinjiang)
布帛	bùbó	cloth and silk;cotton and silk textiles
布帛菽粟	bùbóshūsù	cloth;silk;beans and grain;food and clothing;daily necessities
布幕	bùmù	screen
布拉柴維爾 / 布拉柴维尔 	bùlācháiwéi'ěr	Brazzaville (capital of Congo)
布拉格	bùlāgé	Prague (capital of Czech Republic)
布拖	bùtuō	(N) Butuo (place in Sichuan)
布朗	bùlǎng	English surname, Brown
布氏杆菌病 / 布氏桿菌病 	bùshìgānjūnbìng	brucellosis
布氏菌苗	bùshìjūnmiáo	Brucella vaccine
布法罗 / 布法羅 	bùfǎluó	Buffalo (city in New York state)
布洒器	bùsǎqì	disperser
布琼布拉 / 布瓊布拉 	bùqióngbùlā	Bujumbura (capital of Burundi)
布線 / 布线 	bùxiàn	wiring
布置	bùzhì	(v) put in order;arrange;decorate
布置	bùzhì	arrange;fix up;decorate
布莱尔 / 布萊爾 	bùlái'ěr	Blair
布袋鎮 / 布袋镇 	bùdàizhèn	(N) Putai (town in Taiwan)
布达佩斯 / 布達佩斯 	bùdápèisī	Budapest (capital of Hungary)
布达拉宫 / 布達拉宮 	bùdálāgōng	(N) Potala (winter palace of Dalai Lamas in Lhasa, Tibet)
布里奇頓 / 布里奇顿 	bùlǐqídùn	Bridgetown (capital of Barbados)
布防	bùfáng	to lay out a defense
布防迎战 / 布防迎戰 	bùfángyíngzhàn	to prepare to meet the enemy head-on
布隆迪	bùlóngdí	Burundi
布雷克海岭 / 布雷克海嶺 	bùléikèhǎilǐng	Blake submarine ridge
布鞋	bùxié	cloth shoes
布須曼人 / 布须曼人 	bùxūmànrén	bushman (African minority)
布魯克海文國家實驗室 / 布鲁克海文国家实验室 	bùlǔkèhǎiwénguójiāshíyánshì	Brookhaven National Laboratory
布魯克海文實驗室 / 布鲁克海文实验室 	bùlǔkèhǎiwénshíyánshì	Brookhaven National Laboratory
布魯剋林 / 布鲁克林 	bùlǔkèlín	Brooklyn, one of the five boroughs of New York City
布魯塞爾 / 布鲁塞尔 	bùlǔsài'ěr	Brussels (capital of Belgium)
布魯日 / 布鲁日 	bùlǔrì	Bruges, a medieval town in Belgium (Dutch: Brugge)
布魯氏菌病 / 布鲁氏菌病 	bùlǔshìjūnbìng	Brucella
帅 / 帥 	shuài	handsome;graceful;smart;commander in chief
帅哥 / 帥哥 	shuàige	handsome guy
帆	fān	sail
帆布	fánbù	canvas
帆船	fánchuán	sail
师 / 師 	shī	a division (milit.);teacher;master;expert;model
师傅 / 師傅 	shīfu	master;a qualified worker
师友 / 師友 	shīyǒu	friend who you can seek advice
师宗 / 師宗 	shīzōng	(N) Shizong (place in Yunnan)
师範 / 師範 	shīfàn	Normal (e.g. Beijing Normal University)
师范 / 師范 	shīfàn	teacher-training;pedagogical;normal (school)
师范大学 / 師範大學 	shīfàndàxué	Normal University;teacher-training college
师长 / 師長 	shīzhǎng	(n) military division level commander;(n) teacher
希	xī	rare;infrequent
希伯來 / 希伯来 	xībólái	Hebrew
希伯來書 / 希伯来书 	xībóláishū	Hebrews
希伯來語 / 希伯来语 	xībóláiyǔ	Hebrew (language)
希伯莱文 / 希伯萊文 	xībóláiwén	Hebrew (language)
希伯莱语 / 希伯萊語 	xībóláiyǔ	Hebrew (language)
希奇 / 稀奇 	xīqí	rare;strange
希奇古怪 / 稀奇古怪 	xīqígǔguài	crazy;bizarre;weird;fantastic;strange
希思罗 / 希思羅 	xīsīluō	Heathrow (London airport)
希拉克 / 希拉剋 	xīlākè	(President) Chirac
希拉里	xīlālǐ	Hillary (person name)
希斯罗机场 / 希斯羅機場 	xīsīluójīchǎng	Heathrow Airport
希望	xīwàng	to wish for;to desire;to hope
希沃特	xīwòtè	sievert
希特勒	xītèlè	Hitler, Adolph
希罕	xīhǎn	rare
希腊 / 希臘 	xīlà	Greece
希腊字母 / 希臘字母 	xīlàzìmǔ	Greek alphabet
希腊语 / 希臘語 	xīlàyǔ	(modern) Greek (language)
帏 / 幃 	wéi	curtain;women's apartment;tent
帏幕 / 幃幕 	wéimù	screen;backdrop
帐 / 帳 	zhàng	account;mosquito net;tent;curtain;debt;credit
帐单 / 帳單 	zhàngdān	bill;check
帐号 / 帳號 	zhànghào	account number
帐帘 / 帳帘 	zhànglián	drapery
帐户 / 帳戶 	zhànghù	(bank, computer, etc.) account
帐篷 / 帳篷 	zhàngpeng	tent;wigwam
帐蓬 / 帳蓬 	zhàngpeng	tent
帑	tǎng	treasury
帔	pèi	cape
帕	pà	handkerchief
帕兰卡 / 帕蘭卡 	pàlánkǎ	Palanka (a personal name)
帕劳 / 帕勞 	pàláo	Palau;Palau Islands
帕子	pàzi	handkerchief
帕拉馬里博 / 帕拉马里博 	pàlāmǎlǐbó	Paramaribo (capital of Suriname)
帕斯	pàsī	Perth (capital of Western Australia)
帕斯卡	pàsīkǎ	Pascal (name)
帕斯卡三角形	pàsīkǎsānjiǎoxíng	Pascal's Triangle (math.)
帕米尔山脉 / 帕米爾山脈 	pàmǐ'ěrshānmài	the Pamir mountains
帕米尔高原 / 帕米爾高原 	pàmǐ'ěrgāoyuán	the Pamir plateau
帖	tiē	fit snugly
帖	tiě	invitation card;notice
帖	tiè	rubbing from incised inscription
帖撒罗尼迦 / 帖撒羅尼迦 	tiěsāluóníjiā	Thessalonica
帖撒罗尼迦前书 / 帖撒羅尼迦前書 	tiěsāluóníjiāqiánshū	1 Thessalonians
帖撒罗尼迦后书 / 帖撒羅尼迦後書 	tiěsāluóníjiāhòushū	2 Thessalonians
帖木儿 / 帖木兒 	tiēmù'ér	Timur or Tamerlane (1336-1405, Mongol emperor and conqueror)
帖木儿大汗 / 帖木兒大汗 	tiēmù'érdàhàn	Timur or Tamerlane (1336-1405, Mongol emperor and conqueror)
帗	fú	object held by dancer
帘	lián	wine shop sign
帙 / 袟 	zhì	(surname);book cover
帚	zhǒu	broom
帛	bó	silk
帛琉	bóliú	Palau
帜 / 幟 	zhì	flag
帝	dì	emperor
帝后	dìhòu	empress;imperial consort
帝国 / 帝國 	dìguó	empire;imperial
帝国主义 / 帝國主義 	dìguózhǔyì	(n) imperialism
帝王	dìwáng	regal
帝王企鵝 / 帝王企鹅 	dìwángqǐ'é	emperor penguin
帟	yì	canopy
帡	píng	shelter, screen, awning
帣	juàn	a bag which holds 30 pecks
带 / 帶 	dài	band;belt;girdle;ribbon;tire;area;zone;region;to wear;to carry;to lead;to bring;to look after;to raise
带儿 / 帶兒 	dài'er	(n) belt;strap;ribbon
带到 / 帶到 	dàidào	to bring to
带刺 / 帶刺 	dàicì	thorn;to be barbed;sarcastic
带动 / 帶動 	dàidòng	to spur;to provide impetus;to drive
带劲 / 帶勁 	dàijìn	(adj) energetic;(adj) exciting
带去 / 帶去 	dàiqu	bring away
带头 / 帶頭 	dàitóu	take the lead;be the first;set an example
带子 / 帶子 	dàizi	band;belt
带宽 / 帶寬 	dàikuān	bandwidth
带扣 / 帶釦 	dàikòu	buckle
带有 / 帶有 	dàiyǒu	have;involve
带来 / 帶來 	dàilái	to bring;to fetch;to bring about;to cause
带标识 / 帶標識 	dàibiāoshì	marker
带电 / 帶電 	dàidiàn	to electrify;to charge;electrification
带电粒子 / 帶電粒子 	dàidiànlìzǐ	electrically charged particles
带红色 / 帶紅色 	dàihóngsè	reddish
带给 / 帶給 	dàigěi	to carry to
带露 / 帶露 	dàilù	dewy
带领 / 帶領 	dàilǐng	guide;lead
帧 / 幀 	zhèng	frame;one of a pair (scrolls);picture
帧太长 / 幀太長 	zhèngtàicháng	oversize frame;giant
帧格式 / 幀格式 	zhènggéshì	frame format
帧检验序列 / 幀檢驗序列 	zhèngjiǎnyànxùliè	frame check sequence;FCS
帧首定界符 / 幀首定界符 	zhèngshǒudìngjièfù	start of frame delimiter
帨	shuì	handkerchief
席	xí	banquet;woven mat;seat;place
席	xí	woven mat
席位	xíwèi	parliamentary or congressional seat
席勒	xílè	Schiller (German poet and dramatist)
席卷	xíjuǎn	engulf;sweep;carry away everything
席卷亚洲 / 席卷亞洲 	xíjuǎnyàzhōu	to sweep through Asia
帮 / 幫 	bāng	to assist;to support;to help;group;gang;party
帮会 / 幫會 	bānghuì	secret society;underworld gang
帮倒忙 / 幫倒忙 	bāngdàománg	be more of a hindrance than a help
帮凶 / 幫凶 	bāngxiōng	accomplice;accessory
帮办 / 幫辦 	bāngbàn	assist in managing;deputy
帮助 / 幫助 	bāngzhù	assistance;aid;to help;to assist
帮厨 / 幫廚 	bāngchú	help in the mess kitchen
帮子 / 幫子 	bāngzi	outer (of cabbage, etc);upper (of a shoe)
帮工 / 幫工 	bānggōng	help with farm work;helper
帮忙 / 幫忙 	bāngmáng	help;give (lend) a hand;do a favor;do a good turn
帮手 / 幫手 	bāngshou	helper;assistant
帮派 / 幫派 	bāngpài	faction
帮腔 / 幫腔 	bāngqiāng	vocal accompaniment in some traditional Chinese operas
帮闲 / 幫閑 	bāngxián	hang on to and serve the rich and powerful by literary hack work;etc
帯	dài	Japanese variant of T:__帶__ S:__带__
帰	guī	Japanese variant of T:__歸__ S:__归__
帱 / 幬 	chóu	canopy;curtain
帱 / 幬 	dào	canopy
帷	wéi	curtain;screen
常	cháng	always;ever;often;frequently;common;general;constant
常人	chángrén	ordinary person
常任	chángrèn	permanent
常任理事国 / 常任理事國 	chángrènlǐshìguó	permanent member state (of UN Security Council)
常务 / 常務 	chángwù	(n) routine business;everyday duties;
常問問題 / 常问问题 	chángwènwèntí	frequently asked questions;FAQ
常坐汽車者 / 常坐汽车者 	chángzuòqìchēzhě	motorist
常委	chángwěi	member of standing committee
常委会 / 常委會 	chángwěihuì	standing committee
常宁 / 常寧 	chángníng	(N) Changning (place in Hunan)
常山	chángshān	(N) Changshan (place in Zhejiang)
常州	chángzhōu	(N) Changzhou (city in Jiangsu)
常常	chángcháng	frequently;usually;often
常年	chángnián	(n) the entire year;(n) an average year
常微分方程	chángwēifēnfāngchéng	ordinary differential equation (ODE)
常德	chángdé	(N) Changde (city in Hunan)
常德地区 / 常德地區 	chángdédìqū	(N) Changde district (district in Hunan)
常数 / 常數 	chángshù	a constant (math.)
常时 / 常時 	chángshí	frequently;often;usually;regularly
常春藤	chángchūnténg	ivy
常熟	chángshóu	(N) Changshu (city in Jiangsu)
常用	chángyòng	in common usage
常綠 / 常绿 	chánglǜ	evergreen
常見 / 常见 	chángjiàn	(v) often see sth;commonly see sth
常規 / 常规 	chángguī	conventional (weapons);conventional;common;routine
常規武器 / 常规武器 	chángguīwǔqì	conventional weapon
常規銅電話線 / 常规铜电话线 	chángguītóngdiànhuàxiàn	ordinary copper telephone line
常識 / 常识 	chángshí	common sense;general knowledge
常軌 / 常轨 	chángguǐ	normal practice
常駐 / 常驻 	chángzhù	resident;permanent (representative)
帻 / 幘 	zé	conical cap
帼 / 幗 	guó	cap worn by women;feminine
帽	mào	hat;cap
帽子	màozi	hat;cap
幄	wò	tent
幅	fú	(measure word for textile or picture);width;roll
幅员 / 幅員 	fúyuán	a country's surface area;extent of a country
幅射	fúshè	radiation;radiate
幅度	fúdù	width;extent
幋	pán	large scarf
幌	huǎng	advertising sign
幌子	huǎngzi	shop sign;signboard;(fig.) pretense
幔	màn	curtain
幔子	mànzi	curtain;veil
幕	mù	stage curtain;tent
幕僚	mùliáo	aids and advisors of top official
幕府	mùfǔ	military government in premodern Japan;bakufu or "tent government"
幙	mù	a curtain, a screen
幛	zhàng	hanging scroll
幠	hū	arrogant;rude;to cover
幡	fān	banner
幢	chuáng	(measure word for houses);tents
幦	mì	chariot canopy
幨	chān	curtain in carriage;screen
幩	fén	ornamental tassel on bridle
幪	méng	cover
幭	miè	carriage cover
幯	jié	wipe
幰	xiǎn	curtain at front of carriage
干	gān	dry;to concern;shield
干	gàn	to work;to do;to manage
干	gàn	manage;stem
干事 / 幹事 	gànshi	administrative secretary (in charge of something)
干冰	gānbīng	dry ice;carbon dioxide ice
干劲 / 幹勁 	gànjìng	(n) enthusiasm for doing something
干将 / 幹將 	gànjiàng	capable person
干扰 / 干擾 	gānrǎo	interfere;obstruction
干掉 / 幹掉 	gàndiào	to get rid of
干活儿 / 幹活兒 	gànhuó'er	(v) do manual work
干涉	gānshè	interfere
干线 / 幹線 	gànxiàn	(n) main road;primary route
干细胞 / 幹細胞 	gànxìbāo	stem cell
干细胞研究 / 幹細胞研究 	gànxìbāoyánjiū	stem cell research
干脆	gāncuì	straightforward;clear-cut;simply;might as well
干脆	gāncuì	blunt (e.g., statement);clear-cut
干部 / 幹部 	gànbù	a cadre (i.e. manager, staff, officer, etc.)
干預 / 干预 	gānyù	meddle;intervene
干麽 / 幹麼 	gànmá	why on earth;whatever for
平	píng	flat;level;equal;to make the same score;to tie;to draw;calm;peaceful
平乐 / 平樂 	pínglè	(N) Pingle (place in Guangxi)
平乡 / 平鄉 	píngxiāng	(N) Pingxiang (place in Hebei)
平信	píngxìn	ordinary mail (as opposed to air mail, etc.)
平凉 / 平涼 	píngliáng	(N) Pingliang (city in Gansu)
平凉地区 / 平涼地區 	píngliángdìqū	(N) Pingliang district (district in Gansu)
平凡	píngfán	commonplace
平分	píngfēn	divide equally
平利	pínglì	(N) Pingli (place in Shaanxi)
平南	píngnán	(N) Pingnan (place in Guangxi)
平原	píngyuán	field;plain
平台 / 平臺 	píngtái	platform;terrace;flat-roofed building
平和	pínghé	(N) Pinghe (place in Fujian)
平地机 / 平地機 	píngdìjī	land grader;road grader
平均	píngjūn	average
平均剂量 / 平均劑量 	píngjūnjìliáng	average dose
平坝 / 平壩 	píngbà	(N) Pingba (place in Guizhou)
平坦	píngtǎn	flat
平塘	píngtáng	(N) Pingtang (place in Guizhou)
平壤	píngrǎng	Pyongyang (capital of North Korea)
平安	píng'ān	safe and sound;well;without mishap
平定	píngdìng	to pacify;(N) Pingding (place in Shanxi)
平山	píngshān	(N) Pingshan (place in Hebei)
平常	píngcháng	ordinary;common;usually;ordinarily
平常日	píngchángrì	weekday
平底鍋 / 平底锅 	píngdǐguō	saucepan
平度	píngdù	(N) Pingdu (city in Shandong)
平息	píngxī	settle (a dispute);quiet down;suppress
平房	píngfáng	bungalow
平整	píngzhěng	(adj) neat;in order;(v) level;remove any bumps
平方	píngfāng	square (as in square foot, square mile, square root)
平日	píngrì	(n) an ordinary day
平时 / 平時 	píngshí	in normal times;in peacetime
平昌	píngchāng	(N) Pingchang (place in Sichuan)
平易	píngyì	(adj) unassuming, amiable;(of writing) easy;plain
平易近人	píngyìjìnrén	(set phrase) amiable and approachable, modest and unassuming;(of writing) plain and simple, easy to understand
平板	píngbǎn	tablet;flat
平果	píngguǒ	(N) Pingguo (place in Guangxi)
平武	píngwǔ	(N) Pingwu (place in Sichuan)
平民	píngmín	(ordinary) people;commoner;civilian
平江	píngjiāng	(N) Pingjiang (place in Hunan)
平泉	píngquán	(N) Pingquan (place in Hebei)
平流层 / 平流層 	píngliúcéng	stratosphere
平淡	píngdàn	(adj) flat;dull;(adj) ordinary;nothing special
平湖	pínghú	(N) Pinghu (city in Zhejiang)
平溪乡 / 平溪鄉 	píngxīxiāng	(N) Pinghsi (village in Taiwan)
平潭	píngtán	(N) Pingtan (place in Fujian)
平生	píngshēng	all one's life
平稳 / 平穩 	píngwěn	smooth;steady
平等	píngděng	equality
平罗 / 平羅 	píngluó	(N) Pingluo (place in Ningxia)
平舆 / 平輿 	píngyú	(N) Pingyu (place in Henan)
平行	píngxíng	parallel
平衡	pínghéng	balance;equilibrium
平衡态 / 平衡態 	pínghéngtài	balance;(state of) equilibrium
平谷	pínggǔ	(N) Pinggu (place in Beijing)
平辈	píngbèi	of the same generation
平远 / 平遠 	píngyuǎn	(N) Pingyuan (place in Guangdong)
平遙 / 平遥 	píngyáo	(N) Pingyao (place in Shanxi)
平邑	píngyì	(N) Pingyi (place in Shandong)
平鍋 / 平锅 	píngguō	pan
平鎮 / 平镇 	píngzhèn	(N) Pingchen (town in Taiwan)
平阳 / 平陽 	píngyáng	(N) Pingyang (place in Zhejiang)
平阴 / 平陰 	píngyīn	(N) Pingyin (place in Shandong)
平陆 / 平陸 	pínglù	(N) Pinglu (place in Shanxi)
平静 / 平靜 	píngjìng	tranquil;undisturbed;serene
平面	píngmiàn	(n) geometric plane surface;(n) type;category
平面曲線 / 平面曲线 	píngmiànqūxiàn	(math.) plane curve
平頂山 / 平顶山 	píngdǐngshān	(N) Pingdingshan (city in Henan)
平順 / 平顺 	píngshùn	(N) Pingshun (place in Shanxi)
平魯 / 平鲁 	pínglǔ	(N) Pinglu (place in Shanxi)
年	nián	year
年之久	niánzhījiǔ	period of ... years
年代	niándài	a decade of a century (e.g. the Sixties);age;era;period
年代初	niándàichū	beginning of an age;beginning of a decade
年以來 / 年以来 	niányǐlái	since the year ...
年份	niánfen	particular year;certain year;given year
年会 / 年會 	niánhuì	annual meeting
年來 / 年来 	niánlái	over the last ... years
年关 / 年關 	niánguān	end of the year
年初	niánchū	beginning of the year
年前	niánqián	...years ago
年号 / 年號 	niánhào	the Emperor's reign name
年均	niánjūn	annual average (rate)
年均增長率 / 年均增长率 	niánjūnzēngzhǎnglǜ	annual rate of growth
年夜飯 / 年夜饭 	niányèfàn	New Year's Eve family dinner
年头 / 年頭 	niántóu	year
年头儿 / 年頭兒 	niántóu'er	(n) a year's duration;(n) many years duration;(n) times;era
年幼	niányòu	young;underage
年底	niándǐ	the end of the year;year-end
年度	niándù	year (e.g. school year, fiscal year, etc)
年画儿 / 年畫兒 	niánhuàr	New Year (or Spring Festival) picture
年紀 / 年纪 	niánjì	age
年級 / 年级 	niánjí	grade
年老	niánlǎo	aged
年輕 / 年轻 	niánqīng	young
年輕人 / 年轻人 	niánqīngrén	young people
年輕化 / 年轻化 	niánqīnghuà	make more youthful;promote younger staff
年輕有為 / 年轻有为 	niánqīngyǒuwéi	(set phrase) (n) be young and promising
年迈 / 年邁 	niánmài	old;aged
年逾古稀	niányúgǔxī	over seventy years old
年鑑	niánjiàn	almanac
年長 / 年长 	niánzhǎng	senior
年限	niánxiàn	age limit;fixed number of years
年青	niánqīng	youthful
年齡 / 年龄 	niánlíng	(a person's) age
幵	qiān	even level. to raise in both hands
并	bìng	and;furthermore;(not) at all;simultaneously;also;together with;to combine;to join;to merge
并	bìng	amalgamate;combine
并	bìng	and;also;together with
幸	xìng	lucky
幸	xìng	fortunate;lucky
幸亏 / 幸虧 	xìngkuī	fortunately;luckily
幸免	xìngmiǎn	narrowly and luckily escape
幸好	xìnghǎo	fortunately
幸存者	xìngcúnzhě	survivor
幸福	xìngfú	blessed;happiness;happy
幸运 / 幸運 	xìngyùn	fortunate;lucky;fortune;luck
幸运儿 / 幸運兒 	xìngyùn'ér	a lucky guy;a person who always gets good breaks
幹	gàn	manage;stem
幻	huàn	fantasy
幻影	huànyǐng	phantom
幻想	huànxiǎng	delusion;fantasy
幻灯 / 幻燈 	huàndēng	lantern slides
幻灯片 / 幻燈片 	huàndēngpiàn	(n) filmstrip;lantern slide;slidefilm
幻覺 / 幻觉 	huànjué	hallucinations
幻象	huànxiàng	illusion
幼	yòu	young
幼儿 / 幼兒 	yòu'ér	(n) child
幼儿园 / 幼兒園 	yòu'éryuán	kindergarten;nursery school
幼兽 / 幼獸 	yòushòu	cub
幼发拉底河 / 幼發拉底河 	yòufālādǐhé	Euphrates river
幼发拉底河谷 / 幼發拉底河谷 	yòufālādǐhégǔ	Euphrates river valley
幼女	yóunǚ	young girl
幼妹	yòumèi	younger sister
幼弟	yòudì	younger brother
幼时 / 幼時 	yòushí	(n);childhood
幼稚	yòuzhì	young;childish;naive
幼稚园 / 幼稚園 	yòuzhìyuán	kindergarten
幼虫 / 幼蟲 	yòuchóng	larva
幽	yōu	quiet;secluded;Hades
幽暗	yōu'àn	gloom
幽浮	yōufú	U.F.O.;unidentified flying object;space ship
幽灵 / 幽靈 	yōulíng	specter;apparition;ghost
幽谷	yōugǔ	dell
幽閉恐懼症 / 幽闭恐惧症 	yōubìkǒngjùzhèng	claustrophobia
幽静 / 幽靜 	yōujìng	(adj) remote;secluded;(adj) hidden place;difficult to find
幽默	yōumò	humor;humorous
幽默感	yōumògǎn	sense of humour
幾	jī	almost
幾	jǐ	how much;how many;several;a few
广 / 廣 	guǎng	wide;numerous;to spread
广东 / 廣東 	guǎngdōng	Guangdong province, China
广东省 / 廣東省 	guǎngdōngshěng	Guangdong province
广丰 / 廣豐 	guǎngfēng	(N) Guangfeng (place in Jiangxi)
广义 / 廣義 	guǎngyì	broad sense;generalization
广传 / 廣傳 	guǎngchuán	propagate
广元 / 廣元 	guǎngyuán	(N) Guangyuan (city in Sichuan)
广南 / 廣南 	guǎngnán	(N) Guangnan (place in Yunnan)
广博 / 廣博 	guǎngbó	extensive
广告 / 廣告 	guǎnggào	to advertise;a commercial
广告商 / 廣告商 	guǎnggàoshāng	advertising company
广告片 / 廣告片 	guǎnggàopiān	advertising film;commercial (on TV)
广场 / 廣場 	guǎngchǎng	a public square (e.g. Tiananmen Square)
广场恐惧症 / 廣場恐懼症 	guǎngchángkǒngjùzhèng	agoraphobia
广域网 / 廣域網 	guǎngyùwǎng	wide area network;WAN
广域网路 / 廣域網路 	guǎngyùwǎnglù	wide area network;WAN
广大 / 廣大 	guǎngdà	vast;extensive
广宁 / 廣寧 	guǎngníng	(N) Guangning (place in Guangdong)
广安 / 廣安 	guǎng'ān	(N) Guang'an (place in Sichuan)
广安地区 / 廣安地區 	guǎng'āndìqū	(N) Guang'an district (district in Sichuan)
广宗 / 廣宗 	guǎngzōng	(N) Guangzong (place in Hebei)
广岛 / 廣島 	guǎngdǎo	(n) Hiroshima
广州 / 廣州 	guǎngzhōu	Guangzhou (city)
广平 / 廣平 	guǎngpíng	(N) Guangping (place in Hebei)
广德 / 廣德 	guǎngdé	(N) Guangde (place in Anhui)
广播 / 廣播 	guǎngbō	broadcast
广播和未知服务器 / 廣播和未知服務器 	guǎngbōhéwèizhīfúwùqì	Broadcast and Unknown Server;BUS
广播地址 / 廣播地址 	guǎngbōdìzhǐ	broadcast address
广播网 / 廣播網 	guǎngbōwǎng	network
广播网路 / 廣播網路 	guǎngbōwǎnglù	broadcast network
广昌 / 廣昌 	guǎngchāng	(N) Guangchang (place in Jiangxi)
广水 / 廣水 	guǎngshuǐ	(N) Guangshui (city in Hubei)
广汉 / 廣漢 	guǎnghàn	(N) Guanghan (city in Sichuan)
广河 / 廣河 	guǎnghé	(N) Guanghe (place in Gansu)
广泛 / 廣泛 	guǎngfàn	extensive;wide range
广灵 / 廣靈 	guǎnglíng	(N) Guangling (place in Shanxi)
广砚 / 廣硯 	guǎngyàn	Guangnan and Yanshan (in Yunnan)
广袤 / 廣袤 	guǎngmào	vast
广西 / 廣西 	guǎngxī	Guangxi province, China
广西壮族自治区 / 廣西壯族自治區 	guǎngxīzhuàngzúzìzhìqū	(N) Guangxi Autonomous Region in South central China, location of the Zhuang minority peoples
广西省 / 廣西省 	guǎngxīshěng	Guangxi province of Southern China
广阔 / 廣闊 	guǎngkuò	wide;vast
广饶 / 廣饒 	guǎngráo	(N) Guangrao (place in Shandong)
庀	pǐ	prepare
庁	tīng	Japanese variant of T:__廳__ S:__厅__
広	guǎng	Japanese variant of T:__廣__ S:__广__
庄	zhuāng	farm;village
庄	zhuāng	farm;village;manor
庄严 / 莊嚴 	zhuāngyán	stately
庄园 / 莊園 	zhuāngyuán	a manor;feudal land;a villa and park
庄子 / 莊子 	zhuāngzi	Zhuangzi (Daoist author, 369-286 B.C)
庄河	zhuānghé	(N) Zhuanghe (city in Liaoning)
庄浪	zhuānglàng	(N) Zhuanglang (place in Gansu)
庄稼 / 莊稼 	zhuāngjia	(n) farm crops
庄重 / 莊重 	zhuāngzhòng	(adj) grave;solemn;dignified
庆 / 慶 	qìng	celebrate
庆云 / 慶雲 	qìngyún	(N) Qingyun (place in Shandong)
庆元 / 慶元 	qìngyuán	(N) Qingyuan (place in Zhejiang)
庆典 / 慶典 	qìngdiǎn	a celebration
庆安 / 慶安 	qìng'ān	(N) Qing'an (place in Heilongjiang)
庆幸 / 慶幸 	qìngxìng	celebrate success
庆祝 / 慶祝 	qìngzhù	celebrate
庆贺 / 慶賀 	qìnghè	congratulate
庆阳 / 慶陽 	qìngyáng	(N) Qingyang (place in Gansu)
庆阳地区 / 慶陽地區 	qìngyángdìqū	(N) Qingyang district (district in Gansu)
庇	bì	to protect;cover;shelter;hide or harbor
庇佑	bìyòu	bless;prosper
庇廕	bìyīn	to give shade (of a tree, etc);to shield
庇护 / 庇護 	bìhù	shelter;shield;put under one's protection;take under one's wing;asylum
庈	qín	(person)
庉	dùn	a village;to dwell together
床	chuáng	bed;couch;(a measure word)
床位	chuángwèi	(n) assigned bed, berth;bunk
床侧 / 床側 	chuángcè	bedside
床单 / 床單 	chuángdān	sheet
床垫 / 床墊 	chuángdiàn	mattress
床沿 / 牀沿 	chuángyán	bedside
床鋪 / 床铺 	chuángpù	bed
庋	guǐ	a cupboard or pantry to store
序	xù	order;sequence;preface
序列	xùliè	sequence
序幕	xùmù	prologue
序言	xùyán	(n) preface of a book, used to explain the book's objective
序跋	xùbá	preface and postscript
庐 / 廬 	lú	hut
庐山区 / 廬山區 	lúshānqū	(N) Lushan (area in Jiangxi)
庐江 / 廬江 	lújiāng	(N) Lujiang (place in Anhui)
庑 / 廡 	wǔ	veranda
库 / 庫 	kù	warehouse;storehouse
库伦旗 / 庫倫旗 	kùlúnqí	(N) Kulun qi (place in Inner Mongolia)
库存 / 庫存 	kùcún	(n) material held in reseve;stock
库尔勒 / 庫爾勒 	kù'ěrlè	(N) Ku'erle (city in Xinjiang), capital of Bayinguoleng Mongol prefecture in Xinjiang;Kuerle;Korla
库尔德 / 庫爾德 	kù'ěrdé	Kurd;Kurdish
库尔德人 / 庫爾德人 	kù'ěrdérén	Kurdish person or people
库工党 / 庫工黨 	kùgōngdǎng	Kurdish Worker's Party (abbrev.)
库房 / 庫房 	kùfáng	(n) place to store items;storehouse
库珀带 / 庫珀帶 	kùpòdài	the Kuiper belt (in the outer reaches of the Solar system)
库纳南 / 庫納南 	kùnànán	(Andrew) Cunanan (alleged serial killer)
库车 / 庫車 	kùchē	(N) Kuche (place in Xinjiang)
库页岛 / 庫頁島 	kùyèdǎo	Kuril Islands (chain between Kamchatka and Hokkaido)
应 / 應 	yīng	ought
应 / 應 	yìng	(surname);to answer;to respond
应付 / 應付 	yìngfu	deal with;cope
应县 / 應縣 	yīngxiàn	(N) Ying county (county in Shanxi)
应县木塔	yìngxiànmùtǎ	the Yingxian wooden pagoda or Sakyamuni Pagoda near Datong in Shanxi province
应变 / 應變 	yìngbiàn	to meet a contingency;to adapt oneself to changes
应城 / 應城 	yīngchéng	(N) Yingcheng (city in Hubei)
应对 / 應對 	yìngduì	response;to answer;to reply
应当 / 應當 	yīngdāng	should;ought to
应得 / 應得 	yīngdé	deserve
应徵 / 應徵 	yìngzhēng	apply (for a job);respond to an employment notice
应急 / 應急 	yìngjí	respond to an emergency
应急出口 / 應急出口 	yìngjíchūkǒu	emergency exit
应急待命 / 應急待命 	yīngjídàimìng	emergency standby
应急照射 / 應急照射 	yīngjízhàoshè	emergency exposure
应急状态 / 應急狀態 	yīngjízhuàngtài	emergency state
应战 / 應戰 	yìngzhàn	face a challenge;face an attack and meet it
应有 / 應有 	yīngyǒu	proper
应有尽有 / 應有盡有 	yīngyǒujìnyǒu	everything (one could imagine)
应激性 / 應激性 	yīngjīxìng	irritable;sensitive;excitable
应用 / 應用 	yìngyòng	to use;to apply;application;applicable
应用层 / 應用層 	yìngyòngcéng	application layer
应用平台 / 應用平台 	yìngyòngpíngtái	application platform
应用数学 / 應用數學 	yìngyòngshùxué	applied mathematics
应用程式 / 應用程式 	yìngyòngchéngshì	application;(computer) program
应用程式介面 / 應用程式介面 	yìngyòngchéngshìjièmiàn	application programming interface;API
应用软件 / 應用軟件 	yìngyòngruǎnjiàn	application software
应用软体 / 應用軟體 	yìngyòngruǎntǐ	application software
应答 / 應答 	yìngdá	to reply
应聘 / 應聘 	yìngpìn	to apply for a job
应许 / 應許 	yīngxǔ	to promise;to allow
应试教育 / 應試教育 	yìngshìjiàoyù	(set phrase) education only for the purpose of examination
应该 / 應該 	yīnggāi	ought to;should;must
应该说 / 應該說 	yīnggāishuō	it should be mentioned that ...
应邀 / 應邀 	yìngyāo	at sb.'s invitation;on invitation
应酬 / 應酬 	yìngchou	(v) person to person social interaction;(n) banquet or dinner party
底	de	(possessive part.);(subor. part.)
底	dǐ	background;bottom;base
底下	dǐxia	(n) the location below sth;(n) afterwards
底子	dǐzi	(n) base;foundation;bottom
底栖有孔虫 / 底栖有孔蟲 	dǐqīyǒukǒngchóng	benthic foramanifera;seabed plankton
底片	dǐpiàn	negative;photographic plate
底版	dǐbǎn	a photographic plate
底特律	dǐtèlǜ	Detroit (a city in the US)
底線 / 底线 	dìxiàn	underline;base line (in sports);fig. the legal limits;a spy (in enemy territory)
底部	dǐbù	bottom
庖	páo	kitchen
店	diàn	inn;shop;store
店主	diànzhǔ	shop owner
店员 / 店員 	diànyuán	shop assistant;salesclerk;salesperson
店堂	diàntáng	shor room
店鋪 / 店铺 	diànpù	(n) store;shop
庙 / 廟 	miào	temple;monastery
庚	gēng	7th heavenly stem;age
庚子国变 / 庚子國變 	gēngzǐguóbiàn	the crisis year of 1900 involving the Boxer uprising and the eight nation military invasion
府	fǔ	prefecture;mansion
府谷	fǔgǔ	(N) Fugu (place in Shaanxi)
庞 / 龐 	páng	(surname);huge;enormous;tremendous
庞加莱 / 龐加萊 	pángjiālái	(Henri) Poincaré
庞大 / 龐大 	pángdà	huge;enormous;tremendous
庞家堡区 / 龐家堡區 	pángjiābǎoqū	(N) Pangjiabao (area in Hebei)
庞杂 / 龐雜 	pángzá	enormously complex;a vast jumble
庞然大物 / 龐然大物 	pángrándàwù	huge monster
废 / 廢 	fèi	abolish;crippled
废品 / 廢品 	fèipǐn	(n) production rejects;(n) scrap;discarded material
废墟 / 廢墟 	fèixū	ruins
废寝忘食 / 廢寢忘食 	fèiqǐnwàngshí	(set phrase) forget about sleeping and eating, skip ones sleep and meals
废弃 / 廢棄 	fèiqì	discard;abandon;invalidate
废气 / 廢氣 	fèiqì	waste (exhaust) gas;steam
废水 / 廢水 	fèishuǐ	drain water;effluent
废物 / 廢物 	fèiwù	rubbish
废话 / 廢話 	fèihuà	nonsense;rubbish;superfluous words
废除 / 廢除 	fèichú	abolish;abrogate;repeal
废除军备 / 廢除軍備 	fèichújūnbèi	disarm
废黜 / 廢黜 	fèichù	to depose (a king)
庠	xiáng	asylum for the aged;school
庤	zhì	prepare
庥	xiū	protection;shade
度	dù	capacity;degree;standard
度假	dùjià	go on holiday
度数 / 度數 	dùshù	degree
度日	dùrì	scratch out a difficult, meager existence
度过 / 度過 	dùguò	spend;pass
度量	dùliàng	measure
度量衡	dùliànghéng	measurement
座	zuò	seat;base;stand;measure word for large, solid things
座位	zuòwèi	seat
座儿 / 座兒 	zuò'er	(n) seat for sitting;(n) the base or lowest blocks of a structure;pedestal
座右銘 / 座右铭 	zuòyòumíng	motto
座标 / 座標 	zuòbiāo	coordinate
座談 / 座谈 	zuòtán	have a informal discussion
座談會 / 座谈会 	zuòtánhuì	(n) conference;symposium;rap session
庭	tíng	court;courtyard
庭园 / 庭園 	tíngyuán	flower garden
庭审 / 庭審 	tíngshěn	court hearing
庭長 / 庭长 	tíngzhǎng	presiding judge
庭院	tíngyuàn	courtyard
庳	bì	low-built house
庴	jí	place name
庵	ān	hut;Buddhist convent;small Buddhist temple
庶	shù	ordinary
庶室	shùshì	concubine
康	kāng	peaceful;spongy (of radishes)
康乐 / 康樂 	kānglè	(N) Kangle (place in Gansu)
康乾宗迦峰	kāngqiánzōngjiāfēng	Kachenjunga (Himalayan peak)
康乾盛世	kāngqiánshèngshì	booming and golden age of Qing dynasty (from Kang Xi to Qian Long emperors)
康保	kāngbǎo	(N) Kangbao (place in Hebei)
康县 / 康縣 	kāngxiàn	(N) Kang county (county in Gansu)
康复 / 康復 	kāngfù	(vi) convalesce;recover (health)
康奈尔 / 康奈爾 	kāngnài'ěr	Cornell (U.S. University)
康奈尔大学 / 康奈爾大學 	kāngnài'ěrdàxué	Cornell University
康定	kāngdìng	(N) Dartsendo, Dardo, ch. Kangding (town in Kham prov. of Tibet, pres. Sichuan)
康平	kāngpíng	(N) Kangping (place in Liaoning)
康德	kāngdé	Kant, Immanuel
康桥 / 康橋 	kāngqiáo	Cambridge (city), from a poem by T:__徐誌摩__ S:__徐志摩__ (Xu Zhimo)
康涅狄格	kāngnièdígé	Connecticut (state in US)
康熙	kāngxī	Kangxi or K'ang Hsi, second Qing Emperor (1661–1722)
康馬 / 康马 	kāngmǎ	(N) Kangma (place in Tibet)
庸	yōng	ordinary;to use
庸俗	yōngsú	(adj) filthy;vulgar;debased
庹	tuǒ	length of 2 outstretched arms
庾	yǔ	(surname);name of a mountain
廃	fèi	Japanese variant of T:__廢__ S:__废__
廉	lián	incorrupt;inexpensive
廉价 / 廉價 	liánjià	cheaply-priced
廉政	liánzhèng	(adj) honest or clean politics
廉政公署	liánzhènggōngshǔ	Independent Commission Against Corruption, Hong Kong (ICAC)
廉江	liánjiāng	(N) Lianjiang (city in Guangdong)
廉洁 / 廉潔 	liánjié	honest;not coercive;honesty;integrity;not corrupt
廉署	liánshǔ	ICAC Independent Commission Against Corruption, Hong Kong
廊	láng	porch
廊坊	lángfāng	(N) Langfang (city in Hebei)
廊坊地区 / 廊坊地區 	lángfāngdìqū	(N) Langfang district (district in Hebei)
廋	sōu	to search;be concealed
廎	qǐng	room;small hall
廑	jǐn	careful;hut
廒	áo	granary
廓	kuò	big;empty;open
廕	yìn	shade
廖	liào	(surname)
廛	chán	market place
廝	sī	servant
廞	xīn	to prepare horses and chariots for battle
廧	qiáng	wall
廨	xiè	office
廩 / 廪 	lǐn	government granary
廱 / 邕 
雝	yōng	harmonious
延	yán	to prolong;to extend;to delay
延伸	yánshēn	to extend;to spread
延壽 / 延寿 	yánshòu	(N) Yanshou (place in Heilongjiang)
延安	yán'ān	(N) Yan'an (city in Shaanxi), communist headquarters during the war
延安地区 / 延安地區 	yán'āndìqū	(N) Yan'an district (district in Shaanxi)
延展	yánzhǎn	to scale;scalable
延川	yánchuān	(N) Yanchuan (place in Shaanxi)
延平乡 / 延平鄉 	yánpíngxiāng	(N) Yanping (village in Taiwan)
延庆 / 延慶 	yánqìng	(N) Yanqing (place in Beijing)
延期	yánqī	to delay;to extend;to postpone
延津	yánjīn	(N) Yanjin (place in Henan)
延緩 / 延缓 	yánhuǎn	defer;stay
延續 / 延续 	yánxù	continue;last longer
延誤 / 延误 	yánwù	to arrive too late;to incur loss through delay
延迟 / 延遲 	yánchí	delay;latency
延長 / 延长 	yáncháng	extend;prolong
延長線 / 延长线 	yánchángxiàn	extension;extended line;powerstrip
廷	tíng	palace courtyard
廷布	tíngbù	Thimphu (capital of Bhutan)
建	jiàn	to establish;to found;to set up;to build;to construct
建三江	jiànsānjiāng	(N) Jiansanjiang (place in Heilongjiang)
建交	jiànjiāo	to establish diplomatic relations
建制	jiànzhì	organizational structure
建始	jiànshǐ	(N) Jianshi (place in Hubei)
建宁 / 建寧 	jiànníng	(N) Jianning (place in Fujian)
建平	jiànpíng	(N) Jianping (place in Liaoning)
建德	jiàndé	(N) Jiande (city in Zhejiang)
建成	jiànchéng	establish;build
建文帝	jiànwéndì	second Ming emperor, reigned 1398-1402, deposed in 1402 (mysterious disappearance is an ongoing conspiracy theory)
建昌	jiànchāng	(N) Jianchang (place in Liaoning)
建构 / 建構 	jiàngòu	construct
建构正义理论 / 建構正義理論 	jiàngòuzhèngyìlǐlùn	constructivist theory
建水	jiànshuǐ	(N) Jianshui (place in Yunnan)
建湖	jiànhú	(N) Jianhu (place in Jiangsu)
建瓯 / 建甌 	jiàn'ōu	(N) Jian'ou (place in Fujian)
建立	jiànlì	creation;set up;construction;build;establish;set up
建立正式外交关系 / 建立正式外交關係 	jiànlìzhèngshìwàijiāoguānxì	formally establish diplomatic relations
建筑 / 建築 	jiànzhù	building;construct
建筑业 / 建築業 	jiànzhùyè	building industry
建筑学 / 建築學 	jiànzhúxué	architectural;architecture
建筑师 / 建築師 	jiànzhúshī	architect
建筑物 / 建築物 	jiànzhùwù	(a) building
建設 / 建设 	jiànshè	to build;to construct;construction;constructive
建設性 / 建设性 	jiànshèxìng	constructive;constructiveness
建議 / 建议 	jiànyì	to propose;to suggest;to recommend;proposal;suggestion;recommendation
建造	jiànzào	construct;build
建阳 / 建陽 	jiànyáng	(N) Jianyang (city in Fujian)
廾	gǒng	hands joined
廿	niàn	twenty
开 / 開 	kāi	open;operate (vehicle);start;to prescribe (medicine)
开业 / 開業 	kāiyè	open (for business)
开会 / 開會 	kāihuì	have a meeting;be at a meeting;to hold or attend a meeting
开会祈祷 / 開會祈禱 	kāihuìqídǎo	invocation
开关 / 開關 	kāiguān	power switch
开刀 / 開刀 	kāidāo	to perform or have an operation;to operate on or to be operated on
开列 / 開列 	kāiliè	(make a) list
开创 / 開創 	kāichuàng	initiate;begin
开办 / 開辦 	kāibàn	open;start (a business, etc.);set up
开动 / 開動 	kāidòng	start;set in motion;move;march
开化 / 開化 	kāihuà	(v) have laws and culture;be civilized
开原 / 開原 	kāiyuán	(N) Kaiyuan (city in Liaoning)
开县 / 開縣 	kāixiàn	(N) Kai county (county in Sichuan)
开发 / 開發 	kāifā	exploit (a resource);open up (for development);to develop
开发人员 / 開發人員 	kāifārényuán	developer
开发区 / 開發區 	kāifāqū	development zone
开发周期 / 開發週期 	kāifāzhōuqī	development cycle;development period
开发环境 / 開發環境 	kāifāhuánjìng	development environment (computer)
开发过程 / 開發過程 	kāifāguòchéng	development process
开口 / 開口 	kāikǒu	open one's mouth;start to talk
开启 / 開啟 	kāiqǐ	(v) open
开国元勋 / 開國元勛 	kāiguóyuánxūn	founding fathers (of a country)
开场 / 開場 	kāichǎng	begin;open;start
开垦 / 開墾 	kāikěn	(v) put under the plough;clear a wild area for cultivation
开夜车 / 開夜車 	kāiyèchē	burn the midnight oil;work late into the night
开天辟地 / 開天闢地 	kāitiānpìdì	(saying) when heaven and earth were split apart in the creation;the beginning of the world
开头 / 開頭 	kāitóu	beginning
开始 / 開始 	kāishǐ	begin;beginning;start;initial
开始以前 / 開始以前 	kāishǐyǐqián	before the beginning (of sth)
开学 / 開學 	kāixué	school opens;new term begins
开封 / 開封 	kāifēng	(N) Kaifeng (city in Henan)
开封地区 / 開封地區 	kāifēngdìqū	(N) Kaifeng district (district in Henan)
开小差 / 開小差 	kāixiǎochāi	AWOL, Absent With Out Leave;desert the military
开展 / 開展 	kāizhǎn	(begin to) develop;unfold;to start;to launch;to open
开工 / 開工 	kāigōng	(v) begin factory operations;start a construction job
开幕 / 開幕 	kāimù	to open (a conference, e.g.);to inaugurate
开幕式 / 開幕式 	kāimùshì	opening ceremony
开平 / 開平 	kāipíng	(N) Kaiping (city in Guangdong)
开庭 / 開庭 	kāitíng	begin a (judicial) court session
开张 / 開張 	kāizhāng	open a business;first transaction of a business day
开心 / 開心 	kāixīn	to feel happy;to have a great time;to make fun of somebody
开心果 / 開心果 	kāixīnguǒ	pistachio nuts
开战 / 開戰 	kāizhàn	start a war
开拍 / 開拍 	kāipāi	begin shooting (a film)
开拓 / 開拓 	kāituò	(v) bring forth or open up
开拓者 / 開拓者 	kāituòzhě	pioneer
开支 / 開支 	kāizhī	expenditures;pay;expenses
开放 / 開放 	kāifàng	lift (restrictions);open;to lift a ban;to make open to the public
开放式系统 / 開放式系統 	kāifàngshìxìtǒng	open system(s)
开放式网络 / 開放式網絡 	kāifàngshìwǎngluò	open network
开放系统 / 開放系統 	kāifàngxìtǒng	open system
开放系统互连 / 開放系統互連 	kāifàngxìtǒnghùlián	open systems interconnection;OSI
开明 / 開明 	kāimíng	enlightened;open-minded;enlightenment
开普勒 / 開普勒 	kāipǔlè	(Johannes) Kepler
开普敦 / 開普敦 	kāipǔdūn	Cape Town (city in South Africa)
开朗 / 開朗 	kāilǎng	(adj) well lit;suddenly become bright and clear;(adj) carefree;without worry
开枪 / 開槍 	kāiqiāng	fire a gun
开水 / 開水 	kāishuǐ	boiled water;boiling water
开江 / 開江 	kāijiāng	(N) Kaijiang (place in Sichuan)
开演 / 開演 	kāiyǎn	(of a play, movie, etc.) to begin
开火 / 開火 	kāihuǒ	to open fire
开玩笑 / 開玩笑 	kāiwánxiào	to play a joke;to make fun of;to joke
开眼 / 開眼 	kāiyǎn	(v) begin a performance or movie
开眼界 / 開眼界 	kāiyǎnjiè	broaden, expand one's horizons
开端 / 開端 	kāiduān	start;beginning
开罗 / 開羅 	kāiluó	Cairo (capital of Egypt)
开膛手杰克 / 開膛手傑克 	kāitángshǒujiékè	Jack the Ripper
开花 / 開花 	kāihuā	to bloom;to blossom;to flower
开荒 / 開荒 	kāihuāng	to open up land (for agriculture)
开设 / 開設 	kāishè	offer (goods or services);open (for business, etc.)
开课 / 開課 	kāikè	school begins;give a course;teach a subject
开路 / 開路 	kāilù	to open a way
开车 / 開車 	kāichē	to drive a car
开车人 / 開車人 	kāichērén	driver;person driving a vehicle
开辟 / 開辟 	kāipì	to open up;to set up;to start;to build
开远 / 開遠 	kāiyuǎn	(N) Kaiyuan (city in Yunnan)
开采 / 開採 	kāicǎi	(v) extract ore or some other natural resource from a mine
开锁 / 開鎖 	kāisuǒ	unlock
开门 / 開門 	kāimén	open (the) door
开门见山 / 開門見山 	kāiménjiànshān	to get right to the point;to open the door and see the mountain
开阔 / 開闊 	kāikuò	wide;open (of spaces)
开阳 / 開陽 	kāiyáng	(N) Kaiyang (place in Guizhou)
开除 / 開除 	kāichú	to expel
开除党籍 / 開除黨籍 	kāichúdǎngjì	to expel from party membership
开除学籍 / 開除學籍 	kāichúxuéjí	to expel from school
开饭 / 開飯 	kāifàn	serve a meal
开鲁 / 開魯 	kāilǔ	(N) Kailu (place in Inner Mongolia)
弁	biàn	cap
异 / 異 	yì	different;unusual;strange
异乡 / 異鄉 	yìxiāng	in a foreign land;away from home
异像 / 異像 	yìxiàng	extraordinary image
异军突起 / 異軍突起 	yìjūntūqǐ	a new factor changing the situation
异化作用	yìhuàzuòyòng	dissimilation (biol.), metabolic breaking down and disposal of waste
异卵双胞胎 / 異卵雙胞胎 	yìluǎnshuāngbāotāi	fraternal twins
异口同声 / 異口同聲 	yìkǒutóngshēng	(phr) with one voice;(say) in unison
异咯嗪 / 異咯嗪 	yìgēqín	isoalloxazine (name of organic chemical)
异常 / 異常 	yìcháng	exceptional;abnormal
异性 / 異性 	yìxìng	heterosexual
异性性接触 / 異性性接觸 	yìxìngxìngjiēchù	heterosexual sex
异教 / 異教 	yìjiào	heresy;heathenism
异教徒 / 異教徒 	yìjiàotú	heathen;heretic
异步 / 異步 	yìbù	asynchronous
异步传输模式 / 異步傳輸模式 	yìbùchuánshūmóshì	asynchronous transfer mode;ATM
异端 / 異端 	yìduān	heresy
异能 / 異能 	yìnéng	different function
异见 / 異見 	yìjiàn	dissident;controversial
异见者 / 異見者 	yìjiànzhě	dissident
异议 / 異議 	yìyì	objection;dissent
异议人士 / 異議人士 	yìyìrénshì	dissident
异质 / 異質 	yìzhì	heterogeneous
异质网路 / 異質網路 	yìzhìwǎnglù	heterogeneous network
弃 / 棄 	qì	abandon;relinquish;to discard;to throw away
弃世 / 棄世 	qìshì	to leave this world;to die
弃婴 / 棄嬰 	qìyīng	to abandon an infant;abandoned baby
弃旧图新 / 棄舊圖新 	qìjiùtúxīn	to turn over a new leaf
弃权 / 棄權 	qìquán	to abstain from voting;to forfeit;to waive one's right to vote
弃樱 / 棄櫻 	qìyīng	abandoned baby
弃绝 / 棄絕 	qìjué	to abandon;to forsake
弃置 / 棄置 	qìzhì	to throw away;to discard
弄	lòng	lane;alley
弄	nòng	to do;to manage;to handle;to play with;to fool with;to mess with;to fix;to toy with
弄不清	nòngbuqīng	unable to figure out
弄平	nòngpíng	flatten
弄歪	nòngwāi	distort
弄清	nòngqīng	to clarify;to fully understand
弄皱 / 弄皺 	nòngzhòu	crumple
弄直	nòngzhí	straighten
弄短	nòngduǎn	shorten;shortening
弄碎	nòngsuì	crumble
弄糟	nòngzāo	spoil
弄脏 / 弄髒 	nòngzāng	defile;smear
弄虚作假 / 弄虛作假 	nòngxūzuòjiǎ	(saying) to cheat someone
弇	yǎn	to cover;trap
弈	yì	ancient name for go (Chinese board game)
弊	bì	detriment;fraud;harm;defeat
弊病	bìbìng	malady;evil;malpractice;drawback;disadvantage
弊端	bìduān	malpractice;abuse;corrupt practice
弋	yì	to shoot
弋阳 / 弋陽 	yìyáng	(N) Yiyang (place in Jiangxi)
式	shì	type;form;pattern;style
式样 / 式樣 	shìyàng	style
弑 / 弒 	shì	murder a superior
弓	gōng	a bow (weapon)
弓箭手	gōngjiànshǒu	archer
弔	diào	condole with;hang
引	yǐn	to lead;to divert (water);to guide
引人注意	yǐnrénzhùyì	attractive
引人注目	yǐnrénzhùmù	striking
引信系統 / 引信系统 	yǐnxìnxìtǒng	fuzing system
引入	yǐnrù	to draw into;to pull into
引出	yǐnchū	extract
引力	yǐnlì	gravitation (force);attraction
引力场 / 引力場 	yǐnlìchǎng	gravitational field
引发 / 引發 	yǐnfā	lead to;trigger;initiate
引向	yǐnxiàng	lead to
引咎	yǐnjiù	take the blame;accept responsibility (for a mistake)
引子	yǐnzi	primer
引导 / 引導 	yǐndǎo	to guide;to lead;to conduct;introduction
引擎	yǐnqíng	engine (transliteration)
引渡	yǐndù	extradite
引爆	yǐnbào	ignite;detonate
引爆装置 / 引爆裝置 	yǐnbàozhuāngzhì	detonator
引用	yǐnyòng	quote;cite
引用句	yǐnyòngjù	quotation
引申义 / 引申義 	yǐnshēnyì	derived meaning
引線 / 引线 	yǐnxiàn	a fuse
引荐 / 引薦 	yǐnjiàn	referral(s)
引言	yǐnyán	forward;introduction
引誘 / 引诱 	yǐnyòu	(v) coerce sb into doing something bad;lure
引語 / 引语 	yǐnyǔ	quotation
引證 / 引证 	yǐnzhèng	to cite;to quote;to cite as evidence
引起	yǐnqǐ	to give rise to;to lead to;to cause;to arouse
引进 / 引進 	yǐnjìn	recommend;introduce from elsewhere
引述	yǐnshù	to quote
引領 / 引领 	yǐnlǐng	to look forwand to
弗	fú	not
弗塞奇	fúsāiqí	Versace (fashion designer)
弗莱福兰 / 弗莱福蘭 	fúláifúlán	Flevoland
弗落伊德	fúluòyīdé	Freud (name)
弗里敦	fúlǐdūn	Freetown (capital of Sierra Leone)
弗里斯兰 / 弗里斯蘭 	fúlǐsīlán	Friesland
弘	hóng	great;liberal
弛	chí	unstring a bow;slacken;relax;loosen
弝	bà	the part of a bow grasped when shooting
弟	dì	younger brother
弟兄	dìxiōng	brother
弟兄们 / 弟兄們 	dìxiōngmén	brethren
弟妇 / 弟婦 	dìfù	younger brother's wife;sister-in-law
弟妹	dìmèi	(informal) younger brother's wife;sister-in-law
弟媳	dìxí	younger brother's wife;sister-in-law
弟子	dìzǐ	disciple;follower
弟弟	dìdi	younger brother
张 / 張 	zhāng	(measure word for flat objects);(surname);open up;spread;sheet of paper
张北 / 張北 	zhāngběi	(N) Zhangbei (place in Hebei)
张口 / 張口 	zhāngkǒu	Open mouth, talk carelessly, talk out of place
张家口 / 張家口 	zhāngjiākǒu	(N) Zhangjiakou (city in Hebei)
张家口地区 / 張家口地區 	zhāngjiākǒudìqū	(N) Zhangjiakou district (district in Hebei)
张家川回族自治县 / 張家川回族自治縣 	zhāngjiāchuānhuízúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Zhanjiachuan Huizu autonomous county (county in Gansu)
张家港 / 張家港 	zhāngjiāgǎng	(N) Zhangjiagang (city in Jiangsu)
张开 / 張開 	zhāngkāi	stretch
张扬 / 張揚 	zhāngyáng	publicize;make known
张掖 / 張掖 	zhāngyè	(N) Zhangye (city in Gansu)
张掖地区 / 張掖地區 	zhāngyèdìqū	(N) Zhangye district (district in Gansu)
张曼玉 / 張曼玉 	zhāngmànyù	Maggie Cheung, Hong Kong actress
张望 / 張望 	zhāngwàng	peep;look around
张灯结彩 / 張燈結綵 	zhāngdēngjiécǎi	be decorated with lanterns and colored banners
张牙舞爪 / 張牙舞爪 	zhāngyáwǔzhǎo	to make threatening gestures
张纯如 / 張純如 	zhāngchúnrú	(American author) Iris Chang
张艺谋 / 張藝謀 	zhāngyìmóu	Zhang Yimou, PCR film director
张量 / 張量 	zhāngliàng	tensor (math.)
张骞	zhāngqiān	Zhang Qian, Han dynasty explorer of 2nd Century BC
弢	tāo	bow case;to cover
弣	fǔ	handle of bow
弤	dǐ	carved bow
弥	mí	full;to fill;completely;to fix up
弥	mí	overflowing
弥勒 / 彌勒 	mílè	Mile (place in Yunnan);Maitreya;the Bodhisattva that will be the next to come after Shakyamuni Buddha
弥合 / 彌合 	míhé	to cause a wound to close up and heal
弥天 / 彌天 	mítiān	filling the entire sky;covering everything (of fog, crime, disaster etc)
弥天大谎 / 彌天大謊 	mítiāndàhuǎng	a monstrous lie;a pack of lies
弥封 / 彌封 	mífēng	to sign across the seal (as a precaution against fraud)
弥撒 / 彌撒 	mísa	(Catholic) Mass
弥散 / 彌散 	mísàn	to dissipate everywhere (of light, sound, gas etc)
弥月 / 彌月 	míyuè	the full moon;the first full moon after birth (i.e., entering the second month)
弥望 / 彌望 	míwàng	a full view
弥渡 / 彌渡 	mídù	(N) Midu (place in Yunnan)
弥漫 / 瀰漫 	mímàn	to saturate (the air with fog, smoke etc);(adj) overflowing (water)
弥留 / 彌留 	míliú	seriously ill and about to die
弥缝 / 彌縫 	míféng	to cover up mistakes or crimes;to stitch up;to fix
弥蒙 / 彌矇 	míméng	impenetrable thick fog or smoke
弥补 / 彌補 	míbǔ	(v) make complete;make up for a deficiency
弥赛亚 / 彌賽亞 	mísàiyǎ	Messiah
弥迦书 / 彌迦書 	míjiāshū	Book of Micah
弥陀 / 彌陀 	mítuó	Amithaba, the Buddha of the Western Paradise;abbr. for T:__阿彌陀佛__ S:__阿弥陀佛__
弥陀乡 / 彌陀鄉 	mítuóxiāng	(N) Mito (village in Taiwan)
弦	xián	bow string;string of mus. instr.
弦	xián	string of mus. instr.
弧	hú	arc
弧形	húxíng	arch
弨	chāo	unbent bow
弩	nǔ	cross-bow
弪 / 弳 	jìng	circular measure
弭	mǐ	to stop;repress
弮	quān	a crosshow which discharged several bolts in succession
弯 / 彎 	wān	bend;bent
弯曲 / 彎曲 	wānqū	crooked
弯曲 / 彎曲 	wānqǔ	bend;bent;curve;warp;wind
弯腰 / 彎腰 	wānyāo	stoop
弰	shāo	ends of a bow
弱	ruò	weak;feeble;young;inferior
弱作用	ruòzuòyòng	weak interaction
弱势群体 / 弱勢群體 	ruòshìqúntǐ	those who are economically and politically marginalized
弱化	ruòhuà	weaken;make weaker
弱小	ruòxiǎo	small and weak
弱智	ruòzhì	(adj);weak-minded, mentally deficient, retarded
弱点 / 弱點 	ruòdiǎn	weak point;failing
弱硷 / 弱鹼 	ruòjiǎn	weak base
弱脈 / 弱脉 	ruòmài	weak pulse
弱酸	ruòsuān	weak acid
強 / 强 	qiáng	strong;powerful;better;slightly more than;vigorous;violent
強健 / 强健 	qiángjiàn	sturdy
強光 / 强光 	qiángguāng	glare
強制 / 强制 	qiángzhì	enforce;enforcement;forcibly
強力 / 强力 	qiánglì	powerful
強加 / 强加 	qiángjiā	impose by force
強勁 / 强劲 	qiángjìng	powerful;with force
強勢 / 强势 	qiángshì	mighty
強化 / 强化 	qiánghuà	to strengthen;to intensify
強國 / 强国 	qiángguó	(n) great power (said of a country)
強壯 / 强壮 	qiángzhuàng	strong;sturdy;robust
強大 / 强大 	qiángdà	large;formidable;powerful;strong
強姦 / 强奸 	qiángjiān	rape
強子 / 强子 	qiángzǐ	hadron (heavy particle in physics)
強度 / 强度 	qiángdù	strength;intensity
強心劑 / 强心剂 	qiángxīnjì	cardiac stimulant
強忍 / 强忍 	qiángrěn	(v) resist (with great difficulty)
強悍 / 强悍 	qiánghàn	valiant
強打 / 强打 	qiángdǎ	promotion (for a product);advertisement
強拉 / 强拉 	qiǎnglā	tug
強暴 / 强暴 	qiángbào	violent
強有力 / 强有力 	qiángyǒulì	strong;forceful
強權 / 强权 	qiángquán	power;might
強烈 / 强烈 	qiángliè	intense;(violently) strong
強盛 / 强盛 	qiángshèng	(adj) rich and powerful
強盜 / 强盗 	qiángdào	bandit;robber
強硬 / 强硬 	qiángyìng	tough
強硬態度 / 强硬态度 	qiángyìngtàidù	unyielding attitude
強行 / 强行 	qiángxíng	force;break
強調 / 强调 	qiángdiào	to emphasize (a statement);to stress
強輻射區 / 强辐射区 	qiángfúshèqū	radioactive hot spot
強迫 / 强迫 	qiǎngpò	compel;force
強風 / 强风 	qiángfēng	gale
弸	bēng	full;stretch
弹 / 彈 	dàn	crossball;bullet;shot;shell;ball
弹 / 彈 	tán	impeach;to pluck a string;to play (a stringed musical instrument with fingers)
弹丸 / 彈丸 	dànwán	pellet
弹出 / 彈出 	tánchū	to eject;to exit from
弹劾 / 彈劾 	tánhé	impeach
弹坑 / 彈坑 	dànkēng	a crater
弹头 / 彈頭 	dàntóu	warhead
弹奏 / 彈奏 	tánzòu	to play (stringed intstruments)
弹孔 / 彈孔 	dànkǒng	bullet hole
弹弓 / 彈弓 	dàngōng	sling
弹性 / 彈性 	tánxìng	elasticity
弹斥 / 彈斥 	tánchì	accuse and criticize
弹琴 / 彈琴 	tánqín	to play or strum a lute or other stringed instrument
弹簧 / 彈簧 	dànhuáng	spring
弹药 / 彈藥 	dànyào	ammunition
弹道导弹 / 彈道導彈 	dàndàodǎodàn	missile
弼	bì	assist
弾	dàn	Japanese variant of T:__彈__ S:__弹__
彀	gòu	enough
彄	kōu	nock at end of bow;stretch
彆	biè	contrary;difficult;awkward
彊	jiàng	willful
彊	qiáng	strong;superior
彊	qiǎng	compel
彌	mí	full;to fill;completely;to fix up
归 / 歸 	guī	to go back;to return
归于 / 歸於 	guīyú	to belong to
归仁乡 / 歸仁鄉 	guīrénxiāng	(N) Kueijen (village in Taiwan)
归入 / 歸入 	guīrù	to assign (to a class);to classify as;to include
归向 / 歸向 	guīxiàng	to turn toward
归咎 / 歸咎 	guījiù	blame;declare to be at fault
归国 / 歸國 	guīguó	to go home (to one's native country);to return from abroad
归属 / 歸屬 	guīshǔ	be under the jurisdiction of
归心 / 歸心 	guīxīn	converted to (religion)
归心者 / 歸心者 	guīxīnzhě	religious convert
归根到底 / 歸根到底 	guīgēndàodǐ	(saying) to sum it up...
归纳 / 歸納 	guīnà	(v) conclude from a number of facts;sum up;induce;conclude
归纳法 / 歸納法 	guīnàfǎ	(Logic) induction
归结 / 歸結 	guījié	(v) put in summary;induce
归罪 / 歸罪 	guīzuì	to blame someone
归还 / 歸還 	guīhuán	return;revert
归顺 / 歸順 	guīshùn	submission
当 / 當 	dāng	to be;to act as;manage;withstand;when;during;ought;should;match equally;equal;same;obstruct;just at (a time or place);on the spot;right;just at
当 / 當 	dàng	at or in the very same...;to pawn;suitable;adequate;fitting;proper;replace;represent
当下 / 當下 	dāngxià	presently;immediately;at once
当中 / 當中 	dāngzhōng	among;in the middle;in the center
当之无愧 / 當之無愧 	dāngzhīwúkuì	(set phrase);(adj);(of a title, honor, etc.) fully deserve;be worthy of
当事人 / 當事人 	dāngshìrén	persons involved or implicated;party (to an affair)
当今 / 當今 	dāngjīn	current;present;now;nowadays
当代 / 當代 	dāngdài	the present age;the contemporary era
当众 / 當眾 	dāngzhòng	in public;in front of everybody
当作 / 當作 	dàngzuò	treat as;regard as
当做 / 當做 	dàngzuò	to treat as;to regard as;to look upon as
当儿 / 當兒 	dāng'er	(n) the very moment
当初 / 當初 	dāngchū	at that time;originally
当前 / 當前 	dāngqián	current;today's;modern;present;to be facing (us)
当务之急 / 當務之急 	dāngwùzhījí	urgent priority
当即 / 當即 	dāngjí	at once;on the spot
当地 / 當地 	dāngdì	local
当地时间 / 當地時間 	dāngdìshíjiān	(n) local time
当场 / 當場 	dāngchǎng	at the scene;on the spot
当天 / 當天 	dàngtiān	that day;the same day
当家 / 當家 	dāngjiā	manage household affairs
当局 / 當局 	dāngjú	authorities
当年 / 當年 	dāngnián	in those days;then;in those years;during that time
当心 / 當心 	dāngxīn	to take care;to look out
当成 / 當成 	dàngchéng	to consider as;take to be
当时 / 當時 	dāngshí	then;at that time;while
当时的 / 當時的 	dāngshíde	of that time;former
当权 / 當權 	dāngquán	to hold power
当涂 / 當涂 	dāngtú	(N) Dangtu (place in Anhui)
当然 / 當然 	dāngrán	only natural;as it should be;certainly;of course;without doubt
当选 / 當選 	dāngxuǎn	be elected
当量 / 當量 	dāngliàng	yield
当量剂量 / 當量劑量 	dāngliángjìliáng	equivalent dose
当阳 / 當陽 	dāngyáng	(N) Dangyang (city in Hubei)
当雄 / 當雄 	dāngxióng	(N) Dangxiong (place in Tibet)
当面 / 當面 	dāngmiàn	to sb.'s face;in sb.'s presence
彔	lù	to carve wood
录 / 錄 	lù	to record;to hit;to copy
录像 / 錄像 	lùxiàng	video recording
录像带 / 錄像帶 	lùxiàngdài	video cassette
录像机 / 錄像機 	lùxiàngjī	video recorder;VCR
录共 / 錄共 	lùgòng	to take down a confession
录取 / 錄取 	lùqǔ	to recruit;to enroll
录影带 / 錄影帶 	lùyǐngdài	videotape (Taiwan usage)
录用 / 錄用 	lùyòng	(v) hire as an employee
录音 / 錄音 	lùyīn	(sound) recording
录音带 / 錄音帶 	lùyīndài	audio tape
录音机 / 錄音機 	lùyīnjī	(tape) recording machine;tape recorder
彖	tuàn	running hog
彗	huì	comet
彗星	huìxīng	comet
彘	zhì	swine
彙	huì	class;collection
彙報 / 汇报 	huìbào	to report;to give an account of;report
彙編 / 汇编 	huìbiān	collection;compilation;compile
彙集 / 汇集 	huìjí	to collect;to compile;to converge
彝	yí	normal nature of man;rule
形	xíng	to appear;to look;form;shape
形上	xíngshàng	(n);metaphysics
形于色 / 形於色 	xíngyúsè	to show one's feelings;to show it in one's face
形体 / 形體 	xíngtǐ	form and structure
形像	xíngxiàng	form;image
形势 / 形勢 	xíngshì	circumstances;situation;terrain
形声字 / 形聲字 	xíngshēngzì	phonogram, picto-phonetic character(s)
形容	xíngróng	describe;look or appearance
形容詞 / 形容词 	xíngróngcí	adjective
形容辞 / 形容辭 	xíngróngcí	adjective
形式	xíngshì	form;shape;situation;circumstance
形形色色	xíngxíngsèsè	all kinds of;all sorts of;every (different) kind of
形影不离 / 形影不離 	xíngyǐngbùlí	inseparable (as form and shadow)
形态 / 形態 	xíngtài	shape;form;pattern
形成	xíngchéng	to form;to take shape
形状 / 形狀 	xíngzhuàng	form;shape
形而上学 / 形而上學 	xíng'érshàngxué	(saying) outside actual experience;metaphysics
形象	xíngxiàng	image;form;figure
形跡 / 形迹 	xíngjì	movements and expression of a person;bearing
彤	tóng	(surname);red
彥 / 彦 	yàn	accomplished;elegant
彧	yù	accomplished;elegant
彩	cǎi	(bright) color;variety;applause;applaud;(lottery) prize
彩旗 / 綵旗 	cǎiqí	colored flag
彩票	cǎipiào	the lottery;lottery ticket
彩色	cǎisè	color;multi-colored
彩虹	cǎihóng	rainbow
彩蚌	cǎibàng	painted shell;painting on shell
彪	biāo	a tiger-cat;stripes;streaks;veins
彪形大汉 / 彪形大漢 	biāoxíngdàhàn	burly chap;husky fellow
彪炳	biāobǐng	shining;splendid
彫	diāo	engrave
彫刻	diāokè	carve;engrave
彫刻品 / 雕刻品 	diāokèpǐn	sculpture
彫刻家 / 雕刻家 	diāokèjiā	sculptor
彫版 / 雕版 	diāobǎn	a carved printing block
彬 / 斌 	bīn	ornamental;refined
彬县 / 彬縣 	bīnxiàn	(N) Bin county (county in Shaanxi)
彬彬有礼 / 彬彬有禮 	bīnbīnyǒulǐ	refined and courteous;urbane
彭	péng	(surname)
彭县 / 彭縣 	péngxiàn	(N) Peng county (county in Sichuan)
彭山	péngshān	(N) Pengshan (place in Sichuan)
彭泽 / 彭澤 	péngzé	(N) Pengze (place in Jiangxi)
彭阳 / 彭陽 	péngyáng	(N) Pengyang (place in Ningxia)
彰	zhāng	manifest
彰化	zhānghuà	(N) Changhua (city in Taiwan)
彰显 / 彰顯 	zhāngxiǎn	to manifest
彰武	zhāngwǔ	(N) Zhangwu (place in Liaoning)
影	yǐng	picture;image;reflection;shadow
影像	yǐngxiàng	image
影像会议 / 影像會議 	yǐngxiànghuìyì	video conference
影像处理 / 影像處理 	yǐngxiàngchǔlǐ	image processing
影像档 / 影像檔 	yǐngxiàngdàng	image file
影儿	yǐng'ér	shadow
影响 / 影響 	yǐngxiǎng	an influence;to influence;to affect (usually adversely);to disturb
影子	yǐngzi	shadow;reflection
影星	yǐngxīng	film star
影片	yǐngpiàn	film;movie
影碟机 / 影碟機 	yǐngdiéjī	DVD player
影視 / 影视 	yǐngshì	movies and television
影迷	yǐngmí	film enthusiast
影音	yǐngyīn	recorded media (CD and DVD);sound and movies
彲	chī	variant of __螭__
彳	chì	step with left foot
彴	zhuó	bridge
彷	fǎng	seemingly
彷	páng	irresolute
彷佛 / 彷彿 	fǎngfú	seem;as if
彷徨	pánghuáng	to pace back and forth;to hesitate;to be indecisive;name of a collection of short stories, Pang Huang, "Wandering About", by Lu3 Xun4 __鲁迅__
彸	zhōng	restless, agitated
役	yì	service
彻 / 徹 	chè	pervade;penetrate;pass through;thorough;penetrating
彻夜 / 徹夜 	chèyè	the whole night
彻夜不眠 / 徹夜不眠 	chèyèbùmián	to be sleepless all night
彻底 / 徹底 	chèdǐ	thorough;complete
彻查 / 徹查 	chèchá	to investigate thoroughly
彼	bǐ	that;those;(one) another)
彼一时,此一时 / 彼一時,此一時 	bǐyīshícǐyīshí	that was one situation and this is another - times have changed
彼岸	bǐ'àn	the other shore;Faramita
彼得	bǐdé	Peter (name)
彼得前书 / 彼得前書 	bǐdéqiánshū	the first Epistle of Peter (in New Testament)
彼得后书 / 彼得後書 	bǐdéhòushū	the second Epistle of Peter (in New Testament)
彼此	bǐcǐ	each other;one another
彽	chí	go to and fro
彿	fú	seemingly
往	wǎng	to go (in a direction);past;previous;towards
往	wàng	toward;(of a train) bound for
往事	wǎngshì	past events;former happenings
往來 / 往来 	wǎnglái	dealings;contacts;to go back and forth
往后	wǎnghòu	(idiom) from now on...
往复 / 往復 	wǎngfù	to reciprocate
往常	wǎngcháng	habitually in the past;as one used to do formerly;as it used to be
往年	wǎngnián	in former years;in previous years
往往	wǎngwǎng	often;frequently
往日	wǎngrì	in former days
往昔	wǎngxī	in the past
往返	wǎngfǎn	to go back and forth;to go to and fro
往还 / 往還 	wǎnghuán	contacts;dealings
征	zhēng	attack;levy (troops or taxes);journey;trip;expedition
征	zhēng	levy (troops or taxes)
征兆 / 徵兆 	zhēngzhào	omen;sign (that something is about to happen);warning sign
征发 / 徵發 	zhēngfá	a punitive expedition
征地	zhēngdì	to requisition land
征战 / 征戰 	zhēngzhàn	campaign;expedition
征收	zhēngshōu	levy (fine);impose (tariff)
征服	zhēngfú	conquer;subdue;vanquish
征服者	zhēngfúzhě	conqueror
征求	zhēngqiú	solicit;seek;ask for
征用	zhēngyòng	expropriate;commandeer
征程	zhēngchéng	journey;expedition;voyage
徂	cú	to go;to reach
径 / 徑 	jìng	path
径直 / 徑直 	jìngzhí	directly
待	dāi	stay;delay
待	dài	wait;treat;deal with;need;about;intending to do something
待业 / 待業 	dàiyè	to await job assignment (term used only in mainland China)
待宵草	dàixiāocǎo	evening primrose
待遇	dàiyù	treatment;pay;wages;treatment;status;salary
徇	xùn	buried with dead;die for a cause
徇	xùn	follow;quick
很	hěn	very;extremely
很不	hěnbù	very un-....
很多	hěnduō	very many;very much;great (quantity)
很大	hěndà	tremendous
很好	hěnhǎo	well
很少	hěnshǎo	seldom
很快	hěnkuài	quickly
很遗憾 / 很遺憾 	hěnyíhàn	unfortunately;regrettably
徉	yáng	walk back and forth
律	lǜ	law
律师 / 律師 	lǜshī	lawyer
律法	lǜfǎ	laws and decrees
後	hòu	back;behind;rear;afterwards;after;later
後年	hòunián	the year after next
後方	hòufāng	rear
後頭	hòutou	at the back;in the rear;behind
徐	xú	slow;gentle;Xu (a surname)
徐克	xúkè	Tsui Hark, a movie director
徐州	xúzhōu	Xuzhou (city in Jiangsu province)
徐州地区 / 徐州地區 	xúzhōudìqū	(N) Xuzhou district (district in Jiangsu)
徐徐	xúxú	slowly;gently
徐悲鴻 / 徐悲鸿 	xúbēihóng	name of a famous painter, Xu Beihong
徐步	xúbù	to stroll;to walk slowly
徐水	xúshuǐ	(N) Xushui (place in Hebei)
徐聞 / 徐闻 	xúwén	(N) Xuwen (place in Guangdong)
徐行	xúxíng	walk slowly, stroll
徒	tú	apprentice;disciple
徒刑	túxíng	(prison) sentence
徒劳 / 徒勞 	túláo	futile
徒劳无功 / 徒勞無功 	túláowúgōng	work to no avail
徒弟	túdì	apprentice;disciple
徒步	túbù	to travel on foot
徒步旅行	túbùlǚxíng	hiking
徒然	túrán	in vain
従	cóng	Japanese variant of T:__從__ S:__从__
徕 / 徠 	lái	to come
得	dé	obtain;get;gain;proper;suitable;proud;contented;allow;permit;ready;finished
得	de	a sentence particle used after a verb to show effect;degree or possibility
得	děi	to have to;must;ought to;to need to
得不偿失 / 得不償失 	débùchángshī	(saying) the gains do not make up for the losses
得不到	débùdào	cannot get;cannot obtain
得了	déle	be finished;be ready;all right;that's enough
得以	déyǐ	(conj) so that one can...
得克萨斯 / 得克薩斯 	dékèsàsī	Texas (US state)
得出	déchū	obtain (results);arrive at (a conclusion)
得分	défēn	to score
得到	dédào	to get;to obtain;to receive
得力	délì	(adj) able;competent
得勝 / 得胜 	déshèng	to triumph over an opponent
得失	déshī	gains and losses
得奖 / 得獎 	déjiǎng	win a prize
得宜	déyí	proper;appropriate;suitable
得寸进尺 / 得寸進尺 	décùnjìnchǐ	literal: get an inch, want a foot;figurative: given an inch, want a mile
得当 / 得當 	dédāng	expedient
得很	dehěn	very (much, good etc.)
得悉	déxī	to learn about;to be informed
得意	déyì	(be) proud of oneself;pleased with oneself;complacent
得救	déjiù	obtain salvation
得榮 / 得荣 	déróng	(N) Derong (place in Sichuan)
得病	débìng	to fall ill;to contract a disease
得着 / 得著 	dézháo	to obtain
得知	dézhī	(find out and) know;learn of
得票	dépiào	vote-getting
得票率	dépiàolǜ	percentage of votes obtained
得罪	dézuì	(v) say something that offends sb;have a faux pas
得逞	déchěng	prevail;succeed
徘	pái	irresolute
徘徊	páihuái	hover;linger;roam;wander
徙	xǐ	change one's residence
徜	cháng	sit cross-legged;walk back and forth
御	yù	defend;imperial;to drive
御	yù	defend;resist
徨	huáng	irresolute
循	xún	to follow;to adhere to;to abide by
循化撒拉族自治县 / 循化撒拉族自治縣 	xúnhuàsǎlāzúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Xunhua Salazu autonomous county (county in Qinghai)
循序渐进 / 循序漸進 	xúnxùjiànjìn	(saying) to make progress in a stepwise manner
循环 / 循環 	xúnhuán	circle;loop;circulate
循环使用 / 循環使用 	xúnhuánshǐyòng	recycle
循規蹈矩 / 循规蹈矩 	xúnguīdǎojǔ	to follow the rules
徬	páng	irresolute
徭	yáo	compulsory service
微	wēi	micro;tiny;miniature
微不足道	wēibùzúdào	negligible;insignificant
微光	wēiguāng	glimmer
微分	wēifēn	infinitesimal (calculus);differential
微分几何 / 微分幾何 	wēifēnjǐhé	differential geometry
微分几何学 / 微分幾何學 	wēifēnjǐhéxué	differential geometry
微分方程	wēifēnfāngchéng	differential equation (math.)
微型	wēixíng	tiny;miniature
微处理机 / 微處理機 	wēichùlǐjī	microprocessor
微妙	wēimiào	subtle
微小	wēixiǎo	small;little
微山	wēishān	(N) Weishan (place in Shandong)
微弱	wēiruò	weak;faint;feeble
微明	wēimíng	twilight
微机 / 微機 	wēijī	micro (computer)
微机化 / 微機化 	wēijīhuà	minituarisation;micro-minituarisation
微波	wēibō	microwave
微波炉 / 微波爐 	wēibōlú	(n) microwave oven
微生物	wēishēngwù	microorganism
微生物学 / 微生物學 	wēishēngwùxué	microbiology
微积分 / 微積分 	wēijīfēn	infinitesimal calculus;calculus
微积分学 / 微積分學 	wēijīfēnxué	infinitesimal calculus;calculus
微笑	wēixiào	smile
微管蛋白	wēiguǎndànbái	tubulin
微米	wēimǐ	micron
微粒	wēilì	speck;particle
微細 / 微细 	wēixì	microminiature (technology)
微細加工 / 微细加工 	wēixìjiāgōng	microminiature technology
微聚焦	wēijùjiāo	microfocus x-ray computed tomography (microCT)
微胶囊技术 / 微膠囊技術 	wēijiāonángjìshù	microencapsulation
微薄	wēibó	scanty;meager
微薄的	wéibóde	meager
微觀 / 微观 	wēiguān	(adj) micro-;sub atomic
微觀世界 / 微观世界 	wēiguānshíjiě	microcosm;the microscopic world
微觀经济 / 微观经济 	wēiguānjīngjì	micro-economic
微軟 / 微软 	wéiruǎn	Microsoft
微軟公司 / 微软公司 	wéiruǎngōngsī	Microsoft corporation
微量元素	wēiliàngyuánsù	(n) (chem.) trace element
徯	xī	footpath;wait for
徳	dé	Japanese variant of __德__
徴	zhēng	Japanese variant of T:__徵__ S:__征__
徵	zhēng	levy (troops or taxes)
徵	zhǐ	note in Chinese musical scale
徵召	zhēngzhào	enlist;draft
徵收	zhēngshōu	levy
德	dé	Germany;virtue;goodness;morality;ethics;kindness;favor;character;kind
德伦特 / 德倫特 	délúntè	Drenthe
德保	débǎo	(N) Debao (place in Guangxi)
德克萨斯 / 德克薩斯 	dékèsàsī	Texas
德克萨斯州 / 德克薩斯州 	dékèsàsīzhōu	state of Texas
德兴 / 德興 	déxīng	(N) Dexing (city in Jiangxi)
德化	déhuà	(N) Dehua (place in Fujian)
德国 / 德國 	déguó	Germany;German
德国之声 / 德國之聲 	déguózhīshēng	Deutsche Welle
德国人 / 德國人 	déguórén	German person or people
德国麻疹 / 德國麻疹 	déguómázhěn	German measles;rubella
德安	dé'ān	(N) De'an (place in Jiangxi)
德川	déchuān	Tokugawa (the ruling clan of Japan from 1550-1850)
德州	dézhōu	Texas (abbr.)
德州地区 / 德州地區 	dézhōudìqū	(N) Dezhou district (district in Shandong)
德庆 / 德慶 	déqìng	(N) Deqing (place in Guangdong)
德惠	déhuì	(N) Dehui (city in Jilin)
德惠地区 / 德惠地區 	déhuìdìqū	(N) Dehui district (district in Jilin)
德意志	déyìzhì	German (phonetic rendition of "deutsch");Germany
德文	déwén	German (language)
德昌	déchāng	(N) Dechang (place in Sichuan)
德格	dégé	(N) Derge (town in Kham prov. of Tibet, pres. Sichuan)
德欽 / 德钦 	déqīn	(N) Dechen, ch. Deqin (town in Kham prov. of Tibet, pres. Yunnan)
德江	déjiāng	(N) Dejiang (place in Guizhou)
德清	déqīng	(N) Deqing (place in Zhejiang)
德班	débān	Durban (city in South Africa)
德維爾潘 / 德维尔潘 	déwéi'ěrpān	(Dominique) de Villepin (French name)
德行	déxíng	morality and conduct
德語 / 德语 	déyǔ	German (language)
德都	dédū	(N) Dedu (place in Heilongjiang)
德里	délǐ	Dehli;New Dehli (capital of India);same as __新德里__
德阳 / 德陽 	déyáng	(N) Deyang (city in Sichuan)
德雷尔 / 德雷爾 	déléi'ěr	(June Teufel) Dreyer
德高望重	dégāowàngzhòng	a person of virtue and prestige;a person of good moral standing and reputation
德黑兰 / 德黑蘭 	déhēilán	Tehran (capital of Iran)
徻	wèi	a wide room
徼	jiǎo	by mere luck
徼	jiào	boundary;go around
徽	huī	insignia
徽县 / 徽縣 	huīxiàn	(N) Hui county (county in Gansu)
徽章	huīzhāng	badge
忀	xiāng	to stroll;to ramble
心	xīn	heart;mind
心中	xīnzhōng	(n) in one's thoughts;in one's mind
心事	xīnshì	a load on one's mind;worry
心地	xīndì	character
心头 / 心頭 	xīntóu	(n) thoughts;mind;heart
心安理得	xīn'ānlǐdé	have an easy conscience
心宽体胖 / 心寬體胖 	xīnkuāntǐpàng	(set phrase) carefree and contended;fit and happy
心寒	xīnhán	be very disappointed
心底	xīndǐ	bottom of one's heart
心得	xīndé	knowledge gained
心志	xīnzhì	fortitude
心态 / 心態 	xīntài	a state of mind;a frame of mind
心思	xīnsi	(n) idea;(v) thinking about doing sth;(n) inclination;mood
心急火燎	xīnjíhuǒliǎo	to burn with anxiety
心悸	xīnjì	palpitation
心情	xīnqíng	mood;frame of mind
心想	xīnxiǎng	to think;to assume
心意	xīnyì	regard;kindly feelings;intention
心愛 / 心爱 	xīn'ài	beloved
心愿 / 心願 	xīnyuàn	(n) goal;desire
心慌	xīnhuāng	irregular heart-beat
心房顫動 / 心房颤动 	xīnfángchàndòng	atrial fibrillation
心智	xīnzhì	wisdom
心有余悸 / 心有餘悸 	xīnyǒuyújì	have lingering fears
心灵 / 心靈 	xīnlíng	(n) internal spirit
心灵上 / 心靈上 	xīnlíngshàng	spiritual
心烦意乱 / 心煩意亂 	xīnfányìluàn	for one's mood or thoughts to be all over the place;to be terribly upset;to be confused and worried
心理	xīnlǐ	mental;psychological
心理学 / 心理學 	xīnlǐxué	psychology
心理学家 / 心理學家 	xīnlǐxuéjiā	psychologist
心理战 / 心理戰 	xīnlǐzhàn	(n) psychological warfare
心理詞典 / 心理词典 	xīnlǐcídiǎn	mental lexicon
心甘情愿 / 心甘情願 	xīngānqíngyuàn	(set phrase);(v);perfectly happy to do;most willing to do
心电图 / 心電圖 	xīndiàntú	electrocardiogram
心疼	xīnténg	(v) love with all one's heart
心病	xīnbìng	secret worry
心目	xīnmù	mentality;mental attitude;viewpoint
心眼	xīnyǎn	(n) consideration;thoughtfulness;ability to be considerate;social grace;ability to see how to treat others;(NOT mind's eye)
心眼儿 / 心眼兒 	xīnyǎn'er	(n) one's thoughts;mind;(n) intention;(n) willingness to accept new ideas;(n) baseless suspicions
心眼多	xīnyǎnduō	have unfounded doubts;over concerned
心眼大	xīnyǎndà	(adj) magnanimous;considerate;thoughtful;able to think of everything that needs to be thought of
心眼好	xīnyǎnhǎo	well-intentioned;good-natured;kind-hearted
心眼小	xīnyǎnxiǎo	(adj) (derogatory) selfish;unable to be considerate;selfishly oversensitive
心神	xīnshén	mind;state of mind;attention;(Ch. med.) psychic constitution
心肌梗塞	xīnjīgěngsāi	myocardial infarction;heart attack
心肌炎	xīnjīyán	myocarditis
心肝	xīngān	conscience;darling;character;sincerity;cordiality
心胸	xīnxiōng	breadth of mind
心脏 / 心臟 	xīnzàng	heart
心脏疾患 / 心臟疾患 	xīnzàngjíhuàn	heart disease
心脏病 / 心臟病 	xīnzàngbìng	heart disease
心脏移殖 / 心臟移殖 	xīnzàngyízhí	heart transplant
心虚 / 心虛 	xīnxū	lacking in confidence;have a guilty conscience
心血	xīnxuè	(n) meticulous care
心血來潮 / 心血来潮 	xīnxuèláicháo	to be prompted by a sudden impulse;carried away by a whim;have a brainstorm
心裡 / 心里 	xīnli	in ones heart and mind
心跳	xīntiào	heartbeat
必	bì	certainly;must;will;necessarily
必不可少	bìbùkěshǎo	absolutely necessary;indispensable;essential
必不可少組成 / 必不可少组成 	bìbùkěshǎozǔchéng	absolute necessity;sine qua non
必修	bìxiū	a required course
必修課 / 必修课 	bìxiūkè	a required course
必備 / 必备 	bìbèi	essential
必定	bìdìng	be bound to;be sure to
必将 / 必將 	bìjiāng	inevitably
必得	bìděi	must;have to
必然	bìrán	inevitable;certain;necessity
必由之路	bìyóuzhīlù	the road one must follow or take;the only way
必要	bìyào	necessary;essential;indispensable;required
必要性	bìyàoxìng	necessity
必要条件 / 必要條件 	bìyàotiáojiàn	requirement;necessary condition (math)
必需	bìxū	essential;indispensable
必需品	bìxūpǐn	necessity;essential (thing)
必須 / 必须 	bìxū	to have to;must
忆 / 憶 	yì	remember
忉	dāo	grieved
忌	jì	avoid as taboo;jealous
忌妒	jìdu	to be jealous of;envy
忌恨	jìhèn	hate (due to envy, etc)
忌惮 / 忌憚 	jìdàn	be afraid of;fear
忌諱 / 忌讳 	jìhuì	(n);taboo
忍	rěn	to beat;to endure;to tolerate
忍不住	rěnbuzhù	cannot help;unable to bear
忍受	rěnshòu	bear;endure
忍心	rěnxīn	(v) be emotionally willing to do sth
忍者	rěnzhě	(n) (Jap) ninja
忍耐	rěnnài	endure;restrain oneself;exercise;patient;patience
忏 / 懺 	chàn	feel remorse;regret;repent
忏悔 / 懺悔 	chànhuǐ	to confess;to repent
忐	tǎn	nervous
忐忑	tǎntè	(adj) perturbed;mentally disturbed;fidgety
忑	tè	nervous
忒	tè	excessive;to change
忖	cǔn	ponder;consider;guess
志	zhì	the will
志	zhì	sign;mark;to record;write a footnote
志丹	zhìdān	(N) Zhidan (place in Shaanxi)
志同道合	zhìtóngdàohé	(v) have a common objective
志工	zhìgōng	volunteer
志愿 / 志願 	zhìyuàn	aspiration;wish;ideal;volunteer
志愿者 / 志願者 	zhìyuànzhě	volunteer
志气 / 志氣 	zhìqì	(n) resolve;drive
志留紀 / 志留纪 	zhìliújì	Silurian (geological period)
忘	wàng	to forget;to overlook;to neglect
忘却 / 忘卻 	wàngquè	(v) forget, usually only used in writing
忘恩負義 / 忘恩负义 	wáng'ēnfùyì	ungrateful
忘記 / 忘记 	wàngjì	forget
忙	máng	busy
忙不过来 / 忙不過來 	mángbùguòlái	too busy to attend (to some business)
忙活	mánghuo	to be really busy
忙碌	mánglù	busy;bustling
忙进忙出 / 忙進忙出 	mángjìnmángchū	very busy
応	yìng	Japanese variant of T:__應__ S:__应__
忝	tiǎn	to shame
忠	zhōng	loyal
忠义 / 忠義 	zhōngyì	(n) fealty;loyalty
忠于 / 忠於 	zhōngyú	loyal to
忠勇	zhōngyǒng	loyal and brave
忠厚	zhōnghòu	honest and considerate
忠县 / 忠縣 	zhōngxiàn	(N) Zhong county (county in Sichuan)
忠告	zhōnggào	advice;advise
忠实 / 忠實 	zhōngshí	faithful
忠心	zhōngxīn	good faith;devotion;loyality;dedication
忠烈	zhōngliè	sacrifice oneself for one's country;martyr
忠誠 / 忠诚 	zhōngchéng	devoted;fidelity;loyal;loyalty
忠貞 / 忠贞 	zhōngzhēn	(adj) loyal and dependable
忡	chōng	grieved;distressed;sad;uneasy
忤	wǔ	disobedient;unfilial
忤逆	wǔnì	disobedient to parents
忧 / 憂 	yōu	worried
忧伤 / 憂傷 	yōushāng	(adj) distressed;sad;worried;grieved
忧愁 / 憂愁 	yōuchóu	to be worried
忧虑 / 憂慮 	yōulǜ	to worry;anxiety (about)
忧郁 / 憂鬱 	yōuyù	sullen;depressed
忧郁症 / 憂鬱症 	yōuyùzhèng	(psychology) depression
快	kuài	fast;quick;swift
快中子	kuàizhōngzǐ	fast neutrons
快乐 / 快樂 	kuàilè	happy;merry
快乐幸福 / 快樂幸福 	kuàilèxìngfú	cheerful;happy
快可立	kuàikělì	"Quickly", a Tapioca Milk Tea Franchise
快慰	kuàiwèi	feel pleased
快捷	kuàijié	(computer) shortcut
快步跑	kuàibùpǎo	trot
快活	kuàihuo	gay, happy
快車 / 快车 	kuàichē	express (train, bus, etc.)
快递 / 快遞 	kuàidì	(n) express delivery
快速	kuàisù	fast;high-speed;rapid
快速以太網絡 / 快速以太网络 	kuàisùyǐtàiwǎngluò	Fast Ethernet
快速发展 / 快速發展 	kuàisùfāzhǎn	rapid growth;rapid expansion
快餐	kuàicān	fast food;snack;quick meal
忭	biàn	delighted;pleased
忮	zhì	aggressive
忱	chén	sincerity;honesty
念	niàn	to read aloud
念书 / 念書 	niànshū	read;study
念叨	niàndao	reminisce about
念头 / 念頭 	niàntou	thought;idea;intention
念日	niànrì	memorial day;commemoration day
念經 / 念经 	niànjīng	recite or chant Buddhist scripture
忸	niǔ	accustomed to;blush;be shy
忻	xīn	happy
忻县地区 / 忻縣地區 	xīnxiàndìqū	(N) Xinzhou district (district in Shanxi)
忻城	xīnchéng	(N) Xincheng (place in Guangxi)
忻州	xīnzhōu	(N) Xinzhou (city in Shanxi)
忽	hū	suddenly
忽然	hūrán	suddenly;all of a sudden
忽略	hūlüè	(v) forget about;neglect;leave out by mistake
忽視 / 忽视 	hūshì	neglect;ignore
忾 / 愾 	kài	anger
忿	fèn	vehement
忿怒	fènnù	wrath
怀 / 懷 	huái	to think of;to cherish;mind;heart;bosom
怀仁 / 懷仁 	huáirén	(N) Huairen (place in Shanxi)
怀俄明 / 懷俄明 	huái'émíng	Wyoming (US state)
怀化 / 懷化 	huáihuà	(N) Huaihua (city in Hunan)
怀孕 / 懷孕 	huáiyùn	to be pregnant;to have conceived
怀宁 / 懷寧 	huáiníng	(N) Huaining (place in Anhui)
怀安 / 懷安 	huái'ān	(N) Huai'an (place in Hebei)
怀念 / 懷念 	huáiniàn	to cherish the memory of;to think of
怀抱 / 懷抱 	huáibào	(within someone's) embrace;cherish
怀敌意 / 懷敵意 	huáidíyì	hostile
怀旧感 / 懷舊感 	huáijiùgǎn	feeling of nostalga
怀来 / 懷來 	huáilái	(N) Huailai (place in Hebei)
怀柔 / 懷柔 	huáiróu	(N) Huairou (place in Beijing)
怀疑 / 懷疑 	huáiyí	to doubt;to suspect;doubt;suspicion
怀远 / 懷遠 	huáiyuǎn	(N) Huaiyuan (place in Anhui)
怀集 / 懷集 	huáijí	(N) Huaiji (place in Guangdong)
态 / 態 	tài	attitude
态势 / 態勢 	tàishì	posture;situation
态子 / 態子 	tàizi	state of matter (solid, liquid or gas)
态度 / 態度 	tàidu	manner;bearing;attitude;approach
怂 / 慫 	sǒng	arouse
怃 / 憮 	wǔ	disappointed;startled
怄 / 慪 	òu	annoyed
怅 / 悵 	chàng	regretful;upset;despair;depressed
怆 / 愴 	chuàng	mournful;sad;grieved;sorry
怍	zuò	ashamed
怎	zěn	how
怎么 / 怎麼 	zěnme	how?;what?;why?
怎么办 / 怎麼辦 	zěnmebàn	what's to be done
怎么样 / 怎麼樣 	zěnmeyàng	how?;how about?;how was it?;how are things?
怎么着 / 怎麼著 	zěnmezhe	(pron) what;(idiom) "whatever", used to replace some verbs in a sentence to form a more general sentence
怎样 / 怎樣 	zěnyàng	how;why
怎能	zěnnéng	how can?
怏	yàng	discontented
怒	nù	indignant
怒冲冲 / 怒沖沖 	nùchōngchōng	furiously
怒吼	nùhǒu	bellow;rave;snarl
怒气 / 怒氣 	nùqì	anger
怒火	nùhuǒ	(n) rage;fury
怒目	nùmù	(adv) with glaring eyes;gloweringly
怒目而視 / 怒目而视 	nùmù'érshì	to glare at
怔	zhēng	be startled
怕	pà	to be afraid;to fear
怕羞	pàxiū	coy;shy;bashful
怖	bù	terror;terrified;afraid;frightened
怗	tiē	peaceful;quiet
怙	hù	presume
怚	jù	dull, stupid, suspicious
怛	dá	distressed;alarmed;shocked;grieved
怜 / 憐 	lián	to pity
怜悯 / 憐憫 	liánmǐn	pity
思	sī	to think;to consider
思前想后	sīqiánxiǎnghòu	(saying) to consider over and over again
思南	sīnán	(N) Sinan (place in Guizhou)
思念	sīniàn	think of;long for;miss
思想	sīxiǎng	thought;thinking;idea
思想库 / 思想庫 	sīxiǎngkù	a think-tank (a committe set up to study a problem)
思潮	sīcháo	(n) train of thought;(n) surge of thoughts reflecting a time in history
思科	sīkē	Cisco Systems Company
思索	sīsuǒ	think deeply;ponder
思維 / 思维 	sīwéi	(line of) thought;thinking
思維敏捷 / 思维敏捷 	sīwéimǐnjié	(set phrase) to have an agile mind
思緒 / 思绪 	sīxù	(n) train of thought;(n) emotional state;mood;feeling
思考	sīkǎo	think
思茅	sīmáo	(N) Simao (city in Yunnan)
思茅地区 / 思茅地區 	sīmáodìqū	(N) Simao district (district in Yunnan)
思路	sīlù	train of thought;thinking;reason;reasoning
怠	dài	idle;lazy;negligent;careless
怠工	dàigōng	(v) slow down production rate
怠惰	dàiduò	idleness
怠慢	dàimàn	(adj) impolite;standoffish;(v) treat sb in a cold manner
怡	yí	harmony;pleased
怡悅 / 怡悦 	yíyuè	pleasant;happy
怡然	yírán	happy;joyful
急	jí	hurried;worried
急不可耐	jíbùkěnài	unable to wait
急于 / 急於 	jíyú	(adv) be eager;want to do sth right away
急于求成 / 急於求成 	jíyúqiúchéng	(set phrase) (adj) over-anxious for quick results
急促	jícù	(adj) urgent;(adj) hurried and brief;(adj) rushing
急促声 / 急促聲 	jícùshēng	patter
急切	jíqiè	(adv) eagerly, used in writing;(adj) eager, used in writing
急剧 / 急劇 	jíjù	rapid;sudden
急忙	jímáng	hastily
急性	jíxìng	acute
急性氰化物中毒	jíxìngqínghuàwùzhōngdú	acute cyanide poisoning
急性照射	jíxìngzhàoshè	acute exposure
急救	jíjiù	first aid;emergency treatment
急流	jíliú	torrent
急着 / 急著 	jízhe	urgently
急躁	jízào	irritable;irascible;impetuous
急轉彎 / 急转弯 	jízhuǎnwān	to make a sudden turn
急速	jísù	hurried;at a great speed;rapid (development)
急需	jíxū	(v) urgently need
急馳 / 急驰 	jíchí	(v) speed along
怦	pēng	impulsive
性	xìng	sex;nature;surname;suffix corresponding to -ness or -ity
性交	xìngjiāo	sexual intercourse
性传播 / 性傳播 	xìngchuánbō	sexually transmitted
性伴	xìngbàn	sexual partner
性伴侣 / 性伴侶 	xìngbànlǚ	sex partner
性关系 / 性關係 	xìngguānxi	sexual relations
性別 / 性别 	xìngbié	gender;sex;distinguishing between the sexes
性命	xìngmìng	(n) life
性器官	xìngqìguān	sexual organ
性子	xìngzi	temper
性情	xìngqing	nature;temperament
性感	xìnggǎn	sex appeal;eroticism;sexuality
性慾 / 性欲 	xìngyù	sexual desire
性接触 / 性接觸 	xìngjiēchù	sexual encounter
性格	xìnggé	nature;disposition;temperament;character
性格不合	xìnggébùhé	incompatibility of temperament
性病	xìngbìng	venereal disease;sexually transmitted disease;VD
性細胞 / 性细胞 	xìngxìbāo	sexual cell
性能	xìngnéng	function;performance
性腺	xìngxiàn	gonad;sex gland
性行	xìngxíng	sexual activity
性行为 / 性行為 	xìngxíngwéi	sexual behavior
性質 / 性质 	xìngzhì	nature;characteristic
性騷擾 / 性骚扰 	xìngsāorǎo	sexual harassment
性高潮	xìnggāocháo	orgasm;climax
怨	yuàn	blame;complain
怨恨	yuànhèn	grudge;resentment;hatred
怨言	yuànyán	complaint
怩	ní	shy, timid, bashful;look ashame
怪	guài	queer;to blame
怪不得	guàibude	no wonder
怪事	guàishì	strange occurances
怪人	guàirén	strange person;eccentric
怪僻	guàipì	peculiarity
怪兽 / 怪獸 	guàishòu	rare animal;mythical animal
怪异 / 怪異 	guàiyì	weird
怪物	guàiwu	monster;freak
怪物似	guàiwùsì	monstrous
怪誕 / 怪诞 	guàidàn	freak;weird
怫	fèi	anger
怫	fú	anxious
怭	bì	frivolous;rude
怯	qiè	afraid;rustic
怲	bǐng	sad;mournful
怳 / 恍 	huǎng	disappointed;flurried;indistinct
怵	chù	fearful;timid;to fear
怸	xī	trad variant of __悉__ (obscure);Achyranthes bidentata, a root used in Chinese medecine, equivalent to __牛膝__
怹	tān	a polite version of he
总 / 總 	zǒng	always;to assemble;gather;total;overall;head;chief;general;in every case
总之 / 總之 	zǒngzhī	in a word;in short;in brief
总书记 / 總書記 	zǒngshūji	general-secretary (of Communist Party)
总会会长 / 總會會長 	zǒnghuìhuìzhǎng	president
总体 / 總體 	zǒngtǐ	completely;totally;total;entire;overall
总体上说 / 總體上說 	zǒngtǐshàngshuō	looking at the big picture;all in all;all things considered
总值 / 總值 	zǒngzhí	total value
总公司 / 總公司 	zǒnggōngsī	(n) head office;home office
总共 / 總共 	zǒnggòng	altogether;in sum;in all;in total
总则 / 總則 	zǒngzé	profile
总务 / 總務 	zǒngwù	(n) general matters;general affairs division;(n) person in charge of general matters
总动员 / 總動員 	zǒngdòngyuán	general mobilization (for war, etc)
总参谋部 / 總參謀部 	zǒngcānmóubù	(military) General Staff Headquarters
总参谋长 / 總參謀長 	zǒngcānmóuzhǎng	(military) Chief of Staff
总司令 / 總司令 	zǒngsīlìng	(n) top military commander for a country or theater of operations
总后勤部 / 總後勤部 	zǒnghòuqínbù	(military) General Logistics Department
总和 / 總和 	zǒnghé	sum
总局 / 總局 	zǒngjú	head office;general office;central office
总干事 / 總幹事 	zǒnggànshi	secretary-general
总得 / 總得 	zǒngděi	must;have to;be bound to
总括 / 總括 	zǒngkuò	to sum up
总政治部 / 總政治部 	zǒngzhèngzhìbù	(military) General Political Department
总数 / 總數 	zǒngshù	a total;a sum
总是 / 總是 	zǒngshì	always
总机 / 總機 	zǒngjī	central exchange;telephone exchange;switchboard
总理 / 總理 	zǒnglǐ	premier;prime minister
总理衙门 / 總理衙門 	zǒnglǐyámen	the Qing dynasty equivalent of the Foreign Office
总的来说 / 總的來說 	zǒngdeláishuō	generally speaking;to sum up;in summary;in short
总督 / 總督 	zǒngdū	(n) governor-general, a person in charge of a foreign possession or territory
总算 / 總算 	zǒngsuàn	at long last;finally;on the whole
总经理 / 總經理 	zǒngjīnglǐ	general manager
总结 / 總結 	zǒngjié	summarize;summary
总统 / 總統 	zǒngtǒng	president (of a country)
总统任期 / 總統任期 	zǒngtǒngrènqī	presidency;term of office
总统大选 / 總統大選 	zǒngtǒngdàxuǎn	presidential election
总统府 / 總統府 	zǒngtǒngfǔ	presidential palace
总统选举 / 總統選舉 	zǒngtǒngxuǎnjǔ	presidential election
总编 / 總編 	zǒngbiān	chief editor (of newspaper);abbr. for T:__總編輯__ S:__总编辑__
总编辑 / 總編輯 	zǒngbiānjí	chief editor (of newspaper)
总而言之 / 總而言之 	zǒng'éryánzhī	in short;in a word;in brief
总裁 / 總裁 	zǒngcái	chairman;director-general (of a company, etc)
总装备部 / 總裝備部 	zǒngzhuāngbèibù	General Armaments Department (GAD)
总要 / 總要 	zǒngyào	nevertheless
总计 / 總計 	zǒngjì	(grand) total
总部 / 總部 	zǒngbù	general headquarters
总领事 / 總領事 	zǒnglǐngshì	(n) consul general
总领事馆 / 總領事館 	zǒnglǐngshìguǎn	Consulate General
总额 / 總額 	zǒng'é	total (amount or value)
怼 / 懟 	duì	dislike;hate
怿 / 懌 	yì	pleased;rejoice
恁	rèn	that, like this, thus, so, such
恂	xún	sincere
恃	shì	rely upon
恆 / 恒 	héng	permanent
恆定 / 恒定 	héngdìng	constant
恆心 / 恒心 	héngxīn	perseverance
恆星 / 恒星 	héngxīng	(fixed) star
恆春鎮 / 恒春镇 	héngchūnzhèn	(N) Hengchun (town in Taiwan)
恆生 / 恒生 	héngshēng	Hang Seng (name)
恆生銀行 / 恒生银行 	héngshēngyínháng	Hang Seng bank, Hong Kong
恇	kuāng	to fear;apprehensive
恉	zhǐ	purport
恋 / 戀 	liàn	feel attached to;long for;love
恋恋不舍 / 戀戀不捨 	liànliànbùshě	be reluctant to part
恋爱 / 戀愛 	liàn'ài	to have a love affair;to be in love;to love;love
恋童癖 / 戀童癖 	liàntóngpǐ	(n) pedophilia
恋脚癖 / 戀腳癖 	liánjiǎopǐ	(n);foot fetish
恌	tiāo	frivolous
恍惚	huǎnghū	(v) be in a trance;absent-minded;distracted
恐	kǒng	afraid;frightened;to fear
恐吓 / 恐嚇 	kǒnghè	to threaten;to menace
恐怕	kǒngpà	(I'm) afraid (that);perhaps;I think
恐怖	kǒngbù	terror
恐怖主义 / 恐怖主義 	kǒngbùzhǔyì	terrorism
恐怖主义者 / 恐怖主義者 	kǒngbùzhǔyìzhě	terrorist
恐怖份子	kǒngbùfènzi	terrorist
恐怖分子	kǒngbùfènzǐ	terrorist
恐惧 / 恐懼 	kǒngjù	fear;dread
恐慌	kǒnghuāng	panic;panicky;panic-stricken
恐旷症 / 恐曠症 	kǒngkuàngzhèng	agoraphobia
恐水病	kǒngshuǐbìng	rabies
恐龍 / 恐龙 	kǒnglóng	dinosaur
恓	xī	troubled;vexed
恔	xiào	cheerful
恕	shù	forgive
恙	yàng	sickness
恙虫病 / 恙蟲病 	yàngchóngbìng	Scrub typhus;Tsutsugamushi disease;Mite-borne typhus fever
恚	huì	rage
恛	huí	disordered;indistinct doubtful;blurred
恝	jiá	indifferent
恟	xiōng	scared, nervous
恢	huī	to restore;to recover;great
恢复 / 恢復 	huīfù	to reinstate;to resume;to restore;to recover;to regain
恢复原状 / 恢復原狀 	huīfùyuánzhuàng	(v) restore something to its original condition or state
恣	zì	throw off restraint
恣欲	zìyù	to follow lustfull desires
恤	xù	give relief;sympathy
恤	xù	give relief;sympathy;T-__恤__ is commonly used for English T-shirt
恥 / 耻 	chǐ	shame;disgrace
恥辱 / 耻辱 	chǐrù	disgrace
恧	nǜ	ashamed
恨	hèn	to hate
恨不得	hènbude	one would if one could;itch to
恨不能	hènbunéng	with one could (do something)
恨恶 / 恨惡 	hènwù	despise
恩	ēn	kind act (from above)
恩人	ēnrén	(n) prson who has significantly helped someone else;benefactor
恩典	ēndiǎn	grace
恩平	ēnpíng	(N) Enping (city in Guangdong)
恩怨	ēnyuàn	(feeling of) resentment;(longstanding) grudge
恩情	ēnqíng	(n) deep affection
恩惠	ēnhuì	favour;grace
恩愛 / 恩爱 	ēn'ài	(adj) like mutal love between a husband and wife
恩慈	ēncí	bestowed kindness
恩施	ēnshī	(N) Enshi (city in Hubei)
恩施地区 / 恩施地區 	ēnshīdìqū	(N) Enshi district (district in Hubei)
恩膏	ēngāo	rich favor
恩賜 / 恩赐 	ēncì	favour
恪	kè	(surname);respectful;scrupulous
恪	kè	trad variant of __恪__;respectful;scrupulous
恪守	kèshǒu	scrupulously abide by
恪慎	kèshèn	careful;reverently
恪遵	kèzūn	scrupulous observe (rules or tradition)
恫	dòng	frighten
恫吓 / 恫嚇 	dònghè	intimidate;make threats
恬	tián	quiet;calm;tranquil;peaceful
恬然	tiánrán	unperturbed;nonchalant
恭	gōng	respectful
恭喜	gōngxǐ	congratulations;greetings
恭喜发财 / 恭喜發財 	gōngxǐfācái	Congratulations and best wishes for a prosperous New Year!;Happy New Year!;traditional Chinese New Year greeting
恭城	gōngchéng	(N) Gongchen (place in Guangxi)
恭敬	gōngjìng	(adj) respectful;deferential
恭維 / 恭维 	gōngwéi	to flatter or give a compliment
恭賀新禧 / 恭贺新禧 	gōnghèxīnxǐ	Happy New Year
恭順 / 恭顺 	gōngshùn	deferent
息	xī	news;interest;breath;rest
息县 / 息縣 	xíxiàn	(N) Xi county (county in Henan)
息峰县 / 息峰縣 	xífēngxiàn	(N) Xifeng county (county in Guizhou)
恰	qià	exactly;just
恰到好处 / 恰到好處 	qiàdàohǎochù	it's just perfect;it's just right
恰好	qiàhǎo	as it turns out;by lucky coincidence
恰如其份	qiàrúqífèn	appropriate;judicious;accurate (assessment, etc)
恰如其分	qiàrúqífèn	(saying) to say or do something appropriate
恰巧	qiàqiǎo	(adv) by coincidence;fortunately
恰当 / 恰當 	qiàdàng	appropriate;suitable
恰恰	qiàqià	exactly;just;precisely
恳 / 懇 	kěn	earnest
恳切 / 懇切 	kěnqiè	(adj) sincere;genuine
恳求 / 懇求 	kěnqiú	beg;entreat;entreaty
恵	huì	Japanese variant of __惠__;favor;blessing
恶	ě	bad;queasy;nausea
恶	ě	nauseated
恶	è	evil
恶	wù	to hate;to loathe
恶作剧 / 惡作劇 	èzuòjù	mischief;mischievous;practical joke
恶劣 / 惡劣 	èliè	bad;worse;vile;abominable
恶化 / 惡化 	èhuà	worsen
恶名昭彰 / 惡名昭彰 	èmíngzhāozhāng	notorious
恶唑啉 / 惡唑啉 	èzuòlín	oxacillin
恶唑啉酮 / 惡唑啉酮 	èzuòlíntóng	oxacillin
恶心	ěxīn	nausea
恶心	ěxin	to feel nauseated;to turn sick;to be fed up;nauseated;fed up;disgusting;nauseous
恶心	èxīn	bad habit;vicious habit;vice
恶性 / 惡性 	èxìng	(adj) malignant;evil producing;wicked
恶性循环 / 惡性循環 	èxìngxúnhuán	vicious circle
恶性疟原虫 / 惡性瘧原蟲 	èxìngnüèyuánchóng	plasmodium falciparum (malaria parasite)
恶意 / 惡意 	èyì	malice
恶报 / 惡報 	èbào	retribution
恶梦 / 惡夢 	èmèng	nightmare
恶棍 / 惡棍 	ègùn	villain
恶毒 / 惡毒 	èdú	malicious
恶病质 / 惡病質 	èbìngzhí	Cachexia
恶贯满盈 / 惡貫滿盈 	èguànmǎnyíng	to be judged for mountrous crimes
恶魔 / 惡魔 	èmó	demon;fiend
恸 / 慟 	tòng	grief
恹 / 懨 	yān	contented;peaceful
恺 / 愷 	kǎi	joyful;kind
恺撒 / 愷撒 	kǎisǎ	Caesar (emperor)
恻 / 惻 	cè	sorrowful
恼 / 惱 	nǎo	get mad
恼火 / 惱火 	nǎohuǒ	(v) aggravate;annoy;(adj) annoying
恽 / 惲 	yùn	(surname)
恿	yǒng	urge;incite
悁	juān	angry;sad
悁	juàn	impatient
悃	kǔn	sincere
悄	qiǎo	quiet;sad
悄悄	qiǎoqiǎo	quietly
悄悄地	qiāoqiāode	gently;softly;stealthily
悄然	qiǎorán	quietly
悄然无声 / 悄然無聲 	qiǎoránwúshēng	absolutely quiet
悅 / 悦 	yuè	pleased
悅納 / 悦纳 	yuènà	to find acceptable
悆	yù	happy
悉	xī	in all cases;know
悉尼	xīní	Sydney (Australia)
悊	zhé	wise. to know intuitively
悌	tì	do one's duty as a younger brother
悍	hàn	violent
悐	tì	respect, regard;to stand in awe of, to be alarmed
悒	yì	anxiety;worry
悔	huǐ	regret
悔恨	huǐhèn	remorse;repentance
悔悟	huǐwù	to repent
悔改	huǐgǎi	repent;repentance
悔罪	huǐzuì	conviction
悔过 / 悔過 	huǐguò	regret;repent
悖	bèi	perverse;rebellious;to rebel
悖論 / 悖论 	bèilùn	(log.) paradox
悖逆	bèinì	contrary
悚	sǒng	frightened
悛	quān	to reform
悜	chěng	obscure
悝	kuī	laugh at
悝	lǐ	sad
悟	wù	comprehend
悠	yōu	at ease;long (in time);sad
悠久	yōujiǔ	established;long
悠哉遊哉	yōuzāiyóuzāi	(adj) leisurely and carefree
悠扬 / 悠揚 	yōuyáng	(adj);melodious;mellifluous
悠閒	yōuxián	ease;leisurely
患	huàn	misfortune;suffer (from illness);trouble;danger;worry;to contract (a disease)
患处 / 患處 	huànchù	afflicted part
患病	huànbìng	become sick;fall ill
患者	huànzhě	patient;sufferer
患难 / 患難 	huànnàn	trials and tribulations
您	nín	you (formal)
您好	nínhǎo	Hello (formal)
悩	nǎo	Japanese variant of T:__惱__ S:__恼__
悪	è	Japanese variant of T:__惡__ S:__恶__
悫 / 愨 	què	honest
悬 / 懸 	xuán	hang;suspend
悬垂 / 懸垂 	xuánchuí	overhang
悬壶济世 / 懸壺濟世 	xuánhújìshì	practice medicine or pharmacy to help the people or public
悬岩 / 懸岩 	xuányán	cliff
悬崖 / 懸崖 	xuányá	precipice
悬念 / 懸念 	xuánniàn	(n) suspense in a movie, play, etc;(n) concern for the welfare of someone else
悬挂 / 懸掛 	xuánguà	(car) suspension;hang
悬浮 / 懸浮 	xuánfú	suspend;to float suspended;suspension
悬疑 / 懸疑 	xuányí	suspense
悬空寺 / 懸空寺 	xuánkōngsì	Xuankong Temple or Suspended Temple near Yanyuan in Shanxi
悬而未决 / 懸而未決 	xuán'érwèijué	pending a decision;hanging in the balance
悬荡 / 懸盪 	xuándàng	to hang;suspended
悬赏 / 懸賞 	xuánshǎng	offer a reward
悭 / 慳 	qiān	stingy
悯 / 憫 	mǐn	sympathize;to pity
悰	cóng	joy
悱	fěi	want but cannot speak
悲	bēi	sad;sadness;sorrow;grief
悲伤 / 悲傷 	bēishāng	sad;sorrowful
悲切	bēiqiè	mournful
悲剧 / 悲劇 	bēijù	tragedy
悲叹	bēitàn	sigh mournfully;lament
悲叹	bēitàn	bewail
悲哀	bēi'āi	grieved;sorrowful
悲喜交集	bēixǐjiāojí	mixed feelings of grief and joy
悲喜剧 / 悲喜劇 	bēixǐjù	tragicomedy
悲嘆	bēitàn	sigh mournfully;lament
悲壮 / 悲壯 	bēizhuàng	solemn and stirring;moving and tragic
悲天悯人 / 悲天憫人 	bēitiānmǐnrén	bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of mankind
悲恸 / 悲慟 	bēitòng	mournful
悲悯 / 悲憫 	bēimǐn	(v) take pity on someone;be compassionate
悲悼	bēidào	mourn;grieve over somebody's death
悲惨 / 悲慘 	bēicǎn	miserable;tragic
悲愁	bēichóu	melancholy
悲愤 / 悲憤 	bēifèn	grief and indignation
悲戚	bēiqī	(adj) mournful
悲欢离合 / 悲歡離合 	bēihuānlíhé	joys and sorrows;partings and reunions - vicissitudes of life
悲歌	bēigē	sad melody;stirring strains;elegy;dirge;threnody;sing with solemn fervor
悲歎	bēitàn	bewail
悲泣	bēiqì	weep with grief
悲痛	bēitòng	grieved;sorrowful
悲觀 / 悲观 	bēiguān	pessimistic
悲鳴 / 悲鸣 	bēimíng	utter sad calls;lament
悴	cuì	haggard;sad;downcast;distressed
悶 / 闷 	mēn	smother;stuffy
悶 / 闷 	mèn	melancholy
悶悶不樂 / 闷闷不乐 	mènmènbúlè	(adj) depressed;sulky;moody;unhappy
悶熱 / 闷热 	mēnrè	sultry;sultriness;hot and stuffy;stifling hot
悶胸	xiōngmēn	chest pain;chest distress
悸	jì	afraid
悻	xìng	angry
悼	dào	mourn;lament
悼念	dàoniàn	(v) grieve
悼詞 / 悼词 	dàocí	(n) memorial speech, eulogy
悼辞 / 悼辭 	dàocí	(n) memorial speech, eulogy (variant of T:__悼詞__ S:__悼词__)
悽	qī	sorrowful
悾	kōng	simple-minded;sincere
惄	nì	distressed;famished
情	qíng	feeling;emotion;passion;situation
情不自禁	qíngbùzìjìn	unable to restrain emotions;cannot help
情书 / 情書 	qíngshū	(n) love letter
情人節 / 情人节 	qíngrénjié	Valentine's Day
情人節快樂 / 情人节快乐 	qíngrénjiékuàilè	Happy Valentine's Day
情侣 / 情侶 	qínglǚ	sweethearts;lovers
情况 / 情況 	qíngkuàng	circumstances;state of affairs;situation
情况下 / 情況下 	qíngkuàngxià	under (these) circumstances
情分	qíngfèn	(n) mutual affection
情報 / 情报 	qíngbào	(spy) intelligence;information-gathering
情報官員 / 情报官员 	qíngbàoguānyuán	intelligence official
情報局 / 情报局 	qíngbàojú	intelligence agency
情報處 / 情报处 	qíngbàochù	source (of information)
情報部 / 情报部 	qíngbàobù	intelligence agency
情報部門 / 情报部门 	qíngbàobùmén	intelligence agency
情境模型	qíngjìngmóxíng	situational model
情妇 / 情婦 	qíngfù	fling;coquette
情形	qíngxing	circumstances;situation
情感	qínggǎn	feeling;emotion
情愿 / 情願 	qíngyuàn	willingness;would rather (agree to X than Y)
情投意合	qíngtóuyìhé	two parties be congenial;share much in common
情景	qíngjǐng	scene;sight;circumstances
情欲	qíngyù	sensual;lust
情理	qínglǐ	reason;sense
情節 / 情节 	qíngjié	plot;circumstances
情緒 / 情绪 	qíngxù	feeling;sentiment
情緒化 / 情绪化 	qíngxùhuà	emotional;sentimental
情詩 / 情诗 	qíngshī	love poem
惆	chóu	forlorn;vexed;disappointed
惆怅 / 惆悵 	chóuchàng	melancholy;depression
惇	dūn	kind-hearted
惊 / 驚 	jīng	to start;to be frightened;to be scared;alarm
惊人 / 驚人 	jīngrén	astonishing
惊动 / 驚動 	jīngdòng	alarm;alert;disturb
惊吓 / 驚嚇 	jīngxià	horrify;terrify
惊呆 / 驚呆 	jīngdāi	(v);be stupified;be startled
惊喜 / 驚喜 	jīngxǐ	be pleasantly surprised
惊奇 / 驚奇 	jīngqí	amaze
惊异 / 驚異 	jīngyì	amazement
惊心动魄 / 驚心動魄 	jīngxīndòngpò	dreadful;shattering
惊怪 / 驚怪 	jīngguài	to marvel
惊恐 / 驚恐 	jīngkǒng	appall
惊愕 / 驚愕 	jīng'è	astonishment;astound
惊慌 / 驚慌 	jīnghuāng	panic
惊涛骇浪 / 驚濤駭浪 	jīngtāohàilàng	perilous situation
惊讶 / 驚訝 	jīngyà	confound
惊醒 / 驚醒 	jīngxǐng	to be waken up by something
惊险 / 驚險 	jīngxiǎn	thrilling;a thriller
惊骇 / 驚駭 	jīnghài	fright
惋	wǎn	regret, be sorry;alarmed
惋惜	wǎnxī	to feel sorry for a person over sth that should have happened
惎	jì	injure;vilify
惑	huò	confuse
惑星	huòxīng	planet
惓	quán	earnest
惕	tì	fearful;respectful
惕然	tìrán	to be afraid, fearful of
惘	wǎng	desolate
惙	chuò	mournful;uncertain
惚	hū	indistinct
惛	hūn	confused;forgetful;silly
惜	xī	pity, regret, rue, begrudge
惜別 / 惜别 	xībié	be reluctant to part
惝	chǎng	disappointed
惝	tǎng	disappointed
惟	wéi	-ism;only
惟一	wéiyī	the only;sole
惟妙惟肖	wéimiàowéixiào	imitate to perfection;be remarkably true to life
惟有	wéiyǒu	only
惟独 / 惟獨 	wéidú	(adv) soley;singley
惠	huì	favor;blessing
惠东 / 惠東 	huìdōng	(N) Huidong (place in Guangdong)
惠來 / 惠来 	huìlái	(N) Huilai (place in Guangdong)
惠农 / 惠農 	huìnóng	(N) Huinong (place in Ningxia)
惠安	huì'ān	(N) Hui'an (place in Fujian)
惠州	huìzhōu	(N) Huizhou (city in Guangdong)
惠普	huìpǔ	Hewlett-Packard
惠更斯	huìgēngsī	(Christiaan) Hyugens
惠民	huìmín	(N) Huimin (place in Shandong)
惠水	huìshuǐ	(N) Huishui (place in Guizhou)
惠灵顿 / 惠靈頓 	huìlíngdùn	Wellington (capital of New Zealand)
惠阳 / 惠陽 	huìyáng	(N) Huiyang (city in Guangdong)
惠阳地区 / 惠陽地區 	huìyángdìqū	(N) Huiyang district (district in Guangdong)
惡	ě	nauseated
惡	è	evil
惡	wù	to hate;to loathe
惡心	ěxin	to feel nauseated;to turn sick;to be fed up;nauseated;fed up;disgusting;nauseous
惡心	èxīn	bad habit;vicious habit;vice
惦	diàn	think of, remember, miss
惦記 / 惦记 	diànjì	remember with concern;worry about
惧 / 懼 	jù	to fear
惧怕 / 懼怕 	jùpà	to be afraid
惨 / 慘 	cǎn	miserable;wretched;cruel;inhuman;seriously;badly;tragic
惨事 / 慘事 	cǎnshì	disaster
惨剧 / 慘劇 	cǎnjù	tragedy;calamity;atrocity
惨案 / 慘案 	cǎn'àn	massacre;tragedy
惨烈 / 慘烈 	cǎnliè	bitter;desperate
惨白 / 慘白 	cǎnbái	deathly pale
惨绝人寰 / 慘絕人寰 	cǎnjuérénhuán	extremely tragic;with unprecedented brutality
惨遭 / 慘遭 	cǎnzāo	suffer
惨重 / 慘重 	cǎnzhòng	disastrous
惩 / 懲 	chéng	punish;discipline
惩办 / 懲辦 	chéngbàn	to punish
惩戒 / 懲戒 	chéngjiè	to discipline;reprimand
惩罚 / 懲罰 	chéngfá	penalty;punishment;to punish
惩罚性 / 懲罰性 	chéngfáxìng	punitive
惫 / 憊 	bèi	exhausted
惬 / 愜 	qiè	cheerful;satisfied
惭 / 慚 	cán	ashamed
惭愧 / 慚愧 	cánkuì	(to be) ashamed
惮 / 憚 	dàn	dread;fear;dislike
惯 / 慣 	guàn	accustomed to;used to
惯例 / 慣例 	guànlì	conventional
惯用语 / 慣用語 	guànyòngyǔ	(n) idiom;word or phrase used colloqially
惰	duò	lazy
想	xiǎng	to think;to believe;to suppose;to wish;to want;to miss
想像	xiǎngxiàng	imagine;visualize
想像力	xiǎngxiànglì	conception;imagination
想到	xiǎngdào	to think of;call to mind
想家	xiǎngjiā	homesick
想得美	xiǎngdéměi	(colloq. derog.) "in your dreams"
想念	xiǎngniàn	miss;remember with longing;long to see again
想方設法 / 想方设法 	xiǎngfāngshèfǎ	(saying) to think of or try every possible method to do sth
想法	xiǎngfǎ	idea;what (someone) is thinking;to think of a way (to do sth)
想睡	xiǎngshuì	drowsy;sleepy
想象	xiǎngxiàng	to imagine;to fancy
想起	xiǎngqǐ	to recall
惴	zhuì	anxious;worried
惶	huáng	frightened
惶恐	huángkǒng	(adj) terrified
惷	chǔn	blunt;stupid;to wiggle (of worms)
惸	qióng	alone;desolate
惹	rě	to provoke;to exasperate;to annoy
惹事	rěshì	(v) cause trouble
惹恼 / 惹惱 	rěnǎo	to offend
惹是生非	rěshìshēngfēi	to stir up trouble
惹火烧身 / 惹火燒身 	rěhuǒshāoshēn	stir up fire and get burnt (expr.);get one's fingers burnt
惹起	rěqǐ	provoke, incite;stir up;arouse (attention)
惺	xīng	tranquil;understand
愀	qiǎo	change countenance;worry
愁	chóu	worry about
愁眉苦脸 / 愁眉苦臉 	chóuméikǔliǎn	frown
愁緒 / 愁绪 	chóuxù	melancholy
愃	xuān	well-being
愆	qiān	fault;transgression
愈	yù	heal;the more...the more;to recover;better
愈	yù	heal
愈加	yùjiā	all the more;even more;further
愈合	yùhé	to heal
愉	yú	pleased
愉快	yúkuài	cheerful;cheerily;delightful;pleasant;pleasantly;pleasing;happy;delighted
愉悅 / 愉悦 	yúyuè	joyful;cheerful;delighted
愊	bì	melancholy;sincere
愍	mǐn	pity;sympathize
愎	bì	perverse;obstinate
意	yì	idea;meaning;wish;desire;intention;(abbr.) Italy
意下如何	yìxiàrúhé	how about it?;what do you think?
意义 / 意義 	yìyì	meaning;significance
意向	yìxiàng	disposition
意味	yìwèi	significance;imply (that)
意味着 / 意味著 	yìwèizhe	signify;mean;imply
意图 / 意圖 	yìtú	intent;intention;intend
意境	yìjìng	artistic mood or conception;creative concept
意外	yìwài	unexpected
意大利	yìdàlì	Italy;Italian
意大利語 / 意大利语 	yìdàlìyǔ	Italian (language)
意式浓缩咖啡 / 意式濃縮咖啡 	yìshìnóngsuōkāfēi	espresso;Italian style strong coffee
意志	yìzhì	(n);will;willpower
意念	yìniàn	idea
意思	yìsi	idea;opinion;meaning
意想不到	yìxiǎngbùdào	unexpected;previously unimagined
意愿 / 意願 	yìyuàn	aspiration;wish (for);desire
意指	yìzhǐ	to mean;to imply
意料	yìliào	(v) anticipate;think ahead
意气相投 / 意氣相投 	yìqìxiāngtóu	congenial
意見 / 意见 	yìjiàn	idea;opinion;suggestion;objection;complaint
意見不合 / 意见不合 	yìjiànbùhé	dissension
意識 / 意识 	yìshí	consciousness;awareness;consciously (i.e. deliberately);to be aware
愐	miǎn	shy
愒	kài	to desire
愔	yīn	peaceful;solemn
愕	è	startled
愙	kè	trad variant of __恪__;respectful;scrupulous
愚	yú	stupid
愚人節 / 愚人节 	yúrénjié	(n) April Fool's Day
愚人節快樂 / 愚人节快乐 	yúrénjiékuàilè	(interj) April Fool!
愚妄	yúwàng	stupid
愚弄	yúnòng	derision;mock;ridicule
愚拙	yúzhuō	clumsy and stupid
愚昧	yúmèi	ignorant
愚笨	yúbèn	stupid
愚蠢	yúchǔn	(adj) silly;stupid
愛 / 爱 	ài	to love;affection;to be fond of;to like
愛丁堡 / 爱丁堡 	àidīngbǎo	Edinburgh
愛不釋手 / 爱不释手 	àibùshìshǒu	fondle admiringly
愛人 / 爱人 	àiren	spouse;husband;wife;sweetheart
愛人如己 / 爱人如己 	àirénrújǐ	love others as self
愛克斯光 / 爱克斯光 	àikèsīguāng	X-ray;Roentgen ray
愛因斯坦 / 爱因斯坦 	àiyīnsītǎn	Einstein
愛國 / 爱国 	àiguó	patriotic;love of country;patriotism
愛國者 / 爱国者 	àiguózhě	patriot
愛好 / 爱好 	àihào	to like;to be fond of;to be keen on;interest;hobby
愛好者 / 爱好者 	àihǎozhě	lover (of art, sports, etc);amateur;enthusiast;fan
愛屋及烏 / 爱屋及乌 	àiwūjíwū	love me, love my dog
愛崗敬業 / 爱岗敬业 	àigǎngjìngyè	industrious and hard-working
愛德玲 / 爱德玲 	àidélíng	Adeline
愛德華 / 爱德华 	àidéhuá	Edward
愛心 / 爱心 	àixīn	compassion
愛情 / 爱情 	àiqíng	love (between man and woman)
愛惜 / 爱惜 	àixí	cherish;treasure;use sparingly
愛慕 / 爱慕 	àimù	adore;admire
愛憎 / 爱憎 	àizēng	love and hate
愛憐 / 爱怜 	àilián	show tender affection for
愛戀 / 爱恋 	àiliàn	be in love with;feel deeply attached to
愛戴 / 爱戴 	àidài	love and esteem
愛撫 / 爱抚 	àifǔ	to show tender care for;to care for (affectionately)
愛沙尼亞 / 爱沙尼亚 	àishāníyà	Estonia
愛滋病 / 爱滋病 	àizībìng	(loan word) AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome)
愛滋病毒 / 爱滋病毒 	àizībìngdú	the AIDS virus;HIV
愛爾蘭 / 爱尔兰 	ài'ěrlán	Ireland
愛理不理 / 爱理不理 	àilǐbùlǐ	look cold and indifferent;be standoffish
愛知 / 爱知 	àizhī	Aichi (Japanese prefecture around Nagoya)
愛稱 / 爱称 	àichēng	term of endearment;pet name;diminutive
愛立信 / 爱立信 	àilìxìn	Ericsson
愛莫能助 / 爱莫能助 	àimònéngzhù	willing to help but unable to do so
愛護 / 爱护 	àihù	cherish;treasure;take good care of
愛迪生	àidíshēng	Edison (name);Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)
愛遊玩 / 爱游玩 	àiyóuwán	playful
愛達荷 / 爱达荷 	àidáhé	Idaho
愛面子 / 爱面子 	àimiànzǐ	be concerned about face-saving;be sensitive about one's reputation
感	gǎn	to feel;to move;to touch;to affect
感兴趣 / 感興趣 	gǎnxìngqù	be interested
感冒	gǎnmào	to catch cold;(common) cold
感到	gǎndào	to feel;to sense;to have the feeling that;think that;to move;to affect
感动 / 感動 	gǎndòng	to move (sb);to touch;moving
感化	gǎnhuà	(v) put sb on the right path by word or example;correct sb who is erring
感化餅乾 / 感化饼乾 	gǎnhuàbǐnggān	wafer
感受	gǎnshòu	feel;experience
感叹 / 感嘆 	gǎntàn	to sigh (with feeling)
感叹词 / 感嘆詞 	gǎntàncí	interjection
感官	gǎnguān	sense;sense organ
感性	gǎnxìng	sensibility
感恩	gǎn'ēn	thanksgiving
感恩節 / 感恩节 	gǎn'ēnjié	Thanksgiving Day
感情	gǎnqíng	feeling;emotion;affection;sensation
感想	gǎnxiǎng	impressions;reflections;thoughts
感慨	gǎnkǎi	lament;with a tinge of emotion or regret
感染	gǎnrǎn	infection;to infect;to influence
感染人数 / 感染人數 	gǎnrǎnrénshù	number of infected persons
感染剂量 / 感染劑量 	gǎnrǎnjìliáng	infective dose
感染性腹泻 / 感染性腹瀉 	gǎnrǎnxìngfùxiè	infective diarrhea
感染者	gánrǎnzhě	infected person
感激	gǎnjī	appreciate
感覺 / 感觉 	gǎnjué	to feel;to become aware of;feeling;sense;perception
感覺到 / 感觉到 	gǎnjuédào	feel
感謝 / 感谢 	gǎnxiè	(express) thanks;gratitude;grateful;thankful;thanks
愠 / 慍 	yùn	indignant;feel hurt
愣	lèng	to look distracted;to stare blankly;distracted;stupefied;blank
愤 / 憤 	fèn	indignant;anger;resentment
愤怒 / 憤怒 	fènnù	angry;indignant
愤恨 / 憤恨 	fènhèn	to hate;hatred;to resent;embittered
愤愤不平 / 憤憤不平 	fènfènbùpíng	indignant
愤慨 / 憤慨 	fènkǎi	resent;resentment
愦 / 憒 	kuì	confused;troubled
愫	sù	guileless;sincere
愬	sù	complain;sue;tell
愮	yáo	distressed, agitated
愿	yuàn	sincere;willing
愿	yuàn	hope;wish;desire;ready;willing
愿意 / 願意 	yuànyì	to wish;to want;ready;willing (to do sth)
愿意不愿意 / 願意不願意 	yuànyìbúyuànyì	whether one wants to or not
愿望 / 願望 	yuànwàng	desire;wish
慁	hùn	confused;dishonor
慄	lì	afraid;trembling
慆	tāo	rejoice
慇	yīn	solicitous
慈	cí	compassionate;gentle;merciful;kind;humane
慈利	cílì	(N) Cili (place in Hunan)
慈善	císhàn	benevolent
慈善机构 / 慈善機構 	císhànjīgòu	charity
慈悲	cíbēi	mercy
慈愛 / 慈爱 	cí'ài	(adj) love;tenderness, particularily affection shown by elders to children
慈溪	cíxī	(N) Cixi (city in Zhejiang)
慈祥	cíxiáng	(a) kindly (person)
慈禧	cíxǐ	the empress dowager Cixi or Ts'u Hsi (reigned 1861–1908)
慈禧太后	cíxǐtàihòu	the empress dowager Cixi or Ts'u Hsi (reigned 1861–1908)
慉	xù	to foster;to bear
慊	qiàn	dissatisfied
慊	qiè	contented
慌	huāng	nervous
慌乱 / 慌亂 	huāngluàn	(adj) frenetic;hurried
慌张 / 慌張 	huāngzhāng	(adj) flustered
慌忙	huāngmáng	in a great rush;in a flurry
慎	shèn	cautious
慎重	shènzhòng	cautious;careful;prudent
慑 / 懾 	shè	afraid;be feared;to fear;to frighten;to intimidate
慕	mù	admire
慕尼黑	mùníhēi	Munich
慕道友	mùdàoyǒu	religious investigator
慝	tè	evil thought
慢	màn	slow
慢化剂 / 慢化劑 	mànhuàjì	moderator
慢吞吞	màntūntūn	(adj) very slow;sluggish
慢性	mànxìng	(adj) slow acting;slow to take effect
慢慢	mànmàn	slowly
慢慢吞吞	mànmantūntūn	very slow
慢累积 / 慢累積 	mànlěijī	accumulates slowly;cumulative (e.g., poison)
慢長 / 慢长 	màncháng	(adj) extremely long;unending
慥	zào	sincere
慧	huì	intelligent
慨	kǎi	generous;sad
慮 / 虑 	lǜ	anxiety
慰	wèi	reassure
慰問 / 慰问 	wèiwèn	express sympathy, greetings, consolation, etc.
慰安妇 / 慰安婦 	wèi'ānfù	comfort woman
慰藉	wèijiè	consolation;console
慱	tuán	sad
慴	zhé	terrified
慵	yōng	careless
慷	kāng	generous;magnanimous
慷慨	kāngkǎi	vehement;fervent;generous;giving;liberal
慼	qī	ashamed;grief
慾	yù	desire;wish
憀	liáo	to rely on
憃	chōng	foolish, stupid, dull, silly
憋	biē	hold in (urine);to hold (breath);to choke;stifle;restrain;hold back
憋悶 / 憋闷 	biēmēn	feel oppressed;be depressed;be dejected
憋气 / 憋氣 	biēqì	feel suffocated or oppressed;choke with resentment;feel injured and resentful
憍	jiāo	arrogant
憎	zēng	detest
憎恨	zēnghèn	detest;hatred
憎恶 / 憎惡 	zēngwù	loathe
憔	qiáo	haggard
憔悴	qiáocuì	(adj) wan and sallow;thin and palid;haggard;(of plants) withered
憖	yìn	injured;moreover;preferably
憝 / 譈 	duì	dislike;hate
憧	chōng	irresolute;unsettled
憨	hān	silly;simple-minded
憨厚	hānhòu	simple and honest;straightforward;Humboldt
憩	qì	to rest
憪	xián	composed, contented
憬	jǐng	awaken
憯	cǎn	already;sorrowful
憸	xiān	artful;flattering
憺	dàn	peace
憾	hàn	regret
懂	dǒng	to understand;to know
懂事	dǒngshì	sensible;thoughtful;intelligent
懂得	dǒngde	to understand;to know;to comprehend
懂行	dǒngháng	to know the ropes
懃	qín	solicitous;thoughtful
懆	cǎo	anxious;sad
懈	xiè	lax;negligent
懊	ào	to regret
懊丧 / 懊喪 	àosāng	dejected;despondent;depressed
懊恼 / 懊惱 	àonǎo	annoyed;vexed;upset
懊悔	àohuǐ	feel remorse;repent;regret
懋	mào	be great;exert the mind
懍 / 懔 	lǐn	fear
懐	huái	Japanese variant of T:__懷__ S:__怀__
懑 / 懣 	mèn	melancholy
懒 / 懶 	lǎn	lazy
懒人 / 懶人 	lǎnrén	lazy person
懒得 / 懶得 	lǎndé	(v) be disinclined to;not feel like
懒惰 / 懶惰 	lǎnduò	idle;lazy
懒散 / 懶散 	lǎnsǎn	inactive;careless;lazy
懒洋洋 / 懶洋洋 	lǎnyāngyāng	lazily
懒腰 / 懶腰 	lǎnyāo	stretch
懒驴上磨屎尿多 / 懶驢上磨屎尿多 	lǎnlǘshàngmòshǐniàoduō	(proverb) A lazy person will find many excuses to delay working;lit. When a lazy donkey is turning a grindstone, it takes a lot of time off for peeing and pooing
懠	qí	angry
懤	chóu	grieved, pained
懥	zhì	enraged
懦	nuò	imbecile;timid
懦夫	nuòfū	coward
懦弱	nuòruò	(adj) cowardly;weak
懮	yǒu	grievous;relaxed
懮慮 / 懮虑 	yōulǜ	(feel) anxiety;concern
懰	liú	lovely;beautiful
懵	měng	stupid
懽	huān	pleased
懿	yì	restrain;virtuous
戁	nǎn	stand in awe
戄	jué	fear;be in awe;sudden glance
戆 / 戇 	zhuàng	simple;stupid
戈	gē	(surname);spear
戈壁	gēbì	the Gobi desert
戈壁沙漠	gēbìshāmò	the Gobi desert
戈壁滩 / 戈壁灘 	gēbìtān	Gobi desert
戈尔 / 戈爾 	gē'ěr	(Al) Gore (US vice-president)
戈尔巴乔夫 / 戈爾巴喬夫 	gē'ěrbāqiáofū	(former Soviet leader) Gorbachev
戊	wù	5th heavenly stem
戊型肝炎	wùxínggānyán	hepatitis E
戋 / 戔 	jiān	narrow;small
戌	xū	11th earthly branch;7-9 p.m.
戍	shù	garrison
戎	róng	(surname);weapon
戏 / 戲 	xì	trick;drama;play;show
戏剧 / 戲劇 	xìjù	drama;play;theater
戏剧化 / 戲劇化 	xìjùhuà	theatrical
戏剧性 / 戲劇性 	xìjùxìng	dramatic
戏弄 / 戲弄 	xìnòng	caper;jest
戏法 / 戲法 	xìfǎ	magic trick
戏耍 / 戲耍 	xìshuǎ	tease
戏谑 / 戲謔 	xìxuè	(v) banter;crack jokes;ridicule
戏院 / 戲院 	xìyuàn	theater
成	chéng	finish;complete;accomplish;become;turn into;win;succeed;one tenth
成串	chéngchuàn	cluster;bunch
成为 / 成為 	chéngwéi	to become;to turn into
成交	chéngjiāo	(v) complete a contract;reach a deal
成人	chéngrén	adult
成份	chéngfèn	composition;ingredients;element;makeup;component
成像	chéngxiàng	imaging
成全	chéngquán	to help (someone achieve)
成分	chéngfèn	ingredient
成功	chénggōng	success;to succeed
成功感	chénggōnggǎn	sense of accomplishment
成功鎮 / 成功镇 	chénggōngzhèn	(N) Chengkung (town in Taiwan)
成千上万 / 成千上萬 	chéngqiānshàngwàn	by the thousands and tens of thousands
成县 / 成縣 	chéngxiàn	(N) Cheng county (county in Gansu)
成吉思汗	chéngjísīhàn	Genghis Khan
成员 / 成員 	chéngyuán	member
成员国 / 成員國 	chéngyuánguó	member country
成品	chéngpǐn	(n) finished goods
成因	chéngyīn	cause;factor
成圈	chéngquān	wreathe
成天	chéngtiān	(coll.) all day long;all the time
成套	chéngtào	(adj) whole;complete
成安	chéng'ān	(N) Cheng'an (place in Hebei)
成家	chéngjiā	to get married (man)
成就	chéngjiù	accomplishment;success;attain a result;achievement
成年	chéngnián	adult
成年者	chéngniánzhě	adult
成心	chéngxīn	(adj) deliberate;with prior intent
成效	chéngxiào	effect;result
成文	chéngwén	written;statutory
成本	chéngběn	(manufacturing, production, etc.) costs
成果	chéngguǒ	result;achievement;gain;profit
成武	chéngwǔ	(N) Chengwu (place in Shandong)
成熟	chéngshú	mature;ripe
成田	chéngtián	Narita (Japanese place name and surname);Narita airport (Tokyo)
成真	chéngzhēn	come true (e.g. a dream)
成立	chénglì	establish;set up
成組 / 成组 	chéngzǔ	to make up (out of components)
成績 / 成绩 	chéngjì	achievement;performance records;grades
成群	chéngqún	in groups;large numbers of;grouping
成群結隊 / 成群结队 	chéngqúnjiéduì	in large numbers;as a large crowd
成行	chéngxíng	to embark on a journey
成見 / 成见 	chéngjiàn	preconceived idea;bias;prejudice
成語 / 成语 	chéngyǔ	proverb;idiom
成都	chéngdū	Chengdu (city)
成長 / 成长 	chéngzhǎng	mature;grow up
成骨不全症	chénggǔbùquánzhèng	osteogenesis imperfecta
我	wǒ	I;me;myself
我们 / 我們 	wǒmen	we;us;ourselves
我们自己 / 我們自己 	wǒménzìjǐ	ourselves
我国 / 我國 	wǒguó	our country
我的	wǒde	my;mine
我自己	wǒzìjǐ	myself
戒	jiè	swear off;warn against
戒严 / 戒嚴 	jièyán	(v) enforce a restriction;rope off an area
戒備 / 戒备 	jièbèi	to take precautions;to guard against (emergency)
戒備森嚴 / 戒备森严 	jièbèisēnyán	heavily-guarded
戒子	jièzi	ring
戒律	jièlǜ	commandment
戒惧 / 戒懼 	jièjù	fearful
戒指	jièzhi	(finger) ring
戒烟 / 戒煙 	jièyān	to give up smoking
或	huò	maybe;perhaps;might;possibly;or
或多或少	huòduōhuòshǎo	more or less
或是	huòshì	(conj) either X or Y
或称 / 或稱 	huòchēng	also called;also known as;a.k.a.
或者	huòzhě	or;possibly;maybe;perhaps
或許 / 或许 	huòxǔ	perhaps;maybe
戗 / 戧 	qiāng	contrary;pushing against;bump;knock;used as equivalent for __抢__ qiang1
戗风 / 戧風 	qiāngfēng	a headwind;a contrary wind
战 / 戰 	zhàn	to fight;fight;war;battle
战争 / 戰爭 	zhànzhēng	war;conflict
战事 / 戰事 	zhànshì	fighting
战俘 / 戰俘 	zhànfú	prisoner of war
战兢 / 戰兢 	zhànjīng	to tremble;to be on guard
战力 / 戰力 	zhànlì	military strength;military power;military capability
战功 / 戰功 	zhàngōng	outstanding military service
战区 / 戰區 	zhànqū	war zone;(military) theater of operations
战友 / 戰友 	zhànyǒu	comrade-in-arms;battle companion
战国 / 戰國 	zhànguó	the Warring States period (475-221 BC)
战国时代 / 戰國時代 	zhànguóshídài	the Warring States period (475-221 BC)
战国策 / 戰國策 	zhànguócè	Stratagems of the Warring States by Han Feizi T:__韓非子__ S:__韩非子__
战场 / 戰場 	zhànchǎng	battlefield
战壕热 / 戰壕熱 	zhànháorè	trench fever
战士 / 戰士 	zhànshì	fighter;soldier;warrior
战役 / 戰役 	zhànyì	(n) military campaign
战战兢兢 / 戰戰兢兢 	zhànzhànjīngjīng	trembling with fear;with fear and trepidation
战斗 / 戰鬥 	zhàndòu	to fight;to battle
战斗机 / 戰鬥機 	zhàndòujī	fighter (aircraft)
战斗者 / 戰鬥者 	zhàndòuzhě	fighter
战术 / 戰術 	zhànshù	tactics
战术核武器 / 戰術核武器 	zhànshùhéwǔqì	tactical nuclear weapons
战机 / 戰機 	zhànjī	fighter (aircraft)
战栗 / 戰慄 	zhànlì	to tremble;shudder
战火 / 戰火 	zhànhuǒ	(n) conflagration
战犯 / 戰犯 	zhànfàn	war criminal
战略 / 戰略 	zhànlüè	strategy
战略夥伴 / 戰略夥伴 	zhànlüèhuǒbàn	strategic partner
战略性 / 戰略性 	zhànlüèxìng	strategic
战略核力量 / 戰略核力量 	zhànlüèhélìliang	strategic nuclear force
战略核武器 / 戰略核武器 	zhànlüèhéwǔqì	strategic nuclear weapon
战略轰炸机 / 戰略轟炸機 	zhànlüèhōngzhàjī	strategic bomber
战略防御倡议 / 戰略防御倡議 	zhànlüèfángyùchàngyì	strategic defense initiative (SDI)
战线 / 戰線 	zhànxiàn	battle line;battlefront;front
战胜 / 戰勝 	zhànshèng	prevail;surmount
战舰 / 戰艦 	zhànjiàn	a warship
战败 / 戰敗 	zhànbài	to lose a war
战车 / 戰車 	zhànchē	war chariot
战马 / 戰馬 	zhànmǎ	war-horse
戚	qī	ashamed;grief
戚	qī	(surname);relative
戛	jiá	a lance;standing alone
戛然	jiárán	(v) (literary) to stop abruptly (of a sound);to be loud and clear
戛納 / 戛纳 	jiánà	Cannes (France)
戟	jǐ	a lance with two points
戠	shì	a sword. potter's clay. to gather
戡	kān	kill;suppress
戢	jí	collect oneself;put away
戣	kuí	a lance
戤	gài	infringe upon a trade mark
戥	děng	small steelyard for weighing money
戦	zhàn	Japanese variant of T:__戰__ S:__战__
戩 / 戬 	jiǎn	carry to the utmost;to cut
截	jié	a section;cut off (a length)
截夺 / 截奪 	jiéduó	intercept
截止	jiézhǐ	(v) close;stop;cut-off point;stopping point;deadline
截然	jiérán	completely;sharply (differing)
截至	jiézhì	up to (a time);by (a time)
戮	lù	kill
戯	xì	Japanese variant of T:__戲__ S:__戏__
戳	chuō	poke;pierce;prick;wooden or rubber stamp or seal
戳破	chuōpò	puncture;to expose
戴	dài	to put on;to respect;to bear;to support;wear (glasses, hat, gloves)
戴上	dàishang	to put on (hat etc.)
戴維斯 / 戴维斯 	dàiwéisī	Davis (English surname)
戶 / 户 	hù	a household;door;family
戶主 / 户主 	hùzhǔ	head of the household
戶口 / 户口 	hùkǒu	registered residence
戶外 / 户外 	hùwài	outdoor
戶籍 / 户籍 	hùjí	census register;household register
戶縣 / 户县 	hùxiàn	(N) Hu county (county in Shaanxi)
戶部 / 户部 	hùbù	feudal Chinese Ministry of Revenue
戶限 / 户限 	hùxiàn	threshold
戶頭 / 户头 	hùtóu	bank account
戸	hù	Japanese variant of T:__戶__ S:__户__
戺	shì	door pivot
戻	lì	Japanese variant of __戾__;to twist back;to return
戼	mǎo	variant of __卯__
戽	hù	water bucket for irrigation
戾	lì	do violence;go against
戾龍 / 戾龙 	lìlóng	evil dragon (revalation)
房	fáng	house
房东 / 房東 	fángdōng	landlord
房主	fángzhǔ	landlord, house-owner
房事	fángshì	(n);(of a married couple) sexual intercourse
房产 / 房產 	fǎngchán	real estate;the property market (e.g., houses)
房县 / 房縣 	fángxiàn	(N) Fang county (county in Hubei)
房地产 / 房地產 	fángdìchǎn	real estate
房子	fángzi	house
房客	fángkè	tenant
房屋	fángwū	house;building
房山	fángshān	(N) Fangshan (place in Beijing)
房租	fángzū	(n) rent money
房門 / 房门 	fángmén	door of a room
房間 / 房间 	fángjiān	room
所	suǒ	actually;place;(measure word for houses, small buildings and institutions)
所以	suǒyǐ	therefore;as a result;so
所作所为 / 所作所為 	suǒzuòsuǒwéi	(n) one's conduct and deeds
所在	suǒzài	place;location
所在地	suǒzàidì	location;site
所属 / 所屬 	suǒshǔ	(n) those that are under one's leadership;(n) that which one is associated to
所得	suǒdé	(n) that which one acquires;one's gains
所得稅 / 所得税 	suǒdéshuì	(n) tax on one's gains;income tax
所有	suǒyǒu	all;to have;to possess;to own
所有制	suǒyǒuzhì	(n) system that determines who owns the means of production;system of ownership
所有权 / 所有權 	suǒyǒuquán	ownership;possession
所有物	suǒyǒuwù	belongings
所有者	suǒyǒuzhē	proprietor;owner
所罗门 / 所羅門 	suǒluómén	Solomon (from Bible)
所罗门群岛 / 所羅門群島 	suǒluóménqúndǎo	Solomon Islands
所見即所得 / 所见即所得 	suǒjiànjísuǒdé	What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)
所謂 / 所谓 	suǒwèi	so-called
所長 / 所长 	suǒzhǎng	head of an institute, etc.
所需	suǒxū	necessary (for);required
扁	biǎn	flat;tablet;inscription
扁	piān	(surname);small boat
扁	piān	Polygonum aviculare
扁圆 / 扁圓 	biǎnyuán	oblate
扁坯	biǎnpī	slab
扁担 / 扁擔 	biǎndān	carrying pole;shoulder pole
扁桃	biǎntáo	almond tree;almond;flat peach
扁桃体 / 扁桃體 	biǎntáotǐ	tonsil
扁桃体炎 / 扁桃體炎 	biǎntáotǐyán	tonsilitis
扁桃腺	biǎntáoxiàn	tonsil
扁桃腺炎	biǎntáoxiànyán	tonsilitis
扁荳 / 扁豆 	biǎndòu	hyacinth bean
扁虫 / 扁蟲 	biǎnchóng	flatworm
扁骨	biǎngǔ	flat bone
扃	jiōng	shut
扆	yǐ	(surname);screen
扇	shān	to fan
扇	shàn	(a measure word for doors, windows, etc.)
扇子	shānzi	fan
扈	hù	retinue
扉	fēi	door with only one leaf
扊	yǎn	upright bar for fastening a door
手	shǒu	hand;convenient
手下	shǒuxià	(n) leadership;subordinates;(v) take action;run out of money
手冊 / 手册 	shǒucè	manual
手写 / 手寫 	shǒuxiě	handwriting
手写识别 / 手寫識別 	shǒuxiěshíbié	handwriting recognition
手写辩识 / 手寫辯識 	shǒuxiěbiànshí	handwriting recognition
手势 / 手勢 	shǒushì	gesture;sign;signal
手套	shǒutào	glove;mitten
手工	shǒugōng	handwork;manual
手巾	shǒujīn	(n) hand towel
手帕	shǒupà	handkerchief
手心裡 / 手心里 	shǒuxīnli	hollow of one's hand
手忙脚乱 / 手忙腳亂 	shǒumángjiǎoluàn	to act with confusion;to be in a flurry;to be flustered
手拉車 / 手拉车 	shǒulāchē	cart
手指	shǒuzhǐ	finger
手掌	shǒuzhǎng	palm
手推車 / 手推车 	shǒutuīchē	trolley
手提	shǒutí	portable
手提包	shǒutíbāo	(hand)bag;hold-all
手提箱	shǒutíxiāng	suitcase
手术 / 手術 	shǒushù	surgical operation;operation;surgery
手机 / 手機 	shǒujī	cell phone;cellular phone;mobile phone
手杖	shǒuzhàng	cane
手枪 / 手槍 	shǒuqiāng	pistol
手榴弹 / 手榴彈 	shǒuliúdàn	(n) hand grenade;(n) track and field shotput
手段	shǒuduàn	method;mean (of doing sth)
手法	shǒufǎ	technique;trick;skill
手电筒 / 手電筒 	shǒudiàntǒng	(n) flashlight;electric hand torch
手稿	shǒugǎo	manuscript;script
手絹 / 手绢 	shǒujuàn	handkerchief
手續 / 手续 	shǒuxù	formalities
手肘	shǒuzhǒu	elbow
手脚 / 手腳 	shǒujiǎo	movement of limbs;action;trick
手腕	shǒuwàn	skill;finesse
手臂	shǒubei	arm
手舞足蹈	shǒuwǔzúdǎo	(set phrase) to dance for joy;to gesticulate with hands and feet
手艺 / 手藝 	shǒuyì	craft;workmanship;cooking
手錶 / 手表 	shǒubiǎo	wrist watch
手裡 / 手里 	shǒulǐ	(a situation is) in (someone's) hands
手足	shǒuzú	movement
手足之情	shǒuzúzhīqíng	brotherly affection
手足亲情 / 手足親情 	shǒuzúqīnqíng	brotherly kindness
手足口病	shǒuzúkǒubìng	hand-foot-mouth disease
手足无措 / 手足無措 	shǒuzúwúcuò	(phr) at a loss
手跡 / 手迹 	shǒujī	sb.'s original handwriting or painting
手銬 / 手铐 	shǒukào	Handcuffs
手鐲 / 手镯 	shǒuzhuó	bracelet
手風琴 / 手风琴 	shǒufēngqín	accordion
才	cái	ability;talent;endowment;gift;an expert;only (then);only if;just
才	cái	just;not until
才华 / 才華 	cáihuá	literary or artistic talent
才外流	cáiwàiliú	brain drain
才子	cáizǐ	gifted scholar
才学 / 才學 	cáixué	talent and learning;scholarship
才干	cáigàn	ability;competence
才思	cáisī	imaginative power;creativeness
才智	cáizhì	ability and wisdom
才气 / 才氣 	cáiqì	literary talent
才略	cáilüè	ability and sagacity
才疏学浅 / 才疏學淺 	cáishūxuéqiǎn	have little talent and less learning
才能	cáinéng	talent;ability;capacity
才艺技能 / 才藝技能 	cáiyìjìnéng	(n) talent
才識 / 才识 	cáishí	ability and insight
扎	zā	to tie;to bind
扎	zā	tie with string or ribbon;bind with rope or cord;to stop
扎	zhā	to prick;to run or stick (a needle, etc.) into
扎	zhá	penetrating (as of cold);struggle
扎伊尔 / 扎伊爾 	zhāyī'ěr	Zaire
扎兰屯 / 扎蘭屯 	zhālántún	(N) Zhalantun (city in Heilongjiang)
扎囊	zānáng	(N) Za'nang (place in Tibet)
扎实 / 扎實 	zhāshi	(adj) firm, strong;(adj) practical;solid;sturdy
扎根	zhāgēn	take root
扎营 / 紮營 	zāyíng	encamp
扎賚特旗 / 扎赉特旗 	zhālàitèqí	(N) Zhalaiteqi (place in Jilin)
扎針 / 扎针 	zhāzhēn	to give or have an acupuncture treatment
扎魯特旗 / 扎鲁特旗 	zālǔtèqí	(N) Zalute qi (place in Inner Mongolia)
扐	lè	divination by straw
扑 / 撲 	pū	to assault;to pounce;to rush at something;to throw oneself on
扑倒 / 撲倒 	pūdǎo	to fall down
扑克 / 撲克 	pūkè	(n) poker card game
扑灭 / 撲滅 	pūmiè	to eradicate;to extinguish
扑腾 / 撲騰 	pūteng	pitter-patter
扒	bā	climb;pull (out);to strip;hold on to;cling to;dig up;rake;push aside
扒	pá	climb;crawl;snatch
扒拉	bālā	push lightly
扒釘 / 扒钉 	bādīng	cramp
打	dá	dozen
打	dǎ	to beat;to strike;to hit;to break;to type;to mix up;to build;to fight;to fetch;to make;to tie up;to issue;to shoot;to calculate;since;from
打不过 / 打不過 	dǎbuguò	not to be able to beat or defeat sb.;to be no match for
打交道	dǎjiāodào	come into contact with;have dealing with
打仗	dǎzhàng	to fight a battle;to go to war
打伤 / 打傷 	dǎshāng	bruise;injure
打倒	dǎdǎo	flatten
打击 / 打擊 	dǎjī	to hit;to strike;to attack
打击军事力量 / 打擊軍事力量 	dǎjījūnshìlìliang	counterforce
打击社会财富 / 打擊社會財富 	dǎjīshèhuìcáifù	countervalue
打制 / 打製 	dǎzhì	forge
打制石器 / 打製石器 	dǎzhìshíqì	a chipped stone (paleolithic) implement
打印	dǎyìn	to print;to seal;to stamp
打印服务器 / 打印服務器 	dǎyìnfúwùqì	print server
打印机 / 打印機 	dǎyìnjī	printer
打发 / 打發 	dǎfa	(v) dispatch sb to do sth;(v) send sb away;(v) pass the time
打听 / 打聽 	dǎting	ask about;inquire about
打呼	dǎhū	snore
打喷嚏 / 打噴嚏 	dǎpēntì	sneeze
打坐	dǎzuò	sit in meditation;to meditate
打孔器	dǎkǒngqì	hole puncher
打字	dǎzì	to type
打字员 / 打字員 	dǎzìyuán	typist
打字机 / 打字機 	dǎzìjī	typewriter
打工	dǎgōng	part time job
打开 / 打開 	dǎkāi	to open;to show (a ticket);to turn on;to switch on
打情罵俏 / 打情骂俏 	dǎqíngmàqiào	to tease a woman by pretending to be displeased with them;to flirt with a member of the opposite sex;banter flirtatiously
打扫 / 打掃 	dǎsǎo	to clean;to sweep
打扮	dǎbàn	dress up
打扰 / 打擾 	dǎrǎo	disturb
打折	dǎzhé	to give a discount
打招呼	dǎzhāohu	(v) greet sb by word or action;(v) give prior notice
打拳	dǎquán	to do shadowboxing
打搅 / 打攪 	dǎjiǎo	to disturb;to trouble
打敗 / 打败 	dǎbài	to defeat;to overpower;to beat;to suffer a defeat;to be defeated
打架	dǎjià	fight;scuffle;come to blows
打横炮 / 打橫炮 	dǎhéngpào	speak unwarrantedly
打死	dǎsǐ	kill
打消	dǎxiāo	dispel (doubts, misgivings, etc.);give up on
打滚 / 打滾 	dǎgǔn	to roll about
打炮	dǎpào	(v) to open fire with artillery;(slang) to ejaculate
打牌	dǎpái	to play mahjong or cards
打猎 / 打獵 	dǎliè	hunt
打球	dǎqiú	to play (with a) ball
打电话 / 打電話 	dǎdiànhuà	to make a telephone call
打的	dǎdí	take a taxi
打瞌睡	dákèshuì	to doze off;to fall asleep
打破	dǎpò	to break;to smash
打碎	dǎsuì	shatter
打算	dǎsuàn	to plan;to intend;to calculate;plan;intention;calculation
打結 / 打结 	dǎjié	tie a knot;tie
打翻	dǎfān	overthrow
打肿脸充胖子 / 打腫臉充胖子 	dǎzhǒngliǎnchōngpàngzi	(set phrase) to look fat by slapping one's face until it is swollen;to puff oneself up;to satisfy one's vanity by passing off as what one is not;to do sth. beyond one's means in order to look impressive
打賭 / 打赌 	dǎdǔ	(make a) bet;wager
打起瞌睡	dáqǐkèshuì	to doze off;to fall asleep
打跑	dǎpǎo	(v) fight off
打进 / 打進 	dǎjìn	to breach;to invade
打道回府	dǎdàohuífǔ	(v) head back;return
打量	dǎliang	(v) take measure of;size up
打針 / 打针 	dǎzhēn	to give or have an injection
打錯了 / 打错了 	dǎcuòle	"you have dialed the wrong number"
打飛機 / 打飞机 	dǎfēijī	(v) (slang) masturbate
扔	rēng	throw
扔掉	rēngdiào	to throw away;to throw out
払	fú	Japanese variant of __拂__;to brush away
托	tuō	to hold in one's hand;to entrust;to support in one's palm
托	tuō	entrust
托付	tuōfù	entrust
托儿所 / 托兒所 	tuō'ersuǒ	nursery
托克托	tuōkètuō	(N) Tuoketuo (place in Inner Mongolia)
托克逊 / 托克遜 	tuōkèxùn	(N) Tuokexun (place in Xinjiang)
托架	tuōjià	bracket
托管	tuōguǎn	trusteeship;to trust
托运 / 托運 	tuōyùn	to book or check through (baggage)
托里	tuōlǐ	(N) Tuoli (place in Xinjiang)
托马斯 / 託馬斯 	tuōmǎsī	Thomas (name)
扛	gāng	lift overhead with both hands
扛	káng	carry on one's shoulder
扠	chā	to fork
扢	gǔ	clean;to rub
扢	xì	sprightful
扣	kòu	10 percent;button;detain
扣	kòu	button
扣上	kòushàng	to buckle up;to fasten
扣人心弦	kòurénxīnxián	to excite;to thrill;exciting;thrilling;cliff-hanging
扣子 / 釦子 	kòuzi	button
扣押	kòuyā	detain;keep (someone) in custody
扣留	kòuliú	detain;hold in custody
扣除	kòuchú	(vt) deduct;subtract
扤	wù	to move;sway
扦	qiān	graft (tree);stick in
扩 / 擴 	kuò	enlarge
扩充 / 擴充 	kuòchōng	to expand
扩增 / 擴增 	kuòzēng	amplification
扩大 / 擴大 	kuòdà	to expand;to enlarge;to broaden one's scope
扩展 / 擴展 	kuòzhǎn	extend;expand
扩建 / 擴建 	kuòjiàn	(n) to add an extension to a building
扩张 / 擴張 	kuòzhāng	expansion;dilation;to expand (e.g., one's power or influence);to broaden
扩散 / 擴散 	kuòsàn	spread;proliferation;diffusion
扩音器 / 擴音器 	kuòyīnqì	megaphone;microphone
扪 / 捫 	mén	lay hands on;to cover
扫 / 掃 	sǎo	to sweep
扫 / 掃 	sào	broom
扫兴 / 掃興 	sǎoxìng	to have one's spirits dampened;to feel disappointed
扫帚 / 掃帚 	sàozhou	broom
扫描 / 掃描 	sǎomiáo	scan;raster
扫描器 / 掃描器 	sǎomiáoqì	scanner
扫除 / 掃除 	sǎochú	(v) sweep away
扬 / 揚 	yáng	hurl;to raise;to scatter
扬中 / 揚中 	yángzhōng	(N) Yangzhong (city in Jiangsu)
扬名 / 揚名 	yángmíng	to become famous;to become notorious
扬声器 / 揚聲器 	yángshēngqì	speaker
扬州 / 揚州 	yángzhōu	(N) Yangzhou (city in Jiangsu)
扬帆 / 揚帆 	yángfān	to set sail
扬建利 / 楊建利 	yángjiànlì	Yang JianLi, PRC human rights activist
扬抑格 / 揚抑格 	yángyìgé	trochaic
扬言 / 揚言 	yángyán	threaten
扭	niǔ	to turn;to twist;to grab;to wring
扭摆 / 扭擺 	niǔbǎi	to swing
扭曲	niǔqū	warp;distort
扭轉 / 扭转 	niǔzhuǎn	reverse;turn around (an undesirable situation)
扮	bàn	to disguise oneself;to dress up;adorn
扮演	bànyǎn	play the part of;act
扮相	bànxiàng	the appearance of an actor or actress in costume or makeup
扮装 / 扮裝 	bànzhuāng	makeup
扯	chě	pull;tear;to talk casually
扯破	chěpò	tear apart
扯裂	chěliè	rip
扰 / 擾 	rǎo	disturb
扰乱 / 擾亂 	rǎoluàn	to disturb;to perturb;to harass
扱	xī	collect;receive
扳	bān	to pull or draw (up or out)
扳	pān	climb up;pull
扳不倒儿 / 扳不倒兒 	bānbùdǎo'er	tumbler;roly-poly
扳子	bānzi	spanner;wrench
扳手	bānshǒu	spanner;wrench;lever (on a machine)
扳机 / 扳機 	bānjī	trigger
扳道员 / 扳道員 	bāndàoyuán	pointsman;switchman
扶	fú	to support with hand;to help sb. up;to help
扶余	fúyú	(N) Fuyu (city in Jilin)
扶助	fúzhù	to assist
扶手	fúshǒu	railing
扶持	fúchí	to help;to assist
扶梯	fútī	ladder
扶植	fúzhí	foster;support
扶沟 / 扶溝 	fúgōu	(N) Fugou (place in Henan)
扶綏 / 扶绥 	fúsuí	(N) Fusui (place in Guangxi)
扶風 / 扶风 	fúfēng	(N) Fufeng (place in Shaanxi)
批	pī	to ascertain;(measure word for batches, lots);to act on;to criticize;to pass on
批准	pīzhǔn	to approve;to ratify
批判	pīpàn	criticize
批发 / 批發 	pīfā	wholesale
批改	pīgǎi	(v) correct an exam or paper an possibly add criticisms
批斗 / 批鬥 	pīdòu	(v) (Cul. Rev.) criticize and denounce sb. at a public meeting for their often imaginary errors
批示	pīshì	(v) make comment and criticisms of a lower government report;(n) written comments from higher authorities
批覆	pīfù	(v) give an official response
批評 / 批评 	pīpíng	to criticize;criticism
批評家 / 批评家 	pīpíngjiā	critic
批量	pīliàng	batch;lot
批量生产 / 批量生產 	pīliàngshēngchǎn	to mass produce
扼 / 搤 	è	hold (strategic position)
找	zhǎo	to try to find;to look for;to call on (sb);to find;to seek;to return;to look for;to give change
找不到	zhǎobùdào	couldn't find
找不到	zhǎobudào	unable to find
找到	zhǎodào	find (what one was searching for);succeeded in finding
找錢 / 找钱 	zhǎoqián	to give change
承	chéng	to bear;to carry;to hold;to continue;to undertake;to take charge;owing to;due to;to receive
承办 / 承辦 	chéngbàn	(v) undertake;accept an assignment
承包	chéngbāo	contract
承包人	chéngbāorén	contractor
承受	chéngshòu	to bear;to support;to inherit
承德	chéngdé	(N) Chengde (city in Hebei)
承德地区 / 承德地區 	chéngdédìqū	(N) Chengde district (district in Hebei)
承担 / 承擔 	chéngdān	undertake;assume (responsibility, etc.)
承認 / 承认 	chéngrèn	recognize;to acknowledge;to admit
承諾 / 承诺 	chéngnuò	effort;undertaking;promise (to do something)
技	jì	skill
技俩 / 技倆 	jìliǎng	tricky maneuver;devious trick
技工	jìgōng	mechanic
技巧	jìqiǎo	skill;technique
技术 / 技術 	jìshù	technology;technique;skill
技术发展 / 技術發展 	jìshùfāzhǎn	technological development
技术员 / 技術員 	jìshùyuán	technician
技术性 / 技術性 	jìshùxìng	technical;technological
技术情报 / 技術情報 	jìshùqíngbào	information technology;IT
技术标准 / 技術標準 	jìshùbiāozhǔn	technology standard
技术知识 / 技術知識 	jìshùzhīshi	technical knowledge
技能	jìnéng	skill
抃	biàn	strike;tap
抄	chāo	to copy;to plagiarize;to search and seize;to go;to transcribe;to take a shortcut;to search and confiscate
抄件	chāojiàn	duplicate (copy)
抄写 / 抄寫 	chāoxiě	to copy;to transcribe
抄后路 / 抄後路 	chāohòulù	to outflank and attack from the rear
抄家	chāojiā	to search a house and confiscate possessions
抄录 / 抄錄 	chāolù	to make a copy of
抄本	chāoběn	handwritten copy
抄獲 / 抄获 	chāohuò	to search and seize
抄網 / 抄网 	chāowǎng	dip net
抄袭 / 抄襲 	chāoxí	to plagiarize
抄身	chāoshēn	to search (a person);to frisk
抄送	chāosòng	to make a copy (and send it to sb);Cc, Carbon Copy
抄道	chāodào	to take a shortcut
抆	wèn	wipe
抈	yuè	to bend
抉	jué	dig;pick
把	bǎ	(a measure word);(marker for direct-object);to hold;to contain;to grasp;to take hold of
把	bà	handle
把兄弟	bǎxiōngdì	sworn brothers
把关 / 把關 	bǎguān	guard a pass;check on
把头 / 把頭 	bǎtóu	labor contractor;gangmaster
把子	bàzǐ	handle
把守	bǎshǒu	guard
把式	bǎshì	person skilled in a trade;skill
把戏 / 把戲 	bǎxì	acrobatics;jugglery;cheap trick;game
把手	bǎshǒu	handle;grip;knob
把持	bǎchí	control;dominate;monopolize
把握	bǎwò	grasp;seize;hold;assurance;certainty
把柄	bǎbǐng	handle
把稳 / 把穩 	bǎwěn	trustworthy;dependable
把舵	bǎduò	hold the rudder;hold (take, be at) the helm;steer
把酒	bǎjiǔ	raise one's wine cup;fill a wine cup for sb
把風 / 把风 	bǎfēng	keep watch (during a clandestine activity);be on the lookout
抑	yì	to restrain;to restrict;to keep down;or
抑制	yìzhì	to inhibit;to keep down;to suppress
抑制作用	yìzhìzuòyòng	inhibition
抑扬格 / 抑揚格 	yìyánggé	iambic
抒	shū	to strain;pour out
抓	zhuā	to grab;to catch;to arrest;to snatch
抓伤 / 抓傷 	zhuāshāng	scratch
抓住	zhuāzhù	grab
抓去	zhuāqù	to arrest and take away
抓捕	zhuābǔ	to seize;to capture
抓獲 / 抓获 	zhuāhuò	(v) arrest
抓紧 / 抓緊 	zhuājǐn	grasp
抓賊 / 抓贼 	zhuāzéi	to catch a thief
抓走	zhuāzǒu	to arrest
抓飯 / 抓饭 	zhuāfàn	pilau;pilaf;a type of food popular among Muslims;rice fried with meat or vegetables
抔	póu	take up in both hands
投	tóu	to throw;to send
投书 / 投書 	tóushū	(v) deliver, send a letter of complaint, opinion
投了票	tóulepiào	past tense of to vote
投产 / 投產 	tóuchǎn	invest
投入	tóurù	put into operation;throw into battle;to put into
投奔	tóubēn	to seek shelter;to seek asylum
投射	tóushè	dart;projection
投手	tóushǒu	pitcher
投掷 / 投擲 	tóuzhì	to throw something a long distance;hurl
投放	tóufàng	to put in (circulation);to throw in
投放市场 / 投放市場 	tóufàngshìchǎng	to put sth on the market
投机 / 投機 	tóujī	be a speculator (profit seeking);congenial;agreeable;be opportunistic
投机倒把 / 投機倒把 	tóujīdǎobǎ	(saying) to buy and sell on speculation
投标 / 投標 	tóubiāo	(v) submit a bid
投票	tóupiào	to vote;vote
投票地点 / 投票地點 	tóupiàodìdiǎn	voting place
投票机器 / 投票機器 	tóupiàojīqì	voting machine
投票率	tóupiàolǜ	proportion of vote;turnout in election
投票站	tóupiàozhàn	polling station (for a vote)
投稿	tóugǎo	contribute
投訴 / 投诉 	tóusù	file, make a complaint
投資 / 投资 	tóuzī	investment;to invest
投資者 / 投资者 	tóuzīzhě	investor
投降	tóuxiáng	surrender
抖	dǒu	shake out;tremble
抖动 / 抖動 	dǒudòng	to tremble
抗	kàng	to resist;to fight;to defy
抗争 / 抗爭 	kàngzhēng	make a stand and fight (against)
抗体 / 抗體 	kàngtǐ	antibody
抗凝血剂 / 抗凝血劑 	kàngníngxuèjì	anticoagulant
抗击 / 抗擊 	kàngjī	resist (a military attack)
抗原	kàngyuán	antigen
抗忧郁药 / 抗憂鬱藥 	kàngyōuyùyào	antidepressant
抗战 / 抗戰 	kàngzhàn	war of resistance, especially the war against Japan (1937-1945)
抗抗生素	kàngkàngshēngsù	antibiotic resistance
抗拒	kàngjù	to resist;defy;oppose
抗日	kàngrì	to resist Japan (esp. during WW2);anti-Japanese (esp. wartime activities)
抗日战争 / 抗日戰爭 	kàngrìzhànzhēng	(China's) War of Resistance against Japan (1937-1945)
抗旱	kànghàn	(v) weather a drought
抗核加固	kànghéjiāgù	nuclear hardening
抗毒素	kàngdúsù	antitoxins
抗氧化剂 / 抗氧化劑 	kàngyǎnghuàjì	antioxidant
抗生素	kàngshēngsù	antibiotic
抗病毒药 / 抗病毒藥 	kàngbìngdúyào	antivirals
抗組胺藥 / 抗组胺药 	kàngzǔ'ànyào	antihistamine
抗耐甲氧西林金葡菌	kàngnàijiǎyǎngxīlínjīnpújūn	methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
抗药性 / 抗藥性 	kàngyàoxìng	resistance to action of a drug
抗菌	kàngjūn	antibacterial
抗菌素	kàngjūnsù	antibiotic
抗菌药 / 抗菌藥 	kàngjūnyào	antibacterial
抗血清	kàngxuèqīng	antiserum
抗衡	kànghéng	contend against
抗議 / 抗议 	kàngyì	protest
抗議者 / 抗议者 	kàngyìzhě	protester
折	shé	broken (as of rope, stick)
折	zhé	tenth (in price);to break;to fold;to turn
折	zhé	to fold (a document);to turn;to bend
折光	zhéguāng	refraction
折光	zhéguāng	refraction
折叠 / 折疊 	zhédié	fold
折合	zhéhé	convert into;amount to
折射	zhéshè	refraction
折射率	zhéshèlǜ	index of refraction
折扣	zhékòu	discount
折断 / 折斷 	zhéduàn	snap
折磨	zhémo	persecute;torment
折笔 / 折筆 	zhébǐ	against the bristles (brush movement in painting)
折腾 / 折騰 	zhéteng	(v) turn from side to side;(v) cause sb to fell depressed;(v) repeatedly do over
折衷	zhézhōng	(v) compromise;take a middle road
抚 / 撫 	fǔ	to comfort;to console;to stroke;to caress;an old term for province or provincial governor
抚养 / 撫養 	fǔyǎng	to foster;to bring up;to raise
抚养成人 / 撫養成人 	fǔyǎngchéngrén	to bring up (a child)
抚宁 / 撫寧 	fǔníng	(N) Funing (place in Hebei)
抚抱 / 撫抱 	fǔbào	caress
抚摸 / 撫摸 	fǔmō	to gently caress and stroke;to pet;to fondle
抚松 / 撫鬆 	fǔsōng	(N) Fusong (place in Jilin)
抚育 / 撫育 	fǔyù	(v) nurture;raise
抚远 / 撫遠 	fǔyuǎn	(N) Fuyuan (place in Heilongjiang)
抚顺 / 撫順 	fǔshùn	(N) Fushun (city in Liaoning)
抛 / 拋 	pāo	to throw;to toss;to fling;to cast;to abandon
抛弃 / 拋棄 	pāoqì	discard;dump
抛物线 / 拋物線 	pāowùxiàn	(math.) parabola
抜	bá	Japanese variant of __拔__
択	zé	Japanese variant of T:__擇__ S:__择__
抟 / 摶 	tuán	roll round with hand
抠 / 摳 	kōu	dig out (with finger);stingy
抡 / 掄 	lūn	whirl (one's arm)
抡 / 掄 	lún	select
抢 / 搶 	qiāng	against wind
抢 / 搶 	qiǎng	fight over;to rush;to scramble;to grab;to rob;to snatch
抢先 / 搶先 	qiǎngxiǎn	to rush (to do sth urgent)
抢劫 / 搶劫 	qiāngjié	rob
抢夺 / 搶奪 	qiǎngduó	plunder;pillage
抢救 / 搶救 	qiǎngjiù	rescue
抢购 / 搶購 	qiǎnggòu	panic buying;rushing to buy
抢险 / 搶險 	qiǎngxiǎn	emergency (measures);to react to an emergency
抢风 / 搶風 	qiāngfēng	a headwind;a contrary wind
护 / 護 	hù	protect
护城河 / 護城河 	hùchénghé	moat
护士 / 護士 	hùshi	nurse
护照 / 護照 	hùzhào	passport
护理 / 護理 	hùlǐ	to nurse;to tend and protect
护短 / 護短 	hùduǎn	(v) shield a shortcoming or fault
护送 / 護送 	hùsòng	to escort;to accompany
护送者 / 護送者 	hùsòngzhě	escort
抨	pēng	attack;impeach
抨击 / 抨擊 	pēngjī	attack (verbally or in writing)
披	pī	scatter;separate;to open;to unroll;to spread out
披挂 / 披掛 	pīguà	to put on a suit of armor;to put on dress;to wear
披肩	pījiān	a kind of scarf that covers the neck and shoulder;cape
披露	pīlù	to reveal;to publish;to make public;to announce
抬	tái	to lift;to raise;(of two or more persons) to carry
抬头 / 抬頭 	táitóu	to raise one's head;to gain ground
抬起	táiqǐ	uplift
抱	bào	to hold;to carry (in one's arms);to hug or embrace;surround;cherish
抱不平	bàobùpíng	be outraged by an injustice
抱佛脚 / 抱佛腳 	bàofójiǎo	clasp Buddha's feet - profess devotion only when in trouble;make a hasty last-minute effort
抱养 / 抱養 	bàoyǎng	adopt (a child)
抱头痛哭 / 抱頭痛哭 	bàotóutòngkū	cry on each other's shoulder
抱头鼠窜 / 抱頭鼠竄 	bàotóushǔcuàn	cover the head and sneak away like a rat;scurry off like a frightened rat
抱屈	bàoqū	feel wronged
抱怨	bàoyuàn	complain;grumble
抱恨	bàohèn	have a gnawing regret
抱愧	bàokuì	feel ashamed
抱有	bàoyǒu	have;possess
抱枕	bàozhěn	bolster;a long pillow or cushion
抱歉	bàoqiàn	be sorry;feel apologetic;regret
抱残守缺 / 抱殘守缺 	bǎocánshǒuquē	cherish the outmoded and preserve the outworn - be conservative
抱病	bàobìng	be ill;be in bad health
抱粗腿	bàocūtuǐ	latch on to the rich and powerful
抱薪救火	bàoxīnjiùhuǒ	carry faggots to put out a fire - adopt a wrong method to save a situation and end up by making it worse
抱負 / 抱负 	bàofù	aspiration;ambition
抵	dǐ	hold up;on the whole;push against;to support;to resist;to reach;to arrive;mortgage
抵制	dǐzhì	resistance;refusal (to cooperate);boycott
抵御	dǐyù	resist;withstand
抵御	dǐyù	to resist
抵抗	dǐkàng	to resist;resistance
抵抗力	dǐkànglì	resistance;immunity
抵押	dǐyá	mortgage
抵挡 / 抵擋 	dǐdǎng	(v);resist;keep out;ward off;check
抵消	dǐxiāo	offset;counteract;cancel out
抵禦	dǐyù	to resist
抵触 / 抵觸 	dǐchù	to conflict;to contradict
抵达 / 抵達 	dǐdá	arrive;reach (a destination)
抶	chì	beat;flog
抹	mǒ	play;to smear
抹	mò	girdle;brassiere;to plaster
抹去	mǒqù	to erase
抹布	mǒbù	(n) cleaning rag
抹杀 / 抹殺 	mǒshā	(v) remove from evidence;expunge;suppress
抹油	mǒyóu	to anoint
抹片	mǒpiān	smear (used for medical test)
押	yā	mortgage;to pawn;to detain in custody
押沙龍 / 押沙龙 	yāshālóng	Absalom
押金	yājīn	deposit;cash pledge
押韵 / 押韻 	yáyùn	rhyme
抽	chōu	to draw out;to smoke (cigarettes);to pump
抽出	chōuchū	extract
抽动 / 抽動 	chōudòng	(v) twitch
抽噎	chōuyē	to sob
抽屉 / 抽屜 	chōuti	drawer
抽打	chōudǎ	strap
抽搐	chōuchù	tic;twitch
抽查	chōuchá	a spot check (e.g. for drugs)
抽样 / 抽樣 	chōuyàng	sample;sampling
抽水机 / 抽水機 	chōushuǐjī	water pump
抽烟 / 抽煙 	chōuyān	smoke (a cigarette)
抽空	chōukòng	(v) find the time to do sth
抽筋	chōujīn	to have a cramp (like in your leg or stomach);to pull a tendon
抽签	chōuqiān	to draw straws (to settle a dispute);a ballot (in share dealing)
抽菸	chōuyān	smoke (cigarettes)
抽象	chōuxiàng	abstract
抽象代数 / 抽象代數 	chōuxiàngdàishù	abstract algebra
抽象詞 / 抽象词 	chōuxiàngcí	abstract word
抿	mǐn	purse up (lips);to smooth
拂	fú	brush away
拂扫 / 拂掃 	fúsǎo	whisk
拄	zhǔ	post;prop
担 / 擔 	dān	to undertake;to carry;to shoulder;to take responsibility
担 / 擔 	dàn	a picul (100 catties, 50 kg.);two buckets full
担任 / 擔任 	dānrèn	to hold a governmental office or post;to assume office of;to take charge of;to serve as
担保 / 擔保 	dānbǎo	guarantee;vouch for
担子 / 擔子 	dànzi	load;a carrying pole and the loads on it
担当 / 擔當 	dāndāng	to undertake
担心 / 擔心 	dānxīn	anxious;worried;uneasy;to worry;to be anxious;worry
担忧 / 擔憂 	dānyōu	to worry;to be concerned
担懮 / 擔懮 	dānyōu	worry;anxiety
担架床 / 擔架床 	dānjiàchuáng	stretcher
担荷 / 擔荷 	dānhè	shoulder a burden
担负 / 擔負 	dānfù	shoulder;bear;take on;be charged with
拆	chāi	to tear open;to tear down;to tear apart;to open
拆卸	chāixiè	to unload;to dismantle
拆散	chāisàn	to break up (a marriage, family, etc.)
拆迁 / 拆遷 	chāiqiān	to tear away (land from its owners)
拆除	chāichú	tear down;demolish;dismantle;remove
拇	mǔ	thumb
拇指	mǔzhǐ	thumb
拉	lā	to pull;to play (string instruments);to drag;to draw
拉丁	lādīng	Latin
拉丁語 / 拉丁语 	lādīngyǔ	Latin (language)
拉个手 / 拉個手 	lāgeshǒu	to hold hands
拉卜楞寺	lābǔlèngsì	(N) Labrang (Tibetan monastery in Amdo prov. of Tibet, pres. Gansu)
拉各斯	lāgèsī	Lagos (Nigerian city)
拉合尔 / 拉合爾 	lāhé'ěr	Lahore, town in Eastern Pakistan
拉姆安拉	lāmǔ'ānla	Ramallah (Palestine)
拉姆斯菲尔德 / 拉姆斯菲爾德 	lāmǔsīfēi'ěrdé	(Donald) Rumsfeld, secretary of Defense
拉孜	lāzī	(N) Lazi (place in Tibet)
拉巴斯	lābāsī	La Paz (capital of Bolivia)
拉巴特	lābātè	Rabat (capital of Morocco)
拉平	lāpíng	to bring to the same level;to even up;to flare out;to flatten out
拉开 / 拉開 	lākāi	(vt) draw open;pull open
拉德	lādé	rad
拉斐特	lāfěitè	Lafayette
拉沙病毒	lāshābìngdú	Lassa virus
拉法兰 / 拉法蘭 	lāfǎlán	Raffarin (surname of the French prime minister of Jacques Chirac)
拉票	lāpiào	campaign for votes;ask voters for support
拉納卡 / 拉纳卡 	lānàkǎ	Larnaca (city in Cyprus)
拉紧 / 拉緊 	lājǐn	strain;tense;tighten
拉美	lāměi	Latin America
拉脫維亞 / 拉脱维亚 	lātuōwéiyà	Latvia
拉莫斯	lāmòsī	(Philippine President Fidel) Ramos
拉萨 / 拉薩 	lāsà	Lhasa, capital city of Tibet in west China
拉貝 / 拉贝 	lābèi	(John) Rabe (German eyewitness to Nanjing massacre)
拉那烈	lānāliè	(Prince) Ranariddh (son of King Sihanouk of Cambodia)
拉鏈 / 拉链 	lāliàn	zipper
拉青格	lāqīnggé	Ratzinger (German surname of pope Benedictus XVI)
拉面	lāmiàn	pulled noodles;ramen
拊	fǔ	pat
拌	bàn	to mix;mix in;to toss (a salad)
拌和	bànhé	mix and stir;blend
拌嘴	bànzuǐ	bicker;squabble;quarrel
拌种 / 拌種 	bànzhǒng	seed dressing
拌面	bànmiàn	noodles served with soy sauce;sesame butter etc
拍	pāi	to clap;to pat;to beat;to hit;to slap;to take (a picture)
拍击 / 拍擊 	pāijī	smack;beat
拍卖 / 拍賣 	pāimài	auction
拍子	pāizi	(sport) bat;racket;(mus.) beat
拍手	pāishǒu	clap
拍打	pāida	to slap
拍摄 / 拍攝 	pāishè	to film;to shoot (a picture)
拍案叫絕 / 拍案叫绝 	pāi'ànjiàojué	lit.: slap the table and shout with praise;fig.: wonderful!
拍照	pāizhào	to take a picture
拍片	pāipiān	to film;to make a film
拎	līn	to lift;to hold up;to carry (on bent fingers)
拏 / 挐 	ná	apprehend;take
拐	guǎi	kidnap;to turn
拐弯 / 拐彎 	guǎiwān	to turn a corner
拐弯儿 / 拐彎兒 	guǎiwān'er	(v) take a turn;(v) go on a new course
拐弯抹角 / 拐彎抹角 	guǎiwānmòjiǎo	to speak in an indirect way;to beat about the bush;to equivocate
拐騙 / 拐骗 	guǎipiàn	swindle;abduct
拑 / 箝 	qián	pliers;pincers;to clamp
拒	jù	to resist;to repel;to refuse
拒斥	jùchì	to reject
拒絕 / 拒绝 	jùjué	to refuse;to decline;to reject
拓	tà	make rubbing
拓	tuò	expand;support on palm;to develop;to open up
拓印	tàyìn	stone rubbing (to copy an inscription)
拓展	tuòzhǎn	expand
拓扑	tuòpū	(math.) topology
拓扑学 / 拓扑學 	tuòpūxué	(math.) topology
拓荒	tuòhuāng	to open up land (for agriculture)
拔	bá	pull up;pull out;select;promote
拔丝 / 拔絲 	básī	wire drawing;candied floss
拔尖儿 / 拔尖兒 	bájiān'er	tiptop;top notch
拔掉	bádiào	to pluck
拔染	bárǎn	discharge
拔根	bágēn	uproot
拔毒	bádú	draw out pus by applying a plaster to the affected area
拔河	báhé	tug-of-war
拔海	báhǎi	elevation (above sea level)
拔火罐儿 / 拔火罐兒 	báhuǒguàn'er	detachable stove chimney
拔營 / 拔营 	báyíng	strike camp
拔秧	báyāng	pull up seedlings (for transplanting)
拔節 / 拔节 	bájié	jointing
拔罐子	báguànzǐ	cupping technique used in traditional Chinese medicine
拔苗助長 / 拔苗助长 	bámiáozhùzhǎng	spoil things through excessive enthusiasm
拔釘錘 / 拔钉锤 	bádīngchuí	claw hammer
拔錨 / 拔锚 	bámáo	weigh anchor
拔除	báchú	pull out;remove
拔頂 / 拔顶 	bádǐng	topping
拖	tuō	dragging (brush stroke in painting);to drag along
拖堂	tuōtáng	(v) not dismiss class when time is up
拖带 / 拖帶 	tuōdài	traction;towing;pulling
拖把	tuōbǎ	mop
拖拉	tuōlā	haul
拖拉机 / 拖拉機 	tuōlājī	tractor
拖曳机 / 拖曳機 	tuōyìjī	tractor
拖欠	tuōqiàn	be in arrears;be behind in payments
拖累	tuōlěi	to encumber;to be a burden on;to implicate
拖船	tuōchuán	tow
拖走	tuōzǒu	drag away
拖車 / 拖车 	tuōchē	tow
拖長 / 拖长 	tuōcháng	lengthen;drag out
拖鞋	tuōxié	slippers
拗	ào	bend;break in two
拗	niù	stubborn;contrary
拗口	àokǒu	hard to pronounce;awkward-sounding
拗陷	àoxiàn	geological depression
拘	jū	adhere;capture;restrain
拘役	jūyì	detention
拘押	jūyā	(arrest and) take into custody
拘捕	jūbǔ	arrest
拘束	jūshù	(adj) uncomfortable;ill at ease;reticent;(v) restrict;limit
拘留	jūliú	detain (prisoner);keep (someone) in custody
拘禁	jūjìn	constraint;take into custody;to restrain
拙	zhuó	awkward;clumsy;dull;inelegant;(polite) my
拙劣	zhuóliè	clumsy;botched
拚	pàn	disregard;reject
拚	pīn	stake all
拚斗 / 拚鬥 	pàndòu	(v) duel
招	zhāo	to recruit;to provoke;to beckon;to infect
招來 / 招来 	zhāolái	attract;incur
招兵	zhāobīng	recruit soldiers
招募	zhāomù	to recruit;to enlist
招呼	zhāohu	(v) call out to sb;(v) greet sb;(v) inform sb;instruct sb to do sth;(v) take care of sb
招幕	zhāomù	enlist;recruit
招式	zhāoshì	style;manner
招待	zhāodài	to receive (guests);to entertain;reception
招待会 / 招待會 	zhāodàihuì	(press) conference;reception
招待员 / 招待員 	zhāodàiyuán	usher;greeter
招待所	zhāodàisuǒ	(n) guest house;small hotel
招手	zhāoshǒu	to wave;beckon
招搖 / 招摇 	zhāoyáo	act ostentatiously;bragging;show off
招收	zhāoshōu	hire;recruit
招架	zhāojià	to resist;to ward off;to hold one's own;to receive guests
招标 / 招標 	zhāobiāo	to invite bids
招牌	zhāopai	signboard
招生	zhāoshēng	(v) enroll new students
招聘	zhāopìn	recruitment;to invite applications for a job
招股說明書 / 招股说明书 	zhāogǔshuōmíngshū	prospectus
招致	zhāozhì	incur;lead to
招賢納士 / 招贤纳士 	zhāoxiánnàshì	(set phrase);(v);invite men of wisdom and virtue;to take in talent
招远 / 招遠 	zhāoyuǎn	(N) Zhaoyuan (city in Shandong)
拜	bài	to pay respect;worship;visit;salute
拜人为师 / 拜人為師 	bàirénwéishī	to acknowledge as one's teacher
拜会 / 拜會 	bàihuì	pay an official call;call on;visit in an official capacity
拜倒	bàidǎo	prostrate oneself;fall on one's knees;grovel
拜別 / 拜别 	bàibié	take leave of
拜占庭	bàizhāntíng	Byzantium
拜城	bàichéng	(N) Baicheng (place in Xinjiang)
拜壽 / 拜寿 	bàishòu	congratulate an elderly person on his birthday;offer birthday felicitations
拜年	bàinián	pay a New Year call;wish sb a Happy New Year
拜托 / 拜託 	bàituō	request sb to do sth;please! (Taiwan slang)
拜把子	bàibǎzi	become sworn brothers
拜拜	bàibài	bye-bye
拜望	bàiwàng	call to pay one's respect;call on
拜泉	bàiquán	(N) Baiquan (place in Heilongjiang)
拜物教	bàiwùjiào	fetishism
拜科努尔 / 拜科努爾 	bàikēnǔ'ěr	Baikonur (Russian space launch site in Kazakhstan)
拜科努尔航天发射基地 / 拜科努爾航天發射基地 	bàikēnǔ'ěrhángtiānfāshèjīdì	Baikonur cosmodrome
拜見 / 拜见 	bàijiàn	pay a formal visit;call to pay respects;meet one's senior or superior
拜訪 / 拜访 	bàifǎng	pay a visit;call on
拜謁 / 拜谒 	bàiyè	pay a formal visit;call to pay respects;pay homage (at a monument, mausoleum, etc)
拜金主义 / 拜金主義 	bàijīnzhǔyì	money worship
拝	bài	Japanese variant of __拜__
拟 / 擬 	nǐ	plan to
拟定 / 擬定 	nǐdìng	(v) make an initial draft
拟议 / 擬議 	nǐyì	proposal;recommendation;to draft
拟阿拖品药物 / 擬阿拖品藥物 	nǐ'ātuōpǐnyàowù	atropinemimetic drug
拠	jù	Japanese variant of T:__據__ S:__据__
拡	kuò	Japanese variant of T:__擴__ S:__扩__
拢 / 攏 	lǒng	collect;draw near to
拣 / 揀 	jiǎn	choose;pick up
拣选 / 揀選 	jiǎnxuǎn	select
拥 / 擁 	yōng	(v) gather round;rush in;crowd;throng;to hold;crowded;to support
拥塞 / 擁塞 	yōngsāi	congestion
拥戴 / 擁戴 	yōngdài	to support (a person)
拥护 / 擁護 	yōnghù	to endorse;to support
拥护者 / 擁護者 	yōnghùzhě	supporter (person)
拥抱 / 擁抱 	yōngbào	to embrace;to hug
拥挤 / 擁擠 	yōngjǐ	to crowd
拥有 / 擁有 	yōngyǒu	to have;to possess
拦 / 攔 	lán	cut off;hinder
拦住 / 攔住 	lánzhù	to stop;to bar the way
拦截 / 攔截 	lánjié	intercept
拧 / 擰 	níng	to pinch;wring
拧 / 擰 	nǐng	mistake;to twist
拧 / 擰 	nìng	stubborn
拨 / 撥 	bō	to push aside;to appropriate (money);to move;to set aside;group;batch;to poke;to stir
拨乱反正 / 撥亂反正 	bōluànfǎnzhèng	bring order out of chaos;set to rights things which have been thrown into disorder
拨云见日 / 撥雲見日 	bōyúnjiànrì	dispel the clouds and see the sun - restore justice
拨付 / 撥付 	bōfù	appropriate sum of money
拨冗 / 撥冗 	bōrǒng	find time in the midst of pressing affairs
拨出 / 撥出 	bōchū	to pull out
拨刺 / 撥刺 	bōcī	splash (of a fish)
拨号 / 撥號 	bōhào	dial (a telephone)
拨号盘 / 撥號盤 	bōhàopán	telephone dial
拨号音 / 撥號音 	bōhàoyīn	dial tone
拨奏 / 撥奏 	bōzòu	pizzicato
拨子 / 撥子 	bōzi	plectrum
拨开 / 撥開 	bōkāi	to move aside
拨弄 / 撥弄 	bōnòng	move to and fro (with hand, foot, stick, etc.);fiddle with;stir up
拨弦乐器 / 撥絃樂器 	bōxiányuèqì	plucked string or stringed instrument;plucked instrument
拨款 / 撥款 	bōkuǎn	allocate funds;appropriation
拨正 / 撥正 	bōzhèng	set right;correct
拨浪鼓 / 撥浪鼓 	bōlànggǔ	a drum-shaped rattle (used by peddlers or as a toy);rattle-drum
拨火棍 / 撥火棍 	bōhuǒgùn	poker
拨用 / 撥用 	bōyòng	appropriation
择 / 擇 	zé	to select;to choose;to pick
择 / 擇 	zhái	pick over
择定 / 擇定 	zédìng	select (a date)
拫	hén	to pull;to drag;to stop
括	kuò	enclose;include
括号 / 括號 	kuòhào	parenthesis;brackets
括弧	kuòhú	parenthesis
括弧裡 / 括弧里 	kuòhúlǐ	in parentheses
拭	shì	wipe
拮	jié	antagonistic;laboring hard;pressed
拮据	jiéjū	short of cash
拮据	jiéjū	short of money;lacking in financial resources;hard up
拮據	jiéjū	short of money;lacking in financial resources;hard up
拯	zhěng	to raise;to aid;to support;to save;to rescue
拯救	zhěngjiù	to save;to rescue
拱	gǒng	fold hands in salute;to arch
拱形	gǒngxíng	arch
拱道	gǒngdào	archway
拳	quán	fist
拳击 / 拳擊 	quánjī	boxing
拳头 / 拳頭 	quántóu	fist
拳头 / 拳頭 	quántou	fist
拴	shuān	tie up
拴住	shuānzhù	hitch
拶	zǎn	punish by squeezing fingers
拷	kǎo	to beat;to flog;to examine by torture
拷問 / 拷问 	kǎowèn	to question via torture
拷打	kǎodǎ	to beat;to flog
拷花	kǎohuā	to emboss
拷貝 / 拷贝 	kǎobèi	to copy
拼	pīn	piece together;stake (all);spell;join together
拼写 / 拼寫 	pīnxiě	to spell;to transliterate
拼凑 / 拼湊 	pīncòu	to assemble;to put together
拼命	pīnmìng	to be ready to risk one's life (in fighting, work, etc.)
拼字	pīnzì	spelling
拼搏	pīnbó	(v) struggle;wrestle
拼盘 / 拼盤 	pīnpán	cold platter
拼起來 / 拼起来 	pīnqilai	to put together
拼音	pīnyīn	pinyin (Chinese romanization)
拼音阶段 / 拼音階段 	pīnyīnjiēduàn	alphabetic stage
拽	yè	drag
拽	zhuāi	throw
拽	zhuài	drag
拾	shí	pick up;ten (fraud-proof)
拿	ná	to hold;to seize;to catch;to apprehend;to take
拿不定	nábudìng	to be unsure
拿主意	názhǔyi	to make a decision;to make up one's mind
拿來 / 拿来 	nálái	(r.v.) bring
拿手	náshǒu	expert in;good at
拿手菜	náshǒucài	specialty (dish)
拿破仑 / 拿破侖 	nápòlún	Napoleon
拿走	názǒu	to take away
拿起	náqǐ	pick up
拿鐵 / 拿铁 	nátiě	latte;latté
拿騷 / 拿骚 	násāo	Nassau (capital of The Bahamas)
持	chí	to grasp;to hold;support;manage;direct;maintain
持不同政見 / 持不同政见 	chíbùtóngzhèngjiàn	(politically) dissenting;dissident
持不同政見者 / 持不同政见者 	chíbùtóngzhèngjiànzhě	(political) dissident
持久	chíjiǔ	duration;endure;lasting
持久性	chíjiǔxìng	constancy
持久性毒剂 / 持久性毒劑 	chíjiǔxìngdújì	persistent agent
持之以恆 / 持之以恒 	chízhīyǐhéng	(set phrase) to preservere
持卡人	chíkǎrén	cardholder
持守	chíshǒu	maintain;guard
持有	chíyǒu	hold (e.g. passport, views, etc.)
持有人	chíyǒurén	holder
持枪抢劫 / 持槍搶劫 	chíqiāngqiāngjié	armed robbery
持續 / 持续 	chíxù	to continue;to persist;sustainable;preservation
挂	guà	hang;suspend
挂	guà	to hang;to put up;to suspend
挂历 / 挂歷 	guàlì	wall calendar
挂号 / 掛號 	guàhào	to register (a letter, etc.)
挂号证 / 掛號證 	guàhàozhèng	register card
挂在嘴上 / 掛在嘴上 	guàzaizuǐshang	(set phrase) express in words (not in action);a frequent saying
挂好 / 掛好 	guàhǎo	to hang up properly (telephone, picture, clothes, etc.)
挂念 / 掛念 	guàniàn	concerned
挂断 / 掛斷 	guàduàn	to hang up (a phone)
挂虑 / 掛慮 	guàlǜ	to worry about
挂钩 / 掛鉤 	guàgōu	couple;link together
指	zhǐ	finger;to point;to direct;to indicate
指事字	zhǐshìzì	self-explanatory characters
指令	zhǐlìng	order;command;instruction
指令名字	zhǐlìngmíngzì	command name
指关节 / 指關節 	zhīguānjié	knuckle
指出	zhǐchū	to indicate;to point out
指南	zhǐnán	to guide
指南針 / 指南针 	zhǐnánzhēn	compass
指头 / 指頭 	zhítou	finger
指定	zhǐdìng	appoint;designated
指导 / 指導 	zhǐdǎo	to guide;(give) directions;to direct
指导教授 / 指導教授 	zhǐdǎojiàoshòu	adviser;advising professor
指引	zhǐyǐn	guide;show
指手画脚 / 指手畫腳 	zhǐshǒuhuàjiǎo	(saying) to gesticulate while talking;wave ones hands about as criticism
指挥 / 指揮 	zhǐhuī	to conduct;to command;to direct
指挥中心 / 指揮中心 	zhǐhuīzhōngxīn	command center
指挥官 / 指揮官 	zhǐhuīguān	commander
指挥者 / 指揮者 	zhǐhuīzhě	conductor;director
指控	zhǐkòng	accusation;a (criminal) charge;to accuse
指摘	zhǐzhāi	to criticize;to point out
指教	zhǐjiào	to give advice or comments
指数 / 指數 	zhǐshù	(numerical, statistical) index
指数基金 / 指數基金 	zhǐshùjījīn	index fund
指数套利 / 指數套利 	zhǐshùtàolì	index arbitrage
指数期权 / 指數期權 	zhǐshùqīquán	index options
指明	zhǐmíng	(v) clearly show;explain clearly
指望	zhǐwàng	(v) hope for;count on;(n) hope
指标 / 指標 	zhǐbiāo	norm;index;target
指法	zhǐfǎ	finger method (in painting)
指派	zhǐpài	assignment
指点 / 指點 	zhǐdiǎn	give directions
指点迷律	zhǐdiǎnmílǜ	To show someone how to get to the right path
指甲	zhījia	fingernail
指示	zhǐshì	point out;(give) directives or instructions
指示符	zhǐshìfú	indicator
指紋 / 指纹 	zhǐwén	fingerprint;finger-print
指責 / 指责 	zhǐzé	criticize;find fault with
指路	zhǐlù	to give directions
指針 / 指针 	zhǐzhēn	pointer on a gauge;clock hand;cursor
挈	qiè	pull out;take family along
按	àn	to press (with the hand);to push;to control;to restrain;to check;pressing down (brush movement in painting);according to;in the light of
按下葫芦浮起瓢 / 按下葫蘆浮起瓢 	ànxiàhúlúfúqǐpiáo	solve one problem only to find another cropping up
按兵不动 / 按兵不動 	ànbīngbùdòng	not throw the troops into battle;bide one's time;take no action
按劳分配 / 按勞分配 	ànláofēnpèi	distribution according to work
按图索骥 / 按圖索驥 	àntúsuǒjì	try to locate sth by following up a clue
按手礼 / 按手禮 	ànshǒulǐ	ordination
按捺	ànnà	restrain;control
按摩	ànmó	massage
按时 / 按時 	ànshí	on time;before deadline;on schedule
按期	ànqí	on schedule;on time
按步就班	ànbùjiùbān	follow the prescribed order;keep to conventional ways
按照	ànzhào	according to;in accordance with;in the light of;on the basis of
按照字面	ànzhàozìmiàn	literally
按照法律	ànzhàofǎlǜ	according to the law
按照計劃 / 按照计划 	ànzhàojìhuà	according to (the) plan ...
按理	ànlǐ	according to reason;in the ordinary course of events;normally
按立	ànlì	ordination
按脈 / 按脉 	ànmài	feel (take) the pulse
按蚊	ànwén	anopheles;malarial mosquito
按語 / 按语 	ànyǔ	note;comment
按說 / 按说 	ànshuō	in the ordinary course of events;ordinarily;normally
按鈕 / 按钮 	ànniǔ	push button
按需分配	ànxūfēnpèi	distribution according to need
挌	gé	fight
挍	jiào	compare;criticize
挎	kuà	(v) carry on one's arm;(v) carry over one's shoulder or slung on one's side
挑	tiāo	carry on a pole;choose
挑	tiǎo	incite
挑剔	tiāoti	picky;fussy
挑战 / 挑戰 	tiǎozhàn	challenge
挑拨 / 挑撥 	tiǎobō	(v) incite disharmony;stir up tensions among others
挑舋 / 挑衅 	tiǎoxìn	provoke
挑起	tiǎoqǐ	stir up;incite
挑选 / 挑選 	tiāoxuǎn	choose;select
挓	zhā	to open out;to expand
挖	wā	to dig;to excavate;to scoop out
挖土机 / 挖土機 	wātǔjī	excavator
挖掘	wájué	excavation
挖洞	wādòng	to dig a hole
挖苦	wāku	speak sarcastically;make ironical remarks
挙	jǔ	Japanese variant of T:__舉__ S:__举__
挚 / 摯 	zhì	(surname);sincere
挛 / 攣 	luán	twisted;bent;crooked;cramped
挝 / 撾 	zhuā	beat
挞 / 撻 	tà	flog;rapid
挟 / 挾 	jiā	hold between
挟 / 挾 	xié	clasp under the arm;coerce
挟持 / 挾持 	xiéchí	to hold somebody against their will;to coerce
挠 / 撓 	náo	to scratch
挡 / 擋 	dǎng	hinder;resist;obstruct;hinder;cover;keep off;a cover;to block;to get in the way of
挡 / 擋 	dàng	arrange;put in order
挡住 / 擋住 	dǎngzhù	to obstruct
挢 / 撟 	jiǎo	correct
挣 / 掙 	zhēng	struggle
挣 / 掙 	zhèng	to earn;to make (money)
挣扎 / 掙扎 	zhēngzhá	struggle
挣脱 / 掙脫 	zhèngtuō	throw off
挣钱 / 掙錢 	zhèngqián	to make money
挤 / 擠 	jǐ	crowded;to squeeze
挤入 / 擠入 	jǐrù	intrude
挤满 / 擠滿 	jǐmǎn	fill to overflowing
挤眉弄眼 / 擠眉弄眼 	jǐméinòngyǎn	to make eyes;to wink
挤踏 / 擠踏 	jǐtà	stampede
挤进 / 擠進 	jǐjìn	tuck
挥 / 揮 	huī	scatter;wield;wipe away
挥动 / 揮動 	huīdòng	to brandish something
挥发 / 揮發 	huīfā	volatility
挥舞 / 揮舞 	huīwǔ	wield;brandish;wave
挥霍 / 揮霍 	huīhuò	(v) spend money without restraint;squander
挥霍无度 / 揮霍無度 	huīhuòwúdù	extravagance;extravagant
挨	āi	lean to;in order;in sequence
挨	ái	next to;suffer (hunger);endure;drag out;delay;stall;play for time
挨个儿 / 挨個兒 	āigè'ér	one by one;in turn
挨家挨戶 / 挨家挨户 	āijiā'āihù	house-to-house (search)
挨打	áidǎ	take a beating;get a thrashing;come under attack
挨次	āicì	one after another;in turn;one by one
挨近	āijìn	get close to;be near to
挨餓 / 挨饿 	ái'è	go hungry;be famished
挪	nuó	to shift;to move
挪亚 / 挪亞 	nuóyà	Noah
挪借	nuójiè	to borrow money for a short time
挪动 / 挪動 	nuódòng	to move;to shift
挪威	nuówēi	Norway
挪用	nuóyòng	to embezzle;to divert funds
挪窝儿 / 挪窩兒 	nuówōr	to move (to a house)
挫	cuò	be obstructed;fail;oppress;repress;lower the tone;bend back;dampen
挫折	cuòzhé	setback;reverse
挫折感	cuòzhégǎn	(n) frustration
挫敗 / 挫败 	cuòbài	thwart;defeat;foil (someone's plans, etc)
振	zhèn	rouse
振作	zhènzuò	encouraged;to summon up (courage);to encourage;to uplift;to stimulate
振兴 / 振興 	zhènxīng	promote;cause to develop
振动 / 振動 	zhèndòng	vibration
振奋 / 振奮 	zhènfèn	(v) stir oneself up;raise one's spirits;inspire
振荡 / 振蕩 	zhèndàng	vibration;oscillation
挲	suō	feel;to fondle
挶	jú	structure for carrying dirt
挹	yì	give up;ladle out;pour out
挺	tǐng	be straight and stiff;rather (good);quite;very
挺好	tǐnghǎo	very good
挺拔	tǐngbá	(adj) tall and straight
挺立	tǐnglì	to stand erect;to stand upright
挽	wǎn	draw;pull;send funeral ode
挽	wǎn	draw;pull;send funeral ode
挽回	wǎnhuí	to retrieve;to redeem
挽救	wǎnjiù	save;remedy;rescue
挿	chā	Japanese variant of __插__;to insert
捂	wǔ	resist
捂	wǔ	(v) seal up;muffle
捃	jùn	gather;to sort
捄	jiù	to rescue
捅	tǒng	poke through
捆	kǔn	a bunch;tie together;bundle
捆綁 / 捆绑 	kǔnbǎng	to bind
捉	zhuō	to clutch;to grab;to capture
捉取	zhuōqǔ	to capture
捉取图像 / 捉取圖像 	zhuōqǔtúxiàng	capture image
捉弄	zhuōnòng	to tease
捉拿	zhuōná	arrest;catch a criminal
捉拿归案 / 捉拿歸案 	zhuōnáguī'àn	bring to justice
捋	lǚ	stroke (beard)
捋	luō	strip (cow, leaves, branch)
捌	bā	complicated form of the numeral eight;split
捍	hàn	ward off (a blow)
捍卫 / 捍衛 	hànwèi	defend;uphold;safeguard
捎	shāo	bring or take (along)
捏	niē	to pinch (with one's fingers);to knead;to make up
捏估	niēgu	to act as a go-between
捏合	niēhé	to act as a go between
捏积 / 捏積 	niējī	chiropractic
捏脊治疗 / 捏脊治療 	niējǐzhìliáo	chiropractic (medical treatment)
捏造	niēzào	to make up;to fabricate
捐	juān	to contribute;to donate;tax;to abandon
捐助	juānzhù	offer;contribution;donation
捐款	juānkuǎn	donate money;contribute funds
捐献 / 捐獻 	juānxiàn	to donate;to contribute
捐給 / 捐给 	juāngěi	to donate
捐贈 / 捐赠 	juānzèng	to donate;to give (away)
捐贈者 / 捐赠者 	juānzèngzhě	donor;contributor
捕	bǔ	to catch;to seize;to capture;to catch
捕俘	bǔfú	capture enemy personnel (for intelligence purposes)
捕头 / 捕頭 	bǔtóu	constable
捕手	bùshǒu	catcher
捕拿	bǔná	arrest;capture;catch
捕捉	bǔzhuō	catch;seize
捕捞 / 捕撈 	bǔlāo	fish for (aquatic animals and plants);catch
捕杀 / 捕殺 	bǔshā	hunt and kill (an animal or fish)
捕獲 / 捕获 	bǔhuò	to catch;to capture;to seize
捕虏岩 / 捕虜岩 	bǔlǔyán	xenolith (geol.)
捕虫叶 / 捕蟲葉 	bǔchóngyè	insect-catching leaf
捕風捉影 / 捕风捉影 	bǔfēngzhuōyǐng	chase the wind and clutch at shadows - make groundless accusations;speak or act on hearsay evidence
捕食	bǔshí	catch and feed on;prey on
捕魚 / 捕鱼 	bǔyú	catch fish;fish
捕鯨 / 捕鲸 	bǔjīng	whaling
捕鯨船 / 捕鲸船 	bǔjīngchuán	whaler;whale catcher
捕鼠器	bǔshǔqì	mousetrap
捗	bù	make progress
捘	zùn	push
捜	sōu	Japanese variant of __搜__;to search
捞 / 撈 	lāo	fish up
损 / 損 	sǔn	to damage;injure;to lose;to harm
损人利己 / 損人利己 	sǔnrénlìjǐ	(saying) to profit at the expense of others
损伤 / 損傷 	sǔnshāng	to harm;to damage;to injure;impairment;loss;disability
损坏 / 損壞 	sǔnhuài	to damage;to injure
损失 / 損失 	sǔnshī	a (financial, etc.) loss;to lose
损害 / 損害 	sǔnhài	harm;to harm;to damage;to injure
损益 / 損益 	sǔnyì	profit and loss;increase and decrease
损耗 / 損耗 	sǔnhào	wear and tear
捡 / 撿 	jiǎn	pick up;collect;gather
换 / 換 	huàn	change;exchange
换取 / 換取 	huànqǔ	give something and get something in return
换句话说 / 換句話說 	huànjùhuàshuō	in other words
换置 / 換置 	huànzhì	displace
捣 / 搗 	dǎo	pound;beat;hull;attack;disturb;stir
捣乱 / 搗亂 	dǎoluàn	(v) cause a disturbance;(v) look for trouble;intentionally bother sb
捣毁 / 搗毀 	dǎohuǐ	destroy;sabotage;smash
捣碎 / 搗碎 	dǎosuì	smash
捣蛋 / 搗蛋 	dǎodàn	(v) make trouble
捥	wàn	to bend the wrist
捧	pěng	hold or offer with both hands
捧场 / 捧場 	pěngchǎng	to patronize;to cheer on;to tout;to boost
捨	shě	give up;abandon
捨不得 / 舍不得 	shěbude	to hate to do or use;to hate to part with;to begrudge
捨命 / 舍命 	shěmìng	to risk one's life
捨得 / 舍得 	shěde	to be willing to part with (sth)
捨棄 / 舍弃 	shěqì	to give up;to abandon;to abort
捨身 / 舍身 	shěshēn	to give one's life
捩	liè	tear;twist
捭	bǎi	spread out;to open
捭	bài	weed
据 / 據 	jù	according to;to act in accordance with;to depend on;to seize;to occupy
据守 / 據守 	jùshǒu	entrenched in;guard
据悉 / 據悉 	jùxī	according to reports;it is reported (that)
据报 / 據報 	jùbào	it is reported;according to reports
据报导 / 據報導 	jùbàodǎo	according to (news) reports
据此 / 據此 	jùcǐ	(adv) hereunder;according to this
据点 / 據點 	jùdiǎn	(n) military strongpoint
据称 / 據稱 	jùchēng	(v);it is said that;allgedly;according to reports
据统计 / 據統計 	jùtǒngjì	according to statistics
据说 / 據說 	jùshuō	it is said that;reportedly
据闻 / 據聞 	jùwén	accounts;one's understanding
捱	ái	dawdle;suffer
捲	juǎn	coil;to roll
捶	chuí	beat with the fist;to hammer;to cudgel
捶打	chuídǎ	(v);beat;pound;thump
捷	jié	victory;triumph;quick;prompt;rapid;abbr. for __捷克__ Czech (Republic)
捷克	jiékè	Czech
捷克共和国 / 捷克共和國 	jiékègònghéguó	Czech Republic
捷克語 / 捷克语 	jiékèyǔ	Czech (language)
捷報 / 捷报 	jiébào	report of success;report of a victory
捷径 / 捷徑 	jiéjìng	shortcut
捺	nà	(downwards-right concave character stroke);press down firmly
捻	niǎn	twirl (in the fingers)
捻	niǎn	twirl (in the fingers)
捽	zú	seize
捽	zuó	seize
掀	xiān	lift (cover)
掀起	xiānqǐ	(v) lift;(v) raise in height;(v) begin
掂	diān	to weigh in the hand;to estimate
掇	duō	to pick up;to collect;gather up
授	shòu	to teach;to instruct;to award;to give
授与 / 授與 	shòuyǔ	grant;confer
授乳	shòurǔ	lactation;breast-feeding
授予	shòuyǔ	to award;to confer
授勋 / 授勛 	shòuxūn	to award an honor
授受	shōushòu	to give and accept
授命	shòumìng	to give orders
授奖 / 授獎 	shòujiǎng	to award a prize
授意	shòuyì	to inspire;to incite
授时 / 授時 	shòushí	time service
授权 / 授權 	shòuquán	to authorize
授粉	shòufěn	pollination
授精	shòujīng	insemination
授計 / 授计 	shòujì	to confide a plan to sb
授課 / 授课 	shòukè	to teach;to give lessons
掉	diào	to drop;to fall
掉以輕心 / 掉以轻心 	diàoyǐqīngxīn	treat something lightly;to lower one's guard
掉头 / 掉頭 	diàotóu	(v) turn around
掉落	diàoluò	to fall;a flop
掊	póu	take up in both hands
掊	pǒu	break up;hit
掌	zhǎng	in charge of;palm of hand
掌击 / 掌擊 	zhǎngjí	slap
掌声 / 掌聲 	zhǎngshēng	applause
掌握	zhǎngwò	grasp
掌握电脑 / 掌握電腦 	zhǎngwòdiànnǎo	PDA;Personal Digital Assistant
掌权 / 掌權 	zhǎngquán	wield (political, etc.) power;be in power
掌柜 / 掌櫃 	zhǎngguì	shopkeeper
掌管	zhǎngguǎn	control;be in charge of
掎	jǐ	drag
掏	tāo	fish out (from pocket)
掏	tāo	fish out (from pocket)
掐	qiā	pick (flowers);to pinch
掐断 / 掐斷 	qiāduàn	cut off;disconnect
排	pái	a platoon;line up
排	pǎi	row of logs or boards
排出	páichū	discharge
排列	páiliè	array
排印	páiyìn	typesetting and printing
排场 / 排場 	páichang	ostentation;a show of extravagance;grand style;red tape
排外	páiwài	xenophobic;anti-foreigner
排屋	páiwū	terraced house
排山倒海	páishāndǎohǎi	earth-shaking;of spectacular significance
排挤 / 排擠 	páijǐ	to expel;push out
排放	páifàng	discharge;exhaust (gas, etc)
排斥	páichì	reject;exclude;eliminate;remove
排水	páishuǐ	drain
排水沟 / 排水溝 	páishuǐgōu	gutter
排水渠	páishuǐqú	drainage
排泄	páixiè	drain (liquid)
排泄物	páixièwù	excrement;waste
排球	páiqiú	volleyball
排練 / 排练 	páiliàn	to rehearse;rehearsal
排行	páiháng	seniority;ranking
排長 / 排长 	páizhǎng	(n) platoon leader
排队 / 排隊 	páiduì	to line up
排除	páichú	exclude;rule out
排骨	páigǔ	pork chop;pork cutlet;spare ribs
掔	qiān	lead along;substantial
掖	yē	tuck (in)
掗	yà	attach;brandish;hold
掘	jué	dig
掛	guà	to hang;to put up;to suspend
掞	shàn	easy;quiet
掠	lüè	to take over by force;to rob;to plunder
掠取	lüèqǔ	to plunder;to pillage;to loot
掠夺 / 掠奪 	lüèduó	plunder;pillage;loot
掠过 / 掠過 	lüèguò	to flit across;to sweep past;to glance (strike at an angle)
採	cǎi	to pick;to pluck;to collect;to select;to choose;to gather
採伐 / 采伐 	cǎifá	fell;cut
採光 / 采光 	cǎiguāng	lighting;day lighting
採制 / 采制 	cǎizhì	collect and process
採取 / 采取 	cǎiqǔ	adopt or carry out (measures, policies, course of action);to take
採取措施 / 采取措施 	cǎiqǔcuòshī	to adopt a measure
採場 / 采场 	cǎichǎng	slope
採掘 / 采掘 	cǎijué	excavate
採摘 / 采摘 	cǎizhāi	pluck;pick
採擇 / 采择 	cǎizé	select and adopt
採收率 / 采收率 	cǎishōulǜ	recovery ratio
採暖 / 采暖 	cǎinuǎn	heating
採棉機 / 采棉机 	cǎimiánjī	cotton picker
採樣 / 采样 	cǎiyàng	sampling
採油 / 采油 	cǎiyóu	oil extraction;oil recovery
採煤 / 采煤 	cǎiméi	coal mining;coal extraction;coal cutting
採用 / 采用 	cǎiyòng	to adopt;to employ;to use
採石場 / 采石场 	cǎishíchǎng	stone pit;quarry
採礦 / 采矿 	cǎikuàng	mining
採種 / 采种 	cǎizhǒng	seed collecting
採納 / 采纳 	cǎinà	accept;adopt
採脂 / 采脂 	cǎizhī	tree tapping
採訪 / 采访 	cǎifǎng	to interview;to gather news;to hunt for and collect;to cover
採訪記者 / 采访记者 	cǎifǎngjìzhě	investigative reporter
採買 / 采买 	cǎimǎi	purchase;buy
採購 / 采购 	cǎigòu	make purchases for an organization or enterprise;purchase
採購員 / 采购员 	cǎigòuyuán	purchaser;purchasing agent
採辦 / 采办 	cǎibàn	buy on a considerable scale;purchase
採邑 / 采邑 	cǎiyì	fief;benefice
採錄 / 采录 	cǎilù	collect and record
採集 / 采集 	cǎijí	gather;collect
採風 / 采风 	cǎifēng	collect folk songs
探	tàn	to explore;to search out;to scout;to visit
探亲 / 探親 	tànqīn	to go home to visit one's family
探头探脑 / 探頭探腦 	tàntóutànnǎo	(saying) to stick one's head out and look around
探望	tànwàng	(v) pay a visit
探求	tànqiú	(v);seek;persue;investigate
探测 / 探測 	tàncè	to probe;to take readings;to explore;exploration
探测器 / 探測器 	tàncèqì	detector;probe;craft
探测字 / 探測字 	tàncèzì	probe (character)
探测词 / 探測詞 	tàncècí	probe word
探照灯 / 探照燈 	tànzhàodēng	searchlight
探究	tànjiū	to investigate
探索	tànsuǒ	(v) explore;probe
探視 / 探视 	tànshì	pay a visit to
探討 / 探讨 	tàntǎo	investigate;probe
探訪 / 探访 	tànfǎng	seek by inquiry or search;search;call on;visit
探路	tànlù	to find a path
探路者	tànlùzhě	Pathfinder (space craft sent to Mars by NASA)
探針 / 探针 	tànzhēn	probe
探险 / 探險 	tànxiǎn	to explore
探险家 / 探險家 	tànxiǎnjiā	explorer
探险者 / 探險者 	tànxiǎnzhě	explorer
掣	chè	pull;obstruct;hinder;draw
掤	bīng	arrow-quiver
接	jiē	to extend;to connect;to receive;to get;to join
接下	jiēxià	continuing on
接下來 / 接下来 	jiēxiàlái	to accept;to take;next;following
接二连三 / 接二連三 	jiē'èrliánsān	(saying) one right after another
接人	jiērén	to meet a person
接到	jiēdào	receive (letter etc.)
接力	jiēlì	relay
接受	jiēshòu	to accept;to receive
接受者	jiēshòuzhě	recipient;person receiving sth
接口	jiēkǒu	interface;port;connector
接合	jiēhé	joint
接吻	jiēwěn	kiss
接壤	jiērǎng	to border on
接待	jiēdài	receive (a visit);admit (entry to)
接待员 / 接待員 	jiēdàiyuán	receptionist
接收	jiēshōu	to receive;to accept
接收器	jiēshōuqì	receiver
接收器灵敏度 / 接收器靈敏度 	jiēshōuqìlíngmǐndù	receiver sensitivity
接替	jiētì	replace;take over (a position or post)
接枝	jiēzhī	(tree) graft
接洽	jiēqià	(v) discuss a matter with sb;get in touch with
接济 / 接濟 	jiējì	to give material assistance to
接獲 / 接获 	jiēhuò	(v) receive
接班	jiēbān	(v) take over a task;relieve sb;(v) be a successor to sb
接班人	jiēbānrén	successor
接生	jiēshēng	deliver
接着 / 接著 	jiēzhe	continue;went on to (do something);to follow;to carry on;then;after that
接种 / 接種 	jiēzhòng	vaccinate;inoculate
接管	jiēguǎn	take over;assume control
接納 / 接纳 	jiēnà	admit (into membership of an organization)
接縫 / 接缝 	jiēfèng	seam
接續 / 接续 	jiēxù	(v) follow;continue
接見 / 接见 	jiējiàn	receive sb.;grant an interview to
接触 / 接觸 	jiēchù	contact;to contact;to be in touch with;access
接踵	jiēzhǒng	to follow on somebody's heels
接踵而來 / 接踵而来 	jiēzhǒng'érlái	to come one after the other
接軌 / 接轨 	jiēguǐ	(v) link lines (rail, ship);dock;connect;integrate
接近	jiējìn	near;close to
接连 / 接連 	jiēlián	on end;in a row;in succession
接通	jiētōng	to connect;to put through
接駁 / 接驳 	jiēbó	to access
控	kòng	to accuse;to charge;to control;to sue
控制	kòngzhì	to (have) control (over);to contain
控制棒	kòngzhìbàng	control rods
控告	kònggào	accuse;charge;sue
控訴 / 控诉 	kòngsù	accuse;denounce
推	tuī	push;refuse (responsibility);shove
推举 / 推舉 	tuījǔ	elect;choose
推任	tuìrèn	to retire;to leave one's position
推來推去 / 推来推去 	tuīláituīqù	(idiom) to rudely push and pull others;(idiom) to evade responibility and push it to others
推倒	tuīdǎo	to push over
推出	tuīchū	to release
推动 / 推動 	tuīdòng	to push (for acceptance of a plan);to push forward;to promote
推动力 / 推動力 	tuīdònglì	driving force
推卸	tuīxiè	avoid or shift (usu. responsibility)
推土机 / 推土機 	tuītǔjī	bulldozer
推崇	tuīchóng	value;accord great importance to
推广 / 推廣 	tuīguǎng	popularize;make more widespread
推开 / 推開 	tuīkāi	push open
推心置腹	tuīxīnzhìfù	to fully trust somebody
推拿	tuīná	Chinese pressure point massage;acupressure
推断 / 推斷 	tuīduàn	to infer;to deduce;to predict;to extrapolate
推测 / 推測 	tuīcè	conjecture;speculate;speculation;surmise
推理	tuīlǐ	reasoning;speculative;inference
推算	tuīsuàn	(v) calculate an amount;extrapolate
推翻	tuīfān	overthrow
推荐 / 推薦 	tuījiàn	recommend;recommendation
推荐信 / 推薦信 	tuījiànxìn	recommendation letter
推行	tuīxíng	(v) put into effect;carry out
推論 / 推论 	tuīlùn	infer
推車 / 推车 	tuīchē	cart;trolley;to push a cart
推辞 / 推辭 	tuīcí	to decline (an appointment, invitation, etc.)
推进 / 推進 	tuījìn	impel
推进舱 / 推進艙 	tuījìncāng	propulsion module;service module (astronatics)
推迟 / 推遲 	tuīchí	to postpone;to put off
推选 / 推選 	tuīxuǎn	elect;choose
推銷 / 推销 	tuīxiāo	to market;to sell
掩 / 揜 	yǎn	cover up;to surprise
掩护 / 掩護 	yǎnhù	screen;shield;cover
掩盖 / 掩蓋 	yǎngài	conceal;hide behind;cover up
掩耳	yǎn'ěr	to refuse to listen
掩飾 / 掩饰 	yǎnshì	to conceal a fault;gloss over
措	cuò	put in order;arrange;administer;execute;take action on
措勤	cuòqín	(N) Cuoqin (place in Tibet)
措施	cuòshī	measure;step (to be taken)
措美	cuòměi	(N) Cuomei (place in Tibet)
措辞 / 措辭 	cuòcí	wording;way of saying something
措辞强硬 / 措辭強硬 	cuòcíqiángyìng	strongly-worded
掫	zōu	beat the night watches;grasp
掮	qián	carry on shoulders
掯	kèn	take by force
掰	bāi	to break with both hands
掰开 / 掰開 	bāikāi	(v) pull, pry apart with the hands
掱	shǒu	pickpocket
掲	jiē	Japanese variant of __揭__
掳 / 擄 	lǔ	take captive
掴 / 摑 	guó	to slap
掷 / 擲 	zhì	toss
掸 / 撣 	dǎn	brush away;dust off;a brush or duster;to dust
掺 / 摻 	chān	mix
掺 / 摻 	shǎn	to grasp
掼 / 摜 	guàn	fling;smash
掽	pèng	meet with;to bump
掾	yuàn	official
揄	yú	draw out;let hanging
揅 / 研 	yán	grind fine;study;research
揆	kuí	consider;estimate
揉	róu	knead;massage;rub
揌	sāi	to shake
揍	zòu	beat up;break to pieces
揎	xuān	pull up sleeves;strike with fists
描	miáo	depict;to trace (a drawing);to copy;to touch up
描写 / 描寫 	miáoxiě	to describe;to depict;to portray
描图 / 描圖 	miáotú	to trace
描摹	miáomó	to describe;to portray
描画 / 描畫 	miáohuà	to draw;to describe
描紅 / 描红 	miáohóng	to trace over red characters (as a method of learning to write)
描繪 / 描绘 	miáohuì	to describe;to portray
描述	miáoshù	to describe
描金	miáojīn	to outline in gold
提	dī	carry (suspended)
提	tí	to carry;to lift;to put forward;(upwards character stroke);lifting (brush stroke in painting);to mention
提交	tíjiāo	submit (a report, etc);refer (a problem) to
提供	tígōng	to supply;to provide;to furnish
提供商	tígōngshāng	provider (company)
提供者	tígōngzhě	supplier;provider
提倡	tíchàng	to promote;to advocate
提出	tíchū	to raise (an issue);to propose;to put forward;to post (Usenet)
提到	tídào	mention
提前	tíqián	to shift to an earlier date;to bring forward;to advance
提前投票	tíqiántóupiào	early vote
提前起爆	tíqiánqǐbào	"fizzle" (atomic bomb misfire);preinitiation
提包	tíbāo	handbag;bag;valise
提升 / 提昇 	tíshēng	to promote;to upgrade
提及	tíjí	mention
提取	tíqǔ	(v) extract;refine;(v) withdraw from a bank or storage location;pick up
提名	tímíng	nominate
提問 / 提问 	tíwèn	put questions to;quiz
提多	tíduō	Titus
提多书 / 提多書 	tíduōshū	Titus
提尔 / 提爾 	tí'ěr	Tyre (Lebanon)
提尔市 / 提爾市 	tí'ěrshì	Tyre (Lebanon)
提心吊胆 / 提心吊膽 	tíxīndiàodǎn	(saying) to be very scared and on edge
提拔	tíbá	to promote to a higher job;give a promotion
提摩太	tímótài	Timothy
提摩太前书 / 提摩太前書 	tímótàiqiánshū	1 Timothy
提摩太后书 / 提摩太后書 	tímótàihòushū	2 Timothy
提早	tízǎo	(v) be earlier than expected
提案	tí'àn	proposal;motion (to be debated);propose a bill;make a proposal
提款	tíkuǎn	(v) draw or withdraw money from a bank
提炼 / 提煉 	tíliàn	to extract (ore, minerals, etc);to refine;to purify;to process
提示	tíshì	(v) point out;call attention to
提神	tíshén	to freshen up;to be cautious or vigilant;to watch out;stimulant to enhance mental performance;stay-awake drug;agrypnotic
提神剂 / 提神劑 	tíshénjì	stimulant to enhance mental performance;stay-awake drug;agrypnotic
提綱 / 提纲 	tígāng	outline
提薪	tíxīn	(v) to receive a raise in salary
提要	tíyào	(n) summary;abstract
提請 / 提请 	tíqǐng	to propose
提議 / 提议 	tíyì	proposal;suggestion;to propose;to suggest
提貨單 / 提货单 	tíhuòdān	bill of lading
提起	tíqǐ	to raise
提醒	tíxǐng	remind;call attention to;warn of
提防	tífáng	to guard against
提高	tígāo	raise;increase
插	chā	insert;stick in;pierce;to take part in;to interfere;to interpose
插件	chājiàn	(n) plugin;plugin components;plug-in
插入	chārù	insert;stick;thrust
插入因子	chārùyīnzǐ	insertion element
插嘴	chāzuǐ	(v) interrupt and put in an opinion
插图 / 插圖 	chātú	illustration
插头 / 插頭 	chātóu	plug
插座	chāzuò	socket;outlet
插曲	chāqǔ	episode;interlude
插秧	chāyāng	transplant rice seedlings
插队 / 插隊 	chāduì	to cut in line
揕	zhèn	to hit;to thrust
揖	yī	greet (by raising the joined hands)
揗	shǔn	strike, hit with hand;tap
揝	zuàn	to hold in the hand, to grasp;to wring
揠	yà	eradicate;pull up
握	wò	shake hands;to hold;to grasp
握住	wòzhù	grip;hold
握別 / 握别 	wòbié	to shake hands
握力	wòlì	(strength of one's) grip
握手	wòshǒu	to shake hands
握拳	wòquán	to make a fist
揣	chuāi	put into
揣	chuǎi	estimate;guess;figure;surmise
揣测 / 揣測 	chuǎicè	guess;guessing
揥	tì	get rid of;ivory hairpin
揩	kāi	wipe
揪	jiū	to clutch
揪住	jiūzhù	grab
揫	jiū	gather;collect
揭	jiē	lift off (a cover);divulge
揭东 / 揭東 	jiēdōng	(N) Jiedong (place in Guangdong)
揭发 / 揭發 	jiēfā	disclose;revelation
揭幕	jiēmù	opening
揭开 / 揭開 	jiēkāi	to uncover;to open
揭晓 / 揭曉 	jiēxiǎo	announce publicly;disclose
揭示	jiēshì	to show;to make known
揭穿	jiēchuān	expose;uncover
揭西	jiēxī	(N) Jiexi (place in Guangdong)
揭阳 / 揭陽 	jiēyáng	(N) Jieyang (city in Guangdong)
揭露	jiēlù	expose;unmask;ferret out
揰	chòng	poke out;punch;push into
揲	shé	sort out divining stalks
援	yuán	to help;to assist;to aid
援助	yuánzhù	aid;assistance;support;help
援引	yuányǐn	quote;cite
援手	yuánshǒu	succor
揶	yé	gesticulate;play antics
揶	yé	to gesticulate;to play antics
揶揄 / 擨揄 	yéyú	to mock;to ridicule
揹	bēi	carry on one's back
揹債 / 背债 	bēizhài	be in debt;be saddled with debts
揹書 / 背书 	bèishū	recite a lesson from memory;repeat a lesson;endorsement (on a check)
揹負 / 背负 	bēifù	bear;carry on the back;have on one's shoulder
揺	yáo	Japanese variant of T:__搖__ S:__摇__
揽 / 攬 	lǎn	monopolize;seize
揿 / 撳 	qìn	to press (bell)
搀 / 攙 	chān	assist by the arm;mix;support;sustain
搀杂 / 攙雜 	chānzá	to mix
搁 / 擱 	gē	to place
搁板 / 擱板 	gēbǎn	shelf
搁置 / 擱置 	gēzhì	shelve;set aside
搂 / 摟 	lōu	graft (money);solicit;to gather;to collect
搂 / 摟 	lǒu	to hug;to embrace
搂抱 / 摟抱 	lǒubào	to hug;to embrace
搅 / 攪 	jiǎo	to disturb;to annoy;to mix;to stir
搅乱 / 攪亂 	jiǎoluàn	to confuse
搅动 / 攪動 	jiǎodǒng	to mix;to stir
搅和 / 攪和 	jiǎohuò	to mix (up);to blend;to spoil
搅扰 / 攪擾 	jiǎorǎo	to disturb;to annoy
搅拌 / 攪拌 	jiǎobàn	to stir;to agitate
搅混 / 攪混 	jiǎohun	to mix;to blend
搆	gòu	implicate;reach to
搉	què	consult;knock;beat
搊	chōu	pluck (stringed instrument)
搌	zhǎn	bind;wipe
搎	sūn	to rub with the hand;to stroke
搏	bó	fight;combat;seize
搏动 / 搏動 	bódòng	beat rhythmically;throb;pulsate
搏斗	bódòu	to wrestle;to fight;to struggle
搐	chù	lead;pull
搒	bèng	boat;to whip
搓	cuō	to rub or roll between the hands or fingers;to twist
搓揉	cuōróu	knead
搔	sāo	disturb;to scratch
搔癢	sāoyǎng	tickle
搕	kè	to strike;totake in the hand
搖 / 摇 	yáo	shake;to rock
搖動 / 摇动 	yáodòng	shake;sway
搖擺 / 摇摆 	yáobǎi	wag;waver
搖晃 / 摇晃 	yáohuàng	falter
搖曳 / 摇曳 	yáoyè	(v);flicker;sway;flutter;wave gently
搖滾 / 摇滚 	yáogǔn	to shake and boil;rock and roll (music)
搖滾樂 / 摇滚乐 	yáogǔnyuè	rock music;rock 'n roll
搖籃 / 摇篮 	yáolán	cradle
搖頭丸 / 摇头丸 	yáotóuwán	Ecstasy;MDMA;a recreational pharmaceutical
搘	zhī	prop up
搜	sōu	to search
搜寻 / 搜尋 	sōuxún	search for;look for
搜寻引擎 / 搜尋引擎 	sōuxúnyǐnqíng	an internet search engine
搜捕	sōubǔ	to hunt and arrest (fugitives);to track down and arrest;a manhunt
搜救	sōujiù	search and rescue
搜查	sōuchá	search
搜索	sōusuǒ	(v) search for;meticulously look for;scour;do a search (for);look up;search
搜索引擎	sōusuǒyǐnqíng	(Internet) search engine
搜集	sōují	collect;gather
搞	gǎo	to do;to make;to go in for;to set up;to get hold of;to take care of
搞活	gǎohuó	(v) make sth lively;invigorate
搞笑	gǎoxiào	funny;hilarious
搞通	gǎotōng	(v) make sense of something
搞鬼	gǎoguǐ	(v) secretly make mischief
搠	shuò	daub;thrust
搡	sǎng	push back;push over
搢	jìn	shake;stick into;strike
搥	chuí	beat with the fist;to hammer
搦	nuò	take hold
搧	shān	to fan
搨	tà	make rubbing
搪	táng	keep out
搪瓷	tángcí	enamel
搬	bān	remove;transport;move;shift
搬家	bānjiā	move (house)
搬弄	bānnòng	move sth;about;fiddle with;show off;display
搬弄是非	bānnòngshìfēi	sow discord;tell tales;make mischief
搬迁 / 搬遷 	bānqiān	move;relocate
搬运 / 搬運 	bānyùn	carry;transport
搬运工 / 搬運工 	bānyùngōng	a porter
搭	dā	build (scaffolding);take (boat, train);hang;join;match;take passage
搭乘	dāchéng	embark
搭伴	dābàn	travel with another;accompany another
搭救	dājiù	rescue
搭档 / 搭檔 	dādàng	(v) cooperate;(n) partner
搭腔 / 答腔 	dāqiāng	to answer;to respond;to converse
搭調 / 搭调 	dādiào	to match;to be in tune;to be reasonable
搭載 / 搭载 	dāzài	carry (people)
搭配	dāpèi	to pair up;to put into pairs;to add something into a group;to match
搯	tāo	fish out (from pocket)
搰	hú	dig;mix
搴	qiān	seize
搴旗	qiānqí	to pull and capture the enemy's flag
搵	wèn	press with finger;wipe
携 / 攜 	xié	to carry;to take along;to bring along;to hold (hands)
携家带口 / 攜家帶口 	xiéjiādàikǒu	(set phrase) bring all one's family;be burdened by one's family
携带 / 攜帶 	xiédài	to carry;portable
携带者 / 攜帶者 	xiédàizhě	carrier
搽	chá	apply (ointment, powder);smear;paint on
搾	zhà	oppress;to extract
搿	gé	to hug
摀	wǔ	(v) seal up;muffle
摁	èn	to press (with finger)
摁扣儿 / 摁釦兒 	ènkòur	snap fastener
摁釘兒 / 摁钉儿 	èndīngr	thumbtack
摂	shè	Japanese variant of T:__攝__ S:__摄__
摄 / 攝 	shè	assist;collect;absorb
摄像 / 攝像 	shèxiàng	photograph
摄像机 / 攝像機 	shèxiàngjī	camera
摄取 / 攝取 	shèqǔ	absorb (nutrition);take a photo
摄影 / 攝影 	shèyǐng	to take a photograph
摄影师 / 攝影師 	shèyǐngshī	Photographer
摄影术 / 攝影術 	shèyǐngshù	photography
摄影机 / 攝影機 	shèyǐngjī	camera
摄政 / 攝政 	shèzhèng	regent
摄氏 / 攝氏 	shèshì	Celsius;centigrade
摄象 / 攝象 	shèxiàng	shoot pictures;make a video recording
摄象头 / 攝象頭 	shèxiàngtóu	web camera
摅 / 攄 	shū	set forth;to spread
摆 / 擺 	bǎi	pendulum;to place;to display;to swing;to oscillate;to show;to move;to exhibit
摆事实讲道理 / 擺事實講道理 	bǎishìshíjiǎngdàolǐ	present the facts and reason things out
摆动 / 擺動 	bǎidòng	swing;sway
摆子 / 擺子 	bǎizǐ	malaria
摆布 / 擺布 	bǎibù	order about;manipulate
摆平 / 擺平 	bǎipíng	to be fair;to be impartial
摆弄 / 擺弄 	bǎinòng	move back and forth;fiddle with
摆手 / 擺手 	bǎishǒu	to wave one's hands
摆摊子 / 擺攤子 	bǎitānzǐ	set up a stall;maintain a large staff and organization
摆架子 / 擺架子 	bǎijiàzǐ	put on airs;assume great airs
摆样子 / 擺樣子 	bǎiyàngzǐ	do sth;for show
摆渡 / 擺渡 	bǎidù	ferry
摆满 / 擺滿 	bǎimǎn	to spread over an area
摆脱 / 擺脫 	bǎituō	break away from;cast away (old ideas, etc.);to get rid of;to break away (from);to break out (of);free (extricate) oneself from
摆脱危机 / 擺脫危機 	bǎituōwēijī	to break out of a crisis
摆荡吊环 / 擺蕩吊環 	bǎidàngdiàohuán	swinging rings
摆设 / 擺設 	bǎishè	furnish and decorate (a room)
摆设儿 / 擺設兒 	bǎishè'er	ornaments;furnishings
摆轮 / 擺輪 	bǎilún	balance (of a watch or clock);balance wheel
摆钟 / 擺鐘 	bǎizhōng	pendulum clock
摆门面 / 擺門面 	bǎiménmiàn	keep up appearances
摆阔 / 擺闊 	bǎikuò	parade one's wealth;be ostentatious and extravagant
摆龙门阵 / 擺龍門陣 	bǎilóngménzhèn	chat;gossip;spin a yarn
摇摆不定的 / 摇擺不定的 	yáobǎibùdìngde	undecided
摈 / 擯 	bìn	reject;expel;discard;exclude;renounce
摈弃 / 擯棄 	bìnqì	abandon;discard;cast away
摈斥 / 擯斥 	bìnchì	reject;dismiss
摈除 / 擯除 	bìnchú	discard;get rid of;dispense with
摊 / 攤 	tān	spread out;vendor's stand
摊子 / 攤子 	tānzi	booth
摒	bìng	arrange;drive off;expel
摔	shuāi	throw on ground;to fall
摔交 / 摔跤 	shuāijiāo	to tumble;to blunder;wrestling
摔倒	shuāidǎo	(v) fall down, over
摔角	shuāijiǎo	wrestle;wrestling
摘	zhāi	to borrow;to pick (flowers, fruit);to pluck;to take;to select
摘借	zhāijiè	to borrow money
摘引	zhāiyǐn	quote
摘录 / 摘錄 	zhāilù	to extract;to excerpt
摘抄	zhāicháo	to extract;to excerpt
摘由	zhāiyóu	high points (of a document);resume
摘要	zhāiyào	summary;abstract
摘記 / 摘记 	zhāijì	to take notes;to excerpt
摘譯 / 摘译 	zhāiyì	quoted (from);translation of selected passages
摘除	zhāichú	to excise
摙	liǎn	to transport;to remove to take
摛	chī	to spread (fame);wield (pen)
摞	luò	pile up
摠	zǒng	general;in every case;to hold
摦	huà	wide;broad
摧	cuī	break;destroy;devastate;ravage;repress
摧残 / 摧殘 	cuīcán	to ravage;to ruin
摧毀 / 摧毁 	cuīhuǐ	destroy;wreck
摩	mó	rub
摩加迪沙	mójiādíshā	Mogadishu (capital of Somalia)
摩卡	mókǎ	mocha
摩天大楼 / 摩天大樓 	mótiāndàlóu	skyscraper
摩天搂 / 摩天摟 	mótiānlóu	skyscraper
摩尔 / 摩爾 	mó'ěr	a moor (i.e. Muslim)
摩尔人 / 摩爾人 	mó'ěrrén	a moor (i.e. Muslim)
摩尔多瓦 / 摩爾多瓦 	mó'ěrduōwǎ	Moldova
摩尼	móní	Manes (3rd century A.D.), Persian prophet and founder of Manichaeism
摩尼教	móníjiào	Manicheanism
摩托	mótuō	motor (transliteration);motorbike
摩托罗拉 / 摩托羅拉 	mótuōluólā	Motorola
摩托車 / 摩托车 	mótuōchē	motorcycle
摩托車 / 摩托车 	mótuóchē	Motorbike;Motorbicycle
摩揭陀	mójiētuó	Magadha (in ancient India)
摩擦 / 磨擦 	mócā	friction
摩洛哥	móluògē	Morocco
摩納哥 / 摩纳哥 	mónàgē	Monaco
摩苏尔 / 摩蘇爾 	mósū'ěr	Mosul (Iraqi city)
摩西	móxī	Moses
摩西律法	móxīlǜfǎ	law of Moses
摩門經 / 摩门经 	móménjīng	Book of Mormon
摭	zhí	pick up;to select
摮	áo	to rattle;to shake. to smite
摰	niè	to seize with the hand;to grasp. to advance. to breakdown
摲	shàn	to cut down;mow
摴	shū	dice;gambling;to release
摷	jiǎo	to knock;strike
摸	mō	feel with the hand;to touch;to stroke;to grope;to feel (one's pulse)
摸	mó	imitate;copy
摸排	mōpái	thorough search
摸索	mōsuo	grope
摸黑	mōhēi	(v) grope about in the dark
摹	mó	imitate;copy
摹画 / 摹畫 	móhuà	describe
摺	zhé	to fold (a document);to turn;to bend
摺	zhé	folded document;to fold
摺光	zhéguāng	refraction
摽	biāo	sign;to signal
摽	piǎo	to fall
撂	liào	to leave (it)
撄 / 攖 	yīng	oppose;to attack
撅	juē	break off;stick up (as a tail)
撇	piē	cast away
撇	piě	(downwards-left curved character stroke);throw
撇下	piēxia	to cast away
撇去	piēqù	skim
撊	xiàn	valiant;wrathful
撐 / 撑 	chēng	support;prop-up;to pole a boat;to open;to overfill
撐竿跳 / 撑竿跳 	chēnggāntiáo	vault
撒	sā	let go
撒	sǎ	to scatter
撒但	sādàn	Satan
撒军 / 撒軍 	sǎjūn	withdraw troops
撒哈拉	sāhālā	Sahara
撒哈拉以南非洲	sāhālāyǐnánfēizhōu	Sub-Saharan Africa
撒娇 / 撒嬌 	sājiāo	act like a spoiled child;throw a tantrum;act coquettishly
撒拉族	sālāzú	Salar nationality of Qinghai province
撒母耳記上 / 撒母耳记上 	sāmǔ'ěrjìshàng	1 Samuel
撒母耳記下 / 撒母耳记下 	sāmǔ'ěrjìxià	2 Samuel
撒气 / 撒氣 	sāqì	(v) leak;go flat;vent one's anger
撒种 / 撒種 	sǎzhǒng	sow seeds
撒謊 / 撒谎 	sāhuǎng	to tell lies
撒迦利亚书 / 撒迦利亞書 	sājiālìyǎshū	Book of Zechariah
撒都該人 / 撒都该人 	sādūgāirén	Sadducees
撒馬爾幹 / 撒马尔幹 	sǎmǎ'ěrgàn	Samarkand, city in Uzbekistan
撕	sī	to tear
撕毀 / 撕毁 	sīhuǐ	to tear up;to rip up;too shred
撕破	sīpò	tear
撕裂	sīliè	mangle
撙	zǔn	regulate;restrain
撚	niǎn	twirl (in the fingers)
撝	huī	wave, brandish;modest, humble
撞	zhuàng	to hit;to strike;to meet by accident;to run into;to bump against;to bump into
撞击 / 撞擊 	zhuàngjī	to strike;to hit;to ram
撞击式印表机 / 撞擊式印表機 	zhuàngjīshìyìnbiǎojī	impact printer
撞击式打印机 / 撞擊式打印機 	zhuàngjīshìdǎyìnjī	impact printer
撞見 / 撞见 	zhuàngjiàn	to meet by accident
撞車 / 撞车 	zhuàngchē	crash (cars)
撞針 / 撞针 	zhuàngzhēn	firing pin
撞鎖 / 撞锁 	zhuàngsuǒ	lock
撞騙 / 撞骗 	zhuàngpiàn	to swindle
撢	dǎn	to dust
撤	chè	remove;take away;withdraw
撤侨 / 撤僑 	chèqiáo	to evacuate (e.g. foreign civilians from a war zone)
撤军 / 撤軍 	chèjūn	to withdraw troops;to retreat
撤出	chèchū	to withdraw;to leave;to retreat;to pull out
撤回	chèhuí	withdraw
撤换 / 撤換 	chèhuàn	recall;dismiss and replace
撤离 / 撤離 	chèlí	withdraw from;evacuate
撤走	chèzǒu	withdraw
撤退	chètuì	retreat
撤銷 / 撤销 	chèxiāo	repeal
撤除	chèchú	remove
撦	chě	to tear;pull at
撩	liāo	lift up (skirt);pull up (sleeve)
撩	liáo	stitch;take;tease
撬	qiào	to lift
播	bō	sow;scatter;spread;broadcast
播報 / 播报 	bòbào	(v) announce, read (the news)
播客	bōkè	podcast, internet audio subscription service
播弄	bōnòng	order subject about;stir up
播放	bōfàng	broadcast;transmit
播放机 / 播放機 	bōfàngjī	player (e.g. CD player)
播映	bōyìng	to broadcast a film;to televise
播种 / 播種 	bōzhǒng	sow seeds;sow;seed
播送	bōsòng	broadcast;transmit;beam
播音	bōyīn	transmit;broadcast
撮	cuō	bring together;little bit;shovel;gather up;bring together;pick
撰	zhuàn	compose;compile
撰	zhuàn	compose;compile;discourse in praise
撰写 / 撰寫 	zhuànxiě	write;compose
撱	tuǒ	clip;shorten;throw away
撵 / 攆 	niǎn	expel
撷 / 擷 	xié	collect
撺 / 攛 	cuān	rush;stir up;throw;fling;hurry;rage
撺掇 / 攛掇 	cuānduo	to urge someone on
撼	hàn	shake;to incite
擂	léi	beat;to grind
擂	lèi	beat (a drum)
擅	shàn	usurp;without authority
擅断 / 擅斷 	shànduàn	arbitrary
擅离职守 / 擅離職守 	shànlízhíshǒu	AWOL (Absent Without Leave, military term)
擅自	shànzì	unauthorized
擅長 / 擅长 	shàncháng	to be good at;to be expert in
操	cāo	to hold;to drill;to exercise;to act;to do;to take in hand;to keep;to manage
操作	cāozuò	to operate
操作环境 / 操作環境 	cāozuòhuánjìng	operating environment
操作系統 / 操作系统 	cāozuòxìtǒng	operating system
操作者	cāozuòzhě	operator
操作速率	cāozuòsùlǜ	operating speed
操典	cāodiǎn	drill book
操切	cāoqiè	rash;hasty
操劳 / 操勞 	cāoláo	to work hard;to look after
操场 / 操場 	cāochǎng	playground;sports field
操守	cāoshǒu	personal integrity
操心	cāoxīn	to worry about
操持	cāochi	to manage;to handle
操法	cāofǎ	drill rules
操演	cāoyǎn	demonstration
操練 / 操练 	cāoliàn	drill;practice
操縱 / 操纵 	cāozòng	to operate;to control
操舵室	cāoduōshì	pilothouse
操行	cāoxíng	(student's) behavior
操課 / 操课 	cāokè	military drill
擎	qíng	to raise (hand)
擐	huàn	pass through;to get into (armor)
擒	qín	capture
擘	bò	thumb;break;tear;pierce;split;to analyze
擘开 / 擘開 	bòkāi	to break open
擘画 / 擘畫 	bòhuà	plan;arrange
擞 / 擻 	sǒu	shake;trembling
擢	zhuó	pull out;select
擢升 / 擢陞 	zhuóshēng	exalt;promote
擣	dǎo	stir;to pound
擤	xǐng	blow nose
擦	cā	to wipe;to erase;rubbing (brush stroke in painting);to clean;to polish
擦乾 / 擦干 	cāgān	to wipe dry
擦亮	cāliàng	to polish
擦亮眼睛	cāliàngyǎnjīng	remove the scales from one's eyes;sharpen one's vigilance
擦写 / 擦寫 	cāxiě	to erase
擦拭	cāshì	clean;cleanse
擦掉	cādiào	wipe
擦棒球	cābàngqiú	foul tip
擦洗	cāxǐ	scour;scrub
擦澡	cāzǎo	rub oneself down with a wet towel;take a sponge bath
擦網球 / 擦网球 	cāwǎngqiú	net ball
擦肩而过 / 擦肩而過 	cājiān'érguò	brief encounter;to brush past somebody
擦边球 / 擦邊球 	cābiānqiú	edge ball;touch ball
擦音	cāyīn	fricative
擦黑儿 / 擦黑兒 	cāhēi'er	dusk
擨	yé	to gesticulate;to play antics
擫	yè	to press down
擭	huò	trap
攀	pān	climb up;pull
攀升 / 攀昇 	pānshēng	rising
攀比	pānbǐ	to make invidious comparisons;to emulate others
攀登	pāndēng	climb;clamber;scale
攀越	pānyuè	to climb over;to get over (difficulties);to scale;to surmount
攃	sà	preceding
攒 / 攢 	cuán	bring together
攒 / 攢 	zǎn	collect;hoard
攘	rǎng	throw into confusion
攥	zuàn	to hold;to grip;to grasp
攩	dǎng	hinder;resist
攫	jué	seize (bird or animal)
攫取	juéqǔ	(v);seize;grab
攮	nǎng	to fend off;to stab
支	zhī	(a measure word);to support;to sustain;to erect;to raise;branch;division;to draw money
支付	zhīfù	pay (money)
支出	zhīchū	(v) spend;pay out;(n) expense
支努干	zhīnǔgān	Chinook (helicopter)
支原体 / 支原體 	zhīyuántǐ	Mycoplasma
支原体肺炎 / 支原體肺炎 	zhīyuántǐfèiyán	Mycoplasma pneumonia
支店	zhīdiàn	branch store
支持	zhīchí	to be in favor of;to support;to back;support;backing;to stand by
支持率	zhīchílǜ	support level;popularity rating
支持者	zhīchízhě	supporter
支援	zhīyuán	provide assistance or backing;to support;to back
支撐 / 支撑 	zhīcheng	prop up;support
支族	zhīzú	subfamily
支柱	zhīzhù	mainstay
支柱产业 / 支柱產業 	zhīzhùchǎnyè	mainstay industry
支气管炎 / 支氣管炎 	zhīqìguǎnyán	bronchitis
支流	zhīliú	tributary (river)
支票	zhīpiào	(bank) check;check
支部	zhībù	(n) branch of a political party
支配	zhīpèi	dominate;allocate
收	shōu	to receive;to accept;to collect;in care of (used on address line after name)
收买 / 收買 	shōumǎi	(v) purchase;(v) bribe
收入	shōurù	to take in;income;revenue
收养 / 收養 	shōuyǎng	adopt;adoption
收到	shōudào	receive
收割	shōugē	reap
收割者	shōugēzhě	reaper
收听 / 收聽 	shōutīng	to listen (to);to listen (in)
收回	shōuhuí	to regain;to retake;to take back;to withdraw;to revoke
收场 / 收場 	shōucháng	end;winding down
收复 / 收復 	shōufù	recover (lost territory, etc.);recapture
收成	shōucheng	harvest
收拾	shōushi	to put in order;to tidy up
收据 / 收據 	shōujù	receipt
收支	shōuzhī	(n) financial cash flow balance;income and expense
收留所	shōuliúsuǒ	barrack
收益	shōuyì	earnings;profit
收盘 / 收盤 	shōupán	market close
收穫 / 收获 	shōuhuò	a crop (in agriculture);a harvest;an acquisition;profit;gain;success
收納 / 收纳 	shōunà	to accept
收縮 / 收缩 	shōusuō	pull back;shrink;contract
收藏	shōucáng	keep;collect
收藏家	shōucángjiā	a collector (e.g., of artworks)
收視率 / 收视率 	shōushìlǜ	ratings
收費 / 收费 	shōufèi	fee;charge
收購 / 收购 	shōugòu	to purchase (from various places);to acquire (a company)
收銀 / 收银 	shōuyín	cash out
收集	shōují	to gather;to collect
收音机 / 收音機 	shōuyīnjī	radio
攷	kǎo	examine
攸	yōu	distant, far;adverbial prefix
攸县 / 攸縣 	yōuxiàn	(N) You county (county in Hunan)
改	gǎi	to change;to alter;to transform;to correct
改写 / 改寫 	gǎixiě	(v) revise;edit
改则 / 改則 	gǎizé	(N) Gaize (place in Tibet)
改判	gǎipàn	to commute (a death sentence)
改变 / 改變 	gǎibiàn	to change;to alter;to transform
改变形像 / 改變形像 	gǎibiànxíngxiàng	transfiguration
改口	gǎikǒu	to correct oneself;to withdraw or modify one's previous remark
改名	gǎimíng	to change ones name
改善	gǎishàn	to make better;to improve
改善关系 / 改善關係 	gǎishànguānxi	to improve relations
改善通訊 / 改善通讯 	gǎishàntōngxùn	to improve communications
改头換面 / 改頭換面 	gǎitóuhuànmiàn	a turn-around
改建	gǎijiàn	(v) rebuild
改朝换代 / 改朝換代 	gǎicháohuàndài	transition period between dynasties;an interregnum
改正	gǎizhèng	to correct;to amend;to put right;correction
改組 / 改组 	gǎizǔ	reorganize;reshuffle (posts, etc.)
改編 / 改编 	gǎibiān	to adapt;to rearrange;to revise
改良	gǎiliáng	improve
改装 / 改裝 	gǎizhuāng	remodel
改过 / 改過 	gǎiguò	to correct;to fix
改进 / 改進 	gǎijìn	to improve;to make better
改造	gǎizào	to change;to alter;to transform
改邪归正 / 改邪歸正 	gǎixiéguīzhèng	(saying) to give up evil and return to good
改錐 / 改锥 	gǎizhuī	screwdriver
改革	gǎigé	to reform
改革开放 / 改革開放 	gǎigékāifàng	to reform and open to the outside world
改革者	gǎigézhě	reformer
改革进程 / 改革進程 	gǎigéjìnchéng	reform process
攻	gōng	to attack;to accuse;to study
攻佔 / 攻占 	gōngzhàn	attack and occupy
攻克	gōngkè	to capture;to take
攻关 / 攻關 	gōngguān	(v) attack a key problem
攻击 / 攻擊 	gōngjī	to attack;to accuse;to charge;(military) attack
攻击型核潜艇 / 攻擊型核潛艇 	gōngjīxínghéqiántǐng	nuclear-powered attack submarine
攻势 / 攻勢 	gōngshì	(military) offensive
攻打	gōngdǎ	attack;assault
攻破	gōngpò	to make a breakthrough
攻讀 / 攻读 	gōngdú	(v) major in a field;study a speciality in order to achieve a higher degree
攻陷	gōngxiàn	to fall (to an attack);to surrender
放	fàng	to release;to free;to let go;to put;to place;to let out
放下	fàngxia	lay down;put down;let go;release
放任	fàngrèn	indulge
放假	fàngjià	to have a holiday or vacation
放出	fàngchū	to let off;to give out
放声 / 放聲 	fàngshēng	to shout
放大	fàngdà	enlarge
放大鏡 / 放大镜 	fàngdàjìng	magnifying glass
放学 / 放學 	fàngxué	classes are over
放学后 / 放學後 	fàngxuéhòu	after school
放宽 / 放寬 	fàngkuān	relax restrictions
放射	fàngshè	to radiate;radioactive
放射作战 / 放射作戰 	fàngshèzuòzhàn	radiological operations
放射免疫测定 / 放射免疫測定 	fàngshèmiǎnyìcèdìng	radioimmunoassay
放射学 / 放射學 	fàngshèxué	radiology
放射性	fàngshèxìng	radioactive
放射性元素	fàngshèxìngyuánsù	radioactive element
放射性发光材料 / 放射性發光材料 	fàngshèxìngfāguāngcáiliào	radiophosphor
放射性同位素	fàngshèxìngtóngwèisù	radioactive isotope;radioisotope
放射性废物 / 放射性廢物 	fàngshèxìngfèiwù	radioactive waste
放射性最強點 / 放射性最强点 	fàngshèxìngzuìqiángdiǎn	radioactive hot spot
放射性材料	fàngshèxìngcáiliào	radioactive material
放射性核素	fàngshèxìnghésù	radioactive nuclide;radionuclide
放射性武器	fàngshèxìngwǔqì	radiological weapon
放射性沾染	fàngshèxìngzhānrǎn	radioactive contamination
放射性沾染物	fàngshèxìngzhānrǎnwù	radioactive contaminant
放射性活度	fàngshèxìnghuódù	radioactivity
放射性烟羽 / 放射性煙羽 	fàngshèxìngyānyǔ	radiation plume
放射性碎片	fàngshèxìngsuìpiàn	radioactive debris
放射性碘	fàngshèxìngdiǎn	radioactive iodine
放射性落下灰	fàngshèxìngluòxiàhuī	radioactive fallout
放射性衰变 / 放射性衰變 	fàngshèxìngshuāibiàn	radioactive decay
放射生成物	fàngshèshēngchéngwù	radiogenic material
放射防护 / 放射防護 	fàngshèfánghù	radiological defense
放屁	fàngpì	to fart;to break wind
放开 / 放開 	fàngkāi	unleash;release
放弃 / 放棄 	fàngqì	to renounce;to abandon;to give up
放心	fàngxīn	to set one's mind at rest;to be at ease;to rest
放手	fàngshǒu	let go;have a free hand;let go one's hold
放映	fàngyìng	show (a movie)
放映幻灯片 / 放映幻燈片 	fàngyìnghuàndēngpiàn	slide show
放松 / 放鬆 	fàngsōng	loosen;relax
放牧	fàngmù	graze
放电 / 放電 	fàngdiàn	electrical discharge
放縱 / 放纵 	fàngzòng	to let somebody have their own way;to connive at;to indulge;unrestrained;undisciplined;uncultured;boorish
放置	fàngzhì	put
放肆	fàngsì	wanton, unbridled
放胆 / 放膽 	fàngdǎn	to act boldly
放荡 / 放蕩 	fàngdàng	unconventional
放走	fàngzǒu	to release;to set free;to allow (a person or an animal) to go;to liberate
放进 / 放進 	fàngjìn	to put into
放逐	fàngzhú	banish
政	zhèng	political;politics;government
政党 / 政黨 	zhèngdǎng	political party
政务 / 政務 	zhèngwù	government affairs
政协 / 政協 	zhèngxié	CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Committee)
政变 / 政變 	zhèngbiàn	coup d'etat
政和	zhènghé	(N) Zhenghe (place in Fujian)
政圈	zhèngquān	government circle;political circle
政委	zhèngwěi	political commissar (within the army)
政局	zhèngjú	political situation
政府	zhèngfǔ	government
政府机关 / 政府機關 	zhèngfǔjīguān	(n) government (referring to it as an organization or body)
政府机关开放系统互连总则 / 政府機關開放系統互連總則 	zhèngfǔjīguānkāifàngxìtǒnghùliánzǒngzé	Government Open system Interconnection Profile;GOSIP
政府机构 / 政府機構 	zhèngfǔjīgòu	government organization
政府警告	zhèngfǔjǐnggào	government warning
政府部門 / 政府部门 	zhèngfǔbùmén	government branch
政权 / 政權 	zhèngquán	regime;(wield) political power
政治	zhèngzhì	politics;political
政治关系 / 政治關係 	zhèngzhìguānxì	political relations
政治学 / 政治學 	zhèngzhìxué	politics;political science
政治家	zhèngzhìjiā	statesman;politician
政治局	zhèngzhìjú	politburo
政治庇护 / 政治庇護 	zhèngzhìbìhù	political asylum
政治性	zhèngzhìxìng	political
政治机构 / 政治機構 	zhèngzhìjīgòu	political organization
政治气候 / 政治氣候 	zhèngzhìqìhòu	political climate
政治犯	zhèngzhìfàn	political prisoner
政界	zhèngjiè	political and government circles
政策	zhèngcè	policy
政績 / 政绩 	zhèngjī	(political) achievements;track record
政見 / 政见 	zhèngjiàn	political views
政論 / 政论 	zhènglùn	political commentary
敁	diān	to weigh in the hand, to estimate;to shake
敃	mǐn	strong;robust;vigorous
故	gù	happening;instance;reason;cause;deceased;old
故乡 / 故鄉 	gùxiàng	home;homeland;native place
故事	gùshi	narrative;story;tale
故作	gùzuò	petend
故地重游 / 故地重遊 	gùdìchóngyóu	set expression: to revisit old haunts
故城县 / 故城縣 	gùchéngxiàn	(N) Gucheng county (county in Shandong)
故宫 / 故宮 	gùgōng	The Imperial Palace
故居	gùjū	former residence
故意	gùyì	deliberately;on purpose
故里	gùlǐ	hometown;native place
故障	gùzhàng	glitch;breakdown;snag;fault;error
故障排除	gùzhàngpáichú	fault resolution;trouble clearing
效	xiào	imitate
效	xiào	effect;efficacy;imitate
效力	xiàolì	(n) positive effect;efficacy;(v) to offer one's help
效应 / 效應 	xiàoyìng	effect (e.g. greenhouse effect)
效忠	xiàozhōng	vow loyalty and devotion to
效果	xiàoguǒ	result;effect
效法	xiàofǎ	to imitate;to follow the example of
效率	xiàolǜ	efficiency
效用	xiàoyòng	usefulness;effectiveness
效益	xiàoyì	benefit
效能	xiàonéng	efficient
敉	mǐ	peaceful
敌 / 敵 	dí	enemy;match
敌人 / 敵人 	dírén	enemy
敌对 / 敵對 	díduì	(adj) hostile;combative
敌意 / 敵意 	díyì	enmity;hostility
敌手 / 敵手 	díshǒu	antagonist
敌方 / 敵方 	dífāng	enemy
敌视 / 敵視 	díshì	(v) be antagonistic
敏	mǐn	keen
敏感	mǐngǎn	(adj) sensitive, susceptible
敏感物質 / 敏感物质 	mǐngǎnwùzhì	sensitive materials
敏捷	mǐnjié	nimble;shrewd
敏銳 / 敏锐 	mǐnruì	keen
救	jiù	to save;to assist;to rescue
救世	jiùshì	salvation
救主	jiùzhǔ	Savior
救助	jiùzhù	aid;to help somebody in trouble
救命	jiùmìng	to save somebody's life;(intj.) Help!;(intj.) Save me!
救恩	jiù'ēn	salvation
救恩計劃 / 救恩计划 	jiù'ēnjìhuà	plan of salvation
救护 / 救護 	jiùhù	rescue;administer first-aid
救护车 / 救護車 	jiùhùchē	ambulance
救援	jiùyuán	to save;to support;to help;to assist
救星	jiùxīng	liberator;emancipator
救活	jiùhuó	to bring back to life
救济 / 救濟 	jiùjì	(v) help out in a disaster with cash or goods;relieve
救災 / 救灾 	jiùzāi	(v) help people in a disaster area
救生衣	jiùshēngyī	life jacket
救贖 / 救赎 	jiùshú	rescue and redeem
救贖主 / 救赎主 	jiùshúzhǔ	Redeemer
救难 / 救難 	jiùnán	to rescue;rescue (operation, workers)
敔	yǔ	(ancient mus. instr.)
敕	chì	imperial orders
敖	áo	ramble
敖汉旗 / 敖漢旗 	áohànqí	(N) Aohan qi (place in Inner Mongolia)
敖游 / 敖遊 	áoyóu	to saunter, travel
敗 / 败 	bài	be defeated;to defeat;loss
敗仗 / 败仗 	bàizhàng	lost battle;defeat
敗北 / 败北 	bàiběi	suffer defeat;lose a battle
敗壞 / 败坏 	bàihuài	ruin;corrupt;undermine
敗子回頭 / 败子回头 	bàizǐhuítóu	return of the prodigal son
敗家子 / 败家子 	bàijiāzǐ	spendthrift;wastrel;prodigal
敗局 / 败局 	bàijú	lost game;losing battle
敗德 / 败德 	bàidé	evil conduct
敗火 / 败火 	bàihuǒ	relieve inflammation or internal heat
敗筆 / 败笔 	bàibǐ	a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting;a faulty expression in writing
敗績 / 败绩 	bàijī	be utterly defeated;be routed
敗胃 / 败胃 	bàiwèi	spoil one's appetite
敗興 / 败兴 	bàixìng	disappointed
敗落 / 败落 	bàiluò	decline (in wealth and position)
敗血症 / 败血症 	bàixuèzhèng	septicaemia
敗訴 / 败诉 	bàisù	lose a lawsuit
敗退 / 败退 	bàituì	retreat in defeat
敗陣 / 败阵 	bàizhèn	be defeated on the battlefield;be beaten in a contest
敗露 / 败露 	bàilù	(of a plot, etc.) fall through and stand exposed
敗類 / 败类 	bàilèi	scum of a community;degenerate
教	jiāo	teach
教	jiào	religion;teaching
教义 / 教義 	jiàoyì	creed;doctrine
教义和圣约 / 教義和聖約 	jiàoyìhéshèngyuē	Doctrine and Covenants
教书 / 教書 	jiāoshū	to teach (in a school)
教仪 / 教儀 	jiàoyí	ordinance
教会 / 教會 	jiàohuì	(n) Christian church
教养 / 教養 	jiàoyǎng	(n) upbringing;early conditioning;(v) bring up;nurture and train
教区 / 教區 	jiàoqū	parish
教友	jiàoyǒu	church member
教友大会 / 教友大會 	jiàoyǒudàhuì	church conference
教员 / 教員 	jiàoyuán	teacher;instructor
教唆	jiàosuō	(v) conspire with;urge on a criminal act;foment
教堂	jiàotáng	church;chapel
教堂墓地	jiàotángmùdì	churchyard
教士	jiàoshì	churchman;clergy
教学 / 教學 	jiàoxué	teacher and student;education
教学机构 / 教學機構 	jiàoxuéjīgòu	educational organization
教室	jiàoshì	classroom
教导 / 教導 	jiàodǎo	instruct;teach
教师 / 教師 	jiàoshī	teacher
教徒	jiàotú	disciple;follower of a religion
教授	jiàoshòu	university professor;instruct;lecture on
教授毕竟是教授 / 教授畢竟是教授 	jiàoshòubìjìngshìjiàoshòu	professors are (after all) professors
教材	jiàocái	teaching material
教条 / 教條 	jiàotiáo	(n) religious dogma
教案	jiào'àn	lesson plan;teaching plan;a "missionary case" (a dispute over Christian missionaries during the late Qing)
教母	jiàomǔ	godmother
教派	jiàopài	sect
教父	jiàofù	godfather
教皇	jiàohuáng	pope
教研室	jiàoyánshì	teaching and research section
教科书 / 教科書 	jiàokēshū	textbook
教程	jiàochéng	a lecture course;a teaching module at university;a tutorial;a textbook;a course of study
教練 / 教练 	jiàoliàn	(athlete's) coach
教育	jiàoyù	to educate;to teach;education
教育性	jiàoyùxìng	instructive;educational
教育界	jiàoyùjiè	academic world;academic circles;academia
教育相談 / 教育相谈 	jiàoyùxiāngtán	education counselor
教規 / 教规 	jiàoguī	religious rules
教訓 / 教训 	jiàoxun	(teach someone or learn a) lesson (i.e. obtain wisdom from an experience)
教誨 / 教诲 	jiàohuì	to instruct
敛 / 斂 	liǎn	arrange;control oneself;gather
敜	niè	to fill up or cover up a hole
敝	bì	my (polite);poor;ruined;shabby;worn out;defeated
敝屣	bìxǐ	worn-out shoes;a worthless thing
敝帚自珍	bìzhǒuzìzhēn	value one's own old broom - cherish something of little value simply because it is one's own
敞	chǎng	spacious;uncovered
敞开 / 敞開 	chǎngkāi	(v) open up wide
敞篷車 / 敞篷车 	chǎngpéngchē	convertible car;open car
敞蓬車 / 敞蓬车 	chǎngpéngchē	convertible car;open car
敢	gǎn	dare
敢于 / 敢於 	gǎnyú	dare to;be bold in;have the courage to
散	sǎn	leisurely;loosen;powdered medicine;to scatter;to come loose
散	sàn	adjourn;scatter
散佈 / 散布 	sànbù	disseminate
散光	sǎnguāng	astigmatism
散出	sànchū	shed
散发 / 散髮 	sànfā	distribute;emit;issue
散射	sǎnshè	scattering
散尽 / 散盡 	sànjìn	to be totally dispersed (crowd)
散居	sǎnjū	to live scattered
散戶 / 散户 	sànhù	individual (shareholder);the small investor
散播	sǎnbò	to spread
散文	sǎnwén	prose
散步	sànbù	to take a walk;to go for a walk
散热 / 散熱 	sànrè	dissipate heat
敦	dūn	kind-hearted
敦	dūn	kind-hearted;place name
敦促	dūncù	to press;to urge;to hasten
敦化	dūnhuà	(N) Dunhua (city in Jilin)
敦煌	dūnhuáng	(N) Dunhuang (city in Gansu)
敦煌石窟	dūnhuángshíkū	the Dunhuang caves in Gansu
敧	qǐ	to pick up thing with chopsticks or pincers.
敪	duó	to weigh;cut;come without being invited
敬	jìng	to respect;to venerate;to salute;to offer
敬启 / 敬啟 	jìngqǐ	respectful closing to a letter
敬奉	jìngfèng	to piously worship
敬意	jìngyì	(n) respect;tribute
敬愛 / 敬爱 	jìng'ài	respect and love
敬拜	jìngbài	to worship
敬服	jìngfú	admire
敬畏	jìngwèi	revere
敬礼 / 敬禮 	jìnglǐ	salute
敬祝	jìngzhù	to respectfully offer (written at the end of letter from someone of lower status to higher status)
敬而远之 / 敬而遠之 	jìng'éryuǎnzhī	(saying) to show respect from a distance
敬虔	jìngqián	devout
敬酒	jìngjiǔ	propose a toast;toast
敬重	jìngzhòng	to respect deeply;to revere;to esteem
数 / 數 	shǔ	to count
数 / 數 	shù	number;figure;to count;to calculate;several
数 / 數 	shuò	frequently;repeatedly
数不尽 / 數不盡 	shùbújìn	countless
数不清 / 數不清 	shǔbùqīng	countless
数不胜数 / 數不勝數 	shǔbùshèngshǔ	(set phrase) (adv) countless
数以百计 / 數以百計 	shùyǐbǎijì	hundreds of
数位 / 數位 	shùwèi	digital
数位信号 / 數位信號 	shùwèixìnhào	digital signal
数位网路 / 數位網路 	shùwèiwǎnglù	digital network;digital network
数值 / 數值 	shùzhí	numerical
数值分析 / 數值分析 	shùzhífēnxī	numerical analysis (math.)
数值解 / 數值解 	shùzhíjiě	numerical solution
数出 / 數出 	shǔchū	count in
数十亿 / 數十億 	shùshíyì	several billion
数字 / 數字 	shùzì	number;figure;amount;digital (electronics, etc);numeral;digit
数字信号 / 數字信號 	shùzìxìnhào	digital signal
数字网 / 數字網 	shùzìwǎng	digital network
数字订购线路 / 數字訂購線路 	shùzìdìnggòuxiànlù	digital subscriber line;DSL
数字通信 / 數字通信 	shùzìtōngxìn	digital communications
数学 / 數學 	shùxué	mathematic;mathematics
数学家 / 數學家 	shùxuéjiā	mathematician
数学物理 / 數學物理 	shùxuéwùlǐ	mathematical physics
数据 / 數據 	shùjù	data;numbers;digital
数据介面 / 數據介面 	shùjùjièmiàn	data interface
数据传输 / 數據傳輸 	shùjùchuánshū	data transmission
数据库 / 數據庫 	shùjùkù	database
数据库软件 / 數據庫軟件 	shùjùkùruǎnjiàn	database software
数据接口 / 數據接口 	shùjùjiēkǒu	data interface
数据网络 / 數據網絡 	shùjùwǎngluò	data network
数据通信 / 數據通信 	shùjùtōngxìn	data communication
数据链路层 / 數據鏈路層 	shùjùliànlùcéng	data link layer
数据链路连接识别码 / 數據鏈路連接識別碼 	shùjùliànlùliánjiēshíbiémǎ	Data Link Connection Identifier;DLCI
数月 / 數月 	shùyuè	several months
数理 / 數理 	shùlǐ	mathematical sciences
数理分析 / 數理分析 	shùlǐfēnxī	mathematical analysis;calculus
数理逻辑 / 數理邏輯 	shùlǐluójí	mathematical logic;symbolic logic
数百 / 數百 	shùbǎi	several hundred
数百万 / 數百萬 	shùbǎiwàn	several million
数目 / 數目 	shùmù	amount;number
数码 / 數碼 	shùmǎ	number;numerals;figures;digital;amount;numerical code
数码化 / 數碼化 	shùmǎhuà	to digitalize (e.g., data);digitalization
数码扫描 / 數碼掃描 	shùmǎsǎomiáo	a digital scan
数码照相机 / 數碼照相機 	shùmǎzhàoxiàngjī	digital camera
数种 / 數種 	shùzhǒng	numerous types;many kinds
数论 / 數論 	shùlùn	(math.) number theory
数词 / 數詞 	shùcí	numeral
数量 / 數量 	shùliàng	amount;quantity
数额 / 數額 	shù'é	(n) amount;fixed number
敲	qiāo	extort;knock;to strike;to knock (at a door);to hit
敲入	qiāorù	to key in;to input
敲击 / 敲擊 	qiāojī	pound;rap
敲打	qiāodǎ	beat
敲門 / 敲门 	qiāomén	knock on a door
敳	ái	able (in administrating)
整	zhěng	exactly;in good order;whole;complete;entire;in order;orderly;to repair;to mend;to renovate;to make sb. suffer;to punish;to fix;to give sb. a hard time
整个 / 整個 	zhěnggè	whole;entire;total
整体 / 整體 	zhěngtǐ	overall;as a whole;whole (thing, situation);entirety;integrated
整体数位服务网路 / 整體數位服務網路 	zhěngtǐshùwèifúwùwǎnglù	Integrated Service Digital Network;ISDN
整体服务数位网路 / 整體服務數位網路 	zhěngtǐfúwùshùwèiwǎnglù	Integrated Services Digital Network;ISDN
整合	zhěnghé	to conform;to integrate
整天	zhěngtiān	all day long;all
整容	zhěngróng	plastic surgery
整数 / 整數 	zhěngshù	(n) integer;whole number
整整	zhěngzhěng	whole;full
整洁 / 整潔 	zhěngjié	neatly;tidy
整理	zhěnglǐ	arrange;sort out;list systematically
整頓 / 整顿 	zhěngdùn	rectify;consolidate;reorganize
整風 / 整风 	zhěngfēng	(pol.) rectifying incorrect work styles
整齊 / 整齐 	zhěngqí	tidy;neat
敷	fū	announce;apply
敷演	fūyǎn	(v) (clas.) elaborate, expound, develop (variant of __敷衍__)
敷衍	fūyǎn	(v) (clas.) elaborate, expound, develop
敷衍	fūyan	to be perfunctory;to go through the motions;to barely get by;to just manage
敹	liáo	keep tidy and repaired;sew
敺	qū	expel;urge on
敻	xiòng	(surname)
敿	jiǎo	tie up (laces)
斁	yì	be weary of
斃 / 毙 	bì	die violently
斃命 / 毙命 	bìmìng	meet violent death;get killed
文	wén	language;culture;writing;formal;literary
文书 / 文書 	wénshū	document;official correspondence;secretary;secretariat
文书处理 / 文書處理 	wénshūchǔlǐ	word processing
文人	wénrén	(n) scholar
文件	wénjiàn	document;file
文件夹 / 文件夾 	wénjiànjiā	folder;file (paper)
文件服务器 / 文件服務器 	wénjiànfúwùqì	file server
文具	wénjù	stationery
文具商	wénjùshāng	stationer
文凭 / 文憑 	wénpíng	(n) diploma
文化	wénhuà	culture;civilization;cultural
文化传统 / 文化傳統 	wénhuàchuántǒng	cultural tradition
文化大革命	wénhuàdàgémìng	the Cultural Revolution (1966-76)
文化宫 / 文化宮 	wénhuàgōng	cultural palace
文化的交流	wénhuàdejiāoliú	cultural exchange
文化障碍 / 文化障礙 	wénhuàzhàng'ài	cultural barrier
文县 / 文縣 	wénxiàn	(N) Wen county (county in Gansu)
文字	wénzì	character
文字档 / 文字檔 	wénzìdàng	text file
文学 / 文學 	wénxué	literature
文学家 / 文學家 	wénxuéjiā	writer;man of letters
文安县 / 文安縣 	wén'ānxiàn	(N) Wenan county (county in Tianjin)
文山	wénshān	(N) Wenshan (place in Yunnan)
文山区 / 文山區 	wénshānqū	(N) Wenshan (area in Taiwan)
文峰鎮 / 文峰镇 	wénfēngzhèn	(N) Wenfengzhen (place in Gansu)
文成	wénchéng	(N) Wencheng (place in Zhejiang)
文昌	wénchāng	(N) Wenchang (place in Hainan)
文明	wénmíng	civilized;civilization;culture
文明化	wénmínghuà	civilize
文本	wénběn	version;text
文档 / 文檔 	wéndàng	(computer) file
文武	wénwǔ	civil and military
文水	wénshuǐ	(N) Wenshui (place in Shanxi)
文法	wénfǎ	grammar
文物	wénwù	cultural relic;historical relic
文献 / 文獻 	wénxiàn	document
文献学 / 文獻學 	wénxiànxué	Philology;Historical Linguistics
文登	wéndēng	(N) Wendeng (city in Shandong)
文盲	wénmáng	illiterate
文稿	wéngǎo	manuscript;article (in newspaper);draft
文章	wénzhāng	article;essay
文职 / 文職 	wénzhí	civilian;non-military
文艺 / 文藝 	wényì	literature and art
文莱 / 文萊 	wénlái	Brunei
文莱达鲁萨兰国 / 文萊達魯薩蘭國 	wénláidálǔsàlánguó	Brunei Darussalam
文言	wényán	(n) Classical Chinese
文質彬彬 / 文质彬彬 	wénzhìbīnbīn	refined in manner;gentle
文身	wénshēn	tattoo
文选 / 文選 	wénxuǎn	(n) analects;selected works
文部	wénbù	(N) Wenbu (place in Tibet)
文雅	wényǎ	elegant;refined
文静 / 文靜 	wénjìng	(adj);gentle and quiet
文革	wéngé	abbr. for the Cultural Revolution (1966-76)
文風不動 / 文风不动 	wénfēngbúdòng	(adj) absolutely still
斉	qí	Japanese variant of T:__齊__ S:__齐__
斋 / 齋 	zhāi	(Buddhist or Daoist) to fast;to abstain from meat or wine;room;building
斋月 / 齋月 	zhāiyuè	Ramadan (Muslim month of fasting)
斋藤 / 齋藤 	zhāiténg	Saito or Saitoh, Japanese surname
斎	zhāi	Japanese variant of T:__齋__ S:__斋__
斐	fěi	(phonetic);(surname);elegant
斐济 / 斐濟 	fěijǐ	Fiji
斑	bān	spot;coloured patch;stripe;spotted;striped;variegated
斑斑	bānbān	full of stains or spots
斑点 / 斑點 	bāndiǎn	spot;stain;speckle
斑疹伤寒 / 斑疹傷寒 	bānzhěnshānghán	typhus
斑疹热 / 斑疹熱 	bānzhěnrè	spotted fever
斑白	bānbái	grizzled;greying
斑竹	bānzhú	mottled bamboo
斑紋 / 斑纹 	bānwén	stripe;streak
斑羚	bānlíng	Nemorhaedus goral, a species of antelope found in Xinjiang
斑翅山鶉 / 斑翅山鹑 	bānchìshānchún	partridge
斑馬 / 斑马 	bānmǎ	zebra
斑馬魚 / 斑马鱼 	bānmǎyú	zebrafish
斑駮 / 斑驳 	bānbó	mottled;motley
斑駮陸離 / 斑驳陆离 	bānbólùlí	variegated
斒	bān	variegated;striped;marbled
斓 / 斕 	lán	variegated;parti-colored
斗	dǒu	Chinese peck
斗	dòu	fight;incite
斗争 / 鬥爭 	dòuzhēng	struggle (with);fight;battle
斗六	dǒuliù	(N) Touliu (city in Taiwan)
斗南鎮 / 斗南镇 	dǒunánzhèn	(N) Tounan (town in Taiwan)
斗士 / 鬥士 	dòushì	a warrior;an activist
斗志 / 鬥志 	dòuzhì	will to fight
斗批改	dòupīgǎi	(Cul. Rev.) struggle-criticism-transformation
斗拳 / 鬥拳 	dòuquán	boxing
斗智 / 鬥智 	dòuzhì	battle of wits
斗眼	dòuyǎn	cross-eyed
斗篷	dǒupéng	cloak;mantle
斗門 / 斗门 	dǒumén	(N) Doumen (place in Guangdong)
斗鸡 / 鬥雞 	dòujī	cock fighting
料	liào	material;stuff;grain;feed;to expect;to anticipate;to guess
料子	liàozi	material
斛	hú	5 pecks (M)
斜	xié	slanting
斜紋軟呢 / 斜纹软呢 	xiéwénruǎnní	tweed
斜鉤 / 斜钩 	xiégōu	(downwards-right concave hooked character stroke)
斝	jiǎ	jade cup with ears
斞	yǔ	a stack of grain;a measure of 16 dou3
斟	zhēn	pour;to deliberate
斟酒	zhēnjiǔ	(v) to pour wine or liquor
斠	jiào	to measure
斡	wò	to turn
斡旋	wòxuán	mediate (a conflict, etc.)
斢	tǒu	to plunder
斤	jīn	catty;weight equal to 0.5 kg
斥	chì	blame;reprove;reprimand
斥責 / 斥责 	chìzé	denounce
斧	fǔ	hatchet
斧头 / 斧頭 	fǔtóu	ax;hatchet
斧子	fǔzi	axe;hatchet
斨	qiāng	axe
斩 / 斬 	zhǎn	behead;chop
斩断 / 斬斷 	zhǎnduàn	(v) cut off
斩草除根 / 斬草除根 	zhǎncǎochúgēn	(saying) to pull up by the roots;completely eliminate
斩钉截铁 / 斬釘截鐵 	zhǎndīngjiétiě	(saying) definitely;without any doubt
斩首 / 斬首 	zhǎnshǒu	behead
斫 / 斲 	zhuó	chop;carve wood
断 / 斷 	duàn	absolutely;decidedly (in negative constructions);break;to judge
断交 / 斷交 	duànjiāo	break off diplomatic relations
断定 / 斷定 	duàndìng	(v) come to a conclusion
断断续续 / 斷斷續續 	duànduànxùxù	(adv) intermittently;off and on manner;(adj) intermittent
断档 / 斷檔 	duàndàng	to be sold out;to be out of stock
断桥 / 斷橋 	duànqiáo	The Broken Bridge (at West Lake in Hangzhou)
断电 / 斷電 	duàndiàn	power cut;electric power failure
断绝 / 斷絕 	duànjué	sever;break off
断裂 / 斷裂 	duànliè	fracture;rupture
断裂模数 / 斷裂模數 	duànlièmóshù	modulus rupture
断言 / 斷言 	duànyán	affirm;assertion
斮	zhuó	cut off
斯	sī	(phonetic);this
斯佩林	sīpèilín	Spelling (e.g. Spelling Entertainment Group)
斯佩罗 / 斯佩羅 	sīpèiluó	(Joan) Spero (Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs)
斯卡伯勒礁	sīkǎbólèjiāo	Scarborough Shoal (Philippines' name for Huangyan Island)
斯史蒂文	shǐdìwénsī	Stevens (name)
斯坦福	sītǎnfú	Stanford (university)
斯坦福大学 / 斯坦福大學 	sītǎnfúdàxué	Stanford University
斯堪的納維亞 / 斯堪的纳维亚 	sīkāndìnàwéiyà	Scandinavia
斯大林	sīdàlín	Stalin, Joseph
斯密約瑟 / 斯密约瑟 	sīmìyuēsè	Joseph Smith
斯德哥尔摩 / 斯德哥爾摩 	sīdégē'ěrmó	Stockholm (capital of Sweden)
斯拉夫	sīlāfū	Slavic
斯拉夫語 / 斯拉夫语 	sīlāfūyǔ	Slavic language
斯文	sīwén	(adj) refined;polite;gentle;cultured
斯洛伐克	sīluòfákè	Slovakia
斯洛伐克語 / 斯洛伐克语 	sīluòfákèyǔ	Slovak (language)
斯洛文尼亚 / 斯洛文尼亞 	sīluòwénníyà	Slovenia
斯特凡諾普洛斯 / 斯特凡诺普洛斯 	sītèfánnuòpǔluòsī	Stephanopoulos (e.g. former Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos)
斯瓦希里	sīwǎxīlǐ	Swahili
斯瓦希里語 / 斯瓦希里语 	sīwǎxīlǐyǔ	Swahili (language);Kiswahili
斯莱特林 / 斯萊特林 	sīláitèlín	one of the magic schools in Harry Potter
斯里兰卡 / 斯里蘭卡 	sīlǐlánkǎ	Sri Lanka;(formerly) Ceylon
斯里巴加湾港 / 斯里巴加灣港 	sīlǐbājiāwāngǎng	Bandar Seri Begawan (capital of Brunei)
新	xīn	meso- (chem.);new;newly
新丰 / 新豐 	xīnfēng	(N) Xinfeng (place in Guangdong)
新丰乡 / 新豐鄉 	xīnfēngxiāng	(N) Hsinfeng (village in Taiwan)
新乐 / 新樂 	xīnlè	(N) Xinle (city in Hebei)
新乡 / 新鄉 	xīnxiāng	(N) Xinxiang (city in Henan)
新乡地区 / 新鄉地區 	xīnxiāngdìqū	(N) Xinxiang district (district in Henan)
新书 / 新書 	xīnshū	new book
新京報 / 新京报 	xīnjīngbào	Beijing news (newspaper)
新人	xīnrén	(n) new-age person;new type of person;(n) newlywed, in particular a new bride
新任	xīnrèn	newly-appointed;newly elected;new (in a political office)
新会 / 新會 	xīnhuì	(N) Xinhui (city in Guangdong)
新余	xīnyú	(N) Xinyu (city in Jiangxi)
新修	xīnxiū	revise;revised
新兴 / 新興 	xīnxīng	new;up and coming;newly developing;rising
新兴区 / 新興區 	xīnxīngqū	(N) Hsinhsing (area in Taiwan)
新兵	xīnbīng	new (army) recruit
新加坡	xīnjiāpō	Singapore
新加坡人	xīnjiāpōrén	Singaporean person
新化	xīnhuà	(N) Xinhua (place in Hunan)
新化鎮 / 新化镇 	xīnhuàzhèn	Hsinhua (town in Taiwan)
新华社 / 新華社 	xīnhuáshè	Xinhua news agency
新华网 / 新華網 	xīnhuáwǎng	Xinhua news network
新南威尔士州 / 新南威爾士州 	xīnnánwēi'ěrshìzhōu	New South Wales, Australian state
新县 / 新縣 	xīnxiàn	(N) Xin county (county in Henan)
新台币 / 新台幣 	xīntáibì	New Taiwan dollar (NTD)
新和	xīnhé	(N) Xinhe (place in Xinjiang)
新喀里多尼亚 / 新喀里多尼亞 	xīnkālǐduōníyà	New Caledonia
新园乡 / 新園鄉 	xīnyuánxiāng	(N) Hsinyuan (village in Taiwan)
新型	xīnxíng	new type;new kind
新城乡 / 新城鄉 	xīnchéngxiāng	(N) Hsincheng (village in Taiwan)
新城县 / 新城縣 	xīnchéngxiàn	(N) Xincheng county (county in Hebei)
新城病	xīnchéngbìng	Newcastle Disease
新埔鎮 / 新埔镇 	xīnbùzhèn	(N) Hsinpu (town in Taiwan)
新埤乡 / 新埤鄉 	xīnpíxiāng	(N) Hsinpi (village in Taiwan)
新墨西哥	xīnmòxīgē	New Mexico
新奇	xīnqí	novel
新奥尔晾 / 新奧爾晾 	xīn'ào'ěrliáng	New Orleans
新奥尔良 / 新奧爾良 	xīn'ào'ěrliáng	New Orleans
新娘	xīnniáng	bride
新宁 / 新寧 	xīnníng	(N) Xinning (place in Hunan)
新安	xīn'ān	(N) Xin'an (place in Henan)
新宾满族自治县 / 新賓滿族自治縣 	xīnbīnmǎnzúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Xinbin Manzu autonomous county (county in Liaoning)
新宿	xīnsù	Shinjuku (district of Tokyo with many Chinese residents)
新屋乡 / 新屋鄉 	xīnwūxiāng	(N) Hsinwu (village in Taiwan)
新巴尔虎右旗 / 新巴爾虎右旗 	xīnbā'ěrhǔyòuqí	(N) Xinba'erhu youqi (place in Inner Mongolia)
新巴尔虎左旗 / 新巴爾虎左旗 	xīnbā'ěrhǔzuǒqí	(N) Xinba'erhu zuoqi (place in Inner Mongolia)
新市乡 / 新市鄉 	xīnshìxiāng	(N) Hsinshih (village in Taiwan)
新干	xīngān	(N) Xin'gan (place in Jiangxi)
新干线 / 新幹線 	xīngànxiàn	Shinkansen (Japanese high-speed train)
新年	xīnnián	New Year
新年快乐 / 新年快樂 	xīnniánkuàilè	Happy New Year!
新庄 / 新莊 	xīnzhuāng	(N) Hsinchuang (city in Taiwan)
新店	xīndiàn	(N) Hsintien (city in Taiwan)
新建	xīnjiàn	(N) Xinjian (place in Jiangxi)
新式	xīnshì	new type;latest type;new-style
新德里	xīndélǐ	New Delhi (capital of India)
新意	xīnyì	a new conception
新房	xīnfáng	(n) brand new house;(n) bridal chamber
新手	xīnshǒu	new hand;novice;raw recruit
新教	xīnjiào	protestant
新昌	xīnchāng	(N) Xinchang (place in Zhejiang)
新晃侗族自治县 / 新晃侗族自治縣 	xīnhuǎngdòngzúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Xinhuang Dong autonomous county (county in Hunan)
新月	xīnyuè	crescent moon
新民	xīnmín	(N) Xinmin (city in Liaoning)
新沂	xīnyí	(N) Xinyi (city in Jiangsu)
新河	xīnhé	(N) Xinhe (place in Hebei)
新泰	xīntài	(N) Xintai (city in Shandong)
新泽西 / 新澤西 	xīnzéxī	New Jersey
新泽西州 / 新澤西州 	xīnzéxīzhōu	New Jersey
新津	xīnjīn	(N) Xinjin (place in Sichuan)
新洲	xīnzhōu	(N) Xinzhou (place in Hubei)
新港乡 / 新港鄉 	xīngǎngxiāng	(N) Hsinkang (village in Taiwan)
新源	xīnyuán	(N) Xinyuan (place in Xinjiang)
新潟	xīnxì	Niigata (city in N Japan)
新營 / 新营 	xīnyíng	(N) Hsinying (city in Taiwan)
新版	xīnbǎn	new edition;new version
新生	xīnshēng	newborn;(abbr.) a Singapore student
新田	xīntián	(N) Xintian (place in Hunan)
新疆	xīnjiāng	Xinjiang (Uygur Autonomous Region)
新石器时代 / 新石器時代 	xīnshíqìshídài	the neolithic
新社乡 / 新社鄉 	xīnshèxiāng	(N) Hsinshe (village in Taiwan)
新穎 / 新颖 	xīnyǐng	(adj) new and unique
新竹	xīnzhú	Hsinchu (a city in northern Taiwan)
新約 / 新约 	xīnyuē	New Testament
新約全書 / 新约全书 	xīnyuēquánshū	New Testament
新絳 / 新绛 	xīnjiàng	(N) Xinjiang (place in Shanxi)
新罕布什尔 / 新罕布什爾 	xīnhǎnbùshí'ěr	New Hampshire, US state
新聞 / 新闻 	xīnwén	news
新聞主播 / 新闻主播 	xīnwénzhǔbō	(n) newsreader;anchor
新聞媒體 / 新闻媒体 	xīnwénméitǐ	news media
新聞學 / 新闻学 	xīnwènxué	journalism
新聞界 / 新闻界 	xīnwénjiè	the press;the media
新聞網 / 新闻网 	xīnwénwǎng	news agency
新聞處 / 新闻处 	xīnwénchù	news service;information agency
新聞記者 / 新闻记者 	xīnwènjìzhē	journalist
新聞週刊 / 新闻周刊 	xīnwénzhōukān	Newsweek magazine
新蔡	xīncài	(N) Xincai (place in Henan)
新西伯利亚	xīnxībólìyà	Novosibirsk, city in Russia
新西伯利亚市	xīnxībólìyàshì	Novosibirsk, city in Russia
新西兰 / 新西蘭 	xīnxīlán	New Zealand
新近	xīnjìn	newly
新造	xīnzào	newly made
新邵	xīnshào	(N) Xinshao (place in Hunan)
新郎	xīnláng	bridegroom
新郑 / 新鄭 	xīnzhèng	(N) Xinzheng (city in Henan)
新都	xīndū	(N) Xindu (place in Sichuan)
新野	xīnyě	(N) Xinye (place in Henan)
新金县 / 新金縣 	xīnjīnxiàn	(N) Xinjin county (county in Liaoning)
新陈代谢 / 新陳代謝 	xīnchéndàixiè	(biol.) metabolism;(saying) the new replaces the old
新鮮 / 新鲜 	xīnxiān	fresh (experience, food, etc.);freshness
新龍 / 新龙 	xīnlóng	(N) Xinlong (place in Sichuan)
方	fāng	square;quadrilateral;direction;just
方位	fāngwèi	(n) azimuth;position;bearing;points of the compass
方便	fāngbiàn	convenient
方兴未艾 / 方興未艾 	fāngxīngwèi'ài	to be unfolding
方向	fāngxiàng	direction;orientation;path to follow
方圆 / 方圓 	fāngyuán	(n) circumference
方城	fāngchéng	(N) Fangcheng (place in Henan)
方山	fāngshān	(N) Fangshan (place in Shanxi)
方差	fāngchā	(statistics) variance
方式	fāngshì	way (of life);pattern;style;mode;manner
方括号 / 方括號 	fāngkuòhào	(n) square brackets (\( \))
方格紙 / 方格纸 	fānggézhǐ	(n) squared paper;graph paper
方案	fāng'àn	plan;program (for action, etc);proposal;proposed bill
方正	fāngzhèng	(N) Fangzheng (place in Heilongjiang);(adj) upright;foursquare
方法	fāngfǎ	method;way;means
方程	fāngchéng	(n) mathematical equation
方程式	fāngchéngshì	equation
方程組 / 方程组 	fāngchéngzǔ	(math.) simultaneous equations;system of equations
方舟	fāngzhōu	ark
方言	fāngyán	dialect
方針 / 方针 	fāngzhēn	policy;guidelines
方面	fāngmiàn	respect;aspect;field;side
於	yū	(surname)
於	yú	in;at;to;from;by;than;out of
施	shī	(surname);distribute (alms);to do;to execute;to carry out
施事	shīshì	(ling.) agent
施加	shījiā	exert (effort or pressure)
施压 / 施壓 	shīyā	to pressure
施展	shīzhǎn	(v) use to fullest;put to use
施工	shīgōng	construction
施捨 / 施舍 	shīshě	to give in charity
施洗	shīxǐ	baptize
施洗約翰 / 施洗约翰 	shīxǐyuēhàn	John the Baptist
施用	shīyòng	(v) use
施甸	shīdiàn	(N) Shidian (place in Yunnan)
施秉	shībǐng	(N) Shibing (place in Guizhou)
施耐庵	shīnài'ān	Shi Naian, a classical Chinese author
施肥	shīféi	fertilize
施蒂利尔 / 施蒂利爾 	shīdìlì'ěr	Styria province of Austria
施蒂利尔州 / 施蒂利爾州 	shīdìlì'ěrzhōu	Styria province of Austria
施行	shīxíng	to put in place;put into practice;take effect
斿	yóu	scallops along lower edge of flag
旁	páng	beside;one side;other;side;self
旁听 / 旁聽 	pángtīng	be a visitor (at a meeting, class, trial, etc)
旁白	pángbái	a background narrator or commentator in a play;a chorus (as a subsidiary character in a play)
旁觀 / 旁观 	pángguān	spectator;non-participant
旁路	pánglù	to bypass
旁边 / 旁邊 	pángbiān	lateral;side
旂	qí	flag
旃	zhān	felt;silken banner
旄	máo	banner decorated with animal's tail
旄	mào	aged
旅	lǚ	trip;travel
旅客	lǚkè	traveler
旅店	lǚdiàn	(n) inn;small hotel
旅游 / 旅遊 	lǚyóu	trip;journey;tourism;travel;tour
旅游业 / 旅游業 	lǚyóuyè	(n) tourist industry
旅游团 / 旅游團 	lǚyóutuán	tour group
旅游客	lǚyóukè	tourist
旅游热点 / 旅遊熱點 	lǚyóurèdiǎn	a hot tourist attraction;a tourist trap
旅游者 / 旅遊者 	lǚyóuzhě	tourist;traveler;visitor
旅程	lǚchéng	journey;trip
旅行	lǚxíng	travel
旅行社	lǚxíngshè	(n) travel agency
旅行装备 / 旅行裝備 	lǚxíngzhuāngbèi	outfit
旅費 / 旅费 	lǚfèi	travel expenses
旅途	lǚtú	journey;trip
旅館 / 旅馆 	lǚguǎn	hotel
旆	pèi	pennant;streamer
旋	xuán	revolve
旋	xuàn	lathe;specially for an occasion
旋律	xuánlǜ	melody;rhythm
旋覆花	xuánfùhuā	(bot.) convolvulvus;Flos Inulae (Chinese herb)
旋轉 / 旋转 	xuánzhuǎn	to rotate;to revolve;to spin;to whirl
旋風 / 旋风 	xuánfēng	whirlwind
旌	jīng	banner;make manifest
旌德	jīngdé	(N) Jingde (place in Anhui)
旎	nǐ	fluttering of flags
族	zú	race;nationality;ethnicity;clan
族类 / 族類 	zúlèi	(n) clan;race
族群	zúqún	ethnic group
族譜 / 族谱 	zúpǔ	genealogy
旐	zhào	banner
旒	liú	tassel
旓	shāo	serrated edges on a Chinese flag
旖	yǐ	fluttering of flag
旗	qí	banner;flag
旗号 / 旗號 	qíhào	(n) banner, under the auspices of the flag, showing the flag while actually doing a crime
旗子	qízi	flag;banner
旗山鎮 / 旗山镇 	qíshānzhèn	(N) Chishan (town in Taiwan)
旗帜 / 旗幟 	qízhì	ensign;flag
旗津区 / 旗津區 	qíjīnqū	(N) Chichin (area in Taiwan)
旗袍	qípáo	Chinese-style dress;cheongsam
旛	fān	pennant
旟	yú	banner with falcons;mussed up hair
无 / 無 	wú	-less;not to have;no;none;not;to lack;un-
无上 / 無上 	wúshàng	supreme
无为 / 無為 	wúwèi	(N) Wuwei (place in Anhui)
无为 / 無為 	wúwèi	the Daoist doctrine of inaction
无事 / 無事 	wúshì	to have nothing to do
无产阶级 / 無產階級 	wúchǎnjiējí	proletariat
无人 / 無人 	wúrén	unmanned;uninhabited
无人驾驶 / 無人駕駛 	wúrénjiàshǐ	unmanned;unpiloted
无从 / 無從 	wúcóng	(n) not have the means or bility
无价 / 無價 	wújià	invaluable;priceless
无价之宝 / 無價之寶 	wújiàzhībǎo	priceless treasure
无价珍珠 / 無價珍珠 	wújiàzhēnzhū	Pearl of Great Price
无依无靠 / 無依無靠 	wúyīwúkào	to have no one to rely on
无偿 / 無償 	wúcháng	(adj) free;with no obligation
无党派 / 無黨派 	wúdǎngpài	politically unaffiliated;independent (candidate)
无关 / 無關 	wúguān	unrelated;having nothing to do (with something else)
无关紧要 / 無關緊要 	wúguānjǐnyào	indifferent;insignificant
无力 / 無力 	wúlì	powerless;lacking strength
无助 / 無助 	wúzhù	helpless
无可 / 無可 	wúkě	can't
无可奈何 / 無可奈何 	wúkěnàihé	have no way out;have no alternative
无可奉告 / 無可奉告 	wúkěfènggào	(idiom) "no comment"
无可救药 / 無可救藥 	wúkějiùyào	(set phrase);(adj);incorrigible;incurable
无可非议 / 無可非議 	wúkěfēiyì	unquestionable
无名 / 無名 	wúmíng	nameless;obscure
无名战士墓 / 無名戰士墓 	wúmíngzhànshìmù	Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
无国界医生 / 無國界醫生 	wúguójièyīshēng	Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF charity);doctors without borders
无国界记者 / 無國界記者 	wúguójièjìzhě	Reporters Without Borders (pressure group)
无声 / 無聲 	wúshēng	noiseless;noiselessly;silent
无处 / 無處 	wúchù	nowhere
无奇不有 / 無奇不有 	wúqíbùyǒu	nothing is too bizarre;full of extraordinary things
无奈 / 無奈 	wúnài	have no choice
无害 / 無害 	wúhài	harmless
无家可归 / 無家可歸 	wújiākěguī	homeless
无尾猿 / 無尾猿 	wúwěiyuán	ape
无常 / 無常 	wúcháng	variable;changeable;fickle;impermanence;ghost supposed to take a soul upon death;to pass away;to die
无底 / 無底 	wúdǐ	bottomless
无形 / 無形 	wúxíng	invisible;intangible;incorporeal;virtual;formless
无微不至 / 無微不至 	wúwēibúzhì	(saying) very carefully and meticulously
无怨无悔 / 無怨無悔 	wúyuànwúhuǐ	(set phrase) to have neither complaints nor regrets
无恒 / 無恆 	wúhéng	to lack patience
无恙 / 無恙 	wúyàng	unaffected (by a disease)
无情 / 無情 	wúqíng	pitiless;ruthless
无情无义 / 無情無義 	wúqíngwúyì	(saying) to have no emotion or sense of justice
无意 / 無意 	wúyì	inadvertent;accidental
无意识 / 無意識 	wúyìshì	unconsciously
无懈可击 / 無懈可擊 	wúxièkějī	invulnerable
无所不卖 / 無所不賣 	wúsuǒbúmài	to sell anything;to sell everything
无所不在 / 無所不在 	wúsuǒbùzài	omnipresent
无所不知 / 無所不知 	wúsuǒbùzhī	omniscient
无所不能 / 無所不能 	wúsuǒbùnéng	omnipotent
无所作为 / 無所作為 	wúsuǒzuòwéi	(saying) coasting;without any initiative or drive
无所谓 / 無所謂 	wúsuǒwèi	to be indifferent;not to matter
无所适从 / 無所適從 	wúsuǒshìcóng	(set phrase) not know what to do;to be at a loss what to do
无政府主义 / 無政府主義 	wúzhèngfúzhǔyì	Anarchism
无故 / 無故 	wúgù	without cause or reason
无效 / 無效 	wúxiào	not valid;ineffective;in vain
无数 / 無數 	wúshù	countless;numberless;innumerable
无暇 / 無暇 	wúxiá	(v) have no time for;be fully occupied with;be fully engaged in
无期徒刑 / 無期徒刑 	wúqītúxíng	life imprisonment
无机 / 無機 	wújī	inorganic (chemistry)
无权 / 無權 	wúquán	no power
无极 / 無極 	wújí	(N) Wuji (place in Hebei)
无核区 / 無核區 	wúhéqū	nuclear weapon-free zone
无棣 / 無棣 	wúdì	(N) Wudi (place in Shandong)
无比 / 無比 	wúbǐ	matchless
无法 / 無法 	wúfǎ	unable;incapable
无法形容 / 無法形容 	wúfǎxíngróng	unspeakable;indescribable
无法忍受 / 無法忍受 	wúfǎrěnshòu	intolerable
无法无天 / 無法無天 	wúfǎwútiān	outlaw
无济于事 / 無濟於事 	wújìyúshì	to no avail;of no use
无烟煤 / 無煙煤 	wúyānméi	anthracite
无照经营 / 無照經營 	wúzhàojīngyíng	unlicensed business activity
无理 / 無理 	wúlǐ	irrational;unreasonable
无生命 / 無生命 	wúshēngmìng	inert;lifeless
无用 / 無用 	wúyòng	useless;worthless
无疑 / 無疑 	wúyí	no doubt;undoubtedly
无益 / 無益 	wúyì	no good;not good for;not beneficial
无知 / 無知 	wúzhī	ignorance
无知觉 / 無知覺 	wúzhījué	senseless
无礼 / 無禮 	wúlǐ	rude;rudely
无神论 / 無神論 	wúshénlùn	atheism
无稽 / 無稽 	wújī	nonsense
无穷 / 無窮 	wúqióng	endless
无穷远点 / 無窮遠點 	wúqióngyuǎndiǎn	point at infinity (math.);infinitely distant point
无端端 / 無端端 	wúduānduān	for no reason
无籁 / 無籟 	wúlài	scoundrel
无精打采	wújīngdǎcǎi	(set phrase) listless, spirtless, in low spirits
无精打采	wújīngdǎcǎi	(phr) listless;apathetic
无线 / 無線 	wúxiàn	wireless
无线电 / 無線電 	wúxiàndiàn	wireless
无线电波 / 無線電波 	wúxiàndiànbō	radio waves;wireless electric wave
无缝 / 無縫 	wúfèng	seamless
无缝连接 / 無縫連接 	wúfèngliánjiē	seamless connection
无缺 / 無缺 	wúquē	whole
无罪 / 無罪 	wúzuì	innocent
无耻 / 無恥 	wúchǐ	(adj) without any sense of shame;unembarrassed
无聊 / 無聊 	wúliáo	nonsense;bored
无能 / 無能 	wúnéng	inability;incapable;powerless
无能为力 / 無能為力 	wúnéngwéilì	(idiom) powerless;impotent
无脊椎 / 無脊椎 	wújǐzhuī	invertebrate
无脊椎动物 / 無脊椎動物 	wújǐzhuīdòngwù	invertebrate
无花果 / 無花果 	wúhuāguǒ	fig
无视 / 無視 	wúshì	ignore;disregard
无计可施 / 無計可施 	wújìkèshī	at one's wit's end
无论 / 無論 	wúlùn	no matter what	how;regardless of whether...;of course
无论何事 / 無論何事 	wúlùnhéshì	anything;whatever
无论何人 / 無論何人 	wúlùnhérén	whoever
无论何处 / 無論何處 	wúlùnhéchù	anywhere;wherever
无论何时 / 無論何時 	wúlùnhéshí	whenever
无论如何 / 無論如何 	wúlùnrúhé	anyhow;anyway;whatever
无话可说 / 無話可說 	wúhuàkěshuō	(idiom) to have no other alternative;(idiom) above criticism;perfect
无误 / 無誤 	wúwù	verified;unmistaken
无轨 / 無軌 	wúguǐ	trackless
无辜 / 無辜 	wúgū	innocence;innocent
无连接 / 無連接 	wúliánjiē	connectionless
无邪 / 無邪 	wúxié	without guilt
无针注射器 / 無針注射器 	wúzhēnzhùshèqì	jet injector
无锡 / 無錫 	wúxī	Wuxi (city), in Jiangsu Province
无限 / 無限 	wúxiàn	unlimited;unbounded
无限制 / 無限制 	wúxiànzhì	limitless;unrestricted
无限期 / 無限期 	wúxiànqī	unlimited (time) duration
无非 / 無非 	wúfēi	(adv) only;but
无须 / 無須 	wúxū	(adv) need not;not have to
旡	jì	choke on something eaten
既	jì	already;since;both... (and...)
既有	jìyǒu	existing
既然	jìrán	since;as;this being the case
日	rì	Japan;day;sun;date;day of the month
日中	rìzhōng	Japan-China
日产 / 日產 	rìchǎn	Nissan
日元	rìyuán	yen
日光	rìguāng	(n) sunlight
日光灯 / 日光燈 	rìguāngdēng	fluorescent light
日內瓦 / 日内瓦 	rìnèiwǎ	Geneva
日冕层 / 日冕層 	rìmiǎncéng	the sun's corona
日军 / 日軍 	rìjūn	Japanese army;Japanese troops
日出	rìchū	sunrise
日前	rìqián	the other day;a few days ago
日历 / 日曆 	rìlì	calendar
日后 / 日後 	rìhòu	sometime;someday (in the future)
日喀则 / 日喀則 	rìkèzé	(N) Shigatse, ch. Xigaze (city in central Tibet)
日喀则地区 / 日喀則地區 	rìkāzédìqū	(N) Rikaze district (district in Tibet)
日圆 / 日圓 	rìyuán	Japanese yen (unit of currency)
日土	rìtǔ	(N) Ritu (place in Tibet)
日報 / 日报 	rìbào	daily newspaper
日夜	rìyè	day and night;around the clock
日子	rìzi	a (calendar) date;days of (someone's) life;day;date
日常	rìcháng	daily;everyday
日常工作	rìchánggōngzuò	routine
日心說 / 日心说 	rìxīnshuō	heliocentric theory;the theory that the sun is at the center of the universe
日志 / 日誌 	rìzhì	journal
日文	rìwén	Japanese (language)
日新月异 / 日新月異 	rìxīnyuèyì	change with each passing day;make rapid progress
日方	rìfāng	the Japanese side or party (in negotiations, etc.)
日日	rìrì	every day
日月晕 / 日月暈 	rìyuèyùn	halo;ring of light around the sun or moon
日期	rìqī	date
日本	rìběn	Japan;Japanese
日本人	rìběnrén	Japanese person or people
日本共同社	rìběngòngtóngshè	Kyodo, the Japanese news agency
日本原子能研究所	rìběnyuánzǐnéngyánjiùsuǒ	Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
日本电报电话公司 / 日本電報電話公司 	rìběndiànbàodiànhuàgōngsī	Nippon Telegraph and Telephone;NTT
日本經濟新聞 / 日本经济新闻 	rìběnjīngjìxīnwén	Japanese Economic News
日本脑炎 / 日本腦炎 	rìběnnǎoyán	Japanese encephalitis
日渐 / 日漸 	rìjiàn	(keep increasing, changing, etc.) day by day
日照	rìzhào	(N) Rizhao (city in Shandong)
日环食 / 日環食 	rìhuánshí	an annular eclipse of the sun
日用	rìyòng	daily expenses;of everyday use
日用品	rìyòngpǐn	articles for daily use
日益	rìyì	day by day;more and more;increasingly;more and more with each passing day
日益增加	rìyìzēngjiā	to increase daily
日程	rìchéng	schedule;itinerary
日經指數 / 日经指数 	rìjīngzhǐshù	Nikkei Index (of Japanese stocks)
日美	rìměi	Japan-US
日耳曼	rì'ěrmàn	Germanic
日耳曼語 / 日耳曼语 	rì'ěrmànyǔ	Germanic language
日落	rìluò	sundown;sunset
日蚀 / 日蝕 	rìshí	eclipse
日記 / 日记 	rìjì	diary
日語 / 日语 	rìyǔ	Japanese (language)
日趋 / 日趨 	rìqū	gradually;day by day
日間 / 日间 	rìjiān	daytime
日間 / 日间 	rìjiàn	daytime
旦	dàn	dawn;morning;day-break;day
旧 / 舊 	jiù	old (opposite of new);former
旧式 / 舊式 	jiùshì	old style
旧版 / 舊版 	jiùbǎn	old version
旧石器时代 / 舊石器時代 	jiùshíqìshídài	the paleolithic;the early stone age
旧约 / 舊約 	jiùyuē	Old testament
旧约全书 / 舊約全書 	jiùyuēquánshū	Old Testament
旧金山 / 舊金山 	jiùjīnshān	San Francisco
旨	zhǐ	imperial decree;purport;aim;purpose
旨意	zhǐyì	decree;order
旨趣	zhǐqù	objective
早	zǎo	early;morning
早上	zǎoshang	early morning
早上好	zǎoshanghǎo	good morning
早些	zǎoxiē	(a bit) earlier
早來晚歸 / 早来晚归 	zǎoláiwǎnguī	(set phrase) come early and leave late
早先	zǎoxiān	previously;before
早已	zǎoyǐ	long ago;for a long time
早日	zǎorì	(adv) soon;shortly;on a day quite soon
早晚	zǎowǎn	morning and evening;sooner or later
早晨	zǎochén	early morning
早期	zǎoqī	early period;early phase;early stage
早期效应 / 早期效應 	zǎoqīxiàoyìng	early effect
早点 / 早點 	zǎodiǎn	(n) breakfast;light breakfast
早稻田大学 / 早稻田大學 	zǎodàotiándàxué	Waseda Univ. (a private university in Tokyo)
早老素	zǎolǎosù	presenilins
早衰	zǎoshuāi	premature senility
早起	zǎoqǐ	to get up early
早飯 / 早饭 	zǎofàn	breakfast
早餐	zǎocān	breakfast
旬	xún	ten days;ten years
旬邑	xúnyì	(N) Xunyi (place in Shaanxi)
旬阳 / 旬陽 	xúnyáng	(N) Xunyang (place in Shaanxi)
旭	xù	dawn;rising sun
旮旯	gālá	(n) corner;nook;out-of-the-way place
旰	gàn	sunset;evening
旱	hàn	drought
旱災 / 旱灾 	hànzāi	(n) drought
旴	xū	dawn
时 / 時 	shí	o'clock;time;when;hour;season;period
时下 / 時下 	shíxià	(n) at present;right now
时不时 / 時不時 	shíbùshí	from time to time
时事 / 時事 	shíshì	(n) current events
时代 / 時代 	shídài	age;era;epoch;period
时候 / 時候 	shíhou	time;length of time;moment;period
时光 / 時光 	shíguāng	(n) time;era;period of time
时兴 / 時興 	shíxīng	fashionable;popular
时刻 / 時刻 	shíkè	moment
时势 / 時勢 	shíshì	the current situation or trend;the way things are going
时区 / 時區 	shíqū	(n) time zone
时大时小 / 時大時小 	shídàshíxiǎo	sometimes big, sometimes small;varying
时尚 / 時尚 	shíshàng	fashion
时差 / 時差 	shíchā	(n) time lag;jet lag;time difference
时常 / 時常 	shícháng	often;frequently
时序 / 時序 	shíxù	time course
时态 / 時態 	shítài	(verb) tense
时报 / 時報 	shíbào	"Times" (newspaper, e.g. New York Times)
时时 / 時時 	shíshí	often;constantly
时期 / 時期 	shíqī	a period in time or history;period;time (interval);phase
时机 / 時機 	shíjī	occasion;opportunity
时空 / 時空 	shíkōng	space-time (in relativity)
时空穿梭 / 時空穿梭 	shíkōngchuānsuō	a time machine
时而 / 時而 	shí'ér	(adv) occassionally;often, but not at any fixed time
时节 / 時節 	shíjié	season;time
时装 / 時裝 	shízhuāng	(n) the latest fashion in clothes
时辰 / 時辰 	shíchen	time;one of the 12 two-hour periods of the day
时速 / 時速 	shísù	speed per hour
时间 / 時間 	shíjiān	time;period
时间内 / 時間內 	shíjiānnèi	within (a period of time)
时间序列 / 時間序列 	shíjiānxùliè	time series (stats.)
时间表 / 時間表 	shíjiànbiǎo	schedule;timeline
时间进程 / 時間進程 	shíjiānjìnchéng	time course
时髦 / 時髦 	shímáo	in vogue;fashionable
旷 / 曠 	kuàng	waste;wilderness
旷世 / 曠世 	kuàngshì	incomparable;none to compare with at that time
旷工 / 曠工 	kuànggōng	(v) skip work with not valid reason
旷课 / 曠課 	kuàngkè	(v) be truant from school;cut classes
旷野 / 曠野 	kuàngyě	wilderness
旺	wàng	prosperous;flourishing;to prosper;to flourish
旺季	wàngjì	busy season;peak period
旺月	wàngyuè	busy (business) month
旺盛	wàngshèng	vigorous;exuberant
旺苍 / 旺蒼 	wàngcāng	(N) Wangcang (place in Sichuan)
旻	mín	heaven
旼	mín	gentle and affable
旽	tūn	morning sun, sunrise
昀	yún	sun light;used in personal name
昂	áng	high;raise (head)
昂	áng	high;soaring;raise;lift;expensive;to raise one's head
昂仁	ángrén	(N) Angren (place in Tibet)
昂山素季	ángshānsùjì	Aung San Suu Kyi (Burmese Nobel Peace prize winner)
昂扬 / 昂揚 	ángyáng	high-spirited
昂昂	áng'áng	high-spirited;brave-looking
昂然	ángrán	upright and unafraid
昂貴 / 昂贵 	ángguì	expensive;costly
昂首闊步 / 昂首阔步 	ángshǒukuòbù	stride forward with one's chin up;stride proudly ahead
昃	zè	afternoon;decline
昄	bǎn	great;expansive
昆	kūn	Kunlun mountains
昆	kūn	descendant;elder brother
昆士兰州 / 昆士蘭州 	kūnshìlánzhōu	Queensland (Australia)
昆山	kūnshān	(N) Kunshan (city in Jiangsu)
昆明	kūnmíng	Kunming, capital of Yunnan province in south west China
昆虫 / 昆蟲 	kūnchóng	insect
昇	shēng	ascend;peaceful
昇起	shēngqǐ	rise
昉	fǎng	dawn;to begin
昊	hào	clear summer sky;vast
昌	chāng	prosperous;flourish
昌乐 / 昌樂 	chānglè	(N) Changle (place in Shandong)
昌吉	chāngjí	(N) Changji (city in Xinjiang)
昌图 / 昌圖 	chāngtú	(N) Changtu (place in Liaoning)
昌宁 / 昌寧 	chāngníng	(N) Changning (place in Yunnan)
昌平	chāngpíng	(N) Changping (place in Beijing)
昌江黎族自治县 / 昌江黎族自治縣 	chāngjiānglízúzìzhìxiàn	(N) Changjiang Lizu autonomous county (county in Hainan)
昌盛	chāngshèng	prosperous
昌邑	chāngyì	(N) Changyi (city in Shandong)
昌都	chāngdū	(N) Chamdo, ch. Qamdo or Changdu (hist. capital of Kham prov. of Tibet)
昌都地区 / 昌都地區 	chāngdūdìqū	(N) Changdu district (district in Tibet)
昌黎	chānglí	(N) Changli (place in Hebei)
明	míng	clear;bright;to understand;next;the Ming dynasty (1368-1644)
明亮	míngliàng	brightness
明代	míngdài	the Ming Dynasty
明信片	míngxìnpiàn	postcard
明净 / 明淨 	míngjìng	bright and clean;luminous
明十三陵	míngshísānlíng	the burial place of the Ming emperors at __昌平__
明十三陵	míngshísānlíng	the Ming tombs (mausoleum park of the Ming emperors in Changping district of Beijing)
明報 / 明报 	míngbào	Ming Pao newspaper (Hong Kong)
明天	míngtiān	tomorrow
明孝陵	míngxiàolíng	the Ming tombs in Nanjing, a World Hertage site
明尼苏达 / 明尼蘇達 	míngnísūdá	Minnesota
明年	míngnián	next year
明德	míngdé	highest virtue;illustrious virtue;Middlebury (College)
明德鎮 / 明德镇 	míngdézhèn	Middlebury (name of town in Vermont)
明成祖	míngchéngzǔ	posthumous name of Ming Emperor Yongle
明文	míngwén	(laws, rules, etc) state in writing
明文規定 / 明文规定 	míngwénguīdìng	expressly stipulated (in writing)
明斯克	míngsīkè	Minsk (capital of Belarus)
明日	míngrì	tomorrow
明明	míngmíng	obviously;plainly;undoubtedly
明星	míngxīng	star;celebrity
明显 / 明顯 	míngxiǎn	clear;distinct;obvious
明显的句法线索 / 明顯的句法線索 	míngxiǎndejùfǎxiànsuǒ	explicit syntactic cue
明智	míngzhì	sensible;wise;judicious;sagacious
明智之举 / 明智之舉 	míngzhìzhījǔ	sensible act
明月	míngyuè	bright moon;(wr.) legendary luminous pearl
明朗	mínglǎng	bright;clear;obvious;forthright;open-minded;bright and cheerful
明朝	míngcháo	the Ming dynasty (1368-1644)
明水	míngshuǐ	(N) Mingshui (place in Heilongjiang)
明治	míngzhǐ	Meiji (Japanese reign name 1868-1912)
明治維新 / 明治维新 	míngzhǐwéixīn	the Japanese Meiji restoration of 1868
明溪	míngxī	(N) Mingxi (place in Fujian)
明白	míngbai	clear;obvious;unequivocal;to understand;to realize
明确 / 明確 	míngquè	clear-cut;definite;make clear;clear
明膫	míngliáo	manifest
明言	míngyán	pronounced
明辨	míngbiàn	discern
昏	hūn	muddle-headed;twilight;to faint;to lose consciousness
昏厥	hūnjué	(v) faint
昏暗	hūn'àn	dusky
昏沉	hūnchén	murky;dazed;befuddled
昏睡	hūnshuì	sleep;drowse when unconscious;lethargic sleep;lethargy
昏迷	hūnmí	to lose consciousness;to be in a coma
昏迷不醒	hūnmíbùxǐng	stay unconcious
昑	qǐn	bright
易	yì	(surname);change;easy;simple
易县 / 易縣 	yìxiàn	(N) Yi county (county in Hebei)
易取得	yìqǔdé	accessible
易受攻击 / 易受攻擊 	yìshòugōngjī	vulnerable
易懂	yìdǒng	easy to understand
易接近	yìjiējìn	accessible
易碎	yìsuì	brittle;fragile
易經 / 易经 	yìjīng	The Book of Changes ("I Ching")
易趣	yìqù	eBay (web auction company)
易門 / 易门 	yìmén	(N) Yimen (place in Yunnan)
昔	xī	past;former
昔年	xīnián	former years;previous years
昔日	xīrì	formerly;in olden days
昔阳 / 昔陽 	xíyáng	(N) Xiyang (place in Shanxi)
昕	xīn	dawn
昙 / 曇 	tán	dark clouds
昜	yáng	to open out, to expand;bright, glorious
星	xīng	star;satellite;small amount
星云 / 星雲 	xīngyún	nebula
星体 / 星體 	xīngtǐ	celestial body (e.g. planet, satellite, etc)
星团 / 星團 	xīngtuán	star cluster
星子	xīngzǐ	(N) Xingzi (place in Jiangxi)
星宿	xīngxiù	constellation
星岛日报 / 星島日報 	xīngdǎorìbào	Sing Tao Daily (newspaper)
星座	xīngzuò	constellation
星星	xīngxing	(n) star in the sky
星期	xīngqī	week
星期一	xīngqīyī	Monday
星期三	xīngqīsān	Wednesday
星期二	xīngqī'èr	Tuesday
星期五	xīngqīwǔ	Friday
星期六	xīngqīliù	Saturday
星期四	xīngqīsì	Thursday
星期天	xīngqītiān	Sunday
星期日	xīngqīrì	Sunday
星球	xīngqiú	celestial body (e.g. planet, satellite, etc);heavenly body
星系	xīngxì	galaxy
星辰	xīngchén	stars
星际 / 星際 	xīngjì	interstellar;interplanetary
映	yìng	reflect;shine
映射过程 / 映射過程 	yìngshèguòchéng	mapping process
映照	yìngzhào	to shine upon;to reflect
昡	xuàn	long day;extended;relaxed
昤	līng	sunshine
春	chūn	spring (time);gay;joyful;youthful;love;lust;life
春分	chúnfēn	the spring equinox
春卷	chūnjuǎn	egg roll;spring roll
春夏秋冬	chūnxiàqiūdōng	the four seasons
春天	chūntiān	spring (season)
春季	chūnjì	springtime
春日乡 / 春日鄉 	chūnrìxiāng	(N) Chunjih (village in Taiwan)
春秋	chūnqiū	the Spring and Autumn period (770—476 BC)
春秋战国时代 / 春秋戰國時代 	chūnqiūzhànguóshídài	the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods (hist.);Eastern Zhou (770-221 BC)
春秋时代 / 春秋時代 	chūnqiūshídài	Spring and Autumn period (770-476 BC)
春節 / 春节 	chūnjié	Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)
春耕	chūngēng	(v) plow a field in the spring
春联 / 春聯 	chūnlián	Spring Festival couplets;New Year scrolls
春药 / 春藥 	chūnyào	aphrodisiac
春霖	chūnlín	spring rains
昧	mèi	conceal;dark
昨	zuó	yesterday
昨天	zuótiān	yesterday
昨日	zuórì	yesterday
昨晚	zuówǎn	(n) yesterday evening
昭	zhāo	illustrious;manifest
昭和	zhāohé	Showa, reign name of Emperor Hirohito of Japan 1925-1989
昭平	zhāopíng	(N) Zhaoping (place in Guangxi)
昭苏 / 昭蘇 	zhāosū	(N) Zhaosu (place in Xinjiang)
昭覺 / 昭觉 	zhāojué	(N) Zhaojue (place in Sichuan)
昭通	zhāotōng	(N) Zhaotong (city in Yunnan)
昭通地区 / 昭通地區 	zhāotōngdìqū	(N) Zhaotong district (district in Yunnan)
是	shì	is;are;am;yes;to be
是不是	shìbùshì	is or isn't;yes or no;whether or not
是否	shìfǒu	whether (or not);if;is or isn't
是的	shìde	yes
是非	shìfēi	right and wrong;quarrel
昱	yù	bright light
昴	mǎo	the Pleiades
昵 / 暱 	nì	familiar;to approach
昶	chǎng	bright;long day
昺	bǐng	bright;glorious
昼 / 晝 	zhòu	daytime
昼夜 / 晝夜 	zhòuyè	(n) day and night;(adv) continuously, without stop
昼夜平分点 / 晝夜平分點 	zhòuyèpíngfēndiǎn	the equinox
显 / 顯 	xiǎn	prominent;conspicuous
显出 / 顯出 	xiǎnchū	to express;to exhibit
显得 / 顯得 	xiǎnde	appear (to be);seem
显微学 / 顯微學 	xiǎnwēixué	microscopy
显微镜 / 顯微鏡 	xiǎnwēijìng	microscope
显明 / 顯明 	xiǎnmíng	to reveal, make known
显然 / 顯然 	xiǎnrán	clear;evident;obvious(ly)
显现 / 顯現 	xiǎnxiàn	appearance;to appear
显目 / 顯目 	xiǎnmù	outstanding;conspicuous
显眼 / 顯眼 	xiǎnyǎn	(adj) conspicuous;showy;eye-catching
显着 / 顯著 	xiǎnzhù	outstanding;notable;remarkable
显示 / 顯示 	xiǎnshì	to show;to illustrate;to display;to demonstrate
显示器 / 顯示器 	xiǎnshìqì	monitor (computer)
显而易见 / 顯而易見 	xiǎn'éryìjiàn	(conj) obviously;clearly;it's clear to see...
显赫 / 顯赫 	xiǎnh